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WARRIORS OF THE FAITH!--Souls of the Martyrs Cry for Vengeance!--Part 12 of "The Garden of Eden!"--Revelation Chapter 6:9-17       DFO 1180       France, 30/4/81

       1. THE REVELATION CHAPTER 6, VERSE 9: "AND WHEN HE HAD OPENED THE FIFTH SEAL, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God, & for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy & true, dost Thou not judge & avenge our blood on them that dwell on the Earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; & it was said unto them that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also & their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled."

       2. 12TH VERSE: "AND I BEHELD WHEN HE HAD OPENED THE SIXTH SEAL, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; & the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, & the moon became as blood; & the stars of Heaven fell unto the Earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And the Heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; & every mountain & island were moved out of their places. And the kings of the Earth, & the great men, & the rich men, & the chief captains, & the mighty men, & every bondman, & every free man, hid themselves in the dens & in the rocks of the mountains; & said to the mountains & rocks, Fall on us, & hide us from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne, & from the Wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of His wrath is come; & who shall be able to stand?"

       3. WE'RE READING FROM THE SIXTH CHAPTER OF THE BOOK OF THE REVELATION, & we're beginning tonight or today, wherever you are, with the Ninth Verse. We've already covered the first eight verses with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Do you remember what they were? The first one was Jesus on the white horse with a crown & a bow going forth to conquer. The second was the War Horse. The third was the Commercial System, & buying & selling, like another epoch in history. And the last one was Death by every means--hunger, famine, pestilence, plague, everything!

       4. YOU SAY, "WERE THESE SEPARATE TIMES? Did Jesus first go forth & conquer, & then war came, & then after that the commercial system came, & then came death?" No, these horses, although they're pictured one by one, began to ride almost immediately. God said to John when He first started giving him this Revelation, remember, that these are things which shortly must come to pass, for the time is now at hand! And therefore, these things began to come to pass in John's day, in fact, they were already existent in John's day. These horsemen were already riding in John's day. God was just revealing them to him one by one to show him the difference.

       5. THE HORSE OF CHRIST & CHRISTIANITY, THE GREAT WHITE HORSE WITH HIM WITH A GOLDEN CROWN & A BOW IN HIS HAND TO GO FORTH CONQUERING & TO CONOUER, Jesus had been riding that horse for many years already & the Church spread across the World--the whole Roman World of the day. And there had been wars & rumours of wars, & there had been much commercialism & buying & selling, & plenty & poverty & famine, & finally all kinds of death. So these horses had been riding continuously. In fact, He's just picturing here, really, what has been going on for the last 2000 years.

       6. THESE SEVEN SEALS OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION--THESE FIRST SEVEN CHAPTERS ARE THE SEALS OF HISTORY YOU MIGHT SAY, HISTORY IN ADVANCE. And they cover the time of history from the days of John, about 100 A.D. or the Early Christian era, right down to the very End which is just beyond us now. Because you notice as He opened that Sixth Seal there were terrible things that happened, as are going to happen at the very End of the World! So these seals of this seven-sealed book are the openings of the Future. They are a picture of the Future from the days of John to the very End, & that is exactly what he's describing here. The First Seal was the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the four horsemen of Christ & His Kingdom, War, Commercialism--money-mad people--& all forms of Death, riding throughout this whole era of 2000 years from John's day till the End.

       7. YOU KNOW, IT'S REALLY A FUNNY THING HOW SOME OF THESE POOR SCOFIELD-ITES--Who include most of the Fundamentalists & Evangelicals of the World today--& the Pentecostals, sad to say, too bad they don't follow the good ol' Catholic Bible! Too bad they don't follow the good ol' fashioned Adventists, or even the Mormons, or the Jehovah's Witnesses, & they'd follow a lot more Scriptural line of interpretation of the Book of Revelation!

       8. BUT THE SCOFIELD-ITES, THOSE BRETHREN, JEWISH BRETHREN, in order to make sure they got their Jewish brethren in there in first place, they kind of held up the race on the rest of us, & sort of snuck'm in there early and jumped the gun so that they could get their Rapture in there before the Tribulation. So the Scofield-ite people who follow the Scofield Bible of the Moody Bible Institute & Moody Church--& most of the Evangelicals & Fundamentalists of both the United States & the rest of the World--you know what they try to do with this? They say the whole Book of Revelation is all about just the very Endtime. The whole Book--they try to say--begins with the Rapture!

       9. AND IN FACT, LIKE I TOLD YOU, WHEN THE LORD INVITED JOHN TO "COME UP HITHER & SEE THINGS WHICH MUST BE HEREAFTER"--after giving the introduction in the first chapter, saying that these are things which must shortly come to pass, & the time is now at hand, they were to begin immediately--they say that by the time he got through those Letters to the Churches, that there in the Fourth Chapter when he invited John to come up, that was the Rapture! Isn't that ridiculous?

       10. THE ONLY PERSON WHO GOT RAPTURED THAT TIME WAS JOHN!--AND THAT WAS ONLY IN THE SPIRIT!--Because he came back down to Earth again & wrote this Book so he could send it to the seven Churches of Asia! So he couldn't very well have been raptured, right? If he was raptured then, how did he come back & write the Book? But that's where Scofield & all our dear little Evangelical, Fundamentalist friends who have followed his false doctrine of a pre-Tribulation Rapture, that's where they have to get the Rapture in, right there in that first verse of the Fourth Chapter, when God simply tells John to "Come up & see what I'm going to show you!--What things that are going to shortly come to pass, things which must be hereafter, here & right after this!"

