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EDEN'S SEX!--Part 4 of "The Garden of Eden!" Video Series       DFO 1172       FRANCE, 21/4/81

       (After a dance!:)
       1. TYJ! AMEN! WASN'T THAT A REVELATION? After all, we're in the Garden of Eden, & the Garden of Eden was quite a revelation! The first handsome man & the first beautiful woman. We can only show you the beautiful woman--dear "Eve" dancing tonight--maybe some other time we can show Adam! But right now we just wanted to give you a taste of what it was like in the Garden of Eden, & I thought that was quite a revelation, didn't you?

       2. SINCE OUR SUBJECT IS REVELATION, THE REVELATION, I THOUGHT WE COULD MAKE IT VERY APPROPRIATE to give you a beautiful revelation of the most beautiful thing God ever made in the Garden of Eden--a beautiful woman! PTL? Did you like that? Amen! I thought that was beautiful! God bless our dear "Eve" who danced for you tonight to introduce our next lesson on the Book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible.

       3. NOW IF THAT DIDN'T GET A CROWD, I DON'T KNOW WHAT WOULD! You know, if those preachers in those churches had just realised how they could liven up that Wednesday night Bible study, they could have started off like we did tonight, right? Don't you think so? Good idea? They could have started off like we did, don't you think so, girls?--You girls sitting over there under the tree. How'd you like our pretty little native girls sitting under the tree over here a while ago? Did you get a good look at them?

       4. WELL NOW, IF EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY STARTED OFF LIKE THAT, I THINK THE PREACHERS WOULD GET A CROWD! I think they'd pack'm in, & I think they would be there faithfully every Wednesday night. I heard of a preacher in England once who did that when he thought the church services were getting a little bit dead & slow & he could hardly get anybody to come to church at all.

       5. THEY SAY YOU CAN TELL THE POPULARITY OF THE PREACHER BY WHAT SIZE CROWD HE GETS ON SUNDAY MORNING. You can tell the popularity of the church by what size crowd they get on Sunday night. But you can tell the popularity of the Lord by the size of the Wednesday night Bible study & prayer meeting!

       6. WELL, I THINK THEY'D MAKE THE LORD & BIBLE STUDY & PRAYER A LOT MORE POPULAR IF THEY'D START'M OFF LIKE WE DID TONIGHT! Why not?--with the beauties of God's creation, you lovely girls here, & our gorgeous dancer here, & our beautiful directress over there, & you ought to see this handsome camera man! I wish I could show him to you, maybe sometime.

       7. --IN ALL THIS GORGEOUS TROPICAL PARADISE SCENERY WE HAVE HERE, & you heard the surf lapping on the sand, & you've seen the beautiful palm trees, coconut palms, & there I am sitting out there in my short sleeves. I thought at least I ought to have a shirt on, after all, we're in church. Oh no, we're not in church! We're out on the seashore, that's right, even though we're having a Bible study.

       8. SO WHEN THAT PREACHER DECIDED THAT THE SUNDAY NIGHT CROWD WAS A LITTLE TOO SMALL & he needed to do something to draw a crowd & liven it up, he hired a professional stripper to come & do her act in the opening part of the Sunday evening church service! You can imagine the effect it had on his congregation! Well, I know what effect it had, I'm sure, on the men, because I'm a man!

       9. BUT OF COURSE, APPARENTLY IT HAD A SOMEWHAT OTHER EFFECT ON SOME OF THE OLD LONG-NOSED, NARROW-MINDED, BLUE-NOSED OLD LADIES, because they complained, & as a result it made such news it even hit the newspapers! Well, anyhow, religion doesn't very often make news does it? But that kind of a Sunday night service made news & he got a crowd to preach his sermon to!

       10. SO YOU SEE, THERE'S METHOD IN OUR MADNESS! Besides the fact that I want to show you the beauties of God's creation, the gorgeous native girls that you saw & the gorgeous native girl you saw dancing! What more beautiful scene & sight & sound could you possibly have had for a revelation, especially a Revelation class, a Revelation study.

