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BABYCARE!--Techi at One Year Old!--By Father David       Cannes, France       DFO1136       23/3/80

       1. YOU REMEMBER LAST NIGHT WHEN YOU HAD HER IN YOUR ARMS & I WAS KNEELING BY THE BED & WE WERE PRAYING? I was trying to pat her head but she didn't want anybody to touch her head, she was so sweating hot! I know you were trying to comfort her, but you were holding her like this & you made her all the hotter!

       2. SO SHE WAS JUST BY THAT TIME ALMOST HYSTERICAL! They get to the point when they're crying so hard they even forget what they're crying about, but they know they're crying about something & they just go to pieces! Adults even do that sometimes. So the main thing then is not only to try to correct the trouble, but to try to calm them down.

       3. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I GOT THE INSPIRATION TO REACH OVER THERE & I PUT MY FINGER LIKE THIS & put her little fingers around my finger & then I just closed my hand over her little hand like that. She didn't try to jerk it away or anything. Up to that time she'd been batting her arms & kicking her feet & screaming & everything. I just put her hand around my finger & then I closed my hand over her little hand like that.

       4. I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT I JUST FELT LIKE SHE NEEDED A LITTLE FEELING OF CONFIDENCE holding on to something. And you know I had whispered in her ear too a little bit, just wanted to let her know Daddy was there. Of course it was prayer & the Lord, but He uses little things like that too.

       5. AND IMMEDIATELY SHE STOPPED CRYING! That's when she went to sleep right then. When I got her hand around my finger like that & just closed my hand over it like that gently. I wasn't trying to force her to hang on or anything. If she'd have tried to pull it away I'd have let her go, but she didn't. Instead of that she just gripped it, hung onto it. (Dora: Yes, I realized that, that was amazing!)

       6. HEY MAMA, YOU DIDN'T TAKE HER SWEATER OFF YET! I told you she's too hot. You girls need to learn the difference between hot & cold. (Maria: I guess I never will.) Well, the reason you won't is because you're always cold, so Maria is no one to test the temperature of a room. (Maria: No I stay pretty much out of it.) (Dora: Well, usually her room isn't that hot, like it was last night.) Well, so therefore usually she doesn't scream so loud either!

       7. IT WAS SUFFOCATINGLY, STIFLINGLY HOT LAST NIGHT WHEN I WALKED IN THERE. It was so hot I could hardly wait to get my robe off! And frankly, the rooms, in Winter especially, should be of a temperature that you really have to keep most of your clothes on. It shouldn't be so hot that you can run around naked like you were. I mean, you were perfectly comfortable because you were running around naked. But the poor little girl, she had on that jumper & the cover in the bed besides & the room was not only hot, but it was suffocating & there just wasn't any air, fresh air, it was terrible!

       8. I REALIZE NOW THAT YOU TOLD SUE THAT YOU DON'T PUT HER TO BED WITH THAT HEATER GOING IN HER ROOM. Now our room here & the bathroom here is at least as big as your two rooms put together & your bathroom, & we only sleep in here with one radiator on at night, just one. We turn the other two off & we leave our bathroom window open about that wide.

       9. IT'S HOT IN HERE, HONEY! Poor Maria, she doesn't know when it's hot. I'm almost stripped to the skin & she'll be sitting there in her bearskins. I'm in my bare skin & she's in two or three bearskins! She really is cold-blooded, poor girl. Well, you started to say that you usually open the door & get some fresh air to air out the room before you're putting her to bed. (Dora: Yes, so that she goes to sleep with real fresh air.) Fresh cool air.

       10. SHE SHOULD SLEEP IN A COOL ROOM, EVEN A COLD ROOM IS BETTER. Nobody can sleep well in a hot room or even a warm room, you just don't sleep well. You weren't made to sleep well, God didn't make the nights usually hot, He made them cold or cool. And you just don't sleep good in a warm room, especially not a hot room. And that room last night was hot! You also don't sleep well if there's not plenty of fresh air, & the room was just stifling, suffocating! The air was bad, just bad in there!

       11. NOW I REALIZE THAT YOU WEREN'T THE ONE PUTTING HER TO BED LAST NIGHT, but you should have instructed Sue in all these things & showed her at least one time, the first time, how to do it. Everybody needs teaching, everybody needs to know. Or if you've been accustomed to do it, tell them how you usually do it & be sure it's done.

