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EDEN'S REVELATIONS!--Part 5 of "The Garden of Eden!" Video Series!       DFO 1173       France, 22/4/81

       1. WELL, PTL! TYJ! HALLELUJAH! HERE WE ARE BACK IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, TTL, & READY FOR ANOTHER REVELATION! And if you were watching the first part of this show, you had quite a revelation already! Because we have some very beautiful Eves dancing about our garden here, as you can see, & we thought it was a good idea to adorn this program with some real feminine pulchritude, & some real gorgeous female beauty--the most beautiful thing God ever created was a woman, & therefore, why not?

       2. AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH SEX EITHER! There's nothing wrong with nudity, God made them both. He made the woman to be seen & He made the sex to be enjoyed. Well, we didn't have any sex on this show, at least not yet, a-hem! Just wait! Just wait! We may get bold here enough to catch Eve by the corner of one of those veils & we'll see what happens!

       3. BUT ANYHOW, WE WANTED TO SHOW YOU SOME OF THE BEAUTIES OF GOD'S CREATION, & as you've been looking out over this lovely scene here, & the gorgeous background of the sea & the sand & the surf & the islands & the palms, you can tell obviously we are in a Garden of Eden paradise here, & it must be some place down South.--Somewhere in the tropics, some kind of Shangri-la, & we hope you'll be down here soon, too!

       4. BUT NOW AFTER THAT LITTLE REVELATION--which, if some of you saw the first part of our show, you see what God can reveal, & how beautiful it all is--we're going to get into something a little bit more serious even more serious. I don't know what could be more serious than a woman & her beauty & her nudity & her sex, that's all pretty serious, but it's all pretty pleasant too & pretty enjoyable! Amen? Wasn't she pretty? PTL! Hallelujah! GBY! That was really the Queen of Love you were seeing dancing tonight! Hallelujah!

       5. SO WE HAVE PROMISED YOU SOME LESSONS IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION. This is the book we are reading in, the Holy Bible as you can see. It says right there, "Holy Bible"!--And the last book, as we described to you already in the introduction & the summary to this book, & then we went into an explanation of the beginning in the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, how it all began.

       6. BUT NOW WE'RE JUMPING CLEAR OVER ALL THE REST OF THE BOOK & all of the ancient history of the first half of the book, & we're going even past the books of Psalms & Poetry, Song of Solomon, Job, & all those beautiful poetic sayings in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Then on into the beautiful poetry of even the prophets, some of them had some of the most beautiful poetry in the Bible--Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, & finally Daniel--the four great major prophets of the Bible.

       7. AND THEN THE MINOR PROPHETS, THERE'S A WHOLE STRING OF THEM & I always had a hard time remembering all their names or even finding them in the Bible, so maybe you do, too! But we won't be getting into too much of that. Later on we're going to go back into Isaiah & Jeremiah to read you how beautiful Heaven on Earth is going to be someday soon. We've already studied all the way through the Book of Daniel, all about the Endtime & the rise of that Devil-man, that Devil-god man known as the Antichrist, a Satan-possessed man who will rule the World in man's last seven years of history.

       8. AND THEN WE WENT ON INTO THE BOOK OF EZEKIEL, DESCRIBING THAT LAST GREAT WAR in which the Antichrist sets up his kingdom of seven years & how he tries to pacify the people & the religion with a holy Covenant or a pact, a treaty to give them special religious liberty, internationalising Jerusalem & the famous places of worship so that access may be had to them all, under a special international--Probably United Nations treaty--to solve the great religious question of who should have Jerusalem.

       9. THEY'RE NOT GOING TO GIVE IT TO THE JEWS, they're not going to give it to the Arabs, they're not even going to give it to the Christians!--He's going to give it to the World & make it an international city, & he's even going to eventually set his own palace there. And when he finds out that even treating them all fairly & trying to give them all religious liberty still doesn't stop all their quarrels and fighting and all the trouble he has with these religious people & religions, he finally decides the only solution is, as the great historian Toynbee said, "The only thing that will ever stop all the World's wars, it to have a one-World government, with a one-world dictator and one single world religion!"--And that's exactly what he decides to do.

