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ISLAND OF REVELATION!--Part 7 of "The Garden of Eden!"       France, 25/4/81       DFO1175

       1. HERE ON THE MAP WE'RE LOOKING AT IS THE ISLAND OF REVELATION, the Island of Patmos, where the dear old Apostle John received this marvellous revelation of the future, a little island in the Aegean Sea between Greece & Turkey. Here we have Saudi Arabia up here, & here's Egypt over here. And here's Jerusalem right there, here's the Holy Land. Here's poor Lebanon right here, Tyre & Sidon; Beirut is a new city so it's not on the map. Then we go up here to Assyria, & over here's Cyprus where we found the "Mountain Island Villa." (See Nos. 21 & 63.) And up here is Turkey which at that time was called Asia Minor, or Galatian Capodocia.

       2. AND OVER HERE WE FIND THE ISLAND OF PATMOS!--The little tiny Greek Island in the sea here, just off the coast of Turkey. And there on the coast of Turkey were these principal churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation several times. Each one is named & listed in this first chapter, & then again in the second & third chapters we have these churches mentioned. I'll just read them off to you here & you'll recognise them when we read them in this text tonight.

       3. HERE'S EPHESUS WHICH WAS THE MAIN PRINCIPAL CHURCH, the main port of that area, to whom Paul wrote His Epistles to the Ephesians. Here's Smyrna, Thyatira, Pergamos, Sardis & Philadelphia. The Lord spoke to us as being the Church of Philadelphia, & the prophecy He gave me personally had to do with this Church of Philadelphia. Then the Church of Laodicea. These seven churches here in Asia Minor, in what is now Turkey.

       4. THEN RIGHT ACROSS THE SEA NOT FAR IS ATHENS, HERE IN GREECE. Then we can go on over here to Italy, & there you see Rome, & go up the boot of Italy & up here is Gaul, or what is now France, & down here we have Spain. And here's North Africa across this way, Morocco over here, Tunisia here, Algeria in-between, & then you have Libya down in here, quite a sizeable place, & back again to Egypt.

       5. BUT UP HERE IS THE AREA THAT WE ARE MOST INTERESTED IN TONIGHT, because it was here on this little island that the Apostle John received this marvellous Revelation of the Future, given to him by an angel from Jesus Christ & God, & we're going to begin following that text right now. You've had some other revelations before & interesting things that you have seen, & now we're going to read you straight from the Bible--& you're going to read straight from the Bible--exactly what the Bible has to say!

       6. SO, BOOK OF REVELATION, FIRST CHAPTER, & WE'VE ALREADY READ THE FIRST THREE VERSES. We've already had six introductory lessons on this series on the Revelation of the Future, & we've had quite a few revelations all about our little Garden of Eden here and its beautiful Eves. We seem to be led to discuss some of the basic concepts of religion & ethics & morals & right & wrong & Bible history which all began right here in the Garden of Eden, all about Adam & Eve.

       7. AND I WAS THINKING ABOUT THAT TODAY, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORDS "GARDEN OF EDEN"? When you think of the Garden of Eden, what do you think of? Well, somebody answered me: "A beautiful place, paradise!" Somebody else said: "Two naked people!" Well, they're both right!--Because there were two naked people, Adam & Eve, in this beautiful paradisiacal Garden of Eden!

       8. WHEN WE STARTED DISCUSSING IT, WE GOT INTO A GREAT DEAL OF DISCUSSION REGARDING WHAT HAPPENED IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN. And as I think we brought out in a recent lesson, the first lie that the Devil ever told man was that God was a liar! God had told them that if they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil--especially evil--that they would die. But the Devil told Adam & Eve, "Thou shalt not surely die. For God knoweth that in the day that ye eat thereof that ye shall become as gods, knowing good & evil." (Gen.3:4,5.)

       9. WELL, THAT WAS HIS FIRST LIE! It was sugarcoated with the truth--they would know good & evil & they would become like gods, like man has become today, almost knowing much more than is good for him!--Much good in science & all the developments of technology, transportation, communication, electronics, computers & whatnot, & all kinds of television & radio & space travel & all of these things, & yet too much of it has been evil! Fast travel kills more people than anything else today, & the atomic bomb threatens to kill even more! So the more knowledge they get doesn't necessarily mean it's good--it's the knowledge of both good & evil!

