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THE MILLENNIUM!--1000 Years of Heaven on Earth!--Part 28 of "The Garden of Eden!"--Revelation Chapter 20       DFO 1196       19/5/81

       1. REVELATION, THE 20TH CHAPTER IN THIS LAST WONDERFUL BOOK OF THE BIBLE! Now in our last study together we also studied the 20th Chapter of Revelation as you recall. So you say, "Well, we studied that chapter already, what are we going back to Revelation 20 for?" Well, you've already had some outstanding revelations here tonight, one of God's most beautiful revelations & a lot of it, praise God! Like the little boy said when he first saw the ocean, "Daddy, there's something there's enough of it!" She was beautiful & enough of it, amen? PTL? Maybe you didn't get enough, but she has enough!
       2. WE LOVE TO SHOW THE BEAUTIES OF GOD'S CREATION HERE & a genuine revelation of those beauties, because this is a study in Revelations, & in the study we're beginning from the Garden of Eden, covering all the revelations of God right down to the very last ones. The Garden of Eden was quite a revelation with all those beautiful people & all you could see! PTL! But that's looking backward, now we're looking forward to the final Revelation & we're also looking forward to the final Garden of Eden.
       3. AND THE REASON WE'RE AGAIN MENTIONING THIS 20TH CHAPTER IS BECAUSE IT'S A VERY IMPORTANT CHAPTER. It's one of the shortest--as we've mentioned before--& yet it covers one of the longest periods of over 1000 years in Bible history of the Future. The 19th Chapter has just covered the Invasion from Outer Space of Christ & His forces, including us, & our destruction of the forces of the Enemy on Earth, the destruction of the awful kingdom of terror & terrorism of the Devil in the Antichrist, in the final great Battle of Armageddon in which we are the conquerors, we are the victors!
       4. WHO ARE THE WINNERS IN THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON? You've heard so much about the Battle of Armageddon, maybe you never heard about who's gonna be the winner! Well, you're looking at one of them, Praise God! We are gonna be the winners! TTL! Some people say about sports that it's not important who wins, it's how you play the game! Well, let me tell you, we're playing this game to win & it is win important who wins, that the forces of good & righteousness & Christ & God will win this battle over the forces of Satan, the Devil & the Devil-man, the Antichrist, & his forces of evil in the 19th Chapter.
       5. IN THE 20TH CHAPTER THE VICTORY'S ALREADY WON, & THE REASON WE'RE GOING BACK TO IT TONIGHT IS THAT THOUSAND YEARS WHICH IS SO IMPORTANT. It is mentioned six times in this one short chapter. First of all, we are told in the second verse that Satan is bound & cast into the Bottomless Pit for a thousand years. Very good! Then there will be nobody left to take care of his business & he'll go out of business for awhile. I can imagine what the little boy said when somebody told him, "Oh, you don't believe in the Devil, do you? That's old-fashioned to believe in the Devil!" The little boy said, "Well, if there isn't any Devil, who the Hell is taking care of all his business?" 'Cause he's still got a lot of business still going on right now!
       6. BUT THIS PARTICULAR AMAZING ONE-THOUSAND-YEAR PERIOD is known to theologians & Bible students & some Christians as the Millennium, merely Latin for a thousand years: Millennium. This Millennial period is a very important period of the Endtime. It is the period during which Jesus Christ & His Saints have won a victory over the Devil & his demons & the Antichrist kingdom of Hell on Earth, & the Devil is bound or cast as a prisoner into the Bottomless Pit for a thousand years, with nobody left to run his business! We're rid of him, shed of him, thank God!
       7. FOR A THOUSAND YEARS HE NO LONGER BOTHERS US, no longer leads his legions & his demons across the face of the Earth to plague the World & its citizens. Not only that, while he is in prison in the heart of the Earth, the Bottomless Pit for a thousand years, it says that the Saints--in Chapter Four--who rejected the Mark of the Beast, who gave their lives rather than to deny Christ, lived & reigned with Christ a thousand years! The Devil, bound & imprisoned in the Bottomless Pit a thousand years; the Saints living & reigning & ruling with Jesus Christ on the Earth for a thousand years!