       11. THAT WAS A REAL REVELATION, WASN'T IT?--The revelation of God's glorious, beautiful creation. His most beautiful creation of all, the crowing creation of all, was a beautiful woman! And do you know what she is? Do you know what Eve is? Do you know what she was to Adam?--She was the love of God! That's what Eve was. She was God's love for him, & he knew it, because she had been made just for him because he needed an helpmeet.

       12. GOD HAD SAID, "IT'S NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO LIVE ALONE, I WILL MAKE AN HELPMEET FOR HIM!" (Ge.2:18.) Don't you bachelors give me that stuff that you'd rather be alone, you don't want some prattling woman around telling you what to do & blah, blah, blah! Sour grapes! You never managed to hook one! You never managed to get ahold of one, so you're trying to make the best of your loneliness & your selfishness!

       13. GOD MADE IT SO THAT ANYBODY COULD GET A MATE OR FIND A MATE IF YOU HAVE LOVE! If you have enough love & you love somebody, love begets love, & if you love them, they'll love you. This is what caused us to first love God, to first love the Lord, because He first loved us. (1Jn.4:19) That's why we love Him. He loved us enough to die for us on the cross, to give His life for us, to suffer for our sins, to take our punishment for us.

       14. (SINGS:)
       "I LOVE HIM,
       I LOVE HIM,
       And purchased my salvation on Calvary's tree."

Look at that tree over there with that sign on it. How much like a cross that looks, huh? Doesn't that look like a cross? That little sweep swept us all that way from the Garden of Eden, because of man's sin, to that cross. The Garden of Eden became a cross. The tropical paradise became a crucifixion because of man's sins.

       15. YOU SAY, "WELL, WHAT HAPPENED? The old Devil came in, the Old Serpent, & he enticed Eve with that apple, & she ate it & suddenly wanted sex, which was the cardinal sin. That was the worst sin of all, was sex"--that's what the church teaches--"and then she wanted to have Adam right away, & therefore sex was the cause of the Fall!" That's a lie! That's an absolute lie of the Devil himself, because the Devil hates sex! (No.999.)

       16. GOD CREATED SEX, NOT SATAN! God is the One Who made those sexual organs & every single little nerve that feels so good! He's the One Who created & dreamed up that marvellous final explosion called the orgasm! It was God Himself that made it! God himself that created sex & your sexual organs & those sexual pleasures & sexual orgasms & sexual contact, bodily contact--petting, necking, spooning, sparking, whatever you want to call it, they had all kinds of various names for it in various generations.

       17. THEY USED TO CALL IT NECKING WHEN I WAS YOUNG! My brother came home from college real smart & said, "You know what I found out? I found out they even had necking in the Bible!" I said, "C'mon, whaddya mean necking!" I was about five or six years younger than he & I was a little embarrassed. I liked girls but I was very very shy, girl-shy. But he was quite frank when he talked to me about women, he had lots of them!

       18. HE WAS BIG & STRONG & HANDSOME & CHARMING & had a beautiful voice, all the talent, the brains & education, & the girls just fell all over themselves to run after him! He had all these girls chasing him around college & when he came home to Miami Beach. He knew all about women, & a lot about sex. But he comes home & says to little brother, kid brother, "Dave, what's the matter with you? Why not get yourself a girlfriend? Have a little fun! Do a little necking!"

       19. I'LL NEVER FORGET, THE TIME HE BROUGHT ME HOME FROM CHURCH WHILE HE WAS DRIVING IN THE FRONT SEAT WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND AND NECKING AWAY! He'd invited her little sister to ride in the back seat with me. He said, "Now Dave, I'm going to set you up so you'll have a nice time like me, your big brother. Now, your big brother wouldn't ask you or entice you or tempt you to do anything wrong, would he? No! Of course not, big brothers don't do anything like that. they do just what's good for little brothers, don't they?" Well, now I believe he did, really. I'm sorry I didn't take more advantage of it!

