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KEEP IT CLEAN!--Cleanliness IS Godliness!DO 113825/5/80
--By Father David



3. THERE'S SOME RATHER STRONG ALKALINE SOLUTIONS IN YOUR MOUTH TO KILL GERMS--probably the first stage of your self-defense in eating, etc. Alkaline is lye, so you have lye in your mouth all the time! You have a lye solution in your mouth which is an aid in digesting starches like breads & crackers. That's why you can put a wafer of cracker in you mouth & without even chewing or anything it'll soon dissolve, because the lye or alkaline in your mouth will dissolve it.

4. IT WILL DISSOLVE STARCHES BUT IT WILL NOT DISSOLVE PROTEINS. In fact, it inhibits or hinders the digestion or dissolution of proteins which are dissolved by acids in the stomach, which is why Dr. Koger advised don't chew your meat! Even if possible swallow it whole, because it'll digest better believe it or not. So if the lye doesn't get it, the acid will, & that also kills some of the bacteria & digests the meat. So the mouth is a bit safer.

5. BUT YOU MAY HAVE SOME RESIDENT SQUATTERS LIVING WITHIN THE LOWER CAVITY, & nearly everybody does, believe it or not! Did you know that just about everybody in the World has VD? They are actually part of the normal germs that live there, but due to various reason, health or lack of it, or a surplus of infection, they can phenomenally increase until they become a disease which is a dis-ease! It's not so easy after you get it. You will not be at ease after you get dis dis-ease!

6. IN FACT, YOU HAVE ALMOST EVERY KIND OF GERM KNOWN IN YOUR BODY IN MINUTE QUANTITIES.--Tuberculosis, VD, pneumonia, tetanus, almost everything, but in minute quantities, & it doesn't multiply unless something happens which encourages the multiplication of the bacteria or the germs or whatever.

7. FOR EXAMPLE, GERMS LIKE TETANUS ARE ALWAYS AROUND ON THE SURFACE OF YOUR SKIN, but until the skin is wounded they don't seem to multiply. But when the skin is wounded, they can make an invasion. They're just like a constant enemy on the lookout for a chance to attack, & if they see the chance, they'll attack! Then the white corpuscles are the white defenders! See, there's something behind this business about the good guys wearing hats! They go on the attack & defend.

8. VD IS ALMOST ALWAYS PRESENT IN SOME FORM OR IN MILD FORMS OR IN MINUTE QUANTITIES in almost everybody's genital organs & bodies, but will not cause any untoward difficulty unless there is unusual wear & tear on that particular part of the body or wounding or becoming raw or sore. That's why I often caution you girls, "You're not sore are you? It doesn't hurt, does it? I'm not rubbing you raw, am I?" Because that's important.

9. BECAUSE IF YOUR RUB THE SKIN OR THE CLITORIS OR ANYTHING TO A POINT WHERE IT'S ACTUALLY SORE & RAW, that means it can open the surface of the skin to infection, which otherwise normally would not hurt if there's sufficient lubrication & your partner's not hurting your or rubbing you raw or making you sore to the point that he wears the surface raw & therefore opens it to the invasion of the enemy.

10. SO IT'S NOT JUST SOMETHING TO BE SNEEZED AT OR SHRUGGED OFF if your genitals become sore or irritated in any way because this could leave you open & subject to infection if you're not in good shape. Even a tiny scratch or any kind of wound just like on the surface of the skin, the same thing could happen. Tetanus germs or something fierce can enter and you get a bad infection. Some people are very easily subject to infection so that any little tiny wound or anything gets very sore & pussy. I think Alfred has this problem.

11. IN THE ARMY THEY INOCULATED US FOR EVERYTHING, INCLUDING TETANUS. Then after you had your tetanus shot, to make sure it took, they pricked your finger with an old rusty pin. I remember our outfit had a special peculiarity for old rusty pen-points. You know these pens they used to use that you dipped in the ink well? You stood in line & they came along & jabbed you with one of those in the finger to see if you got tetanus or lockjaw, which can kill you! Ha! Nice place, the Army!