       8. AND IT SAYS THAT THE REST OF THE DEAD--meaning the wicked dead, because the righteous dead have already been resurrected & raptured to be with the Lord--"lived not again until the thousand years were finished." There is no resurrection of the Unsaved until this thousand years is finished, until the end of the Millennium. The only ones who have so far been resurrected & raptured to be with the Lord are the Saints of God, the Christians, those who love Jesus. This is the First Resurrection. "But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished."
       9. DEAR ST. JOHN AS HE WAS WRITING THIS--PERHAPS IN GREEK THE MEANING WAS EVEN A LITTLE BIT CLEARER--but if he had turned that around a little bit it would have been a little bit more understandable. When he says in the last part of the fifth verse: "This is the first resurrection", he is talking about the First Resurrection being that which has already taken place, of the Church, the Christians in the Rapture, obviously the First Resurrection. "This is the First Resurrection"--which shows the Resurrection which occurred at the time of Jesus Christ & the Saints who rose from the dead at that time shortly after His crucifixion was a part of this same First Resurrection! It's all called the First Resurrection. "That they without us might not be completed." (He.11:40)
       10. SO THE FIRST RESURRECTION'S ALREADY TAKEN PLACE, & I think if he had put that statement first in the fifth verse it would have been a little bit clearer & easier for you to understand. It would have read then like this: "And they lived & reigned with Christ a thousand years. This is the First Resurrection." That would have been clearer.--And then said, "But the rest of the dead lived not again till the thousand years were finished."
       11. SOME PEOPLE HAVE BEEN MISLED & CONFUSED BY THIS, thinking that he's talking about the rest of the dead being the First Resurrection. Well, this is impossible. Obviously, if you read the passage at all & if you followed the Scriptural study we've been following, this resurrection of the rest of the dead, of the unsaved dead, obviously is not the First Resurrection or he wouldn't even state it like that. "But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished." Obviously some Resurrection has already taken place, & as he says, the First Resurrection has already taken place. But the rest of the dead, who come up in the SECOND Resurrection, will not be resurrected--the unsaved dead therefore--until the thousand-year Millennial period is finished.
       12. WHAT'S GOING ON DURING THIS THOUSAND YEARS?--SATAN IS IN HELL! We Saints are here upon the face of the Earth, ruling & reigning with Christ over the Kingdom of God on Earth, Heaven on Earth, the original Garden of Eden restored. And the rest of the dead, there's no other Resurrection until the thousand years is finished. Again the third mention of this thousand-year period.
       13. AND AGAIN IT SAYS IN THE SIXTH VERSE THAT "WE SHALL BE PRIESTS OF GOD & OF CHRIST, & SHALL REIGN WITH HIM A THOUSAND YEARS." The Devil's in Hell for a thousand years & he is not allowed to come out again till the thousand years is finished & we rule--twice it says--we rule & reign with Christ on the face of the Earth for a thousand years while Satan & his crowd are in Hell for a thousand years!
       14. HE THEREFORE HAS A BLESSING TO GIVE THOSE WHO TAKE PART IN THE FIRST RESURRECTION, the Rapture of Jesus Christ to be with Him at the end of the horrible Tribulation, the end of the Antichrist rule, the end of the Devil's reign. We have a glorious & beautiful & wonderful Resurrection either from the dead or raptured from the very face of the Earth from the living, & we go to be with the Lord & have the Marriage Supper of the Lamb while God's judgements are being poured out on the Wicked upon the Earth.
       15. THEN WE COME BACK IN THAT MIGHTY BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON & we conquer Satan & all his forces & cast them into Hell & we take over the World & rule & reign over it & run it the way it should have been run to begin with & would have been if man had not believed the Devil's lies & disobeyed God & gone his own way.
       16. AT LAST THE LORD IS GOING TO REDEEM THE EARTH AGAIN, & again He's going to cause the beautiful Garden of Eden to blossom, perfection & righteousness & so on as we rule & reign with Christ upon the Earth for a thousand years. This is spoken of time & again in the Bible.
