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REVELATION OUTLINE!--Revelation in a Nutshell!       DFO1170       France, 17/4/81
--Part 2 of "The Garden of Eden!"

       1. ISN'T THAT A LOVELY SCENE THERE? Ah, this is the way God intended for man to live, beautiful country like this, tropical island seashore. Isn't that gorgeous? Music like that, beautiful girls! Don't have to wear much, if anything, no clothes, no heat & very little food, whatever you can pick off the trees or fish out of the water!

       2. SWEET PEACE, NO WAR, LOTS OF LOVE & CHILDERN, beautiful skies, beautiful! Paradise! This is the kind of climate & country God intended for people to live in. He created Adam & Eve with no clothes, no houses & no dishes, no washing & ironing. Isn't that beautiful? Lovely, huh? No rules, just the rule of love & don't touch one tree. How about that? Isn't it wonderful?

       3. WELL, PTL! THAT'S THE WAY IT USED TO BE & THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOING TO BE AGAIN! And that's the way it can be even now for you, if you'll love the Lord & follow Him Southward where He's telling us to go.--To get out of those cold Northern climates & that cold weather & all those horrible wars & atom bombs & atomic fallout & all the rest.

       4. GO SOUTH, YOUNG MAN, GO SOUTH! (Or North from Australia & New Zealand!)--Where you can grow up with the country, where you can actually live a little longer, God willing, & love a little longer, & preach the Gospel a little longer & win souls a little longer till Jesus comes! PTL!

       5. WHY LIVE IN THOSE COLD, ICY, SNOWY, WINTRY, MISERABLE, GREY COUNTRIES OF THE NORTH, when you can live like this? Of course, it gets a little bit cool here once in awhile. As you can see, I have my robe here on the beach tonight, a little bit of coolness, a little what we call a cold wave comes once in awhile. But you know where it comes from?--It comes from your North! The North is to blame for all this cold! But it doesn't last long, just a day or a night or two & it's gone again & things are back to our bare-skin normal!

       6. RIGHT NOW WE HAVE TO WEAR A BEAR SKIN WHEN IT GETS COOL in these cold snaps, b-e-a-r skin. But in the normal weather we just wear a b-a-r-e skin. Live in your bathing suit all day, jump in the water any time. Air temperature 30 degree C. (85 degree F.), water temperature about the same, like taking a nice warm bath! You can live in the water all day long, at least your children can, I used to when I was a young fellow.

       7. I LIVED ON MIAMI BEACH, VERY MUCH LIKE THIS, & all vacation long when we didn't have to go to school I just loved the beach & loved the water, & I used to swim from one end to the other. Five miles! I swam from South Beach to North Beach. It's five miles, you who live in Miami & know Miami Beach know that's true.

       8. I USED TO DO IT BECAUSE THE WATER WAS SO BEAUTIFUL MOST OF THE TIME, calm & placid--not very good for surfing, not enough surf--but wonderful for swimming & fishing. Beautiful! And beautiful with beautiful girls too. Beautiful country, PTL! I don't know if it's still the same now or not, but it was then.

       9. BUT NOW YOU CAN FIND MANY VIRGIN BEACHES, some of them filled with virgins, South of the Equator--South America, South Africa, India, S.E. Asia & even around the Caribbean. That's not too bad there. That's pretty close to that evil dangerous country, the U.S.A., that's going to get bombed out of existence, but far enough away that you won't get any direct hits, we hope, in the Caribbean or the West Indies or Central America.

       10. I DON'T KNOW ABOUT MEXICO, that's attached to the United States & that could be a little too close for comfort. But at least Puerto Rico, that's about a thousand miles away, & Santo Domingo & the Leeward Islands & the Westward Islands & Trinidad & Tobago, the Virgin Islands & Barbados & Caracas, Venezuela. All that whole Caribbean area & Central America--beautiful!

       11. CUBA, TOO, BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH FREEDOM THERE IS for witnessing or litnessing right now in Cuba, but as long as you show that you're a good friend of Cuba & not so much the U.S.A., you might get along fine there! I don't know if we've had anybody try it yet or not. We've had a few of our folks visit there & they said it was beautiful & wonderful & how much better off the poor are than they were before.

