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PRAYER TO THE KING OF KINGS!--By Father David       DFO1140       2/10/80

       (David's prayer after watching the movie, "King of Kings":)

       1. THANK YOU LORD PARTICULARLY FOR THE SCRIPTURE, THAT WHICH IS ACCORDING TO THY WORD IN THE FILM, Lord, the tremendous sermon that has gone out over the World through this film. Even though there were many mistakes in the first part & it wasn't all exactly as it should be, nevertheless the Gospel is preached!

       2. SURELY THE WORLD & PARTICULARLY THE NATION WHERE THIS WAS MADE HAS HAD ITS CHANCE. America, the ones who made it, have certainly had their opportunity to believe & receive & obey, & having rejected, deserve nothing more than Thy judgements according to Thy will. So Thy will be done, Lord, in Jesus' name.

       3. THANK YOU FOR FULFILLING THY WORD, LORD, IN EVERY WAY, & ONCE AGAIN WE SEE IT ON EVERY HAND.--Things happening which You Yourself foretold & the things which You told to us, & that Thy Word is being fulfilled all around us, Lord, & has been for centuries.

       4. WE THANK THEE, LORD, THAT THIS STORY IS BEING TOLD EVEN IN FILMS, GIVING THE WORLD EVERY OPPORTUNITY, every manifestation, every possible proof of Thy existence, of Thy love & Thy salvation. When the judgements fall, Lord, they will have none but themselves to blame because You gave them every chance, every opportunity, Lord, in these Last Days in particular.

       5. THE PROOF IS ON EVERY HAND: FULFILLED PROPHECY, ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES, MIRACLES, SIGNS, WONDERS IN THE HEAVENS & IN THE EARTH exactly as You said, Lord. It's all happening, so they have none but themselves to blame. When they have rejected the Truth, Lord, they deserve only Thy strong delusion--delusion of the Enemy but nevertheless sent by Thee--"that they might believe a lie that they might all be damned," even as you did Israel in those last days. (2Th.2:11,12.)

       6. NO NATION EVER HAD A GREATER OPPORTUNITY WHEN YOU WERE HERE IN THE FLESH ON EARTH TO HEAR THE TRUTH, to know You personally, to see You face-to-face, & yet they would not believe! And even though one came back from the dead, yet they did not believe! (Lk.16:31.) So they surely deserved what they got in the years that followed.--Horrible years of oppression, cruelty, torture & crucifixion; their city destroyed, their temple destroyed, their religion destroyed, their nation destroyed & they themselves driven out completely into all the World.

       7. SURELY THEY GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED, LORD, FOR HAVING REJECTED YOU. THEIR OWN MESSIAH, THEIR OWN KING; refusing to believe You, refusing to receive You, refusing to obey You & only spitting in Thy face, mistreating You & torturing you & finally crucifying You! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey asked to receive: "His blood be upon us & upon our children" [DELETED]! (Mt.27:25.)


       9. THY GREATEST ENEMIES IN THE WHOLE WORLD [DELETED] [EDITED: "are"] getting the government, the World government, to obey them & persecute You & Thy children [DELETED] "crucifying the Son of God afresh" as often as they can in us. (Heb.6:6.)

       10. MY GOD, HOW COULD YOU HAVE SO MUCH MERCY TO EVEN SPARE THEM SO LONG UNTIL THEIR CUP OF INIQUITY IS FULL when Thou shalt destroy them! And as Thou didst promise... Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! [DELETED] (Rev.3:9.)

       11. THESE OUR PERSECUTIONS, THESE OUR HOUNDERS, THESE WHO HOUND US FROM COUNTRY TO COUNTRY EVEN AS THEY HOUNDED YOU, & persecute us & crucify us every way they can; surely their cup of iniquity is almost full & soon Thou shalt heap Thy judgments upon them as they become the people of the man whom they will put in charge of the World, the Antichrist himself, & shall follow him & worship him!--"Strong delusion that they might all be damned!"