       20. BUT AT THAT TIME LIKE MOST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD & THE CHURCH BOTH, I HAD BEEN TAUGHT THAT SEX WAS VERY BAD, NASTY, NAUGHTY, DIRTY!: "No, no, no! Don't show that! No, no, no! Don't touch that! No, no, no! You mustn't! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! That's terrible! Very bad! Very naughty! Nasty! Don't finger your sexual parts! Don't do anything with it! Don't masturbate! Don't do those things! Don't look at naked women or pictures of naked women! That's dirty, naughty, don't even think about it! Naughty, dirty thoughts in your mind, thinking about naked women! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! How terrible!"

       21. I WONDER WHY? I USED TO THINK & WONDER WHY! I knew enough about the Bible or heard enough about it in church & it occurred to me that God made women, & He made Eve & this lovely Garden of Eden. God Himself had created woman, & from what I heard & read in the Bible & all the pictures I saw, He created her stark naked! think of that! How about that? Do you believe that?

       22. DO YOU GIRLS KNOW THAT EVE WAS JUST AS NAKED AS YOU ARE WHEN SHE WAS CREATED? Stark naked! As they used to say in the old South, "Naked as a jay!" I'll never forget what the door-to-door salesman said! He said, "You know, I went to this one house & a woman came to the door in her negligee." We had a funny little butler, he said, "Naked as a jay?" Well, she just about was naked as a jay in that lingerie!

       23. I'LL NEVER FORGET WHEN I WAS DELIVERING PHONE BOOKS ONCE, Just a young fellow in Hollywood, & this girl came to the door to answer the door, my doorbell, & she was just holding a towel in front of her--beautiful gorgeous buxom blonde, very sweet & pretty, too.

       24. I WISH I HAD KNOWN THEN AS MUCH ABOUT WOMEN AS I KNOW NOW! I wouldn't have gotten so scared & so bashful & practically shaking with fright! I handed her her phone book, & I said, "Here ... here ... here ... here's your new phone book!" "Oh!" she said, "thank you! So kind of you!" And I'm sure she was ready to invite me in! But I quick turned tail & ran as fast as I could go, I was scared to death! Too bad! One of life's missed golden opportunities!

       25. ANYHOW, I RODE HOME IN THE BACK SEAT WITH MY BROTHER'S GIRLFRIEND'S LITTLE SISTER, & they played this pretty music--they just started to have radios in cars in those days, I was starting to build little radios myself in those days--& we all got to necking! He drove in a nice dark place around in the porte-cochere or the carport of the house, & turned out all the lights. We saw them necking & kissing in the front seat, so we kind of had the same idea, you know.

       26. I LOOKED AT HER & SHE LOOKED AT ME & she grinned & kind of laughed sort of embarrassed, & I sort of shifted my position & put my arm around her like I was just resting it there, then sort of scooted around a little bit like this until I kinda leaned my head over on her shoulder. And pretty soon our cheeks began to touch, that electrical first touch of skin to skin, flesh to flesh, the warm soft feeling!

       27. AND THEN FOR SOME REASON OR OTHER, OUR HEADS JUST SORT OF AUTOMATICALLY TURNED LIKE THIS, & our lips met, & we were kissing!--X! It wasn't long till my other arm was around her too & both her arms were around my neck & we were kissing & necking away! And a lot of them did a lot more than that in those days, called "petting"--various parts down below the neck!

       28. SO MY BROTHER, HE'D COME HOME FROM COLLEGE, HE WAS A SMART BOY, saying, "You know, I found out that necking is in the Bible, Dave!" I was a little worried about it afterward, I was afraid my folks were going to catch us. I know they would have been pretty upset because they didn't believe in such "familiarity," they called it, & getting so "personal," they called it.

       29. SHE WAS A REAL CUTE SWEET LITTLE GIRL! You should have seen her! She had cute little curly dark hair like our dancer tonight, but it was just down to here, & this pretty little white bouffant dress that she wore to church, it was like a little angel, & I felt like I had my arms around an angel for sure! Well, they are angels! They're God's angels that He created for us--to love us, comfort us, help us, be helpmeets unto us, & help our meat, too!

