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THOU SHALT HAVE SEX!--Be Fruitful & Multiply!--Part 13 of "The Garden of Eden!"       France, 2/5/81       DFO1181

       1. AMEN, PTL! HALLELUJAH! TYL! WELL, THAT WAS QUITE A REVELATION, WASN'T IT?--For you who were with us from the beginning of this Part 13 & its introduction here on this South Sea tropical island with its beautiful Garden of Eden maidens. We really believe in revelations! And that last one you saw dancing, by the way, was the queen of Love herself! None other than our precious beautiful gorgeous incomparable sexy Maria! Hallelujah! Ave Maria! I can sing to that one, I'll tell you! Gracia plena! She's got all kinds of graces, including being very sexy & having a gorgeous body, don't you think? And if you missed that part, I'm sorry for you!

       2. WE'RE CALLING OUR SERIES NOW "EDEN'S REVELATIONS," WHICH COVERS A LOT OF TERRITORY!--All the way from Genesis to the last book in the Bible, the Revelation. Eden's Revelations! That just contains the whole Bible. And it's so much like our setting here, this beautiful tropical island & these lovely tropical heat-wave maidens. We really are having some revelations! That's a part of our teaching, that's part of our doctrine, a very important part of our faith & our belief, that sex & nudity are not evil.

       3. THERE'S NO PLACE IN THE BIBLE THAT YOU CAN PROVE THAT NUDITY IS EVIL OR SEX IS WRONG! The first one to lie to man to tell him that it was wrong to be naked was the Devil, because God created man & woman nude, completely naked. And immediately the first commandment He gave them was to be fruitful & multiply, to have sex! So nudity & sex in the Garden of Eden were the very first order of the day, & therefore, being created by God in the nude & never even having known clothing or any kind of bodily covering, they didn't know they were naked!

       4. AND OF COURSE THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT, NEITHER WAS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH SEX, because God created our bodies & He created the sexual organs & intended for us to have sex, both for our intimate pleasure & close association, the very closest possible association between a man & a woman. Jesus said, "And for this cause shall a man leave his father & mother & shall cleave to his wife, & they two shall become one flesh!" (Mt.19:5.) You're not supposed to grow up, become a man & a woman, have sex & have children of your own!

       5. YOU KNOW, YOU'RE NEVER REALLY AN ADULT UNTIL YOU HAVE CHILDREN OF YOUR OWN. You're never really grown up. You may think you are & you may think you know what life's all about, but you will never know what real life is all about until you have found a mate, both mentally, physically & spiritually, & you have united yourselves sexually into one flesh & produced children in obedience to God's very first commandment in the Bible, in the very first book of the Bible & its very first chapter & its 28th verse: "Be fruitful & multiply & replenish the Earth!"


       7. THE FIRST COMMANDMENT IN THE BIBLE BEFORE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS WAS WHAT?--THOU SHALT HAVE SEX! That's kind of a shocker for some people, huh? The first commandment in the Bible was not the Ten Commandments, the first commandment in the Bible in the very first book, first book, first chapter, 28th verse is "Be fruitful & multiply & obey His commandment, the first commandment in the Bible before the Ten Commandments, think of that!

       8. AND BOTH ADAM & EVE WERE CREATED PERFECTLY BEAUTIFULLY NAKED & never even thought about wearing clothes, never had any such idea until the Devil put it into their minds, didn't even know they were naked! I mean, after all, that's the way they'd always been, that's the way God created them, with all their beauteous physical splendour in full view--a little bit like some that you have seen tonight, perhaps, & in our previous chapters! Nothing at all wrong with it, nothing at all wicked about being naked or nude, & certainly nothing sinful about sex, because that's the way God made you & that's why He gave you those sexual organs to enjoy & to use & to become one flesh & to be fruitful & multiply & have children ... !

       9. THAT'S WHY JEWISH BOYS HAVE WHAT IS KNOWN AS THEIR BAR MITZVAH AT THE AGE OF 12, because that is the recognition that they have become a man & are capable of becoming married & having children. In fact, in virtually all of the Oriental societies & the Indian societies of both the Orient & the Americas, child brides were the accepted thing! Because they were not considered children at the age of 12 & 13, they were expected to become men & women & to be able to do a man's work & a woman's work. ...