       10. WE WERE JUST DISCUSSING TODAY HOW THAT, ISN'T IT AMAZING THE FIRST LIE THE DEVIL TOLD ADAM & EVE WAS THAT GOD WAS A LIAR! He tried to undermine their confidence & faith in God's Word! Then evidently from what happened immediately afterward, after this had happened, Adam & Eve suddenly looked at themselves & discovered that they were naked! Well, they didn't exactly discover it, this was the Devil's next lie. Because they had been naked all the time, they certainly had looked at each other before & noticed! They didn't know any other way to be, man had never worn clothes, he didn't know that there was such a thing! There were no clothes!

       11. THE GARDEN OF EDEN HAD A DELIGHTFUL CLIMATE, YOU DIDN'T NEED ANY CLOTHES, not even the scantiest loin cloth or anything!--Perfect climate, ideal for man's body & skin, & nothing to give him even the slightest shiver. And he picked his meals off the trees, he slept on the grass, he didn't even need shelter, it was a beautiful place! We've talked about this before. And they'd looked at each other many times, & they saw that they had no clothes on, they were naked.

       12. BUT IT HAD NEVER DAWNED ON THEM THAT IT WAS WRONG--WHY?--BECAUSE IT WASN'T WRONG! There was nothing wrong with being naked, that's the way God made them! Neither was there anything wrong with sex, they had lots of sex before the Fall. The first commandment of God in the 28th verse of the first chapter of Genesis was that they should have sex: "Be fruitful & multiply!" And I'm sure as soon as they saw each other, they went at it!

       13. THE KNOWLEDGE OF EVIL IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE DEVIL! You take the word Devil & you just chop off his head, the "D", & you've got "evil"! Take a look at the word! Chop off the "E" & you've got "vile"! Chop off the "V" & you've got "ill"! Chop off the "I" & you've got "L"--Hell for sure!

       14. WELL, YOU KNOW WHERE THEY GOT THE IDEA THAT THEY WERE NAKED & THAT IT WAS WRONG TO BE NAKED? Who else could they have gotten it from but the Devil? Right? I mean, when they knew nothing but good, they were naked all the time & didn't even know it! Didn't know what? They saw each other & they saw their bodies & never thought anything of it!--Except they were beautiful & they liked to make love to each other! But they never saw anything wrong about it, because there was nothing wrong about it!

       15. BUT WHEN THE DEVIL CAME ALONG, EVIDENTLY THAT WAS THE NEXT LIE HE TOLD THEM: "Ah-ha! Look at you! You're naked! Don't you know that's wrong? Nudity is wrong?" It's against the law in lots of places throughout the world today, laws following one of the Devil's greatest lies! The greatest lie was to say God was a liar & undermine their faith in His Word so that they disobeyed; then the next lie he gave them was that it was wrong not to wear clothes; & the next lie, of course, obviously he must have told them, if it was wrong to be naked, then it must be wrong to have sex, 'cause how're you going to have sex without being naked?

       16. HE WAS STRIKING AT THE VERY BASIS OF PROCREATION, RE-CREATION, OF HAVING CHILDREN TO PERPETUATE THE RACE OF MAN WHICH HE WAS TRYING TO DESTROY, & the way he tried to destroy it was first by undermining their faith in God, & getting them, second, to disobey; third, to think it was wrong to be naked or nude, something wrong & evil, vile about their bodies, the beautiful bodies that God had created perfect; & finally, therefore, it must be wrong to have sex & children!

       17. IF HE COULDN'T DESTROY ADAM & EVE THEMSELVES, HE WAS TRYING TO DESTROY THEIR CHANCES OF HAVING CHILDREN: Put clothes on them, get'm all muffled up from head to toe in bearskins & animal skins, furs, as God had to do then. Because somehow or other, that beautiful atmosphere of that lovely Garden, tropical warmth, was gone, they got cold & they had to have furs. You know what woman was the first woman who demanded a fur coat? You guessed it!--Eve! Only her poor husband didn't know how to provide her with one, couldn't afford to buy one, there wasn't any money, he didn't have a job now, he was kicked out of his gardening job, so God Himself had to provide it.

       18. SO THAT WAS QUITE A CHAIN OF CIRCUMSTANCES, WASN'T IT? How the Devil first of all persuaded them God was wrong, His word wasn't true, therefore they didn't have to obey it; & it was wrong to be naked, therefore wrong to have sex, therefore you gotta get dressed quick, stop having all this sex, or you'll have too many children to take care of, & before you know it, the World will be full of people!