       30. WHEN WE HAVE ALL THAT MEAT & NO POTATOES, THEN WE JUST REALLY ARE THANKFUL FOR THEIR POTATOES! PTL! And you get that meat & potatoes together & it really cooks, I'll tell you! One delicious meal! Amen? You know what I'm talking about, don't you? I'm talking about roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, Sunday afternoon dinner, that's what I'm talking about, ain't I? All that meat & all those potatoes! And I'll tell you, when you get that meat & all those potatoes! And I'll tell you, when you get that meat & potatoes together, the gravy begins to flow! Hallelujah! Praise God! A little spicy, too!

       31. HE SAID, "YES, DAVE, YOU SHOULDN'T FEEL SO HESITANT ABOUT DOING A LITTLE NECKING!" He was trying to get his little brother to have a little more fellowship, you know, a little more social life, as they call it. So he said, "I can prove it to you, it's in the Bible! When Solomon invited that beautiful dark-skinned beauty from Arabia, the Queen of Sheba, to his palace there in Jerusalem & entertained her there & fed her there on those gorgeous Oriental carpets & pillows on the floor, he gave her wine, the Bible says"--at least this is my brother's quote--"and necked'r!"

       32. SO THERE! IT'S IN THE BIBLE! Solomon gave the Queen of Sheba wine & necked'r! How about that? You look it up & see if that isn't so. You look it up in the Bible & see! Actually it says that King Solomon gave the Queen of Sheba wine & nectar! Hallelujah! So! It's in the Bible. Well, there was a lot more in the Bible than that! In the first chapter, "In the beginning God created the heavens & the earth," & all those Heavenly bodies, too!--Including Eve's!

       33. WHEN HE HAD FINISHED & HE HAD CREATED THAT GORGEOUS HANDSOME FIRST MOST PERFECT MAN that had ever been made, & the most beautiful woman who had ever been seen, He looked at the two of them standing there naked--I'm sure they were looking each other over too--& He said the first commandment in the Bible, before Satan ever entered the picture, before there was any apple or any controversy over the tree, or any Fall or sin!:

       34. GOD SAID TO ADAM & EVE STANDING THERE NAKED, completely naked in that gorgeous tropical paradise Garden of Eden--He looked at the two of them & they looked at Him & they looked at each other, & I'm sure you must know how they felt!--And He as good as said, "Go on! Go ahead! Be fruitful & multiply!" I believe you'll find that in Genesis the first chapter, 28th verse.

       35. HE SAID, "BE FRUITFUL, VERY FRUITFUL, & MULTIPLY!" Dear old Paul Anka used to sing a song called, "Multiplication Is the Name of the Game!", along with Sandra Dee--if you're as old as I am & they were your teenage idols in the old days of the movies. "Multiplication was the name of the game!" & that's where it began, right there in the Garden of Eden, with one & one, makes three! How about that?

       36. WE'RE GOING TO CONFUSE DAVIDITO WITH HIS MATHEMATICS NOW when he sees [EDITED: "parts of"] this video & says, "Dad says that one & one makes three!" Well, David, remember when Mama & Daddy got together, what did it make? It made you, right? So that one, me, & one, your Mama, got together, & all of a sudden there were three!

       37. (SINGS:)
       "JUST MAMA & ME,

       Just Mama & me,
       And David makes three,
       We're happy in our blue Heaven!

       A quiet place,
       A fireplace,
       A lovely room!
       Somewhere out West
       We'll build a nest
       Where the flowers bloom!

       Just Mama & me,
       And Dito makes three,
       We're happy in our blue Heaven!"

So you see, David, that's how one & one makes three, because that's Mama & Daddy & the little baby! One & one makes three!

       38. MULTIPLICATION, THAT'S THE NAME OF THE GAME, & THAT WAS THE FIRST COMMANDMENT GOD EVER GAVE TO MAN & WOMAN--to be fruitful & multiply! Now how are you going to be fruitful & multiply if you don't have any sex? When God first created them, He immediately commanded them to get busy & go at it & have it so they could be fruitful & multiply--before you ever heard anything about the tree or the knowledge of good & evil & before you ever see Satan come into the picture, or the so-called apple--we don't know really what it was, but it was a fruit, it wasn't necessarily an apple--but it was the knowledge of good & evil, & God had forbidden them to take of the tree.

