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"THE BIBLE IN PICTURES!"--Chapter Twenty-One--2Samuel 1-15.       1962       DFO1159

       IN CHAPTER 21, WE ARE GOING TO CONTINUE THE STORY OF DAVID. It's several years now before he actually becomes king. You'll find out what happens about David & the House of Saul. There were still some descendents of Saul, & what was left of his great army.

       YOU'LL FIND THE INTERESTING STORY OF HOW DAVID GRADUALLY BECAME KING OF ALL ISRAEL--it took a long time! God's Word says, "There was long war between the House of David & the House of Saul." (2Sam.3:1.) There were members of the House of Saul still living & his general. We'll hear more about that & some more thrilling war stories in our lesson.

       IN THIS FIRST INTRODUCTORY PICTURE, WE SEE THE FAMOUS STATUE OF DAVID BY MICHELANGELO. This is the head of that famous statue. A replica of it stands at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California.

       1. 2 DAYS AFTER DAVID HAD RETURNED TO ZIKLAG, an Amalekite, who had escaped from the army of Israel, brought news that Saul & his sons had been slain.

       PERHAPS TO GAIN DAVID'S FAVOUR, THE MESSENGER SAID THAT HE HIMSELF HAD KILLED SAUL. This was not true, of course, because Saul had fallen on his own sword! This Amalekite evidently thought that he was going to get rewarded for killing Saul. But contrary to this man's hopes, & so like David:

       INSTEAD OF REJOICING OVER HIS ENEMY'S DEATH, DAVID GRIEVED OVER THE DEATH OF SAUL! David had this man put to death immediately. He lied; & evidently, if he'd had a chance, he would have killed Saul! David himself would not kill Saul; he would not lift his hand against him! David lamented bitterly the death of Saul & of Jonathan!

       2. DAVID DID NOT KEEP THE SPOILS HE HAD TAKEN FROM THE AMALEKITES. Neither had he delivered them to Achish, king of Gath, but he distributed them among his own people of Judah! He captured & stripped the riches of the Amalekites, & scattered the spoil amongst the poor.

       HE ROBBED THE RICH TO FEED THE POOR! Soon thereafter, he was called to Hebron, where he was formally installed as king of Judah by unanimous consent--only the southern tribes so far! As he began to be king of Judah, he was 30 years old. How long has he been under the leadership of Saul? He had been in the school of Saul 14 years--training to be king!

       3. HERE WE SEE THE COUNTRY AROUND MAHANAIM. Remember Abner, Saul's general, had not been killed. Ish-bosheth, the dead king's son, had escaped the Philistine slaughter. Ish-bosheth was the only remaining heir to the throne.

       ABNER BROUGHT HIM TO MAHANAIM & MADE HIM KING IN SAUL'S STEAD. Gibeah ceased to be the seat of the royal family & went into decay. Gibeah, remember, had been Saul's capital in Benjamin for a long time. Ish-bosheth was now 40 years old & he reigned for 2 years.

       4. HERE'S THE SPRING OF GIBEON, LOOKING INTO THE CAVE. See the hollow cave. The waters are in the bottom, where the floor is. It's kind of dark in there--it's hard to see!

       ABNER ARRANGED A MEETING WITH JOAB. It seemed to me, from the Bible text, that he was quite sincere about it. He wanted to talk over surrender terms. Who was Joab? Joab was David's commander-in-chief; Abner was his counterpart, Saul's commander-in-chief.

       SO NOW THE 2 GENERALS ARE GOING TO GET TOGETHER & TRY TO MAKE PEACE. They arranged to have this meeting at the Spring of Gibeon. Abner proposed that while he & Joab had a peaceful chat together, their bodyguards play together. While thus "playing", so-called,

       ABNER'S MEN SLEW 19 OF JOAB'S MEN, & ABNER HIMSELF FLED! They played for earnest! They were having sword duels & they actually killed each other! In the battle that followed, Abner was defeated & running away.

       JOAB'S YOUNGER BROTHER CHASED AFTER HIM & ALMOST CAUGHT HIM. Abner pushed back real suddenly with his spear, & the butt of his spear rammed clear through Joab's younger brother & killed him. Joab never forgave Abner for this! Joab buried his brother in Bethlehem.

