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SEXY SAINTS!--Have Fun!--Part 10 of "The Garden of Eden!"--Revelation Chapter 4.       DFO1178       France, 28/4/81

       1. AMEN, LORD, HALLELUJAH! TYJ! LORD, HELP US HERE IN THIS BEAUTIFUL GARDEN OF EDEN! Help us, O Lord, to appreciate our blessings that Thou hast given us here on this Heavenly Earth, these beautiful places that Thou hast created that are like the Garden of Eden, so beautiful! You've made it Heaven here on Earth for us who can go to such places as this & minister to their precious simple people, so childlike & so receptive & so wonderful! TYL! PYJ! Hallelujah! TYL! Help us, Lord. Help Thy Family, help Thy Children help their friends to go South to get out of the War Zone of the terrible holocaust that is coming! Amen. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Help us, Lord. Amen. And help us understand Thy Word tonight as we study this marvellous Revelation of the Future, so we will know what is going to come to pass & be prepared for it, in Jesus' name. Amen. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       2. HI! PTL! GBY! GLAD TO SEE YOU AGAIN! GLAD YOU'RE BACK HERE VISITING MY TROPICAL ISLE AGAIN, our Edenly paradise, or paradisaical Eden, the Garden of Eden. We decided to call this series the "Garden of Eden" for a number of reasons! One reason is that the Garden of Eden was quite a revelation, & We're studying the Revelation, The Revelation, the Book of Revelation in the Bible, which was a marvellous, remarkable, unusual revelation of the Future. It is also a revelation of the past, some of it is now past, 2000 years of it since the Apostle John's day on the Isle of Patmos, nevertheless it is a marvellous Revelation!

       3. AND SOME OF YOU WHO HAVE SEEN ALL OF THIS SHOW, THE FIRST INTRODUCTORY PARTS, HAVE HAD QUITE A REVELATION!--To see our native dancing girls performing for your pleasure to show you the beauty of the Garden of Eden & how it once was, when there was Adam & there was Eve, & no clothes, no house, no car, no television; but there was no washing, ironing or mending to do, either! No dishes, because they just picked the fruit off the trees; no cooking, everything was ready-made to eat by the Lord & hung on the trees, nicely packaged & ready to eat! You talk about these fast service meals, or quick service meals, what do they call'm?--Fast Food!

       4. WELL, FAST FOOD IS NOTHING NEW! GOD WAS THE INVENTOR OF FAST FOOD & HIS WAS THE FASTEST OF ALL! Because it didn't even have to be warmed up & you didn't even have to wait two or three minutes for a Whopper Burger or a King Burger or a McDonalds or Fish'n' Chips or whatever it might be!--I hope I named'm all, don't want to leave anybody out & feel hurt!--But God had the first fast food service, hung right here on the trees in the Garden of Eden, & all you had to do to get it without money, without price, was just to pick it off the trees! How about that! I'd call that pretty fast food!

       5. AND IF YOU'D SEEN THE GARDEN OF EDEN THEN, & ADAM & EVE, AS YOU'VE SEEN SOME OF OUR LOVELY REVELATIONS, our beautiful dancing girls, you would have thought that was quite a revelation, too! In fact, some of the church people might consider that they looked like they were pretty fast livers! You know the old coloured lady went down after the sermon at the coloured church one time & she said, "Pastor, I wish you'd pray for my floatin' kidney." And he said, "What do you mean, me pray for your floatin' kidney? You know our church doesn't believe in that kind of stuff, faith healing & miracles & all that stuff! That belonged to the past & the Apostles, the Disciples. God hasn't healed anybody since the last Apostle died. That's all for the past."

       6. "WELL," SHE SAID, "I HEARD YOU PRAYING THIS MORNIN' FOR THOSE LOOSE LIVERS, & I thought sure you could pray for my floatin' kidney!" A lot of people think we're pretty loose livers! My camera crew's crackin' up here! Ha! I thought they'd heard that joke before! Ha! As many times as I tell those jokes, my Family is so loyal, they crack up again! God bless'm! Anyway, some people think we're pretty loose livers because we believe in the original freedom of the Garden of Eden.

       7. THAT'S OUR RELIGION! THAT'S OUR DOCTRINE, THAT WE ARE JUST AS FREE NOW OF SIN AS ADAM & EVE WERE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, & they ran around stark naked! So we don't think there's anything wrong with nudity! We don't think there's anything evil about the body of man & woman. We don't think there's anything dirty about sex. Well, you do get a little bit messy once in awhile, but anyhow, we don't think there's anything wrong with it. We don't think that sex is a sin or that nudity is a sin or something wrong, because that's the way God made man & woman to begin with. He made beautiful man, the most beautiful perfect man that ever lived, & then He made the most beautiful woman that ever lived. His crowning creation was a beautiful woman, God's gift of love to man!