       39. SATAN CAME ALONG & TEMPTED THEM TO, & THAT TEMPTATION WAS NOT SEX, contrary to church teaching & tradition & the average impression & mores & inhibition & taboo of the average church person. In fact, almost the entire World now believes it because that's what false doctrine some of the churches taught, was that that apple that Satan offered to Eve was sex!

       40. SOME OF THEM EVEN TEACH YOU THAT IT WAS SEX WITH HIMSELF THAT HE WAS OFFERING, & that therefore when she partook of sex with the Devil, that was the cause of the Fall, that was the Fall of man; or even that she partook of sex with her husband, that that caused the Fall of man! That's a lie of the pit from the Devil himself, created by Satan contrary to the Bible, contrary to the Word of God!

       41. IT'S NOT TRUE! BECAUSE GOD COMMANDED SEX & FOR MAN & WOMAN TO BE FRUITFUL & MULTIPLY & HAVE ALL THE SEX THEY WANTED! He had made them & made their sexual organs & He intended for them to use them & enjoy them!--God Himself, long before the Fall of man & long before sin entered in! Therefore sex was not a sin!

       42. IF SEX WAS A SIN, THEN GOD'S A SINNER BECAUSE HE MADE IT!--And because He commanded man to have sex with that woman before the Fall, before Satan came along. so if you want to blame somebody, blame God! He's to blame for it all! I'm thankful, aren't you? PG? Hallelujah! TYJ for sex! TYL for sex, You made it! PG for sex, amen? TTL? Aren't you all thankful for sex?

       43. WHOO! WHEN THAT LITTLE GAL WAS UP HERE DANCING THOSE NICE SLOW SLINKY TORTUROUS MOVEMENTS, SHE WAS ALMOST TORTURING ME! I was about ready to jump into the picture! You don't know how close I came to it! God bless her! She was just exhibiting her natural beauty that God gave her, exhibiting her natural gorgeous form & figure, that God made her that way, & that natural desire to dance to beautiful romantic soft music in those fluctuating, undulating lovely sexual movements!

       44. THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!--THAT 17-JEWEL MOVEMENT, AS THEY USED TO SAY WHEN I WAS A BOY, A YOUNG TEENAGER. If a beautiful girl walked down the street who really had that certain swing, the boys would say, "Hey, wow! Look at that 17-jewel movement! Whoo!" You'd think they were talking about a Swiss watch wouldn't you? Well, just as beautiful & with just as great precision & just as well-made as a Swiss watch, some of the best watches on Earth! God bless the Swiss!

       45. SO PRAISE GOD! GOD MADE SEX, NOT THE DEVIL! God created the sexual organs, not the Devil. God made the nerves that make them feel good when they're in action, not Satan! This was long before the Fall of man, long before Satan entered the Garden, & long before Eve & Adam partook of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. Sex came long before the Fall of man. Sex came before sin entered in.

       46. SEX IS NOT BAD, IT IS NOT EVIL, IT IS NOT A SIN, IT IS NOT WRONG TO ENJOY IT! God made you! He made those organs! He made those nerves that feel good! He made that explosive orgasm! He made you that way to begin with, & Adam & Eve enjoyed sex long before the Fall! They may have even had other children before the Fall, brothers & sisters, but you only hear about the ones that were born after the Fall, because they had a little problem & they got in a little trouble with each other.

       47. THEY MUST HAVE HAD OTHER CHILDREN ALSO because later on, one of their sons, Cain, killed his own brother, Abel, & so far the Bible has only mentioned boys being born. And yet dear Cain, after killing his brother, after sin had entered in, went out & married somebody, some girl, & had children by her. Where'd she come from? Who was she? She was one of his sisters, of course!

       48. THERE WAS NO LAW OF INCEST THEN AGAINST MARRYING YOUR SISTER. There was nothing wrong with marrying your sisters. And if you'll read the Bible, it says in the 5th Chapter that Adam & Eve had many sons & daughters! Just because it doesn't name them all doesn't mean they didn't have any. And Adam & Eve lived long enough to be nearly a thousand years of age, so they must have had plenty of'm!