       12. EACH ONE HAS HIS OWN LITTLE COTTAGE & PLOT OF FIVE ACRES OF LAND to till & they have little schools & clinics & hospitals & things that they never had before, free rent in the apartment houses for the poor, & nearly everybody has a job. Nearly everybody has enough to eat even though the U.S. has tried to starve them out of existence & would like to bomb'm out of existence if they thought they could get away with it!

       13. BUT THEY'RE AFRAID THAT RUSSIA MIGHT COME TO CUBA'S RESCUE, & if so, I hope they would! The U.S. will get hers in due season. She'll reap what she's sowed & when her cup of iniquity is full, it will be meted out to her as she has meted it out to others in many poor little countries that she's nearly bombed out of existence, like Vietnam & Laos & Cambodia etc.

       14. BUT A THOUSAND MILES AWAY FROM THE U.S.A., OUT IN THE CARIBBEAN & the South Atlantic & Central America, South America, especially Southward past the Equator, clear down into Argentina, is all beautiful country, almost virgin territory, God's country, His beautiful creation, wonderful climate, wonderful people, hospitable, friendly & so receptive to the Gospel!

       15. YOU WONDER WHY ANYBODY KEEPS ON WORKING & OVERWORKING THAT OLD TIRED TERRITORY OF THE U.S.A. AND EUROPE SO HARD & so hard to get any results, when there are so many millions of people living in the Southern Hemisphere who are so open & receptive to the Gospel & so willing to help. So PTL! It gets cool here once in awhile but not very often. Come on down, we're waiting for you!

       16. BUT IN THE MEANTIME, WE'RE GOING TO TAKE A LITTLE TRIP THROUGH GOD'S WORD. We promised you last lesson when we gave you the Introduction to the Book of Revelation, how we got it, we said we're going to take a nice high flight over Revelation to begin with, a bird's-eye view, flying rapidly across the book to show you how it's laid out & so beautifully planned & so beautifully synchronised, harmonised. It's just beautiful!

       17. IF YOU THOUGHT THE BOOK OF REVELATION WAS CONFUSING, it's only because the Lord never showed you how beautifully planned it was, like He showed me one day when I got desperate & asked Him to do it. I also got desperate one day when trying to teach this book to some rather dumb church people who'd heard all kinds of other things.

       18. I WAS ALWAYS AFRAID TO WRITE ANYTHING. I was afraid I'd get started writing & I was so afraid of saying the wrong thing & so many people had been led astray by the wrong kind of books, I decided the safest thing to do was to not write anything! Think of that!

       19. NOW WE'RE GETTING TO ROLL OUR EIGHTH BOOK, in fact there're quite a few more books, but the eighth book of our Letters. Then we'll be on our ninth book, already about nine times as much as in the Bible, but I had to teach you everything! At least dear Moses' people, they knew a little something before they left Egypt, but you guys don't seem to have learned anything in Egypt!

       20. WELL, WE'RE GOING TO LEARN SOMETHING NOW IN THIS PROMISED LAND OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION. Have you got your textbook ready? By this time everybody should have scrambled back & gotten your textbook, only this time you're supposed to have'm ready! PTL! Amen, Lord bless it & make it a blessing & help them to understand it, in Jesus' name, & to make it a blessing to others. TYJ!

       21. SO THAT AFTERNOON BEFORE I WENT TO THAT CHURCH TO TEACH BIBLE PROPHECY & particularly the Book of Revelation, I thought, "I'm" going to show'm how easy it is, how simple it is", & I typed up the entire summary, "Outline of the Book of Revelation", on one little quarter-of-a-page of a sheet of typing paper. I thought, "Well, I'll also put in a nice map of the Bible lands on another page since I've got room."

       22. THEN I THROUGHT, "WELL, WHY NOT GIVE'M DANIEL TOO? Not only Daniel 2, but also Daniel 7 & Daniel 8 & Revelation 13 through 17 about all those beasts & symbols & so on. I can show'm how simple that is, how it all synchronises, all fits together. It's easy! Daniel made simple! Revelation made simple!"

       23. I TYPED IT UP ON MY LITTLE STENCIL & RAN OFF ON MY LITTLE MIMEOGRAPH & I had it ready to take to church with me that night. And this is one of the original copies. How about that? That was more than thirty years ago! isn't that beautiful? Ha! It's a little scratchy & a bit rough, but I'm going to read it to you & God willing, we're going to reprint this a little clearer so you can read it much better & it will be in a Letter one of these days, so be sure you get your magazines, & don't miss it!