       19. 'CAUSE HE DIDN'T WANT A LOT OF PEOPLE BORN, he didn't want a lot of people created, he didn't want lots of people to exist that God could save & people Heaven with, the future Paradise, the future Garden of Eden. Because we're not only looking backwards in this series to the Garden of Eden, back in the very beginning, the very Creation, the very first, when Adam was the first man, & Eve was the first woman.--They didn't have any problems with jealousy then, at least, there was nobody else!

       20. BUT THE DEVIL ENTERED IN, & CAUSED ALL THAT TROUBLE, ALL THOSE LIES & ALL THOSE MISCONCEPTIONS, all those wrong mores, wrong morals, inhibitions, fears & all the rest, until he brought about the complete fall & degradation of man!--Till man became so evil & was destroying his own children by casting them into the fire of the god Moloch, so God got sick & fed up with man & He annihilated man almost completely with the Flood, about 1,600 years later, in which only one man & his family were saved, just one man's family, Noah & his wife & his three sons & their three wives, eight people, by the Ark.

       21. FOR OVER A YEAR THEY SAILED ON THAT SEA, NOTHING BUT SEA, THE WHOLE WORLD SUBMERGED, until finally everyone was dead except them & the animals that they had saved. And the waters assuaged & they landed on top of Mt. Ararat, just five miles inside the Turkish border from Russia--only Turkey & Russia weren't there then, so they didn't have to worry about that! Nowadays you can't even climb Mt. Ararat in Turkey without permission from Russia because they say you're spying on Russian territory, this tall tall mountain, 17,000 feet tall, one of the tallest in the World, on which the Ark landed & where its remains still exist in a frozen lake covered with ice & snow nearly all the time so it can't be seen.

       22. IT HAS ONLY BEEN SEEN ON THE RAREST OCCASIONS, FLYING OVERHEAD, WHEN IT WAS AN EXTREMELY UNUSUALLY HOT SUMMER & the ice & snow melted sufficiently to be able to see the remains of the Ark. I say "remains" because in the early days according to history, many people used to climb the mountain & chip off pieces of the wood because they thought it was magic. It was a mysterious magical boat to be sitting up in the top of a mountain! Whoever heard of a boat sitting in the top of a mountain? So they used to chop off hunks of the wood & use them for charms & hang them around their necks like I have this lovely heart here!

       23. I WEAR THIS AS A SYMBOL OF LOVE! Some people wear crosses as a symbol of the cross of Christ; that's fine. Some people wear Jewish stars, the so-called Star of David, the six-pointed star, which I wouldn't be surprised will become the Mark of the Beast or the Antichrist; it is one of the signs of Witchcraft! Some people wear a saber's tooth, tiger tooth, which is a sign of the horn of the Devil to try to please Satan!

       24. WELL, THEY USED TO WEAR THESE LITTLE TALISMANS & CHARMS TO TRY TO KEEP THE DEVIL AWAY, & people became so ignorant & superstitious they went up & chopped off pieces of the Ark & they hung them on chains or strings around their necks to ward away evil spirits! Well, I don't know if the Ark had that much power or not, but it had the power to save eight souls & to begin man all over again through one righteous man & his family--Noah!

       25. SAD TO SAY, THINGS WENT WRONG RIGHT AWAY & THEY BEGAN TO HAVE A LOT OF TROUBLE. One reason being dear old Noah the father, he liked his wine & he got drunk, & his own son committed the sin of sodomy against him! Imagine, his own son Ham, the black one. "Ham" is an Egyptian word for black, he had a son who was black. He had two white sons & one was black son in fact he had one black son & one white son & one was a little bit olive-skinned. Ham was black. And Shem, he was sort of olive-skinned, the forefather of the Jews & the Arabs & the Indians & the Asiatics & all that. And Japheth, he was white, forefather of the Europeans & the Americans & the South Americans & all of these.

       26. BUT HAM, WHEN HE SAW HIS FATHER LYING DRUNK & NAKED, COMMITTED THE SIN OF SODOMY AGAINST HIS FATHER, one of the vilest, worst sins that man ever committed & which God abhors & hates & for which He has destroyed cities, Sodom & Gomorrah, & whole civilisations, whole countries! ...

       27. Homosexuality between men [EDITED: "is"] "men with men working that which is unseemly" sexually. (Ro.1:27.) And I'm sorry to say it has now swept across the civilised World, from uncivilised, savage, native Africa, across Europe, North America & South America. In fact, it has virtually taken the World over today until it seems like the World is just full of sodomites, which is one reason God is now going to have to destroy the World again!

