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"THE BIBLE IN PICTURES!"--Chapter Eighteen--Judges 17-1Samuel 4.DFO1156       1962

              WE ARE BEGINNING THE 18TH CHAPTER OF OUR BIBLE STORY BOOK, THE BIBLE IN PICTURES. This is Samuel & Hannah, his mother.

       THE FIRST FEEBLE EFFORT TO PUT ISRAEL UNDER A KING WAS A VERY FLAT FAILURE, as has been seen in Israel's experience with Abimelech at Shechem. In Gilead, we see that Jephthah liberated the east-Jordanian Tribes from the cruelties of Ammon, for which they made him a governor. In the south, Samson carried on his rather peculiar career.

       1. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THE MAP & see where we are. There were evidently certain people in Zorah that Samson failed to impress very much religiously. 600 left Zorah to settle at Laish. They stopped at Mount Ephraim.

       A RENEGADE LEVITE, WHO WAS OF THE TRIBE OF THE PRIESTHOOD OF ISRAEL, had been serving as a private priest in the house of a fellow by the name of Micah. They persuaded this Levite to go with them to their new settlement.

       THEY DIDN'T WANT TO BE KNOWN AS BEING IRRELIGIOUS, so they wanted to give themselves a little bit of a religious flavour.--Like a lot of people: They don't want to be Christians themselves, but they certainly do want to have the appearance of having a little religion!

       2. HERE WE SEE SOME OF THE HILLS OF EPHRAIM. The story shows you how far they had gotten from the Lord, in these last days of the Judges. They'd just about hit rock bottom! It seems like the worst darkness comes before dawn! It shows you why God had to raise up Samuel, & later on, good kings like David & Solomon.

       THIS FELLOW BY THE NAME OF MICAH HAD 2 SILVER IMAGES, worth about 200 shekels a piece. Micah's religious system seems to have been kind of a combination, a mixture, of the true & the false. This isn't the same Micah who wrote the Book in the Bible, so don't get him confused with Micah the Prophet!

       THIS FELLOW WAS TRYING TO DO LIKE THE FAMOUS GUY IN HISTORY WHO HAD A TEMPLE, IN WHICH HE HAD AN ALTAR IN ONE END TO THE LORD & IN THE OTHER END AN ALTAR TO THE DEVIL--so he could be sure to please both the Lord & the Devil! Well of course, as a result, he didn't please either one of them! He was trying to worship Jehovah, but he seemed to think he had to have these idols, like some Catholics, to help him worship.

       NOW THE DANITES DECIDED, SINCE THEY WERE GOING TO TRY TO BE A LITTLE RELIGIOUS, THEY'D LIKE TO HAVE IDOLS TOO! So they took away his idols by force & they compelled this Levite to come along as their priest. And through them, the priest & the idols combined, they were trying to worship Jehovah. It shows you how little knowledge the Danites had--that they decided they'd better try & imitate his kind of religion.

       3. HERE WE SEE A MIDIANITE CHIEF. Verse 30 of Judges 18 informs us that this Levite was the son of Gershom, the son of Manasseh. Now Gershom was also the name of the son of Moses, & some authorities believe that instead of Manasseh here, they really meant Moses. If so, then this Jonathan was a grandson of Moses. Now that we can't say for sure, but it could have been possible.

       4. THIS IS A SCENE NEAR LAISH. These 600 Danites settled here at Laish, a Sidonian village in the extreme north of Palestine, not far from the old city of Sidon--that's where it got its name Sidonian. It's in the land of Tyre & Sidon, which is now modern Lebanon, on the northern coast of Palestine.

       THEY ERECTED THIS SPLENDID BUILDING & INSTALLED THEIR IDOLS IN IT. They made a nice temple: They were going to be real respectable Danites, & they were going to have some kind of religion. It didn't matter if it was the right religion or not! That's the way with most people--just as long as they have a little religion, it's not important whether it's right or not!--So they think! Prov.14:12!

       THIS WAS DURING THE TIME THE TRUE SANCTUARY OF GOD WAS AT SHILOH, way down in the south, near Jerusalem. This Northern Kingdom's religion showed how far Ephraim got away from God, long before Judaea did.

       THE NORTHERN PART OF ISRAEL GOT AWAY FROM GOD & WORSHIPPED IDOLS LONG BEFORE THE SOUTHERN PART, & that's why they went into captivity & were conquered by their enemies quicker too! It was continued by the Northern Tribes later on, under Jeroboam & his successors. Remember, he & the Northern 10 Tribes split off from the Southern 2 Tribes, the Tribes of Judah & Benjamin.

