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HOUSE OF HORRORS DREAM!--By Father David       GP 1130       5/8/80

       1. THIS IS THE "HOUSE OF HORRORS" DREAM THAT I HAD, A LITTLE BIT LIKE MY VISIT TO THE GREEN DOOR BUT EVEN MORE HORRIBLE, MUCH MORE HORRIBLE! We were living in a house in this neighbourhood, a great big mansion, & they were having a carnival there & a kind of rummage sale, garage sale, like it was to be just before a wedding, sort of like a bachelor party. There were all kinds of exhibits, amusements & sales & free food--maybe it wasn't free but we got some free--because I was being shown around by the hostess, this real cute sexy woman about 40. I'd say she was in her 40s but she was real cute & had nice broad hips with a tight skirt & she kept giving me these flirty looks & leaning up against me & I was having a pretty good time!
       2. THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER BUT I GUESS SHE GOT CALLED AWAY with other guests & I got interested in looking at all the exhibits. I almost missed the food when they served refreshments at the table, sandwiches, wieners & things like that. I got there just as they were clearing up & I was real hungry so they gave me some of the scraps & I was real glad to get them. Then I went over in the next building that was kind of like a factory or a warehouse & they were selling a lot of stuff there too, like carpeting & old pictures.
       3. I WAS DOWN IN THE BASEMENT & I GOT FASCINATED WITH THESE OLD POSTER PRINTS, huge posters like some of those ugly posters the hippies had, you know, of their nightmares. The funny thing was, if you'd hold the poster at one angle, it would be a beautiful masterpiece, a copy of one of the masters, one of the masterpieces of famous artists. But then when you changed the angle--you've seen those things like post cards & stuff where you change the angle & it's an entirely different picture--when you changed the angle, suddenly there was this horrible grotesque picture of monsters & all kinds of things, horrible!
       4. FINALLY, IT WAS GETTING LATE, SO I LEFT THE WAREHOUSE THROUGH THE BACK DOOR. It was a big door, you know, like you drive trucks through, & walked on back over to the mansion where they were having a wedding rehearsal for all these beautiful little bridesmaids & everything with flowers & costumes, it was a real swank wedding. They go through the whole thing, you know, just like a show.
       5. IT WAS VERY BEAUTIFUL & I STOOD THERE WATCHING IT WHEN I REALISED I FELT COLD & THAT I HAD FORGOTTEN MY COAT. In the warehouse it had been kind of warm & I had taken it off & lain it down in that stack of pictures. I thought, "Oh, it's going to be closed!" So I ran back real fast & sure enough, one back door was closed but the other one was still open & I saw somebody just going upstairs inside & I yelled, "Wait just a minute! Wait a minute! I forgot my coat!" And sure enough he had already found it & was carrying it in his hand upstairs to the office, I guess, & I was so glad to get it & he was nice & friendly & he was just going to save it.
       6. IT'S FUNNY, IT SEEMS LIKE THAT WAS ALMOST LIKE THE END OF ONE DREAM & THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER ONE. I went into this sort of subway station where you rode on these things that were shaped sort of like stirrups, only I realised later they were meat hooks hanging down from a rail in the ceiling, a little bit like those ski lifts where each hook hangs down separately & you get on & then it takes you up the hill.
       7. WELL, THERE WERE THESE THREE TOUGH GUYS ON THREE HOOKS NEAREST ME. They were horsin' around like teenagers or ruffians do & kiddin' each other & pushin' each other & fightin' & cuttin' up & I just was quiet & I was watching them & kept out of the way. But finally one of them grabbed for my hook that I was riding on!
       8. THEY WERE LAUGHING ABOUT BELIEVING PERSONALLY IN JESUS, LIKE DEVILS--I believe they probably must have been devils or something--& he said to me, "You don't believe personally in Jesus, you've never really personally received Him, have you?" He was asking me had I ever, or something like that. I said, "Well, yes I have! I do!" And they looked at me kind of in astonishment like, "How does this guy have the nerve to confess Christ, here, in this place!"
       9. I DIDN'T REALISE WHAT KIND OF PLACE IT WAS YET, BUT IT TURNED OUT TO BE LIKE HELL ITSELF! And then they acted like they were going to knock me off my hook, like they wanted to get rid of me off this thing, you know? So I just politely stepped off & smiled & let them pass on by, & I guess they moved on. Then I got on one later & it carried me along with others riding the other hooks into this huge area like a factory.
       10. THE WHOLE FLOOR SEEMED TO BE COVERED ABOUT FOUR OR FIVE FEET DEEP WITH THIS THICK WHITE FLUID, real thick, almost like cake icing or candy. It was kind of flowing, & rolling & these hooks came to a place where they dipped down into this fluid & everybody on the hooks got all covered with this white stuff, & I didn't want that to happen to me so I found a place to jump off quick before we got there!