       11. THEY CALL THAT THE RAPTURE! ISN'T THAT RIDICULOUS? Well, then how the Hell did John get back down to write this Book & sent it to all the Churches?--Hmm? Pretty ridiculous! But they've gotta squeeze it in there in order to get it in before all these other terrible things happen! Because these dear Christians, these nice church Christians, you know, they want to escape the Tribulation, they don't think the Lord could possibly be that mean & cruel to them & that hard on'm as to cause a little testing & trying of their faith to bring out the pure gold to see who really has faith & who hasn't!

       12. THEY THINK THE LORD SHOULD WAFT THEM OFF UPON FLOWERY BEDS OF EASE & ROSES, INTO THE ARMS OF JESUS!--Before the Tribulation, & before they have to do any suffering for their faith, before they have to be really tested for their testimony, before they have to be really tried in order to triumph, before they have to have any battles in order to gain a victory! And so they want to be wafted off into heavenly places, out of their comfortable cushioned pews & organ lullabies & sweet music in their lovely temples, right on up into the heavenlies!--"Preferably, Lord, on Sunday morning, right at the end of the service, when I am really ready, & I've been to the altar & I've made my confession & I've made everything right & I'm ready to go!

       13. "LORD, THAT'S THE IDEAL TIME FOR YOU TO COME, ON SUNDAY MORNING, AT THE CLOSE OF THE PASTORAL PRAYER at the end of the Sunday morning service. Then I know I'm ready to go! Because, Lord, if you leave me here for another week & I get back into all that System job, & I get back into my favourite Sunday night TV show that I have to miss church for, & then I have to get back into that System job, five, six days a week with my nose to the grindstone of the Devil, working most of my time for him, using most of my strength for him, & wasting most of my money on selfish things for myself & my family & the Devil's pursuits, Lord, if you wait especially until Saturday night when I'm apt to go out really on the town & paint it brown or red or maybe several colours & get drunk, then You must not come on Saturday night, because I would certainly be ready to go to Hell then!

       14. "SO LORD, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY MORNING WHEN I'VE GOT THAT HELL OF A HANGOVER & I feel so conscience-stricken & I'm so repentant & I would do anything, Lord, to get rid of it! I would even be ready for the Rapture if that's the only cure! But please, Lord, wait for the Sunday morning service! Because not until I make it to church & I hear that beautiful music, those organ lullabies that lull me to sleep for the pastor's sermon, & then, Lord, You can wake me up for the closing prayer when I've made my confession & I've done my repentance &, Lord, my soul is washed clean of my sins through the self-righteousness that I have performed by my good works by being there on Sunday morning & hearing that sermon & praying those prayers, Lord, then I'll be ready to go!

       15. "SO PLEASE WAIT FOR SUNDAY MORNING, WILL YOU? BECAUSE I REALLY WOULDN'T BE READY ANY OTHER DAY OF THE WEEK EXCEPT SUNDAY MORNING! Even if You wait till Sunday night, you know, Lord, I'm not too good a church member & I don't always make it on Sunday nights. Because the church is popular with me, & that Sunday morning service is what means everything, shows my church loyalty & my loyalty to my denomination. But Lord, this preacher we've got, he really is a bore, & I would have to love that guy to come out on Sunday night & hear his long harangue!

       16. "SO I WOULD RATHER SEE MY LATEST FAVOURITE TV SERIES ON SUNDAY NIGHT & I don't think it would really quite be appropriate, do You, Lord, if I would suddenly be snatched out away from my television set to be raptured up suddenly from facing Dallas' J.R. or whatever these popular series are, to suddenly face You, Jesus! I think I would be a little bit ashamed, & I wouldn't be quite ready, Lord. I would be sort of, you know, out of the Spirit & not quite in the mood for Your coming, to face You, Jesus!

       17. "SO NOW PLEASE, CAN'T YOU WAIT AT LEAST SIX MORE DAYS?--THROUGH MY SYSTEM JOB AFTER SATURDAY NIGHT, & then try to wait until just the end of the sermon & the pastoral prayer. By that time, Lord, by the time I've had that half-hour of gorgeous music & that 20 minutes of announcements & pulling for money in the offering, Lord, I have repented & I've decided to give more to You, & then after that ten minutes of powerful sermon out of that hour, I am completely convicted & repentant & penitent and confessing my sins & I feel so good! Oh! I feel like a saint & an angel! I have made it through another week! Safely through another week!

       18. (SINGS:)
       Let us now His blessing seek!
       Gathered in His courts today!
       Day of all the week the best,
       Emblem of eternal rest!
       Day of all the week the best,
       Emblem of eternal rest!"

Ah-hem! 'Scuse me! That last "rest" kind of got a little frog in my throat, but, Lord, I'm ready to rest now! I've sung the last hymn & the benediction, & I'm penitent, confessed, cleaned--Lord, come quick!

       19. "EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS WHILE I'M READY! Don't wait another minute, please, while I get back in that God-damn System job & working for the Devil & selfishly for my family & myself all week just to make all that money so I'll have enough money to meet my payments & my house payments, & my car payments, & my TV payments, & my video payments, & my library payments on videos & all the rest! Please take me quick at the end of the Sunday morning service when I'm ready to go! Don't wait another minute!"