       5. HERE WE SEE SOME OF THEIR IDOL CRYPTS. They kept some of the idols in these little niches in the wall here, carved crypts.

       IN NORTHERN ISRAEL, SOME OF THESE SCANT RUINS STILL REMAIN TODAY, in the rocky slopes of Paneas, near Caesarea-philippi. No wonder God said to Ephraim, or the Northern Kingdom, Northern Israel: "Let Ephraim alone: He is joined to his idols!" (Hosea 4:17.)

       ANY TIME ANYBODY IS JOINED TO THINGS, JOINED TO ANY THING THAT HE PUTS BEFORE GOD & SERVING GOD, & DOING THINGS GOD'S WAY, HE IS JOINED TO HIS IDOLS! It's one thing to be religious, it's another thing to please God! It's one thing to want to be religious & serve God, & it's another thing to do God's Will! It's one thing to want to please God, but want to do it your way, but it's another thing to really do His Will!

       THAT EXACTLY WAS THE POSITION OF NORTHERN ISRAEL: They knew about the true God & they knew they ought to serve Him; but they wanted to have their idols too! So they decided they'd kind of like to serve Him through their own idols.

       THEY EVENTUALLY BECAME SO IDOLATROUS, GOD SAID THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HIM AT ALL! And a lot of Christians are that way today!--So-called Christians, who say, "Oh, I want to serve God, I believe in God, & yes, I love God; but I want to serve Him my way!" And they eventually get so far from God they don't even seem to know anything about His will!

       6. HERE WE HAVE ANOTHER MAP. Another very tragic story is now told, showing you how low the people had sunk. Another Levite, this one was from Bethlehem, with his wife passed through Gibeah; & the wife met her death here, at the hands of a malicious crowd of very evil Benjamites. A terrible, terrible thing happened!:

       7. WE SEE THE ARTIST'S CONCEPTION OF THIS POOR WOMAN AFTER HER DEATH, after these wicked Benjamites had so cruelly mistreated her. The next morning, the woman was found lying on the doorstep dead!

       A DREADFUL CRIME HAD BEEN COMMITTED! But the Benjamites didn't seem to be the least bit disturbed about it. They'd sunk so low & become so evil that it didn't seem to even bother them! They had no conscience any more!

       LISTEN, BELOVED, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW GOD'S WORD, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S RIGHT OR WRONG! My teachers in secular university used to say, "Right & wrong is merely a relative viewpoint: It all depends on what you think is right & wrong. The one man might say the one thing is right that may be wrong to somebody else; it all depends on how you think about it. Every man according to his own conscience!" If we actually thought that, we couldn't have any laws, we couldn't have any punishment for sin or for crime or anything else!

       THAT'S THE TYPICAL TEACHING OF MODERN BEHAVIOURISM & NIETZSCHISM & FREUDISM: Every man does that which is right in his own eyes! Whether it's wrong or not, as long as he thinks it's right, it's okay, they say!

       IF YOU DON'T HAVE GOD'S WORD AS A STANDARD, if you're going through a famine for the Word of God & you don't know the Word of God, then you don't know right from wrong! These people had gotten so far from the Word of God. It had been so long since they had a real good prophet--because of their sins & wickedness, they didn't seem to know right from wrong!

       A WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM CRUELLY ASSAULTED THIS POOR WOMAN FROM BETHLEHEM, & finally left her for dead! A very horrible story! But God tells the whole truth & nothing but the truth--to tell you how low man can sink & how evil he can get & how horrible it can be.

       8. THE NEXT MORNING, AFTER HE FOUND HER DEAD, THIS HEARTBROKEN LEVITE CARRIED HIS DEAD WIFE TO HIS HOME. Then he exhibited her to all the Tribes of Israel, as an illustration of the wickedness of this bad crowd of Benjamites. He told them how she died, how these Benjamites attacked her.

       ISRAEL'S CONSCIENCE WAS, AT LEAST, AROUSED BY THIS HORRIBLE CRUEL DEED, & THEY FLEW TO ARMS! When the authorities of Gibeah wouldn't deliver up the guilty Benjamites, they practically annihilated the Tribe of Benjamin. The Northern Israelites attacked Benjamin--who later became a part of the southern Kingdom. So you see, the enmity between Northern Israel & Southern Israel had begun long before the kings were divided.

