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WHY FALKS?--Whose Falk Is It?       DFO 1207       28 April, 1982

       1. LORD BLESS & KEEP US FROM THE STORM. We know the Devil, the Prince of the Power of the Air, is mad & angry, but You control him, Lord, & You can rebuke the Enemy's ways. Look how the Devil was after the Lord in that little boat with His disciples, trying to sink the whole works right off the bat! But the Lord's in control & he can't do any more than what the Lord allows him to. I'm fully convinced that the Enemy stirs up a lot of these storms & earthquakes & so-called natural catastrophes, but which are more or less judgments of God. The Enemy is the Lord's Executioner, the Lord High Executioner, but he's not as high as the Lord. He brings about many of the judgments of God, but thank the Lord, the Lord won't let him touch us unless He has some reason for it. Amen. Well, PTL, TYL! Jesus, have Thy way. Thy will be done. You know what's best.
       2. GIVE US WISDOM, LORD, IN HOW TO TELL THE LITTLE FAMILY HERE IT'S TIME TO REALLY PRAY EARNESTLY, desperately as to what we should do & what we should tell the Family now, in Jesus' name. Do you think the Devil knows we're here? Do you think he chases after us to try to give us trouble? Do you believe he can send storms & earthquakes & destructive disruptions, lightning bolts? God's Word calls them fiery darts, & he is not only the Prince of the Power of the Air but he was once the Lightbearer (Eph.2:2; Is.14:11-14; Ezk.28:13-17), & on the Earth God has allowed him to have a certain amount of power for the sake of God's judgments & punishments & execution, as a judgment on people who deserve it. Did you know they've been having more earthquakes around here these last few weeks than they've had in a long time? And did you know that there was a huge volcanic eruption right down here just a few miles south of us, & maybe you weren't even conscious that that was so close.
       3. HE KNOWS THAT HIS TIME IS SHORT & THEREFORE HIS RAGE IS GREAT; he doesn't have to wait till the Tribulation, I know that. Do you think he follows us around & tries to cause us trouble? I'm sure God keeps quite a few angels busy round about us, round about the camp of the Saints (Ps.34:7; Heb.12:1; Ps.91:11-12), guarding us to keep him off our backs. Do you believe that he knows that most of our Family, the largest number of our Family in any particular continent, has gone to South America? Do you think he's capable of trying to start a war down there to give'm trouble? Well, if you don't think so, you should read the papers! Of all the unlikely places to expect a war!
       4. WELL, YOU CAN EXPECT REVOLUTIONS & COUPS DOWN THERE NEARLY EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK SOMEWHERE, JUNTAS & GOVERNMENTS CHANGE SO MUCH. I think it was the Government of Bolivia, Paraguay or one of those that had changed in its History twice as many times as the number of years the country was in existence! In other words, they'd had a change of government two or three times every year, I'm talking about forcible changes, coups & military takeovers & that sort of thing. That's been common for years, ever since I was a kid, & it was almost a common joke about how often they changed Governments down in Latin America & in all the little Banana Republics & how often they overthrew each other & that sort of thing.
       5. AND IT USED TO BE THE U.S. GOT QUITE INVOLVED, CONSIDERING THAT LATIN AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA & THE CARIBBEAN WERE HER OWN BACKYARD & that therefore, that was her bailiwick & she had jurisdiction over it & this resulted in what was known as the "Monroe Doctrine." (James: That was a doctrine that came with President Monroe & the idea was that the Western Hemisphere was the jurisdiction of the United States & nobody else could get involved & the United States would stay there & not get involved in other places.) Right. I remember we had to memorise it when I was in school.--That no European power should be permitted access to any of the Western Hemispheric countries, & no meddling of European powers in those countries should be permitted, & this Doctrine was carried on by President after President.
       6. THERE WAS ANOTHER FAMOUS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WHO WAS VERY TOUGH ON THE SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICAN COUNTRIES. He said, "Talk softly but carry a big stick!"--Teddy Roosevelt. And what war did he fight in down there? The Spanish/American War, which was about 1898, about the turn of the Century, just about the same time that they were having the Boer War in South Africa. It seems like when it rains it pours & when one war starts, there's a whole rash of wars. Probably that's the reflection of the spiritual warfare going on behind the scenes.
