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THE KNIFE DREAM!--By Father David       DFO 1119       France, 15/8/79
--A U.S. Attack on Europe?--Now a Fulfilled Prophecy?

       1. I HAD A DREAM ABOUT TWO GIRLS FIGHTING EACH OTHER WITH A KNIFE. The blonde-haired girl attacked the tall brunette who was standing at the telephone with her back to her. She was trying to stab her. The tall pretty girl had not real short but short, sort of turned-up hair, dark, pretty, real refined, & I had the impression that she was a good girl!

       2. BUT THE LITTLE MEAN BLONDE GIRL WAS REALLY VICIOUSLY JEALOUS OF HER or something & rushed up with a knife & was trying to stab her. Then that good girl grabbed her wrist just in time to stop her, just turned around just in time to see her. I think I yelled or something, warned her. She turned around & caught the wrist of the little blonde girl & managed to force the knife down until it stabbed the girl a little bit more superficially, you know. Finally the brunette got the upper hand!

       3. OH HONEY!--I DON'T LIKE TO EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! I don't know why I should ever have a dream like that! It woke me up! And then the good girl, the pretty tall brunette--that looked French--she finally got the upper hand & was apparently stronger & she forced the knife down. The one girl had it in her own hand & she just gradually forced it down, down, until it entered the blonde girl's own chest!

       4. I JUST WATCHED THE KNIFE SLOWLY SINK INTO HER CHEST, & SHE DID TOO, with sort of horrified dismay. The knife that she had intended to kill the brunette with was killing her! And I woke up--whew! Um! I'd never seen anything like that & I never wanted to!

       5. YET I HAD THE FEELING THAT THAT'S THE WAY THAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO END, the little blonde girl got what she deserved. She was sort of the real ruffian type, you know, & the other girl was tall & sort of refined & lady-like. It was like the brunette didn't want to do it, but she had to do it to save her life.

       6. I WONDER IF SHE IS SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT FRANCE OR SOMETHING? She reminded me of that girl I saw in Europa! Now, she could have been very French, typical French type, like the woman who lives upstairs, very pretty, dark-haired, beautiful big eyes, very tall, this one, more than usual for most French women, well-dressed, had her purse & was standing at the telephone when this girl ran up behind her!

       7. THEY WERE IN KIND OF A LITTLE ALCOVE LIKE THE ENTRANCE TO A THEATRE OR SOMETHING. The telephone was on the wall & the brunette's back was to the other girl. I'm not quit sure but I think I yelled & she turned around just in time to catch her just as she was holding the knife up high & was ready to plunge it into her back! She turned around just in time to grab it! Grabbed the girl's wrist, you know!

       8. BUT THE GIRL WAS JUST LIKE A MANIAC!--She forced it own until it cut into the brunette's chest a little, not deep, but then the brunette apparently was stronger than she was & she managed to turn the girl's wrist so that the knife missed her chest & slowly forced it down & I watched the knife sink right into her chest! Oh, it was horrible!--And the look of horror on the blonde girl's face as she saw the knife was coming to her instead! She was, kind of a rough type of some kind, jeans, & she wasn't carrying a purse. She just ran with nothing but a knife in her hands.

       9. IT WAS A LOOK OF HORROR ON THE BLONDE GIRL'S FACE as her own knife slowly entered her own chest instead, it was real slow, horrible, as the brunette pushed it down. It was almost like superhuman strength, just like she had to do it to protect herself, there was no other way!

       10. NOW WHAT COUNTRY COULD BE GOING TO ATTACK FRANCE, IF IT'S SYMBOLIC? That's she only thing I could think was like it's symbolic. the only country I can think of that would be blonde might be Germany. Germany is smaller now than France because they've been cut in two, & Germany & France have been struggling for control of the EEC, but they've become great friends, supposedly, Schmidt & d'Estaing have been very friendly, cooperating, they agree on all kinds of things!