       5. HERE'S A MAN OF HEBRON. ABNER NOW TURNS TRAITOR TO THE HOUSE OF SAUL. Actually, the Bible makes out that he wasn't so much a traitor, as he saw that he was fighting a lost cause. He had enough common sense to realise that it was time to surrender!

       HE GOT DISGUSTED & FED UP WITH ISH-BOSHETH, because Ish-bosheth accused him of taking some of Saul's former wives. Abner got disgusted with this weak, willy-nilly king! After a conference with David at Hebron,

       ABNER INFLUENCED SAUL'S PEOPLE TO TURN TO THE SON OF JESSE, DAVID, & thus unite all Israel under one king! The advice had its effect!: For the power behind the throne was Abner--Ish-bosheth was little more than just a figurehead! They met here at Hebron, when they had this conference.

       6. ABNER'S VISIT TO HEBRON HAD BEEN MADE DURING THE ABSENCE OF JOAB. He had come there & talked peacefully with David, made good arrangements to surrender his forces & to persuade all Israel to come & proclaim David king.

       NOW SOMETHING ELSE IS GOING TO HAPPEN! Who was Joab? (A: David's commander-in-chief.) When he learned of this, he secretly called Abner to return. He sent word after Abner that David wanted to see him again. Well, David didn't know a thing about it!

       JOAB HAD A GRUDGE AGAINST ABNER, BECAUSE ABNER HAD KILLED HIS YOUNGER BROTHER. You remember Joab's brother was just about to catch up with Abner, to kill him. Abner warned Joab's brother several times: "Why will ye die? Leave off from chasing me!"

       BUT JOAB'S BROTHER WOULDN'T LISTEN, & pursued him even more hotly! Finally Abner had to kill Asahel, to keep from getting killed! (2 Sam.2:19-23.) Joab wouldn't let him forget it!

       JOAB EVIDENTLY THOUGHT HE WAS DOING A GOOD THING, & that David was being too easy on Abner. He figured he would only breed trouble for David's camp. So he pretended that he wanted just a friendly chat, as Abner had once done.

       THE 2 DREW ASIDE & JOAB STABBED ABNER under the fifth rib, as Abner had done to Asahel, Joab's brother. Abner was buried at Hebron. In some ways, this did eliminate a great threat to David--a possible insurrection later on. Abner was a strongman & had been one of Saul's leading men.

       IN A WAY JOAB WAS ELIMINATING A REAL THREAT TO DAVID'S THRONE; but just the same, David did not like this kind of treacherous violence.

       8. SOME NATIVES OF MAHANAIM TODAY. "When Ish-bosheth, Saul's son, heard that Abner was dead in Hebron, his hands were very feeble!"--He was scared to death!--"And all the Israelites were troubled!" (2Sam.4:1) The Israelites, who had fought & tried to kill David under Saul, were troubled because they realised now they had no leader!

       ISH-BOSHETH IS NOW BEHEADED BY 2 OF HIS CAPTAINS, Baanah & Rechab, who bring his head to David, expecting to be recompensed & congratulated by David--perhaps even thinking to receive a prominent position. That was here at Mahanaim.

       HERE WE SEE THE POOL OF HEBRON. David was very broken up over this incident. David seems to show very great grief & sorrow at any kind of unnecessary violence. He tries to be a man of peace. Although he's been a man of war, he did not like any unnecessary killing--especially treacherous killing! Here are 2 or 3 cases where men are killed in treachery!

       HE IMMEDIATELY HAD THESE MURDERERS OF ISH-BOSHETH HANGED OVER THE POOL OF HEBRON, & ordered the head of Ish-bosheth to be buried in the sepulchre of Abner. David was playing a very wise diplomatic role! How would this affect the Israelites? (A: They would want to come to his side.) Yes, because he was showing such consideration for their king & such grief for their former general, Abner!

       DAVID WAS SHOWING THAT HE HAD FORGIVENESS FOR HIS ENEMIES. He had a heart toward his enemies, as much as toward his friends!