       10. HE SETS HIMSELF UP AT THE END OF 3-1/2 YEARS, he gets fed up with all the trouble they cause, still fighting & arguing over their holy places & so on, even after the Jews have rebuilt their beautiful Temple there on Mount Moriah near the Mosque of Omar, & have re-instituted sacrificial offerings & worship there. They still fight & fuss over this & that & holy days & who gets to come & where & when & all this sort of thing, & the Christians too.

       11. UNTIL HE DECIDES THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO STOP ALL THIS ARGUING & bickering & fighting between the religions which has been behind most of the World's wars, & just to abolish all religion & set himself up as God & the only true religion, & to erect an idol, an Image of himself right there in the holy place in front of the restored temple of the Jews, right near the Mosque of Omar, the beautiful Dome of the Rock of the Muslims, & probably a Christian church has been built there too, so they can share the spot. He erects his Image, known as the Image of the Beast, because he is known in the Bible as the Beast. He is like a horrible rapacious gruesome horrible terrible Beast, & he's pictured as a Beast in the Bible many times.

       12. AND THEN HE SITS DOWN IN THE TEMPLE OF GOD HIMSELF, as God, claiming that he is God, & demanding the worship of the whole World! This begins the last 3 1/2 years of his reign, because this is right in the middle of his seven-year reign. He breaks that holy Covenant in the midst of the seven years & that leaves 3 1/2 years, & said so specifically in the Bible that it's given time & time again--3 1/2 years, 42 months, 1260 days--& begins a reign of terror such as the World has never known from the very beginning, no nor ever shall again, thank God!

       13. BECAUSE HE TRIES TO ENFORCE NOW THIS ONE-WORLD RELIGION OF THE WORSHIP OF HIMSELF AS GOD, & he tries to force everybody in the World to worship him & his Image, as some past dictators of the World have done, but he doesn't succeed. So he starts killing the people, having them slain--those who refuse to worship him & his Image. And he makes everybody take a mark in their forehead or in the palm of their hand to buy or sell. They cannot trade, do business of any kind without this mark in their forehead or in their hand.

       14. WE JUST HEARD RECENTLY WHERE THE NEW WELFARE CARDS OF THE UNITED STATES to be issued in the year 1984 bear this mark, & it's said in the Bible, in the Book of Revelation which we'll get to later, 13th chapter, that it is six hundred & sixty-six, 666! Someone that we know in the United States received one of these new welfare cards bearing that very number, 666, & he went to the Social Security to complain about it & to ask them how come. He didn't like this number, he was a Christian, he knew it was the number of the Beast. (Coughs.)

       15. PARDON ME, I'VE BEEN TALKING SO MUCH LATELY, YOU WOULD BE AMAZED, FAMILY! We have been trying to rush & get as much of this done as we can before all this happens because we don't want to be too late in letting you know what's going to happen next. They told him, "Oh, so sorry! That's the wrong card. That's not to be issued until 1984!"

       16. THEN WE HEARD ANOTHER REPORT THAT SOMEONE GOT A CHECK FROM THE IRS--that's the Internal Revenue Service of the United States--bearing on the bottom of the check these words: "Do not cash this check unless the bearer can show you his identification number in his hand." They're already working on it! They've already experimented with it!

       17. THEY SAY THAT IT'S GOING TO BE AN INVISIBLE NUMBER which can only be read under ultraviolet or black light, & therefore people are not supposed to complain about it, having to run around with it right across their forehead or in their hand, because it'll be invisible. It'll only show when you go to do business with any firm, or banking or buying or selling or business of any kind, even at the passport office.

       18. THEY'RE GOING TO DEMAND THAT YOU STEP FORWARD & LOOK INTO THE LIGHT until they can see the number on your forehead or hand. Apparently they're going to give you your choice, you can have it either place or maybe both places, who knows? And that will be your actually--tattooed invisible number--your personal identification number which you cannot remove without stripping the skin off, & then they'd know that you've done something, just as if you try to disfigure a check or an identity card, they'd know that you've erased it & wonder why. There are ways of removing tattoos, but they're very difficult & they usually have to have skin grafts to do it.

       19. BUT THEY'RE GOING TO TATTOO THIS INVISIBLE RADIOACTIVE OR KIND OF A RADIUM-TYPE OF A MATERIAL INTO THE SKIN where it will not wash off. You couldn't even scrape it off, it'll stay there as long as a tattoo! You've seen people who are tattooed, once tattooed, they bore that mark for the rest of their lives, it never wore off or washed off either one, imbedded so deep in the skin.--Not in the epidermis, the next layer of skin, but in the third layer of skin that remains there until the end of your life.