       28. HE PROMISED NEVER TO DESTROY IT AGAIN WITH A FLOOD OF WATER, but this time He's going to destroy it with a flood of fire, in the very end, & purify it & destroy the pollution, the germs, the contamination, the wicked, & all evil & the curse, & re-make the surface of the Earth into another Garden of Eden, a New Earth with a New Heaven! That's why this Garden of Eden is so important. Can you swing around & shoot that sign again there, Son? I want them to know where they're at, & where we're at!

       29. WE ARE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN! And we are in a Garden of Eden, a tropical paradise on Earth right now which we have nicknamed, you might say, the Garden of Eden. And it's like the Garden of Eden: It's tropical, it's warm, you can pick fruit off the trees & it has beautiful dancing naked ladies, naked Eves, & you've seen a lot that looks like the Garden of Eden, right? It's even got an Adam here! Pretty old Adam, but after all, he's been around quite a few years!

       30. YOU SEE, WE'RE NOT ONLY LOOKING BACK 6,000 YEARS TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN, but we're looking forward another few years until God will make the Earth like a Garden of Eden again in the days of the Millennium! And then finally completely purify it with fire in the Battle of Gog & Magog & restore the surface of the planet then to a New Earth--no sea, all land, all beautiful Garden, perfect, absolutely perfect, just like it was in the days of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden!

       31. SO THAT'S WHY THE GARDEN OF EDEN'S SO IMPORTANT--IT'S WHERE WE BEGAN & WHERE WE WILL END! Man began in the Garden of Eden, he will end in a whole World like the Garden of Eden, where once again beautiful righteousness & innocence, purity, even nudity & sin-free sex is restored! Maybe you don't believe that, well, it's Bible just the same. It's all here, & if you'll stick with us a little while, we're going to study it and you'll see. But that's what happened, & then you pretty much know from your study of history what happened since then.

       32. AFTER NOAH CAME DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAIN & HAD THAT LITTLE PROBLEM WITH HIS SON & ... as a result of the curse, he said [EDITED: "the Canaanites"] would be "a servant of servants" to their brethren & their descendants. (Gen.9:25) They spread across the Earth, Hamites into Africa, the Shemites across Asia, & the Japhethites across Europe & the Americas, till those three boys have peopled the whole Earth! Well, sounds like sex was pretty legitimate! Sounds like they obeyed God's first commandment in Genesis 1:28, "to be fruitful & multiply," commanded long before the Fall.

       33. SO YOU SEE, NUDITY & SEX WERE NOT ILLEGITIMATE, THEY WERE NOT WRONG, & IN GOD'S SIGHT THEY'RE STILL NOT WRONG! It's only the Devil who hates sex & says they're wrong! It's only the Devil's people, the System, who deplore nudity & its humility & its complete lack of cover-ups & of being unable to hide any longer but to see them just as they are. It's the System that deplores nudity & sex & makes all kinds of rules & laws to control it. Well, we've gone into that before. But that's why we start here in the Garden of Eden, & that's why we've studied from there on up to the present time, & we're going to study from now right on into the End, when we're back in the Garden of Eden again, when the whole World is like a Garden of Eden! Isn't that wonderful? PTL? TYJ?

       34. WELL, THE FIRST GARDEN OF EDEN WAS ABOUT 4,000 YEARS AGO, WELL, ALMOST 6,000 YEARS NOW! My goodness! I'm losing track of time, it's been so long! I said 4,000 because it was about 4,000 B.C. when man was created & placed in the Garden of Eden, & it's been 2,000 years since then, & that's 6,000 years! And then we have a seventh thousand of years coming very soon called the Millennium when it'll be Heaven on Earth, another Garden of Eden again, & we'll be here to enjoy it, TG!--That is providing you're saved & you love Jesus & you love God & you have Him in your heart & you love others & you tell them about His Love.

       35. SO THAT'S WHY WE START IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, & 4,000 YEARS LATER AFTER THAT, JESUS CAME, died on the cross for our sins & rose again, as we have been celebrating recently at Easter. That's 2,000 years ago now, & not long after that the Apostle John was here on this Island of Patmos when he got his Revelation from the Lord, almost 2,000 years ago when he was in his nineties, about 107 A.D. And we're going to study that as we go along.

