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PROCLAMATION OF THE END!--Time Shall Be No More!--Part 17 of "The Garden of Eden!"--Revelation Chapter 10       France, 7/5/81       DFO 1185

       1. (SINGS:)
       Angels fashioned roses filled with dew,
       And then they placed them in a bower,
       It was the start of you!"

Amen! PTL! TYJ! Do you like that music? Isn't that pretty? It's one of my favourite songs & one of my favourite kinds of music!--Hawaiian or Polynesian, Melanesian, South Sea Island music, whatever.

       2. THAT HAWAIIAN STEEL GUITAR, slide guitar as it's called, is some of the most beautiful music in the World! Our dear Music with Meaning Show--another show, not this one--but our music show, has Jeremy Spencer playing the slide-guitar. He's supposed to be one of the greatest living slide-guitarists, & he can really make that guitar slide until it sounds like a woman's voice!

       3. AND I THINK THAT'S WHAT'S SO APPEALING ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL SOUTH SEA ISLAND MUSIC & that slide guitar, it just sort of glides you into the mood & into the scene, & I like to be slid into my scene with that kind of music! I was trying to sing you a little bit of the verse there, it's beautiful! It's about a beautiful woman, such as you've just seen--some of you, that is, who saw the introduction.

       4. IF YOU MISSED THAT INTRODUCTION YOU REALLY MISSED SOMETHING!--Just what every preacher has always wanted, to open his service & to get a crowd! But I like it because it inspires me! You know the old kings or the Prophets used to call for their minstrels or their musicians to get them in the mood! Remember that old song:
       "O, Old king Cole was a merry old soul
       And a merry old soul was he!
       He called for his pipe & he called for his bowl,
       And he called for his fiddlers three!"

       5. THAT GOT HIM IN THE MOOD FOR SOMETHING, I don't remember what! But if you have dancing girls too, I can imagine! And the Prophets used to call for their musicians to play them music to get them in the Spirit! But I'll tell you, for me there is nothing to get me in the Spirit like that gorgeous music with one of God's most beautiful crowning creations, a beautiful woman! PTL!

       6. OUR SERIES IS CALLED "EDEN'S REVELATIONS" because we study on everything in the Bible here in this Bible Study, everything from Eden to Revelation, everything from Genesis to Revelation, from cover to cover of the Book! We're just apt to hit on almost any subject! I tell the boys when they make up our title for the night,

       7. "WELL, BOYS, ABOUT ALL I CAN BE SURE OF IS THE TITLE OF THE SERIES, 'EDEN'S REVELATIONS,' & I know it's the next part number, & I'll know what chapter in Revelation we're on, & I know pretty much about what that chapter's about! But that's just about all I know! From there on, you can never tell where I'm gonna go! I might start following that little girl right out the door!" Ahem!

       8. AS SOMEBODY SAID TONIGHT, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT I TALK ABOUT, they know one subject it's gonna be about, & that's about sex! They're always sure what subject I'm gonna talk about because I almost always wind up on some girl, I mean on sex! Ahem! And if I talk enough about sex, the rest might be true too! I told the boys, our cameramen, "you oughtta get those girls when they're in the mood! Just about the time they finish their dance & they've really gotten themselves in the mood, you oughtta have a couch handy & I'm sure they'll be ready!" So, PTL!

       9. YOU SAY, "YOU SURE DO TALK AN AWFUL LOT ABOUT SEX FOR A PREACHER!" Well, I'm not exactly the kind of preacher that you're used to probably! That doesn't say I'm not a preacher! But I don't like that name either, because "preacher" really has a kind of a bad flavour nowadays!

       10. I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT BANKER, WHEN I APPLIED FOR A LOAN TO BUY A CAR. He said, "What's your occupation?" I said, "I'm a preacher!" "Ugh!" He said, "I've found it's bad business to loan to anybody whose occupation begins with a 'p'--preachers, painters, you name it!" So, I thought "Well, that's the funniest thing I ever heard!"

       11. THAT GUY, HE REMINDED ME OF THAT BANKER THEY TELL THE STORY ABOUT WHO HAD THE GLASS EYE. He didn't want to give the guy a loan so he was just really kind of leading him on, pulling his leg. He had just about refused the fellow the loan & he was sitting there kind of forlorn across the desk from the tough hardhearted banker, & finally the banker felt so sorry for him, he looked at him & said,

       12. "WELL, I'LL TELL YOU WHAT! ONE OF MY EYES IS A GLASS EYE, but it's such a good glass eye, hardly anybody ever is able to detect which one it is! If you can tell me which is my glass eye I'll give you the loan!" The fellow looked at the one eye, & then he looked at the other eye, then he looked at the other eye, "Ah," he said, "that one there, it's your right eye!" The banker said, "How did you know? How could you tell? Nobody's ever been able to tell before!" He said, "Well, Sir, it was the only one in which I could see a tiny spark, a gleam of human kindness!"