       12. GO IN THERE THE FIRST FEW TIMES THAT THEY TAKE CARE OF THE BABY or put her to bed & make sure that they've done all these things & that the room's been aired out & radiators off. A good method would be--except sometimes you have to go back in there & change her--is if you can even air it out while you're both in the living room. For example, when we go out for our walk, we leave this window open wide--wide open so the room will be well-aired out & refreshed when we get back because usually we're already hot when I get back & the room seems too warm.

       13. WE TURN OFF ALL BUT ONE RADIATOR, WE LEAVE THE WINDOW WIDE OPEN & THEN WE GO FOR OUR WALK. Sometimes I'll leave the door wide open & as soon as we come in I'll just leave it open to finish airing out the room. And we're so warm, we usually take everything off except something next to our skins, & then we settle down & work for about half an hour before we really begin to get cool, & then we start closing up again & putting our robes on etc.

       14. FRESH AIR IS VERY VITALLY IMPORTANT TO YOUR HEALTH & EVEN A BABY KNOWS THAT! It doesn't know what's wrong, but it knows something's wrong! When a room is hot & stuffy as that room was last night, it was terrible! The bathroom door was virtually shut, & when I checked the window it was virtually shut too because you can have a window open at least this far. Do you know how to do it? (Dora: I did it wrong the first two nights, I had kept it inside the latch.) Let me see you do it, if you don't mind.

       15. OPEN THE WINDOW, AIR OUT THE ROOM FOR A FEW MINUTES, after you've changed her of course, & before you put her to bed, when you've got her all dressed for bed & ready for bed. Air it out. Make sure the other radiators are off, & make sure that you don't even try & put her to bed until the room is cooled off. Don't just suddenly run in there & turn off the radiator & open up the window & shove her in bed when it's still hotter than a firecracker in the room. She's not gonna like it. She's got that thing all over her & then a blanket put over her besides & she's hot!

       16. YOU & I HAVE TESTED THAT, SHE ALWAYS SLEEPS BETTER WHEN THE ROOM IS COLD. The nights I was worried about her being cold, she slept the best, straight through, & I think it's really because the house was too hot & her room was too hot & she gets restless in the middle of the night about 3 o'clock. Because that's about the time that the house is cooled off enough, not cold, but a lot of times the thing gets left on 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees F)! I found several times at night when I went to bed early & I didn't turn it down, everybody else just left it like it was!

       17. SO THE ROOM'S COOLED DOWN FOR A WHILE & THEN AS THE WEATHER GETS COLDER & THE HOUSE GETS COLDER, the heat comes back on about 3:00 & then it just really gets hot, I mean, it heats up those radiators terrifically! And then she gets hot, especially if you've left the radiator on in her room.

       18. WELL, I'VE BEEN TRYING TO HAVE THIS CONFERENCE WITH YOU GIRLS. Now what more pleasant task could I have than have a conference with you girls?--Five of my favourite girls! Well, Mama why don't you keep a tissue handy for wiping her nose. Don't wipe it too hard or you're gonna make it sore. It's better to just sort of blot it, you know what I mean? Sort of blot it.

       19. NOW WHAT ARE THE IDEAL ROOM TEMPERATURES? When you're working around & the baby maybe is playing on the floor, what should it be in the day time? (Dora: 22 degrees.) She's down on her knees & legs on these cold tiles so much that she ought to have on all during the Winter at all times, at least two layers between her & those cold tiles. I know she's plenty padded when she sits down but she's a lot of time on her legs. Her legs are against the pavement or her knees, so she needs two layers on her legs.

       20. (DORA: HOW ABOUT TIGHTS & THOSE LITTLE DRESSES?) Well, if the dress is long enough that when she kneels down or she's sitting down the dress stays between her & the floor--but does it? Now I'd say when that living room is nice & warm at night a dress is fine, she can dress for dinner. But I would say not in the daytime unless the dress is real long & therefore you can be sure that when she kneels down, sits down, whatever, she's always on the dress, but it's not likely if she's gonna crawl, she couldn't be on the dress. So if you want to dress her up for dinner in a cute little dress, that's fine. It's always nice & warm in there. (Maria: You could even put a dress over her pants, you know.)