       20. THEY'RE ALREADY EXPERIMENTING WITH IT & HAVE PERFECTED THE METHOD OF INJECTING THIS FLUID. As you know, even in a tattoo they smear the dye on the skin & then they prick the skin with a needle electronically so that the dye soaks into those pricks. Then when the dye is washed off the surface it remains in those little holes made in your skin, very minute microscopic holes, & the pattern or the figure or a painting is made in your skin. This time it's going to be a number, right across the palm of your hand or across your forehead if you wish.

       21. THEY'VE ALREADY PERFECTED THE METHOD, they already have experimented with it as being the only foolproof method of issuing identification numbers which cannot be forged, which cannot be changed, which cannot be erased, cannot be changed in any way whatsoever, & though invisible to the naked eye so that nobody else can even know your number.

       22. YOU DON'T HAVE TO REVEAL YOUR NUMBER TO SOMEONE ELSE who might try some type of forgery or something, or try the same little trick of tattooing somebody else, perhaps, with your number. It will not be revealed to anyone except as you go in to do business with the government or with the banks or with these special trading corporations, etc., all run by the government by that time. Everything's run by the government--all buying, selling, trading, banking, welfare, passport, etc.--in those days.

       23. WE WERE JUST READING TODAY WHERE THEY'RE PERFECTING A NEW MACHINE FOR ISSUING PASSPORTS, that is for U.S. citizens, & other countries are experimenting with it in Europe also. They've already issued 60,000 of these new U.S. passports to the ever-growing number of U.S. citizens who are emigrating from the United States, more than three million a year, think of that! Three million a year passports & the number growing every year.

       24. I'M QUITE SURE THAT IT'S BECAUSE A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GETTING OUT OF THE UNITED STATES AS FAST AS THEY CAN, knowing it's a doomed country, destined for destruction for its sins because of the horrible destruction it has wreaked on other nations & the poor of the World, & the horrible wickedness of that nation which has led the World in the World's worst kind of wickedness, sexual wickedness, horrible music, depravity in motion pictures, and atheism & evolution & revolution & all kinds of the horrible things that are going on in the World today!

       25. THAT COUNTRY'S GOING TO BE WIPED OUT IN THE ATOMIC WAR, God's Word says so, & I'm going to read it to you in the Book of Revelation one of these days & show you that it's the U.S.A. & the Capitalist System which are going to be completely wiped out in that war--in one hour! In one day, God's Word says! Think of that!

       26. WELL, THEY'RE ALREADY ISSUING PASSPORTS WITH AN INVISIBLE NUMBER just like the one you're going to have in your hand, an invisible number which will only show up under a special black light or ultra-violet light as you go to the passport office to pass through the port. This number will not be visible to anyone else, no forger will be able to reproduce it or bring it out to be able to see it, so he will not be able to forge the passport.

       27. HE WILL NOT KNOW THE METHOD WHEREBY THIS NUMBER IS MADE OR ANYTHING, so he cannot go steal someone's passport & erase the number & put your number on it, or whatever. He won't know the number, so that if he tries to pass a port & they put the passport under this light out of his sight, & then they ask him "What is your passport number?"--If he doesn't know it, he of course won't be able to quote it, & they will have it there on the passport visible now under that light, & it will be all virtually impossible to steal or forge.--You could steal them, but not forge a passport or let someone else use it.

       28. NOW THAT'S VERY GOOD IN MANY WAYS, for legitimate owners are very distressed when they lose their passport, especially in a foreign country, & they must have another passport almost immediately. Probably it'll take a long time before the passports in foreign countries are issued this way, by these special high-cost high-priced machines, but that will probably wait until later, & they'll probably continue to issue passports in foreign countries by hand, as they do now.

       29. EVERY PASSPORT IN THE UNITED STATES & THROUGHOUT THE WORLD IS ISSUED BY HAND, except for these new passports which are made by machine with an invisible number, which they say is going to cut the work in half. It's the State Department that has complained that the volume of passports has become so great that they simply cannot handle it; it's just too much! And they're begging the government to please let them institute these new procedures to speed up the process of issuing passports, which they're already trying with this new machine, issuing these passports with invisible numbers. Then they're going to start installing machines at all U.S. ports to read these passports as you come back in.