       13. SO I'M LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT KIND OF A PREACHER! I preached in churches for years, about half of my life, & sang in churches & was an evangelist & I had a pastorate once upon a time, & then I was a missionary for a good many years, a home-missionary. The worst heathen I could find on Earth lived in my country, & they needed the Gospel almost more than anybody--the U.S.A.!

       14. TALKING ABOUT HEATHEN, THEY'VE GOT LOTS OF THEM THERE! The trouble is they're very hard-hearted & they've heard so much Gospel they don't want to hear it anymore. So I had to get my kids to preach it to them, they'd listen to them. They'd sing for'm & talk to'm & their sweet little smiling faces look so sweet & innocent & they just couldn't resist! My goodness, I'll tell you, even on Miami Beach amongst those hard-hearted old Jews!

       15. THOSE OLD JEWS WOULDN'T TAKE A TRACT OR A PIECE OF LITERATURE FROM US, they wouldn't even hardly give us a second look once they knew we were missionaries to the Jews, of all things! One of'm sat down on a bench with one of our folks one day, he was an old Jew himself, gotten saved, thank God!--It's possible, once in awhile they get saved! It's rather rare, but it's not totally impossible. Just look at me!--And you! About half our Family are Jewish!

       16. I'M LIKE THE PIED PIPER, I RAN OFF WITH ALL THEIR CHILDREN! Well, they were looking for a prophet of God, they were looking for a good Jewish leader who loved the Lord & who could speak like the Prophets of the Old Testament & tell'm the truth! And they liked what they saw & they liked what they heard! So, maybe you wish you were all like that old bird!

       17. ANYWAY, HE SAID TO THIS DEAR OLD COOK OF OURS, Jewish cook, he'd gone down to the beach just to sit down on a bench for a few minutes & he sat down beside this other old Jew, & he started talking to him about Jesus! "Ah," he said, "shut up! I don't wanna hear any of that stuff about Jesus! You're just in it for the money! Ah, you missionaries, you're just in it for the money!"

       18. AND THIS DEAR OLD JEW OF OURS, HE KNEW HIS JEW! He said, "Oh is that so? Ha, ha!" He said, "If there was any money in it, you'd be in it too!" That's about the smartest answer you could give to some of these Jews who say, "Oh, you're just in it for the money!" Just say, "Ha! If there was any money in it you'd be in it too!" Huh? How about that? True? OK! PTL! Hallelujah!

       19. SO I GOT TIRED OF PREACHING IN CHURCHES & to people who had heard the Gospel so much it just went in one ear & out the other & passed through empty space in-between. So I finally just decided the thing to do was just get out of the churches & go out on the streets where the people are & into the cafes & the parks & railroad trains & buses & preach it to the people where they are, 'cause they hardly ever come to church. Most people seldom ever go to church!

       20. IT'S SAD THAT MOST PEOPLE ONLY GO TO CHURCH ABOUT THREE TIMES IN THEIR WHOLE LIFE!--The first time to get sprinkled with water, the second time to get sprinkled with rice & the last time to get sprinkled with dirt! So, if you're gonna reach the people, most of'm, you gotta go where they are! So I decided to get out & find the people & go where they were! If the mountain wouldn't come to Mohammed, Mohammed decided to go to the mountain!

       21. AND I WENT & FOUND THAT THERE WERE LOTS OF PEOPLE WHO WERE HUNGRY FOR LOVE & sympathy & understanding & a little attention, empty-hearted, hungry for the Truth & the Gospel, to hear about the real Jesus!--Not just the vicious, terrifying God preached in the churches, that was going around with a big club in one hand & the thunderbolt in the other ready to strike'm dead if they made a single mis-move, & a God who was so severe & so cruel that maybe if they did happen to walk into church, they're afraid the roof would fall in on them in His judgements!