       24. BUT IN THE MEANTIME RIGHT NOW, I'M GOING TO GO OVER IT WITH YOU, & we'll fly through the Book of Revelation rapidly & show you how simple it is, how well laid-out it is, how easy it is to understand! PTL! Not everything in it is easy to understand, there's still some mysteries in there that God has hidden from us, & He deliberately did so. But He made most of it fairly easy to understand.

       25. YOU'LL FIND THE BOOK OF REVELATION IS DIVIDED INTO THREE BEAUTIFUL DIVISIONS OF EXACTLY SEVEN CHAPTERS EACH--PLUS ONE! It's 22 chapters & the 21 chapters have three divisions of seven chapters each, plus a glorious & beautiful 22nd chapter about Heaven that's all in a class by itself! All the rest is all over & Heaven is there, beautiful!

       26. PROBABLY THAT 22ND CHAPTER SHOULD HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE 21ST CHAPTER, but it was so long then, all describing Heaven. he went on & on & on, & I guess whoever divided the book into chapters finally decided that was a little bit too long for the last chapter, so they divided it into the 21st and 22nd chapters.

       27. NOW, DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT'S ABOUT? All right, have you got your paper & pencil, or your pen & ink, notebook, Bible? It's so simple I'll tell you what each part is about & then you'll know & we can just close the book & go away, I guess, & let it go at that. Oh, well you might want to know a few of the details too, so stick around & I'll try to get to those pretty soon! PTL!

       28. THREE 7'S! THAT'S A BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL COMBINATION BECAUSE THOSE ARE TWO OF GOD'S NUMBERS! One of God's favourite numbers is 3, another of God's favourite numbers is 7. 7 is the ultimate number of God, & 3 sevens, 7-7-7, 3 times 7, that's the last word is Godly perfection, as far as God is concerned, & that is exactly the way He constructed this Book of Revelation.

       29. EACH GROUP OF CHAPTERS, EACH SEVEN OF CHAPTERS, HAS TO DO WITH A DIFFERENT SUBJECT, believe it or not. Beautiful! And it's so easy if you'll just jot these little things down, you'll remember it, or jot it down in your Bible, that's the best place almost to take notes, anything that you're not going to write too much.

       30. THAT'S WHERE I USUALLY WRITE MY NOTES IS IN MY BIBLE, AS YOU CAN SEE. See all these scratchin's & hen-scratchin's & notes & underlinings & all kinds of little notations & so on? My, this Bible is just loaded with them & I've only had this one about ten years! You oughtta see the last one! I wore it out four times. had to get it rebound three times & finally wore that out!

       31. BUT, TO MAKE REVELATIONS SIMPLE FOR YOU, IT'S DIVIDED INTO THESE THREE SEVENS OF CHAPTERS, & I'm just giving you a general over-all title or subject matter. The first seven chapters is like the introduction to the real nitty-gritty of the book, a general introduction to the Endtime, because the first seven chapters cover the entire history of man from John's day, the man who got this revelation from the Lord!

       32. --THE APOSTLE JOHN, JOHN THE BELOVED, JOHN THE REVELATOR, JOHN THE AUTHOR OF THE GOSPEL OF JOHN, that great old warrior of the faith, that dear old saint of God who lived to the 90's & was getting this revelation on the Island of Patmos as an exile, banished there about in the 90s A.D., about 90 years after Jesus was born.

       33. THE ROMAN'S HAD TRIED TO KILL HIM, BOIL HIM IN OIL & SO ON BUT HE WOULDN'T BOIL, so they sent him to the Island of Patmos, tried to get him away where he couldn't do any damage, where he couldn't reach any people, where there weren't any people to preach his Gospel of Love to, there weren't any Roman he could subvert with this underground Gospel that threatened to destroy the Roman citisens Empire!

       34. SO HE JUST SAT DOWN & GOT A BOOK FROM THE LORD which not only reached a handful of farmers on the Isle of Patmos, but all of Asia &" all of Europe & all of Africa, & finally the whole World, & has been read by literally billions of people! Think of that!