       8. AND THEN HE TOLD'M TO "GO TO IT ... ! HAVE FUN!" Well, you can't exactly find that particular quote in the Bible, but words to that effect. That's my translation, that's my interpretation of the 28th verse of the first chapter of Genesis. He may not have exactly said, "Go to it ... have fun!"--which I'm sure they did right away as soon as they saw each other if they were at all normal & natural, and they were the most natural nature buffs that ever lived! And they were the most normal human beings that ever lived. But He did say, "Be fruitful & multiply!" & they couldn't possibly do that without sex, right? So that was just as good as telling'm to go to it & have fun, because it is lots of fun! PTL?

       9. DON'T YOU LIKE SEX? DON'T YOU ENJOY IT? Well, if you don't, there's something wrong with you! You'd better look out for that guy standing next to you there that says he doesn't like sex & scowls & frowns & he doesn't think it's nice & he doesn't think it's nice to have half-naked girls dancing on a screen here in church! Well, thank God we're not in church! We're out on a tropical island here, on this scene, & we're living naturally, normally. The only reason I have to have a shirt & a little light sweater on tonight is because there's a kind of a cool wave came in here tonight. It's a bit chilly. Once in awhile it gets a little bit chilly here, but not very often. Most of the time we can run around in our birthday suits without any problems!

       10. WELL, ADAM & EVE HAD ON THEIR CREATION SUITS! Not space suits, no kind of other kind of suits, they didn't come from Outer Space. He made'm right there on the ground.--Right there!--Out of dust! The Good Book says man was made out of mud, as the old song goes, you know? And it's the truth! And then God breathed into him the spirit of life & he became a living soul! (Gen.2:7.) He was nothing but a body before that, just a body. But when God breathed into him the spirit of life, he woke up a living soul. And probably the first words he said were "Where am I?" Ha! Well, praise God! That's what we're trying to tell you in this series: Where are you?

       11. YOU'VE PROBABLY BEEN WONDERING FOR A LONG TIME, WHERE AM I? Where are we? What's going on here, anyhow? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What's happening? And this is what we're trying to read you out of this wonderful book, the Bible. It tells you all about it, exactly what's going to happen. You don't have to worry about it, you don't have to fear, you don't have to guess at it. It's all here just as plain as can be. Well, some people think it's not too plain, but once you get the key of God's wisdom & love, understanding, it's very clear. And we're going to read it to you! Praise God! Hallelujah!

       12. SO THAT'S ONE REASON WE CALL THIS SERIES "THE GARDEN OF EDEN" & THE REVELATION, because that was quite a revelation in the Garden of Eden when Adam & Eve stood up & faced each other! And they didn't even know they were naked, because there was nothing wrong with being naked. That was something concocted by the Devil! So I hope some of you folks enjoyed our little show tonight, the one we've already had, beautiful creations of God's beauty.--God's beauties, God's lovelies, God's crowning creation, the beauties of God's creation! Praise God! Weren't they pretty? Didn't you like her? Oh, I love her! In fact, I love her all I can! PG! Hallelujah!

       13. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER THEY'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO SHOW THIS IN CHURCH OR NOT, this part, maybe not this one anyway. I just can't get over the beauties of God's creation! Well, I like to get on top of'm once in while, but I can't get over'm! Anyway, Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ! You do too, don't kid me! Don't be so damn self-righteous, hypocritical & act like you don't enjoy the natural pleasures that God has created, such as eating & drinking & sex! Praise God! Hallelujah! Just don't overdo it, that's the sin.

       14. THE SIN IS NOT IN THE SEX OR THE NUDITY OR THE EATING OR THE DRINKING, IT'S IN THE OVER-INDULGENCE--eating or drinking too much, having too much sex. Well, maybe some of you think we have too much nudity. Well, I don't see how you can have too much. except that I think they look a little better with a little drape like our girls wear. Don't you think so? And we don't necessarily have to get our nose into the nitty-gritty. But I just like to see a girl slightly, beautifully draped with those thin gossamer gowns, almost like spider's webs, like the sort of clothes they wear in Heaven. I know, I've been there! I've seen'm! Beautiful! They don't conceal very much but they sort of frame it. They just sort of drape it & make it look pretty, & that's what we like to do.

       15. I THINK GOD INTENDED THAT PERHAPS YOU NEED A LITTLE DRAPERY, ESPECIALLY NOWADAYS, ESPECIALLY SOME WOMEN, & most men, from what I have seen! I don't think men are all that beautiful. But anyhow, that's part of our subject. You say, "What do you keep talking about that for? You're supposed to be studying the Bible!" Well, this series is called The Revelation! And we believe in revealing everything! Hallelujah! Praise God!--Including the beauties of God's creation!