       10. THE ONE WHO MADE ADAM & EVE ASHAMED OF BEING NAKED WAS THE DEVIL AFTER SIN ENTERED IN! To think that there was something wrong with nudity & nakedness is a lie of the Devil! Therefore to think that nudity & nakedness is wrong & evil & sinful, that is sinful! That is sinful! That is wicked! Because nude's the way God made you! You came into this world bringing nothing with you but your naked bare skin, your birthday suit! That's all you wore & there's nothing wrong with it!

       11. THERE'S NOTHING WICKED & SINFUL ABOUT A LITTLE BABY BORN NAKED TO A VIRTUALLY NAKED MOTHER! It is only the Devil, Satan himself, that put that thought into the mind of Adam & Eve & told them that they were naked, & therefore insinuating that it was wrong & evil to be naked. Because when God walked into the Garden a little late after that horrible believing of the Devil & disobedience to God & eating of the fruit of the fruit of the knowledge of evil, as well as good, all of a sudden Adam & Eve had run & hidden & were trying to cover themselves up with fig leaves.

       12. WHY THEY CHOSE THE FIG LEAVES, I DON'T KNOW! THEY'RE ONE OF THE SMALLEST LEAVES YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE! It reminds me of the fellow in the horticultural exhibit who was looking at the different kinds of trees & flowers, etc., & they came across in this garden a beautiful fig tree. He looked up at the fig tree & he noticed how small the leaves were, not more than about that big, that's about as big as a fig leaf, just a few inches wide. He looked & he said, "Gulp! Somehow I had an idea they were larger than that!" I wonder where he got that idea?

       13. I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY DIDN'T CHOOSE ELEPHANT EARS OR SOMETHING MUCH LARGER, but maybe that was the quickest thing they could grab when the Devil told them they were naked & it was evil & wrong & they shouldn't be nude--& yet that's the way God made them! And of course his next lie to them was that sex was evil, because the Devil hates sex because it is God's plan to populate the world & the Kingdom of God with babies as its new citizens!

       14. THIS IS THE MOST WONDERFUL THING ABOUT BEING A HUMAN BEING IS TO BRING MORE HUMAN BEINGS INTO THIS WORLD & INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD! God wants babies! He wants you to have sex & to have babies. He wants you to have sex not only for your own physical enjoyment & satisfaction, for which He made all those wonderful nerves that feel so good & that climactic orgasm at the grand nerves that feel so good & that climactic orgasm at the grand finale! God made all that, not the Devil! God made your body to have sex & to feel good having it & to have a climax, an explosive orgasm of the flesh & the spirit at the same time!

       15. I'M CONVINCED THAT THE ORGASM IS BOTH PHYSICAL & SPIRITUAL, because every time I have an orgasm with a woman, almost every time I burst into a tremendous spiritual orgasm & explosion & speak in tongues & interpretation & so on. so it is very very akin to the spiritual, if not actually spiritual. It results in the creation of a new human spirit, so therefore it must be something spiritual. Not always is it followed by conception & a new human spirit, but it is often, as much as God wills.

       16. BECAUSE ONLY GOD MAKES BABIES! ONLY GOD BRINGS CONCEPTION! If I had had a baby every time I fucked a woman, I would have had thousands by this time! Thank God we only had one whenever it was the will of God, that was about every two years. Some of you dear girls out there, well, God must know you can take it & you're able to take care of so many children, you've been having one about every year! And He made it possible for a woman to have a baby about every year.

       17. A FEW OF YOU HAVE HAD ONE ABOUT EVERY NINE MONTHS! AHEM! Which shows your dear little hubby did not wait the prescribed time after the birth of the baby until you were cleansed. You're supposed to wait at least how many days? Do you know what the Mosaic Law prescribes? (James: 40 days?) At least 40 days, some people say, others say at least two months, others say three months. Well, God knows & God knows maybe you ought to give your poor wife a rest & not start fucking her so soon after she's had a baby so you get her pregnant before she even gets over the last one! Gonna wear her out!