       17. THEN, 7TH VERSE, IT SAYS THAT "WHEN THE THOUSAND YEARS ARE EXPIRED SATAN SHALL BE LOOSED OUT OF PRISON" & then we have the Battle of Gog & Magog. It's a sort of a second Armageddon, only far worse than the first in which all Hell lets loose & in one mighty effort Satan for the last time tries to destroy this Kingdom of God on Earth, this Heaven on Earth, this Millennium of a thousand-year personal rule & reign of Jesus Christ & His Saints like the Angels of God upon the Earth over the people remaining, those who have survived the horrible holocaust of the Antichrist reign of the Tribulation & the Wrath of God & Battle of Armageddon!
       18. THERE WILL BE SOME WHO WILL SURVIVE. There will be some who will be left on the Earth, otherwise we'd have no one to rule or reign over if all the people were slaughtered & all the people were killed & all of them were doomed. They're doomed, alright, but there's many of them still alive. It's almost as though the Lord is giving them another chance, a last chance to repent all the way through the Millennium, all the way through the thousand years of the perfect rule & reign of Jesus Christ & His Saints & Angels on the Earth in the perfect World government, nothing wrong, nothing ever done wrong, everything righteous, no corruption, every judgement righteous, every judgement right in the Government of God!
       19. AND YET, AS ISAIAH SAYS, "LET MERCY BE SHOWN TO THE WICKED & YET HE WILL NOT LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS!" (Is.26:10) Therefore even some of these people who remain upon the Earth rebel during the Millennium, over whom we rule with a rod of iron--we get tough then--anybody who doesn't obey the Lord gets cracked with a rod of iron! You'll have to obey then. You'll have to do what Jesus says then, in fact, you'd better do it now or you're apt to have a crack from God's rod of iron today!
       20. SO THIS THOUSAND YEARS SEEMS TO BE VERY IMPORTANT. What happens during the thousand years again, so you'll be sure & know the schedule? When does it take place? After the Antichrist reign, Tribulation, Wrath of God, Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Battle of Armageddon, then the Devil's cast into Hell for a thousand years & you & I rule & reign as the disciples of Christ, as God's Children, His Family of Love, Christians, we rule & reign over the Earth for one thousand years! Think of that!--A restored Garden of Eden, the Garden of Innocence, all the beauty & pleasure & wonderful miraculous World of the Garden of Eden again!
       21. THIS IS WHY WE PUT SUCH EMPHASIS ON THE GARDEN OF EDEN, besides the fact that we're trying to persuade our own Family to move Southward to these millions of Gardens of Eden like this one throughout the Tropical Zone of the World, & Southward in order to escape the horrible holocaust of the Hell-bomb, the Hell-war which is soon to come upon the Northern Hemisphere, the great North America & great Europe & great Northern Asia!
       22. WE'VE POINTED OUT A NUMBER OF TIMES NOW THAT THE ONLY SAFE PLACES TO BE DURING THE COMING WAR certainly are not in either so-called East or West, & certainly not in the North, but in the South. The safest places in the World will be the South Sea Islands, the South Seas, the Caribbean, South America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia & the South Pacific. These are the most beautiful places in the World as well as the safest in the days to come! These will be beautiful & much safer than anywhere in the North or in the Northernmost parts of the World.
       23. BECAUSE THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE WILL BE SATURATED WITH HELL-BOMBS & ATOM BOMBS, ATOM WARFARE & FALLOUT & RADIATION & IT WILL BE LITERALLY HELL ON EARTH! So you'd better follow us down here to the Garden of Eden in the beautiful tropical zones & subtropical zones of the Tropix if you want to escape the horrors of that Hell-bomb that are coming very soon!
       24. SO SATAN THEN IS ALLOWED TO GET OUT OF HIS PRISON IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH WHERE HE'S BEEN FOR A THOUSAND YEARS, & he's allowed to get out very BRIEFLY, just long enough to deceive the nations again, deceive the Wicked of this World again over whom we have been ruling with a rod of iron to show them what's right, to show them what's righteous, to show them the Kingdom of God & His Law of Love & what God expects of man & the way He expected man to run the World. But "though mercy be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness!"
       25. SO THE MINUTE THE DEVIL IS LET OUT OF THE PIT AGAIN, THESE IGNORANT, STUBBORN, WILFUL, STUPID, EASILY DELUDED PEOPLE FOLLOW HIM AGAIN, believe his lies again, obey his orders again, & as a result they begin to attack us, of all the silly things! Trying to attack us then will be like trying to attack an angel! They can't touch us! We can appear & disappear at will, travel with the speed NOT of light, of a mere 186,000 miles a second, that's too slow! We have to visit the Universe, we have to patrol--our Space Patrol--& rule over not just the Earth but the whole Universe!