       11. BUT I WOULDN'T PUT IT PAST EITHER ONE TO TRY TO GET THE BEST OF THE OTHER ONE, IF THEY HAD A CHANCE. That's what's always happened in the past: Both World Wars Germany attacked first. They'd been trying to stab France in the back, & France got the worst of it at first--just like this dream--France both times got the worst of it at first.

       12. THE KNIFE ENTERED THE BRUNETTE GIRL'S OWN CHEST A LITTLE, but it seemed like it just sort of went into her bosom superficially & didn't do any damage. But then she turned the knife back on the other girl & sank it into her chest. I mean, it really went in! Just exactly the way it happened in both World Wars! Both World Wars, France finally turned the tide & turned the knife of the War back on Germany's own heart--& won!

       13. I JUST SEEMED LIKE I WAS FROZEN, I DIDN'T PARTICIPATE AT ALL! It just seemed liked there was nothing I could do! I was afraid to interfere in any way; these two girls fighting with a knife, I mean, I could get hurt. I saw that the dark-haired girl looked like she was going to get it & I yelled to warn her.

       14. DO YOU SUPPOSE I'M GOING TO GET SOMETHING ABOUT FRANCE OR WARN FRANCE OF SOME GERMAN PERFIDY?--Germany's going to try to stab her in the back or something? I warned her just in time. I yelled just in time & she turned around & caught the girl's wrist before she got it right in the back! (Maria: You know, France has certainly received us & been the good girl.) Yes, & Germany has certainly been bad! Whew! PYL! TYL!

       15. THE ONLY THING I HAD TO DO WITH IT, I WAS JUST LIKE AN OBSERVER & I just warned her & I yelled. It seemed like I was just frozen, petrified, like I couldn't even move. I was absolutely horrified so that I could hardly think about moving to try to do anything except to yell a warning!

       16.--WHICH OF COURSE IS ALWAYS THE PROPHET'S JOB, TO YELL & WARN, but not necessarily to do anything himself, not take part in the action or violence, whatever it is, just to warn. Anyhow, I would say according to the position of where France was & this girl was, Germany was almost like from that direction!

       17. IT WAS SO VIVID, I MEAN, IT WAS SO REAL, just like I was actually watching the real thing! Just like some of those other dreams I've had, they were so, so real that I really thought I was there till I woke up! Did you wake me up or something? (Maria: No!) I just suddenly opened my eyes & you were looking at me! Was I doing anything? (Maria: No, just your normal movement when you wake up.) I remember looking at the clock a little while ago. I must have turned over & gone back to sleep & dreamed that. Isn't that amazing?

       18. I ALWAYS HAVE THOSE RIGHT ON THE BORDERLINE SORT OF, when I'm halfway waking up or just gong to sleep. I've never had one like that before though! I don't think I'll ever forget that! I watched that knife as she pressed down, I watched it enter the girl's chest & she had a look of wide-eyed terror on her face as she realised her own knife was killing her that she had intended to kill the other girl with. (Maria: Well, that's pretty vivid!)

       19. I DON'T USUALLY DREAM THINGS LIKE THAT! I HARDLY EVER DREAM ABOUT VIOLENCE! Lots of times I dream about fleeing from violence or sometimes I dream something about war, but most of the time, they've been pretty mild. I don't think I've hardly ever dreamt anything about shooting either, certainly nothing that vivid like a knife-stabbing! The only other time I ever dreamed anything like that was that Africa thing. (Maria: Yes, that's amazing, if it's symbolic!)

       20. THAT'S THE FIRST THING THAT CAME TO ME, I THOUGHT THAT LOOKS LIKE A NICE FRENCH GIRL, tall, beautiful, charming, graceful & well--dressed & carried a nice bag. But that mean little blonde, I don't know if she was German, but she did look German. Her hair was tied in a knot, kind of frazzly, tied in a knot at the back of her head, & she was smaller. You don't usually think of the Germans as being smaller but Germany is now smaller than France.

       21. (MARIA: DID THE FRENCH GIRL REMIND YOU OF MARIANNE?) Well, yes, but even much prettier; hair darker & not quite as long. It was like straight, polished hair that came up like that, you've seen that type of hairdo, not real black, but quite dark.