       20. "IN THE HOUR THAT YE THINK NOT THE SON OF MAN COMETH! Watch ye therefore, watch & pray, for ye know not what hour the Son of Man cometh!" (Mat.24:42,44.) So you'd better be ready, anytime, any day, anywhere, in church or out of the church, on the job or watching television, or out on your Saturday night spree! Sometimes I think maybe you might be nearer to being ready when you're good & drunk on your Saturday night spree & you know what a sinner you are & you need Jesus to save you!--Not when you feel so good at the end of the Sunday morning service & you feel like you've done your little duty for God by going to church one hour out of the whole seven days of 24 hours each!

       21. I THINK YOU HAD BETTER FEEL A LITTLE MORE CONVICTED OF BEING A SINNER & ASKING GOD FOR SALVATION.--Maybe when you come home drunk or maybe even when you wake up on Sunday morning with that hell of a hangover from Saturday night. My father used to push us kids when we had a hard time getting ready for church on Sunday morning--in fact, we had to be ready to go at nine o'clock in the morning & get there by 9:30 for Sunday School, like some of you good Catholics who go for early Mass. We good Protestants had to be there really early!

       22. GBY, CATHOLICS! I THINK YOU'VE GOT MORE RELIGION THAN MOST PROTESTANTS! You not only get there bright & early, maybe six, seven, eight o'clock Mass, but some of you go to Mass every single morning before work! Of course some of you, after Mass you're a mess! But nevertheless, we had to get ready fast, & you know what my Daddy used to say? He said, "Children, Sunday morning begins on Saturday night!" Meaning, if you want to be ready to go to church on Sunday morning, you had better start getting ready on Saturday night!

       23. WELL, I THINK MAYBE YOU'D FEEL MORE LIKE A SINNER & NEEDING A SAVIOUR ON SATURDAY NIGHT AFTER THAT DRUNKEN SPREE, than you do on Sunday morning when you've got that hell of a hangover & you feel so convicted & so repentant & so conscientious & conscience stricken, & you feel so self-righteous & you pat yourself on the back for doing your little duty for God by going to church an hour a week on Sunday morning!:

       24. "I'VE DONE MY DUTY, GOD! I WENT TO ALL THE TROUBLE TO DRIVE TO CHURCH, & here I am, Lord, in Thy great temple here on Earth, where Thou art! I've heard the sermon, Lord, now, & I've done my good work & I really feel self-righteous, like I really, Lord, am good & purified & saintly & ready to go! So really, I think if You're going to come, You'd better come catch me at the end of the Sunday morning service. Otherwise, Lord, You know, right now the preacher's praying the last prayer & I'm going to have to get up & start to go out the door & say, 'So long, Jesus! I'll see Ya' next Sunday!' And if You come any time in between, Lord, I would sort of be out of fellowship with You, because, I don't seem to really be able to get close to You till I get to church!"

       25. WELL, THAT'S PRETTY SAD, HUH? THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO BE FOUND UNREADY, because He's going to come suddenly, without warning, except for those who know His Word & know the time & are counting not only the years, but the very months & the actual days from the events which they know begin the countdown to zero hour when Jesus comes! We're going to be counting the days, as we've studied in Daniel already, & as we'll find also here in Revelation.

       26. GOD HAS A SET TIME FOR THE RETURN OF HIS SON JESUS CHRIST TO THIS EARTH TO RESCUE HIS PEOPLE, & He's going to come right on the button just like these space launches & the rest of them when they count down! Only there aren't going to be any delays, there aren't going to be any problems to delay the countdown. When that idol is set up there of the horrible Beast, the Antichrist, the Devil-man who's going to rule the World for seven last years of man's history, when that Image of him is set up there in the midst of that seven years--at the end of the first 3 1/2 & the beginning of the last 3 1/2 of Great Tribulation--you'll be able to count the days until the coming of Jesus Christ, because those days are going to be so bad & so horrible! The fact that you're able to count the days is going to encourage you to know, just one more day, one more day, one more day!

       27. WELL, SOME PEOPLE AREN'T GOING TO BE READY, NOT AT ALL! And I'll tell you, we have talked about how these Four Horsemen ride throughout this period of history from John for nearly 2000 years until the present & in fact till the very End, this period is going to end almost exactly 2000 years from the time it began. And this seven-sealed book is the Book of History in advance, the Book of the Future, the Book of Prophecy which began when God began to reveal it to John & said, "Things which shortly must come to pass"--not clear up to the coming of Christ or the Tribulation, but "which must shortly come to pass, for the time is at hand" when they were to begin!--Right then in John's day!

       28. SO THIS WHOLE FIRST PART OF THE BOOK, ALMOST THE WHOLE FIRST SEVEN CHAPTERS, HAS TO DO WITH HISTORY FROM JOHN'S DAY UNTIL THE END, particularly until the Tribulation period. But the first six seals here as you can see, as we have read, cover the entire period. It's sort of a summary. Today, to us--like they say in the movies--it's a flashback of what has happened since John's day to the present. Under the first four seals were these Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

       29. UNDER THE FIFTH SEAL WE HAVE ANOTHER PICTURE OF HEAVEN, THIS TIME NOT EXACTLY THE THRONE SCENE, BUT AN ALTAR SCENE. And we see the souls of the martyrs, their spirits, clothed in white robes, pictured under the altar of God, meaning they are waiting there, in a sense, where they were sacrificed as living sacrifices for the Lord. God's Word says that we are to "yield our bodies a living sacrifice unto the Lord," which is His perfect will, & your perfect sacrifice, "that ye may know what is that good & acceptable will of God." (Ro.12:1,2.)