       16. BUT TONIGHT WE'RE STUDYING THE FOURTH CHAPTER OF REVELATION--fourth & fifth if we get that far--& we're going to try to help you understand it. Do you have your Bible? If you don't, you can just read it here on the screen. But as we told you, the Book of Revelation is very nicely divided into three lovely parts of seven chapters each, plus the 22nd chapter as the end, a special extra bonus at the end, as a picture of Heaven. And the first section, the first seven chapters, are actually devoted to the history of man from John's day to the Tribulation. From his day completely to the end, as we told you before. I'm just kind of refreshing your memory tonight to see if you can remember it.

       17. IN JOHN'S DAY, THAT WAS ALL THE FUTURE. Tonight, or here today, wherever you may be, nearly 2000 years of that has already passed, from John's day to the present, because he lived on the Isle of Patmos off the coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea, in exile, in about the year 107 A.D. when he received this marvellous Revelation of the Future which included his future, at least the future of the World from his day, right up to our present, & finally to the very End. So now we're studying these first seven chapters, & we found out that the first chapter was more or less an Introduction of the book itself & a prediction, a promise that this was to be a revelation of things shortly to come to pass.

       18. THEN CHAPTERS TWO & THREE COVERED PERSONAL SPECIFIC MESSAGES TO SEVEN LITERAL CHURCHES WHICH WERE IN ASIA MINOR, OR WHAT'S TODAY CALLED TURKEY. I don't know, by the time you see this if it'll still be Turkey or not, things are changing pretty fast nowadays! I'd say almost half the countries of the World have changed their names since I was a boy, think of that! But thank God, a few of them still have the same old names so that you can still recognise them, they've still got some of the same Biblical names so you can still recognise'm in Bible prophecy, too.

       19. WELL, WE'RE NOT GOING TO GO INTO THESE LETTERS TO THE SEVEN CHURCHES OF ASIA there in Turkey, very near the Isle of Patmos where we showed you God gave this revelation to John, because those are past history now, & they were specific to certain specific churches that John was writing to, of which he was a sort of a bishop or overseer, although they had some very remarkable significance for the future as well. Some people try to imply that that meant seven different ages of the Church, & that today we're in the Laodicean Age, the last Church Age. But that's Scofield doctrine, that was a certain Jew who loved the Jews so much that he wanted to make sure that they had a special place in Heaven & a very special consideration from God, & that they, being Jews, although converted to Christians, ought to have a little extra above the Gentile Christians, a little better portion than most Christians.


       21. BUT ANYWAY, WE'RE SKIPPING OVER THOSE SPECIAL MESSAGES TO THE CHURCHES OF JOHN'S DAY because we believe that was particularly for them. It's still edifying for us & if the shoe fits, wear it! If it sounds like you, then apply it to yourself & feel guilty, & I hope that you will really take it to heart. Because if it sounds like you, then it includes you, & you might as well take it to heart. If the shoe fits, wear it! If when I preach some of these things & teach some of these things, some of you howl, it's always the hit dog that howls! Right?

       22. SO IF ANY OF YOU FOLKS OUT THERE IN THE CONGREGATION, out there in that camp, standing around our campfire watching this video, start cussin' & swearin' & raisin' a fuss because of what you've just seen or what you're hearing, we'll know that it's really hittin' home, right where it's supposed to, because it's the hit dog that howls! I like those old-fashioned quotes that my Mama & Daddy & Grandma & Grandpa taught me. They really kind of fit. They really have a lot of meaning!

       23. ANYWAY, WE'RE GOING TO SKIP THOSE TWO CHAPTERS, TWO & THREE--beautiful chapters, you read'm--but we don't have time here on television. This takes a lot of time & costs a lot of money to try to bring you this show, & what you can get on your own well, you might as well do on your own. Kind of a do-it-yourself reading, & you can take what applies to you. And I was telling you in the last lesson how that message to the Philadelphia Church applied to me. God gave it to me three different times in three different places by three different people I had never even seen before, & said that that was a prophecy about me & my future! But I've dealt with that in another place, another time, & if you want to know more about that, you'll have to send for one of our books or Letters about the Philadelphia Church, which is our church of today, in a sense. (ML #695)

       24. BUT HERE NOW, WE'RE STARTING THE FOURTH CHAPTER OF REVELATION, & you'll find that these two chapters now, the fourth & fifth chapters, are what we call the Throne Scene. God uses scenery, too, & He's got some wallopaloosa of pieces of scenery! You never saw the like before! And He caught John up into that place to see some of God's scenery & He showed him into the Throne Room! And these two whole chapters are about what happened in that Throne Room, or the Throne Scene, & will give you a pretty good little introduction to what is about to occur.