       10. NOW DAVID HAD BEEN RULER OF JUDAH FOR 7 & 1/2 YEARS. The eyes of all Israel had been upon him for more than 10 years. He'd proven himself to be a man of judgment, kindness & executive ability!

       ISRAEL MET HIM AT HEBRON, & THE ELDERS ANOINTED DAVID KING OVER ALL ISRAEL. Now he ruled the united nations. Each tribe was a nation, in a sense--so this was the united nations.

       11. HERE'S A BEAUTIFUL PHOTO OF JERUSALEM, looking across the Valley of Jehosaphat from the top of Calvary, across the walls of old Jerusalem. This is very interesting--because there's the Mosque of Omar, which stands today where the Temple once stood.

       IT'S ALSO CALLED THE DOME OF THE ROCK--what is the Rock? It was the rock upon which Abraham started to sacrifice Isaac. It later became the foundation of the Temple altar. Here was where the Temple was built.

       WHEN OMAR THE GREAT CAME ALONG, 600 years after Christ, since the Temple was destroyed, he said, "I'll rebuild the Temple for you Jews." Omar was a great sultan of the Arabs. The Jews said, "No! A foreigner cannot rebuild it! It must be rebuilt by the Messiah--in the reign of the Messiah!"--That's what they figured!

       THAT'S WHY THEY'RE GOING TO REBUILD IT UNDER THE ANTICHRIST--they're going to think he's the Messiah! Did you know that? They're going to rebuild the Temple under the Antichrist, thinking he's the Messiah!

       THE TEMPLE HAS BEEN LONG GONE. There's not a trace of the Temple left any more. This Mosque of Omar, or the Dome of the Rock, took the place of the Temple after it was long gone & destroyed--even the rocks were swept away! Some of the pillars of the old temple were carried away & built the Church of the Crucifixion.

       GIGANTIC STONES WERE ALL CARRIED AWAY, until there was not one scrap of the Temple left!--Just as Jesus said: "Not one single stone would be left standing upon another one!" (Lk.21:6.) And so it was!

       SULTAN OMAR OFFERED TO REBUILD THE TEMPLE FOR THE JEWS, BUT THEY REFUSED! So he said, "This is a hallowed spot to us Arabs, your half-brothers, also--because here our great forefather Abraham started to sacrifice his son Isaac. Even though we are not Isaac's sons, nevertheless, we revere Abraham & we consider this a holy spot. It should be kept revered & sacred--so here I shall build a great mosque in memory to Father Abraham!" Remember, Abraham was the father of the Arabs, as well as of the Jews.

       FOR 300 YEARS THE EYE OF ISRAEL HAD BEEN ON JERUSALEM--stronghold of the Jebusites, who were Canaanites, that they were supposed to have driven out when they first came! They'd had a couple of victories, but they had never succeeded in taking this city.

       DAVID'S FIRST THOUGHT NOW WAS TO TAKE JERUSALEM, called Jebus at this time; & thereby clear the hill country of all enemies. Jerusalem means what? Jerusalem means City of Peace. David determined to gain peace by taking the city of Jerusalem--so they would own the entire hill country & they wouldn't have this thorn in their flesh!

       IT WOULD GIVE A MORE CENTRAL LOCATION FOR THE CAPITAL CITY OF A UNITED PEOPLE. Its great walls would protect the city for him, as it had done for the Jebusites. For 300 years that great city had withstood the attacks of the Israelites--so it was a good strong fortification!

       12. HERE'S ANOTHER PHOTO OF JERUSALEM, looking across the little valley, toward the south wall. David went with his men against Jerusalem, & must have camped near where we are now standing, on this southern side. They saw the city from this same angle; though the city then extended down the hill towards us, more than you see today. It extended down a little more into the valley.

       13. HERE'S A VERY GOOD PHOTO OF THE ANCIENT WALLS OF JERUSALEM. What a good fortress that old city was with these high walls! Even in modern warfare, with planes & everything, it was still hard to take!

       ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS THAT THE JEWS WANT IS THIS OLD CITY OF JERUSALEM--SO THEY CAN REBUILD THEIR TEMPLE! God is not ready to have them rebuild the Temple until the Antichrist is revealed! They'll think he is the Messiah. He makes that 7-year covenant with them to restore Jerusalem to them, & let them rebuild their Temple & resume sacrificial worship.