       12. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE TRUTH! THANK YOU LORD FOR HAVING REVEALED UNTO US AS UNTO BABES, THY TRUTH, LORD! (Mt.11:25.) TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!--And having exposed them, Lord, through the mouths of Thy prophets for centuries, now once again through us, endangering our own lives to do so, Lord, but the Truth must be told! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!--As they lead this Earth to destruction at this very hour, leading this whole Earth, Lord, & the powerful nations of it to their doom!

       13. THOSE WHO REJECT THEE & THOSE WHO REFUSE TO BELIEVE THEE & RECEIVE THY LOVE & PEACE SHALL HAVE ONLY WAR & HATE & DEATH, when You could have given them life if they would have but believed & received Thee, Lord! But now their blood is upon their own heads, as they asked, & not upon our hands, because we have told them. (Ez.3:19.)

       14. WE WILL NOT BE GUILTY OF THEIR BLOOD, BECAUSE WE'VE WARNED THEM & WE HAVE TOLD THEM & THEY KNOW THE TRUTH. But they have rejected it & rejected us, & instead turned to persecute us & rend us & endeavour to devour us! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Help us, Lord! Deliver us out of the hands of the Devourer! Rebuke the Enemy in the Name of Jesus!

       15. PROTECT THY CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD, LORD! Keep them safely in Thy care, but continue to make them faithful witnesses with Thy testimony until the hour come for their deliverance, even though it may be through death, as it was for You. TYJ! PYL!

       16. HELP US NOT TO BE AFRAID, TO FEAR NOT MAN OR WHAT HE CAN DO TO US, who can only kill the body & after that hath nothing that he can do. But let us rather fear You, Lord, Who could kill both body & soul & cast into Hell if we did not love Thee & obey Thee--as You will them! (Lk.12:4,5.) PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       17. HELP US TO REALISE THAT THIS IS BEING REPEATED EVERY DAY MANY PLACES & HAS BEEN FOR CENTURIES as these same enemies hound Thy children to the very grave! These same Christ-hating, Christ-crucifying, God-denying, law-disobeying people are still the curse of this Earth & have brought it to the brink of destruction! My God, deliver us from these who hate us!

       18. CONTINUE TO HELP US TO BE COURAGEOUS, LORD, TO TELL THE TRUTH & EXPOSE & WARN THE WORLD & WARN THE IGNORANT!--Warn the people of the danger that they pose to the nations as they lead the powerful to their destruction so foolishly in a fruitless attempt to save themselves!--Even as they did in those days, only bringing the wrath of the nations down upon them & destroying themselves by their own foolishness, s well a much of the World that follows them, that believes them & is deceived by them! My God help us!

       19. IN JESUS' NAME, DELIVER US & HAVE MERCY UPON THE POOR, AS WE KNOW YOU WILL, LORD, BECAUSE YOU PROMISED IT ALL THROUGH THY WORD. The poor nations of the Earth, "the meek, shall inherit the Earth"! "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God!" (Mt.5:5,9.) TYL! Hallelujah! PYL! Amen, Lord, when the powerful & the haughty & the proud have destroyed each other, the meek shall be left to inherit the Earth & what's left! TYJ! PTL! May we be amongst them, Lord, according to Thy will & Thy Word!

       20. HELP US TO KNOW THE TIMES & THE SEASONS AS THOU HAST PROMISED, AS YOU PROMISED ME, LORD, THE NUMBER OF THE YEARS. Thank Thee for how Thou hast revealed these things unto us, that we are not ignorant of these things. But Thou hast shown them unto us, made them known, Lord, to us, that we might not be afraid & not fear, & but understand what's happening. (1Th.5:1.)

       21. WE'RE THRILLING TO THY POWER, LORD, & THE TRUTH OF THY WORD AS WE WATCH IT UNFOLD, while the rest of the World gropes in darkness & ignorance & rejection & deceit for having refused the Truth that we've tried to give them. Thank Thee for those who have believed, Lord, & received Thy love & Thy message & are saved from the wrath to come! (1Th.1:10.) Hallelujah! TYL! TYJ! PYL!

       22. THANK THEE, LORD, THAT WE WILL NOT SUFFER THE WRATH THAT'S GOING TO FALL UPON THE WICKED, THY WRATH. A thousand shall fall at our side, & ten thousand at our right hand, but it shall not come nigh us. Only with our eyes shall we behold the reward of the wicked! (Ps.91:7,8.) Lord, there're so many promises You've given us.