       21. BUT IN THESE COLD DAYS SHE OUGHT TO HAVE CERTAINLY AT LEAST TWO LAYERS BETWEEN HER & THE COLD FLOOR which is where she spends most of her time. Those shoes are great, I think they're good. Give her a little time for her feet to grow too, at least they'll last her 2 or 3 months, I hope. Shoes are expensive in this country.

       22. THOSE SHOES ARE REALLY GOOD, THEY'RE REINFORCED TOES & PADDED HEEL, where they so often cut into their little ankle in the back. I wouldn't tie them too tight, but I guess it's because of the way her pants are it just looks tight. Feel in there where her shoe is & make sure it's not too tight. (Dora: I can get my finger in there.) Good, very good. This one too? OK, very good.

       23. AND REMEMBER IN WINTERTIME, THIS IS THE KIND OF SHOE SHE SHOULD WEAR. Those sandals, I hope they still fit her by Summertime, but that's strictly a Summer shoe. I don't know who got those sandals. But anyway, they're not warm enough for this kind of weather, especially since she's apt to be a little cold-blooded like her mother! She's obviously quite sensitive to cold & drafts etc. But she's also quite sensitive to an overly hot stifling room like that room was last night!

       24. SO ONE REASON I WANTED YOU HERE JEWEL IS BECAUSE YOU HELP TAKE CARE OF HER, & I would like to see you help take care of her even more to help relieve poor Dora & Sue too. Sue has just millions of other duties & therefore can't take care of her very much at all. She is Dora's main duty, but it gets pretty tiresome to have her right on your hands every minute all day long & night too. In the daytime, that's fine, that's Dora's job.

       25. I'M JUST GIVING ALL OF YOU THIS LECTURE, I threatened to do it several times & I've been discouraged from it for several reasons. Maria thought I ought to give it to the whole Family but it just never seems to happen & I'm just determined to do it & you are the major ones involved & therefore I want to tell you. I don't want to let it go another day after what happened last night & a few nights before. (To Techi:)

       26. OH, SHE JUST LOOKS VERY DISGUSTED BECAUSE "SUE WON'T LET ME DO IT MYSELF!" You're getting all black! Look! You're getting all black! She just loves to do it, Honey. Now I know you're appealing to Daddy to use the pen, but that's not gonna work because I'd rather see you red than black! Why don't we give you another kind of pen that won't make such terrible, terrible marks! How about this one? Let's see, this one? Yes. This one, there! Now, make marks with that, they won't even see it. I can't even make it work!

       27. IT'S A FUNNY THING, WHEN WE HAD OUR SCHOOLS IT TURNED OUT ALMOST ALWAYS I WAS THE GUY THAT WOUND UP DOING THE WORK SCHEDULE, making out the work schedule & figuring out everybody's job & their hours & everything, because the women just never wanted to do it. Mary & Mom just never cared to organize it. Mom would say "Oh, that's OK, that's too much bother! I'll just grab whoever's handy!" And of course you always know who's always handy: The most willing-spirited ones & the ones who are always volunteering are the ones who are always handy, therefore they always wound up doing all the work!

       28. BUT I DON'T KNOW, WOMEN DON'T SEEM TO BE AS CONCERNED ABOUT THAT AS I AM. Maybe they're not as mechanical, methodical & logical. They go more by inspiration than by logic & organization & mapping out. I used to take a piece of paper, draw everybody's name down this side, draw all the jobs across the top & then draw lines down like this & across like this & the days of the week, the works, so I had it plotted out exactly how everybody's job was & when & what time, what day of the week & all apportioned out evenly so we knew that everybody was working but nobody was doing too much. And nobody was not working enough.

       29. WELL, I HAVE THREATENED TO TAKE A HAND WITH THE SCHEDULE & considering what happened last night & a few other things in the past, that I've threatened to have this conference. I'm not blaming anybody in particular, we're all to blame, I'm to blame, Maria's to blame for not coming in. We should always double check, make sure everything's OK. And you can't blame a student if the teacher hasn't taught him. So forgive us. But that's what I'm doing right now.

       30. DORA WORKS HARD WITH TECHI ON HER HANDS ALL DAY except for one little nap. I'm talking about you, you little rascal, who refuses to take a morning nap anymore! She keeps looking at the pen, "Well, what's wrong with this thing it won't write." Look at her scowl. She looks at me real disgusted. Daddy, you gave me a bum pen, won't even write! She's really disgusted! "Bum", she says, "it won't write!"--That was the whole idea! I'm sorry Techi, I played a joke on you! I can't think of anything else here really that you can write with. But thank God, at least that one's got a dull point.