       36. THAT'S WHY WE CALL THIS THE ISLAND OF REVELATION, because it was on this Island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea, here in this beautiful sea between Turkey & Greece on one of those delightful, beautiful, wonderful, Mediterranean islands which are almost Gardens of Eden themselves--beautiful, paradisiacal islands--here it was that John was exiled by the Roman Government just for preaching the Gospel. They put him here where there were so few people, they figured he couldn't do any harm on this Island of Revelation.

       37. BUT HERE ON THIS ISLAND HE RECEIVED ONE OF THE GREATEST REVELATIONS EVER GIVEN TO MAN!--The revelation of a whole 2,000 years of the Future from that time to this, plus another 1,000 years of Millennium right on into Eternity & that New Earth & the Heavenly City! So this was quite an island & a very important one, where dear John got this tremendous Revelation from God. And that's what we're studying here, day after day. Maybe where you're watching this video it's nighttime, but as you can see here, it's daytime.

       38. WELL, PG! IN OUR GARDEN OF EDEN, IT'S ALWAYS DAYTIME & SUNSHINE BECAUSE WE HAVE THE GARDEN OF EDEN IN OUR HEARTS! That's why we wear this little heart, the sign of love, because if you have God's love in your heart, you have a restored Garden of Eden in your heart! You're like Adam, made clean & sinless & without having fallen all over again--pure, perfect, praise God, in God's sight! Oh, we make a few mistakes, of course, everybody makes mistakes, nobody's perfect!

       39. ONLY JESUS WAS PERFECT & THAT'S WHY HE COULD PAY THE PRICE OF OUR SINS & GOD COULD FORGIVE US, because He took our punishment for us. He was the only One perfect, & therefore that's why He could give us salvation as a gift, because we could never earn it, we could never be perfect, we always made mistakes & committed sins & still do!--You and me! "You mean you're a preacher & you still make mistakes & commit sins & you're not perfect!" No, I'm sorry if you're disappointed & disillusioned, I'm not perfect, I still make mistakes! I made a few today, probably, & maybe yesterday, & for the past several years I can remember a lot of'm! And I'll probably make some more!

       40. A MISTAKE IS MISSING THE MARK, & THAT'S A SIN! If you don't hit it right on the button & you're not perfect, then it's a mistake; it's missing the mark, & that's a sin. So even mistakes, in a sense, are sins in the eyes of God's perfection. But He loves you so much, He's forgiven you & He forgives you every day, once again "the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin"--past sin, present sin, & future sins! (1Jn.1:7.)

       41. THE HORRIBLE FALL OF MAN IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN & ALL THE FLOODTIDE OF SIN IT LET INTO THE WORLD from the demonic World of the Devil & his lies & his demons & his evil spirits, it's just like it was opening Pandora's Box & letting all this evil into the World when Eve took her first bite of that apple--we don't know if it was an apple, but it was a fruit of that tree--she took her first bite of disobedience. Of course, she'd already sinned, she believed the Devil instead of God, & that began to let in the flood of sin. The Devil opened the floodgates of sin & let sin pour into the World until sin wiped man off the face of the Earth through the judgements of God & the Flood, & it'll happen again in the End!

       42. I'M GOING TO TELL YOU SOME OF THE BAD THINGS, I'VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS FOR YOU, & THEN I'VE GOT SOME GOOD NEWS FOR YOU TOO! I'm not going to tell it to you like the doctor did the guy in the hospital whose leg had to be amputated. He came back to him after he had regained consciousness & he said, "Doctor, how am I?" He said, "Well, do you want to know the whole truth?" "Yeah," he said, "tell me the whole thing. Is it good news or bad news?" He said, "Well, I've got both for you, I've got some good news & some bad news. What do you want to hear first?" He said, "Well, give me the good news first, maybe that'll help me take the bad news." He said, "Well, the good news is that your leg didn't have to be amputated after all. The bad news is that we cut off the wrong leg, the other one was OK!"' I don't know whether I told that joke right or not! Ha! Ha! Nobody laughed, so how am I supposed to know? HA! They're laughing now. The good news was his leg was OK, but the bad news was they cut off the wrong leg.

       43. WELL, THAT WAS ABOUT AS BAD NEWS AS ADAM & EVE GOT IN THE GARDEN, ONLY THEY LOST ALL FOUR LEGS PRACTICALLY! They lost their lives & brought death into the World & man's been dying ever since! At first, until the Flood, he lived nearly a thousand years at a stretch but after the Flood & the great waters that used to be above the sky--That great layer of water above the firmament that used to filter out the deadly cosmic rays--the floodgates of Heaven were opened & those waters fell to the Earth!--Which was one thing that caused the Flood, besides the rain.