       49. SO CAIN ... may have been the only man outside of maybe a few more brothers later, like Seth & so on, & many other sons & daughters, but for awhile, he may have been the only man. ...

       50. YOU SAY, "THAT'S HORRIBLE! THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS, THAT'S SHOCKING! That's terrible! That's awful to insinuate that Adam & Eve's son married his own sister!" ... There was nothing wrong with it then, there was no law against it. ...

       51. GOD HAD MADE NO LAW WHATSOEVER AGAINST IT, & IF HE HAD, THEY'D HAVE HAD TO BREAK IT because they wouldn't have been able to get married & have children & there wouldn't have been any people on Earth today if Adam & Eve's sons had not married their sisters! Think of that! shocking? Well, you read this Book & you'll find a lot of shocking revelations!

       52. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE STUDY OF REVELATION NOW, & you're going to find a lot of shocking revelations in the Bible! We just thought we'd start with a few here in this lovely Garden of Eden, surrounded by this tropical paradise & these lovely ladies, maidens, handmaidens, & this beautiful lovely "Eve" we had dancing here. I guess I'll have to suffice for her Adam for tonight. That made me feel like being Adam for sure! Up & at'm, almost! Anyway, that's the fact & that's the truth!

       53. "SO YOU MEAN GOD MADE SEX & ADAM & EVE HAD SEX BEFORE THE FALL, BEFORE SIN ENTERED IN? It wasn't a sin to have sex?" Of course not! It's still no sin to have sex! Whoever gave you such an idea? It doesn't even tell you that in the Bible. It's no sin to have sex, God made for you to have sex. He made for you to have sex. He made men & women to have sex. He made that gorgeous girl for you, fellow! She is the love of God for you, the proof of God's love for you, because you needed her, & you wanted her, & you saw her & you took her, praise God? You said, "Wilt thou?" & she wilted! Right? Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       54. SO WE'RE GIVING YOU QUITE A FEW REVELATIONS HERE FROM THE BIBLE TONIGHT & in this series of Bible classes that we're teaching you. You never saw a Bible class like that before, did you? Huh? With that kind of an introduction? Well, I'll bet you'll be back for the next one, amen? We'll have a whole parade of our lovely lovelies parading by here for you, as a nice lovely introduction to the Book of Revelation! We'll have some more revelations here in this lovely Garden of Eden with all these lovely Eves! We may find a few Adams too besides me, but right now I'm it, you'll have to just put up with me.

       55. SEX IS NOT A SIN! The Devil hates sex, because sex is one of the most important gifts God ever gave to man. It is one of the most pleasurable & enjoyable pleasures that He ever created for two people to enjoy together--as much & as often & as long as they want, & as soon as they can make it. Oh! I'm going to drop another bomb now:


       58. GOD ABSOLUTELY SAW NOTHING WHATSOEVER WRONG WITH IT! He created it! He made it! He made it to feel good, all of it, & made you to feel good giving it to each other! That's what the Lord intended for you to do, & then to be able to have children. ...

       59. SELFISHLY [EDITED: "THE SYSTEM DOESN'T"] WANT THE CHILDREN TO HAVE GRANDCHILDREN SO EARLY, because then the grandparents would have to take care of them, maybe even the great-grandparents might have to help! They want to keep their children from marrying as long as they possibly can, so they send them off to school or to a boys school & a girls' school separately & off to college, & they insist that they must graduate first. Then they've got to get a good job first, & they just make it so difficult & it's nearly impossible to have sex & to get married!

       60. THEY SAY, "NO, NOW YOU'VE GOTTA BUY A HOUSE, & then you've gotta buy furniture, you've gotta furnish it, you've gotta do all this before you can get married, so you'll have some place to live when you finally get married." By that time the poor guy is about 25 years of age & the girl too, & they've gone nearly crazy in their desire for sex for about 12-13 years since they were 12 or 13 years of age!

       61. AND WHAT HAS HAPPENED IS THAT THEY'VE GONE AHEAD & ENJOYED SEX ANYHOW, ILLEGALLY, against the law, against their parents wishes, against the norms & mores of the System's society. And perhaps he's gotten her "in trouble," as they say. You see, right there, they consider babies & children a lot of trouble! They don't want to have that kind of trouble around. They don't want to help the poor young people to get married & enjoy sex ... & start having children so young. "Why, they won't even know how to take care of them!" No, of course not! You're supposed to teach them how to take care of them!