       31. SO BY THE TIME YOU'VE TAKEN CARE OF A CHILD LIKE THAT ALL DAY, AT NIGHT YOU'RE READY FOR A REST. I would suggest that by the time Dora has fed her her supper that it's time for somebody to relieve her & take care of the child while Dora eats her supper & relaxes a bit. Now normally at the little Family gathering in the living room we don't have to have anybody in particular taking care of her, we can just turn her loose after you've fed her & she just plays around with everybody & everybody's taking care of her usually in the evening when the Family's in the living room, whatever we're doing.

       32. AND EVEN IF WE'RE HAVING A BIBLE STUDY SHE CAN WANDER AROUND, SHE DOESN'T BOTHER ME. You don't have to worry about taking her to bed yet unless it's late & she's tired & she wants to go to bed, which she seldom does, but once in a while she does. The Lord must have had lots of children wandering around while He was talking to His disciples, and sometimes they wanted to send them away.

       33. THAT'S OK, LET HER MESS IT UP, HONEY. Just let her play with it! Don't worry about it! You can't just prohibit a child from doing everything, they've got to do something. We haven't provided anything else here for her to play with, so she's playing with that.

       34. BUT WHEN IT COMES TIME SHE'S GETTING FUSSY & TIRED & SHE NEEDS TO GO TO BED, then it's time for somebody to put her to bed. But I don't think that Dora should be the one that has to put her to bed every single night. Obviously Dora has been because you folks are not too experienced in putting her to bed, because Dora hadn't instructed you in what to do.

       35. WHEN YOU'RE GONNA TEACH A PERSON A JOB OR GIVE A PERSON A JOB, IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT IF THEY DON'T DO IT RIGHT IF YOU DON'T TEACH THEM HOW!--If you don't show them how you've been usually doing it and explain it to them & go through the motions. The best way is the clinical method of teaching, & that's to teach by doing, show how, not just tell them how.

       36. MISS BUSY ALL THE TIME! I thought that was a such a good name that Martha called her little girl, Busy Lizzy! Perpetual motion, that's what children are, they really are. You really look like a little girl now, you really do! TYL!

       37. SO WE OFTEN HAVE A BIBLE STUDY, and if it's early enough for the children, which we try to have, it should be early enough for her & she can stay there. Of course she's not gonna sit down & just listen to the Bible, but she can play around. And as long as she doesn't make so much noise that people can't hear, it's all right. She can play around. If they allow themselves to be distracted by a child playing around, well then they're not very interested. As long as you girls keep an eye on her & keep her out of trouble & keep her busy with something to do.

       38. MY GOODNESS, WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT? You want out? It is pretty boring, huh? She's finally got bored with this place. I'm almost done, Techi, just a minute. Can we find something else for her to play with? I don't know what, there's not too much around here she can play with! There's your little cotton balls! She came all the way in here & got those the other night, I understand!

       39. SHE'S VERY OBEDIENT! I mean, she's really, really obedient when you tell her no. Not only is she obedient then, but when she comes back she remembers what she can touch & what she can't touch. She's really got quite a little computer!

       40. SO LET HER PLAY AROUND, LET EVERYBODY TAKE CARE OF HER DURING THE FAMILY FELLOWSHIP TIME in there, whether we're watching TV or Bible study or whatever. If she's ready to go to bed then you girls should take turns taking her to bed. But Dora, you have got to teach the girl that's gonna put her to bed, the first time you've got to teach her what to do & what not to do, & then each time a new girl goes in to put her to bed, for the first few times you're gonna have to go with them to show them & teach them & train them.

       41. I'VE ALWAYS SAID THIS ABOUT TEACHING IT'S MUCH EASIER TO DO IT YOURSELF!--Unless you just go in there & let them go blind & bungle around & do a bum job of it & you don't even know what's happening. But if you want them to put them to bed properly, then you have to show them how. Not only teach them but show them what you do.

       42. LET THEM GO THROUGH THE ROUTINE WITH YOU 2 OR 3 NIGHTS & THEN THEY'LL KNOW WHAT TO DO. And then after that go in & check on them once in a while. And when they come back in the room & if they say everything's fine, well, it's a good time for you to go in & peek in & make sure everything is fine.--That the windows are right & the baby's right & everything's right. Double-check! You're the officer, you're in charge of her & you're the one who really knows. And don't just leave it up to them.