       18. BUT GOD DID MAKE WOMEN CAPABLE OF HAVING CHILDREN VERY FREQUENTLY NOW, BECAUSE OF MAN'S SIN. Frequent conception came as a part of the curse--they call it the curse--actually it was a promise of God from now on that she would have babies more often, conceive more often, & that she would have more pain in conception because of her sin. And one of the reasons why God had to make you women to have babies more often was because the Devil was going to get busy trying to kill'm off as fast as he could! Because that's the worst thing he hates almost above everything else outside of salvation, the creation of a saved soul!

       19. THE NEXT THING THE DEVIL HATES MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IS THE BIRTH OF BABIES, THE CREATION OF HUMAN BEINGS, & HE DOES EVERYTHING HE CAN TO FIGHT IT & STOP IT from the very beginning, making man & woman ashamed of being naked & therefore cutting down the possibility to their getting excited & inspired to have sex, & then telling them that sex was evil, & then telling them after that that even if they do have babies they should get rid of them by throwing them to the god Moloch, into the fire in his bowels & placed as a human sacrifice into his hands, levered to cast the child through his giant maw into the fire! They had birth control way back then before the days of Noah, think of that! It was called the religion of Moloch, the worship of Moloch, an evil filthy vile demonic god created by the Devil to devour children! Think of that! That was their method of birth control!

       20. SO THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH EITHER NUDITY OR SEX OR HAVING BABIES! Don't get a guilty conscience because of these God-damned population control stats and these family planning committees and all that God-damned Devilish fiendish garbage of Satan! It's the will of God for you to be fruitful and multiply and have children, and the only way you can do it its to have lots of sex! And about the only way you can have sex is to be naked--that is if you really want to enjoy it!

       21. SO HERE I AM BACK AGAIN ON THE SUBJECT AGAIN, but this is that series of the Garden of Eden and this is we have made our theme, "Eden's Revelations," because we're covering the Bible in this series from the Garden of Eden to the Rapture of the Saints and to the Millennium.--From the first Garden of Eden to the final Garden of Eden, the marvellous Garden of Eden of the future when the whole world will be a Garden of Eden.! That's what we're waiting for, that's what we're longing for and that's what we're hoping for!

       22. THAT GIVES US THE HOPE TO FIGHT ON AND LIVE ON AND BE FAITHFUL TO THE LORD and to Christ and to love others, because we know there's coming another beautiful worldwide Garden of Eden where all will be beautiful and happy and plentiful and peaceful and happy and you can have all the sex you want and all the pretty girls you want, like angels of God! Just like the angels of God who took the beautiful daughters of men and had sex with them in the days of Noah and produced giants as a result! (Gen.6:4.)

       23. THERE'S SEX IN HEAVEN, YES! THERE WILL BE SEX IN HEAVEN! Maybe the Muslims were not so far wrong after all! I've seen some of those beautiful Houris of Heaven! And they talk about rivers of wine, well, there's going to be a river of Water of Life, and if it's life water and lively water, that sounds a little bit like wine, doesn't it? But the difference is you'll be able to drink all you want without getting drunk, and have all the sex you want without getting tired or impotent, and you'll be forever permanently virile, praise God! Never fail, Boys, never a time when you can't make it, and never a time when the girls won't want it! Isn't that marvellous?

       24. BOY, THAT'S MY KIND OF HEAVEN! AMEN? ISN'T THAT THE KIND OF HEAVEN YOU WANT? Come on, be honest! If that's not the kind of Heaven you want, you must be half-dead already! I told my wife and I've told others, when I get too old to turn my head and look at a pretty woman passing by, then I must be dead, you can bury me in my coffin! When I get too old for sex, I'm a goner! I'll probably be having sex when I die, I don't know, or at least close to it, because I love it, I enjoy it, and I love my wife and I enjoy her and we have a lot of fun.

       25. WE WERE HAVING A LOT OF FUN LAST NIGHT WATCHING THESE BEAUTIFUL DANCES SHE MADE FOR VIDEO! I couldn't stand it any longer! Well, I had stood it for quite awhile, in fact, it stood for quite awhile, and it finally had to explode! PTL! There's nothing evil or wrong or nasty of dirty or bad in what I've just said at all, because it's all of God--God made it and He intended for you to enjoy it! That's why He put those nerves there that feel good and cause you to have an orgasm, a sexual explosion! There's nothing wrong with being naked or nude, only the Devil has made it illegal to have sex under this condition, that condition, certain ages and blah blah blah!