       30. AND EVENTUALLY THESE MACHINES AT EACH U.S. PORT, as you return to your country, you U.S. citizens, the machines will be connected to a central computer system which will instantly read the number & translate it & give back the information to that passport machine as to exactly who you are, your picture, your birthday, date of issuance, the number, all these things.

       31. IF YOU HAVE COMMITTED ANY CRIMES OR IF YOU'RE WANTED BY THE POLICE ANYWHERE, that will be on the record, thrown on the screen at this passport machine as you re-enter your country. So you can't possibly get away with going out of the country, & even if you manage to get out, they're going to catch you when you come back in!

       32. THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE EVERY SINGLE PASSPORT STAMPED WITH THIS INVISIBLE NUMBER, manufactured by a machine, read by a machine, computerised by a machine. The immigration officer at that gate, all he has to do is put your passport into the machine, & it reads it, flashes back to him all the information to see if that's the correct passport, & if there are any details, for any reason the government happens to want to see you.

       33. MAYBE YOU RAN OUT OF THE COUNTRY AS A FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE, or maybe even from injustice! Or maybe you owe them a little debt to society in some way; they're going to be able to catch you then as you come back in or even as you go out if they check the passports as you go out.

       34. YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY BECAUSE THEY WILL HAVE THE INSTANT INFORMATION at their fingertips the moment that passport goes into the machine & they get a read-out from that central computer as to exactly who you really are, according to the passport, & if there are any charges against you of any kind, etc., whether you're going out of the country or coming back into the country. And eventually they plan to set up these same machines in other nations working with them in foreign countries abroad.

       35. AND NO DOUBT WHEN THE WORLDWIDE DICTATORSHIP OF THE ANTICHRIST ARISES & they have that one-World government & the number is not just stamped invisibly in your passport, but also in either your hand or your forehead, they're going to have a one-World computer, too, which will be able to identify you exactly & accurately anywhere in the World that you're stopped--not only at ports & immigration gates, but anywhere in any country at any police station. They'll be able to shove your passport in that machine & find out if you're wanted anywhere for anything, & you won't be able to get away with anything then!

       36. YOU'LL NOT BE ABLE TO BE A FUGITIVE THEN! You won't be able to flee your country then! You may even be forbidden to leave your country without special permission by that time.--Just as they are in many dictatorial repressive, oppressive, suppressive governments & nations around the World which are veritable prisons where you're not allowed to leave without special government permission from the Department of the Interior, as we discovered in Israel!

       37. ANYONE WHO DECIDES TO GO TO ISRAEL, if you think you're going to be able to just settle down there & be a free man, forget it! And if you don't like the way they do things over there & the way they treat the Arabs, as third class citizens, & the Druzes as second-class citizens, & only good Jews are first-class citizens, & you decide to leave, even if you're an American, we discovered you have a little problem with the Department of the Interior if they have granted you residency.

       38. THEY SAY, "SO SORRY! YOU HAVE APPLIED FOR ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP AS A JEW, & you won't be able to leave until this is all ironed out." Israeli citizens themselves cannot leave at all without government permission, & when they do, if they leave on their own--not governmentally or governmentally assigned on a government job--if they just want to go out & take a vacation, they have to pay a 100% tax on their air ticket or boat ticket anywhere in the World, meaning they have got to pay the fare plus an equal amount of the fare to the government--double!

       39. SO JUST LIKE SOME COUNTRIES HOLD YOU PRISONERS, you poor people there in Israel & other countries of the World, you're going to be a prisoner of the World government at that time, & of any government in which you are. You're not going to be allowed to move anywhere, leave that country, go anywhere, do anything, buy, sell, trade, anything, without this number in your hand or in your forehead, & invisible on your passport as well.

       40. WELL, YOU SAY, "OH, THAT'S TERRIBLE! HORRIBLE! I thought we were living & working & fighting wars for freedom! Didn't we fight two great World Wars, the First to save the World for democracy, & the Second, the War to end all wars? Isn't that why we fought those wars & so many millions of our boys died? Isn't that why we fought in Vietnam?--To liberate that country? Of course, we didn't succeed, but at least we tried!"

