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THY KINGDOM COME!--The New Heaven & New Earth!--Part 31 of "The Garden of Eden!"--Revelation Chapter 22       DFO 1199       24/5/81

       1. REVELATION CHAPTER 22: "AND HE SHEWED ME A PURE RIVER OF WATER OF LIFE, CLEAR AS CRYSTAL, PROCEEDING OUT OF THE THRONE OF GOD & OF THE LAMB." We're in the Holy City now, the New Jerusalem, Space City come down from God out of Heaven to a New Earth, the Capital City of the World to Come, Kingdom Come!--Our New Capital from which we will rule the World! "And in the midst of the street of it, & on either side of the river, was there the Tree of Life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, & yielded her fruit every month: & the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."
       2. THERE IS A RIVER WHICH FLOWS THROUGH THIS CITY OF GOD, this beautiful New Jerusalem, this Space City from Outer Space, the Capital City, the place that Jesus has gone to prepare for you & me, where there are many mansions in His Father's House for us. It's on its way here now, coming in from Outer Space. And through the City flows this beautiful river, & on each side of the river are these beautiful trees called the Trees of Life, & they bear fruit!
       3. TWELVE KINDS OF FRUIT ON ONE TREE, THINK OF THAT! A different kind of fruit every month! That's quite a fruit tree, huh, David? (David: Yes!) Isn't that a beautiful fruit tree? We've been talking about Eden's fruits & so on, but that's more fruit than we ever found on one tree in the Garden of Eden, right? So that's really unusual, huh? (David: Yes!) Would you like to see that? (David: Yes!) Well, you will, because you're saved & you're going to be in the Holy City when the time comes! PTL!
       4. "AND THE LEAVES OF THE TREE WERE FOR THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS." Outside the Holy City is the surface of the renewed Earth, whose surface & atmosphere had been destroyed in the last great War of Gog & Magog & all of whose wicked had been burned up & killed, who were then judged in the Great White Throne Judgement of God! Now we're on the renewed surface of the Earth at the beautiful new Heavenly City--New Heaven, New Earth! And through it flows this beautiful River of Life flanked by the Trees of Life which have 12 fruits, a different one every month, & leaves that are able to heal the nations outside of the City!
       5. FOR OUTSIDE OF THE CITY ON THIS GLOBE LIKE YOU SEE HERE, THESE NATIONS WILL STILL BE IN EXISTENCE. There will still be nations. There'll be Russians & Chinese that you see there, North Americans, Canadians, Europeans, etc.--Still be nations outside of the City. And we will have leaves from the Tree of Life for their healing! Apparently they're still going to need help & still need healing, still need Salvation, & we will have the answer to their problems.
       6. THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INSIDE OF THE HOLY CITY, the beautiful City Zion, the New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ, Space City, the Capital of the Kingdom of God to come, but they will be allowed upon the surface of the Earth in a beautiful New Earth where there will be no more sea! Look at how much of the Earth is sea!--And there will be no more sea!--No more Pacific, no more Atlantic, no more Indian Ocean, no more Arctic Ocean, no more sea! It will all be land, think of that! And even the United States & these nations & Europe will still be there, but they'll need healing, & we will have the answer to their problems, in the Leaves of the Tree of Life for the healing of the nations!
       7. "AND THERE SHALL BE NO MORE CURSE"--the curse, the result of sin no more--"but the Throne of God & of the Lamb shall be in it & His servants shall serve Him: And they shall see His face, & His Name shall be in their foreheads. And there shall be no night there; & they need no candle, neither light of the sun."--That is in the CITY, we're not talking about OUTSIDE on the surface of the Earth.
       8. THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH OUTSIDE, THE PLANETARY BALL, EARTH, WILL STILL HAVE SUN, MOON, STARS, DAY & NIGHT, seasons etc. But in the City there'll be no need of sun or moon or stars or candle. There'll be no night there because it'll be eternally lighted, forever, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year!--Beautifully lighted! And you'll be able to see that City, think of it, from as far as 4000 miles away!--The beautifully lighted City of God, with beautiful soft golden light all night long when it's night upon the Earth.