       30. MODERN WESTERN CIVILISATION PAMPERS YOUNG PEOPLE! They send them to high school as long as they can & try to keep them from getting married as long as they can. They send them off to high school & then to college & then post-graduate courses, until by the time they're all finished they're 25 or 30 years of age & they've never known anything but Mama & Daddy taking care of them & footin' the bills & sending them off to college & paying their tuition & room & board & all the rest!

       31. THEY'VE SPENT 25 YEARS JUST ABSORBING KNOWLEDGE, NOT PUTTING OUT ANYTHING, just soaking it up like a sponge, not producing anything worthwhile, not getting married, not having children, going more than ten or twenty years past the age which they should have gotten married & should have had children & should have started planning a home of their own & doing the most important work that God ever gave them to do, & that was to be fruitful & multiply, have children, have sex & plenish the Earth, bring souls into the Kingdom of God! Praise God!

       32. SOME OF OUR DISCIPLES, OUR NEW BABIES, WE CALL THEM "KNEW" DISCIPLES, BECAUSE WHEN ADAM KNEW EVE HIS WIFE, IT SIMPLY MEANS HE FUCKED HER! You don't really know a woman until you've fucked her. You don't really know what a woman is like completely until you've had sex with her & made love to her. Then you know whether she is passionate & ardent & sexy & a real, whew, hot patootie like my wife! She just exudes sex! You just look at her & it just practically runs out of her ears & eyes & mouth! She's the sexiest woman I know, God bless her! You don't really know a woman until you have had sex with her. That's why the dear Old Testament King James Version of the Bible uses that nice polite term. Instead of saying "and so Adam fucked his wife," it says, "so Adam knew Eve his wife"--they then had sex & brought children into the World in obedience to God's commandment.

       33. SEX WAS THE FIRST COMMANDMENT, & TO HAVE SEX IS THE FIRST OBEDIENCE TO GOD'S COMMANDMENTS, THINK OF THAT! So as you can see & as you can hear, we are a very sexy religion with a very sexy leader & a very sexy following & a very sexy doctrine, & we got it all out of this book called the Holy Bible! You say, "oh, that's not holy! Sex is not holy! Sex is dirty, sinful, wicked, vile, filthy, nasty!" That's what the Devil told them in the Garden of Eden:

       34. "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU, ADAM & EVE, WHY DON'T YOU GET DRESSED? Don't you know you're naked? Don't you know it's not nice to be naked? Don't you know it's naughty to be naked? What's the matter with you, Adam & Eve, all the time lying around on the grass having sex & fucking each other? Don't you know that that's bad, that's wicked, that's evil? You shouldn't be having sex! Furthermore, if you have sex you'll have children, & then what are you going to do? You'll have to take care of'm!

       35. "WELL, IF YOU MUST HAVE CHILDREN, AT LEAST PLEASE GIVE THEM TO MY GOD MOLOCH so they can be burned alive in the fire & you won't have to rear them or take care of them or be bothered with them after that. You have all the sex you want, all the sex you want, all the babies you want as long as you destroy them as human sacrifices to my god Moloch!" How's that for a god? Is that the kind of god you want?--The Devil's own god who hates nudity & hates sex & hates conception & hates mating, hates children & would like to destroy them all!

       36. HE HAS TRIED TO PREVENT SEX FROM THE BEGINNING! Sex wasn't a result of the Fall, that's so ridiculous! Sex was long before the Fall. Adam & Eve started having sex from the first time they were created & saw each other, wouldn't you?--Normal husky healthy most perfect male & female ever created, I think they went right at it the first crack! If you suddenly met a naked woman for the first time in a beautiful garden & nobody around but God, wouldn't that be what you wanted to do? Huh? Well, it was, & that's what she wanted to do, too, because that's the way God made her! And they had lots of fun & lots of sex & didn't even know they were naked until the Devil came along & told them to be ashamed of being naked & having sex & having children & all of those "evil" things.

       37. THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE ARE TEACHING TODAY, THAT IT'S WRONG TO HAVE CHILDREN because you're going to overpopulate the world & there won't be enough food to feed them & all that rot & blah & baloney & lies of the Devil! He's been at that ever since Adam & Eve were created, even since the Garden of Eden! But he hasn't been able to defeat it, thank God, because God made it one of the strongest of all the urges in man, stronger than hunger, stronger than the desire to be warm, stronger than the need for shelter!