       35. THE ROMANS EXILED HIM TO THE ISLE OF PATMOS TO TRY TO KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT & to try to keep his message away from the people, but in so doing they just helped the plan of God & he was better able to hear & listen to God & get these marvellous revelations! And here we are 2000 years later, sitting here studying the Words that he received on that island which have spread around the World for 2000 years!

       36. YOU KNOW, WHEN THE DEVIL TRIES TO SHUT UP THE PROPHETS OF GOD, if you just give him enough rope he'll hang himself! They thought they were banishing him, exiling him where he couldn't preach any more but god gave him such a revelation there that he's never stopped preaching from that time since!

       37. HIS MOUTH HAS BEEN OPENED IN THIS BOOK EVER SINCE! he's kept preaching his gospel of this Revelation ever since! And it wasn't his revelation either, as you notice by that first line of that first verse which we showed you before, Book of Revelation, the Revelation of Jesus Christ! That's Whose it was!

       38. WE'LL GET INTO THE WORD-BY-WORD, VERSE-BY-VERSE, CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER STUDY A LITTLE BIT LATER, tonight we're just trying to give you sort of a general synopsis. That's a Greek word which literally means a bird's-eye view of the whole book, flying by. We're going to just do a fly-by right now!

       39. SO THE FIRST SEVEN CHAPTERS, you can jot that down at the head of the first one if you want to, covers from John's day to the very End. It itself is a sort of review or a synopsis of the history of man from his day to the End.

       40. IN THE SECOND 7 CHAPTERS, INSTEAD OF JUST FLYING ACROSS THE WHOLE HISTORY OF MAN for the past 2000 years, which he was predicting in these first seven chapters--& it's all been fulfilled or being fulfilled--we circle around & we come down & we fly a little bit closer to the Endtime, the very End of these 2000 years of history which John in predicting by the Spirit of Christ.

       41. IN THE FIRST SEVEN CHAPTERS ALSO, BY THE WAY, WE HAVE WHAT ARE KNOWN AS THE SEVEN SEALS. The Lord Himself, the Lamb, receives this book of seven seals, a scroll actually, with seven seal's. He breaks open each seal & as He does, a different period of history happens, a different event in history occurs, & we'll study that in detail later in the first seven chapters of the seven seals.

       42. WE FIND THE SECOND SEVEN CHAPTERS, FROM THE 8TH THROUGH THE 14TH, have to do with a famous and very great & important final period of man's history known as the reign of the Antichrist & the Great Tribulation period, & it ends with the marvellous coming of Christ & the Rapture of His saints in the 14th Chapter! Beautiful picture of the End in the second seven chapters. In the second 7 chapters are the 7 great Trumpets of Tribulation, the Tribulation Trumpets of the second 7 chapters, & all the terrible things that happen during the Great Tribulation period.

       43. FINALLY THE THIRD SEVEN CHAPTERS, CHAPTER 25 THOUGH 21 & 22, is a terrible, awful picture, as well as a beautiful gorgeous picture of the Endtime. First has to come the bad news, & then comes the good news! PTL? Because the worse it gets, the better it's going to get. And the sooner it gets worse the sooner its going to get better.

       44. SO IN THOSE LAST SEVEN CHAPTERS, PLUS ONE, WE FIND A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THIS END PERIOD, including some more details about the Wrath of God & the great destruction of Babylon, the World System, & the final great Battle of Armageddon in which the forces of God fight against the forces of Satan & destroy him, or at least defeat him, & his Antichrist Devil-man & his False Prophet & his whole kingdom, & gain a glorious victory as Jesus comes back again, this time with us on great white horses to charge through the skies to conquer the forces of the Enemy, to set up His Kingdom here on Earth!

       45. --FOLLOWED BY THE MARVELLOUS, BEAUTIFUL, HEAVENLY KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST ON EARTH, Heaven on Earth, called the Millennium because it lasts a thousand years on the Earth as it should have been, like the Garden of Eden restored again! No more pollution, no more evil curse & almost no more death! If anybody dies at even a hundred years of age they'll think he's just a child! You'll be long-lived like they were before the flood, when they lived to be nearly a thousand years of age! People will live again like that during the Millennium.

       46. IN OTHER WORDS, THE ONES WHO HAVE MANAGED TO SURVIVE THE WRATH OF GOD, He's merciful enough to let them survive it, they live through it, & the Battle of Armageddon, the survivors, even the wicked, those who were not saved--maybe not so wicked--the Lord had mercy. at least, & spared them--are going to live on into the Millennium, that thousand-year period at the End.