       22. HER HAIR JUST CURVED OUT AROUND HER HEAD & then came up in a sort of a flip at the ends, neck length. I wouldn't say shoulder length, but neck length, right about the base of her neck it came up like that. She was real pretty & well-groomed. (Maria: I wonder why she had that kind of hair-do, because I don't think that's too typically French.) I don't know, that's just the way it looked. (Maria: Maybe it's a new style now.) Maybe it's going to be a style, when it happens. (Maria: So interesting.)

       23. THERE WASN'T AN AWFUL LOT OF ACTION, it was mostly a kind of strain, like one of these games they play with their elbows on the table clasping hands to see who can make the other guy's hand bend over & touch the table. That's the way it was, & she was just trying to hold her. She just turned around in time to catch the girl's wrist as the knife was descending to try to stab her in the back, because I yelled & warned her!

       24. AT FIRST THE LITTLE BLONDE DID MANAGE TO STAB HER A LITTLE BUT NOT SERIOUSLY, but then she turned the blonde's hand & the knife itself back toward the blonde's own chest & slowly forced it in. It was horrible, Honey! It was horrible! But I had the feeling like it was right, that was what was supposed to happen & that it was just & that's what she deserved!

       25. SHE CAME ON HER WITH FURY, LIKE IN A RAGE, running on her, attacking her from behind. You know the foyers of a theatre where there is a ticket booth right in the middle that faces right on the street? It was right on the street & just inside of this alcove. The French girl was over there on the telephone & the little blonde suddenly appeared around this other corner here--there was no ticket booth though--just ran right across this kind of big alcove & I yelled!

       26. SHE TURNED AROUND JUST IN TIME TO CATCH HER! She looked startled & a little frightened, but she seemed to have a lot of courage. She wasn't really terrified or anything. But the little blonde was really furious, she was like she was almost insane with rage, & attached her! (Maria: Like jealousy, huh?) Something like jealousy, & she managed to wound the brunette superficially at first, because she sort of had the initial advantage. Then the brunette gradually got the upper hand & just gradually forced the knife right down in the girl's own hand right into her own chest!

       27. JUST SORT OF LIKE THAT FRANCE DID IN BOTH WARS: GERMANY ATTACKED HER FIRST, ALWAYS IN THE BACK TOO! Germany went around the Maginot line & went through the low countries both times, isn't that funny? France was so prepared along her main front & hadn't expected Germany to attack her from the rear by going around through the low countries & she wasn't fortified that way!

       28. BY THE TIME WORLD WAR II CAME ALONG, SHE HAD THIS LONG CHAIN OF FORTS ALL ALONG THE GERMAN BORDER called the Maginot Line which was supposed to be absolutely impregnable, but she hadn't thought about protecting her back. She had thought Germany would never think of attacking the little countries who had declared themselves neutrals, you know, Holland & Belgium. And I think also she sort of expected that they were going to be able to protect her back!

       29. BUT GERMANY ATTACKED ANYHOW, BOTH TIMES, came around through the low countries & both times invaded France, you know, like a superficial wound, one time even captured Paris in the last. War. In the first War they got within about 50 miles of Paris. Big Bertha was a huge big gun they had, the biggest gun ever built & the last time they ever built a big gun, 'cause then they went to airplanes & bombs.

       30. IT WAS SHOOTING SHELLS FIFTY MILES RIGHT INTO PARIS WHEN FINALLY THE ALLIES GOT THE VICTORY & began to drive the Germans back. They got within 50 miles of Paris that time. The second time they got to Paris & took it & took the whole country, all of France, took the whole works, but then France & the Allies turned again on Germany & won the War again. It was so vivid! (Maria: Sounds like this time it might be even more of a political move.) Yes, it could be something just political or in the Common Market or some treachery or something.