       9. THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH WILL BE ABLE TO LOOK UP & VIEW THAT BEAUTIFUL CITY & KNOW THAT GOD IS THERE, that God now lives here with man! He's come down out of Heaven to make His dwelling place with man, & that's His beautiful City, His Capital City! Even if you're not one of the denizens or one of the citizens of the City living inside the City, you'll be able to look up from the surface of the Earth & be thankful that you're even there at all!--Even outside the city, the unsaved, one of those on probation, one of those still learning to love the Lord.
       10. BUT YOU CAN LOOK UP AT NIGHT & SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL CITY! Isn't that wonderful? Just think, from even 4000 miles away you'll be able to see it! Even if it was clear across the ocean over New York you could see it from London & Paris & even almost from Rome! Think of that! Isn't that amazing? "And they shall reign forever & ever!"--Who shall reign?--You & me! We, the Saints of God! All the Christians who love Jesus. All are Saints sanctified by His Blood, purified, set apart to serve the Lord.
       11. "AND HE SAID UNTO ME, THESE SAYINGS ARE FAITHFUL & TRUE: & the Lord God of the Holy Prophets sent His Angel to shew unto His servants the things which must shortly be done." This person speaking to St. John said these things to him. Then Jesus speaks: "Behold I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book." Quickly? What do you mean? John got this Revelation 2000 years ago & Jesus isn't here yet! Well, Jesus didn't say He was coming SOON! He said He was going to come QUICKLY when He came! In other words, when He comes, He's going to come real quick & in a hurry, real fast! But He didn't say "I'm coming soon" because it's been 2000 years since then & He hasn't come yet.
       12. EIGHTH VERSE: "AND I JOHN SAW THESE THINGS & HEARD THEM. And when I had heard & seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things." He thought it was an angel. "Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, & of thy brethren the prophets, & of them which keep the sayings of this book: Worship God!"
       13. HE SAID, "DON'T WORSHIP ME! I'M ONE OF YOUR BRETHREN OF THE PROPHETS!" He doesn't say which prophet he was, he could have been any one of the major prophets, minor prophets, Moses, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah or prophets since the days of the Lord. He didn't say which one, but he says, "I'm just another prophet like you! I'm one of your fellowservants. I'm one of the human beings, of the Saints, a prophet like you. So don't worship me, I'm not even an angel, but worship the Lord!"
       14. "AND HE SAITH UNTO ME, SEAL NOT THE SAYINGS OF THE PROPHECY OF THIS BOOK, FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND." We found out that the Book of Revelation began when? When did the revelation begin? In whose time? Class? (David: John's.) John's time! Here's a little lad over here who had the right answer! The sayings of this book, the predictions & prophecies of this book BEGAN right then in John's day. That's why he says "the time is at hand!" And this book reviews the whole history of the World, prophetically, from the days of John till the very End. In fact, right on into Heaven, as we see tonight, PTL!
       15. HE SAYS, "HE THAT IS UNJUST, LET HIM BE UNJUST STILL: & he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: & he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: & he that is holy, let him be holy still." That sort of shows you how God divides classes of this World. There seem to be two classes of the unsaved or the wicked, classified into those who are unjust or unmerciful, unloving, & those who are just plain dirty, filthy, sickening, vile!--But both unsaved & both filthy & vile & not God's Children.
       16. THEN HE HAS A COUPLE OF CLASSES THERE OF THE JUST--THE RIGHTEOUS & THE HOLY! Some people who are righteous like the church people who lived very good lives & tried to do what was right. And then the HOLY, those who are wholly & totally dedicated to the Lord & His service, set apart completely, beautifully clean in God's sight, pure & holy in their love for the Lord, serving the Lord day & night--the holy!