       38. GOD MADE IT SO THAT YOUR DESIRE FOR SEX WAS GREATER THAN YOUR SO-CALLED THREE GREAT ECONOMIC NEEDS: FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER. You want sex more than either one! I guarantee you, when I want sex, I don't need any clothing, I don't even want it! And I have a sexual hunger that's much stronger than my physical hunger. I would be happy, glad to lay down my fork & my meal any day for a good woman, & so would you!--Except when my dear good woman has prepared a nice hot meal, she probably wouldn't appreciate it if I would let it sit there & get cold while we got hot!

       39. AND I'LL TELL YOU, YOU DON'T EVEN CARE ANYTHING ABOUT SHELTER WHEN YOU WANT SEX! When you desire & want & get going you can have it out on the ground under the trees, on the grass or in the rain & you'd hardly know it if the Empire State Building fell on you! It is a greater need of man, a greater desire than the economic needs that economics teaches you, that the greatest necessities of man are food, clothing & shelter.

       40. I'LL TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, YOU ASK ALMOST ANY MAN & A LOT OF WOMEN, THEIR GREATEST NECESSITY IS SEX & LOVE! And some will even go so far as to commit crimes &, sad to say, even kill for it. It is a greater desire than the desire & necessities & needs of food or clothing or shelter. Sex was virtually the first desire that God created in man, & sexual organs that He intended for them to use were a part of His original creation, standard equipment on every male & female & intended to be used, & I daresay they probably used that first before they had their first dinner together!

       41. YOU KNOW, THE CUSTOM TODAY IS TO TAKE A GIRL OUT IN STYLE & WINE & DINE HER & take her to a show & get her all in the mood & then take her home to bed. Adam & Eve who both had been created & saw each other already naked, he didn't have to get her home to get her undressed, & they didn't have to have an apartment or a room because they already just lived out on the grass under the trees!

       42. AND HAVING ALREADY TASTED SOME OF THE FRUITS OF THE GARDEN, DEAR ADAM WAS FAR MORE DESIROUS TO TASTE OF THIS NEW FRUIT, A REAL TUTTI-FRUTTI CALLED EVE! And I'm sure he wanted her more than anything he had found hanging on the trees, including the monkeys from which he did not come! And if he had been sitting up in a tree picking fruit, I'm sure when he first got sight of Eve he would have shinnied down that tree as fast as he could go & come shinnying up to her!

       43. SCIENCE HAS DISCOVERED THAT MAN'S GREATEST NEED, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, IS JUST FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER. You could even survive without shelter as long you have food & clothing, & if the climate isn't too bad you can get along without the clothing! And it's amazing how long you can get along without food--if you live in a nice warm tropical climate like this & pick your fruit off the trees! It's warm, you don't need much to eat. You don't feel like too hard work either or too much exercise, & therefore you don't need a lot of fuel & food you almost desire sex almost more than anything in this nice warm tropical exotic climate with these beautiful maidens passing by with so little clothing on!

       44. IN ALL THE BEAUTIFUL TROPICAL ZONES & TROPICAL ISLANDS & TROPICAL CLIMATES OF THE WORLD THE WOMEN WENT EITHER STARK NAKED OR ALMOST NAKED until the dear Western "civilisation" so-called came along & got'm all dressed up, & like the Devil, taught them it was wrong to be naked & to run around topless like all the Balinese in the South Sea islands or the Melanesians & the Polynesians & all the rest! And they started the great cover-up, the world's great hypocritical cover-up by, of all people, guess whom?--The great Western Christian civilisation & their missionaries!

       45. INSTEAD OF TEACHING THEM THE BIBLE & THE TRUTH, GOING OUT THERE & TEACHING THEM FIRST THING IT WAS WRONG TO RUN AROUND NAKED LIKE THAT! "And you chiefs, it's wrong for you to have so many wives!" Imagine! I can remember my denomination having discussed this at their yearly world convention, what was to be the rule about these native chiefs who got converted & some had as many as 19 wives! According to our church doctrine you weren't supposed to have more than one--that is, unless you divorced & remarried & divorced & remarried, that way you could have as many as you want--sequential polygamy!