       31. I CAN'T SWEAR IT WAS GERMANY, BUT OF COURSE, THAT'S FRANCES'S BIGGEST COMPETITOR. [DELETED] The Jews are now angry at France because France has been making friends with the Arabs & keeping its former Arab colonies friendly. They don't happen to be the ones that have the oil, you know, or never did, but at least she has remained friendly & kept on good terms with them, & so this has made the Jews mad!

       32. YOU RECALL BEFORE YOU LEFT AMERICA HOW THERE WAS A LOT OF ANTI-FRENCH PROPAGANDA, AGAINST FRANCE. See, we didn't understand it at that time, they were villifying De Gaulle, remember, because he was so independent & they said he was anti-American & he was shining up to the Russians & blah blah! Now they are accusing France of the same thing, but now it's not the Russians, it's the Arabs.

       33. IT'S BECAUSE FRANCE WON'T PLAY AMERICA'S GAME, you know, her way, & do exactly what America tells her. France is sort of taking an independent European line. it has been the French who have been the leaders in helping to form the EEC, & a strong European Independent group & not necessarily so pro-American. They've been becoming stronger & stronger & more independent all the time & it seems like to me that NATO is getting weaker!

       34. IT'S THE U.S. THAT'S SO CONCERNED ABOUT KEEPING UP HUGE ARMAMENTS & MISSILE BASES & everything else over here. In the last two wars it was Europe that got the U.S. into the Wars--I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this time it will be the U.S. against Europe in the War!

       35. THAT WAS REALLY A VIVID PICTURE! I could see no rhyme nor reason for seeing something like that, but from the minute I thought about it, I thought that it must be symbolic, & that girl certainly seemed like France. And the other, well, I'll tell you, England would very happily stab France in the back!

       36. GERMANY & FRANCE ARE GETTING ALONG REAL GOOD RIGHT NOW, BUT ENGLAND IS QUITE ANTI-FRENCH & antagonistic & fighting against France all the time in the EEC meetings & the Parliament & everything. She could make some kind of an economic attack, you know, or try to undercut France somehow in the EEC.--So, PTL! (Or the U.S.?)

       37. ENGLAND IS THE ONLY OTHER COUNTRY I CAN THINK OF THAT WOULD BE BIG ENOUGH & STRONG ENOUGH OR HAVE THE INFLUENCE or the economic power, with America's help, of course, to try to stab France in the back. I believe [DELETED] that they wouldn't hesitate to use Britain as a tool to try to undercut France if they could because of France's friendship with the Arabs. (Maria: Yes, that's true, it seems more logical of England.) Yes, I'd say England was almost even more so!

       38. OF COURSE THAT LITTLE BLONDE COULD EVEN HAVE BEEN AN AMERICAN, she was sure sort of hippie dressed, jeans & just a little blouse, & her blouse apparently got torn open in the struggle! But America is not smaller & weaker than France, such as Britain is! That girl looked more English, smaller, & that's why I tried to think of who could be an enemy of France? We always think of Germany, but she didn't really look very German. She wasn't as husky as the Germans, the Germans are pretty husky & strong, but I would say she could have easily been English.

       39. SHE WAS FURIOUS, AIMED & TRIED TO STAB HER IN THE BACK, & I WARNED HER JUST IN TIME! France really leads the EEC & England sort of joined it reluctantly, you know, & has been really doing it could to defeat everything the EEC has done! It was refused to join the monetary system, you know, & has fought their agricultural policies.

       40. IT JUST SEEMS LIKE ENGLAND HAS JOINED JUST TO MAKE TROUBLE, ESPECIALLY FOR FRANCE, & just made trouble all the way, & has been contrary & stubborn, rebellious & a trouble-maker in the EEC ever since she joined. And she is smaller & weaker than France! (Maria: Well, that makes more sense!) Yes, but she does have a lot of power & influence, especially financially!

       41. THE KNIFE COULD HAVE BEEN SOME KIND OF FINANCIAL DEAL OR EVEN PROPAGANDA OR SOMETHING, or the American & the British Jews together both attacking France verbally for her friendship with the Arabs & accusing her of being a traitor to NATO & to the rest of Europe or the rest of the so-called Free World, or the West, for oil! (Maria: And so hypocritically because London's almost been bought up by the Arabs!)