       9. HERE IS RIMMON. ONLY 600 MEN WERE LEFT & NOT A SINGLE WOMAN! They wreaked their vengeance against the Benjamites: They figured if these Benjamites had killed one of their women, they were going to kill all the Benjamites' women, & they did!

       THEY ANNIHILATED MOST OF THE MEN & ALL OF THE WOMEN OF THE BENJAMITES. It seemed like a very terrible revenge, but those men certainly seemed to deserve it! They escaped to Rimmon & they hid here among the cliffs. Israel, in their anger, agreed not to give their daughters to these remaining Benjamites.

       THE TRIBE OF BENJAMIN WOULD HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY OBLITERATED & BECOME EXTINCT! Northern Israel regretted their hasty vow, as it would have wiped out this Tribe of Israel--& that was not according to God's will, because He had promised all of Israel certain promises & vows.

       BENJAMIN MUST BE REPRESENTED, & SO GOD HAD MERCY UPON BENJAMIN, through the Israelites. Here's how they did it, how they gave these remaining Benjamites some wives:

       10. HERE WE SEE THE PLAIN OF THE MAIDENS. Every year, all of the Israelites met at Shiloh, upon a great feast occasion. They would all meet at Shiloh together, both Northern & Southern Israel. Shiloh stands on a hill above this plain here, which is today still called the Plain of the Maidens.

       10A. HERE, IT WAS PREARRANGED THAT THE DAUGHTERS OF ISRAEL WERE TO DANCE over this beautiful plain, at the year's feast. The Children of Benjamin, these Benjamite men who were left, were accordingly apprised of this fact, that these daughters of Israel were going to dance here.

       11. SO THE MEN OF BENJAMIN DETERMINED TO CAPTURE THESE MAIDENS BY FORCE & TAKE THEM TO BE THEIR WIVES. "The Children of Benjamin took them wives, according to their number, of them that danced, whom they caught: And they went & returned unto their inheritance, & repaired the cities, & dwelt in them." (Judges 21:23.)

       THIS IS WHERE THEY MANAGED TO SAVE THE TRIBE OF BENJAMIN FROM COMPLETE EXTINCTION. The blood line was accounted as being through the father, not the mother. The children bear the blood of the father, not the mother. Did you know that? Your physical characteristics, your mental characteristics, your traits & your chromosomes, you get both from your mother & father, sometimes more from mom than you do from dad.

       YOU GET YOUR FLESH FROM YOUR MOTHER, BUT YOUR BLOOD FROM YOUR DADDY. Believe it or not! That's the way it was with Jesus: Jesus got His flesh from Mary, but His blood from God! That is the truth as God's Word teaches it, & scientifically that's true also.

       IF THAT WERE NOT TRUE, THEN JESUS WOULD NOT BE A TRUE JEW, BECAUSE THERE WERE A NUMBER OF FOREIGNERS IN JESUS' LINE. He would be a half-breed or a mixture; but they were all women, never once was there a foreign man allowed to enter into the line. All the men were true Israelites. But once in a while, although it was not according to the Law,

       GOD MADE AN EXCEPTION OF A FOREIGN WOMAN BEING INCLUDED IN THE LINE. Ruth was a Moabitess & she was actually a foremother of Christ! In the next story, we're going to hear a little bit about Ruth.

       THEY DID WANT TO PRESERVE THE TRIBE OF BENJAMIN--so they allowed them to get away with these girls. They wanted them to have wives, so that the Tribe of Benjamin could continue. Women are very necessary for having children & keeping up the home, & are kind of useful sometimes & come in handy once in a while. Sometimes they get in the way, sometimes we can't live with them but nevertheless, we can't live without them! God bless them!

       12. HERE IN THE BOOK OF RUTH, A BEAUTIFUL STORY IS TOLD OF A YOUNG WIDOWED MOABITESS, who came to Bethlehem & became the wife of a wealthy farmer, by the name of Boaz. This was approximately 1300 years before Christ, & would make Ruth's life contemporaneous with Deborah.

       WHILE THE NORTH WAS RAMPANT WITH WAR, THE SOUTH WAS ON PRETTY GOOD TERMS WITH ITS NEIGHBOURS, & they had peace down in Judaea. The story begins with a fellow by the name of Elimelech, his wife & his 2 sons moving out of Israel into Moab. Palestine has always been subject to drought; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & others were compelled to leave the country because of the droughts & famine.

