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LATEST NEWS FLASHES!--March 1982       DFO1201


       GIJN! GBY FOR YOUR FAITHFUL TRFING! In order to escape the coming Nuclear War & the dangers of the powers that be, your NACRO Office is moving further South, & we suggest you do the same.

       YOU WILL BE RECEIVING YOUR NEW REPORTING ADDRESS SHORTLY, D.V. Please discontinue the use of your former Puerto Rico address & send your April 1st Reports to the address which you will receive soon. Thanks so much for your cooperation & patience. WLY & pray you can soon join us in the safer, sunnier South!


       WHILE MOVING, PLEASE FIND AN ADDRESS FROM WHICH YOUR MAILINGS CAN BE FORWARDED TO YOU, as your Reporting Office is no longer able to keep your mailings for you until you get situated & send in an address. Several Homes have asked their Reporting Offices to hold their mailings without leaving an address where they can be reached & this has presented quite a problem.

       PLEASE REFER TO "ROAD MAIL" (NO.872) & SEND YOUR FORWARDING ADDRESS AT LEAST ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE to your reporting Office as we cannot hold your mailings for you. Sorry, we just don't have the facilities to do so! Don't miss a Mag!--Send in a forwarding address today!

       3. ATTENTION: PLEASE BE SURE YOUR CORRECT HOME NUMBER IS WRITTEN ON EACH MONTHLY TRF Report as well as on any correspondence sent to your Reporting Office. All Homes must be identified by their Home number, so help us keep track of your Home & use your Home number or you might miss a mailing due to mix-ups. If your number has been misplaced or you never received one, please write your Reporting Office today & request it! Thanks! WLY!


       MUSICA CON VIDA NEEDS A WELL-BUILT HOUSE, with five bedrooms or more & a game-room or garage which could be converted into a recording studio. The ideal location would be on the far outskirts of a large city, in a rural atmosphere offering privacy, security & recreation. A telephone line is essential as is also accessibility to public transport. Furniture & pool are not an immediate need, but they would be a blessing.

       WE HAVE TO MOVE SOON! Please send us all your suggestions with photos if possible. Write to: MCV, Apartado 312, Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902. Thanks! GBY!


       DUE TO THE PRESENT DROP IN FAMILY INCOME as a result of our moves South, MCV's production budget has been cut. Because of this emergency situation, we are being forced to limit our production & ending of tapes exclusively to radio stations in order to keep the show on the air. Only an increase in your designated gifts will alter this state of affairs & allow us to continue sending tape mailings to Homes in the field. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide the necessary funds. Any extra support you are able to offer to assist us during this difficult period will be greatly appreciated & will help us to resume our regular tape mailings to the field Homes. Thanks! GBY!


       NOTICE! THESE TAPES WERE MAILED TO YOU FROM MUSIC WITH MEANING!: Jan. 5-7: Music for Quiet Moments No. 1, HMS-MWM/Dad's Show, MWM Shows 35-36, Daily Might 2. Jan. 14-15: Daily Might 4, 5, 6, 7. Jan. 19-20: Daily Might 8, MWM Shows 39-40, Words of Jesus from the Book of John, Words of Love No. 3. Feb. 15-16: MWM Shows 41-42, 43-44, 45-46, Music for Quiet Moments No. 2, Children's Musical Dramas for Broadcasting, Feb. 22: Bible Verses in Song, Grandpa Quotes in Song, Music Miracle, Rays of Love, Popular Songs.

       THE FOLLOWING TAPES WERE MAILED TO YOUR FROM WILD WIND!: Jan. 12-13: World Series 1-6. Jan. 15-20: Garden of Eden Series 21-27. Jan. 28-Feb. 9: Garden of Eden Series 28-31. Feb. 16-20: Grandpa Stories 1-8, Deathbed to Pulpit Overnight, Battle of the Bands that Bind. March 2-4: Daily Might 9, 10, 11, 12. Words of Jesus from the Book of Matthew, Tapes 1 & 2.


       WE HOPE YOU RECENTLY RECEIVED A COPY OF THE HOME CHECKLIST which was included in your mailing of Mag 48. Please go over this Checklist with your Home Council, filling in the answers on the Mailing Slip, & send it with your next TRF Report to your CRO address. Thank you!

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