       25. ACTUALLY, THE THRONE SCENE IS A VERY REMARKABLE SCENE, & God is making quite a bit of it because it's very important, because it's another two chapters of introduction to the Future & what's going to happen, & in a sense, tell you why. Because, "After this I looked, & behold, a door was opened in Heaven: & the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me: which said, John, come up hither, & I will show thee things which must be hereafter. And immediately I was in the spirit." A voice like that's enough to scare anybody into the Spirit! A voice like a P.A. system, a megaphone, sounding like a big trumpet out of Heaven! He says, "Come up hither, John, I'm going to show you things which must be hereafter!"

       26. "AND IMMEDIATELY I WAS IN THE SPIRIT: AND BEHOLD, A THRONE WAS SET IN HEAVEN, & ONE SAT ON THE THRONE." Now, the rest of this you can read for yourself. It's quite clear, I don't think I have to explain it to you, because actually, it's just a description of this scene, what beautiful, beautiful rocks were around, things made out of diamonds & pearls & emeralds & rainbows & crystal sea, all kinds of gorgeous things there. "And out of the throne proceeded thunderings & voices & seven lamps of fire, seven Spirits of God."

       27. SOME PEOPLE DON'T LIKE US TAKING ABOUT THE SPIRITS OF GOD, but if you notice in that fifth verse, it even capitalised the word "Spirits." The strict theologians say, "Now wait a minute, there's only one Spirit of God; the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost." Well, right here in the fifth verse it says there're seven Spirits of God! And in fact, I can tell you from experience there are a whole lot more than that! There are multitudes of spirits of God!--Holy spirits, holy ghosts of the departed saints who have gone on to be with the Lord in heavenly places, spiritual spheres in that other World!

       28. IN FACT, IF YOU LOVE JESUS, YOU'RE A HOLY SPIRIT--ONE OF HIS HOLY SPIRITS! And one of these days, when you die & go to be with the Lord, you'll be a holy ghost! How about that? Any of you like ghosts? Any of you don't like ghosts? Well, I like some ghosts, but some ghosts I don't care for! I've seen a few ghosts, but thank God, most of the ghosts I've seen were holy ghosts, departed saints, men of God & women of God, my own mother in Heaven & others that I love who have gone on before to be with the Lord--holy ghosts, now spirits in the Spirit World--someday to come back & regain their bodies & have new beautiful immortal absolutely supernatural miraculous bodies, resurrection bodies, to live here on this Earth forever as the angels of God ruling over His creation; His original intention for man was to dominate His creation & rule over it, including the rebellious & the wicked.

       29. WELL, SOME OF THIS IS PRETTY IMPORTANT, MAYBE I'D BETTER EXPLAIN IT TO YOU A LITTLE BIT. Sixth verse: "And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: & in the midst of the throne, & round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before & behind." And then He describes these beasts, one like a lion, one like a calf, one with a face of a man & one like a flying eagle. "And each of them had six wings, full of eyes, & they rest not day & night, constantly saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, & is, & is to come!"

       30. NOW, BEFORE I HAD A VISION OF THIS SCENE ONCE UPON A TIME, I THOUGHT THEY CHANTED THAT ALL TOGETHER ALL THE TIME. But do you know what they do? They do it one by one! One of them says, "Holy!" Another one says, "Holy!" Another one says, "Holy!" It's to impress you with the majesty & the might & the power & the holiness & the importance of God, sitting upon His throne! "And when those beasts give glory & honour & thanks to Him that sat on the throne, who liveth for ever & ever, the four & twenty elders fall down before Him that sat on the throne, & worship Him that liveth for ever & ever, & cast their crowns before the throne, saying, Thou art worthy. O Lord, to receive glory & honour & power: for Thou hast created all things, & for Thy pleasure they are & were created."

       31. YOU KNOW, SOME PEOPLE, CHURCH PEOPLE, THINK THAT ALL PLEASURE IS A SIN, & particularly some very strict churches teach that any kind of pleasure is sinful, wicked, you shouldn't be happy, you should be sorrowful, you shouldn't have pleasure. Some churches teach you shouldn't even wear jewelry like this, that it's wicked, sinful, vain & vanity! I wear this as a testimony, that I believe in God, I believe in Love. God's name is written right on here, believe it or not, in Spanish. Can you read that? Can they see that? God's name is written right on this little golden heart! Can you get up close enough to read what that says? You say, "Whaddya mean, that's not God's Name! I don't even recognise that word on that heart. Are you guys some kind of one of these freaky cults that's got some kind of strange god?"

