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THE LAST TRUMP!--God Takes Over! DFO 1187       France, 8/5/81
--Part 19 of "The Garden of Eden!"--Revelation Chapter 11

       1. EDEN'S REVELATIONS, PART 19, CHAPTER 11, THE LAST TRUMP! Praise God! Hallelujah! Amen! Well, this is an exciting chapter! Wasn't that an exciting view of God's beautiful creation that preceded our little Bible study tonight? You say, "Well, why was that? What was that supposed to be for?" Well, haven't you heard?--This is the Garden of Eden! Can you shoot that sign up there & show'm, Son, again? I think you can! Isn't this the Garden of Eden?

       2. HERE WE ARE CLIMBING A COCONUT TREE TO OUR LITTLE SIGN "THE GARDEN OF EDEN!" & we just want to let you know that Eve is not dead! At least not all the Eves are dead! We still have beautiful Eves in our wonderful Garden of Eden & our series of studies of the marvellous Words of God to carry us all the way from that Beginning in the Garden of Eden to the End which will be the restored Garden of Eden, Heaven on Earth, the beautiful Millennium of God, when there'll be more beautiful Eves just like the one you saw tonight--loving, beautiful, graceful & full of the Love of God!

       3. SHE WAS THE LOVE OF GOD, that's why we put her in the picture tonight! She is proof of God's love for you, because that's why God made her, to show you that He loves you, & to show you some of the beauty of His creation here in our Garden of Eden Series about the marvels of the beautiful creations of God, all the way from Eve in the Garden of Eden until the restored Garden of Eden after the End of Time! Remember, that's what the angel announced in the Tenth Chapter, was that time shall be no more! When the seventh angel has sounded, he said, "Time shall be no more!"

       4. WELL, WE'VE HAD ONE LITTLE GLIMPSE IN THE FIRST PART OF THIS CHAPTER ABOUT THE TWO WITNESSES who were witnessing & preaching the love of God & also the judgements of God right all the way through the Tribulation period of three-&-a-half years, all 42 months or 1260 days unto the very End, three-&-a-half days before Jesus comes & they are killed. The Lord allows them to be killed since their ministry is over, & thereby released from these old bodies to go up & be with the Lord when He comes. He sort of finished the picture to give you the whole picture how they are resurrected to be with Jesus in the very End!

       5. BUT NOW HE'S GOING BACK, BACKSPACING JUST A LITTLE BIT, sort of a flashback to show you how it happened. Because at that moment when they suddenly came to life & jumped to their feet, that was the moment that the Seventh Trump was sounding! The second woe was already past, behold the third woe cometh quickly! And comes the Seventh Trump of God! Now this trumpet is the Last Trump, & under this trumpet come a whole series of events.

       6. IT SOUNDS LIKE JESUS HAS COME IMMEDIATELY & IT'S ALL OVER, BUT NO, THIS TRUMPET IS ANOTHER HERALD OF GOD! He's another trumpeter of the Truth, the last Tribulation Trumpet to usher in this very last period of the Tribulation period when Jesus comes! But it's all the same to God, it's all the same moment to God. There is no past, no present, no future to the Lord! It's all one great Eternal Now! It all looks the same to Him. It's all here & now!

       7. SO THEREFORE, UNDER THIS LAST TRUMP HE PICTURES ALL OF THE EVENTS WHICH OCCUR AT THE VERY END, from this very moment, & He goes in a flashback in the next chapter all the way back to the birth of Jesus & the church & right up to the End in her persecution! And then in the 13th chapter He goes back & He tells you about the Antichrist & what it's gonna be like under the Antichrist in the three-&-a-half years of Tribulation & so on. This Last Trump simply ushered in this final period of the Tribulation which ends with the coming of Jesus! So, 15th verse:

       8. "AND THE SEVENTH ANGEL SOUNDED"--the Last Trump--"and there were great voices in Heaven, saying, the kingdoms of this World are become the kingdoms of our Lord, & of His Christ; & He shall reign for ever & ever!" That marvellous Handel's "Messiah" (sings:) "For He shall reign for ever & ever! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" Well, I can't exactly sing Handel's "Messiah," I haven't got quite a handle on it, but that's the general gist of it! He shall reign for ever & ever! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