       26. WE HAVE TO TRAVEL WITH THE SPEED OF THOUGHT! You just think you're on Jupiter & you're there, boom! You just think you're on Eros & you're there, boom! You just think you're on the nearest star & you're there, boom! You don't have to have transporters, spaceships or speed of light or anything, you're just there like that! So we will have the might & the power of angels & the speed & the ability & we will be ruling & reigning spirits with, nevertheless, resurrected bodies, but spiritual bodies which have enormous angelic powers like the angels of God, like Jesus when He was resurrected.
       27. HE WAS ABLE TO WALK THROUGH WALLS & LOCKED DOORS & APPEAR & DISAPPEAR AT WILL, but He was still also able to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. He was able to eat & to drink & even cook a little meal out by the seaside for the hungry fishermen who toiled all the night! Wasn't that sweet? Jesus was working for them, His children, even though He already had His resurrection body, this marvellous supernatural instrument & vehicle which will have more power than all bodies of the Earth put together! More power than any atomic bomb, faster than any rocket man ever fired, even faster than the speed of light!--Marvellous, dynamic, supernatural, miraculous, super-powerful body that the Enemy can never touch anymore!
       28. IT'S SO FOOLISH FOR THE DEVIL TO RAISE A REBELLION AGAINST THESE FORCES OF GOD, you & me, in our supernatural bodies!--So foolish for the Devil to think he can conquer the camp of the Saints--but he tries! He gathers all the nations of these Wicked still remaining on Earth over whom we have been reigning & ruling with Christ with a rod of iron to try to teach them righteousness & what's good & what's bad, just as a lesson to the whole Universe that the Wicked will remain wicked once they have decided to be wicked. But we do hope there'll be many Millennial Saints who'll resist him!
       29. SOME SAY, WELL, THERE WILL BE A FEW SALVATIONS DURING THE MILLENNIUM of a few people who finally wake up & come to their senses & realise the way of Jesus Christ is best, perhaps so! But there're enough unbelievers left that when Satan is loosed at the end of the thousand years he's able to go out & rally quite a crowd behind him, "the number of whom is as the sand of the sea" it says in verse 8, Chapter 20.
       30. "AND THEY WENT UP ON THE BREADTH OF THE EARTH, & COMPASSED THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS ABOUT." Apparently we're gonna have a headquarters right here on the Earth! In fact, God's Word tells where it is many times, would you like to know? What city do you suppose Jesus is gonna make His capital? A city which He dearly loved. He said the very dust & stones thereof were precious to Him. What city, Class? (Class: Jerusalem.) Jerusalem! Right!
       31. I'M NOT TALKING NOW ABOUT THE NEW JERUSALEM, THE HEAVENLY CITY coming down from God which comes next, Space City, but I'm talking about the natural, material Jerusalem of today! The Jews & the Arabs are having a big controversy over who it belongs to & to whom it belongs & who should rule over it! The Antichrist is gonna try to settle it by making it an international city where those of all religions can feel free to come & worship, whether they be Christian, Jew, Muslim or whatever!
       32. BUT JESUS IS NOT GOING TO MAKE IT AN INTERFAITH CITY. When Jesus takes over Jerusalem at the beginning of the Millennium He's not gonna make it even an international city, because there's just gonna be one-World government & that's the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth, one great nation, the Kingdom of God! And He's not gonna make it an inter-faith city either, as the Antichrist has already tried to do, to abolish all other religions & to set himself up as god, as the false messiah & the false millennium & cause everyone to worship him!
       33. IN THIS CASE JESUS WILL BE GOD, & HE WILL SET HIMSELF UP TO BE WORSHIPPED BY ALL MANKIND AS THE SON OF GOD, & it WILL be one-World government & one-World religion! The only religion in the World in that day will be the religion of Jesus Christ, of those who worship Jesus, Christianity! I don't like that word "Christianity", it has a lot of other connotations! But it will be the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Jesus, the Kingdom of Love, God's Kingdom!