       22. AND THEY WERE AMAZED, REALLY, MANY OF THEM, & PLEASED TO HEAR THAT THERE WAS A GOD OF LOVE, that God is Love! In fact, He's the very Spirit of Love itself! In fact, Love is God, think of that! Well, you say, "That's shocking to say that love is God! That's a terrible thing to say, Love is God!" Well, if you know anything about mathematics, you take any kind of algebraic or mathematical equation, if both sides are equal then you can say the equation either direction. You can say it in the reverse or forwards or backwards or whatever! So if God is Love, then Love is God! God is Love, Love is God! See? Works both ways!

       23. IN FACT, DEAR ARTHUR, ONE OF OUR EARLY FISH IN OUR FFing CAMPAIGN, we'd been going to this dance hall for quite awhile & he was this huge big giant of a fellow! He looked a lot like Frankenstein's monster! I told him that one time to his face & he didn't seem to appreciate it! But he's a wonderful fellow today, loves us, & he fell in love with us then, particularly my beautiful little Maria sitting over there!

       24. AND WE KEPT TRYING TO EXPLAIN TO HIM WHAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT, what we were trying to tell him! He saw something different in us, he saw something unusual. He knew that we were different. He even went home & wrote a beautiful poem about us before we'd even started witnessing to him--he still didn't know what made us different--& he called it "The Odd Couple!" Here I was old enough to be her father, & yet we looked like we were really in love, always holding hands & dancing together & loving & kissing & almost shocking the staid British ballroom!

       25. AND THEN I'D LET HER GO DANCING WITH ALL THE OTHER GUYS, which was even more shocking, because most of the guys who brought a girl didn't want her to dance with anybody else but them! But I had such a blessing in my Maria, I wanted to share her with everybody! So I did! And Arthur came along one night & she stole his heart & took it not far away, but right up close, PTL!

       26. AND WE WERE TALKING TO HIM IN THIS LITTLE TURKISH RESTAURANT ONE NIGHT--we love that Oriental food, you know, shish kebab & tahini & hummus & what's some of those other dishes?--Little stuffed cabbages, & ooh, makes my mouth water just to think about it!--Pilaf & all those things! And we were trying to explain to Arthur--I was letting him sit with my Maria on the other side of the table & I was talking to him trying to explain.

       27. "OH, I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD," HE SAID, "I HAD MY FILL OF CHURCH when I was young & I can't believe in God any more!" Finally I got inspired & I just thought, I've gotta tackle this some other way! I said, "Arthur, do you believe in love?" "Oh, yes, of course I believe in love!" I said, "Have you ever been in love?" He said, "I think so, a few times!"

       28. "SO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE?" "YES, YES, I BELIEVE IN LOVE!" "Real love?" "Yes, I think it's possible," he said, "that I can maybe fall in love someday with somebody that I would really love so much I'd wanna marry & have a family & have children & so on!" "So you do believe in love?" I said. And I looked at him & smiled & said, "Well, Arthur, you know what that means?--You believe in God!" He looked at me kind of blank & mystified & said, "What do you mean, G-g-g-g-g God?" I said, "Because God is Love, Love is God, & if you believe in Love, then you believe in God, because God is Love, thank God!"

       29. SO, ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF OUR MESSAGE all the way from the Garden of Eden to the Book of Revelation & the End, from the Beginning to the End, our whole message is guess what?--Love! The Love of God, because God is Love! Now when the World thinks of love, what do they think of?--They think of romantic love, male & female love, sexual love, romance, affection, endearment, mutual understanding & communication--well, Love is all of these things, Because as I told Arthur that night,

       30. I SAID, "ARTHUR, YOU SEE, GOD IS NOT A MAN! He is not some guy way up there in the heavens with a big white beard! He is everywhere! He a Spirit! He is the Spirit of Love itself, & everywhere you find any kind of genuine love, it's God, & God is there!" Did you see that beautiful girl dancing tonight? Do you know why she danced tonight? Do you know who she was dancing for? She was dancing for you! And do you know why she was dancing for you? Because she loves you!

       31. DO YOU KNOW WHY WE HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DANCING GIRLS IN THE WORLD ON THIS PROGRAM who dance the most beautiful, loving, sexy dances that you will ever see?--Well now, I don't mean by that they're gonna have sex right here on the stage, or on the seashore here, they're not gonna show you all the nitty gritty & the kind of hardcore porn in which the sexual organs are the principal characters--there's nothing wrong with the sexual organs, but I don't think they were necessarily made for beauty, for decoration--they were made for functional purpose.