       13. ABOUT 1300 YEARS BEFORE CHRIST, BETHLEHEM WAS GRIPPED IN ANOTHER SUCH FAMINE. Elimelech, along with Naomi his wife & their 2 sons Mahlon & Chilion, went to Moab & settled there.

       14. HERE'S NAOMI, RUTH & ORPAH. ELIMELECH, THE FATHER, SOON DIED: BUT HIS SONS MARRIED, & remained in Moab for 10 years. The name of Chilion's wife was Orpah, & Mahlon's wife was Ruth. In the meantime, both of the sons died also. Whether it had anything to do with the fact they were living in this wicked country & partook of their sins or what, we don't know.

       NOW THE FAMILY CONSISTED OF JUST 3 WIDOWS, who were they? Ruth, Orpah, & Naomi. How was Naomi related to the girls? She was their mother-in-law. Most girls don't get along very well with their mother-in-laws, but this was a very unusual case & a good sample to girls today!

       NAOMI, THE MOTHER-IN-LAW, PROPOSED THAT THE GIRLS GO BACK TO THEIR PEOPLE, while she, Naomi, goes back to her kin in Bethlehem. She pleads with the girls to remain in Moab, & finally Orpah agrees to go back to her relatives in Moab. She was a Moabitess, remember, she was not an Israelite.

       15. HERE WE HAVE A VERY FAMOUS QUOTATION FROM THE BIBLE: As we see Ruth refusing to leave her mother-in-law, Naomi, whom she loved dearly, Ruth said,

       16. "INTREAT ME NOT TO LEAVE THEE, OR TO RETURN FROM FOLLOWING AFTER THEE: For whither thou goest, I will go; & where thou lodgest, I will lodge: Thy people shall be my people, & thy God my God! Where thou diest, I will die, & there will I be buried: The Lord do so to me, & more also, if ought but death part thee & me!" (Ruth 1:16-17.)

       NOW THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL REAL LOVE & LOYALTY! How do you like that, isn't that wonderful! She really loved her mother-in-law. Now God had a purpose in this. A very unusual thing is going to happen.

       17. NAOMI COULDN'T RESIST HER DEAR DAUGHTER-IN-LAW'S VERY HONEST & SINCERE PLEA, SO SHE LET HER GO BACK WITH HER TO BETHLEHEM. Naomi renewed old acquaintance & told her story of her bitterness. The people sympathised with her & they received a hearty welcome. Her bitterness being that she had lost not only her husband, but both of her sons in a foreign land.

       18. IT WAS HARVEST TIME & RUTH BEGGED TO GLEAN AFTER THE REAPERS, & thus helped to contribute to her mother-in-law's support. They came back with nothing, broke, penniless, no men to support them, nowhere to go, no close relatives there to take care of them, so Ruth gleaned in the fields with the rest of the poor.

       IT WAS ONE OF GOD'S LAWS THAT THE FIELDS SHOULD BE GLEANED BY THE POOR. That means any grain left standing or any fallen grain, after the regular reapers had passed by, was not to be gathered by the landlord or the reapers later, but was to be gathered by the poor! That was the Law of Moses. To this day, the poor in Palestine still follow the reapers & are permitted to glean or gather all the heads of grain which are either left standing or scattered in the fields.

       19. THIS IS AN ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPH OF THE FIELD OF BOAZ, outside of Bethlehem, still called the Field of Boaz to this day. It so happened that Ruth chose this field for her gleaning. Do you think it just happened by accident? Who do you think directed it? God did!

       BOAZ CAME OVER FROM THE CITY TO LOOK OVER HIS LAND & HIS HARVESTERS, to see how they were doing. At once, he was attracted by this beautiful Moabitish girl, Ruth, gleaning in his fields. Upon inquiry, he found out that she was Naomi's daughter-in-law, whereupon he showed her very great favour--because he knew that he was related to Naomi.

       20. WE FIND THAT BOAZ REQUESTED THAT THE REAPERS TREAT HER COURTEOUSLY & to purposely let fall many more ears of grain than had been their custom. Different artists picture him at different ages. He was evidently a fairly mature man. Just remember these are only artists' conceptions to help your imagination.

       BOAZ COMPLIMENTED RUTH VERY HIGHLY for her attitude toward Naomi, the widow of his kin. Evidently, he's falling in love with Ruth.