       9. (SINGS:)
       Hosanna in the highest,
       Hosanna to your King!
       Hosanna in the highest,
       Hosanna to your King!
       And He shall reign for ever & ever!
       Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

Well, I'd better not get any higher than that or I'll go right straight through the ceiling & I'll be up in Heaven myself! Just want to give you a little sample of what it's gonna be like when that Last Trump sounds & the Endtime events begin to transpire, ending with the glorious coming of Jesus & His reign here on Earth, praise God, for ever & ever! 16th verse:

       10. "AND THE FOUR & TWENTY ELDERS"--these are the great leaders of God's children & His church of all time, from the beginning of Time until the End. It's my conviction that it's probably the twelve greatest Patriarchs & Prophets of the Old Testament period, & then the twelve greatest Apostles & Prophets of the New Testament period!

       11. TWENTY-FOUR ELDERS, PRAISE GOD! I THINK I'D LIKE TO BE ONE OF THEM! Maybe, who knows? You might be surprised! Some people think I'm one of the elders of the Devil or one of his prophets! But I don't preach anything but Jesus! Well, I preach a little bit about the Devil just so you'll be warned. We don't wanna be ignorant of his devices, & to be forewarned is to be forearmed! So I tell you a little bit about the Devil too, but it's not very good.

       12. HE'S THE ONE THAT CAUSED ALL THE TROUBLE HERE IN THIS GARDEN OF EDEN! He's the one that came in & told Adam & Eve that they didn't have to believe God & they didn't have to obey God, & besides that, "Aren't you ashamed of yourself?--You're naked! Don't you know that sex is evil? You shouldn't multiply, you shouldn't have sex, you shouldn't be fruitful or have babies & multiply! All this nudity & sex, it's all very naughty, evil, bad, wicked, sinful, sex is a sin!" Who told man that?

       13. AS GOD ASKED ADAM WHEN HE CAME BACK TO THE GARDEN after they'd sinned & eaten the forbidden fruit of the Knowledge of Evil--good & evil--they already knew the good, but this gave'm the knowledge of evil. They'd run & hidden, clothed themselves in fig leaves. And when He asked, "Where art thou, Adam?" he said, "We went & hid ourselves because we found we were naked!" He said, "Who told you you were naked?" God had never told'm they were naked! He never told them that it was wrong to be naked! So who do you suppose told'm Hmm? The knowledge of evil?--Satan!

       14. SATAN HIMSELF HAD LIED AGAIN, NOTHING BUT LIES! First he said don't believe God, then he said don't obey God, & so when they disobeyed then he said, "Aha, look, you're naked, you're nude! Don't you know that's naughty?" And then he said, "Besides that, sex is a sin! You shouldn't be obeying God's command of being fruitful & multiply!"--First commandment in the Bible, 28th verse of the First Chapter of Genesis! It was the Devil who told man that it was wrong to be naked! It was the Devil who told man that sex was a sin!

       15. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH NUDITY, THAT'S THE WAY GOD MADE US TO BEGIN WITH! That's the way you come into his World & that's the way you're gonna go out! A little baby just born, he has nothing to be ashamed of for being naked, & the mother who just bore him, she's nearly nude also, why should she be ashamed? There's nothing wrong with nudity or nakedness or the revelation of God's beauty, the revelation of the beauties of His creation here in this Garden of Eden!

       16. THAT'S WHY WE CALL THIS SERIES "EDEN'S REVELATIONS!"--Not only the revelations of the beauty of God's creation, such as you saw on this screen a little while ago, the beautiful garden & its crowning creation of all, a beautiful woman, & naked! It's not wrong! There's nothing wrong with it. Nudity is not a sin, & sex is not a sin, but these are the lies of the Devil which the System has believed & even the Church has swallowed, until they teach you that nudity is wrong & sex is sinful! Well, our girls aren't completely naked, they wear a lovely sarong! So what's wrong with a sarong? Hm? I like'm! I think they're very pretty, don't you? Well, PTL!