       42. BBC [DELETED] IS ALWAYS PRO-[EDITED: "ISRAEL"], completely pro-Jewish and anti-Arab, just like the U.S. But not the French. The French have led the EEC to take a firm stand for the Palestinians & their rights, & the EEC has declared that the Palestinians have a right to have a free state, their own independent state, their own independent state, & they've stuck to it & reaffirmed it several times!

       43. AT EVERY MEETING THEY'VE REAFFIRMED THEIR STAND THAT THEY STAND FOR A FREE & INDEPENDENT PALESTINIAN STATE, & this just makes Israel furious, & Israel is furious at the EEC--just like she is furious at the U.N.--because they all ganged up against her because they all know that she's wrong, Israel is wrong, & they all accuse America of not putting the pressure on Israel to make Israel do what she ought to do for the Palestinians!

       44. SO FRANCE HAS LED THE EEC IN OPPOSITION TO AMERICA & BRITAIN ON THE MIDEAST ISSUE & friendship with the Palestinians. Whereas America & Britain have been very hypocritical about it, pretending that they want fairness & equality for the Palestinians, but they don't do a damn thing about it, really!

       45. IMAGINE, THE U.S. CONTINUES TO LET ISRAEL USE U.S. WEAPONS TO ATTACK POOR LITTLE DEFENCELESS PALESTINIAN REFUGEE CAMPS & LEBANON, ETC., & everytime just slaps her on the wrists. She doesn't do anything about it at all, she just scolds Israel every time she does it. And not even everytime she does it, once in a great while. And then refuses to talk to the PLO!

       46. SO MOST AMERICANS ARE QUITE ANTI-FRENCH ON THE POLITICAL, INTERNATIONAL SCENE! They don't like France's leadership of the EEC, they don't like France's rather anti-American or independent state & they don't like France's leading of the EEC to befriend the Arabs! You notice France hasn't been having any trouble getting any of the oil!

       47. THEY SAY THAT BECAUSE OF JIMMY CARTER'S PERSONAL PROMISE TO THE SAUDI-ARABIANS--they're doing everything they can to get the Palestinians a square deal in the present negotiations--that this is why Saudi-Arabia loosened up on the oil & decided to produce another extra million barrels of oil a day for America's benefit, & this is why there are so more gas lines in the States & the oil is plentiful again!

       48. BUT THE SAUDI-ARABIANS HAVE WARNED THAT THEY WERE ONLY GOING TO DO IT THERE FOR THREE MONTHS & if America didn't get any results in its negotiations for the Palestinians, they said they were going to reduce their production again, therefore the gas lines will appear again in the States. And it's been all pretty undercover, sort of!

       49. JIMMY CARTER CAME OUT IN PUBLIC & SAID HE DIDN'T PROMISE THEM ANYTHING, but everybody knows he must have. He made a personal phone call to the King of Arabia, everybody knows that he must have said something that persuaded them to increase their oil production! But now he's come out flatfooted against he Palestinian State. He's never come out that strong before!

       50. THE JEWS HAVE JUST DRIVEN HIM TO IT BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY HAVE HOUNDED HIM. And boy, it's going to make the Arab World furious, all the World furious! I mean, the whole U.N. is for the Palestinians, the whole EEC is for the Palestinians, the whole World is for the Palestinians--everybody but Israel & the U.S.!

       51. I WAS PRAYING ABOUT THAT TODAY OR LAST NIGHT, I was reading the paper, & that came to me so strong, that he is compromising his own convictions of what he knows is right, because his advisors have persuaded him that it's political suicide if he goes ahead with certain things & makes certain decisions like befriending the Palestinians & pressuring Israel to give them a square deal & things like that!