       46. WESTERN CIVILISATION HAS LAWS AGAINST BIGAMY & POLYGAMY, BUT THEY PERMIT WHAT CALL SEQUENTIAL POLYGAMY--you can have as many wives as you want as long as you only have one at a time, one after the other. Some famous rich men have had 20 wives or more! They just divorce them almost every year & get a new model, like a new car. Well, that's worse in the eyes of God, & under the polygamous society of the Old Testament, God forbade them to get rid of the first wives. They were to give them great love & lost of companionship & lots of sex & not to neglect nor diminish their duty of marriage, is exactly what it says! (Ex.21:10.)

       47. IF YOU TAKE A SECOND WIFE YOU'RE NOT TO DIMINISH THE DUTY OF MARRIAGE THAT YOU'VE BEEN GIVING THE FIRST ONE. In other words, if you've been fucking your first wife every day, you've got to keep on fucking her every day even if you fuck your new one every day too! Believe it or not, that's exactly in plain language what it means! You're not to love your old wife, your first wife, any less & give her any less sex than you did before--even if you take a new wife or a whole string of new wives!

       48. I DON'T KNOW HOW SOME OF YOU BOYS CAN TAKE IT, BUT I KNOW SOME OF YOU HAVE TWO OR THREE WIVES! You must be pretty virile & pretty husky & well capable! Hallelujah! GBY for it! I admire any man who is able to keep two or three women happy at once. Most men have a hard time keeping one woman happy! And I admire any of you women who are loving & unselfish enough & unjealous enough to permit your hubby to have a second or a third wife & share him with them. Now, that's real love!

       49. BUT THIS AGAIN GOES TO SHOW YOU THAT MAN'S GREATEST DRIVE, HIS GREATEST PHYSICAL DESIRE IS NOT FOR FOOD, certainly not for clothing, & shelter could be the last thing in his head unless it's awfully cold & wet where you live. But it's often been found that sexual desire overcomes all those desires. You certainly have no need of a shelter, necessarily, you can do it out in the rain if you want it bad enough, or in your car or wherever. Or on the grass under the trees. And when you're having sex you certainly don't have any desire for clothing. And if you really have the desire, it supersedes any desire for food. I can testify myself by experience!

       50. I'D RATHER HAVE A WOMAN ANY DAY THAN EVEN A GOOD HOT MEAL! Now sooner or later I'll get around to the meal, but I'll certainly put the woman first, that's for sure! Now, wouldn't you, honestly? If you had been able to get up here & grab that pretty girl you saw on the screen a few minutes ago, wouldn't you be willing to postpone your dinner for half an hour? Hmm? Come on, let's be honest! You would put sex first before any other physical satisfaction or desire or need. Sex would come first.

       51. WELL, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED, THAT'S THE WAY IT HAPPENED IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN! Creation & the creation of sex came first, & the practice of sex came second. And then after having so much sex they were probably exhausted, they began to think about getting hungry & climbing the trees if they had any strength left to pick the fruit for a meal. But I'm sure that when Adam first saw that beautiful gorgeous naked Eve on his screen there in the Garden, that that was the uppermost foremost thought on his mind & he couldn't think of anything else--food, clothing or shelter--until he had satisfied that primary pre-eminent greatest physical desire of man for sex, believe it or not!

       52. THAT'S WHY WE'RE SUCH A SEXY RELIGION--WE BELIEVE IN THIS BOOK! We believe God created man & woman & sex--"male & female created He them, & they two shall become one flesh"--that that's what God made your bodies for, to produce human beings, immortal souls for the kingdom of God! And there's only one thing better, & that's spiritual sex, intercourse with God Himself in the Spirit, being married to Jesus Christ as His Bride!

       53. HAVE YOU RECEIVED JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR BRIDEGROOM? Have you become a part of the Bride of Christ & enjoyed spiritual communion, spiritual intercourse with Him? Spiritual orgasms of the Spirit? Marvellous, wonderful! You don't know what thrills are until you have had a spiritual orgasm of the Spirit, an explosion in the Spirit by being possessed with the Holy Spirit of God! The Mother God! The Spirit of Love Herself, the Holy Spirit of God!