       17. SO HERE WE HAVE THIS ENDTIME TRUMPET BLOWING & here follow these tremendous events of this final period of the Seven Tribulation Trumpets! 16th verse: "And the four & twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, & worshipped God"--I'm glad they had seats! Well, unless that just meant they were like hippies & they put their seats on the floor! Anyhow they said, "We give Thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, & wast, & art to come; because Thou hast taken to Thee Thy great power, & hast reigned."

       18. IN OTHER WORDS, IT'S TIME FOR GOD TO TAKE OVER! It's time for Jesus to come! And in the mind of God & in their minds, it was already done as far as they were concerned! For He says, "The nations were angry, & Thy wrath is come, & the time of the dead, that they should be judged." The Resurrection was about to occur, which you already had a little preview of with those two witnesses.

       19. "AND THAT THOU SHOULDEST GIVE REWARD UNTO THY SERVANTS THE PROPHETS, & to the saints, & them that fear Thy name, small & great; & shouldest destroy them which destroy the Earth!" Praise God, the time is coming when everybody's gonna get theirs! If you're wicked, you're gonna get yours. If we're good, we're gonna get ours, good things.--The time when the dead will be judged, & God's servants & Prophets & saints, all the saved, all of God's children everywhere, all the great Family of Jesus, are all going to get their reward then.

       20. I HOPE YOU WERE FAITHFUL SO HE CAN SAY TO YOU, "WELL DONE, THOU GOOD & FAITHFUL SERVANT, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" For some of the people who are going to be raised are going to be raised to everlasting shame & contempt because they failed God. Even though saved, they disobeyed, they failed & they lost their reward, they backslid, they went back.

       21. THEY PUT THEIR HAND TO THE PLOW FOR A LITTLE WHILE, THEN THEY LOOKED BACK--meaning that they were sorry they had the plow, they were sorry they had to forsake-all & leave home & go out in the field to labour for the Lord. They gave a longing loving backward look &--Bam!--the Lord just let'm go back & that was the end! He said, "He that putteth his hand to the plow & even looking back is not worthy of Me!" (Lk.9:62.)

       22. BECAUSE THE LORD KNOWS WHEN YOU LOOK BACK YOU'LL GO BACK! YOU'LL GO THE DIRECTION YOU'RE LOOKING! When I was a little boy, somebody bumped into me & yelled at me, "Why don't you look where you're going!" And I said, "Why don't you go where you're lookin'!" It didn't look to me like they were comin' my way 'cause they were looking the other way! Anyhow, you're gonna go where you're lookin', so you'd better look out where you're goin'. So they said that the End is come, time of judgements, time of rewards, them that fear Thy Name small & great," praise God, are gonna be receiving their crowns, their reward, their prizes, all those wonderful things! TYJ!

       23. "AND SHOULDEST DESTROY THEM THAT DESTROY THE EARTH." He says He's gonna destroy those who are destroying the Earth, those who pollute it & who bomb it & who contaminate it & who destroy its people. He hates those who pollute His Earth & who destroy it. So before they have a chance to do it, or do a complete job of it--they're gonna destroy about a third of it, He says, 'cause they destroy the Earth--but He's gonna come back before they can destroy the rest of it, thank God, He's gonna destroy them!

       24. YOU'D BETTER BE VERY THANKFUL YOU'RE LIVING IN THE TWO-THIRDS OF THE EARTH THAT'S NOT GONNA BE DESTROYED!--Undoubtedly South of the Equator in the lands in the Southern Hemisphere & the Pacific Islands & Atlantic Islands & places where they're not going to bomb!--A lot of places in the Orient as well as Asia, which are hardly worth bombing, there's no fear of those places. They don't have any bombs, they don't have any missiles, so why should anybody shoot at them?

       25. THE SUPERPOWERS ARE GONNA BE SHOOTING AT EACH OTHER & their missile silos & their atomic bomb warhead sites, that's what's gonna get saturated & loaded with bombs! And that means North America & Europe &, sad to say, Russia! That's the third of the World that's gonna get it & which man is going to destroy! But not the other two-thirds--the Tropical Zone, the Southern Hemisphere, the Oceans, the places where there are no bombs & no missiles & which there would be no point in shooting at.