       34. AND YET, AFTER A THOUSAND YEARS OF THAT IN OUR PERSONAL RULE & REIGN WITH JESUS CHRIST ON THE EARTH over the whole World with the perfect government of Love & fairness & justice & mercy & forgiveness, when the Devil is finally loosed after the thousand years the World runs right after him like they did before, & he even tries to fight us, the Kingdom of God! He tries to circle God's Capital, the Capital of Christ's great Kingdom on Earth at Jerusalem, & he tries once again to rebel & fight against us, we who now by this time are the rulers of this Earth by the power of God & angelic powers! So foolish for him, Satan, to try to rebel against us, because he hasn't got a chance!
       35. AND THIS TIME GOD IS SO FED UP WITH HIM THAT GOD JUST SENDS DOWN FIRE OUT OF HEAVEN TO DEVOUR HIM COMPLETELY & wipe him & all his anti-God, anti-Christ forces off the face of the Earth, annihilate all the wicked remaining upon the Earth! In fact, He causes such a horrible fire to come down from God out of Heaven it wipes out the entire Earth completely! Not the ball itself, as we can prove from other Scriptures, but the surface of the Earth is completely burned over & burned out & purified from all pollution, all the Wicked, all the horrors of man, & God starts all over again with a New Creation as we'll read in the next chapter!--A New Earth!
       36. HE RECREATES THE BEAUTIFUL GARDEN OF EDEN & the surface of the Earth not like a paradise, but the paradise of God, & we will have a New Earth under a New Heaven, beautiful! But, notice here, this thousand years comes before that. It comes at the end of the Battle of Armageddon when Satan & his crowd are cast into Hell & we rule & reign on the Earth in the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ over what's left of unsaved man & this wicked Earth, we rule over them for a thousand years. Then the Devil is allowed out for a little while to deceive the nations once again & they try to come up against us & God wipes them all out with fire! In fact, He wipes the whole surface of the Earth out with fire & we're gonna deal with that a little later.
       37. AND THEN OCCURS THE GREAT JUDGEMENT SEAT OF GOD when all the Wicked are raised after this & are judged each one. This we mentioned before in our dealing with the 20th Chapter of Revelation. But we wanted to particularly call your attention to this thousand-year period of what really amounts to Heaven on Earth, Paradise regained, the Garden of Eden restored, His Children once again in a pure & innocent state & a World run by the Lord & His Saints instead of by Satan.
       38. WELL NOW, WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT THAT WORLD & WHAT IT'S LIKE? Let me read to you what the wonderful period of this thousand-year Millennial period of the reign of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God on Earth, Heaven on Earth, will be like when Jesus comes & we come with Him in the Battle of Armageddon & destroy the forces of our enemies! We take over this Earth & we rule & reign it with Jesus Christ a thousand years with a rod of iron & no one dare to disobey, no one dare rebel without being destroyed! And when they finally do, when Satan is let out & they finally are deceived & they do try to rebel, they're all destroyed by fire! The whole World is destroyed by fire, purified by fire & cleansed by fire, & we're going to read about what follows in the 21st Chapter while all the wicked then are judged & cast into Hell, "the second death" as He says.
       39. BUT THERE'S THIS WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL PERIOD OF HEAVEN ON EARTH which occurs between that Battle of Armageddon & the Battle of Gog & Magog. A great battle begins it--Armageddon--& a great battle ends it--Gog & Magog! But the participants & the belligerents & the defenders & the main forces are the same, a conflict between the forces of Heaven & the forces of Hell: The forces of God & His Son Jesus Christ, & the forces of Satan & his son the Antichrist.--One beautiful wonderful thousand-year period between these two battles.--A thousand years of beautiful peace & harmony & Heaven on Earth such as the World has never known!
       40. I WANT TO READ YOU JUST A LITTLE BIT OF IT, & I'D LIKE TO READ IT TO YOU FROM AN OLD BIBLE THAT I HAVE HERE. I think you'll find this interesting. We may not be able to finish all these readings here tonight. As you can see, this Bible's in pretty bad shape, it's broken its back in several places. This is the Bible which I bought when I was a young teenager, 19 years of age, & had been elected the Director of our Youth Society, our Young People's church. I needed a good study Bible & I went out & shopped all over town till I found what I thought was the very best Bible in town for the money, I was a great shopper! It takes a Jew to do that sort of thing.