       11. AND THERE WAS THIS PLACE WHERE THESE PEOPLE WERE PUTTING ON CELLOPHANE BAGS & I said, "Well, what's that for?" & they said, "Well, if you don't want to get coated with that white, you can put these on!" In other words, "If you don't want to be some kind of a taffy-coated chocolate drop or something, well, you put these on & then you just go to the meat grinder!" I said, "The meat grinder? I don't want to go to the meat grinder!" "Well, since you have your choice, then you can go into the frying pan instead if you don't want to go to the meat grinder!"
       12. IT WAS LIKE THEY WERE MAKING ALL KINDS OF FOOD & EDIBLES OUT OF THESE PEOPLE! It reminded me a little bit of "Soylent Green," only with more detail & worse! I thought, "I'm not going to the frying pan either, I'm gonna get the hell out of here" & I started to run in the other direction! I kept bumping into people coming my way, & it seemed to be just like it was the thing to do, like they were to just go to their fate without question, marching along like zombies to their doom!
       13. EXCEPT I MET THIS ONE FUNNY OLD LADY, BIG FAT LADY WHO SAID, "I'M NOT GOING TO GO IN THERE, I'M GOING SOMEWHERE ELSE" or something. I met her in this sort of passageway, & I came out in a room beyond & there was some other kind of choice of your fate, I've forgotten just now what it was, but anyhow I didn't want that either.
       14. I STARTED OUT OF THE ROOM & THESE THREE GUYS WHO LOOKED LIKE DOCTORS or something in front of me said, "Where does he think he's going, anyway? You can't get out of here!" And just about then as I was trying to get past them & run for the door this one doctor said, "Well, I'll show him!"--& he pulled out a hypodermic needle & plunged it right into my side through my clothes & that's the last thing I can remember! Isn't that a horrible dream? (Maria: Yes! I wonder if that's how people get some of their scripts for horror movies!) Yes, I wouldn't be surprised, horrible!
       15. IT'S FUNNY, ON THE SURFACE IT WASN'T SO BAD, they had that big mansion & that cute little gal & I was feeling sexy. (Maria: You said it was like two dreams.) Yes, it was almost like two dreams, really. It seemed like it was kind of like a subway station where I just had to get on those things, everybody else was getting on too & I figured I might as well get on, I don't know why. But I mean I just could hardly believe my eyes!
       16. PEOPLE WERE JUST RIDING PEACEFULLY TO THEIR DESTRUCTION! It was just "choose your poison." (Maria: Maybe it was symbolic of the World.) It's symbolic of Hell! It was horrible! Well, of course, the World is Hell on Earth! I was almost thankful when I passed out & that's the last thing I can remember. I think that's when I woke up. I was cold. Funny, sometimes you dream you're hungry or you're cold & you really are!
       17. IT WAS HORRIBLE WHEN I SAW THOSE PEOPLE BEING DIPPED IN THIS THICK WHITE STUFF & come up all coated like a white-coated candy or something! And the other one was, if you didn't want to go to the grinder & you didn't want to go to the fryer, they said, "Well, you go to the other one & they cut you up in special cuts there, in larger cuts, if you prefer that!"--A choice of destruction!
       18. IT SEEMED LIKE MOST PEOPLE WERE CHOOSING THE MEAT GRINDER FOR SOME REASON. They wanted to be completely ground up, can you imagine, instead of butchered into choice cuts or candy-dipped! Oh Lord, where would I get such a horrible thing like that but from some devil, some demon. I thought to myself, "I hope Maria hasn't been reading too much about witchcraft out of those encyclopedias!" That thought occurred to me. (Maria: No, I haven't.)
       19. IF YOU TALK ABOUT THE DEVIL YOU REALLY ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE, I WARN YOU! We've gotten into some things in the past that I haven't told you about that would make your hair stand on end! We held a meeting in Canada for the Alliance Church there where a former pastor's wife had gotten into demonology & was studying Mrs. Penn Louis' book & stuff like that. I wonder if T.S. Elliot was associated with Penn-Louis? Anyhow, the former pastor's wife had been choked to death by a demon!
       20. I DON'T LIKE TO TALK ABOUT IT, I'M JUST WARNING YOU! It's dangerous stuff to deal with unless you're really baptised & praying in the Spirit! (Maria: That John Todd thing doesn't go into it that much.) That's good. He doesn't go into their deviltry that much. (Maria: Except a few of the symbols, & warns about wearing them. He's certainly not trying to glorify witchcraft.)