       26. WE HOPE THE CARIBBEAN & ALL SOUTH AMERICA & THE ATLANTIC ISLANDS like the Azores & the Canaries & Madeira, all those places like that that are without missiles & without bombs will not be destroyed!--Most of Africa, who wants to shoot at anything in Africa? What's there to shoot at? Really!

       27. I MEAN, THE SUPERPOWERS ARE GONNA BE OUT TO GET EACH OTHER, destroy each other, to try to see who can destroy the other one first! They're probably gonna both destroy each other, which will be about a third of the World--North America & Europe! But they're not gonna destroy the other two-thirds, TTL! 'Cause God's gonna come & destroy them first, PTL!

       28. 19TH VERSE: "AND THE TEMPLE OF GOD WAS OPENED IN HEAVEN, & there was seen in His temple the Ark of His Testament: & there were lightnings, & voices, & thunderings, & an earthquake, & great hail." Here come some of those cataclysmic, holocaustic, climactic events of these very last days of the End of Time, the end of the Tribulation, judgements of God on sins of man & destruction of man!

       29. AND JOHN THE APOSTLE, THE PROPHET OF GOD, IS BEING SHOWN ALL THESE EVENTS which were not to happen until nearly 2000 years later! In your day, soon, now these things are going to happen! Are you ready for them? Well, God's Word seems to indicate that from a lot of this, from a lot of the earthquakes & fires & hails & a lot of these things there'll be almost no place to flee! Not only the horrible judgements of man upon man & his horrible destruction of them that destroy the Earth, but God's gonna destroy them & He's gonna destroy a lot of people & a lot of places! You just wanna make sure you're not living in one of the places that He thinks oughtta be destroyed!

       30. ARE YOU IN ONE OF THE SODOM & GOMORRAHS OF THE EARTH?--Like New York & Paris & London & Rio & I could name a whole lot of others! Are you in one of the Egypts of the Earth, the Babylons of the Earth, the Sodom of the Earth?--And God in this same chapter classified Jerusalem right along with Sodom, & Babylon, & Egypt, their three worst enemies & most wicked licentious evil cultures! God classed Jerusalem right along with them!

       31. SO YOU [DELETED] BETTER WATCH YOUR STEP, YOU'RE NOT ALL THAT DAMNED RIGHTEOUS! You're just self-righteous, that's all! You are just as Jesus said, "Scribes & Pharisees, ye hypocrites! Ye do cleanse the outside of the platter & the inside is filthy. You're like whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones!" (Mt.23:25-27.) And just as Jesus exposed you in that day of His First Coming, so He will expose you once again & judge you again! Only it will be worse this next time than it was last time!


       33. [DELETED] But you can't lay a finger on Him this time when He comes! This time when He comes it's not going to be God in the hands of men, but man in the hands of God!--An almighty, judging, furious, angry God! (Dad coughs.)

       34. I CAN'T YELL LOUD ENOUGH TO THROW THE FEAR OF GOD INTO YOU! To try to scare you into Heaven if I can! I'm not trying to scare you into Hell, I'm trying to scare you out of Hell into Heaven so you'll repent of your wickedness & your evil sins & ask God to forgive you for crucifying Jesus! Every day you crucify the Son of God afresh & put Him to an open shame and spit on His Name! (Heb.6:6). What are you gonna do when Jesus comes in great power a glory riding on the clouds of Heaven down from the sky & you have to look upon Him Whom ye pierced & nailed to the cross & crucified? What are you gonna do then, huh? (Rev.1:7.)

       35. "THE TEMPLE OF GOD WAS OPENED IN HEAVEN, & there was seen in His Temple the Ark of His Testament." Now, that's a very remarkable statement, because the Ark, even in John's day, had long ago disappeared! But the people had not discovered this, the people in general had not found it out until Jesus died on the cross.