       41. SO I FOUND THIS MARVELLOUS BIBLE WHICH NOT ONLY HAD THE WHOLE BIBLE OF THE KING JAMES VERSION, but it had all the various Messianic Prophecies in red letters in the Old Testament & all the Words of Jesus in red letters in the New, & then a nice big thick concordance, this much of the Bible here, a thick concordance in the back--cyclopedic concordance, that means all helps under one alphabet--as well as many lovely maps in the back!--Marvelous Bible that I bought when I was 19 for only five dollars, I'll never forget, at one of the department stores in Miami after I'd shopped all over town, looked through all the Bibles, priced them all & I knew I had the best one, I had the bargain!
       42. THIS BIBLE THEN BECAME MY STUDY & MY TEXTBOOK & MY GUIDE, MY LAWBOOK THAT I STUDIED DAY & NIGHT! From the time then as a young teenager, first filled with the Holy Spirit at 19, until literally the birth of the Family, our Family of Love, the Children of God about 1969!--From the time I was 19, in fact, until the time I was 49 or about 50, so I used this Bible for 30 years! I had it re-bound three times, but as you notice, it fell apart again & for the last time, for the fourth time, & it was pretty well worn out by that time, as you can see.
       43. SOME OF THE WORST WORN-OUT PASSAGES YOU NOTICE HERE--can you see these poor, pitiful worn-out pages--these are in the Gospels here. I love the Gospels, the Words of Jesus, & I just wore them out until I broke my Bible's back right here in the Gospels, it got its back broken. Another place that's really worn out is Bible Prophecy back here in Daniel. Notice how poor Daniel got patched up? He really is in bad shape! Here he's got all patched up with Scotch tape--that's before the days of Magic tape that didn't turn yellow--& the old Scotch tape turned yellow. Well, after all, maybe some of you people who are 40 years old figure you're turning yellow too & you're beginning to feel your age!
       44. I USED THIS BIBLE AS MY MAIN STUDY BIBLE FOR 30 YEARS & IT IS NOW OVER 40 YEARS OLD, MIND YOU! I'm now in my 60s & that was when I was not even 20 yet! So this Bible is 40 years old & you can see it's pretty badly worn, in fact, I can hardly get some of the pages apart, you notice! Now there hasn't been any rat chewing on this, there was only a little lamb chewing on this, & that's me! I was the little lamb feeding on these green pastures of the Word of God!
       45. YOU SAY, "THEY LOOK KIND OF RED TO ME!" Well, that's because I marked my Bible up so with red pen & blue pen & I had a different color for each different kind of subject & have a code of marking for each different subject, & it's a very interesting Bible! Some day maybe in the Millennium I'll publish it to show you what it was like. Look, everything is marked, all the little marks everywhere!
       46. AND I WORE IT OUT MOST OF ALL AT THE BIBLE PROPHECY BOOKS & THE GOSPELS OF CHRIST. Over here, one of the places it broke its back was in the New Testament, here in the Gospels, & the next place it broke its back was back here in the Concordance, I kept looking up things so much. And then here in Revelation, as you can see, it's all patched up. Look here, look at all this patched up here! Can you see how it's all patched up?
       47. OH, HERE, THIS USED TO BE ON THE BACK OF IT! Can you see that? Hmm? Can you see what that says? "Holy Bible"! You see, that used to be on the spine back here like this, & that used to be one whole Bible. And this was the third cover that I'd had it bound with. But it finally fell apart for the fourth time & I figured that was enough.
       48. SO THIS IS THE BIBLE I USED ALL THESE YEARS & I WANTED TO TURN BACK TO THIS BIBLE BECAUSE I KNOW IT SO WELL. It's kind of like your hometown, you know? You know every street in town, almost every house & almost everybody that lives there, if you lived in a small town--this is a pretty big city here--but I knew just about every block & almost every address & everybody who lived here! Just that definitely, I knew just about everybody who lived here in the Bible, I'd studied it so much!