       43. DON'T BE AFRAID YOU'RE GONNA EMBARRASS THEM OR THEY'RE GONNA RESENT YOUR CHECKING UP ON THEM, that's your job. You're in charge of her, you're the boss, & if you're teaching them how to take care of her it's up to you to check up on them & make sure they do it right. So don't be afraid to check up on them, because after all, they haven't had as much experience at it as you have, you can't blame them. They can't be expected to remember everything until they've done it several times & then they'll remember.

       44. (SUE: WHAT IF WE MAKE A CHECKLIST TOO?) I was so happy to see that checklist you put on your door the other day. That was good. (Sue: It's because I always forget.) Right! That's why you have to have a checklist! And that's why I always insisted on a work schedule, because everybody always forgot.

       45. DORA CAN SHOW YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO DO ABOUT CHANGING THE BABY & PUTTING HER IN HER NIGHT CLOTHES & ALL THAT, but I'm going to insist that you remember these factors which are very important, which were not attended to last night. You might be right, the baby might have an earache, but I'm much more convinced that maybe it was just a gesture of frustration that she was just so hot, she was almost like fanning herself! It was so suffocating, stiflingly, almost asphyxiatingly hot in here!

       46. IS SHE GETTING HUNGRY FOR HER LUNCH YOU THINK? (Dora: What time is it?) 12:00. How about giving her one of those crackers over there? (Maria: They're real greasy.) Well, just give her one to pacify her for a minute till we're done. She's hungry, see? She knows exactly what you're talking about, talking about crackers. Daddy knew what you wanted. She can sit right there, isn't that sweet, so obedient! Isn't she a good girl, like a little puppy dog, sitting up for your cracker!

       47. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS FOOD & FOR OUR HOME SO FAIR, help us Lord to do some good & keep us in Thy care, & bless our loved ones everywhere, in Jesus' name, Amen. You must teach her to get used to giving thanks & saying thank-you too. She'll get it one of these days if she hears it enough.

       48. SO YOU FELLOWS OUGHT TO ROTATE. I think we could even put Sara on that schedule. Well, I don't know. If it goes late where it's even late for the children, then somebody's got to take them to go to bed. But if it's an hour which is before the children are going to bed & are still there, but Techi wants to go to bed, I think we can bring Sara in on the schedule & give her a turn.

       49. IT'S NOT FAIR TO DORA THAT SHE SHOULD HAVE TO DO IT EVERY NIGHT & miss all those evening sessions. She's missed nearly all the videos & TV & everything else because she's always having to put the baby to bed, & I just don't think it's fair. I've been concerned about it for a long time & I've been fussing about it, but there didn't seem to be anybody else too concerned about it, and I guess we just let it slide.

       50. ALL RIGHT, WELL, YOU FOLKS WORK OUT THE DETAILS OF THE SCHEDULE & that you rotate it so that Dora doesn't have to take her out & put her to bed every night. And be sure you keep the bathroom window open at least an inch. You finally got bored with Mommy & Daddy's room! Where are your Kleenexes, Honey? Why don't you have Kleenexes over there? Daddy knows what kind of crackers she likes. She doesn't like that old Jewish cracker!

       51. ANYHOW, TAKE TURNS PUTTING THE BABY TO BED & YOU GIRLS BE SURE, WHOEVER TEACHES EACH ONE, how you change her, what you put on her for the night, how you put her to bed, what blanket you put on her, how you pat her to sleep, & be sure that the radiators are turned off long in advance of putting her in bed. When you go in there to put her to bed you ought to turn off the radiators immediately, even if you're gonna change her. Because those radiators stay hot a long time.

       52. AND AFTER YOU'VE CHANGED HER & YOU'VE GOT HER IN HER NIGHT CLOTHES & IN BED & COVERED, make sure the window's open in the bathroom, open the door of the room for a few minutes, even as you're patting her to sleep. It wouldn't hurt to leave that door open the whole time you're patting her to sleep in order to refresh the room & cool it off. She'll sleep better in a cool or a cold room than if it's hot. I know you're getting bored with Daddy's lecture, but that's the way it is, Techi dear! Daddy's a teacher.