       GOD ALLOWS IT BECAUSE IT'S FULFILLING HIS WILL & HIS TIMETABLE! It was a good fortress, right? A very strong powerful fortress! It was hard to take even with planes, guns & tanks:--Think how much harder it would have been in the days of David!

       DAVID OFFERED THE POSITION OF COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF HIS ARMY TO THE MAN THAT WOULD ENTER THIS CITY & CAPTURE IT. Who was already commander-in-chief? (A: Joab.) But he was kind of a little bit on the outs with king David, wasn't he? He was a little bit in disfavour.

       JOAB HAD GOTTEN A GOOD, PUBLIC BAWLING OUT FROM DAVID FOR WHAT HE HAD DONE TO ABNER. It must have been very humiliating for the commander-in-chief of the army! David, as wise as he was, didn't kill him or fire him; but kept him on as commander-in-chief. He knew Joab thought he was doing his duty!

       14. HERE'S A TOWER ON THE WALL OF JERUSALEM, KNOWN AS DAVID'S TOWER. Joab had been waiting for such an opportunity to re-establish himself in the good graces of David & the people. He was commander-in-chief, in the first place, because he was a smart warrior!

       HE SCALED THE WALLS, TRADITION TELLS US, AT THIS VERY PLACE, with his men, & led Israel to victory, & forever drove the Jebusites from Jerusalem! Here's an actual photo of the wall that Joab & his men scaled in that attack. David later built a tower there, called David's Tower.

       15. NOW DAVID DWELT IN A FORT. He did considerable building in this section of the city, which was later called Zion, the City of David. That very likely will be the part of the city in which Jesus will have His throne in the Millennial Kingdom of Christ before New Jerusalem comes. New Jerusalem does not come down out of Heaven from God until after the Millennium!

       IN THE OLD CITY OF JERUSALEM, DURING THE MILLENNIUM, JESUS IS GOING TO RULE & REIGN! Jesus is going to have His throne here on Earth!--Possibly on the Hill of Zion, David's part of the Jerusalem. Probably there'll be new & beautiful buildings there then.

       IT WILL BE VERY LITERAL & VERY REAL, YOUNG FOLKS! We get such ethereal, vague, vapoury ideas of the future & what's going to happen! God's Word describes it very carefully! We've been having Bible studies about the coming Kingdom of Christ: You know it's very literal, very real!

       GOD'S WORD TELLS US, JUST BEFORE JESUS COMES, THERE'S GOING TO BE A TERRIBLE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON! It's going to start in the Valley of Megiddo & wind up just outside the walls of Jerusalem, in the Valley of Jehosaphat--the Valley of Decision! "Multitudes & multitudes in the Valley of Decision," God's Word says. (Joel 3:14.)

       WHEN THEY GET TO THE VALLEY OF JEHOSAPHAT, JUST BEFORE THEY TAKE THE CITY OF JERUSALEM, JESUS IS GOING TO APPEAR & WIPE THEM OUT! In the meantime, a third of the people are going to be killed; a third of them, surrounded in the city & besieged, are going to die of starvation & pestilence; & only about a third of them are going to live through it--according to the Word of God! (Ezk.5:12.) It's not going to be too safe to live there then!

       THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT IN THE WORD OF GOD, because it has to do with the pivotal point of all history--Israel! That battle will probably be more or less just a major battle of the general war. It doesn't, perhaps, appear as important to the Antichrist, as it really is to the Lord!

       THIS IS DESCRIBED IN THE 38TH & 39TH CHAPTERS OF EZEKIEL. He thinks an evil thought in his heart, Gog does, Prince of Magog; & he says, "I'm going to go down there, to where they rebuilt the cities without walls."--Showing that it's in our day, because in days goneby, they all had walls!

       DON'T THINK IT'S HAPPENED BEFORE, IT'S COMING YET! He says, "It's going to be easy! I'm just going to walk right in & take over without a struggle!" (Ezk.38:11,12.) All of a sudden he gets some opposition from the Jews & their friends, probably the West. There in the Valley of Megiddo in Israel, they will rebel against the reign of the Antichrist, at the end of the 7 years. Remember, this is now at the end of the Antichrist's reign.