       49. SO IT'S A VERY MARVELLOUS BIBLE, although as you can see it got a little bit worn out & a little bit torn up here, especially in Daniel, as I chewed & chewed on Daniel until Daniel got pretty well chewed up. Can you see how he got chewed up there? He really got chewed up here. I've only got half of this page here, I don't know what happened to the rest of Daniel 9, it must have gotten lost. Oh, here it is, here it is here! It comes over from here like this.
       50. BUT DESPITE HOW BADLY WORN & CHEWED UP THIS BIBLE IS--& I was the guy who was chewing on it--it was a marvelous Bible, & here's where I spent 30 years of my life, in this Book, studying it from cover to cover, & that's why I know so much about it! The following 10 or 12 years now since then have been the years of the Family. In a letter we got today someone was calling our attention to the fact that according to the prophecy that we received in a Letter called "The Watch" (No.186A), that the Family began in May of 1969.
       51. AND ISN'T THAT AMAZING? JUST THE OTHER DAY MARIA & I CELEBRATED OUR ANNIVERSARY! We said, "Well, we'll just make it the First of May or some time in May" because when we first got together was sometime in May. So we picked May as our Anniversary & May 1st is as nice a day as any! It used to be a Love Day, May Pole Day, a May Pole Dance, Dance of the Fairies, Dance of the Goddesses of Love, etc. Long before it became a Labour Holiday it used to be a Love Holiday. Well, now it's a Labour of Love Holiday for us!
       52. SOMEONE POINTED OUT THE FACT THAT SINCE THE FAMILY BEGAN, REALLY, IN MAY OF 1969, THE HOUR OF 12 O'CLOCK IS NOW, THIS MONTH OF MAY 1981. And according to all the great prophets from Nostradamus to the Prophet of Dresden & Boscoe & a lot of others, some prophets of God, some we don't know, astrologers & so on, 1981 has been pinpointed as the World's year of a final great war or bloodbath, even the death or at least the attempted assassination of the Pope was predicted. The Prophet of Dresden who predicted both former World Wars said the World would be in a bloodbath in the years 1914, 1942 & 1981!
       53. THOSE ARE THE YEARS OF ALL THE WORLD WARS: WW1 IN 1914, WW2 IN 1942--& WW3 IN 1981? Yes, quite possibly from the way Begin is horsing around over there in Lebanon & Israel is insisting on dominating the countries surrounding her & taking advantage of poor little weak disunited strife-torn Lebanon to try to take it over, whereas the Syrians have finally decided to get tough & refuse to let the Israelis have Lebanon, refuse to let them just bomb the poor little Lebanese villagers & Palestinian refugees from one end of Lebanon to the other.
       54. SO THE SYRIANS HAVE PUT IN MISSILES. They're not long-range missiles, they're only anti-aircraft missiles, but very accurate missiles & the Israelis don't want those missiles in there because they're apt to knock down their planes with which they want to have the freedom of the skies, the airspace over Lebanon to bomb all these poor little Lebanese villagers & Palestinian refugees! Isn't that sad?
       55. SO THE SYRIANS SAID, "WELL, THAT'S ENOUGH! WE'VE HAD IT & YOU'RE NOT GONNA BOMB THEM ANYMORE & you're not gonna shoot down any more of our unarmed, defenseless transport-helicopters--which you did--so that's enough! You stay in Israel & we'll stay here in Lebanon"--which used to be a part of Syria, by the way, before the French took it away. Then after the War the League of Nations gave it to the French, & then after WW2 it was made an independent country. Lebanon actually once belonged to Syria, it was a part of Syria, & the King of Syria was the King of Lebanon.
       56. BUT THE ISRAELIS SEEM TO BE DETERMINED TO TAKE IT OVER & they are on a crash course, head-long confrontation which looks like it may very well start WW3, the Hell-War, the Hell-bomb War, the Atom-War! And by the time you see this, maybe it's already begun! By the time you see this, maybe WW3 has already started there in Lebanon between Israel & Syria, & of course, this finally draws everybody else in too! God's Word predicts that that's where it'll begin, there in that area of the Bible lands.
       57. SO THIS OLD BIBLE IS WHERE I LEARNED ALL OF THAT! This old house, it didn't last much longer!--30 years of constant study & then 10 years sort of on the shelf, over 40 years old now. But in our next lesson I'm gonna read it to you! I'm going to read you the passages that I have marked throughout this whole Bible which refer to the Millennium, the beautiful Kingdom of God on Earth under Jesus Christ & His Saints--us!