       44. WE'RE NO LONGER PROTECTED FROM THOSE DEADLY COSMIC RAYS They age us so rapidly now, instead of living a thousand years as man did before the Flood, now we only live about 70 to 100. "The days of a man's life," the Psalmist said, "are three score & ten; yet if by reason of great strength they be fourscore, yet are they that much more trouble & sorrow." (Ps.90:10.) So you don't necessarily want to live a long time, it may be just more trouble!

       45. LIVING LONG IS NOT NECESSARILY THE KEY TO HAPPINESS, because if you're miserable, it's just a longer time to be miserable, & more miserable, & more old, & more sick, & more sinful, & more sorrowful & a bigger mess than ever! Whereas if you love the Lord & you have His love & love others & they love you, well, in some ways the longer you live the happier you are! You get to see your children & your grandchildren & your great-grandchildren, & they give you joy & happiness, & you see your life has accomplished a good work & been a blessing to many.

       46. I'M THANKFUL THAT I'VE LIVED SO LONG, because I've lived to see my children & grandchildren grow up--& I'm having great--grandchildren now! And not only that, I have the largest Family of any man in this World, I have over 8,000 children! And by the time you see this video, it may be many times that, because they're not going to be able to show you this right away, some of you, probably not till after I'm gone, for my own safety & security.

       47. BY THE TIME YOU SEE THIS VIDEO & HEAR MY VOICE & SEE ME TALKING ON THIS SCREEN, I WILL PROBABLY BE ALREADY IN THE OTHER WORLD, in that marvellous spiritual Heavenly World, just on the other side of death, just through the veil, a curtain that separates us between this fourth dimension & that Fifth Dimension--the World of the Spirit, the spiritual World in which the spirits live forever!--And we'll live forever!--And it'll be a Heaven on earth for those of us who love God & have His love & have received Jesus! It'll be Hell on Earth for those who rejected God & refused to believe in Jesus & hated His love & hated people & did everything wrong & were terrible in their horrible ... (Thunderclap!) PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Lord, rebuke the Devil in Jesus' name & help us to finish this up!

       48. WELL, THE DEVIL IS MAD WHEN I'M TELLING YOU THIS, I'LL TELL YOU, THERE WAS A BOLT OF LIGHTNING OUT OF THE BLUE! There hasn't even been a storm! It's been a perfectly clear sunny day, no storm, nothing! And once again the Devil is so mad he's throwing his lightning bolts at us, his fiery darts, & he hit the electrical system, & as you saw, the equipment went out for a moment. But here I am back again! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       49. REBUKE THE DEVIL IN JESUS' NAME We claim power over Satan in the name of Jesus Christ! Get thee behind us, Satan! Flee from us! Depart from this property & this place & stop throwing those lightning bolts until we get done with God's business here! In Jesus' name, we ask it for Thy glory, Lord Jesus Christ! Show Thy power, Thy mighty power, over the Devil, Lord, & chase him away from this place & our electrical system & this equipment!

       50. LAST NIGHT IT WAS BUGS IN THE EQUIPMENT THAT DESTROYED THE SOUND, tonight he's trying to destroy the picture, Lord! We ask Thee, in Jesus' name to rebuke him & resist him! You promised to resist the Enemy & he'll flee from you. When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him! (Jan.4:7; Is.59:19.) Hallelujah! TYJ! PG! (Tongues:) Amen, TYL! "So shall I defend these thy children as I have defended their father!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Amen, TYL! Oh, PG! TYJ!

       51. WE HAVE A MIGHTY, WONDERFUL GOD! HE'S MORE POWERFUL THAN THE DEVIL! The Devil is powerful--he's the Prince of the power of the air, God's Word says. (Eph.2:2.) God has given him dominion over the atmosphere & the storms & the clouds & the lightning bolts & the thunder, but God has dominion over him & can control him & stop the storm in a moment, & stop the thunder & the lightning bolts! Did you hear it? I don't know whether you got the thunder or not--there was a mighty clap of lighting! We didn't even see it except our equipment went off for a moment, & then we heard the clap of thunder & the thunder rolled! Not a sound since then, TYJ! PG! The Lord has the victory! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

       52. BUT LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, ONE OF THESE DAYS GOD'S GOING TO EVEN ALLOW THE DEVIL TO CUT LOOSE & sock his lightning bolts all over the place, & his storms & his thunder! He is going to really give Hell on Earth to you hellions out there who don't love God & don't love His children & persecute them & torture them & cause them all kinds of trouble & won't let them litness & won't let them witness & don't want them in your country!