       THEY REBEL AGAINST HIM & COME TO BLOWS, FIGHTING IN THE VALLEY OF MEGIDDO. The battle winds up just outside the walls of Jerusalem. It sounds like some of the war is going to have plenty of atomic bombs! And a lot of the rest of the earth will be destroyed!--according to God's Word.

       16. (SINGS:) "WE'RE MARCHING TO ZION, beautiful, beautiful Zion. We're marching upward to Zion, the beautiful City of God." This is a photo of the wall of the part of Jerusalem that's known as the City of David, Zion. Very likely, the part that Christ will make His headquarters during the Millennium, where His throne will be. This is where David was, at the Tower of David.

       17. THESE ARE THE CEDARS OF LEBANON. Hiram was king of Tyre at this time. The 2 young rulers were great friends. Hiram sent down, to David, cedars of Lebanon & workmen to build a palace for his new capital. He sent not only the materials, but also the guys to put it together, to build him a nice new capital building in the city of Jerusalem.

       18. HERE WE SEE WHERE TYRE WAS. Can you see it up there at the top of the map? Jerusalem is way down here. It was quite aways away to have to ship those big logs! How do you suppose they got them clear down to Jerusalem? (Q: Down the river?) They might have floated them down the river; but according to history,

       THEY FLOATED THEM DOWN THE COAST OF THE MEDITERRANEAN! We'll have more to do with king Hiram later on. Notice where he's located, & also Jerusalem, Hebron, Mahanaim, Joppa the port, Tyre & the Plain of Sharon.

       19. HERE'S JERUSALEM FROM THE SOUTHWEST. From the experiences that Achish had had with David, he perhaps wasn't surprised to hear that the young chief was now king of Israel. Achish was one of the 5 Lords of the Philistines, king of Gath.

       ACHISH REMEMBERED HOW THAT, BY CALLING UPON HIS ENTIRE MILITARY FORCE, HE HAD DEFEATED SAUL at Beth-shan. Now he makes another similar attack with the hope of defeating David & taking his stronghold, Jerusalem.

       20. ACHISH ATTACKS HIS ONE-TIME SERVANT, his one-time warrior, David, at Jerusalem.

       21. THE PHILISTINE HOST CAME UP & CAMPED AT REPHAIM, in full view of Jerusalem. Their certainty of victory made them foolhardy & reckless. It seemed they could scarcely bide the time when Israel should come out against them.

       THE NEW & BELOVED KING DAVID, in the successful capture of Jerusalem, had also stimulated confidence in the hearts of Israel. They came against the Philistines in such tremendous force that they were driven, terrified, through the Judaean mountain passes! So they won a tremendous victory!

       22. DAVID'S ARMY SMOTE THEM TO GEZER. Hear about the old geezer? Well, this is Gezer on the Plain of Sharon. They drove them down out of the mountains back onto the coastal plain--their own territory! Remember, the Israelites were tribes in the mountains.

       THEY FOUGHT MORE OR LESS A GUERILLA WARFARE, EXCEPT IN SOME OF THESE PITCHED BATTLES. This settled the Philistine encroachment upon Israel at this time--which had been a thorn in their flesh ever since they had been in the Holy Land.

       23. DAVID NOW MOVES THE ARK. When David became firmly established in Jerusalem, different to others who had been called to high position in Israel, he did not forget God! His first act was to send to the house of Abinadab, at Kirjath-jearim, to bring up the Ark of the Covenant to his own city.

       24. DAVID REJOICES BEFORE THE ARK! The Ark of the Covenant had been in Kirjath-jearim 20 years. David was so enthusiastic about bringing it back, that he entered Jerusalem at the head of the procession--dancing wildly, rejoicing & leaping for joy!

       HIS WIFE BELIEVED THAT HE HAD LOST HIS MIND! She criticised him, ridiculed him & scorned him for it! As a result, God's Word tells us that she was struck barren--she couldn't have any children! Remember, Michal had been taken away from him & given to somebody else. He got her back. I don't know whether he ever lived with her any more, because she'd gone with some other man for awhile.

