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GYPSY JOYS!--By Father David       DFO 1125       30/4/76
--Another "Thou Shalt Have Sex!"

       1. YOU & I HAD A LITTLE GYPSY WAGON, one of those cute little ornamental Gypsy wagons, real pretty, & we were pulling it along the railroad track & we had to keep pulling it off the track to let the trains go by till we came to this house by the track where this lady let us pull over in her yard & let us stay with her awhile. I think she liked me & she wanted me to make love to her. We were making some kind of pretty things, handkerchiefs or scarves all embroidered for sale, Gypsy things.

       2. THEN THERE WAS THIS BIG FIESTA GOING ON AT THIS SEASIDE TOWN, & there were all these boats drawn up along the docks for the fiesta, & apparently the ship owners had invited us Gypsies to pull our wagons up onto their boats & park them on the boat decks as part of the colourful decoration & entertainment.

       3. SO OUR WAGON WAS PARKED ON THE DECK OF THIS BIG SHIP & we were eating at the Captain's table & entertained like royal guests. I kept encouraging you to shine up to the Captain, but he never would give you a tumble, he never would invite you to his room or anything.

       4. SO I FINALLY SAID, "YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BE LIKE RUTH & GO DOWN TO HIS ROOM & knock on his door & invite yourself in to make love to him to win his heart, because he's too proud to ask you himself." So you must have done it, because the next thing I knew we were living on the boat as part of the crew & the Captain seemed to be very happy & we were all living together very happily ever after!

       5. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE DREAM MEANS EXCEPT WE ARE ALWAYS GYPSIES, OF COURSE, & WE OFTEN HAVE TO ACCEPT THE HOSPITALITY OF OTHERS, & there may be times when we'll have to pay them back with love & even lovemaking, which certainly fits our new flirty-fishing ministry. And you know, it's a funny thing, I don't know whether that dream reminded me of it or I just happened to think of it or what,

       6. BUT I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY ABOUT 12 YEARS OLD MY FATHER SAT ME DOWN TO GIVE ME MY FIRST LECTURE ON SEX, a little too late after I'd already had a variety of sexual experiences on my own [DELETED], & had already read a number of books on sex & was probably more well-versed in sex than he was!

       7. HE TRIED TO RATHER VAGUELY EXPLAIN SEX TO ME in extremely vague terms which highly amused me till it almost made me laugh except that I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I tried to keep a very straight & sober face & look dumb & amazed as though I were hearing all these wonders for the first time, & would say, "Wow, is that right! How about that!" when I already knew all these things anyway, but I didn't want to hurt my dear Dad's feelings, so I let him think he was telling me all these things for the first time in my life!

       8. SO ONE OF THE WARNING STORIES HE TOLD ME WAS ONE WHICH SOUNDED VERY INTERESTING & made me wish I was one of them, was that when he was a young boy living in a small town on the plains of Nebraska, a whole tribe of Gypsies had pulled up & camped just outside of their little town for quite awhile & that soon every young man in town had been out to the Gypsy's camp & participated in sexual play for pay with the Gypsy girls, & he didn't want me to ever do anything like that!

       9. BUT ACTUALLY HIS STORY JUST MADE ME WANT SEX ALL THE MORE & made me wish I lived in a small town with a Gypsy camp outside where I could have fun with the girls, & I was just wondering how I could save enough money to pay. I thought if I ever found any girls like that I'd sure like to try'm, & in fact his sex lecture just got me sexually aroused with his stories about these beautiful Gypsy girls, or girls that play for pay that I must never go to see.

       10. SO JUST AS SOON AS HIS LECTURE WAS OVER I promptly went back to my room & pulled out this Book of Knowledge that I knew had this beautiful art masterpiece of this nearly nude girl, the goddess Psyche, the Greek goddess of the spirit, & gratefully jacked off to her to my immense relief & satisfaction! So my Dad's sex lecture really did me a lot of good & I was greatly benefited thereby & made me all the more interested in sex & girls, & I could hardly wait till I could get ahold of one!

       11. THE FIRST ONE I TRIED IT ON AFTER THAT WAS A LITTLE 12-YEAR-OLD, the sister of my older brother's very hot girlfriend. My brother had just driven us home from a party & we were all dressed up in pretty clothes including my little girlfriend in stiff white organdy like a bridesmaid. My brother drove us to this dark spot in the deserted old garage & while he & his girlfriend were making out on the front seat, I & her little sister were trying to do the same on the backseat. But in spite of a lot of kissing & hugging & petting we never seemed to have the courage to quite get around to the real thing[DELETED]!

       12. SO SINCE I WAS SUCH A GOOD LITTLE BOY [DELETED] I refrained from trying, although she seemed like she would have been very willing. [DELETED] So I'm afraid his dire warnings about Gypsies & naughty girls didn't do very much to slow down my normal sexual development & experimental activities but only made me want more!

       13. I THINK IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A VERY GOOD THING IF I COULD HAVE MARRIED [EDITED: "YOUNG"] like some Orientals do. It certainly would have saved me from a lot of sexual frustration & resultant inhibitions, phobias, neuroses & guilt complexes which nearly worried me to a frazzle, which along with my unabated but frustrated sexual desires & frequent masturbation made me a rather thin, pale, somewhat weakened & nervous little boy with heart trouble.