       52. BUT THIS WOULD BE POLITICAL SUICIDE, because the Jews would fight it tooth & toenail & be sure that he was defeated. They persuaded him to make these statements & come out & reassure the Jews that he is on their side & blah blah & that he doesn't want the Palestinians to have a free state!

       53. WELL, I'M SURE THAT THIS IS A SHOCK TO THE PALESTINIANS for him to come out so openly against the free & independent Palestinian State & still flatly refusing. The PLO & Arafat are practically begging for talks with the U.S., Arafat has said he would do almost anything to have talks with the U.S., to try to persuade them to see their side, & Carter has just flatly refused to have any of his officials meet with them, even got Andy Young in trouble for just meeting one of these guys, a PLO representative, in an apartment of a Kuwaiti diplomat!

       54. ANDREW YOUNG SAID HE DIDN'T KNOW THE GUY WAS GOING TO BE THERE & he didn't have an engagement with him at all, he didn't talk business, he didn't talk politics, he didn't have any dealings with him at all. He left just as soon as he could, claims he only stayed there 15 minutes.

       55. AND THEN THAT BANQUET WHEN JIMMY CARTER SAID THAT HE COMPARED THE PALESTINIANS WITH THE SOUTHERN NEGROS' FIGHT FOR EQUALITY, wheewww!--The whole Jewish-American World blew up, they were just absolutely furious!--And this is practically his retraction, this last statement he ways he is refusing to talk to the PLO & he's not for an independent Palestinian State, that he thinks they ought to have their rights & autonomy, some form of semi-self-government, but no independence!

       56. SO HE'S REALLY SHOWING HIS TRUE COLOURS NOW, OR HIS SAD COLOURS, WHATEVER THEY ARE--compromiser's colours, political colours--to try to keep the Jews on his side, but I think he is cutting his own throat. They've given him enough rope & he is going to hang himself, because God is not going to bless it!

       57. I THINK THE LORD BLESSED HIM WHEN HE BACKED UNPOPULAR CAUSES LIKE THE PALESTINIANS & DIFFERENT THINGS, but it's that damn Andy Young that has persuaded him to back & Black guerrillas in Africa, those Black Communist guerrillas! It was just like a message I got, that he is listening to the voice of man rather than to the voice of God! He goes around asking everybody their opinion & he is a man-fearer more than a God-fearer. (Maria: His wife included.)

       58. HE IS LISTENING TO THE VOICE OF MAN INSTEAD OF THE VOICE OF GOD, THAT WAS THE MESSAGE I GOT. I think it was in the night last night or this morning when I was praying & thinking about it, that he has sort of ceased to listen to the Voice of God & be strong, have strong convictions for what's right, no matter whether it kills him politically or not, & instead of that he is compromising his positions & decisions & his opinions & his statements & everything for political advantage, & of course it's not going to win!

       59. THE LORD WON'T BLESS IT & HE WON'T WIN, WHATSOEVER, SO IT'S REALLY PITIFUL. He's a pitiful case, really. They say he is such a good man, but he's a weak man & indecisive & not strong, wavering, & he doesn't seem to have strong convictions. He'll come out with a strong conviction, make a strong statement--like he did about the Palestinians just a few months ago. He was absolutely for the Palestinians to have their own Homeland just like the Jews, & now he's backed down on all that. I mean, he's wishy-washy. He's vacillating & double-minded.

       60. (MARIA: SOMEBODY SAID THEY OUGHT TO LET HIS WIFE BE PRESIDENT!) At least then she can make all the wrong decisions, because she's persuading him to make the wrong decisions for political advantage. (Maria: Those are probably the strong statements he comes out with & then he listens to everybody else.)

       61. HE WAS GOING TO COME OUT WITH A STRONG BLAST ON THAT FIRST TV SPEECH THAT HE CANCELLED, & then he went back home to Camp David & they apparently persuaded him to back down on a lot of things & change things. (Maria: They said his wife sat by him practically every minute of the Camp David conference with a pencil & notebook in hand & she coached him & put in her comments. She says, "I've always seen more political than Jimmy!" It's obvious she's really trying to run the show! Typical, powerful woman who wants to control her husband & make the terms!