       GOD THEN STRUCK HER BARREN FOR MAKING FUN OF DAVID! Remember, she was the proud daughter of Saul! Therefore, Saul's line is eliminated entirely from the kingly line. You see how it was done? The sons were killed & now the daughter is struck barren!

       25. HERE'S JERUSALEM FROM THE MOUNT OF OLIVES. The Tabernacle which had enclosed the Ark, had evidently been destroyed. David constructed a new one, which is placed on the Hill Ophal. It remained there until Solomon's Temple was completed on Mount Moriah--the hill above, where you see the Dome of the Rock, the great Mosque of Omar, looking across the Valley of Jezreel.

       DOWN HERE IS THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH. Russian priests are still ministering right there in the Russian Orthodox Church, on the slopes of the Mount of Olives. You're standing on the Mount of Olives, looking across the Valley of Jehosaphat, where the Battle of Armageddon will be decided, to the Mosque of Omar, where the Temple used to stand, covering the rock upon which Abraham started to sacrifice Isaac.

       26. THE HILL OPHAL WAS WITHIN THE WALLS OF THE CITY AT THAT TIME. The walls extended down that slope & came almost to the Valley of Hinnom, that you see here in the photo.

       27. NOW WE HAVE A STORY ABOUT DAVID & NATHAN THE PROPHET. The king went to him for advice upon the matter of building a great temple. Heretofore Israel had worshipped in tents--the Tabernacle. Now they had a firm footing & desired to become a settled nation.

       GOD ANSWERED NATHAN: "Go & tell My servant, Thus saith the Lord, Shalt thou build Me a house for Me to dwell in?" (2Sam.7:5.) In other words, why does God need any house to dwell in? It says even the universe can't contain Him!

       28. A MAP. DAVID AT THIS TIME WAS COMPELLED TO TURN HIS ATTENTION TO WAR. To enlarge his kingdom, he invades Moab & Zobah. This is a very large map; it covers a lot of territory.

       HE EXTENDED HIS NORTHERN BORDERS CLEAR ACROSS THE DESERT TO THE EUPHRATES. Can you see the Euphrates River running along here? The Cradle of Civilisation! He put a garrison in Damascus & many other adjoining territories.

       29. IN SPITE OF DAVID'S ENGAGEMENT IN WAR, HE SEEMED TO HAVE A TENDER HEART! Upon inquiry as to whether there were any of the House of Saul left, it was reported that only Ziba, a servant, could be found. Then there was Mephibosheth the only son of Jonathan, his good friend, a crippled boy.

       HE GAVE ZIBA A LUCRATIVE POSITION & MEPHIBOSHETH A PLACE TO LIVE IN HIS OWN PALACE, to share the benefits of his own household & to eat at his own table. So Mephibosheth was taken into David's house as David's own son!

       DAVID KEPT HIS PROMISE TO HIS GOOD FRIEND JONATHAN, didn't he! It's a wonderful thing to keep your promises & to be faithful to your friends! It's a rare thing, loyalty, in these days!

       30. NOW DAVID MAKES A VERY BAD BLUNDER--COMMITS A TERRIBLE SIN! He falls in love with Bath-sheba--a very beautiful woman, who lived within the shadow of the walls of the palace. He saw her taking a bath without the benefit of a bathing suit!

       HER HUSBAND URIAH WAS BATTLING IN DAVID'S ARMY. It was a time when the kings went forth to battle, but David did not go forth to battle this time! He stood up on the roof, breathing in the night air & taking a look at Bath-sheba every now & then. The king now fell in love with Bath-sheba.

       HE ARRANGED WITH HIS GENERAL JOAB TO HAVE HER HUSBAND URIAH PLACED IN THE FRONTLINE OF THE BATTLE, so he would be killed--which he was! Here he's giving the order to Uriah himself, who came from the battlefront. First of all, David had tried to get him to go down & stay with his wife a few nights. He refused to do so. He said, "My lord Joab & the men of Israel are sleeping in tents & on the ground. How can I go down & enjoy my wife & my own home?" So instead, he slept out by David's gate.