       23. THANK THEE FOR THIS PLACE TO LIVE FOR A WHILE IN PEACE & COMFORT & PLENTY! TYJ! Help us to make it pay, Lord, be profitable & edify with much more information & food for Thy children, to prepare them for the days to come. Help us not to fail them, Lord! Help us to be faithful, true & loyal in this Thy house & to Thy children abroad around the World.

       24. THANK THEE FOR HOW THOU HAST MIRACULOUSLY MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO REACH THEM AROUND THE WORLD WITH THY MESSAGE & Thy Truth & Thy information, instruction, spiritual food, even the common everyday things of life & teaching. Help us, Lord, to make their lot as easy as we can, & yet faithful & true & loyal to Thee, not lowering the standard. PYJ! Hallelujah!

       25. PREPARE US FOR THE TIMES TO COME AS "EVIL MEN & DECEIVERS SHALL WAX WORSE & WORSE"! (2Ti.3:13.) Spare us, Lord, & continue to help us to get out Thy Word, & thank You for how You have, Lord! PYJ! Hallelujah! TYL! Continue to protect us as You have, Lord, so supernaturally, Lord, for so long in this country & have watched over us & kept us from evil! TYL!

       26. YOU PROMISED & YOU'VE DONE IT & YOU'RE DOING IT & WE EXPECT YOU TO CONTINUE TO, LORD, as long as we obey Thee & do our best to follow Thee & Thy leading & Thy Spirit! TYJ! PYL! Protect us here as long as it be Thy will until such time as You lead us on & show us the way & where to next, Lord.

       27. WE'RE PILGRIMS, & STRANGERS HERE, LORD, WE SEEK A CITY! (Heb.11:13,14.) We're neither citizens of this land nor any other except Thy kingdom, & that's where we're bound, Lord. We never expect to stop moving until we get there! Hallelujah! TYL! PYJ! Help us to keep faithful & cheerfully accept what comes according to Thy will, Lord, in Jesus' name.

       28. BLESS OUR LOVED ONES EVERYWHERE, LORD, FAR & NEAR! Keep them also & continue to help us to have the means to reach them with Thy Word that they may follow Thee whithersoever Thou goest, Lord, as You continue fulfilling Thy Word to the very End! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       29. LORD, WE KNOW IN SPITE OF THE SHORTAGES TO COME & THE DANGERS & EVILS TO COME, that Thou shalt keep us in Thy way, whatever it may be. Just help us not to fear, Lord; not to be afraid of what man can do to us, but only to fear Thee & love Thee & follow Thee & obey Thee! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name.

       30. GIVE EACH ONE HERE STRENGTH, LORD, FOR THEIR TASKS!--Wisdom, skill, love for each other & lots of patience, which takes lots of faith, each of us to do "whatsoever our hand findeth to do, to do it with our might" (Ecc.9:10), that "we might please Thee Who hath called us to be soldiers"! (2Ti.2:4.) Hallelujah! TYL!

       31. AMEN, HELP US TO BE WISE AS SERPENTS & HARMLESS AS DOVES. (Mt. 10:16.) For indeed we're in a World of wolves, who if they knew us or could find us, would destroy us! We thank Thee for how Thou hast covered us, Lord, & hidden us & protected us & kept us, lo, these many years & many places, & we know You will till the End!--Till you take us in that place to be with You, Lord, where they can never touch us again! TYJ! As You did, Lord.

       32. YOU ESCAPED THROUGH THE GRAVE! TYL! THEY COULD NEVER HARM YOU AGAIN, LORD, they could never touch You again. When You came back & visited Your disciples again, You were far beyond their reach anymore, far beyond the reach of Thy enemies--in that other World, & yet here when needed.

       33. SO HELP US, LORD, EACH OF US, EVEN THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY GONE TO BEFORE: AARON & ABNER & different ones, Lord, my mother & father & grandparents & the saints that have gone on before us. We thank You, Lord, they are out of reach of Thy enemies that have hounded them for centuries, & nothing can any longer harm them nor touch them "nor hurt nor destroy in all Thy Holy Mountain." (Isa.11:9.) Hallelujah! Hallelujah! TYL!