       32. WELL, MAYBE STRANGE TO YOU!--BUT LOVE IS NOT STRANGE TO US! Love is no stranger to the Family of Love & the Children of Love! And you know what that word says? Well, I can't blame you for not understanding Spanish if you're not Spanish, & you're as dumb as most Americans are, & a lot of Europeans! Not too many Europeans, though, because they really learn languages! But those poor Americans, they are a sad case. I mean, they don't even know their own language, much less any foreign language! They can't even speak English. Even the English can't understand'm!

       33. THEY SPEAK AMERICAN, THAT'S SOME OTHER KIND OF LANGUAGE, some kind of a contortion, perversion of the beautiful Old English language that the English speak. I must say, some of the English can't speak it either. Been down there in, what do they call that, Limehouse & the limeys. Man, I had a guy sit beside me at a dance hall, & I couldn't understand hardly a word he said! Those limeys, those cockney English! Or you get up far enough North & up into Scotland & you still can't understand them! I mean, even some of the Irish are hard to understand & they're even part Jewish! And I ought to be able to understand them!

       34. BUT THAT HAPPENS TO BE THE WORD "AMOR," WHICH MEANS IN SPANISH, "LOVE"! In fact, it's just about the same in all the Romance languages. You say, "Oh, are they called Romance languages 'cause they're so romantic & the people are so romantic?" Well, that certainly is true, they are! Those Spaniards! Wow! My wife just always flipped out over almost every Spaniard she saw in Spain! I liked to never got her out of Spain! And when we went from there to Italy, that was almost worse!

       35. AND OF COURSE, FRANCE, THEY ARE FAMOUS FOR THEIR ROMANTICISM, & THEIR PARTICULARLY ROMANTIC BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! I can't say much for the men, I mean, I don't know the men very well! But anyway, from all I've heard ever since I was young, those French women were really doozies! And the kind of post cards the boys used to bring to school that their daddies brought home from France, WW1, they were really something I had never seen before! I was seeing things I had never seen before! Ah! Because in my day, when I was young, the women wore beautiful clothes--I must say they were beautiful--but they were from the neck, right under the chin, there was a choker around here, first of all, & they covered everything clear down to their feet, you couldn't see a thing! And it was a shame & a disgrace for a woman even to show her ankles when I was a little boy! So they didn't show much in those days.

       36. SO WHEN MY LITTLE BOYFRIENDS AT SCHOOL SNUCK INTO CLASS SOME PICTURES THEY'D DISCOVERED IN DAD'S OLD ALBUM FROM WW 1 that he'd brought home--maybe they were rummaging around the attic & even maybe their wives, dear Mama didn't know they had that kind of pictures! He'd brought home some of these beautiful, gorgeous pictures of those lovely French naked ladies, & I was seeing things I had never seen before. ...

       37. ... I was a good little boy, & my Mama & Daddy were preachers & they taught me that that was naughty & you mustn't show those things & you mustn't look at'm, much less you mustn't touch 'm! "Oh my! That was the worst of sins for which you could go straight to Hell!"--For touching those sexual parts! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

       38. I DIDN'T KNOW WHY GOD MADE IT SO BAD & SO WICKED & THOSE PARTS SO EVIL & NUDITY SO WRONG! I kind of wondered about it when I was a little boy. They'd tell me that right in the same story about Adam & Eve, that Adam & Eve were made by God, & yet they were ashamed later the way they were made. Well, it was only the Devil that made them ashamed. My goodness, it doesn't matter where I begin, I can wind up on sex somehow! PG! Well, where was I, anyway? Ha! On those lovely Romance people romantic peoples of the Romance countries that formerly belonged to Rome. And this word "Amor" is almost the same in all there languages: Italian, "Amore," or French, "Amour" or Spanish, "Amor" It means love! It is love! And that's why I said that's the name of my God on there--Love! Because God is Love! See? Therefore Love is God, & therefore that's my God's name, right there--"Amor"--Love! He's God, & God is Love & Love is God!

       39. BUT SOME OF THE CHURCHES I WENT TO, THEY DIDN'T BELIEVE YOU SHOULD EVEN WEAR A WEDDING RING, MUCH LESS A WRIST WATCH! Oh! That was the latest evil! That was an ornament, that was a piece of jewelry! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! They didn't even use pianos or organs in their churches, either. They were not the kind of church where the church secretary chased the preacher around the church when nobody was there & grabbed him by the organ! That wasn't the kind of church! They didn't have any organs there! Maybe the preacher had one, she had one too, but anyway, they didn't know about that! They didn't believe in talking about that! Because the Devil uses organs, & he uses pianos & instruments & therefore they didn't have any kind of instrument in church. That was all very evil because the Devil used those things.