       62. THAT'S THE BEST TIME IN THE WORLD TO TELL'M HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THEM, while they're living with you in your home & you're supporting'm & taking care of'm & teaching'm how to have babies & take care of'm & have the boy to work & be the father's apprentice & teach him the job, on-the-job training, & the girl to get her on-the-job training in the home learning how to keep house & cook & clean & have sex & babies & take care of them & rear children!

       63. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO TRAIN THEM IN THE HOME, & they're supposed to be there instead of trying to postpone their marriage as long as you possibly can until they're an old bachelor & an old maid, years & years, & then shove'm off out of the way where you don't have to see'm or look at'm & you don't have to be troubled with their babies & their children! That's what the parents do in the System today!

       64. THEY HATE SEX, THEY HATE CHILDREN, BECAUSE THEY'RE SELFISH! They don't want their children to enjoy sex. They don't want them to have babies, because they might have to take care of them & help them take care of them. So they put it off & put it off until the poor kids just nearly scream & explode & have all kinds of problems & sex hang-ups & inhibitions & prohibitions & pregnancies, unwanted or illegal, unmarried mothers & all the rest. Sad, isn't it?--And worst of all, make'm have abortions!--Kill'm!

       65. YOU KNOW, I'VE HEARD OF MANY A STORIES WHERE THE YOUNG PEOPLE WANTED TO GET MARRIED & THE PARENTS REFUSED TO LET THEM, even when they had a child! I've heard stories where the parents even put the poor boy in prison & called it rape because they had a child when she was under 21, the age of consent, & it was called rape even if she consented!

       66. SO THE DEVIL HATES SEX! He hated the Garden of Eden! He hated the creation of Adam & Eve! He hated God's commandment for them to have sex & be fruitful & multiply! He hated the whole thing because it could frustrate his plans! If God used sex as a tool to keep man & woman together in beautiful harmony & having children & lovely families & a happy, loving home, then Satan's whole plan to destroy man would be completely frustrated!

       67. SO THE FIRST THING HE DID WAS TO COME IN & TRY TO INTERFERE & get them not just to have the knowledge of good, but the knowledge of evil as well, until everything went haywire & man was made to think that sex was a sin & that children were too much trouble & unwanted & all that selfishness came in.

       68. OH, THE DEVIL HATES SEX! BUT GOD LOVES IT, HE MADE IT, HE CREATED YOU TO HAVE IT! He wants you to have it. He wants you to enjoy sex. He wants you to enjoy every sexual pleasure that is clean & right & good & not harmful, & for you to live in the pleasures which He created & the love that He created between man & woman. Praise God? That's what God wants you to do. He created you, He made you to love one another, that's His word. "Love ye one another!" He says, "Let every husband love his wife even as his own body, & no man ever hated his own body." He is to love his wife even as his own body. (Eph.5:28,29.) Marriage, sex, children, sexual organs, sexual pleasure, are all the creation of God Himself, not the Devil!

       69. ARE YOU ENJOYING THE PLEASURES GOD HAS CREATED? If not, maybe it's because you don't have His love in your heart to give you real love, & you can't really enjoy sex without real love! You'll never know what real sexual enjoyment is until you fall in love & really love someone, & then sex takes on new meaning, a whole new beautiful experience! If you've never known the love of God, you've never known the most beautiful sexual experiences you can ever have--those spiritually explosive orgasms in the Spirit!

       70. WHY DON'T YOU RECEIVE JESUS IN YOUR HEART? He was the Creator. God created Jesus, & Jesus created the world & all that is therein, including man & woman & sex! And He intended for you to get busy & thereby create babies & have children & grow them up in the nurture & admonition of the Lord, to love the Lord, so that when they're old, if you train them in the way they should grow they'll not depart there from. You'll have beautiful fruit to encourage you so that when you're old and grey & a grandfather, they are the joy of old men! (Prov.17:6.)