       17. IT'S NOT A CLASSLESS SOCIETY, IT'S A VERY CLASSY SOCIETY! He has all kinds of different classes & stages of development & stages of punishment & stages of reward & all kinds of different classes in God's Kingdom, in His Kingdom Come! It's not just one great class; we're not all the Children of God. As Jesus said, "Some of you are of your father the Devil!" (Jn.8:44) We don't preach the fatherhood of God, brotherhood of Man, because not all men are of their Father God! God is not the Father of all men; He's only the Father of those who LOVE Him & receive His Son Jesus! The others are of their father the Devil!
       18. SO WE DON'T BELIEVE IN THAT BULLSHIT ABOUT THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD, THE BROTHERHOOD OF ALL MEN, THAT'S NOT SO! We are not the brothers of the children of Satan! We are not the brothers of the sons & daughters of the Devil! We are only the brothers of the brothers & sisters of Jesus Christ, the Children of God! This whole World is divided very DISTINCTLY into two kinds of people--those who are the Children of God through Jesus Christ His Son, & those who are the Children of the Devil through the Antichrist, HIS son.
       19. 12TH VERSE: "AND BEHOLD, I COME QUICKLY & My reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be." He didn't say SOON, but He said QUICKLY! He's going to come very SUDDENLY when He comes! He's just warning them, even 2000 years in advance, that when He finally comes, He's going to come VERY QUICKLY. He says that about three times in this passage.--Not that He's coming SOON, but that He's going to come very QUICKLY! He does say that the events talked about in this book are at hand, starting right now, He says to John, & this book covers the whole period from John to the End, even to Heaven.
       20. "MY REWARD IS WITH ME TO GIVE EVERY MAN ACCORDING AS HIS WORK SHALL BE." Everybody will be rewarded at the Judgement of Jesus Christ, the Throne of Christ. Every saved Christian will be rewarded according to his works when Jesus comes. The judgement of the unsaved does not come until a thousand years later when all the unsaved are dead & destroyed & then raised to meet God at the Great White Judgement Seat described in the 20th Chapter, if you want to read it.
       21. BUT WE WHO ARE RESURRECTED & RAISED & RAPTURED TO BE WITH THE LORD AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION, WE GET OUR REWARDS RIGHT AWAY UP IN HEAVEN AT THE MARRIAGE SUPPER of the Lamb where there's a great Feast & a great Marriage Supper, great ceremony, & God passes out the wedding gifts. He passes out the presents, the rewards to all of those who love the Lord. Isn't that wonderful? That's going to be better than Christmas, you know? When Jesus passes out the presents to all the children who've been good, they're going to get good big presents!--But the children--if they're really children, who love the Lord but they were naughty & sometimes disobedient--they're not going to get very much, are they? I don't think so. They're going to be ashamed, aren't they? When they don't get much of a reward because they were naughty children. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk!
       22. 13TH VERSE: "I AM ALPHA & OMEGA, THE BEGINNING & THE END, THE FIRST & THE LAST!" Jesus is speaking again. Alpha & Omega are the first & the last letters of the Greek alphabet, meaning the Beginning & the End. "Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the Tree of Life, & may enter in through the gates into the CITY!" All those who do the commandments of Jesus Christ can eat of that Tree of Life that grows on both sides of the River of Life that flows right through the City like a big park!
       23. THE CITY'S GOING TO BE VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL! I'm going to tell you more about it in a few minutes. It's going to be like a beautiful beautiful park in some places, & there in the lower level where the river flows right through the City there're going to be these beautiful trees growing on both sides, fruit trees with 12 different kinds of fruit, a different kind every month, think of that!--And leaves that'll be able to heal the people outside the City that are still sin-sick, & sick from their disobediences & their rebellion against God. We're going to be able to take those leaves outside & heal'm! TYJ!