       30. YOU WANT TO KNOW THE WILL OF GOD? YIELD YOUR BODY A LIVING SACRIFICE, which is good & acceptable unto the Lord, which is His perfect will for you, & then you'll know God's will! But not until you're willing to sacrifice all & forsake all & give your body in His cause as a martyr for Christ--not necessarily to die--but die daily, to live & die daily for Him, in witnessing & suffering & sacrificing & litnessing & living by faith & serving Him in winning souls & going into all the World & preaching the Gospel unto every creature! That's what He expects of you!--The martyrs who have laid down their lives for the Lord! And in a sense, every one of us is a martyr. In a sense, every one of us dies daily for the Lord.

       31. I REMEMBER ONE OF THE LADIES, GOOD CHURCH LADY IN ONE OF OUR BIBLE SCHOOL CLASSES IN MIAMI, FLORIDA. She loved to sit in church & listen to beautiful sermons & organ music & lovely choirs, but she finally felt that really she needed a little more Bible study, to know more about the Bible, because, you know, you don't get too much Bible in church. You get a lot of flowery sermons & pious pulpit platitudes & ethical rules & pretty stories & 20 minutes of pulling for the offering & a ten-minute sermon, but you don't really get too much Bible study!

       32. SO SHE DECIDED SHE WANTED TO GO TO BIBLE SCHOOL, OUR LITTLE BIBLE SCHOOL. She picked ours because it was free! Not only free tuition, but free room & board, too!--Although she was pretty well off herself, but you know how the rich are! The reason they are rich is because they know how to save money & they don't like to spend it! So she came to our free Bible School, where board & room was free! And she wanted to take this Bible course & learn more about the Bible, probably so she could go back & brag about it to her friends in church again, how much more she knew about it than they did.

       33. BUT THEN SHE FOUND OUT THAT A PART OF OUR SCHEDULE, ABOUT HALF OF IT, WAS SPENT OUT IN THE FIELD, not just studying theory & just studying the Bible--which is all very good & a necessary preparation 'cause it's your tool, you've gotta do it--but she had to spend half her time out with the other students in the field, with her teachers going door-to-door or on the street corner or in the park learning how to preach the Gospel, how to witness, how to litness, how to win souls!

       34. SHE CAME BACK AFTER HER FIRST DAY OUT WITNESSING AND SAID, "OH MY GOD! DO I HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN?"--Very proud, rich, fancy woman. She said, "This just kills me! This witnessing just kills me! That business of going out & passing out little tracts on the street corner--me a respectable, reputable, well-to-do woman, standing there like a beggar on the street corner begging people to take my literature! This just kills me! Do I have to do that again, Brother?"

       35. I SAID, "YES, SISTER, YOU DO, BECAUSE THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT DOES, & IT'S GOOD FOR YOU--IT JUST KILLS YOU! It just kills your pride, & it kills your reputation, & it kills your vaunted idea of yourself, & it kills you in the eyes of man, & your man-pleasing spirit, & your wanting the praise of man, when out there on the corner you get his contempt & his scorn & ridicule & sometimes they'll spit in your face!"--Like some dear Jewish rabbis have done to us, or spit every time they hear the Name of Jesus, or even slap you in the face or knock you down or knock the Bible out of your hand, as we've had some do, just because we were giving them the simple Gospel of Jesus out of the Bible.

       36. IT KILLS YOU, ALL RIGHT, IT MAKES YOU A MARTYR EVERY DAY! Every single day, you're a martyr for Jesus, & you die daily, as the Apostle said. (1Co.15:31.) And this is what these people had been doing. These are the martyrs for Jesus Christ. We're all martyrs in that sense! You don't have to die physically on a cross or be beheaded or whatever in the long run, you're a martyr every day. Do you know what the word means? Martyr is a Greek word meaning "a witness." And you'll find out that witnessing is martyrdom to your pride & your proud spirit & your self respect & the opinions of men.

       37. WITNESSING IS MARTYRDOM, & IF YOU ARE A FAITHFUL WITNESS UNTO GOD YOU WILL BE A DAILY MARTYR FOR JESUS CHRIST! So these folks were martyrs. They had died daily & finally died the final death & were in Heaven with the Lord, waiting to be avenged & revenged for their blood that they had shed! In a sense, even if they don't kill us, we shed blood daily for the Lord. We spend our strength & our sweat, & we almost sweat blood & tears, in order to serve Jesus Christ in hard places. They're waiting there for God to avenge them against their enemies that tormented & persecuted them & ridiculed them & made it hard for them.

       38. AND SOME OF THEM, LIKE THEY HAVE SOME OF OUR FAMILY, LITERALLY KIDNAPPED THEM & IMPRISONED THEM BY FORCE with these big goon bruisers of guys like Ted Patrick & some of these deprogrammers!--Tortured them psychologically with mental torture to try to force them to give up their faith, & sometimes it was more then mental, it was physical! They knocked them around & took their guitars away & knocked their Bibles out of their hands & locked them into their rooms! You tell me that's not persecution & torture?--It's the Inquisition all over again!