       47. WE THEN WILL BE IN OUR SPIRITUAL, SUPERNATURAL, MIRACULOUS, HEAVENLY BODIES--the girls will all have heavenly bodies then, PTL?--and we'll be able to fly around with the speed of thought, appear & disappear at will, walk through walls! We won't even need "Star Trek" transporters or spaceships, & thank God there won't be any "Star Wars"!--Because right there in the middle of the Antichrist's reign there's a big Star War in which Satan is cast out of Heaven with all his angels. & this is what starts the Tribulation as he possesses this Devil-man Antichrist!

       48. BUT AFTER IT'S ALL OVER AFTER THE WRATH OF GOD & THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, before which we were caught up to be with Jesus in the air & The Great Marriage Super of the Lamb, we're going to return with Jesus to conquer the Earth & set up the Kingdom of Jesus Christ for a thousand years over the unsaved who remain, the unsaved who survive the Tribulation, the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon!

       49. WHEW! THEY MUST BE PRETTY TOUGH OR THEY MUST LIVE A PRETTY CHARMED LIFE, OR THE LORD MUST BE EXTRA MERCIFUL TO THEM FOR THEM TO LIVE THROUGH ALL THAT! But if they didn't, there wouldn't be anybody left but us Christians, the saved! There wouldn't be any of the World to rule over & to teach & train & show how the world should have been & how it should have been run, to be an example to the Universe of what kind of government man could have had if he'd just obeyed God & if he wouldn't have eaten of that tree of the Knowledge of Evil!

       50. YOU SAY, "NOW WAIT A MINUTE, DAD, THAT WAS THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL!" Well, ADAM & Eve didn't know anything but good in the beginning, did they? they already had the knowledge of good, Well, they had all the good anyhow, but they may not have understood it, or understood what good was, & how good it was, & they never had it so good! Because they didn't know evil, they had nothing to compare it with, it was all good. So the Lord finally had to let them taste evil to see the difference between the good & the evil.

       51. SO THIS BOOK CARRIES US RIGHT ON THEN THROUGH THAT GREAT MILLENNIAL PERIOD & THE FINAL WAR OF ALL, the Battle of Gog & Magog when Satan is loosed out of the pit of Hell for just a little while to again go out & deceive the wicked people of the Earth, the unbelievers, just to show that even though mercy be showed unto the wicked, yet they will not learn righteousness.

       52. EVEN AFTER A THOUSAND-YEAR REIGN OF JESUS CHRIST IN PERSON WITH US AS HIS PERSONAL OFFICERS & police & guardian angels, they will rebel again against the Lord Jesus Christ & His church, His people ruling the Earth, & God will have to destroy them all by fire including the Earth itself!--And the heavens, the atmospheric heavens!

       53. THEY'LL ROLL AWAY IN A BIG BALL OF FIRE LIKE A SCROLL, & THE EARTH WILL BE COMPLETELY BURNED OUT, burned up, burned over!--Not the ball itself, it'll remain. God didn't intend to let the earth itself be destroyed, not the planet but the surface of the Earth, in order to purify it totally, completely wipe out all the wicked, wipe out all the pollution, wipe out everything that was bad or evil that still remained & reoccurred even during the Millennium because of the wicked, & then He creates a New Heaven & a New Earth! Praise God!

       54. SO THAT'S HOW THIS MARVELLOUS BOOK GOES! THREE 7'S! The first seven are a synopsis or like a preview of the whole World's history from the time of John to the End. Second seven, we come in close for a close look at the last seven years & the last seven trumpets of the Tribulation period. Third seven, the horrible end of it all, the Wrath of God, the Battle of Armageddon, & then the wonderful final end, the Millennium Battle of Gog & Magog For awhile, & then a New Heaven & a New Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness only! Beautiful! Those are the three 7's of chapters of the Book of Revelation!