       40. WELL, MY DEAR FRIEND, IF YOU STOP USING EVERYTHING THE DEVIL USES, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE THIS LIFE & YOUR BODY, because he has used your body for some of his purposes, & I'm not talking about sex, because God created sex! Sex is not of the Devil, the Devil hates sex! The first thing he tried to do in the Garden of Eden was destroy sex & destroy that game of multiplication. That's the first thing he tried to do, to make'm ashamed of being naked, make'm put clothes on! Think of that! Well, if you try to throw away everything the Devil uses, you won't have much left to use! Because the Devil's people, they use clothes! What are you going to do about that? The Devil's people they eat food! What are you going to do about that? The Devil's people, they have radios!

       41. I WAS TELLING MY WIFE ABOUT IT THE OTHER DAY, WHEN RADIOS FIRST CAME OUT WHEN I WAS A BOY, some church people considered them an instrument of the Devil! And preachers preached against radios bringing Satanic forces into the home! Well, I can't say they were all wrong!--Because some of that music probably was of the Devil, & some of that junk they had on the radio & dramas they had on the radio. They were great on dramas in those days, they had a lot of dramas. That's where the "soap box opera" originated. But I'd better not get into that, I've already had a whole talk on that! Anyhow, where were we, anyway?

       42. IF YOU'RE GOING TO TOSS AWAY EVERYTHING THE DEVIL USES, YOU GOTTA TOSS OUT THIS VIDEO YOU'RE SEEING RIGHT NOW, THE VIDEO MACHINE WITH IT, & the television, & the camera, & the cameraman, & the soundman, & the radio, & the tapes, & your car & all of it! Because the Devil uses'm all! Listen, I'm not going to let the Devil rob me of anything I enjoy & like & can make useful to myself & my Family & helpful to my people & will be a help in some way & which I can use for God!--Including this television & this video & this camera & sound equipment, just because mostly the Devil uses it. I don't necessarily think he ought to have a monopoly on it!

       43. I THINK GOD OUGHT TO HAVE A CHANCE TO USE IT AS MUCH AS HE CAN, THAT'S WHAT I'M DOING! I'm using it for God as much as I can! Amen? Do I get an "amen," Class? (Family: Amen!) Come on, Class! (Family: Amen!) That's better! My goodness, I don't want them to think you're a bunch of deadheads, fuddy-duddies, bumps on a log that can't say "Amen!" Well, maybe that's an old custom that you're not accustomed to & you're afraid of those "Amen's." This might be a bunch of those horrible Holy Rollers that shout, "Amen! Hallelujah! Praise God!"

       44. WELL, WE ARE HOLY ROLLERS! WE BELIEVE IN ROLLIN' FOR JESUS!--ROLLIN' THE GOLD & GETTIN' OUT THE GOSPEL! And we roll around all over the World, in 80-some countries, in 40 languages, preaching to 40 million people a year! We are rollin', I mean to tell ya'!--Really rollin'! So we are Holy also! That means "made holy" or "sanctified" or "cleansed & set apart by salvation, "the blood of Jesus Christ, & therefore we're holy! We're not perfect, don't misunderstand me! I don't mean we're necessarily the saints that the church called saints--although I wonder about some of them sometimes--but we are saints, sanctified by the blood of Jesus, purified, washed clean of our sins by Jesus' blood!--Not our own righteousness, not our own goodness, not our own works, but by the Lord Jesus Christ through His death on the cross.

       45. HE DIED TO SAVE US, FORGIVE US FOR OUR SINS, WHICH COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE GOTTEN RID OF ANY OTHER WAY because we are sinners, all of us! "All have sinned & come short of the glory of God & there is none righteous, no, not one!" (Rom.3:23; Ps.14:3.) That's what He says! That's what God's Word says, right here in the Book! So not one of you was ever righteous, really righteous. You've all sinned, therefore if you've sinned even one time you're not righteous, you're not completely holy, not completely perfect, because only God is perfect.

       46. EVEN MARY WASN'T PERFECT!--JESUS' MOTHER! She was a sinner! Oh! Some people are going to be shocked about that! Not only that, after she had fucked God & had Jesus, she fucked a whole lot more until she had 7 more sons & daughters who were His brothers! Think of that! But there was nothing wrong with that! That's not a sin! so she was still a saint, still a precious holy little girl, only 16 when she had Jesus, an unwed mother, had Jesus by the Holy Ghost of God, by God Himself!--Think of that!