       34. THANK THEE, LORD, WE CANNOT LOSE BECAUSE YOU ARE THE VICTOR & YOU HAVE ALREADY CONQUERED! TYL! TYJ! You're just waiting to show the World they cannot do without You, & that even the most clever Devil-inspired man the World has ever known will still not be able to solve all their problems--You will have to come save what's left! TYL! Hallelujah! PYL!--When we shall rule & reign with Thee throughout the Earth, Lord, and they can no longer touch us nor harm us or cause us any more trouble! PYL! TYJ!

       35. YOU PROMISED THAT YOU WOULD TROUBLE THEM WHICH TROUBLE US (2Th.1:6), & they have given some of Thy children lots of trouble! So we ask Thee to give these their enemies lots of trouble. We asked You that, Lord, nearly two years ago when they were hounding us & persecuting us & saying "down with the cults"!

       36. WE SAID, "LORD, YOU GIVE THEM SO MUCH TROUBLE & SO MANY TRIALS & SO MUCH OTHER PROBLEMS THAT THEY WILL HAVE TO FORGET US"--& you sure did, Lord! This World has had all kinds of troubles since then, & is having more trouble now than ever before, & is soon going to have even more trouble! They can hardly be worried about us at a time when their very lives are at stake, when their lives are threatened & their doom is threatening! TYJ! Hallelujah! PYL! Amen.

       37. BLESS & KEEP THESE SAFELY AS THEY GO HOME & GIVE ALL A GOOD NIGHT'S REST, strength for tomorrow & safekeeping. Bless them as they drive dangerous highways & vehicles, Lord, we ask Thee to keep, bless & protect. Hallow them, Lord, & shelter them under the shelter of Thy wings. PYL! TYJ! Hallelujah! You promised Lord, "He that abideth in the secret place of the Most High shall dwell under the shadow of the Almighty" (Ps.91:1), & we know that's the best protection there could possibly be, Lord.

       38. PROTECT US FROM SICKNESS & ILLNESS, LORD. Do touch dear little Techi's knee, Lord, that she was having trouble with, that she must have twisted or sprained when she fell. We ask Thee to give her strength. You said, "strengthen the feeble knees & lift up the hands which hang down, that it not be turned out of the way." (Heb.12:12,13.) Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name.

       39. EVEN THE LITTLEST AMONGST US, LORD, YOU LOVE SO MUCH, EACH OF THE CHILDREN. Thank Thee for David's faithfulness in memorising Thy Word, Lord, so that he could quote it like Jesus did in this picture--like this man portraying Jesus--even better! He probably could have corrected him. TYL! Help him to continue to absorb Thy Word so he will be able some day to powerfully use it for Thy glory, even as he does now. TYJ!

       40. THANK YOU FOR HIS TEACHERS THAT HAVE HELPED HIM TO LEARN WHAT HE KNOWS & BE WHAT HE IS. Thank You for Dora who's training little Techi, Lord, & Richard, that they may lead her in the way that she should go, that when she's older she'll not depart therefrom. (Pr.22:6.) Continue to rear her in Thy nurture & admonition, Lord, feeding her on Thy Word. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!

       41. HELP US NOT TO DISTURB THE NEIGHBOURS NOW AS WE DISMISS & AS THESE LEAVE BY VEHICLE, LORD, help us not to cause any disturbance. Help the neighbours not to be bothered or annoyed by us in any way, Lord, that they could complain. Forgive us for being a little late tonight, Lord. Help us not to be a cause for anyone's complaints but "to do unto others as we'd have them do unto us." (Mt.7:12.) In Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory.

       42. BLESS EACH ONE HERE, STRENGTHEN EACH ONE, HEAL ANYONE THAT NEEDS IT, IN JESUS' NAME. Thank Thee for this little time together, Lord, & time of inspiration to view a representation of Thy Word & Thy story; that You might help us to visualise it & to realise how real it was & how true & what You had to suffer for us because of Your love, to deliver us & make us whole & saved! TYJ for that terrific price You paid for us to be delivered! Thank you for it! TYJ! PTL! Amen, what a witness You were, Lord! What a testimony! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!