       36. THE MOMENT THE VEIL OF HIS FLESH WAS RENT IN TWAIN by that spear & He was killed there on the cross, the veil of the Temple itself was rent in twain!--A huge veil, four inches thick, heavy, one of the thickest pieces of carpeting or wovenware the World has ever known! This thick heavy veil which separated the Holy Place of the Temple from the Holy of Holies, the sanctum from the sanctum sanctorum, was completely torn apart!

       37. IN THE HOLY OF HOLIES HAD STOOD THE ARK OF THE CONVENANT OF GOD, that wooden box covered with gold over which two golden angels hovered, between whose wings the Shekinah Glory of the presence of God shone like a brilliant light, a blinding light, a room into which only the High Priest was allowed to go once a year to make an atonement for the sins of the people. If God didn't forgive them they had a rope tied to his foot so that if God struck him dead because He didn't like the way the people were behaving & the people were sinning too much & were not repentant, God could strike the High Priest dead & they had to drag him out with that rope by the foot, because no man was allowed to go therein but the High Priest.

       38. WELL, WHEN THE VEIL OF THE TEMPLE WAS RENT IN TWAIN WHEN JESUS DIED, what do you suppose the great congregation of Passover worshippers discovered at that moment, that awesome moment at the height of the Passover celebration, when the greatest Passover Lamb Who ever lived was being slain for their sins on the cross--Jesus Christ! What do you suppose the congregation discovered had happened to the Ark of the Covenant which was supposed to be standing behind that four-inch thick curtain behind which only the High Priest could go?

       39. THEY DISCOVERED TO THEIR AMAZEMENT, THEIR ASTONISHMENT, THEIR HORROR, THAT THE ARK WAS GONE, SYMBOLISING THE PRESENCE OF GOD! God was gone from their midst! He was gone from their Temple! He had deserted them & their Holy of Holies & their [DELETED] Loveless, Messiah-less religion! And He caught the Ark of God up to Heaven with Him & places it in His Temple there!

       40. WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE GOD RENT THE TEMPLE VEIL IN TWAIN? Well, the High Priest hadn't told'm the Ark was gone, he wasn't gonna tell them, of course not, because that was the center of their religion, was that Ark of the Covenant behind the veil in the Temple, the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem! Their whole religion would have collapsed had they discovered that the Ark was gone, & that's exactly what happened! God rent the veil in twain so they could see the Ark was gone!--Along with God!

       41. And yet, you know, [DELETED] [EDITED: "t"]hey kept right on worshipping even after God was gone & had deserted them & the Ark was gone! The whole religion should have collapsed then, but somehow or another they managed to hush it up! I don't know whether they sewed up the curtain again & tried to tell the people, "Well, that was just a hallucination, you didn't see what you saw, the Ark was really there. We know, we've been there. Shhhh! Now don't tell anybody, because that was a mistake!"

       42. BUT THEY WENT RIGHT ON WORSHIPPING FOR ANOTHER 40 YEARS OF THEIR EMPTY, SACRIFICIAL WORSHIPS, when the only Sacrifice which could pay for sin had already been slain on the cross! [DELETED]

       43. WELL, AS THOUGH THAT WASN'T ENOUGH, TO DISCOVER THEIR ARK WAS GONE TOO, that just about killed their religion! And if that hadn't done it [DELETED] they went ahead worshipping an empty worship anyway, with God gone, the Ark gone, their Messiah gone--God sent the Romans along & soon their Temple was gone!

       44. HE JUST COMPLETELY DESTROYED THEIR ENTIRE RELIGION!--Totally destroyed their place of worship, their glorious Temple, which was necessary, the very heart of their religion for their blood sacrifices to supposedly relieve them from sin! He had removed the Ark of the Covenant which symbolised His presence in the Shekinah Glory of God which shone there between the angels when God was there. He'd rent the veil in twain, removed the Ark of the Covenant as they had removed their Messiah, then finally the Romans removed their Temple!

       45. [EDITED: "Then"] they went off to their synagogues, after a million of them were crucified by the Romans, 100,000 on the hills of Jerusalem! [DELETED] (Mt.27:25.)