              THIS MADE DAVID REALLY ANGRY & SO HE SENT HIM TO HIS DEATH! Then David married his widow Bath-sheba. It's a strange thing how the Lord let this happen, because Bath-sheba became the mother of Solomon & Solomon became one of the fore-runners of Christ Himself!

       THE CHILD OF SIN DIED; but after they were properly married, then the next child, Solomon, lived to be king. God allowed David to marry Bath-sheba.

       PERHAPS, IF BATH-SHEBA WAS THE ONE THAT GOD WANTED FOR THE JOB, GOD COULD HAVE DONE IT SOME OTHER WAY--without him committing murder! But sad to say, that's the way it happened! The way David went about this was a very great sin in the sight of the Lord!

       31. HERE'S NATHAN THE PROPHET DENOUNCING DAVID! In this case, the artist pictures the prophet as the young fellow on the left side of the picture there, & David on his knees, with the crown on his head, in repentance before him.

       THE INCIDENT OF DAVID'S SIN BROUGHT NATHAN THE PROPHET TO DAVID'S SIDE AGAIN. The prophet poured out upon him such a scathing denunciation that he cried out: "I have sinned against the Lord!" (2Sam.12:13.) And so he had! He repented.

       HOWEVER, THE LORD PRONOUNCED CERTAIN JUDGEMENTS UPON HIM THAT WOULD HAPPEN, EVEN IN SPITE OF HIS REPENTANCE!: The child would die, the sword would never depart from his house, the kingdom would be taken from his heirs, & it would be divided!

       32. THE THRONE OF DAVID WAS LOCATED HERE, on the top of Mount Moriah, in the City of David.

       33. FROM 2 SAMUEL & 1 CHRONICLES, DAVID HAD 18 SONS & 1 DAUGHTER. Their names were: Amnon, Chileab, Absalom, Adonijah, Shephatiah, Ithream, Shammuah, Shobab, Nathan, Solomon, Ibhar, Elishua, Nepheg, Japhia, Elishama, Eliada, Eliphalet, Nogah. The only daughter's name was Tamar, close sister to Absalom. These weren't all by the same wife; David had several wives.

       AMNON, ONE OF DAVID'S SONS, FELL DESPERATELY IN LOVE WITH HIS HALF-SISTER TAMAR. Later on, he deserted her! She was the full sister of Absalom. Her brother waited 2 years for an opportunity to kill Amnon, who had betrayed & left her! He had a sheepshearing feast at his estate at Baal-hazor, to which he invited his half-brother. Amnon was slain when he was drunk!

       HERE HE IS AFTER HE HAS BETRAYED TAMAR. She begs him to marry her; but he says that the hate with which he hated her was now more than the love with which he'd loved her! (2Sam.13:15.) He was just merely infatuated with her at the time!

       34. ABSALOM WAS NOT ONLY AVENGED; but the elder brother being out of the way, he became the crown prince of Israel. Absalom wasn't so dumb--he was just looking for a good excuse!

       MAYBE HE WASN'T SO ANXIOUS TO AVENGE HIS SISTER AS HE WAS TO REMOVE AMNON, who was next in line for the throne! (Q: What about Solomon?) Solomon was way down the line, remember, he came about two-thirds down the list, as Bath-sheba's son. David had a lot of sons before Bath-sheba.

       DAVID WAS DEEPLY GRIEVED, & ABSALOM FEARED TO RETURN TO JERUSALEM! David didn't like what Absalom did! Absalom was afraid his father would maybe take vengeance on him--so he took refuge with his grandfather, who was king of Geshur, the province south of Damascus. Absalom's mother was not an Israelite; I think she was Assyrian.

       35. HERE WE SEE SOME MODERN NATIVES OF GESHUR. Now that Amnon is dead & Absalom, his favourite son, is a fugitive, the king is heavy-hearted indeed! Joab perceived this! Because he was a smart politician, he figured Absalom was the best one to follow David as king.

