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THE CB FAIR--By Father David        DFO1129b        19/10/75

       1. THANK GOD THIS DREAM THIS AFTERNOON WAS A NICE HAPPY MOVIE, ALL ABOUT BEING AT A CB* FAIR. It's very funny, it's like going to a comedy. It was very interesting, they had all kinds of stunts & performers, like going to a circus! Ha ha! Isn't that funny? It had hang-gliders & ropers & aerialists & a huge CB exhibition of all kinds of CB sets. (* CB: Citizen's Band Radio)

       2. THE FUNNY PART ABOUT IT IS I'M USUALLY A PARTICIPANT, & I & THESE TWO OTHER OLD DUFFERS WERE SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT CB RESCUE & EXPERIENCES of either being rescued or rescuing. I told them how that you could even talk back & forth from Miami to Cuba on CB across the water, so it could aid as sort of a fellowship, striving for peace between nations & blah, blah, this big speech.

       3. THEN THE FUNNIEST THING HAPPENED: These two guys & I were having a bit of clowning & then we did this little song & dance about CB. It was really funny & everybody laughed. Then I was helping the roper set up his roping & equipment. The last thing I remember was that we had been working on our CB set & had our hands all dirty working on different equipment. One of these old duffers & I were looking for the bathroom where we could wash our hands & then I woke up. Isn't that funny? (Maria: Well, I'm glad it was nice!)

       4. IT'S LIKE A COMEDY! I'M NOT JUST SITTING THERE WATCHING A MOVIE BUT I'M IN IT! It's funny, the little dream about the CB Fair was really very realistic & sort of fun, partly funny. It was just almost like a comedy. What significance could that possibly have?--I was working with communications, to set up communications & recommending CB's.

       5. THAT'S ANOTHER THING, WE'VE GOT TO TELL THE KIDS ABOUT HAVING CB'S, because when the trouble comes the phones will be out. They would be better of with CB's, because CB's are operated completely independent on your battery. (Amen?)

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