       7. ALSO IT'S A FACT THAT NEARLY EVERY LITTLE COUNTRY TAKES ADVANTAGE OF ANY KIND OF DISTRACTION, DIVERSION OR WAR GOING ON TO START ITS OWN LITTLE WAR & grab its own little hunks of cheese here & there & do what it's always wanted to do anyhow, but couldn't because other countries were too watchful or preventing them from doing it, but when the other countries got busy in their own war or somewhere else, particularly the Big Powers, why then the little boys can scrap & fight & grab each other, etc.
       8. THE UNITED STATES HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN QUITE A FEW WARS IN LATIN AMERICA. You could list the whole long history & the whole long list of'm if we had time, ever since the very beginning of American History in which they were scrapping mostly in Latin America, with the Spanish at first. Then when the U.S. defeated the Spanish & virtually kicked Spain out of the Caribbean & Latin America for the final time so Spain no longer had any power or colonies in Latin America, they all broke loose, broke free so that they were all independent countries then. That was about the time, by the way, when Britain grabbed the Falklands from Spain, in fact it's earlier than that really, even before the final booting of Spain out of Latin America. (It really starts pouring down rain.) Thank You Lord! (Moves in a little closer to the Family.)
       9. WELL, THE OL' DEVIL IS EVEN TRYING TO FIGHT MY GIVING YOU THIS TALK, YOU KNOW, & THE LORD EVEN LETS HIM. Why does the Lord allow the Devil do test you? Well, to see whether you're going to fight in the spirit or give up.--Exactly! The Devil's plan is very clever. He knows he cannot win if you fight. He knows that if you fight & put up a resistance & refuse to quit that the Lord will help you win the victory. What does he try to get you to do? (Give up.) Boy, there was a streak of lightning! Lord bless & keep us & the wires & all the things we need, in Jesus' name!
       10. I THINK THE MISTAKE THAT PALM TREE MADE IS BEING A LITTLE BIT TALLER THAN THE OTHERS.--AND THAT'S WHERE THE LIGHTNING TRIES TO STRIKE, JUST LIKE THE DEVIL, TRIES TO STRIKE LEADERSHIP. He knows he can't win if you fight, because the Lord will help you to win! That's what the Lord wants to see, if you've got the guts & faith to put up a fight & refuse to quit, right? There were a lot of times in our history of the Family that we could have given up the ghost & thought, "Well, the jig is up, the fun is over, we've had it, the System is too powerful, we can't fight it, we might as well quit & give up," but we didn't! And that's why we're still fightin'! PTL!
       11. SOMETIMES WE GOT IN SOME FIGHTS WE COULDN'T POSSIBLY WIN & COULDN'T LICK THE SYSTEM, SO IN THAT CASE, IF THE LORD DOESN'T HELP YOU TO WIN FOR SOME REASON, WHAT DOES HE WANT YOU TO DO? If He doesn't help you lick the situation, then it means that you're through there & He wants you to run someplace else & pick up the fight somewhere else where it's going to be more profitable & probably better for you, a richer field spiritually or some reason He wants you to go somewhere else. It usually means your job was done there, & you know the story, I've told you many times, that usually it's when you've really saturated that area with the Gospel & as many souls as possible have been reaped & received, & then the Lord allows the Devil to stir up the rejecters & the enemies to stir up persecution against you. And that's a sign you've done the job, because otherwise they wouldn't be so stirred up.
       12. THEY WOULDN'T BE SO MAD AT YA IF YOU HADN'T BEEN SUCCESSFUL! SO BY THAT TIME PERSECUTION IS A SIGN OF SUCCESS! It's a strange sign of success, but it is. And when it comes to that point, it means your job is done, you've been successful, you've reached as far as you can & as many as you can & as many as deserve it; they've heard the Lord's Voice & their Shepherd & they've followed & everybody has been put to the test, even by the newspapers.
       13. EVERYBODY HAS CHOSEN SIDES. Everybody even that reads about ya has chosen sides, either are against ya or they're for ya, they either sympathise with ya, side for ya or they hate ya & agree with the System that's persecuting you. Anyhow, that's always a good sign of success, persecution, & then it's time to go someplace else, to a riper field that hasn't been reaped, hasn't been thoroughly sowed & saturated with the seed & hasn't had the reaping & harvest & is ready for it.