       32. BUT I THINK THAT THERE'S JUST ALMOST NO BEAUTY IN THE WHOLE WORLD MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN GOD'S FINAL ULTIMATE CROWNING CREATION--& THAT'S A WOMAN! Now I'm sure you girls will probably disagree with me & say, "Well, we think you men are the most beautiful!" My Maria is sitting over there nodding her head. Well, that's just because she's a woman, of course, so we'll permit her a difference of opinion!

       33. BUT I FOUND THAT EVEN WOMEN ARE ATTRACTED BY THE BEAUTY OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! And you will notice--women be honest--that when you're out in public & on the street & in restaurants, you take particular note of other women. If you see a man & a woman walking toward you, a couple, down the street, now honestly, girls, which one will you look at first & look over first to see how she's dressed & what kind of shoes & dress & so on she has on, & how her hair is fixed & how she's made up & so on? You look at the woman first!

       34. THIS HAS BEEN A TEST IN AN ACTUAL POLL OF WOMEN! The women themselves look at the women first, & then they look at what kind of a man she's with! Now they may look longer at the man, after they had a good look at the woman. Maybe they look at the woman first to see if there's any possibility of competition, to see if they can rate, just in cases when they see the man they want to give her any competition! But the women will usually look at the women first! So even women like to look at pretty women!

       35. I FOUND ONE THING ABOUT WOMEN, I HAVE NEVER FOUND A WOMAN YET WHO COULD PASS UP A MIRROR! Now I don't blame them! They like to pause & admire their beautiful selves, make sure their hair is straight & they're primped up just right & if their dress is on right & their hose is wrinkled at all, they have to pull it up a little bit, pull up their skirt to straighten their hose & give us boys that look at that beautiful gam, those lovely legs that lead up to the gates of Heaven itself! Even women like to look at women!

       36. SO WHEN THIS LOVELY GIRL WAS DANCING TONIGHT, WEREN'T YOU WOMEN WATCHING? Huh? Weren't you wondering, "Now I wonder if I can do that? Now I wonder if I could look pretty like that & could move like that in the kind of silky, sinuous"--not sinful, nothing wrong about it, nothing wrong about being naked, it's just against the law some places, that's all! There's nothing wrong with it, God made Adam & Eve naked to begin with! It's only the Devil who told them they were naked & it was to be ashamed of!

       37. BUT DIDN'T YOU WISH YOU COULD DANCE LIKE THAT? And I wouldn't be surprised when you got home, when your husband wasn't looking maybe you practiced a little bit & tried it out! And then if you found out you could really do it, when he got home or when he came back into the bedroom out of the bathroom, you had turned on the music & the soft lights & you were doing this beautiful dance around the room to attract his attention! And I'll tell you, I'm sure you'll get it!

       38. IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN GETTING IT, GIRLS, MAYBE YOU JUST HAVEN'T TRIED THE RIGHT METHODS! You gotta get him in the mood! Turn on that lovely South Sea Island music & put on that sarong--there's nothing wrong with a sarong! A sarong is right, it's not wrong. You just gotta know how to wear it, that's all! You can wear it over one shoulder & over one you-know-what, & you can w ear it over this here & over that there or artfully draped anyway that looks pretty.

       39. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THE LESS THEY WEAR ALMOST THE BETTER! But I like a little drapery, it looks pretty, it sort of frames the picture, don't you think so? It covers up a little bit, too, of the grosser parts that are not necessarily our most beautiful parts, & it gives a nice drape & it gives a nice swaying motion & graceful movements. A lovely sarong can even make a rather awkward girl look graceful & beautiful!

       40. YOU GIRLS OUGHTTA TRY IT! Go home & get out that old shawl of mother's or that old, what do they call it down in Spain?--Shawl?--Or that handkerchief or whatever it was. It better be bigger than the kind you blow your nose on! But anyway, some kind of a piece of material, nice see-through & flowing, & try a little dance like that. I bet you can do it, & then you can try it on your husband & see what happens! I bet it'll do the trick! I'll bet you won't be able to finish it, he'll have you in bed before it's over!

       41. WELL, ANYWAY, I DON'T THINK THERE'S ANYTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL IN THIS WORLD--that's my personal opinion--than a beautiful woman, & that beautiful music & dancing to it! You put that music & a woman together in a beautiful dance like that, I think you've got just about the most beautiful thing there is on this Earth, & I love to watch'm! We have a lot of pretty girls around here, you've seen quite a few of them.