       46. GOD'S WHEELS OF JUDGEMENT & JUSTICE GRIND EXCEEDING SLOW, but ohhhh, they grind so exceeding fine! God doesn't pay all of His bills in the Fall! He may wait a long time for you to repent. He may be very patient trying to give you time, years! I've known some old reprobate sinners to live to be up in their eighties! They were just too mean to die! They were too evil to die! They weren't ready to go!

       47. AND AS SOMEBODY HAS SAID, SOMETIMES IT'S THE GOOD WHO DIE YOUNG! Well, that's partly true. But God usually blessed the righteous with fairly old age. I'm hopin' to live to be seventy, God willing, so I'll finish my job! But I have known some very unrighteous old sinners who lived to be in their eighties! God's just giving them time to repent! He waits until their cup of iniquity is full[DELETED]!

       48. [DELETED] Jesus said, "O, Jerusalem, Jerusalem. thou which killest the prophets that are sent unto you!" (Mt.23:37.) He said to the Scribes & Pharisees, "Which of the prophets have your fathers not killed?" (Mt.23:32; Ac.7:52.)

       49. [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]f you'll read that Old Testament you'll find out that the Jews didn't want to hear their Prophets, didn't like what they had to say, refused to accept it, wouldn't believe it & got so angry at'm that they killed'm! [DELETED] So the Old Testament--even the old Jewish Bible--is no proud record for you [EDITED: "Luk.11:47-51; Rom.11:2,3; 1Thes.2:14-16"]. [DELETED]


       51. [EDITED: "SO GOD"] TURNED THEN TO THE GENTILES AND THEY BECAME CHILDREN OF GOD & OF ABRAHAM BY FAITH! They today are the seed of Abraham! We today are the Children of God! We today are the modern Israel of this day of grace since Jesus came, & you can be too! Anyone can be a Jew today! Anyone can become a part of true Israel, the Israel of God, a prince with God & with man, just by receiving God's Son Jesus Christ, just by believing on the Messiah, the King of the Jews!

       52. WELL, HE WAS KING, BUT THEY REJECTED HIM, SO HE'S NO LONGER KING OF THE JEWS! He's now just King of all of those Children of God when believe on Him & receive Him as their Saviour--the true spiritual Israel, the true Jews of God, Children of God, that's who are the Jews of today! He is not a Jew who says he's a Jew, he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, St. Paul says, but he is a Jew who is one inwardly, in his heart, the crucifixion & the circumcision of the heart! (Ro.2:28,29.)

       53. YOU'RE ONLY A JEW, A REAL JEW, NOW IF GOD HAS CIRCUMCISED YOUR HEART, if He has cleansed your heart of your sins by receiving His Messiah, believing on His son Jesus Christ & His death on the cross for your sins, then you're a real Jew, & not until then! [DELETED]

       54. YOU SAY, "OH, WE HAVE ISRAEL BACK AGAIN NOW! We're OK now! We've got our homeland back, we've got Israel away from those damned Palestinians, those dirty Arabs, & we're gonna kill'm all if we can! We're not satisfied with just persecutin' & drivin' out a million or two of'm out of Palestine & taking their homes & their lands, we're gonna drive'm out of Jordan if we can, & we're gonna drive'm out of everywhere!"--That's what you [EDITED: "Israelis"] are saying! That's what you mean to do! You mean to rob their whole country from them, & their homes, & their lands!

       55. BUT GOD IS NOT GONNA ALLOW IT! Because He says He hears the voice of the poor & His ear is open to their cry. So that God is not going to allow you to do it! [DELETED]



       60. SO WHERE IS YOUR KING? Where is your Kingdom? You're trying to restore it over there in Israel by slaughtering other people, killing Palestinians, killing Arabs, doing the very same thing to them of which you accused Hitler of--trying to exterminate you! You're busy right now every day trying to exterminate Arab Palestinians & Christian Palestinians & good God-believing faithful Muslims! [DELETED]


       66. BECAUSE GOD IS GONNA BRING AN END TO YOUR PERSECUTION OF THE POOR in that pitiful little land over there, Palestine, & He's gonna give it to the ones that deserve it & to whom it belongs! and you know who they're gonna be?--Those same little Christian Arabs that you torment & persecute & slaughter & massacre & torture & drive from their homes! No, you're not even satisfied with driving them from their homes! You have to come along with a bulldozer afterward & bulldoze the home to the ground & leave them hopeless! (A fulfilled prophecy--the Beirut Massacre!) Hopeless, with no hope except in their God, the One True God, & in Jesus their Saviour, Who's gonna come pretty soon & rescue them!