       24. WE'RE STILL GOING TO BE WITNESSES, THINK OF THAT! We're still going to be witnesses for the Lord & be able to take those leaves outside the City to heal the nations outside! But we who live in the City who are saved, we're the already Saved, & the only saved ones & we have a right to the Tree of Life, to drink of those beautiful waters that keep us living FOREVER so we can help those people outside. Isn't that good? Would you like to do that? (David: Yes!)
       25. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KEEP ON WITNESSING, TO TAKE LITTLE LEAVES OF LIFE OUT TO THE NATIONS? Like little LEAFLETS? Kind of reminds you of those little leaflets we take out to the people in the World, huh? We're still going to be taking out leaflets, think of that!--Out to the nations to heal them, leaflets, leaves from the Tree of Life! That's what we're really doing now!
       26. WE'RE TAKING LEAVES FROM THE TREE OF LIFE RIGHT NOW! We're taking leaves right out of the Tree of Life here & we're taking them out to heal the nations now, aren't we, David? We're taking them out & giving them to the people outside of the Family & outside of the Kingdom of God, outside of Kingdom Come, outside of the Saved & the Church. We're giving them out to the people out on the streets, right?--Outside of the City of the Family, outside of the City of the Church, outside in the streets & the sidewalks & the byways & highways all over the World!
       27. WE'RE GIVING THEM LITTLE LEAFLETS FROM THE TREE OF LIFE, AREN'T WE? Little leaves & leaflets from the Tree of Life! Already we're giving them leaves from the Tree of Life that they might be healed! Isn't that wonderful? And we're going to still be witnessing & giving out leaflets, how about that? Litnessing! Leaflets! Little leaves from the Tree of Life to heal the nations! PG! But only WE have the right to enter INTO the City because we're citizens of the City, we're the Saved, & only the nations of the Saved can walk therein, He says so! Right here, we read it in the last chapter.
       28. "FOR WITHOUT"--OUTSIDE--"ARE DOGS & SORCERERS, & WHOREMONGERS, & MURDERERS, & IDOLATERS, & WHOSOEVER LOVETH & MAKETH A LIE." That's terrible, huh? Those awful horrible people are going to be outside the City. Outside the City! That's why they need our help. They need us to go out & heal them with the leaflets, the little leaves of the Tree of Life, outside the City. They'll still be out there like they are today! We still have to go out there & witness to them & apply the leaflets of God's Word, the Tree of Life, to heal them of their sins. Isn't that wonderful?
       29. ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL THAT WE'LL STILL HAVE SOME WORK TO DO? We won't just be sitting around floating on clouds, fiddling with harps--that's some Worldly cartoonist's idea, some guy who doesn't know about what's going to happen, really. Because we're going to be very busy going in & picking leaves off of the Tree of Life, nice little leaflets like this one we've handed out for many years!
       30. HERE'S A LITTLE LEAF FROM THE TREE OF LIFE RIGHT THERE, & we take it out & we'll give it to the people outside, like this, & say, "Hey! Here, this'll heal you if you'll just take it & rub it into your heart!" Rub it into your heart, David! That's right, rub it into your heart. It'll heal your heart, & make you well again. Isn't that wonderful? We'll still be giving out little leaves, leaflets from the Tree of Life! How about that?
       31. BECAUSE OUTSIDE ARE STILL GOING TO BE LOTS OF UNSAVED PEOPLE OUT ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH! They've been resurrected, they've been to the Great White Throne Judgement of God & each one's judgement was decided upon, where they should go, some to the flames of very Hell itself & the Lake of Fire where the Devil & the Antichrist & the False Prophet, those three animals are, those three beasts--the Dragon, & the Beast & the False Lamb! Those three animals are gonna be in Hellfire!--The Dragon, the Beast & the False Lamb.