       53. GOD'S GOING TO SOCK IT TO YOU ONE OF THESE DAYS & HE'S NOT GOING TO WANT YOU IN HIS WORLD!--And you're going to be destroyed, & sent to Hell for all the Hell you created on this Earth & all the damage you did, as the children of the Devil that you are! Let me tell you, not all mankind are brothers, don't let'm kid you! There's no such things as the brotherhood of man & the fatherhood of God to all--that's a lot of bullshit! Because some of you are of your father the Devil, as Jesus said! (Jn.8:44.)--And you belong to Satan & you belong in Hell & you're going to get there pretty soon at the rate you're going!

       54. THE DEVIL IS STILL ANGRY! I don't know whether you can hear the thunder rolling, but TTL it's a lot further away. We told him to get away from here, right? Lord preserve our electricity till this shot is over, then let him shoot the wicked & not us, in Jesus' name! PG! Hallelujah? Amen? We got any more time? TYL! OK! Don't forget to call time on me. I'd just keep on going all night & probably from here to eternity if somebody didn't stop me, because I'm so happy about the good news I have to give you!

       55. FIRST I HAD TO GIVE YOU THE BAD NEWS, & that was that Adam & Eve did the wrong thing, but now I can give you the good news that God has a remedy for it, & that's in His Love, in Jesus & salvation that you can have just for the asking, it's a gift! You couldn't earn it, as I was telling you before the Devil got mad, just about the time I was telling you, you couldn't save yourself by your own works, you couldn't be good enough, you couldn't save yourself.

       56. BOY, THAT IS A DOCTRINE THE DEVIL HATES, BECAUSE THAT IS THE RELIGION OF THIS WORLD! That is the religion of most of the churches, that if you're good enough & go to church enough & have enough Masses & all the rest, you can save yourself. That's a lie! No amount of church-going or Masses or prayers or any saints or anything else is going to save you, only Jesus Christ! "There's only one Mediator between God & man, the man Christ Jesus!" And "there's none other Name given from Heaven on Earth whereby ye must be saved," except through Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself said, "I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life, & no man cometh to the Father but by Me." (1Tim.2:5; Ac.4:12; Jn.14:6.)

       57. THERE'S NO WAY TO GET SAVED EXCEPT THROUGH JESUS! Sorry to tell you unsaved Jews, you're not going to make it! Somebody read in the paper today, talking about the Jewish rabbis going to fight all these Christian missionaries who are trying to get the Jews converted. He said, "We don't try to get you Christians converted, why do you try to get us converted?"--A ... rabbi on Miami Beach where I used to live & work ... said, "I don't like religions to tell some other religion that they're not right & that they're the only way!"

       58. WELL, I'M SORRY IF HE DOESN'T LIKE IT, IT'S STILL TRUE, BECAUSE JESUS SAID IT: "I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, & THE LIFE, & NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER BUT BY ME!" Now you can take that or leave it! Either Jesus was a good Man, a Prophet or God, the Son of God & the Saviour & told the Truth, & He's the only Way to get to God & Heaven & to be saved, or you can say, "Well, He was a prophet but He made mistakes & He told some lies & blah, blah, blah, & He wasn't the Son of God, He wasn't the Saviour," & so you'll be lost & go to Hell! Which would you rather have? I'll tell you, He's the only Way to Heaven!

       59. I'M SORRY, THE JEWS CAN'T GET SAVED ANY OTHER WAY BUT THROUGH THEIR OWN MESSIAH, their own King, Jesus, the Son of God ... ! I'm sorry if it makes you sorry to hear that sad news! But the good news is that you can be saved through Jesus by receiving Jesus in your heart, & you can go to Heaven, even though you're not good!

       60. YOU KNOW WHAT? THERE'RE LOTS OF GOOD PEOPLE GOING TO GO TO HELL BECAUSE THEY'RE DEPENDING ON THEIR OWN GOODNESS & RIGHTEOUSNESS, without God, without Jesus; & there are lots of bad people like you & me that are going to go to Heaven, sinners like us, because we know we're not good & we know our own goodness & righteousness can't save us! Therefore we have received God's gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, "not of works lest any man should boast, it is the gift of God"! "For by grace are ye saved through faith, & that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God!"--Eph.2:8,9.