       47. SOME PEOPLE SAY I SAY TERRIBLE THINGS & USE AWFUL LANGUAGE & SHOCKING THINGS, but I'll say with the famous great preacher Dr. A.P. Gouthy when a couple little old blue-nosed ladies came down to him after church & had heard him swearin' & a-cussin' in his sermon, using words like "hell" & "damn" & so on to emphasise his point, & his congregation understood him! You know, sometimes you gotta speak the language of the street! Sometimes you gotta speak the local language of the people, the vernacular of the people, to help'm understand you!

       48. WHEN I SAY "FUCK" YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, DON'T YOU? Every one of you know! ... We don't think there's anything evil about it, we don't think there's anything wrong about it

       49. SEX IS NOT A SIN, & THEREFORE WE DON'T RAISE OUR CHILDREN WITH ALL KINDS OF HANG-UPS & prohibitions & inhibitions & neuroses & everything else, because sex has been a taboo subject & something to be ashamed of, & nasty, naughty! "No, no, don't do that!" ... Here I am back on sex again! "That guy ... --he is a sex maniac!" Ha! That's what they're going to say! Well, I am! I'm crazy about it! I'm crazy about sex, God's God-given wonderful gift of sex! I'm crazy about sex, praise God!--TYJ!

       50. SO IF BEING CRAZY ABOUT SEX IS BEING A SEX MANIAC, THEN I'M A SEX MANIAC! Well, so are you! You don't like to admit it, that's all. You do it in secret & you hide it & maybe you still wear your pajamas even when you're having sex, & cover with all the covers! My God, I had a hell of a time trying to get the clothes off my wife when we first got married! She wanted to wear her clothes to bed! I said, "Listen Honey, the only place for a night gown is on the foot of the bed!"

       51. IF YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE SEX, YOU CAN'T BE ALL BUNDLED UP IN A NIGHTGOWN!--That is, of you're really going to enjoy it & all of her wonderful, God-given, God-made, God-created beauty, & to be able to feel every inch of it! Thank God! Hallelujah! I just really love her, & she's sitting right over there right now & I wish you could see her, & we had a great time today already! Maybe that's why I'm so full of my subject! I practice what I preach!--And I preach sex ... ! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen? He made it!

       52. JUST THINK, EVEN JESUS HAD SEXUAL PARTS & HAD TO GO TO THE TOILET! Ah! That shocks & astounds some people when you tell'm that! He was a man, made like as we are, God's Word says, & subject to the same like passions as we are. He had sexual desires! Think of that! "Oh my God, he is a heretic! Jesus had sexual desires! We thought it was bad enough when He started talking about Mary fucking God, having seven more children after Jesus & all that fucking that was necessary to have'm. But now he's saying that even Jesus had sexual desires!"

       53. I WANT TO TELL YOU, I BELIEVE JESUS NOT ONLY HAD SEXUAL DESIRES, BUT WITH ALL THOSE WOMEN HE HAD AROUND HIM, I BELIEVE HE SATISFIED'M! Why shouldn't He? It wasn't a sin! Nothing wrong with it. I mean, He could have had all the wives He wanted, why not? He had a lot of very loyal faithful dear precious women followers, Mary Magdalene for one, who had been the biggest harlot in Jerusalem until she got saved & He cast seven devils out of her & took her on, & she followed Him everywhere, along with Mary & Martha who had a nice little cottage where He frequently stayed with them.--This Man alone with two local women, in their house & no chaperone! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Hmm! That must have created quite a scandal, huh? And He traveled around with them most of the time, or they traveled around with Him, along with his disciples, think of that!

       54. HE NOT ONLY HAD SEXUAL DESIRES CREATED BY GOD, PURE & SINLESS & PERFECT & nothing wrong with it whatsoever, but I'm sure He satisfied them when He needed it, from the women who surrounded Him & were glad to give it! And there was nothing wrong with it, it was not evil, it was no sin, because sex is not a sin. It was created before the Fall, sexual organs were created before the Fall, & Adam & Eve had sex before the Fall. If they immediately obeyed God & His commandment to be fruitful & multiply, they had to go at it!

       55. YOU SAY, "MY GOD, THAT GUY TALKS ABOUT SEX ALL THE TIME!" WELL, SOMEBODY'S GOT TO TALK ABOUT IT BESIDES THE GOD-DAMNED DEVIL!-- Because it's God's sex & He made it & He ought to be getting the credit for it & not the God-damned Devil! I'm sick & tired of hearing the Devil getting credit for sex & having fun sexually & nudity & the dirty girly magazines!--Well, I must say some of them are pretty dirty with all those crotch shots & all the rest of that!--But I'm sick & tried of the Devil being given credit for sex & people being taught by the church & by the Devil that in order to enjoy sex, which they say is a sin, you gotta belong to the Devil! It ain't so! And it's not true, & I don't like it!