       HE DEVISES A PLAN FOR BRINGING THIS MURDEROUS SON TO JERUSALEM. After an absence of 3 years in Geshur, he tried to reconcile him to his father David. But David said, "Let him return to his own house & not see my face!" (2Sam.14:24.) He says, "Okay, he can come back home to Jerusalem, but I don't want to see him!"

       36. FOR 2 YEARS THIS SEPARATION BETWEEN DAVID & ABSALOM CONTINUED. Absalom brought pressure to bear through Joab, using his influence to reconcile him to the king. Finally Absalom bowed his face to the ground before his father, & David kissed him & they were friendly again.

       37. HERE WE SEE SOME ORIENTAL RUNNERS. David must have lavished his wealth upon this prince Absalom now: For he had chariots & horses & 50 runners, perhaps similar to these, such as only kings & men of great dignity employed. After all, he was supposed to be the next king! There are only a few of these light-footed professionals today.

       THEY DIDN'T HAVE MUCH IN THE WAY OF POSTAL SERVICE IN THAT COUNTRY, so these runners would carry messages back & forth. They were the Oriental Western Union--wireless for sure!

       38. ABSALOM, BEING VERY SMART INDEED & not being willing to wait until his father died, in order to get the kingdom, would sit at the gate of the city & flatter the people. He would say, "Well, now if I were king, I would've judged your case differently! I would have given you what you wanted!"

       HE GRADUALLY BEGAN TO WIN OVER THE PEOPLE BY FLATTERY! When you consider their free & easy past, the people really felt that it was an imposition upon them to be compelled to pay taxes & to support the central government. Absalom took advantage of this, & stationed himself at the gate & pretended to sympathise with all the visitors. He'd say, "It's too bad, if I were king, I would do you justice!"

       HE WOULD OFTEN KISS THEM. HIS CONDUCT "STOLE THE HEARTS OF ISRAEL!" God's Word tells us. (2Sam.15:6.) He was a real politician, a slick one!--Typical politician!

       39. HERE'S HEBRON. ABSALOM KEPT THIS UP FOR MANY YEARS. When he finally felt that he had enough people following him, to justify it, Absalom went to Hebron & proclaimed himself king! His father David was still king in Jerusalem!

       HE BRIBED AHITHOPHEL, DAVID'S PERSONAL ADVISOR, TO JOIN HIM--David's own prime minister joined him! His cause was so strong now that a conspiracy started with considerable momentum! Now we're about to have a conspiracy & a traitor & a civil war!

       Review Questions for Ch. 21.

       1. Who brought news of Saul's death to David?
       2. Where was David at this time?
       3. Where is Ziklag?
       4. How did the messenger say Saul met his death?
       5. What happened to the Amalekite?
       6. How did the death of Saul & Jonathan affect David?
       7. Why was David called to Hebron?
       8. Who was king of Israel?
       9. Where was Ish-bosheth's capital?
       10. What trick did Abner do?
       11. Who did he slay?
       12. To whom did he turn traitor?
       13. Who did he propose to join?
       14. Who slew him at Hebron?
       15. What was Joab's grievance against Abner?
       16. By whom was Ish-bosheth slain?
       17. To whom did Baanah & Rechab report this murder?
       18. What did David do to them?
       19. What important meeting is now held at Hebron?
       20. Was David the choice of all Israel?
       21. How old is he now?
       22. How long had he ruled in Hebron?
       23. What great city did he take?
       24. Who led David's army?
       25. What position is now given to Joab?
       26. What was the city also called?
       27. Whose army came against Jerusalem?
       28. Where did they camp?
       29. What happened?
       30. Was the victory decisive for Israel?
       31. Where is the Ark now?
       32. To where did David move it?
       33. How long had it been at Kirjath-jearim?
       34. Who made a new Tabernacle & where was it located?
       35. Who was the prophet that came to David?
       36. Why did David not build the Temple at once?
       37. Who was slain by Absalom & why?
       38. Where did Absalom go?
       39. Who planned his return?
       40. How long did this estrangement continue?
       41. Did David thoroughly forgive him?
       42. Did David lavish his wealth upon him?
       43. How did Absalom treat David's subjects & what happened?
       44. Where was Absalom proclaimed king?
       45. What officer of David's turned to Absalom?

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