       42. THE ONLY REASON WE DON'T SHOW YOU THEIR HEADS & THEIR FACES is because that would be poor security & you might meet one on the street someday & you just couldn't keep your hands off of'r! Or you might recognise her & then you'd know that I must be around somewhere too, & we have to pretty well stay out of sight of our enemies & not let them know where we are, or some of them are crazy enough they'd almost like to kill us! So we have to sort of disguise & hide our pretty girls, & I'm sorry we can't let you see their beautiful faces too, because they really are beautiful!

       43. ANYHOW, TO ME, I CAN'T THINK OF ANY BETTER INTRODUCTION TO A PREACHER'S SERMON! Now when I was in church in evangelistic work & preaching we always had to have what we called the "preliminaries." That was to sort of soften the audience up for the sermon! You kind of soften them up for the kill! So you put on your prettiest music & your loveliest choir girls & lovely organist, & she can really play the organ!

       44. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU, SHE CAN'T PLAY THE ORGAN NEAR AS GOOD AS MY MARIA CAN! She plays my organ better than any woman ever played it! But anyway, we had so much beautiful music & lovely female soloists, always a girl, almost always, isn't that something? I was kind of a rarity, a male soloist. But we really tried to make it pretty, those organ lullabies & lovely songs & beautiful choir numbers.

       45. DID YOU EVER NOTICE THAT THEY ALWAYS PUT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MUSIC ON WHEN THEY'RE TAKING THE OFFERING? Do you know why? Well, it's kind of like the dentist when he gives you gas or a shot of Novocaine in your gum when he's gonna pull a tooth, you know?--They call it painless extraction! That's why they play the most beautiful music when they're taking the offering--to make it less painful extraction! Get it? So the next time you ask somebody why is a dentist's shot of Novocaine--or whatever it is--a shot in your gum, like organ music during the offering? You say, well, it's for painless extraction! That was the idea!

       46. 4 SO WE TRIED TO MAKE THE FIRST PART OF OUR SERVICE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PART with all kinds of beautiful girls & beautiful songs & beautiful music & painless extraction of the offering. The only problem was we had to make the announcements & of course we had to pull pretty hard for the money, & then you just saved as much of the sermon for just the very end, as you could, & try not to preach too long.

       47. MOST PREACHERS TRY NOT TO PREACH MORE THAN TEN OR FIFTEEN, TWENTY MINUTES! Nearly all the rest of the service is beautiful music to soften you up & get you in the mood for most of all that painless extraction just before the sermon. And after they finally get what they're really after in the painless extraction, then they sock it to you with that sermon & they try to really love you, supposedly into Heaven. A lot of those preachers are loving you into Hell, because they don't preach the Gospel!

       48. BUT WHEN I GOT TO THINKING ABOUT, NOW WHAT WOULD I THINK IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING WE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE IN OUR SHOWS here to make the extraction as painless as possible--we're not extracting your money, just a little bit of your time--but to really be an attraction!--Not just an extraction but an attraction!--And to catch your interest, catch your eye! It did, didn't it?

       49. MAYBE YOU WERE JUST PASSING BY IN THE TRAILER PARK, or in the caravan camp & all of a sudden you saw this ... "What is that on that guy's TV sitting out there on his picnic table? What am I seeing? Is this the facts?" Or maybe you were passing by his house, or maybe you just were a guest in his living room, a neighbourhood guest, he invited you in for drinks & a little fellowship & all of a sudden he turns on his video machine & ... "I-I-I thought you told me you're gonna invite me over for a Bible study? This is what you study? Hm!"

       50. YOU KNOW WHAT THE MATHEMATICIAN SAID, he said the reason he took up mathematics is he likes to study figures! And the scientist said it was his scientific curiosity! Well, whatever it may be, she was quite an attraction, wasn't she? Hm? I told you if I didn't read this chapter first I never would get around to it! Ha! Well, I'm gonna read it real fast to see if we can make it! Chapter 10, Book of Revelation! Anyhow, she was the attraction!

       51. "AND I SAW ANOTHER MIGHTY ANGEL COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN, clothed with a cloud: & a rainbow was upon his head, & his face was as it were the sun, & his feet as pillars of fire!" Boy, now that's a picture! "And he had in his hand a little book open: & he set his right foot upon the sea, & his left foot upon the Earth, & cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: & when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices.

       52. "AND WHEN THE SEVEN THUNDERS HAD UTTERED THEIR VOICES, I was about to write: but I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, & write them not." I even went to hear a preacher once who said he knew what the seven thunders uttered & he was trying to tell us all about it! I don't know why God told him not to tell if He wanted us to know!