       32. WHO'S THE DRAGON? (David: Russia.) No, no, no. Who is the great red Dragon, & the Bible says, "That old serpent." (David: The Devil!) The Devil! Satan! And who's the Beast? The big red Beast? (David: Russia.) Well, it might be, but it's the opposite of Jesus. The Anti ... (David: The Antichrist!) The Antichrist! And the False Lamb is the False ... (David: Prophet!) Prophet!--Of the Devil & of the Beast, that's right! Those three monsters get thrown right into Hell with all their followers!
       33. BUT OUT ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH NOW AFTER THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT, the White Throne Judgement of the unsaved, God's going to let some of those people live OUTSIDE the City to learn their lesson & to be healed by the leaflets that we pass them from the Tree of Life, like that, & we'll still be witnessing for the Lord! In a sense, litnessing with little leaflets from the Tree of Life! Isn't that wonderful? PTL? Are you glad? (David: Yes!) Are you glad we'll still have some work to do to help people & love people? Isn't that wonderful?
       34. "AND I JESUS HAVE SENT MINE ANGEL TO TESTIFY UNTO YOU THESE THINGS IN THE CHURCHES. I am the root & the offspring of David, & the Bright & Morning Star." Who is the Morning Star? (David: Jesus!) Jesus is the Morning Star! "And the Spirit & the bride say, Come!" "And let him that heareth say ..." (David: Come!) "And let him that is athirst ..." (David: Say come!) "And whosoever will, let him take the Water of Life freely."
       35. THIS WASN'T EXACTLY A GRANDPA STORY TONIGHT, BUT I WANTED DAVID TO BE IN ON THIS, because this is our last chance to have sort of a Grandpa story, & it's the end of our Book of Revelation, the end of the WHOLE BIBLE! Think of that! That doesn't mean it's the end of you & me, 'cause I hope we're going to have some more videos after we leave here. The dear landlord's coming tomorrow, we gotta make our island disappear 'cause he wouldn't be able to understand how he suddenly had the Garden of Eden in his house!
       36. SO WE GOTTA REMOVE THE GARDEN OF EDEN, JUST LIKE THE LORD DID, you know, when the Devil came along & tempted Adam & Eve & they sinned & disobeyed, He had to take the Garden of Eden away! And this wicked landlord who's coming tomorrow, he doesn't love Jesus & doesn't know the Lord ... ! And so we have to take away the Garden of Eden so he won't even know where it's at, can't find it!
       37. 18TH VERSE: "FOR I TESTIFY UNTO EVERY MAN THAT HEARETH THE WORDS OF THE PROPHECY OF THIS BOOK, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. And if any man shall take away the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the Book of Life, & out of the Holy City, & from the things which are written in this book." Ah! You musn't add anything to this book, & you musn't take anything away from it.
       38. NOW SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT MEANS THE WHOLE BIBLE!--NO, HE'S JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS PARTICULAR BOOK, THE BOOK OF REVELATION! You shouldn't add anything to it, & you shouldn't take anything from it. We haven't added anything to it, have we? And we haven't taken anything away from it, have we? We just read it right out of the book, didn't we? Just what it says, right? So you see, that's contrary to what some of our enemies say, they say we add to the Scriptures, we take away from the Scriptures, blah, blah! Isn't that ridiculous?
       39. IN FACT, OUR ENEMIES, SOME OF THE NARROW-MINDED, VERY BLUE-NOSED EVANGELICAL FUNDAMENTALISTS, THEY SEEM TO THINK THAT THIS IS THE LAST TIME GOD EVER SPOKE, was to John here on the Isle of Patmos, & these are the last words that Jesus ever said, He hasn't spoken since then! Isn't that ridiculous? We have a dead God Who's been dead & quiet & silent for 2000 years now, according to these Fundamentalist Evangelicals who accept just the Bible alone & don't believe that Jesus has ever said anything since then! Isn't that silly? Don't you think that's rather crazy? Huh? (David: Uh-huh!)