12. DAVIDITO'S SPANISH UNCLE DIED OF LOCKJAW AT THE AGE OF SEVEN, & HIS MOTHER ALMOST NEVER GOT OVER HIS DEATH. He died in her arms out in the field. He stubbed his toe or cut it & got a sore toe, & tetanus set in so fast that just within day or two when he was working with her out in the field with a sore foot fainted & died in her arms. They used to call tetanus blood poisoning, lockjaw and all kinds of things.--Blood poisoning because the wound would get so festered & infected & so terribly inflamed & red it would cause a fever, & then the fever would get so bad that it inflamed the salivary glands & all so that you couldn't open your mouth. They call it lockjaw. And when it got to that stage they usually died shortly after, & he did.

13. I THINK SHE ALMOST NEVER FORGAVE GOD FOR THAT BECAUSE IT WAS THE ONLY BOY SHE HAD. She had an older girl who was Carlos' older sister, but then the Lord gave her Carlos, so PTL! Then you know the rest of the story. Well, they had an older brother too, but this young brother was especially dear to her heart. She & Papa Marcos had three children, an older boy & the older sister & then the younger boy, Carlos, & this boy that died in the field.

14. THEN WHEN HIS OLDER BROTHER & SISTER BEGAN HAVING CHILDREN, THEY HAD NOTHING BUT GIRLS. And of course when we were there, Carlos was not yet married, but he'd gotten involved with some girl & had a baby, but that was a girl too. The grandparents had all girl grandchildren, all girls, & they were praying desperately for a grandson. Then Conchi had her third child & it was another girl! And the Lord told me that they would never have another male grandchild until they recognised Davidito. And they didn't want to recognise him because he was "illegit"! Well, anyhow, that's about the little boy who died of tetanus.

15. SO A LOT OF THINGS WHICH OTHERWISE WILL NOT NECESSARILY BE SERIOUS & which are always present, if you get rubbed raw or you're sore, it's almost like a wound which opens the surface of your skin to infection inside or out. So you must be always very careful about your genitals, that you don't make them sore or raw or scratched or anything that happens that could open the way for infection, because the germs are always there.

16. THAT'S ONE OF GOD'S WAYS OF MAKING SURE YOU DON'T ABUSE YOUR BODY, & then if you do you'll suffer a penalty for it. If you overdo, abuse your body, go to the excess & get sore & raw or even actually wounded, you'll probably suffer some infection. The same thing can happen to the children, so you must protect the children so you must protect the children from any kind of infection which you might even carry which they can get from you. You may carry it & not even know it.

17. A LOT OF PEOPLE CARRY DISEASES WITHOUT EVEN SUFFERING ANY HARMFUL EFFECTS. Lots of people carry tuberculosis & there are people who even carry malaria, yellow fever smallpox & things like that, but they are immune themselves to the disease. But if they contract you in some way, particularly in some warm moist way, they can transfer it. Or, in the case of yellow fever, smallpox, malaria, & I don't know how many other things, by the bite of a mosquito or a flea or a tick! (Sue: Or a tick? Ugh!)

18. HAVEN'T YOU EVER HAD A TICK? They bury their head in your skin & their little body grows bigger & bigger. Something itches & all of a sudden you discover this little thing sucking your blood! It's very common in Texas, in very dry countries. Usually they get on the poor animals & you can even pluck off their bodies & their heads are still buried in the skin. I think you don't really get rid of them unless you dig the head out.

19. WELL, GERMS ARE KIND OF LIKE INSECTS & ANIMALS & SNAKES, THEY WON'T ATTACK YOU UNLESS YOU PROVOKE IT. Dogs, even wild animals, lions & tigers won't attack unless thy feel threatened or they're awful hungry. They won't usually attack you or bother you.
But if you leave an opening for an attack, then they will.