       39. IT'S EVEN ILLEGAL, WITH YOUNG PEOPLE WHO ARE GROWN, SOME OF THEM IN THEIR UPPER TWENTIES & THIRTY YEARS OF AGE WITH A WIFE & CHILDREN, & their parents have had them kidnapped by this professional mercenary kidnapper who does it for $10-20,000 per person, sometimes as high as $50,000 they'll pay him to kidnap their former son or daughter who's no longer their son or daughter, who has a family of his own & is going his own way contrary to his old hard-headed, stiff-necked parents. He has ideas of his own. He has chosen another way, another religion of his own.

       40. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A FREE COUNTRY IN MOST OF NORTH AMERICA & WESTERN EUROPE & SO ON, & yet they come clear as far as Europe & Australia & places like that with these kidnappers, & force them into cars right off the street & take them off & into imprisonment in a hotel room with guards & spending days trying to knock their faith out of their heads & their hearts! How horrible! How terrible! I'll tell you, God help me that I never get close enough to one of those guys, because I don't think I'd be able to restrain myself, & I don't think they'd be able to restrain me either! I think after they've smitten on one cheek & I've turned the other cheek, that's all the cheeks I've got left! And I'm going to go to work on their cheeks, give them one good swift kick in the back of both cheeks before they'll ever get me down to do that!

       41. GOD DAMN EVERY ONE OF THOSE GOD-DAMN TORTURERS & INQUISITORS OF THIS MODERN AGE, THOSE DEPROGRAMMERS! ... I hope they put Ted Patrick away for years where he'll never do another kidnap! Maybe that'll cause him to think of his evil ways & repent. I hope he does. I hope he gets saved! Because he's got a lot of repentin' to do. He started in Witchcraft & he's still in Witchcraft, & still in the Devil's business trying to brainwash the Children of God for money & trying to deprogram those who have chosen another religion. He does it for money, tens of thousands of dollars!

       42. I MEAN, HE'S JUST AS MUCH A GOON & A RACKETEER & A CRIMINAL & A GANGSTER AS MUCH AS ANY OTHER!--And yet he's gotten away with it, because the parents represent the System. They represent the System, which also doesn't like these little cults & sects & different religions & prefers the established church, the established religions, the orthodox & the powerful religions that have political power & rule the judges & the powerful religions that have political power & rule the judge & the politicians & the police force. And so when these dirty devilish dogs go to work with their fiendish horrible kidnapping & imprisonment & mental & physical torture & sometimes even kill them--we've known them to kill them!--[EDITED: "Some"] police just look the other way, & [EDITED: "some"] judges let the parents off the hook, & the prosecutor refuses to prosecute.

       43. THEY SAY, "IT'S NOT A KIDNAP, IT'S NOT REALLY TORTURE, IT'S JUST A LITTLE FAMILY ARGUMENT, & we, the State & the courts & the System & the police, don't enter into family arguments." Well, too bad, Mafia, that they're not that good to you! Because a lot of yours are just family arguments! After all, I suggest the next time you go to court, you tell the judge that when you shot that other guy in that other branch of the family to try to get control of the city, that it was just a little family squabble! And when you mowed'm down on that special day & you had that St. Valentine's massacre, it was just a little family squabble! "It was only a family argument, Judge! Now you shouldn't hold that against us, just a little private family argument. I know we had to kill quite a few, but it's just a little family argument!"

       44. WHY DON'T YOU TRY THAT DEFENSE? THAT'S WHAT THE PARENTS USE! That's what Ted Patrick & his deprogrammers use. It just depends on who's doing the arguing & which side you're on, whether you get a square deal or a fair trial or honest treatment or not. They say it's just a family argument, if you happen to belong to a sect, a small sect, or small denomination or some small new kind of weird cult of some kind that they don't like! It's OK as long as you belong to some big church, big denomination, recognised by the System!--But don't you dare belong to some little screwy cult or sect that they don't quite understand, or you're in trouble!

       45. FREEDOM?--HA, HA! NOT EVEN IN THE U.S.A.! WE FOUND THERE WAS NO FREEDOM THERE: No freedom of religion, no freedom of the press, no freedom of speech--providing you didn't say what they wanted you to say, & print what they wanted you to print, & believe what they wanted you to believe! If you believe something else, that was the end of your freedom of religion! If you said something different from what the System approves of, that was the end of your freedom of speech! And if you passed out tracts & literature which was contrary to the established System beliefs, then that was the end of your freedom of the press! The cops run you in, you're in jail! "You can't say that on this street corner & preach like that on this street corner, you can't pass that kind of literature here, & you can't have that kind of a faith here, it's against the rules here to have that kind of religion!" And if the System doesn't do it, then the parents hire these criminals to do it for them!

       46. I'LL TELL YOU, I AM WAITING FOR THE DAY, IF TED PATRICK DOESN'T GET HIS HERE & NOW FROM THE SYSTEM that backs him & condones him & tolerates him & just looks the other way when he performs crimes for which they would put you or me in jail for 20 years or life! In fact, kidnapping is a lifetime offence in the State of California, but he's kidnapped plenty of people out there! It used to be a criminal, capital offence which would cost you your life, but he gets away with it all the time. He brags that he has kidnapped & deprogrammed, he claims now, at least 6000 people, think of that, & got away with nearly every one of them, seldom ever been brought into court, only a few times got a little fine or a short jail sentence.

