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Latest News Flashes!--April 1982       DFO 1204

       1. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE ARGENTINA SITUATION!: Smaller incidents than this have started World Wars, & it could set all South America aflame, with the nations there already choosing up sides, with Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia already sympathizing with Argentina, & her traditional enemies, Chile & Brazil, offering ports, facilities, supplies & logistics to the British, as well as the U.S. giving the British reconnaissance information & Russia furnishing intelligence to Argentina. How the other nations of Latin America are lining up we have not yet learned. But it would certainly be a surprise if WWIII should start over this ridiculous incident!

              BUT WORLD WARS HAVE STARTED OVER LESS, primarily over miscalculations by the belligerents. Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany did not expect Britain & America to interfere with his conquest of Europe in the first World War, & Hitler did not expect Britain to try to rescue Poland in the Second & obviously Britain was not expecting the Argentine invasion of the Falklands, & Argentina was not expecting Britain's drastic reaction. So nearly all of them started over somebody's wrong guessing & miscalculation, almost by accident & unexpectedly.

              AT THE SAME TIME, ISRAEL SEEMS TO BE PLANNING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION of the Argentine diversion of the attention of the Big Powers to start a little war of her own against Lebanon while everybody else is busy with the Falklands & just in time to possibly delay return of the Sinai to Egypt with one excuse or another. Meanwhile, both Britain & Argentina are probably both happy to divert the attention of their own peoples away from their multitudinous domestic woes with a little nationalistic patriotic war fervor.

              IT SEEMS THAT NOTHING IN THIS WORLD OF WOE IS SO SUCCESSFUL IN UNITING A PEOPLE BEHIND ITS GOVERNMENT AS WAR, & both governments are woefully in need of something to untie their woefully divided & discontented populations. So as has always been the case throughout history, the usual policy seems to be: If you can't lick the domestic situation, join forces against a common enemy. Even the U.S. is using the same tactics in Central America & the Caribbean; & Russia is overcoming the murmurings of its people with promises of glorious world Communist conquest, while Europe & the rest of the World are shuddering at the thought of Atomic War & a World Communist Government!

              MEANWHILE, EVEN THE THREAT OF WAR & THE WAR FEVER & NATIONALISTIC FERVOR IN SOUTH AMERICA & ELSEWHERE COULD CAUSE DIFFICULTIES & RESTRICTIONS FOR OUR FAMILIES both in Latin America & abroad, so please pray for peace as long as possible--or that this war will be a short & local one with some kind of beneficial results. Both Governments have been anti-Family & are undoubtedly now reaping the judgments of God for their persecution of His Prophets. So remember, whatever the outcome, "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord." Hallelujah! PTL! So God's will be done! In Jesus' name! Amen.

              P.S. OF COURSE, COMMON SENSE SURELY WILL TELL YOU TO TRY TO AVOID THE BATTLE ZONES & TAKING SIDES IN THE DEVIL'S CONFLICTS. We are on the Lord's side--of love & peace & salvation--& we pray the Lord will have the victory, whatever it may be, & that it will be for our good & the good of the Gospel, in Jesus' name. In the meantime, watch your step & watch your words!--Nations can get pretty wild, fanatical, violent & impatient with strangers in times of War. In some cases it's a good time to cool it & lay low in some areas. In others it's a good time to take advantage of the situation & really hit with the lit with the answer to all their problems--Jesus! Amen? GBAKY&CTMYAB, IJN!

       2. PLEASE PRAY FOR ANGELO, OUR BROTHER IN BONDS! Please continue to pray for Angelo & his situation & that it will all work out to the glory of God & the Salvation of souls. "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord" (Rom.8:28), & it is no doubt giving Angelo a greater burden for lost souls in bonds & his future radio ministry to them. If this case of persecution by our enemies should have to go to trial, the Lord has promised that it will be a testimony against them, Mat.10:18, & they are the ones whom God will find guilty, whatever the outcome! Meanwhile, pray for Angelo & Sarah & those helping, that the Lord will keep them, encourage them & give them the victory, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

       3. JULIANA, 6TH CHILD & 2-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER OF NIMSHI & MERRYHEART SMILIN' IN MENDOZA, ARGENTINA DIED ON FEBRUARY 3rd, 1982 after completing her mission of teaching many lessons, & she was delivered & healed & taken to be with the Lord. (See "Advantages of a Handicap," ML#1111.) Amen. PTL! TYJ! We prayed the Lord would deliver her, & He did! (Rom.8:28.) She's now back where she came from, perfectly whole & happy with Jesus! TTL! Did you learn your lessons, Family?

       4. NEW PUBLICATIONS IN THE WORKS: We trust that by now you have received the recent mailings including Mag 50, the Study Helps, ML Volume 11 (the 1100s!), School Days #1, & with this mailing School Days #2, & that they have been a great blessing & encouragement to you. Now nearing completion is Volume 9 & 10 (the 1000s--to catch up with our numbering), the Techi Book, the Bible in Pictures Book & a new family Songbook! Please pray for those working on these projects & for the printers & the mailing of them that they will reach you safely. Also about ready to be taken to the printers is a Special TK Volume on FFing with all the FF Letters vividly illustrated! Please keep in a safe place!--This is strictly for DO adults!--Tks!

       5. GOD HAS BEEN GREATLY BLESSING AS YOU OBEY, ENABLING US TO INCREASE OUR GIFTS TO POOR MISSIONARY FIELDS despite our many moves to these poorer fields. It's a miracle of your prayers & faithfulness!--Tks! And GBY!

       6. NOTICE REGARDING LIT PRINTED IN SYSTEM PUBLICATIONS! We wanted to answer a question some have had regarding how to count lit printed in newspapers or other system publications. Dad says lit printed this way should definitely count as lit distributed by the Home who got it in the papers. "Anyone that enterprising to get it in the newspapers deserves the credit for every copy of its circulation!" Please multiply the circulation of the newspaper times the number of pages of our lit that was printed to get number of pages distributed & number of pages printed when making out your TRF, & be sure to list the title, type, language & amount (circulation) on the written portion of the TRF for this purpose as well. Thanks! WLY! Love, WS.

       7. CHANGE OF ADDRESS FOR FN MATERIAL, KOMIX & M&M COMMUNICATIONS: Want-Ads & print-ready Family News material from you & the fields or your area must no longer be sent to Madrid or Puerto Rico, but to: Caryn Leigh, Casilla 711, Lima 100, Peru, Sur America.

       New Komix originals from their artists should also no longer be sent to Madrid or Puerto Rico, but to: C. Westberry, Casilla 11081, Lima 14, Peru, Sur America.

       Personal communications & gifts for M&M must also no longer be sent to Madrid, but to: World Services, P.F. 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland--marked inside for M&M."--A volunteer rearguard team is processing the 241 mail until the War.--Thanks!--Keep'm Kumin! GBY! WLY! KGFG!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family