21. PARTICULARLY ANYTHING WHICH COULD POSSIBLY TRANSFER A DISEASE which might even be harmless to you, but might be harmful to the. I've heard doctors lecture that there doesn't have to be actual intercourse, there doesn't have to be penetration, there doesn't have to be anything like that as long as it's warm & moist, anything warm & moist will transfer venereal disease.

22. YOUR MOUTH IS WARM & MOIST & IF YOU'VE BEEN SUCKING SOMEBODY or kissing, why it's possible that you might have something. It might not bother you, but the germs still might happen to be there in your mouth in small traces & they might attack someone else if you even kiss them! [DELETED]

23. [DELETED] So please be careful & please be gentle, and avoid any kinds of activity in which there's a possibility of infection or contamination or anything like that, please. [DELETED] (Family: Amen.) Which means also to keep your fingers & your hands clean, please.

24. SOME GIRLS HAVE A GREAT TENDENCY TO WANT TO CARESS YOU AFTER YOU HAVE HAD SEX, FORGETTING THAT THEIR FINGERS ARE NOT CLEAN & therefore can spread uncleanness. Girls want to stroke my hair & pet my head & my face after they've already had their hand some place which wasn't very clean, if you know what I mean. I didn't want to tell them that but I almost could have screamed, "Please don't touch me till you've washed your hands!" Somebody did that, it's happened a few times, & I've rushed right in & taken a bath & washed my hair!

25. IT'S A PERFECTLY NATURAL AFFECTIONATE THING FOR THEM TO DO, BUT YOU SHOULD REMEMBER THAT YOU HANDS ARE NOT CLEAN after handling things down there. They just are not what the Bible would call clean. I mean, you don't stick your fingers in your dung & then lick your fingers in your mouth or anything like that! It's just unclean. Regarding things you put in your mouth, you don't put everything in your mouth that you might put other places, neither should you put your fingers in your mouth or others' mouths or other clean places or in your hair or somebody else's hair, eyes or mouth after sex!

26. YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT THAT DURING & AFTER SEX. If your fingers have become soiled or dirtied or greasy or moist & warm with sexual activity, they are not clean, & that warm sticky stuff can carry some kinds of germs! For God's sake, don't stroke his hair with those hands don't rub your eyes or pick your nose or lick your fingers or whatever else until you've had a chance to wash your hands!

27. YOU KNOW HOW PARTICULAR I AM! If I even just use one finger on your girls, when I'm done I want to wrap it up in a tissue right away, remember that? 'Cause I don't want to touch you or anything else with that dirty sticky finger. It may not be actually dirty, but it's not clean, & that moist warm sticky stuff can contain germs which may be perfectly all right down there, but might not be too good up here. Or even if all right down there, it might not be too good if you keep rubbing it in your sore eye or scratching it in your scalp or ear or mouth!

28. [DELETED] Never touch the children for any reason except with very clean hands. Don't even wipe their bottoms! Certainly don't feed them without very clean washed hands. The Old Jewish Mosaic Law was very particular about that, you had to wash you hands for all kinds of reasons, definitely before meals. You had to wash you hands to the elbow for all kinds of things, three times!

29. AND THE SEXUAL LAWS OF CLEANLINESS IN LEVITICUS' Jewish Mosaic Law command you to be sure after sex or any kind of emission or any kind of sexual activity, to immediately rise & wash yourself, take a bath. Wash, I presume, as much as you could. Change your clothing & change your bedding. How about that? Particularly, it specifies, if there's been an emission of semen. (Lev.15:16-18.)

30. CLEANLINESS IS GODLINESS, NOT NEXT TO IT, IT IS GODLINESS. So for God's sake, for the sake of these poor little children, keep yourself clean, keep your hands clean. [DELETED] Wash!

31. FOR GOD'S SAKE, KEEP YOURSELF CLEAN, KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN, KEEP ALL OF YOUR PARTS CLEAN & if you're not clean, don't contaminate somebody else! Thank God the Lord's kept me all these years with all these women, & I'm sure it's been mostly the Lord & prayer, & I sure have worked at it myself, too! As any of you know, I jump almost straight out of bed & go straight to the bathroom, urinate first & then wash thoroughly with soap & water, hands, genitals, everything. I wash my hands at least three times, & genitals in soap & water, if you want to know why it takes me so long! Ha!