       47. LET ME TELL YOU, FOLKS, IF THAT BOY DOESN'T GET HIS HERE & NOW THE WAY HE HAS HOUNDED OUR CHILDREN, the way he has persecuted our Family with his God-damned criminal henchmen in their cruel kidnapping & imprisonment & torture & even to the point of death of some of them or driving some of them out of their minds, crazy!--If he doesn't get his now, when comes the judgement of God & I come back from Heaven with God & Jesus Christ & His angels & His saints riding those white horses & with the power of God in my hands, I am going to sock it to him then, let me tell you, & he's going to get what he deserves!

       48. AND THAT'S THE WAY EVERY CHRISTIAN OUGHT TO FEEL ABOUT THESE GOD-DAMN FIENDISH DEVILS WHO ARE BEDEVILING THE CHILDREN OF GOD, & tormenting the saints of God, & persecuting Christians, even to the point of insanity & death! When it comes to that, I'm no pacifist! I'm sorry. When it comes to giving the Devil & his henchmen their dues, I want to be right there on the front lines to sock it to'm! You say, "Well, Jesus said love your enemies, do good to them, & so on." Yes, now!--In the day of grace when we're to try to be patient & hope they'll repent & get saved. I don't see much chance for Ted Patrick & his ilk, & all those deprogrammers, those inquisitors of the modern Inquisition! They are devils, fiends, diabolical, demon-possessed! Real fiends, devils, dogs! I don't see much chance for them.

       49. AND I TELL YOU, I'LL HAVE A HARD TIME WAITING FOR THE JUDGEMENT TO GIVE'M WHAT THEY DESERVE IF THEY EVER GET IN RANGE OF ME & within arm's length of me, God helping me! I think I would rather go down fighting to the death than to let one of those filthy slimy fiends of Hell lay a finger on me! When it comes to that, I'm not very much of pacifist! I guess I'm a little more like King David than I am like Jesus, forgive me, but that's what I am, that's what I'm like. And like Moses, he called down the fire of God & judgements of God on the wicked as well. I'm a man of war!--Or we wouldn't be here today, still fighting!

       50. I WAS TELLING MY WIFE THE OTHER DAY, I GUESS I WOULDN'T MAKE A VERY GOOD FARMER, I'm impatient. I'm too violent [EDITED: "in spirit"]! I like change too much. When I don't see things right, I like to change'm & make things different! That's why we have a Revolution! That's why we have a Revolution for Jesus! That's why we have our Family, the Children of God, the Children of Love, this Family of Love! That's why we're here today--because I didn't like the way things were & I wanted to change them, & I did, thank God! And you helped me, some of you! Praise God! So here we are.

       51. I GUESS I'M TOO MUCH OF A FIGHTER TO BE A MAN OF PEACE. I'm too much of a warrior to be a plodder, to plod the furrows behind the asses. I spent too many years in my denomination behind too many asses, & I feel a little like the woman who was praising God in church & making so much noise, shouting: "Hallelujah! Praise God! Preach it, Brother!" And that church wasn't used to that kind of thing & they figured she was some kind of a cracked nut or Holy Roller. And by & by the preacher kind of made a little motion to the elders of the church, for the two ushers to, you know, escort her from the congregation out of her seat & out of the sanctuary, the Holy of Holies! She was too noisy, old fashioned, must have been a Pentecostal lady, some kind like that.

       52. AND SO THE TWO ELDERS CAME & THEY PICKED HER UP BY EACH ARM, ONE ON EACH SIDE WHEN SHE DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE, & they just picked her up off the floor & carried her out like they've carried me out sometimes in the past. And as she went down the aisle & they were carrying her out of the church, she said: "Well, Jesus, TYJ! I'm not worthy of this! You only had one ass to carry You, & I've got two!" I spent 50 years of my life behind those asses, & I don't want to have much to do with them any more. I got sick & fed up with them & I said, "This isn't the right kind of a church! These churches are off on a wrong beam somehow!"

       53. THEY'RE NOT DOING IT LIKE JESUS DID & LIKE THE APOSTLES DID, like the Disciples did, like the Early Church & the Early Christians did. They're just not doing it like that! Jesus just went along & chose this one & that one right off the field & from the tax table & from the fishing boats, old dirty stinky smelly fishermen, no education, no Bible college, no cemetery--seminary, it's a cemetery for faith--& called them to follow, said, "Come, follow Me, & I will make you fishers of men." And immediately they forsook all & followed Jesus & they became mighty witnesses for the Lord, martyrs for Jesus, every one of them dying a martyr's death!

       54. DO YOU WANT TO BE A MARTYR? WELL, I'LL PROBABLY BE A MARTYR, because if one of those guys ever tries it on me, I'll tell you, I don't think he's going to get away with it! I don't know what I'll do, but I warn you, if you're one of them, you'd better steer clear of me, because I doubt if I'm going to take it peacefully! I am going to stand up & fight for the faith! I am going to contend earnestly for the faith! I'll just turn so many cheeks! Well, at the wildest stretch of my imagination I've only got four, & that's the limit! And after that, Brother, I'm going to give your cheeks a few things, because I think that's far enough!