       53. (DORA: USUALLY I DANCE HER TILL SHE'S ASLEEP, but I keep patting her for just a little while. But the moment I put her down I go over, open the door & then keep patting her.) Very good, see, you should teach them all these little things. Because we went in there last night & the place was suffocating, it was just stifling hot! I don't blame her for screaming, she was just so hot she was frustrated & frantic & didn't know what to do! She was kicking her feet & batting her arms, & I believe that was the main thing, she was just plain hot! I mean, it was sickly hot in there. Even with my robe off I was still suffocatingly hot.

       54. NOW DON'T PUT HER TO BED, PLEASE, UNLESS YOU OPEN THE WINDOW, you have the radiators turned off when you first go in there. Open the bathroom window even when you first go in unless she's gonna be in the bathroom naked for some reason. I don't know, would she be? Would you be washing her in the bathroom or anything? (Dora: Yes.) Yes, well then leave everything closed up until you've got her fully dressed for bed, in bed, & then open up everything. Open up the bathroom window wide for a few minutes. Open up the door of the room wide for a few minutes, once you've got her in bed & patting her to sleep. She will sleep much better in a cool or a cold room, much better.

       55. OH, YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THAT LOOK OF VICTORY, TRIUMPH! "I got another cracker!" She likes those better, she knows what she likes! And then once you've got everything cooled off enough I suggest you close the door, room door, outside door, but leave the bathroom window open, one radiator, bathroom radiator on, come back in with the Family & keep your monitor handy so you can be sure & hear it, & then enjoy the Family fellowship.

       56. NOW THAT ONLY NEEDS ONE GIRL A NIGHT, except when you're teaching them to do it, & have the next girl that's gonna do it go with you in there & go through the routine & show'm exactly what you do to put the baby to bed. Show them exactly, go through the whole motions, the whole works. You can't expect them to know & understand her as well as you do.

       57. IT'S EASIER TO DO IT YOURSELF, BUT UNLESS YOU TEACH THEM, YOU'RE ALWAYS GONNA HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF. And it's harder to teach somebody else to do it than it is to do it yourself. Everybody knows that. But once you've got them taught, then you're free & they can take over & you can be free to enjoy a little more Family fellowship & stay up later & see a video or whatever we're gonna do. Make love too for that matter! That's why you've been cheated out of very much lovemaking because you just haven't been there most of the time.

       58. I THINK THAT'S ENOUGH ON THAT SUBJECT. You think you got the point? I don't want to see Dora going out the only person putting Techi to bed every night. I want to see you girls taking turns including Sara, & I mean it! She missed the lecture so you be sure you give it to her. And see that Techi gets to bed with somebody different every night. Then she doesn't have to be so used to having the same one & demanding you everytime she gets tired. She'll be used to having other people putting her to bed & then you won't be so bound & she won't be so dependent on one person. It's far better that you do it that way.

       59. I WANTED TO BE A MISSIONARY ONCE UPON A TIME & GO TO THE MISSION FIELD & my denomination turned me down, I had too many children, I was too weak & I didn't have enough education. They had all kinds of excuses. Well, so I sent about 10,000 missionaries to the field instead! I was figuring it up the other day, we only have about 7,000 left in the Family right now, but, goodness gracious we've had at least 3,000 backsliders or more! I figured one time we probably had as many people that had left the Family as were still in the Family! (To Techi:) Good girl, she's pretending that she didn't fall, she did it on purpose. Pride begins at an early age!

       60. SO THERE ARE AT LEAST AS MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE LEFT THE FAMILY, who were in the Family for awhile, as are still in the Family, so we've sent out into the World witnessing & winning souls at least 10,000 people. So, it may be a little more trouble. It would have been a lot easier if I could have just gone to the mission field, buried myself in the jungle someplace & taught the childlike natives & then the thing would've been over & I'd have been out there buried in some hole for the rest of my life & the World never would have heard of me or you either!

       61. BUT BECAUSE I TOOK THE TROUBLE TO TEACH & TRAIN SOMEBODY ELSE TO DO IT, WE HAVE TRAINED THOUSANDS & WE'VE MULTIPLIED OUR MINISTRY BY THE MILLIONS! Now if you want to get stuck with Techi every minute of every day & night & never get any relief, then just don't teach anybody to take care of her so she'll be totally dependent on you. Otherwise you're gonna have to teach others to feed her, teach others to put her to bed, teach others to dress her, teach others to change her, & that way you'll get a little relief & be able to do something else once in a while. You have a lot of other responsibilities. One of the most important things you've got to do write.