       67. HE'S THEN GONNA [DELETED] JUDGE YOU. [DELETED] That's what God's gonna do to you for your wickedness & your sins, unless you repent! [DELETED]

       69. AND AFTER [DELETED] YOUR CRUELTY & wickedness & torment of the poor--particularly today to the poor Palestinians--God is gonna soon sock it to you! [DELETED]


       71. AND I'M NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT JEWS EITHER, YOU DAMNED GENTILES! You're no better if you don't love Jesus & believe in God & His Word & aren't hearkening to His Prophets, you're no better[DELETED]! What you all need to do, if there's any hope for you at all, is to repent of your sins & ask God to forgive you & receive Jesus as your Messiah & as your Saviour, as the Son of God, the sacrifice for your sins.--The only remaining sacrifice now! The Temple's gone, the altar, the sacrificial offerings are gone, you've only got Jesus now to hold on to.

       72. YOU'D BETTER TAKE HIM QUICK BECAUSE IT'S YOUR LAST CHANCE, THERE'S NOT MUCH TIME LEFT! This is gonna happen very soon! Everything is gone except God! And you tried to get rid of Him too, but He just won't get rid of! He's gonna get rid of you instead if you don't repent & some to Him & ask Him to forgive you & believe on His Son Jesus Christ the Messiah as your Saviour! I hope you can, I hope you do, in Jesus' name!--Amen. TYJ!

       73. HELP THEM, LORD, HAVE MERCY ON THEM IF IT'S POSSIBLE TO YET REPENT & yet receive You & yet be forgiven for their sins by taking You into their hearts & believing on You as their Messiah, their Saviour, the Son of God, & forsaking their sins & stop persecuting the children of God, stop hounding us & torturing us, Lord, in Jesus' name! If it be possible, save them, If not, Lord, damn them! In Jesus' name, amen!

       74. WHICH WILL IT BE FOR YOU? Will you believe & be saved? Or will you believe the Devil's strong delusion, a lie, the coming Antichrist, the lies of this World & Satan & be damned already! (Jn.3:18.) You're already damned by God & His judgements. You're just waiting for Hell! You've had Hell on Earth & you're gonna get Hell hereafter, because you're already damned for not receiving Jesus Christ as your Saviour, & for persecuting His children!

       75. THANK YOU JESUS, YOU'RE GONNA SAVE US SOON! You're gonna reward us soon! You're going to give them what they've sowed, Lord, make them reap what they've sowed & the judgements that You're gonna pour out upon them! You're gonna rescue us soon, Lord, out of this horrible Hell on Earth, & these hellish fiends who torment us! TYJ! PYL!

       76. YOU'RE GONNA TAKE CARE OF US RIGHT UP TO THE END! And even if they kill us, Lord, that only releases us & relieves us & we'll be out of their reach forever! But they won't be out of our reach or Your reach & they will still have to pay! So Thy will be done, Lord, in Jesus' name! Amen! That's the truth! I preached it to you from this Holy Bible! It's God's Word, you can believe it or not! I hope you believe it!

       77. COME BACK AGAIN FOR ANOTHER BIBLE STUDY FROM THE WORD OF GOD & see the beauties of His creation which we have here every Bible Study, every video. Praise God! That's something you certainly can believe. And believe it or not, that's God, that's His love here before you. Every time you see one of those beauties you can believe in God, because she's the Love of God for you--if you'll just receive Him--& her! In Jesus' name, amen. X! Goodbye! GBY & help you to be saved, in Jesus' name! Come back again! Bye-bye! X!

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