       41. REALLY, YOU AMERICANS ARE PRETTY DUMB FOLKS! You don't see the handwriting on the wall! You don't even notice this handwriting yet, even though it's not on the wall! But it's coming & you'll see it & it will be here as more & more governments are clamping down on their citizens with more & more restrictions on travel, transference of money & funds & bank accounts & taxes & all of these things so that you're no longer a free person.

       42. THIS IS ONE REASON WHY SO MANY AMERICANS ARE RAPIDLY LEAVING THE UNITED STATES AS FAST AS THEY CAN, & YOU'D BETTER GET OUT TOO! If you ever want to get out before it's wiped out in the Atom War, you had better get out now, with your present passport, or you had better get your passport now, while the restrictions are still fairly easy & all you have to do is apply, pay your money, give'm your picture & the information, get your passport & go!

       43. OR THE DAY IS COMING VERY SOON YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO, & even if you could get out, you won't be able to take your money with you, so how are you going to go or live in a foreign country? You won't be able to send back home for money, they won't be able to send it to you.

       44. YOU'D BETTER GO NOW, BELOVED, WHILE YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE to be a free man in what free World there is left, to some other country, some far South Sea Island like this that nobody really cares about, nothing but a handful of natives & coconuts on the trees with its own little independent government, & far from the big tyrants & giants & superpowers who are going to try to annihilate each other! You are going to have to get out now if you want to find any place in the World that is any kind of a free World. That's what's coming!

       45. I'VE BEEN KIND OF GIVING A RESUME OF THE FUTURE, but we have skipped over a lot of this history, we have skipped over a lot of what's said in the Bible already. We've already taught you Daniel & all about the Antichrist & his kingdom & that last great 3 1/2 years of terrible World government & persecution & torture & restriction & slaughter if you refuse to worship this Devil-man & his idol!

       46. AND NOW WE HAVE ALSO DEALT WITH THE FINAL GREAT EVENT THAT'S GOING TO OCCUR AT THE END. Just after the darkest hour in World history, we are going to have the brightest dawn! The brightest dawn comes after the darkest night, & Jesus is going to come back again & rescue His Own, His children, His church, His people, everyone who loves Him & knows Him & has Jesus in their hearts, believes He is the Son of God, the Messiah, Yeshua Ha Messiah, who believes that He is Saviour of the World, the Jehovah of the Bible.

       47. HE'S GOING TO COME BACK & HE'S GOING TO RESCUE US OUT OF THIS WORLD! He's going to say, "Stop the World! I want'm to get off!" Hallelujah! And you're going to be caught up together with Him in the air, to meet the Lord in the air, & so shall we ever be with the Lord! (1Th.4:17.) There's going to be hell on Earth as the judgements of God rain down, while we're having a great wedding feast & party up yonder in Heaven with the Lord!

       48. THEN WE'RE GOING TO COME BACK WITH HIM, CHARGING BACK INTO THIS WORLD'S ATMOSPHERE in a great battle called Armageddon in which we will wipe out the forces of the Enemy, our enemies, the forces of the Antichrist & of the Devil who oppose us & who have fought us ever since we can remember, ever since the days of Adam!--And we are going to destroy them! Then Jesus Christ & His children are going to take over this World & rule & reign with a rod of iron, & rule the World the way it should have been ruled!

       49. GOD'S GIVING MAN HIS DAY TODAY, He's giving man his chance. He's letting man choose his own way & choose his own leaders & his own governments to show him he cannot solve his problems without God! But God's letting man have his way & letting him go his way, having his own will to do as he pleases until the end, & then, just before man goes too far & completely destroys himself & the World, Jesus takes over! God takes over, & saves the World & us & you, if you're saved. TYJ!

       50. DO YOU LOVE JESUS? HAVE YOU GOT CHRIST IN YOUR HEART? If not, you'd better take Him today. You can just take Him in your heart this very minute. You can sing with me this little song:
       "Into my heart, into my heart,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!

       Come in today, come in to stay,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!

       BE READY!

       When Jesus comes,
       His face we'll see,
       Be ready!

       Has your soul been filled
       With the fire & Holy Ghost?
       ARE you saved & ready
       To meet the Lord of hosts?

       When Jesus comes,
       Don't hesitate,
       Don't be too late,
       Be ready!"

PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! I hope you'll be ready, in Jesus' name. Amen. Goodbye! X! GBY! WLY! PTL! God bless & keep you until then!--In Jesus' name, amen.--Are you ready?

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family