       14. THE DOCTORS CALLED IT PAROXYSMAL TACHYCARDIA, which simply means a nervous heart which frequently when excited would beat very rapidly, twice as fast as normal or as high as 180 beats per minute, which is about 100 beats above normal. This sometimes made me have to stop some strenuous sport or physical exercise such as sex & lie down & rest till my heart returned to its normal beat, & which, although at the time the doctor said it was not serious & I'd probably grow out of it, was eventually to relieve me of army duty & get me out of the hell of the military, thank God!

       15. BUT MY DEAR FATHER'S EARLY WARNINGS ABOUT GYPSIES & NAUGHTY GIRLS NEVER SEEMED TO RELIEVE MY SEXUAL PROCLIVITIES or keep me out of trouble with girls! I just wanted more more more until now some 50 years & 100 women later I seem to be a hopeless case! So there's really no certain cure for sex that I know of personally! I've tried everything & everybody, but after all these years I still want more! So if you're as sex-crazy as I am personally, I can offer you no hope of a cure for sex unless you want to go to the extreme of total emasculation or castration & have them cut off your balls so you just can't do it anymore like a bum steer or mule!

       16. SO AFTER ALL THESE YEARS OF CONSTANT SEXUAL ACTIVITY & MANY WOMEN LATER I've finally given up & decided there's no cure for sex! I keep wanting more every day & I'm constantly yielding to my sexual appetite for more women & more sex, & have finally come to the conclusion that the only thing I can do about it is to constantly satisfy that craving with more!--More, more, more!--Hallelujah!

       17. SO I FINALLY DECIDED IT IS A NORMAL PHYSICAL APPETITE LIKE EATING & DRINKING, a bodily need which must be satisfied just like any other physical need, & that in spite of all the parental & pastoral & hypocritical churchy warnings against sex, I've decided that contrary to prevailing conservative religious opinion, God Himself made sex & our sexual organs & created the very nerves, parts & senses whose sexual activities give us such pleasure, & that He intended us to enjoy sex just as much as any of our other physical appetites, & that after His creation of man & woman He looked upon them & saw that it was good & said unto them, "Be fruitful & multiply," long before man's fall & the first sin.

       18. CONTRARY TO CHURCH DOCTRINE, MAN'S FIRST SIN WAS NOT SEX because sex is not sin but God-created in the very beginning to be enjoyed by all!--Those parts which fit each other, those nerves which give us pleasure when put in pleasant motion, those rapturous ecstasies & orgasmic explosions were being enjoyed by Adam & Eve as a part of the pleasures of God's wonderful creation in the pure sinless Garden of Eden long before Satan entered in with his temptation!

       19. THE TEMPTATION OF MAN WAS NOT SEX: IT WAS KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION, PRIDE & POWER! Long before these horrible evils entered the Garden, sex was an accepted, enjoyed, fruitful & glorious, sinless, God-created, pure, perfect pleasure!

       20. SO TO HELL WITH THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS CHURCH HYPOCRITES WHO CONDEMN SEX as the original sin! They are liars who seek to control your bodies through sexual prohibitions & make merchandise of your souls by telling you that sex is a sin & that pleasurable sexual activity is sinful, & deny you your God-given rights, joys & pleasures of your God-given body!

       21. AND TO HELL INDEED WITH THE DEVIL & ALL HIS COHORTS WHO WOULD TELL YOU THAT SEX IS A SINFUL PLEASURE OFFERED ONLY BY THEM & available only from them in return for your soul & your worship of the wicked, those who offer knowledge, education, pride & power & other abominable greeds of man, which with their selfishness, cruelties & wars have destroyed the pristine Garden of Eden beauty of the Earth & its pure pleasure-loving enjoyment, including the sinless peaceful pursuit of its God-given pleasures of eating & drinking & loving & working & playing, the creative joys of your God-given body & the infinite pleasure of living in love & harmony with each other, which the Devil & his men have done everything they could to destroy & condemn through their own chief sins of self-exaltation by knowledge, pride, power & self-righteous hypocritical religious condemnation!

       22. THE DEVIL PROMISED THEM THAT THROUGH THESE THEY SHOULD BE AS GODS, but instead through these, men became as devils, as Satan knew they would if they fell for his kind of education, which they did! So that according to his doctrines of his churches, even sex was made a sin & the World was turned inside-out & upside-down & everything became just the opposite of what it ought to be, including sex!

       23. THE SUPREME GOD-GIVEN PHYSICAL PLEASURE OF MAN WAS NOW CONDEMNED BY THE SATANIC FORCES OF THE CHURCHES AS SUPREME SIN, & the Satanic churches turned everything around backwards from the way they ought to be, condemning man's supreme physical pleasure as the worst of his sins! What a travesty against the truth! What blasphemy against God's Creation! No longer was man saved by God's grace, love & mercy & able to enjoy his God-given pleasures in sinless purity, but he was hounded by these fiends of Hell to try to save himself by his own evil works of man's knowledge, man's power, man's wars & man's evil religions which call the evils of man good & the creations of God evil, such as sex!

       24. MAY GOD DELIVER US FROM THE WORST OF ALL SINS!: Man's own religious hypocritical self-righteousness & evil knowledge & greed for power through every form of cruelty including war!

       25. MAY GOD RESTORE US TO THE NAKED PURITY & INNOCENT PLEASURES OF A SIMPLE GOD-GIVEN WORLD like the Garden of Eden where normal God-created sexual love can be enjoyed sinlessly by all!--In Jesus name, amen! (See also The "Eden" Series, such as "Eden's Sex!" "Sexy Saints!" & "Thou Shalt Have Sex!", etc.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family