       56. LET ME TELL YOU, TO REALLY ENJOY SEX, YOU'VE GOTTA BELONG TO GOD!--And then you know it's no sin & you can enjoy it to the full! Because it's God-made, God-created & intended for you to enjoy & have beautiful children for God's glory! Forever! Children are forever!--The only thing you have on this Earth that God gives you that you can have forever, that will go with you through Eternity! Thank God!--Including your wife or your husband or your mate or your body. God's going to redeem that, too, one of these days.

       57. YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU'RE GOING TO LOOK LIKE YOU DO NOW IN HEAVEN! Ah! Some of the ladies are going to faint! "My God! I thought I was going to get a beautiful new body & look like a beautiful new young lady!" Yes, you are! You're going to look beautiful like you did when you were young, in your prime! You are going to just be absolutely beautiful! I've seen my Mother over there, & she is just beautiful today, although she was 83 when she died! Well, I'd say she was still beautiful then to me, but she was pretty old & wrinkled & pretty decrepit--but still going, still preaching the Gospel, still writing, still praying for people, phone jinglin' all the time, but beautiful!

       58. BUT I'VE SEEN HER SINCE THEN IN HEAVEN, BEAUTIFUL & YOUNG LIKE I REMEMBER HER WHEN I WAS A BOY! Young again! Beautiful again! So girls, take heart! You're going to have the same body, but it's going to be young again, & beautiful again, praise God! And you'll still even be able to enjoy sex again, think of that! How about that! Whew! "That guy, he never gets off the subject of sex!" Well, I don't know how I got onto that subject out of this passage in Revelation here about these beasts saying "Holy, holy, holy," but I guess I was just trying to explain what "holy" meant!

       59. AND HOLY DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU'RE A PERFECT CHURCH MEMBER! Holy doesn't mean you're a--what do they call it when they catechise them or make them a saint? What's that word? Canonise'm! Catechise, well, you get that in church. But I didn't know what that meant when I was a little boy about being canonised. Sounds like they shot cannons at'm! Well, I'd say they shot some of those theories full of holes! Some of those saints turned out later on to be not as saintly as they thought they were, & they blew the thing all to bits!

       60. BUT EVERYONE WHO LOVES JESUS IS A SAINT! Everyone who has received Jesus Christ as his Saviour is a saint of God! We're all saints! It doesn't mean we're perfect. It doesn't mean we never sin or make a mistake, but it simply means we have been cleansed by His blood, "sanctified", from the same root word, & made clean. "For the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin"--past, present, & future! "The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sins!" (1Jn.1:7.) Are you cleansed? Have you received Jesus? If not, you'd better hurry up & take Jesus in your heart right now and become one of His saints.

       61. YOU CAN BE A SAINT TONIGHT! TODAY! THINK OF THAT! You thought it took years & years of investigation & canonisation to become a saint, but you can be a saint right now! They keep telling me to bring my heart over here, but I don't know, if it goes out of sight, don't worry! It's still there! You can't always see my heart, I bare it to you once in awhile, but if it just slides over there, that's the law of gravity & I can't help it! But anyway, my wife, she's so interested & wants me to look pretty, & so there it is! Thank you, Honey! Praise God! Hallelujah! I'm just not formal, I can't be a formal preacher. I only lasted one church & that was my first & my last, so that's it! And maybe this is the last time I'll be on video in your church, too!--Or here in this campground, I don't know! But Hallelujah! Take Jesus!

       62. (SINGS:)
       I've been baptised with the Holy Ghost,
       And I'll take Jesus for mine!

       You can take Jesus for yours!
       You can take Jesus for yours!
       And you too can be a holy ghost!
       If you'll just take Jesus for yours!"

Hallelujah? TYJ! Lord, bless & keep'm & help'm to receive You as their Saviour, in Jesus' name, so they can also become a holy ghost someday in those Heavenly places that we're studying about, & bring'm back to hear another lesson, Lord, if possible, next time. In Jesus' name, amen! GBY!

       63. THEY'RE WAVING THEIR ARMS & SCREAMING AT ME THAT I'M OVER TIME--I'm sorry, but I just couldn't help it, I had to tell you all about that. It's hard for me to quit! I have to tell these cameramen, when I'm saying good-bye, just start fading me out, because I can't quit! I love you! Thank you! GBY! Take Jesus for yours! In Jesus' name, amen! Bye,bye! I think these cameramen can't quit!--And I hope you never quit loving Jesus & others!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family