       55. NOW I WOULDN'T ADVISE ALL YOU YOUNG PEOPLE TO GET INTO A FIGHT, but if they start dragging you off to their car, some of these bullies to kidnap you, I'd start kicking, kicking in the guts, kicking in the groin & the nuts, sock'm in the teeth--fight!--Don't go down without a fight! Fight for all you're worth! Because if you don't, you may never get out of it! You may never get out of it alive or sane! You'd better fight!

       56. IF THEY KNOW THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE A FIGHT ON THEIR HANDS EVERY TIME THEY LAY A FINGER ON US, they're going to think twice before they so easily go & just guide us by the elbow into their car off to some place, some motel & treat us like we're being treated royally, somehow, as their guests, blah, blah! Don't kid yourself, & don't kid them! Let them know you're going to fight!

       57. THESE SAINTS WANTED VENGEANCE! THEY WANTED REVENGE! "How long, O Lord, are You going to not judge & avenge our blood on them that dwell on the Earth?"--Their persecutors their tormentors, their torturers! And the Lord said, "Just be patient, just rest a little while longer for all of your fellowservants who are dying daily right now for Me & will die for Me, wait till the whole flock is in, wait till the Children are all in, & then I'm going to turn loose My judgements on them. When I've called out My sheep from amongst the goats, when I've reaped out My good grain from amongst the tares, so that they don't get hurt."

       58. GOD ALWAYS HAS TO CALL HIS PEOPLE OUT & GET THEM OUT FROM AMONGST THE WICKED & THE SINNERS. He says, "Come out from among her, ye My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins," so you won't be punished for her sins. He says, "Come out of Babylon, the World System. Get out of it! Drop in to Jesus' Family. Get out of the God-damn System & start serving Jesus! And get out of those Hell-on-Earth cities & those infernos of the System, or you're going to a Hell-on-Earth with atomic bombs in the inferno of the Atom War, if you don't! I warn you! Get out while you can!

       59. GET OUT OF THOSE GOD-DAMN COUNTRIES LIKE THE U.S.A., & A LOT OF PLACES IN WESTERN EUROPE THAT HAVE HAD THEIR CHANCE! They have had it! They have rejected it, resisted it, & turned around & rent us & stomped upon us & called the law on us or thrown us in jail or tried to kidnap & imprison us & propagandise & torture & brainwash us to the point of insanity or death! Let me tell you, they've had their chance! They don't deserve another one, & the sooner God socks it to them the better!

       60. BUT HE'S GOT TO GET HIS CHILDREN OUT FIRST! He's got to get His people out of this World first before He can sock it to the rest of the World with His judgements! He's gotta get you out of that city first! He's gotta get you out of that God-damn country first before He can pour out His judgements upon your enemies there! So why the Hell don't you get out of that country?

       61. GET YOUR HEAVEN OUT OF THAT HELL ON EARTH & GO TO SOME FARFLUNG FIELD where they'll receive you with open arms & they'll receive your Gospel gladly! "For the poor heard Him gladly," God's Word says. It was the rich that resisted Him, the rich System, the Church System, the religious System, the powerful governmental System that was anti-Christ! You have to get out of it! Go someplace else where there's more freedom.

       62. IT MAY BE POORER! IT MAY NOT HAVE ALL THE LUXURIES & THE COMFORTS & THE CIVILISED SO-CALLED AMENITIES & THE "PLEASURES OF SIN FOR A SEASON," but let me tell you, you'll be a lot happier if you're sitting on a South Sea Island something like this, eating coconuts off the trees like those up there, with a grass skirt on, & a little grass shack! (Sings:) "I want to go back, to my little grass shack in Quiliquiliquilique Hawaii!" I don't remember just how it goes, but you're going to be better off in a grass skirt & a grass shack eating coconuts off the trees & fish out of the sea, & safer, & happier, than in some of those big so-called civilised cities!--They're not civilised, they're about as uncivilised as you can get! They're not as civilised as the jungle, those asphalt jungles! They're horrible! They've got worse savages than you find out in the jungles! The savages in the jungles are civilised by comparison!

       63. LIKE THE DEAR SAVAGE THAT HEARD FROM THE MISSIONARY ALL ABOUT WHAT THE CITIES WERE, you know, & civilisation. So when he got out there & saw what it was like, he said, "Oh! Deliver me!" He said, "Bonga, bonga, bonga, I don't want to leave the jungle! No, no, no, no, no, no!"--And he goes on to tell all the things wrong with civilisation & how much better it is to live hanging in the trees in the jungle than running around the asphalt jungle of the city where you're not safe for a minute!--Your life is never safe, or your wife, or your purse, or your children, or anything!

       64. MY GOD, WHY DOES ANYBODY WANT TO LIVE IN THOSE FESTERING SORES OF INIQUITY ON THE BODY POLITIC OF WESTERN CIVILISATION? Get out while you can! Get out! Leave it behind & live with the dear folks who need you & need the Gospel of Jesus' love & who want you, & will be friendly & hospitable & good to you, & receive you & your Gospel of Love with open arms! Get out! Drop out! Forsake all & follow Jesus & He'll make you fishers of men! That's what these folks have done!--These martyrs, these witnesses, they died daily for Jesus!