       62. NOW HOW DO YOU THINK SARA WOULD HAVE EVER GOTTEN THE DAVIDITO STORIES WRITTEN IF SHE HAD TO TAKE CARE OF HIM EVERY MINUTE, RIGHT? But she had Alfred & she had others that took care of him part of the time, Rich & Sue & lots of others. Then she could use part of her time for writing her stories, & we're gonna need more of those soon. We've only got four of them finished. I don't know how many you've got finished. (Maria: Dora's got quite a few, she's quite far ahead.) GBY!

       63. BUT IF YOU'RE GONNA ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD, YOU CAN'T JUST DO IT ALL YOURSELF, you must teach others, to teach others, to teach others! Where's that verse found? It's 2Timothy 2:2. I always like to remember by 2Tim 2:2. To teach others, to teach others, to teach others and that's the way you'll multiply yourself. If you just try to do it all, you'll never get it done.

       64. WE FIGURED OUT ONE TIME THAT IF ONE PERSON WOULD WIN A SOUL EVERY SIX MONTHS & teach that soul to win a soul every six months too, & they would teach that soul to win a soul every six months too, that we could win the whole World in only 16 years, mathematically! I mean, if that were possible & if everybody would receive the Lord & everybody would learn how to win souls. At least one every six months shouldn't be too hard for anybody.

       65. BUT IT CERTAINLY SHOWS THAT THE CHURCH HAS FALLEN DOWN ON THE JOB & they haven't witnessed or they'd have gotten a lot further than they have. Because why? Because, "that's what we pay the preacher for". "Well, that's Dora's job, that's not my job." "That's up to the preacher." So the church, hundreds, thousands, millions of them just lie down on the job & do nothing & expect the priest & the preacher to do it all! So that's why the church has got in such a rut & so far behind & never got the job done. Because the people wanted the preacher to do it all, & the preacher, he wanted to do it all too. Because he wanted the authority & to be the boss, & after all, there wouldn't be too much excuse for him if they could do it.

       66. HE DIDN'T WANT TO TEACH THEM HOW TO DO IT. He wanted everybody to be dependent on him, so he didn't want to teach them how to do it. He wanted to be the only official soul winner, the only official preacher. How else was he gonna get them to church? How else would he have them dependent on him & pay his salary unless he made everybody dependent on him & he was the only one who could officially do the job!

       67. OK, WELL, I HOPE YOU GOT THE POINT THAT THAT'S ONE REASON THE CHURCH IS IN SUCH A HELL OF A MESS is because they never taught the people how to preach the Gospel or win souls! That's why they're so far behind. And I certainly don't want the Family to get in that mess & I don't want this family right here to get in that mess by nobody knowing how to take care of Techi except Dora! Dora's got to teach understudies & others to help take care of Techi so she can have a little time for something else.

       68. IT'S JUST QUITE A WEAR & TEAR ON ANYBODY TO TAKE CARE OF A LITTLE CHILD LIKE THAT THAT'S BUSY & MOVING EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY, IT CAN REALLY WEAR YOU OUT. OK sweetheart, you want another cracker? Get her another cracker. Now can't she have one more? Three's a perfect number. Yes, sweet baby. Let Daddy give it to her, I want to get the credit for it this time! Daddy will give you a cracker. Bring it here, quick, Honey! You've got to move fast when a baby gets to this point where she's ready to cry! Quick, you've got to move fast! Like last night.

       69. HERE YOU ARE, YOU WANT A CRACKER? (Techi starts to cry.) Oh, she wants her lunch. She doesn't want a cracker, I'm sorry. Amen. Come kiss Daddy good bye. Oh, maybe you changed your mind. Did you change your mind? Lord bless & help the girls & give them wisdom & strength & skill & the guidance of Thy spirit to do things right, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory.--To take good care of her, Lord. TYJ!--In Jesus' name, amen.

       70. DO YOU TEACH & SHOW YOUR HELPERS HOW TO DO IT?--& then check on'm to make sure they've done it?--& keep teaching & keep checking until you know they know how!--Amen? GBY! Teach others to teach others to teach others!--Then they'll all know! Hallelujah!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family