       62. BUT HE HAS THESE SPURTS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS & SPURTS OF CONVICTION & spurts of statements that are for the right, & then it seems like he always backs down, even on the energy crisis & everything else.--He comes out strong against the oil shortage & all this & for conservation & then does nothing about it. He backs down on everything!

       63. IT SEEMS LIKE HE IS JUST WEAK, HE DOESN'T STICK TO HIS GUNS, come what may, even if it kills him, & he listens too much to other people. That's the answer I got last night: He listens too much to man instead of to God. He's a man-fearer, a man-pleaser!

       64. THAT IS THE EXPRESSION THE SCRIPTURE USES, MAN-FEARING, MAN-PLEASING, rather than just listening to God & standing by his convictions no matter what! He's got too many counsellors, too many advisors, he listens to too many people, too many voices instead of the Voice of God!

       65. SO THE U.S. IS REALLY IN A MESS & SHE'S MESSING UP THE WHOLE WORLD! The Europeans are far smarter on international politics. The U.S. is the Johnny-come-lately to the international political scene. It has never had much experience or done very well in international politics, it's just pretty well stayed out!

       66. ALMOST EVERY TIME SHE HAS DABBLED IN INTERNATIONAL POLITICS SHE HAS MESSED THINGS UP & screwed things up & has really gotten the World into two World Wars by fooling around with things she should not be fooling around with. George Washington pled with the country to stay out of Europe & out of the international involvements, but of course she didn't!

       67. SO NOW AMERICA IS SO STRONG THAT SHE CAN RATTLE HER SABER & BRANDISH HER SWORD & BLUFF AROUND, now she's trying to do it all over the World, but in such a way that it's almost ludicrous & laughable so the rest of the World almost laughs at her. While the Russians & the Communists are making continual steady, slow gains, the U.S. is making continual steady, slow, losses, & a lot of them because of poor leadership, & of course, it's the sin of the people.

       68. GOD IS GOING TO REAP JUDGMENT ON AMERICA & CONFUSE THEIR POLITICS & confound their knavish tricks because of their own sins & all the horrible wars they have fought & the millions they have killed & the terrible state that some of those countries are in. I mean, America is the one that left those poor countries in Southeast Asia in such a mess: Vietnam and Cambodia & all those people starving & everything else. America's the one that just wrecked them with the war, just wrecked them!

       69. SO, THE WORLD'S IN A MESS & IT'S PARTLY JIMMY CARTER'S FAULT, POOR FELLOW. Even though he seems to be a good man with a good heart & wants to do good, he just can't seem to get up the guts to do it! PTL! Well, that's the way it is & that's where it's at!

       70. BUT THAT WAS SURE A TERRIBLE DREAM! Thank God I yelled just in time & saved her. Of course, it seemed like I was like petrified, horrified, paralysed, I couldn't even move, sort of like you are in a dream where you just cannot move. There was nothing I could do!

       71. IT SEEMED LIKE IT HAD TO BE FOUGHT OUT BETWEEN THE TWO GIRLS THEMSELVES, but I was so glad that the brunette won, although it was horrible to see the other girl get what she deserved. It sure looks like it could be France & England. I wonder what kind of trick England is going to try to pull on France?--[DELETED][EDITED: "B"]ecause of France's friendship with the Arabs!

       72. (1982: Or could it have been the [DELETED] attack on France through the [DELETED] Socialist-Communist coalition of Mitterand? Both the leading conservative leaders have been very tall--DeGaulle & D'Estaing! Or perhaps God sees the French right as taller in political stature than the [DELETED] left? Mitterrand's fury against D'Estaing has certainly temporarily wounded France & the French right! But will they turn his own knife back on him & end him & his [DELETED] left attack!--I wouldn't be surprised! The French right is not dead yet, only wounded, & may rise again!--Also, maybe it's a U.S. attack on Europe which European Russia will turn back with an atom strike into the heart of America?--Take your choice!)

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