       55. NOW IF YOU WANT TO GET A LITTLE MORE SPECIFIC I'LL READ IT RAPIDLY TO YOU & you'll have a preview even before some of them get the Letter maybe! I don't know, maybe some will get the Letter before you ever see this video! But here's what the chapter tell you, each chapter, just to make it simple for you. Here's a brief run-down of the contents of each Chapter:

       56. CHAPTER ONE: THE INTRODUCTION TO THINGS SHORTLY TO COME TO PASS Chapter 2&3: Letters to the Churches, churches that existed in that day, in Asia, as well as types of churches to come & church periods to come. Chapters 4&5: the Throne Scene, with the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, upon the throne in Heaven, Who opens the 7-sealed Book of the Future! Chapter 6: The opening of the first six seals & a preview of the whole contents of history to the End!

       57. CHAPTER 7: THE SEALING OF THE SAINTS, the sparing & sealing & protection of the final saints before the Tribulation days, the Endtime. Eight &nine: The Tribulation Trumpets, the seven great trumpets of the Tribulation, & the angels of God are warned only to hurt the unsealed, only to wreak the judgements of God upon those who do not have the seal of God in their foreheads but have taken the seal of the Antichrist instead, the Mark of the Beast!

       58. CHAPTER 10 IS A GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT THAT THE END IS COMING SOON! Chapters 11: The Two Witnesses of the Tribulation & their Rapture, some of the details of the Endtime, of the Tribulation. chapter 12: The Church in Tribulation, the dragon wars with the Church. Chapter 13: The Great Red Beast of Tribulation, the Antichrist government. Fourteen: The Rapture of the Church, God's Children, & the Wrath of God after the gospel has been preached in all the World & the destruction of Babylon, the great World System of the Devil!

       59. CHAPTER 15-16: THE WRATH OF GOD, with the Angels of Wrath & the Vials of Wrath! 17th Chapter: The picture of Babylon & the Beast, the World System & its worship of materialism & its beastly government of the Antichrist & the Devil himself.

       60. AND THEN CHAPTER 18, THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON IN ONE HOUR! The great World Commercial System, the great World Materialistic System, the great Capitalistic System of the World is going to be destroyed in one hour according to the Word of God, in one day & one hour of that day, till the merchants of the rest of the Earth are going to stand afar off in ships & lament & weep over the destructions of all their treasures!

       61. FINALLY, CHAPTER 19, ARMAGEDDON, THAT FINAL GREAT BATTLE OF THIS TIME PERIOD OF EARTH & the marvellous victory of Jesus Christ over Satan & his Devil-man & his False Prophet! And 20, the Millennium & the Battle of Gog & Magog following it, in which Satan & all of his hosts & the wicked are completely wiped out & forever, completely! (However, see #s 1460 &1465.)

       62. THEN CHAPTERS 21 &22 ARE REALLY THE ONLY DETAILED SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION IN THE WHOLE BIBLE OF WHAT HEAVEN IS LIKE, & to your surprise you find out that Heaven is on Earth! A New Earth! Beautiful New Earth, even more beautiful than the first one! No more sea, no more high terrible rugged mountains, just beautiful rolling lovely green pasture & farmlands & trees & flowers & no deadly insects or reptiles or pests or vipers or anything that would hurt in the whole Creation! Nothing deadly, nothing harmful, everything beautiful, no Curse & no sea!

       63. WE WON'T NEED ANY MORE SEA BECAUSE THE SEA IS ACTUALLY THE CESSPOOL OF THE WORLD! It's the place where all the garbage runs to finally, & where it all is eaten by the scavengers & the carnivores of the sea in order to be destroyed, or the sea would really stink if God didn't have so many of those scavengers down there, those garbage-eaters, unclean sea creatures!

       64. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT MAN DOES? HE GOES OUT FISHING & HE PULLS THOSE GARBAGE-EATERS OUT--the clams & the mussels & the crabs & the lobsters & all those horrible scavengers that eat slop & garbage & dung--& he takes them to his kitchen & cooks them & puts them on the table & eats them! And then they wonder why they have so many diseases!

       65. IT'S BEEN PROVEN THAT THAT'S ONE OF THE CAUSES OF CHOLERA, ONE OF THE GREAT EPIDEMICS OF THE EARTH that crops up quite often. And not only cholera but many other diseases are caused by eating these unclean fish & "seafood", they call it. I can hardly stand to even pass by one of those seafood restaurants, they stink so! They smell like a garbage can! It almost takes your breath away! How could people walk in & order the stuff & sit down there, smell it cooking--it smells like it's rotten, which it is--& then have it brought to them by the bowlful & sit there & eat all that garbage! Horrible!