       53. "AND THE ANGEL WHICH I SAW STAND UPON THE SEA & UPON THE EARTH LIFTED UP HIS HAND TO HEAVEN, & sware by Him that liveth for ever & ever, who created Heaven, & the things that therein are, & the Earth, & the things that therein are, & the sea, & the things which are therein, that there should be"--here comes the great announcement, here comes the great proclamation, here comes that which this whole chapter is about--"that there should be time no more!" He said there's going to come an End to Time! Even Einstein said that was possible!

       54. "BUT IN THE DAYS OF THE VOICE OF THE SEVENTH ANGEL"--remember we've been studying the Seven Trumpets of the Tribulation, he says--"when he shall begin to sound"--that Seventh & Last Trump--"the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the Prophets. And the voice which I heard from Heaven spake unto me again, & said, go"--he's talking now to John, the Prophet of God, who's seeing this vision--"and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea & upon the Earth.

       55. "AND I WENT UNTO THE ANGEL, & SAID UNTO HIM, GIVE ME THE LITTLE BOOK, And he said unto me, Take, it, & eat it up; & it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, & I ate it up; & it was in my mouth sweet as honey: but as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter."--He got indigestion over that one! "And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, & nations, & tongues, & kings."

       56. HE TOOK THE BOOK, THIS LITTLE BOOK WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY THE BOOK OF PROPHECY.--And there're so many people interested in Bible Prophecy & prophecies of the Prophets & Prophecies of the soothsayers & prophecies of the clairvoyants & prophecies of the mediums & prophecies of the fortune-tellers & prophecies of the politicians--they're the biggest liars of all--lots of people are interested in the future. Nearly everybody wants to know what's gonna happen! What is the future? What is the prophecy all about?

       57. THEY HAD A GREAT DESIRE FOR PROPHECY, & IN THEIR MOUTH IT TASTES SO SWEET, mmm, delicious, all these juicy prophecies about the future! But then when they get down to where they're tryin' to digest it & understand it & comprehend it & interpret it, it gives 'em a real bellyache, a real tummy-ache, a real case of acute indigestion of prophecies, the Words of God which can only be understood by the leading of God's own Holy Spirit!

       58. SO JOHN TOOK THE LITTLE BOOK OF THE PROPHECY OF THE FUTURE & it tasted like honey in his mouth, but oh boy, when he got it down here & tried to understand what this angel & all these people were talking about, that was a little tougher case of digestion! So, you're going to find out in a lot of these Scriptures that we read it's going to be a little bit difficult for you as we go along!

       59. IT SOUNDS FASCINATING, SO INTERESTING, & you expect me to explain every word so you'll know exactly what everything is about! And then sometimes afterwards you're a little disappointed. You got excited & thrilled, "It was a wonderful lesson, but let's see now, what did he say those creatures were, those locusts were? Wha-wha-what were they? He said everything from monsters to airplanes & maybe tanks &-&-& I-I-I-I don't-don't, I don't know what he did say they were!"

       60. WELL, THERE'S ONE WONDERFUL THING ABOUT THIS BOOK! You expect me to tell you everything in it & everything it means, but you know, I'm a pretty smart fellow, in fact I'm so smart that I can answer any question you ask me about this Book!--Any question you ask me! I can answer any of'm! Come on now, just ask me any question!--And very likely many of my answers will be, "I don't know!"

       61. I DON'T KNOW THAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT, I don't know what he means, I don't know what those monsters are, I don't know what this is all about! Well, I know what it's all about, but I just don't know some of those details, & we probably won't know until we see'm & when they begin to happen, because we don't have to know now! But He's told us in advance so that when we see those monsters or those things or whatever they are, we'll recognise'm & say, "Oh, this is what John was talking about in his Book of Revelation! He described that thing to a tee & now there it is, it really is, it really happened!"

       62. A LOT OF THESE THINGS YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND NOW! A lot of these things you're not supposed to understand until they come to pass! A lot of these things you will not understand until they begin to happen, just like the book of Daniel! God told him, "Shut up the book until the time of the End. It's not for you, it's for the Endtime!" In fact, it gave Daniel a bellyache too! He was sick certain days after he had those revelations! In fact, he fainted several times during the process & thought he was gonna die!

       63. BUT PRAISE GOD, THE LORD SAID, "DANIEL, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT UNDERSTANDING IT, you can't understand it, you couldn't possibly understand it now, because it hasn't happened yet! But one of these days in the Endtime I'm gonna open the book again & those people there where those things are happening & when they're happening, they're going to understand!" Just like that one prophecy in Nahum, it says that "the chariots shall justle one another upon the broad ways & they shall run like lighting with flaming torches!" (Nah.2:3,4.)