       61. SO THE ONLY WAY TO BE SAVED, BELOVED, IS NOT BY YOUR OWN GOODNESS & YOUR OWN WORKS & your own church attendance of membership or giving to the poor or whatever it may be; it'll never save you! Only Jesus can save you! Jesus alone saves. But He can't save you alone, He wants to save the whole World. He'd like to & some day He will, but He wants you to tell others about His Love. He wants you to give His love & message of salvation, called the Gospel, the Good News, to the whole World, to every creature! (Mk.16:15.)

       62. YOU CAN EVEN PREACH IT TO YOUR DOG, MAYBE IT'LL DO HIM SOME GOOD!--Or your cat or your canary, I don't know! But He said "every creature," so I go around manifesting God's love to everybody--the dogs & the pigs & the cows & the cats & the canaries, & the birds outside, & I figure I'm preaching God's Gospel of Love & Salvation to every creature in all the World--& I've been over quite a bit of it already--how about you?--"all the World!"

       63. DO YOU WANT TO BE SAVED? TAKE JESUS IN YOUR HEART RIGHT NOW! Just ask Him to come in, say: (Sings:)
       "Into my heart, into my heart,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!
       Come in today, come in to stay,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!"

That's all you have to do! He says, "Behold, I stand at the door & knock, if any man will hear My voice & open the door, I will come in." (Rev.3:20.) And if you opened the door right this minute while we were singing & you were praying, if you asked Jesus to come in, He came in & you're saved!

       64. DO YOU FEEL ANY DIFFERENT? WELL, MAYBE SO, MAYBE NO! BUT YOU WILL, & YOU'LL ACT DIFFERENT TOO! Because when the Spirit of His Love lives in you, the wonderful Mother-God of the Holy Spirit, that Third Person of the Trinity, so much love like a mother, She'll make you love like a mother! God'll make you love like a mother! Jesus in your heart will make you love everybody! (Sings:)
       "Makes you love everybody,
       Makes you love everybody,
       Makes you love everybody,
       And it's good enough for me!"


       65. GBY ALL! WLY & WE HOPE THAT YOU'VE ENJOYED OUR LITTLE AFTERNOON HERE--maybe it's evening where you are, or nighttime--here on this beautiful tropical Island of Patmos with the Apostle John! Well, we didn't read much from his book yet, but I told you a lot about him & what happened before. But we're still dealing with the Garden of Eden & how it all came to pass, & at least you got a little sight, a little glimpse of the Island of Patmos, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean where John received this revelation of the future & the future Garden of Eden!

       66. SO WE'RE GOING FROM ONE GARDEN TO THE OTHER, PRAISE GOD, the one that was lost--Paradise Lost--but thank God, one of these days it's going to be paradise Found again! TYJ! Lord bless them & keep them & make them a blessing! Help them to read Thy Word now, Lord, as they learn more about You, Jesus, & to tell everybody about Thy love & show Thy love to all as they go everywhere, in all the World, preaching the Gospel to every creature, in Jesus' name! Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Come back again!

       (Comments after Video:)
       67. IT'S A GOOD THING I DEALT WITH THE ISLAND FIRST! I knew I had to start with that Island or I'd never get back there! Hallelujah! I mean, the Lord apparently wants this to be a Salvation series! I never preached that strong salvation! Usually I've been preaching to the class & our saved students & disciples & Family & talking about everything else, but this apparently is going to be a real Salvation series!

       68. WASN'T THAT SOMETHING? A BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE JUST LIKE BEFORE! But it didn't knock'm all out this time, TTL! it just was a temporary interruption, the lights hardly even glimmered. You know, the Lord warned us before we need to pray especially for the equipment. I prayed a little bit but maybe I didn't pray strong enough.

       69. LORD, THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US & KEEPING THE EQUIPMENT & HELPING US TO FINISH THIS. Bless & keep us all personally too, Lord, in Jesus' name! Protect this Thy house, Thy children, Thy Family & thank you for how you have. Thank you for helping us to get this little talk done tonight. once again we're going over the same things so many times, Lord, & some of them are going to get tired of hearting'm, but when we get done, they'll never forget'm & they'll remember why we call this the Revelation in the Garden of Eden. Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! In Jesus' name, amen! TYJ! TYJ! PG! Honey, I never saw such a crazy Bible teacher as me! I just talk what's on my heart, but that's what made the Revolution! PG! Hallelujah!--TYJ!--Have you got Eden in your heart?

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family