       71. MY LITTLE CHILDREN, MY GRANDCHILDREN ARE THE JOY OF MY LIFE TODAY! I am passing off the scene & I'll soon be gone, but I see in them the future, a beautiful future, because I've reared them to love the Lord & to serve Him & to love others & to win them to Jesus! And that's the most wonderful experience you can ever have, is to find the Love of Jesus & pass it on to your children, your mate, your loved ones, your relatives, your friends, even strangers, the love of God! That's the love of God! (No.699.)

       72. THAT'S WHAT THIS WHOLE BEAUTIFUL GARDEN MEANS! See all these beautiful trees, & you saw that beautiful woman & these beautiful girls?--These are the love of God for you! He made this all for you to enjoy, & most of all, to know His love! Why did He make all this for you to enjoy? So you'd know that He loved you. Why did He want you to know He loves you? Because He wants you to love him. He first loved you, that's why we love Him.

       73. TAKE HIM IN YOUR HEART, RIGHT NOW! Just ask him to come into your heart & you'll know His love & be able to enjoy all His love & beautiful loving creation, including a mate & sex & children! All you have to do is sing this little prayer with me, or even mean it in your heart as I sing it. (Sings:)
       "Into my heart, into my heart,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!
       Come in today, come in to stay,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!"


       74. IF YOU MEANT THAT, HE HAS COME IN! For He says, "Behold I stand at the door & knock," at your heart's door, "if any man hear My voice & open the door, I will come in." (Rev.3:20.) If you opened the door, right now He has come into your heart & He loves you & will dwell with you, He said, & He'll help you to love others, & you will be able to tell them about Jesus & how much He loves them, through all of His love & His creation & His beauty & sex & children & all the wonderful things that He has given us!

       75. YOU KNOW, CHILDREN ARE SOME OF THE MOST WONDERFUL GIFTS THAT GOD GIVES US. They're the only things that God gives us that we will be able to take with us to Heaven & enjoy forever! that's the end result of sex! Think of that! Sex is evil?--Sex is one of the greatest, best, most wonderful things God ever made, because sex makes children that God wants, & it fulfills the first commandment to be fruitful & multiply, 'cause God wants lots of children, many children to love Him, so He can love them & have them forever!

       76. IF YOU TOOK HIM IN YOUR HEART TONIGHT, YOU HAVE JESUS & YOU'LL LOVE HIM FOREVER, & have your children in Heaven with you forever! What more can you ask than that? Amen? You'll have your mate in Heaven forever, & your children, & your loved ones, & your friends that you win to Jesus. Love is forever! That will be the Garden of Eden again, with all that love & beauty, even sex, forever! Amen? TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!

       77. THANK YOU FOR THY LOVE, LORD, & THANK YOU FOR THY GIFT OF SEX, & all this beauty & enjoyment You've given us & the pleasures of this world, this life, that You've given us to enjoy, & most of all, to love You & enjoy You forever, & our mates & our children & our loved ones, & our friends, if we win them to You, Jesus, to love You & love others, & have love in Heaven forever in Jesus' name!--Amen. PG! Hallelujah! TYL!

       78. OUR MWM ORCHESTRA & GROUP SING A BEAUTIFUL SONG, I wish I could sing it, wish we had it now, that "Love Is Forever." Love is forever! TYJ! Amen? Come back again to the Garden of Eden next time, & we'll show you some more of the beautiful love gifts of God, more revelations of His love & beauty & gifts of love to you, as well as some marvellous studies about the future in this Book of Revelation!

       79. DID YOU HAVE A REVELATION TONIGHT? Was this a revelation to you, all this about sex & pretty women & loving sex not being a sin? Wasn't that quite a revelation? Wasn't that a study of revelation? Well, that's part of our study. But we're going to get into the Book of Revelation at the back of the Bible here, & we're going to study about the future, what God's love has prepared for you in the future.

       80. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE FUTURE'S LIKE? Well, we're going to tell you! We're going to read it to you from the Bible, if you'll come back to our loving love session next Bible class on Revelation. And you may get quite a revelation next time! XXX! I love you! God bless you! Good night!--In Jesus' name, amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family