       40. I WOULDN'T WANT TO WORSHIP A GOD THAT'S DEAD, WOULD YOU? (David: No!) Don't you want to worship a God that's alive? (David: Uh-huh!) And Who talks & speaks to us today? (David: Yes!) And talks to His Prophets & to His Children? (David: Uh-huh!) And to your Daddy! Do you like to hear God speak through your Daddy? You've heard Him lots of times, haven't you? You read it in the Letters & the Komix & the Prophecies, right? (David: Yes!)
       41. AREN'T YOU GLAD THAT GOD STILL SPEAKS TODAY? (David: Yes, very!) To His Prophets today? PTL! Hallelujah! You're a little prophet, too, & He speaks through you & David's getting to be more of a man every day & gonna be a big strong Prophet for Jesus someday, like Daddy, only better! He's going to be a young teenager & a good Prophet for young people!
       42. SO WE'RE NOT ADDING TO THE BOOK, NOT EVEN THE WHOLE BIBLE, MUCH LESS THIS BOOK! Neither are we subtracting from it. I've read you the whole book, every word in the book now except the last two verses & haven't added anything or subtracted anything. So why they should say that we change the Word of God & we add to it & so on? We don't add to the Truth or add to what it says!
       43. GOD HAS SPOKEN SINCE THEN! GOD HAS ADDED WORDS SINCE THEN TO TELL US THINGS! And down through the ages, after this book was written, after John, God still had many Prophets & Prophetesses who continued to prophesy & speak with tongues & interpretation & prophecies throughout the whole 2000 years of Church history since the days of John & since this book was finished! God's Prophets & Prophetesses have been continuing to prophesy in these Last Days according to the Word of God, throughout the Church of Jesus Christ, throughout the Family of God, throughout all Christendom, all those that love Jesus, all Christians everywhere, MILLIONS of them!
       44. SO, PRAISE GOD, ALL WE HAVE DONE IS GIVEN YOU WHAT GOD HAS SAID LATELY, PTL! We haven't added to the BOOK. See? It's still here! You can't find anything here that we've added to it at all! That's just a concordance there. We didn't add a thing to it! We put ours in separate books & you can read'm & you can have'm if you want'm, they're called MO Books! There're about eight of'm now & there're about a thousand of those Letters, Revelations from God & teachings from the Lord & good sound fatherly counsel & advice & all of that--dreams, visions & revelations God has given to me personally, separately. (Now over 1500!)
       45. WE DIDN'T ADD'M TO THIS BOOK! HERE, YOU CAN SEE! Where did we add'm? I don't see where we added'm, did we? We didn't put'm in the Bible at all! Not at all, did we? Huh? Boy, that's a pretty shirt you've got on tonight. Oh, that's one of those Cuban or Latin American shirts, huh? Going to wear that in South America, huh? Where we may go! Well, PG! So we haven't added to the book, we wrote some NEW books, PTL, of all the latest revelations God has given!
       46. AND "HE WHICH TESTIFIETH OF THESE THINGS SAITH"--THAT'S JESUS OF COURSE--"SURELY I COME QUICKLY." He didn't say He was coming SOON, He said He was coming QUICKLY! He didn't say He was going to come very soon because there have been 2000 years since then. But He said when He comes He's going to come very quickly--Boom!--Suddenly, like that, by surprise to the whole World!
       47. BUT WE WON'T BE SURPRISED, WILL WE? We'll be ready for Jesus when He comes! We'll be expecting Him, won't we? "Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus," the Prophet says. "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen." PTL! Isn't that a beautiful book? Wonderful, wonderful, beautiful story!
       48. NOW I HAVE A LITTLE SURPRISE FOR YOU THAT I BROUGHT ALONG TONIGHT. I did something today I've always wanted to do. You know in the last chapter before this we studied about the great Space City, the Heavenly City, the New Jerusalem that comes down from God out of Heaven & comes down & lands on the Earth?--And it's going to be the Capital City of Jesus & all of us, His Children, His Family, & we're all going to live in it, all the Saved are going to live in it. It's a very great big City--1500 miles wide & 1500 miles long & 1500 miles high!