       65. BUT COMES A TIME WHEN THEY WERE PRETTY FED UP WITH ALL THAT PERSECUTION & TORTURE & EVEN ACTUAL MARTYRDOM--DEATH--& they wanted to wreak vengeance & revenge on their enemies that killed them! They wanted to get the judgements of God rained down upon them, & they wanted it, & God promised it to'm, & they're going to get it!--And you're going to get it one of these days if you're one of our enemies! ... God may start lowering the boom on you!--Start whacking away with the rod of His chastisement & the rod of His judgements for your wickedness & sinfulness & your cruelty toward His Children & His people!

       66. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU, IF POSSIBLE, IF YOU DON'T REALISE WHAT YOU'RE DOING, as He prayed for some of the Roman soldiers crucifying Him: "Father forgive them, they know not what they do!" (Lk.23:34.) He wasn't praying for the Scribes & the Pharisees & the Chief Priests of the established religion! They knew what they were doing! They knew exactly what they were doing! And they are in the torments & the flames & the fires of Hell to this very day, & have been ever since! God destroyed them! And that's where they belong! And I don't know if some of them ever deserve to get out, although God is pretty merciful.

       67. WELL, THAT'S ABOUT AS FAR AS WE HAVE TIME TO GO, IN FACT, WE'RE A LITTLE OVERTIME, FORGIVE ME. But the Lord said, "Just wait till the rest of'm are all in." Sometimes I feel like I'm all in, I get so tired. Well, when they're finally all in, we're all all in, & He's taking us all to be with Him & gotten us out of this filthy old World & these demonic devils running around loose, torturing & persecuting & tormenting us & causing us all kinds of trouble! Then God's going to pour out His judgements on'm, & wait'll you read it here! Whew! It's going to satisfy your soul! Praise God! Hallelujah!

       68. YOU SAY, "BOY THAT GUY! I NEVER HEARD THAT KIND OF CHRISTIAN RELIGION! Why doesn't he preach the nice sweet little loving Gospel of Jesus? Why doesn't he just preach love?" Let me tell you, we preach a lot of love, & we give a lot of love, & we live for love & we'll die for love!--But I believe that the people who hate & not love, & who hurt instead of help, & who cruelly torture & torment instead of assisting us, deserve all the Hell they can get, & the sooner the better! And I feel like these guys here in Heaven: "How long, Lord, are You going to put up with this sort of thing?" How long are You going to put up with these God-damn deprogrammers & Ted Patrick? I can hardly wait to see You sock it to'm, Lord! Give it to'm!--In Jesus' name!

       69. LORD, WE ASK THEE RIGHT NOW, TO REBUKE OUR ENEMIES! You said even to resist the Enemy & he will flee from thee. (Ja.4:7.) Lord, we resisted him many times & he has fled. We've rebuked him many times, we thank You, Lord, for how he has fled! But Lord, sometimes it's been a real battle & a real fight. Give these, Thy Children, strength, give them courage, give them real bravery, Lord, to stand up & fight! So that when the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him in them & through Thy Word, & that they will resist the Enemy & contend earnestly for the faith, & not let the ol' Devil & his God-damn demons walk all over them!

       70. HELP THEM, LORD, TO BE LIKE ST. PAUL, WHO SAID, "I HAVE FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT, I have kept the faith, & I have finished the course! For henceforth there is laid up a crown of righteousness for me, which the righteous Judge shall give me in the end!" (2Ti.4:7,8.) Help us to fight a good fight, Lord, as faithful soldiers of the cross, & to keep the faith, not get discouraged, & to finish the course, finish our job before we go, or before they kill us, whatever, to know we've done a good job & finished the work You gave us to do. so You can say to us, Lord, as we enter Thy presence, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant! Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" In Jesus' name, amen. Praise God! TYJ!

       71. DO YOU WANT TO BE A GOOD & FAITHFUL SERVANT & HAVE JESUS SAY THAT TO YOU WHEN YOU DIE & ENTER HIS PRESENCE? Then you'd better take Jesus for your Saviour! You had better ask the Lord to come into your heart right now & forgive you for your sins & wash you clean in His blood & save you forever so you can go out & tell others about Him, in Jesus' name. Amen? Do it now! Do it now! We've already run over our time tonight, so X! Good night! X! GBY! ILY!

       72. TAKE JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOUR NOW! All you have to do is ask Him to come in. Just say,
        "Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!
        Come in today, come in to stay,
        Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!"

And He says, "Behold, I stand at the door & knock. If any man hear My voice & open the door, I will come in!" (Rev.3:20.) And if you just ask Him right now, He'll come in! That's all you have to do. Help'm to do it, Lord, in Jesus' name. Amen! TYJ! And you'll be saved forever, not have to worry about going to church or being so good, or whatever, just love Jesus & love everybody, that's God's only law now!: Jesus Law of Love!

       73. THERE'RE NO MORE TEN COMMANDMENTS, THERE'S JUST WHAT JESUS SAID, HIS COMMANDMENT OF LOVE, & THAT'S TO LOVE GOD & LOVE OTHERS. In this is all the law & all the prophets! The Law of Love is the only Law of God today! That's all you have to do, is love! Love Jesus now, take Him into your heart, & He'll help you to love God & others. In Jesus' name, help'm Lord. Amen! PTL! Gotta quit! You guys just gotta cut off the camera sometime, you cameramen! So long, come back next time! We're going to have another lesson on the rest of this chapter, marvellous Chapter Six! PTL! GBY! WLY! Good night!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family