       21. ACCORDING TO THE MOSAIC LAW, IF A MEN DIED, THEN THE NEXT OF KIN WAS SUPPOSED TO TAKE THE MAN'S WIDOWS AS HIS WIVES, if the man had died without any heirs, without any children. For instance, if his brother died, he was supposed to marry his brother's wife & have children by her, so that his brother would not lose his inheritance in the land of Israel.

       IT WAS THE OBLIGATION OF THE NEAREST OF KIN TO MARRY RUTH, because her husband, Mahlon, had died without children, & she was still of childbearing age. She was supposed to receive a portion of the inheritance of Israel, a portion of the land & so on, as Mahlon's share; but without children, she would not have it.

       AT THE GATE OF BETHLEHEM, BOAZ MET THE RELATIVE THAT HAD THE LEGAL RIGHT TO MARRY RUTH & to redeem the field of Elimelech. Upon receiving the consent of this particular man, in the presence of 10 elders of the city, Boaz took Ruth the Moabitess to be his wife.

       22. THIS IS HAPPENING HERE AT BETHLEHEM, where Benjamin was born, & Rachel his mother is buried here at this tomb.

       23. NO.23, HERE'S A GENERAL VIEW OF BETHLEHEM, as it is in recent times.

       24. RUTH NOW BEARS A SON TO BOAZ, & they call his name Obed. Paul was asking what was that about his shoe. Well, that was a token that he was going to marry her, like an engagement ring. The night she slept at his feet was her token to him that she was willing to marry him.

       RUTH SLEPT WITH BOAZ ONE NIGHT, & THAT WAS RUTH'S PROMISE THAT SHE WOULD ACCEPT HIS PROPOSAL. They got married & they had a son by the name of Obed. Obed became the father of Jesse, & who was Jesse the father of? David. So, Ruth was the greatgrandmother of David. Therefore, she was one of the foremothers of Jesus.

       HERE WAS A MOABITISH WOMAN, WHO WAS NOT EVEN A JEWESS, NOT EVEN AN ISRAELITE, WHO WAS ONE OF THE FOREBEARERS OF JESUS HIMSELF! God must have loved Ruth & thought she was a wonderful woman, amen? So God can pick out anybody He wants to, even though it's not according to the general rule. Can God break His own rules if He wants to? Can He make exceptions to His rules when He wants to? Yes, indeed!

       NAOMI WAS EVER ESTEEMED BY HER DAUGHTER-IN-LAW, & she lived in the home of Boaz & Ruth for many years. She volunteered her services as the nurse to that firstborn Obed. So Naomi was made happy too, because she was made a grandmother by her daughter-in-law Ruth.

       25. NOW THERE'S A NEW STORY BEGINNING: IT'S THE STORY OF SAMUEL, a little boy raised by a great priest of God. He was given to God by his mother, & here's how it happened. We see Eli the priest, & little Samuel & Hannah, Samuel's mother.

       AT THIS TIME, GOD'S WORD TELLS US THAT THERE WAS NO KING IN ALL ISRAEL. While the exploits of a single individual, like Samson, attracted some attention, it was Eli the High Priest, at Shiloh, who did more than any other man in Israel to keep their minds centred upon the real issue, to preserve them as a distinct people, & that was their religion!

       THE THING THAT KEEPS THE PEOPLE REALLY TOGETHER IS THEIR FAITH IN GOD! This is about 1182 BC, a little over a thousand years before Christ.

       26. HERE YOU SEE SHILOH. THE TABERNACLE HAD BEEN IN SHILOH FOR NEARLY 300 YEARS, since the Children of Israel came up from Egypt. There was a yearly feast to which all Israel was invited. Some from every tribe came to Shiloh each year, & no doubt carried some
enthusiasm for their religion back to their homes--another big annual convention.

       27. HANNAH PRAYS FOR A SON. At Ramath, there lived a good man & his good wife, Elkanah & Hannah; but they had no children. She was very heartbroken, because it was a great disgrace for a Jewish mother not to have children. Hannah implored the Lord for a son & promised to dedicate him to the Lord for his entire life, if God would give her just a son! So what do you think God did? He gave her a son!

       28. HERE WE FIND HANNAH KEEPING HER PROMISE. We see that God has kept His promise: He's answered her prayer! When he was just a little boy, she took him to the old priest Eli. He was the High Priest at that time.

       SHE TOOK HIM TO THE TABERNACLE, which was a great big tent, where they came to worship the Lord, where the presence of the Lord abided to show them that He was with them. It was a forerunner of the Temple, & it had practically the same divisions & everything else like the Temple later on. Why was it a tent, why did they have a tent at first? Because they were moving around.