       64. WELL, CHARIOTS CERTAINLY DIDN'T RUN LIKE LIGHTNING IN NAHUM'S DAY, although they could gallop pretty fast, like Ben Hur's chariots in the race! But they didn't have any broad ways either, so there was no problem about chariots being so numerous in such big highways & so on, that they would have so many accidents as they do today.--And they certainly didn't run like lightning! They might have carried torches sometimes, but they were not like the flaming headlight torches of the modern automobile! But that's what Nahum was seeing, chariots jostling one another in the broad ways, running like lightning with flaming torches!

       65. THE LORD TOLD DANIEL, "SHUT UP THE BOOK BECAUSE IT WON'T HAPPEN TILL THE END when many shall run to & fro & knowledge shall be greatly increased!" (Da.12:4.) Well, never in the World's history have so many people run to & fro, & never has there been so much travelling & people travelling so much & so many ways to travel, & so much increase of knowledge! Do you know what one of the great scientists said? I think it was Einstein. He said, more has been discovered & invented in the past 100 years than in all the previous thousands of years of man's history! Think of that! Knowledge shall be increased in the Last Days, that's another proof we're in the Last Days!

       66. SO YOU WANNA KNOW ABOUT THE FUTURE? Well, it tastes good in your mouth, & boy, these juicy prophecies, but then when you try to start chewing it up, some of'm are pretty tough to chew on & some of'm are really hard to digest! I'm trying to help you digest, & I will offer you several different possibilities of interpretation which many men of God & Bible students have accepted don't just give you one, or just mine, but I give you several alternatives usually, don't I? I say, well, it could be this or could be that or the other, but we won't know until it happens, will we?

       67. BUT THAT'S WHAT IT WAS WRITTEN FOR!--NOW, TODAY DANIEL'S PROPHECIES ARE UNDERSTOOD, because now many prophecies are past history! The whole realm of human political history from the days of Babylon up until the very End, the final World government of the Antichrist, are described in the Book of Daniel! They're also described here in this Book of Revelation, we'll be getting into that in one of the coming chapters. Sometimes they're sweet to the taste, but sometimes difficult for interpretation & digestion! But we're trying to help you understand the best we can.

       68. WE'RE TRYING TO HELP YOU TAKE A BIT OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD ALONG WITH IT, & a bit of the salt of the Earth that He said that we Christians are. (Mt.5:13.) You say, "I read that stuff, & you sure would have to take it with a grain of salt!" But I think you're going to find out you're gonna learn enough out of this book, & you're gonna understand enough of it, that you're gonna understand a whole lot about what's happening now & what's going to happen.

       69. YOU KNOW, I'VE HAD A LOT OF PEOPLE TELL ME, "WELL, I DON'T READ THE BIBLE BECAUSE I CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT!"--And I've just looked them right straight in the eye & told them the facts & the truth! I said, "Listen to me, you know good & well the reason you don't read the Bible is not because of what you don't understand, but because of what you do understand in that Book! That's why you don't read it! Because it convicts you, gets you under conviction for your sins!"

       70. YOU'RE CONSCIENCE-STRICKEN & YOU BEGIN TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR LOST SOUL & about going to Hell & suffering the judgements of God that you deserve for your sins! But God doesn't wanna send you there! He doesn't want you to go to Hell, believe it or not! "For God so loved the World"--so loved the World--"that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life!--For God sent not His Son into the World to condemn the World but that the World through Him might be saved!" (John 3:16,17.)

       71. GOD LOVES YOU! HE DIDN'T WANT YOU TO HAVE TO DIE & GO TO HELL! He doesn't want you to have to suffer for your sins, so He sent His Own Son to suffer in your place, to take your punishment for you, so that all you have to do would be to believe in Him, accept Him, receive Him in your heart, & you'd be forgive & saved. And that's all you have to do right now, is just take Jesus in your heart to be saved.

       72. ASK HIM TO COME IN! He says, "I stand at the door & knock"--your heart's door--"if any man hear My voice & open the door I will come in!" (Rev.3:20.) You're hearing His voice right now as I'm reading to you from the Scripture & quoting you these Bible verses I'm quoting you. Nearly everything I'm telling you here is Bible! You're hearing His voice, You feel that tug at your heart, you want to open the door, you really want Jesus to come in. Well, open it right now! You say, "Well, I don't know how to open it!"