       54. YES, THERE IS A FEMALE IN THE TRINITY, THE FAMILY OF GOD! God the Father, & then they talk about God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit. They could have well said Goddess, the Holy Spirit, because She's like the Mother, the Wife of God, the female Spirit. In fact, in the Book of Proverbs it speaks of Her as female & having been with God from the very beginning! The very beginning, think of that!

       55. SO GOD WAS FOR SEX & MALE & FEMALE EVEN BEFORE YOU WERE CREATED, THINK OF THAT! And He spoke of His Spirit as being female, Her, She! Read it in the Book of Proverbs, you'll see. Every time it speaks about wisdom there, that wisdom was the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. And it speaks of Her as a "She," the Goddess of Love, the Holy Spirit of God, Praise God! TYJ! (Pr.3:15-18; 4:6,8,9; 8:2,3,22-36; 9:1-5.)

       56. LORD, HELP THESE WHO MAY NOT KNOW THEE & THE THRILL OF THE ORGASMS OF THE SPIRIT, EVEN FAR SURPASSING THOSE IN THE FLESH! Help them to become married to You, Jesus, as Your Bride, that they may know what union with Thee in the Spirit is like, the greatest of all thrills far surpassing sexual physical thrills.--The greatest of all satisfactions, satisfying every need of the heart, the soul, the spirit, the mind, as well as the body! In Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory.

       57. THANK YOU LORD FOR SEX! Thank You Lord for our physical bodies capable of sex & our sexual organs & sexual union & sexual pleasure & sexual orgasms & the beautiful results of sex in our children! TYJ for all these things! And yet we thank You above all for our wonderful spiritual sexual union with You, becoming Thy Bride in the Spirit, united with our Bridegroom to enjoy that marvellous coming Wedding Supper of the Lamb in Heavenly places when we are finally united with You in Heavenly places forever!

       58. WE'RE ALREADY UNITED WITH YOU HERE, LORD, THE MOMENT WE RECEIVE YOU IN OUR HEARTS, just as a woman is united with a man the moment she receives his organ into the heart of her, her innermost places. So we become Thy Bride the moment we receive You into our hearts. Help us, Lord, to receive You & enjoy the greatest union, the greatest intercourse, the greatest Marriage of all, the Marriage of the Bride to the Bridegroom of this Thy Church, Thy Children to their Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

       59. HELP THEM, LORD, TO KNOW THAT'S ALL THEY HAVE TO DO. Just like a woman, all she has to do to become one with the man is to receive him into herself. So all we have to do is to receive You into ourselves to become one with You, Your Own Bride, united forever with You to live eternally in Heavenly places & palaces, the place You've gone to prepare for us that where Your are there we may be also! (Jn.14:2,3.)--Our Heavenly Home that You're going to bring to us someday!--The Home You're preparing, You're going to bring it here, Lord. TYJ! PYL! Help them each one to receive You, in Jesus' name, as their Bridegroom. TYJ!

       60. (SINGS:) "HOW LONG YOU BEEN WAITIN' FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE YOU?" They sing that little song in our Family, do you know that song? "How long you been waitin' for someone to love you?" What's the rest of it? How long you been waitin' for somebody to love you? How long you been waitin' for that dream man, that dream boat, that dream girl? Well, you can find the Man of your dreams in Jesus your Bridegroom, & the Girl of your dreams in the Goddess of Love, His Motherly Holy Spirit that He has provided for every one to be satisfied & fulfilled!--Not only physically, which is wonderful, but spiritually!--The greatest hunger, the greatest drive, the greatest need of all, even above sex! Praise God!

       61. THAT'S WHY WE'RE TEACHING THIS BOOK & THAT'S WHY WE'RE GIVING THE ATMOSPHERE OF THIS GARDEN OF EDEN to help you understand all of those things, because this is where it started, in the Garden of Eden, & this is where it ends, right here in this Book, the New Garden of Eden, a new Worldwide Garden of Eden! So come back again, stick with us & we'll tell you all about it in Eden's Revelations, beginning with Eden to the Book of Revelation, from Genesis to Revelation in the Bible, in Jesus' name! GBAKY & make you a blessing in Jesus' name, Amen. Bye-bye! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family