       49. SO TODAY I TOOK THIS GLOBE & ACCORDING TO THE SCALE, THE PROPORTIONATE SIZE OF THIS GLOBE, I MADE A LITTLE PYRAMID the exact size of that beautiful Space City, the Holy City, the Bride of Christ, the New Jerusalem come down from God out of Heaven, down to the Earth! And would you like to see a little bit? I'm not an artist so I didn't get a chance to decorate it, but maybe some of our artists will be able to decorate it & show you really what it looks like & all the beauty of it & so on, & you've seen it on some of our Letters, haven't you--That beautiful Space City! But I just made a little pyramid out of cardboard to show you the relationship between the SIZE of the World & that great beautiful Holy City coming down from God out of Heaven!
       50. NOW HERE IT COMES! HERE IT COMES! IT'S WAY OFF IN SPACE! CAN YOU SEE IT COMING? It's coming down from God out of Heaven! It's coming down from God out of Heaven! It's a huge pyramid 1500 miles long, 1500 miles wide, & where do you suppose it's going to land? We wouldn't want it to land right on top of Europe, would we? (David: No!) It would smother the whole of Europe!--And not even on poor Russia or China or North America or South America or Africa. So where do you suppose it might land? (David: In America.) In America? But it would cover up & smother half of America! They'd be in the shade all the time, wouldn't they? Well, in the New Earth, there's not going to be any more sea. (David: Oh, they can put it in the sea!)--Right!
       51. IT CAN LAND RIGHT OUT IN-BETWEEN THE CONTINENTS WHERE THE OCEAN USED TO BE, LIKE THAT! So we can have the City of God coming down from God out of Heaven, & it can come down here like this. We made this exactly in the right dimensions, proportions, in relation to the size of this globe. This is what the Holy City is going to look like in size, 1500 miles long, 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high!
       52. IT COULD COME DOWN & LAND IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC RIGHT BETWEEN EUROPE OVER HERE & AMERICA OVER HERE, & it could land right on top of the World like this! Look at that! How about that? There would just about be room for it to fit in-between England & Canada in the North Atlantic! Isn't that amazing? See, because it's 1500 miles wide & it's 1500 miles high from the bottom up here to the top. Look! That's how big the Holy City's going to look when it lands on the World, isn't that something? (David: Uh-huh!)
       53. AND OF COURSE, SINCE IT'S MOBILE & IT'S LIKE A SPACESHIP, it's come out of space like "Galactica" & "Star Trek," & what's the name of that spaceship in "Star Trek"?--The "Starship Enterprise"!--Or the "Starship Galactica"! But it's going to be much bigger than any of them! Look how big it is! It's the biggest Spaceship that was ever flown! It came way down from God out of Heaven from Outer Space, lands on the Earth like that, & if it would land there between Europe & North America it would look like that. Look at that! Here's Europe & here's North America over here. Isn't that amazing?
       54. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT?--THAT IF YOU WOULD CLIMB UP HERE ON THE VERY TIP TOP OF THIS HOLY CITY, of God's beautiful new Heavenly City that's going to land here, do you know how far you could see from up here on top? You could see all the way from the tip top clear across Canada & the United States clear over to the Pacific Ocean!--4000 miles away! You could see clear out to Hawaii 4000 miles away!
       55. AND YOU COULD SEE FROM THE TIP TOP ALL THE WAY ACROSS EUROPE, clear across 2000 miles of the Mediterranean & clear past Israel, clear over past the Mideast & into Iran & way over here into Arabia & Russia, almost to China from the tip top! Can you see this big city up here? How does that look on the Globe?