       43. AMEN, REBUKE OUR ENEMIES, LORD, IN THE NAME OF JESUS!--The backsliders, the traitors, the Judases--some even of our own flesh who have turned against us! My God have mercy, but do with them, Lord, according to Thy will & Thy mercy & Thy love, whatever they need to learn their lesson.

       44. THEY HAVE TURNED THEIR BACKS, LORD, UPON THEE & THY WORK & THY CHILDREN & THY WORD, THE TRUTH, & MAY THEY LEARN THAT! May they repent, Lord, if it be possible that You may forgive them. Help them to return to the fold, Lord, in genuine repentance if it be possible. If not, Lord, silence them, defeat their machinations against us, frustrate their evil deeds, confound their knavish tricks & confuse their politics, in the Name of Jesus! For Thou are King, Lord! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name, amen. PTL! TYL! Amen, amen.

       45. I THINK IT'S TIME FOR THE POOR LITTLE ONES TO GO, IT'S GETTING PRETTY LATE. We didn't have to correct them much tonight, did we, David?--Because they were better tonight, they stuck to the story tonight. They didn't try to defend the [EDITED: "them"] tonight--at least not too much! I noticed they didn't let Jesus say, "I am the way, the truth & the life--no man cometh unto the Father but by Me." (Jn.14:6.) [EDITED: "They"] just couldn't stomach that one! Pilate said, "What is truth?" (Jn.18:38.), & His answer really was, "I am the way, the truth & the life!"

       46. I NOTICED QUITE A FEW PLACES THEY CUT THE SCRIPTURES SHORT where they couldn't quite stomach it. I'm sure there are some [DELETED] that objected, or something. Thank God they got that much across, that was terrific! It's a miracle they ever even made such a picture considering how much [DELETED] opposition there is, but I notice they're not making too many of them now. "Jesus of Nazareth" was terrific, & that had a lot of Scripture too! And boy, I tell you, I think he came across even better! He socked it to [EDITED: "them"] in that one! Whew! That was a hot one!

       47. THE LORD HAS GIVEN THEM THEIR LAST CHANCE, ABSOLUTELY THEIR LAST CHANCE, & THEY STILL MUFF IT! Isn't that amazing ? Well, they'll know some day. It says, "They shall look on Him whom they pierced & shall mourn as for an only Son in the Valley of Hadadrimmon." (Zech.12:10.)--Especially when they've been slaughtered! The very man they put in power is going to turn on them & destroy them!

       48. THE VERY MAN THEY HELPED TO PUT IN POWER TO RULE THE WORLD & WHOM THEY WILL WORSHIP AS THE MESSIAH IS GOING TO TURN ON THEM & DESTROY THEM! Praise God! Well, we'll get some more of that in Bible Prophecy, Lord willing, in some of our coming studies. Well, you should know it already, but we'll review it. I think I'm going to let you do the felt-o-gram to see if you get it right! You can take turns putting the figures up & see what's supposed to come next, PTL? GBY all!

       49. (PRAYS FOR ALFRED:) WE KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO TAKE CARE OF HIM, LORD, AS HE PRAYS CONTINUALLY, leans not to his own understanding, but in all his ways, Lord, acknowledges Thee, & You will direct his paths--all of his driving, in Jesus' name. (Pr.3:5,6.)

       50. TECHI'S BEEN READING THE STORY OF HEIDI ABOUT THE LITTLE GIRL WHO COULDN'T WALK, & maybe the Lord's trying to make Techi appreciate the fact that she can walk, appreciate her legs. She's strong enough to understand a lot of things now, she has tremendous perception. TTL!

       51. (PRAYS FOR DORA:) AMEN, HELP HER TO MOVE WITH QUIETNESS & CONFIDENCE. "In quietness & confidence shall thy strength be." TYJ! You look that one up, that's a good verse for you! (Isa.30:15.) Don't worry, in quietness & confidence. Confidence is faith, faith gives you rest & patience so you don't worry, you don't move too quickly. ILY! Goodnight, children, you must get to bed! GBAKY! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family