       21. I KNEW IT WAS RIFE IN ENGLAND BECAUSE THEY HAVE COVENS EVERYWHERE IN ENGLAND, it's just full of them, but I didn't know they were that prevalent in the States! (Maria: They were trying to cover it up, the [EDITED: "ACs"] are smart!) Boy, are they smart!--As smart as the Devil! Well, when they crucified Jesus they chose their god!--Only it shows what god they had already chosen!--Satan himself!
       22. WELL, ANYHOW, THAT WAS THE HOUSE OF HORRORS, THE HUMAN CANDY FACTORY & SLAUGHTERHOUSE DREAM! "Slaughterhouse," that's a good name for it! "Choose your fate!" A dream I had the early morning of August 5th, 1980. I'd certainly been sick all day yesterday. PTL! TYL! We forgot to pray last night for a good night's sleep & good dreams. How could we have forgotten to pray? (Maria: But I did pray for you, don't you remember? But I didn't specifically pray you'd have a good sleep.)
       23. WE REALLY NEED TO BE SPECIFIC WITH THE LORD & ASK FOR SPECIFIC REQUESTS & EXPECT SPECIFIC ANSWERS! My mother used to say, "The Lord wants you to be specific!" It's a sign of your faith. People who just pray so generally, generalistically, a lot of times it's because they don't expect to be answered anyhow! They just generalise so they won't be pinned down in case they don't get an answer!
       24. WHEREAS IF YOU ASK FOR SPECIFIC ANSWERS THEN YOU'RE SHOWING YOUR FAITH THAT YOU EXPECT TO GET THAT SPECIFIC ANSWER!--And you don't expect to be disappointed! You really expect it or you wouldn't be so specific! Some people are afraid to ask for specific answers for fear they won't get it, you know, & then they'll be embarrassed because, after all, they're supposed to be a Christian & believe in prayer & they asked for something & didn't get it. That might be a reflection on their spirituality or something if they don't get a specific answer to their prayer so they don't pray for anything specific, they just pray in generalities. But we should have prayed specifically for good dreams.
       25. WELL ANYHOW, ONE OF THE MACHINES AT THIS HORROR PALACE WAS SOME KIND OF MACHINE INVENTED WITH A MOUTH, all it had was a mouth so that it could talk & it kept answering questions & it talked & somebody cracked, "If he keeps on talking like that he's going to think he really is alive! Not just a machine!" It was almost like they had taken this human mouth & attached it to the middle of this machine, making it work electronically or something. It was really weird! Kind of a spare-parts idea.
       26. REMEMBER THAT "BLAKE'S SEVEN" WE SAW WHERE THEY HAD THIS "SPARE PARTS HOSPITAL" where they cut their captives up into little special pieces & saved their organs in the fridge for spare parts for other people? (Maria: Yes.) Um! What a horrible dream! I sure don't want to go there! If that's anything like Hell I sure don't want to go! It sure was one hell of a dream! I don't think dreams like that are just caused by your stomach or your liver or some physical condition, they're spirit-led. TYL! PTL! Hallelujah!
       27. I WAS JUST PRAYING, THANKING THE LORD FOR GIVING US THE REST THAT WE DID GET LAST NIGHT, I guess it was all we needed. (Maria: Amen.) "In everything give thanks." (1Th.5:18) I guess I should even thank Him for that horror dream! At least I wasn't one of them & I was trying to get out, so I must not have been under their control. The rest of them were all like they were in a stupor, you know, just like dumb oxen being led to their slaughter. At least it shows how horrible Hell could be & I didn't belong there & I was trying to get out. Um! Oh, what a terrible picture of Hell, slaughter house! TYJ! PYL!
       28. I'M SURE GLAD I ESCAPED AT LEAST TO UNCONSCIOUSNESS. Isn't that funny? Like in that other horror dream I had about those evil women, where she sank her teeth into the back of my neck. (No.710) And then there was that Black Devil who was chasing me that stabbed me with that hypodermic! (No.875) Several dreams, even that Coosa dream, "The Green Door" (No.262), he had some kind of magic powder that nearly knocked me out!
       29. EACH TIME AT LEAST IT BROUGHT ME OUT OF THE DREAM, ISN'T THAT STRANGE? Just like I was given the hypodermic or was given this poison or powder or something & every time, in the dream it put me to sleep, but in reality it woke me up! Now I wonder what the psychology of that is? Maybe it's God's way of getting me out of it! I was sure relieved & thankful! I can't remember all of it but when I was trying to escape I was running over these little thin shaky bridges & that kind of stuff.
       30. (1982: ARE YOU HEADED FOR HELL?--Are you trusting the shaky bridges of this World to save you?--Are you relying on Man's Earthly carnal evil wisdom to answer your problems?--Are you headed for the "House of Horrors!"--You'd better receive Jesus quick before it's too late & you land in the Devil's "House of Horrors!"--Receive Jesus NOW!--Tomorrow may be too late!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family