32. AND HAVING WASHED BOTH HANDS & GENITALS IN SOAP & WATER, washed with soap & rinsed with water three times like the Bible says, then just for good measure I get off the bidet & I go to the wash bowl & I wash my hands with soap & water again. Until I've done that about the fourth or fifth time I will not even touch my face to wash my face with the same hands! Cleanliness is Godliness!

33. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE, KEEP YOURSELF CLEAN & FOR THEIR SAKE DON'T CONTAMINATE THE CHILDREN! You may think it's perfectly harmless to kiss or change the baby, but if either your mouth or your hands aren't clean, you can do damage. And I mean it! (Family: Amen.) Don't do something you'll be sorry for, either for your normal sex partners or mates. [DELETED]

34. DON'T ENGAGE IN ANY KIND OF SEXUAL ACTIVITY & THEN TOUCH THE KIDS IN A WAY THAT'S APT TO CAUSE INFECTION or contamination with dirty fingers, dirty hands, dirty mouth or dirty clothing, etc. It may not seem dirty to you & it may not bother you at all, but nevertheless may be a carrier of something that could cause them trouble.

35. PAUL SPEAKS OF "ALL MANNER OF UNCLEANNESS"! (Eph.4:19.) Some of those sex movies make you want to throw up! Talk about all manner of uncleanness, they've got it! They sent us that sex video & I went around holding it with a paper towel & rushed off to the bathroom real quick to wash my hands with soap & water, not knowing what kind of vile monsters might have been touching that thing! I wanted to get it out of the house as fast as we could! God help us!

36. YOU GIRLS ARE WONDERFUL & YOU'VE BEEN AWFULLY GOOD TO US FELLOWS, unusually loving & kind & helpful, & I certainly wouldn't want to in any way hurt you or do anything to you that would cause you any trouble. So for God's sake, tell us if it hurts! I mean it! Because you can actually hurt somebody if you're too rough, whether it's with your penie or your finger or whatever!--If you're too rough & do it too hard & make things sore or raw so that infection can set in. You understand? (Family: Amen.) PTL?

37. SO WHATEVER YOU DO, BE CLEAN & BE GENTLE. You understand? (Family: Yes.) Some of you girls like me to get a little bit violent sometimes, but I don't want to get so violent that I actually hurt you, & I mean it. I don't want to go so fast or so hard that it wears you raw & gets you sore with danger of infection of some kind, because the germs are always there. It's just part of God's plan, part of His way, part of His system, that if you abuse your body, or I do, or overdo it, make it sore, raw, abused in any way, then you're apt to suffer for it. That's just the way it is, how God made it!

38. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T LET [EDITED: "OTHERS"] SUFFER FOR IT BECAUSE OF YOUR CARELESSNESS & YOUR UNCLEANNESS & failure to wash your hands & make sure you haven't got anything that could be contagious. Amen? (Family: Amen.) I think most of you girls know how careful I am, & thank the Lord, the Lord's kept me clean & I'm not going to be giving your anything!--And I hope you don't give me anything! But I'm not going to take any chances on it! In case you've got anything, I always make a beeline for the bathroom & the bidet & the toilet real fast anyhow, just to play it safe.--in case you might have accidentally picked up something you don't even know you've got.

39. BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T PASS IT ON. [DELETED] I believe in keeping clean. You see, you have to have a certain amount of moderation, to be temperate in all things. [DELETED]


41. SEX SHOULD BE A MINOR PART OF LIFE, even amongst full-grown adults & mates, etc. Sex is normally only about two-percent of your life.--But it sure is a wonderful 2%!--Amen?--But please keep it clean! GBY! Have fun!--But good clean fun!--Amen?--Don't be sorry afterward! Keep it clean!--In Jesus' name, amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family