       58. YOU SAY, "SAINTS? HUH! YOU'RE NO SAINTS! You're a bunch of sinners, we've heard about you!" Well, OK, then we're sinning Saints, & very sexy Saints! "Yeah, we heard about that too!" OK, then we're Sexy Saints! Sinning Sexy Saints, why not? Hallelujah! I like that kind of religion in which even if you do make mistakes, you can ask for God's forgiveness & His Love & His Salvation & He forgives & He still saves! He never leaves nor forsakes you, His Salvation is forever! His Love is forever! Even His sex is forever, the beauties of His Creation, the beauties of Eden & those luscious beauties you've seen dancing through this Garden, that's all forever!
       59. GOD INTENDED FOR YOU TO ENJOY THE BEAUTIES OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN FOREVER! HE intended for you to enjoy the marvels of His Creation forever, including the beauties of your bodies & sex & the pleasures that He has created in this World! So, pretty shocking religion, huh? I kinda like it though, it sure beats going to church! What do you think? I went to church for about 50 years of my life & I got pretty sick & fed up with it, up to here, here, here, here, all the way up!
       60. SO I'M GOING TO READ YOU A LITTLE BIT ABOUT WHAT HEAVEN ON EARTH IS GONNA BE LIKE DURING THE MILLENNIUM IN OUR NEXT LESSON! You come back again for our next lesson, D.V., & you'll be able to hear about that wonderful time of those thousand years on Earth. (Sings:)
       "When we've been here a thousand years,
       Bright shining as the sun!
       We've no less days to sing God's praise,
       Than when we first begun!"
       61. WILL YOU BE HERE WITH US? WILL YOU BE ONE OF HIS SEXY, THEN SINLESS SAINTS?--Because we'll be completely purified & redeemed then. We are now in the eyes of God by the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary! The Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin, that's Bible! That's in the Epistle of John. (1John 1:7.) You look it up: "The Blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses us from all sin"--past, present & future!
       62. SO ONCE YOU'VE RECEIVED JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOUR YOU'RE CLEANSED FROM ALL SIN! You're saved forever, eternal salvation, eternally saved! Once saved, forever saved, thank God! Because Jesus cannot fail. You might fail, you're never perfect, you make mistakes, & so do I, it's impossible for us to be absolutely sinlessly perfect! Only God is perfect! Only Jesus, His Son, is perfect. We're very imperfect, we make lots of mistakes, we sin sometimes--God forgive us--& He does!--Through Jesus Christ His Son.
       63. DO YOU WANT TO BE FORGIVEN? DO YOU WANT TO BE SAVED? All you have to do is take Jesus into your heart. Just ask Him to come in & you'll be one of those Sexy Saints of the Millennium! We're going to enjoy the beauties of God's creations, those gorgeous beauties you've seen dancing through the Garden of Eden here & the beautiful Garden of Eden restored again, Paradise regained, right here on Earth, under the Reign of Jesus Christ, God's Son, in perfection!--All the perfection of the original Creation, all the perfection of His original beauties, all the perfection of original bodies, all the perfection of original sex, with all the imperfection of original sin removed!
       64. WE'LL BE HERE WITH JESUS AS HIS FAMILY, HIS FAMILY OF LOVE, HIS CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD, HERE FOR A THOUSAND YEARS! Well, there's a little trouble at the end when we have to do Satan in for the last time, but then there's gonna be Heaven on Earth forever, a New Earth & a New Heaven, & we'll read you about that later! God willing in the next chapter & the next session we're gonna read you some of the Scripture of the Bible describing that marvelous Heavenly Millennial period of a thousand years of Heaven on Earth, plus the Eternity of Heaven to follow! All this & Heaven too! Hallelujah!
       65. SO COME BACK & SEE US ONCE AGAIN! Don't miss the beauties of God's Creation in the Garden of Eden! Amen? X! GBY! ILY! Take Jesus into your heart now so you can enjoy it all, freely! Bless them and keep them & make them a blessing, in Jesus' name, Amen! X! Bye-bye! ILY! Come back again!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family