       73. JUST PRAY & SAY, "JESUS, COME INTO MY HEART! Come into my heart, Lord Jesus! Come in today, come in to stay, come into my heart, Lord Jesus!" As we sing the old song, you can pray that prayer with us as we sing this song. (Sings:)
       "Into my heart, into my heart.
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!
       Come in today, come in to stay,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!"

       74. DID YOU SAY THAT WITH ME AS I WAS SINGING IT? Did you even say it in your heart? You didn't even have to say it with your mouth, if you even said it in your heart, He has come in! -- If you were asking in your heart, "Jesus, pleases come into my heart & save me, forgive me for my sins, I believe you died for me! Help me to love You & live for you & for others, in Jesus' name! Amen!"

       75. IF YOU DID THAT & YOU MEANT IT, HE HAS COME IN & YOU ARE SAVED, & SAVED FOREVER! Not by any good works of your own, for salvation is by grace. "For by grace are ye saved"--here are a couple more Bible verses, Ephesians 2:8,9--"For by grace are ye saved through faith & that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast."

       76. YOU CAN'T SAVE YOURSELF, YOU CAN'T BE GOOD ENOUGH, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Salvation is a gift of God! All you have to do is just reach out your hand like this, just reach out your hand like you would if I'd offer you this book, you would just reach out your hand & receive it. That's all you can do to be saved is just receive God's salvation! Just take Jesus into your heart. Just open the door & ask Him to come in, in Jesus' name, & you are saved forever!

       77. BECAUSE IT'S JESUS THAT SAVES YOU, it's Jesus that keeps you saved, & Jesus who will see you through death into Eternity! You don't have to worry anymore about being good enough or whether you make mistakes or not! Of course, You'll try to be good & of course you'll try to obey Him & keep His Word & read it & pray & help other people & tell other people about His love & preach the Gospel to every creature in all the World as best you can! (Mk.16:15.)

       78. BECAUSE ONCE YOU'RE SAVED & YOU HAVE THE LOVE OF JESUS IN YOUR HEART, His Spirit in there, you're so happy you wanna tell everybody! You wanna share that wonderful Love with everybody you can possibly talk to! That's the way you feel when you've found Jesus! You're so happy you want to share your happiness with everybody else! You're so full of love you wanna share your love with everybody else. That's the way Jesus makes you feel when He comes into your heart! So that's all you have to do, He'll do all the rest, just follow Him!

       79. JESUS SAID, "COME, FOLLOW ME, & I WILL MAKE YOU FISHERS OF MEN!" (Mt.4:19.) They were good fishermen, they knew how to catch fish. That was their business, they were professionals! He said, "Come on now, that's enough of that! Come follow Me & I'll make you fishers of men!"

       80. WE TALK ABOUT FLIRTY FISHING, it's one of our ways to help people see how much we love them! And our beautiful girls, like the one you saw tonight, they cannot only dance for you like that, they can do a lot more for you than that!--And they love to, because they love to let you know how much they love you, because they like to let you know how much God loves you!

       81. BECAUSE THAT GIRL YOU SAW TONIGHT, SHE IS THE LOVE OF GOD! She was made for you to make you happy, to please you! She is the Love of God for you! So you see, that's just another means of showing love--Love of God from the Garden of Eden until the Revelation! Just take Jesus into your heart & you'll have that kind or love for everybody!--In Jesus! name, amen.

       82. LORD BLESS & HELP THEM NOW AS THEY GO, TO REMEMBER THAT YOU'RE ALWAYS THERE, they don't have to try to keep You there, You'll never leave nor forsake them even unto the End of the World! (Mt.28:20.) You promised, Lord. No matter what or how or when, You'd always be with them! They are saved once & forever, & we know that Thy Spirit will help them to be good, will help them to read & hunger for Thy Word & to call upon Thee, Abba, Father, as any child calls upon its parents for help, & then will try to go & help others to be happy too, to hear more about You, Jesus! TYL! Help them, Jesus!

       83. GIVE THEM THE STRENGTH TO STAY CLOSE TO THEE & to serve Thee & to read Thy Word & pray & to witness to others, in Jesus' name! Amen! PTL! TYJ! XXX! GBY! ILY! This is another one of "Eden's Revelations" & I hope you enjoyed it, from Eden to Revelation, from the Beginning to the End, that's what we cover in these little Bible studies! So come back again next time, OK? X! Bye-bye God bless you! X!--In Jesus' name, amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family