       66. GOD'S WORD SAYS NOT TO EAT THAT UNCLEAN FOOD! You're not to eat anything that comes from the sea except fish which have fins & scales! That's the only kind of clean seafood there is, all the rest is unclean, every bit of it! Only the fish with skins--I mean with fins, not skins, that's no good--but with fins & scales are clean, And then He tells you a whole long list back in the Old Testament of the clean & unclean animals of the Earth as well. But there'll be no unclean animals then.

       67. YOU SAY, "WILL THERE BE ANY ANIMALS? I really loved my little dog when it died, & I really hoped it'd go to Heaven!" Well, He says the lion will lie down with the lamb, and the bear shall eat grass like the ox, & the child shall play upon the hole of the asp, a little snake, but he won't even bite him! And a little child shall lead them. (Isa. 11:6-8) you've seen those beautiful pictures of a child leading a lion & some of those rapacious beasts of old.

       68. YES, THERE'RE GOING TO BE ANIMALS IN HEAVEN, OR GOD'S HEAVEN ON EARTH, a New Heaven & New Earth! God's not going to have His creation defeated. He put those animals here for pets & playthings & companions for you & your children, you're still going to enjoy the animals. I believe my dog Ring went to Heaven.

       69. AND WHEN I WAS IN THAT VISION OF THE HEAVENLY SPACE CITY, of that great city that came down from god out of Heaven, the New Heaven to the Earth, a New Earth, I fell asleep & I woke up & a great big lion was licking my face, believe it or not! so I believe it!

       70. I BELIEVE YOU'RE GOING TO MEET A LOT OF THOSE FAVOURITE PETS OF YOURS, & we hope you will meet no pests! Pests will be gone, the Curse gone, the wicked gone* & there will only be a wonderful, marvellous New Heaven & New Earth, a Heaven on Earth! (*See also #s 1450 & 1441.)

       71. ARE YOU READY FOR IT? Are you going to be able to walk in that City? It says, "Only the saved shall walk therein." (Rev.21:24.) Although there will still be kings & nations outside who will need our healing & our help, but they will not be allowed to come into the City. Kings & the nations will bring their wealth to the City, & they will bring their homage and honour to the city, & those of us, the saved, the Children of God, the people of the Lord who live in the city, but only the saved can walk in it. (See also #s 1465,1460 & 1463.)

       72. ARE YOU SAVED? DO YOU LOVE JESUS? Do you have Christ in your heart? Do you believe in God & His Son, Jesus Christ? Have you asked Him to forgive you for your sins, come into your heart & make you a new creature that loves Him & loves everybody & wants to tell everybody about Him?

       73. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK HIM IN, & you'll be one of the blessed saved who will walk the golden streets of that golden City, crystal gold see-through City!--Fifteen hundred miles wide, fifteen hundred miles high, towering far up above the stratosphere! Think of that! Beautiful! Heavenly! Gorgeous! Mansions all over the place! You'll have one too if you love Jesus!

       74. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK HIM INTO YOUR HEART! If you'll sing this little song with me & mean it, you'll someday walk those streets of gold! (Sings:)
       "Into my heart, into my heart,
       Come into my heart Lord Jesus,
       Come in today, come in to stay,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!"


       75. AND IF YOU MEANT THAT, HE CAME IN! you're saved, you're Christian, you're born again. You have Jesus in your heart & you'll be in Heaven someday soon with me & all those who love the Lord, & all those you've told about Jesus and have won to Christ & His love & His salvation!--And walk the streets of that beautiful crystal Golden City & have a mansion all your own there a long with the rest of us! Praise God! Hallelujah? TYJ?

       "God's tomorrow, God's tomorrow!
       Every cloud will pass away,
       With the dawning of that day!

       God's tomorrow! No more sorrow!
       For I know that God's tomorrow
       Will be brighter than today!"

Hallelujah! TYJ!

       77. AMEN? YOU GONNA BE THERE? I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW IN HEAVEN! In Jesus' name. Amen! X! Goodnight! God bless you! We have a terrible night to go through now, but soon will come the dawn! The darkest hour is just before dawn, & then it'll be God's tomorrow which will last forever with you & me! In Jesus' name!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family