       56. SEE, IT'S A BIG WHIRRING PYRAMID LANDING ON THE NORTH ATLANTIC BETWEEN NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE, & if it landed right about there like that you could see from here--here's the Canary Islands down here where you were born, David & Davida--you could see 4000 miles from there! You could see clear down here into Central Africa! (David: Wow!) It's going to have the most gorgeous view of any building that there ever was! From the top, 1500 miles high, way up beyond the stratosphere, way up beyond the atmosphere, way up in the Heavenlies!
       57. FROM THE TIP TOP YOU'LL BE ABLE TO SEE THOUSANDS OF MILES! In fact, you'll be able to see a radius of 4 or 5000 miles from the tip top of the Pyramid, 4 or 5000 miles all the way around, clear around like that, several continents! You'll be able to see about a third of the World's surface from there. Isn't that amazing?--A circle 8000 miles wide!--8000 miles around you'll be able to see, & that'll be about a third of the World's surface! You'll be able to see North America, you'll be able to see clear down here to South America, & into Africa & Europe & Asia & way back over here to Canada & way over here to Europe!
       58. AND NOT ONLY THAT, IT'S PROBABLY GOING TO FLY AROUND! It's probably not going to just stay there, it's probably going to move all around & pick up & fly around like the satellites! And while the World's turning like this, it'll be hovering above the World to see that everybody's behaving & keep a lookout on everybody & see what they're doing! We're just looking at the Northern Hemisphere, so now we've gotta turn it around & show you what's going on down South here!
       59. HERE'S WHERE THE FAMILY'S GOING TO BE! So the Heavenly City's gotta come down here & see what we're doing! And it'll be hovering over Australia & New Guinea & Indonesia & Borneo & Southeast Asia to see what we're doing there, & India, & it'll travel around & down in Madagascar & South Africa & across the South Atlantic to South America, way down all the way from Argentina & Chile, clear up to the Caribbean & Central America & Mexico where so many of our Family's going to be!
       60. AND THEN IT CAN FLY RIGHT ACROSS THE PACIFIC OCEAN LIKE THIS & WE'RE BACK AGAIN AT AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND, WAY DOWN HERE! It's going to keep an eye on those New Zealanders, too! They're pretty good people but you'd better keep an eye on good people, 'cause sometimes they think they can get away with anything just because they're so good! So the Space City, if it would travel right here at the Equator like this, it could survey almost the whole World & all its continents & everything in the World & keep an eye on everybody to make sure everybody's behaving! Look at that! See? (David: Everybody could stand on the top.) It'll fly right around like that just everywhere so they can see everywhere! And if it should land up in North America, I think by that time it would be safe for it to land up here, for everything's going to be a New Earth!
       61. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BIG JOB WHEN WE GET BACK HERE AFTER THE TERRIBLE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON & we start trying to clean up the World for the Millennium. Oh my, what a mess! Did you know it says in the Bible it's going to take us seven months just to bury all the dead that got killed in the battle? (David: Seven months isn't very long.) Seven months! That's a long time to bury a lot of dead people, & all the time they're stinking & lying out there on the ground ROTTING! Seven months!
       62. DO YOU KNOW EVEN AT SEVEN DAYS YOU STINK & BEGIN TO ROT & smell horrible like the farmer's garbage pile out here where he throws the dead dogs & dead pigs? Doesn't it smell awful? That's the way the whole World's going to smell then because of that! And it's going to take seven years to burn up all the junk & the weapons & the stuff that was in the Battle of Armageddon. (David: Seven years!) My goodness, it's almost going to take a thousand years to really clean it up!--So Lord help you to be ready, in Jesus' name! Amen! PTL!
       63. BUT WHEN JESUS MAKES IT ALL NEW, A NEW EARTH, all that'll be gone, & the New Heavenly City will come down to a gorgeous beautiful clean completely newly-created Earth fit for the King of Kings, Jesus & His Family, to live in love & happiness forever! Hal! TYJ! GBY!--Will YOU be there?--I hope so! GBAKYAMYAB!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family