       SHE CALLED THE NAME OF HER SON SAMUEL, & EVEN PUT GOD INTO HIS NAME--'El' means God. True to her promise, she took him to Shiloh, where the Tabernacle was, & placed him under the protection of old Eli the priest. She gave him to the Lord--dedicated him to God's service! Samuel was reared here in the house of God, & he ministered unto the Lord, before Eli the priest.

       29. HERE WE SEE SAMUEL MINISTERING IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD. God visited Samuel here at Shiloh, & informed him that Eli's sons, Hophni & Phinehas, would not live to succeed their father--because they had corrupted their lives, they had become very wicked!

       SAMUEL WAS VERY ATTENTIVE TO EVERY DETAIL OF THE LORD'S WORK, & became well & favourably known all the way from Dan to Beersheba. These pictures, of course, are only representations of the artists' imaginations of what it may have looked like. I can visualise old Eli the priest with his beard, & little Samuel the boy running errands & doing things for the Lord, by helping the priest.

       30. THIS IS A PHOTO OF EBEN-EZER. Eben-ezer was a place, not a man incidently. The Philistines came up from the Plain of Sharon & fought with Israel here at Eben-ezer, & defeated them.

       THEN ISRAEL CARRIED THE ARK OF THE COVENANT, FROM THE SANCTUARY AT SHILOH, INTO BATTLE. God didn't tell them to do it, they just did it!--Because they thought they'd use it like a good luck charm, instead of really depending on the Lord! So, they carried the Ark into battle, & what happened?

       THE ARK WAS CAPTURED BY THE PHILISTINES, & both Hophni & Phinehas, the wicked sons of the High Priest Eli, were killed in this battle!

       31. THEN CAME A MESSENGER TO ELI, & WHEN HE HAD TOLD THE SAD STORY, THE AGED PRIEST ELI WAS OVERCOME WITH GRIEF--because he had lost the Ark of God & his 2 sons! He fell over backwards, God's Word tells us, from his seat, & his neck was broken & he died. Some say that perhaps he must not have reared his sons in the right way or they wouldn't have become so wicked. Maybe that's why the Lord let all this happen! Amen?

       SO GOD TOOK AWAY ELI'S WICKED WAYWARD SONS & PUT A GOOD GOD--FEARING SON, SAMUEL, IN THEIR PLACE! Samuel then grew up as the High Priest of the Tabernacle & finally became a great prophet of God in his old age, anointing & advising the first Kings of Judah, Saul & David. This is a beautiful story told in the Books of Samuel in the Bible--& our next Chapter of the Bible in Pictures! PTL! Wouldn't you like to be like Ruth & Samuel?

                Review Questions for Chapter 18.

       1. Where did the 600 men from Zorah go?
       2. Did they modify their religion?
       3. How did they procure a priest?
       4. Where did they get their idols?
       5. Where is Laish?
       6. What caused the war with Benjamin?
       7. How many Benjamites escaped?
       8. How did the 600 get wives?
       9. Near what place is the Plain of the Maidens?
       10. Who was Naomi?
       11. Was she an Israelite?
       12. Who was Ruth?
       13. What was her nationality?
       14. Where did Ruth & Naomi go?
       15. Did they receive a welcome at Bethlehem?
       16. What did Ruth do?
       17. In whose field did she glean?
       18. What is a gleaner?
       19. Was Boaz fond of Ruth?
       20. What did he say to the reapers?
       21. What did he propose to her next of kin?
       22. Were they married?
       23. What was their son's name?
       24. Who was Obed's nurse?
       25. Name a son of Obed.
       26. Who then was Jesse's son?
       27. What relation was Ruth to King David?
       28. Was Jesus in the line of David?
       29. Was Jesus in the line of Ruth?
       30. Who was High Priest at Shiloh?
       31. Was he a true man of God?
       32. Where did Hannah live?
       33. Is Ramah near Shiloh?
       34. For what did Hannah pray?
       35. Did God answer her prayer?
       36. Name Hannah's first child.
       37. Was Hannah faithful to her promise?
       38. What did she do with Samuel?
       39. Who called Samuel to God's work?
       40. With whom was Israel at war?
       41. What did the Philistines capture?
       42. Name the priest's 2 sons who were slain.
       43. How did the news of the captured Ark affect Eli?
       44. How did he die?

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