       14. SO WE HAVE MOVED FROM FIELD TO FIELD TO FIELD, & REAPED EACH FIELD, REAPED THE HARVEST. That's what every farmer does, really. The only chance of another harvest in that same field is what? Well, at least in farming, you have to wait until it's time to plant again & allow the harvest to grow until it's reached the ripe point of being able to harvest again, & is this the same generation that was harvested before? It's really the second generation, right?
       15. WELL, I BELIEVE PERHAPS ONE REASON THE LORD HAS LEFT SOME OF THE FAMILY BEHIND IN THE U.S. IS THEY ARE NOW REACHING A YOUNGER GENERATION WHICH WE DIDN'T REACH because they weren't even born yet or they were too small when we were reaping the last harvest there. We reaped a mighty harvest in the U.S. & Europe, & have the results of it. Now, we've been sowing seed since then, & the remains of our harvest that was reaped more or less into the barn in our Homes, even in the U.S. you have been continuing to witness, some somewhat weakly but nevertheless you witness & some of the Message has been getting out, & since you have children you've been reaching other children through your children & children's meetings & orphanages & all kinds of ways.
       16. THEY ARE REAPING TODAY WHAT WILL PROBABLY BE THE LAST HARVEST OF THE UNITED STATES.--THE YOUNG PEOPLE OR THE SECOND GENERATION that have come along since we left, or were too young when we left to even be able to respond. So the Lord is a very patient farmer; it's amazing how patient He is & how long He's willing to wait. But the fact that He loves those young people & those children that have been born & reared since then & is trying to give them a chance to hear the Gospel, & at least get saved even if they can't get out, shows the great mercy & love of the Lord, amen? (Amen!) He's shown such longsuffering & patience even with our Family who have not gotten out, whatever their reason may be, whether justifiable or not. The Lord showed us a long time ago that some were going to be left behind to minister to the remnant who are going to survive the War. (Thunder booms!)
       17. THE STORM'S STILL ABOUT A MILE & A HALF AWAY, TTL! Maybe it's going further. Well, maybe this is a good lesson. I was about to tell you, "Oh well, I guess we might as well give up & not try to have this talk because of the storm & you can't hear me," etc. It was getting so dark that you could hardly even see me. But I think it's getting better, PTL! The Lord's keeping it away.
       18. SO MAYBE THIS IS A LESSON IN BATTLES OF THE ENEMY. I don't think the Devil likes what I'm going to tell you. He doesn't like you to know what's going on, he keeps most of the World in ignorance so they're not aware. Have you got any Scriptures to prove that the rest of the World usually doesn't know what's going on but God's children do? (The whole world lieth in darkness. [EDITED: "1Jn.5:19"]) Yes, & the Wicked One, that's for sure. (Be not ignorant of his devices. [EDITED: "2Cor.2:11; 2Cor.4:3,4"]) We're not ignorant, TTL! I thought I heard our circuit breaker click downstairs, the lights went out. Well, PTL, talk about the Devil, as they used to say, he doesn't like his devices revealed either. Lord bless & keep us, in Jesus' name. (Also 1Thes.5:1-6.)
       19. IF YOU CAN IMAGINE ANY KIND OF A CHARGE OF ELECTRICITY THAT'S A BOLT POWERFUL ENOUGH TO KNOCK OFF THE TOP OF THAT PALM TREE OUT THERE, WHICH IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO ME, THEN IT'S PRETTY POWERFUL! Now what leads me to believe that that was hit by lightning is because I've been through many a hurricane & sometimes the palm fronds & the palm trees actually are the last to go, do you know why?--They bend & yield to the wind. Even though they have a very weak root system, I mean their root system isn't more than about a metre & a half wide & about a metre deep, they bend, yield to the wind, & the palm fronds, they blow. If you've seen'm in a storm they're all standing out like a woman's hair blowing one direction, they just flow with the wind. And if the wind gets too heavy for them, what happens? They just blow clear down. And when they do, if it's your favourite palm tree & you want that palm tree in your yard, you just set'm back up again! They blow down but it doesn't kill them because they've still got about half their roots if they weren't broken off.--A good lesson for us!
       20. BUT DID YOU EVER SEE A TOP OF A PALM TREE COMPLETELY BLOWN OFF BY THE WIND? The wind will blow down the tree rather than blow off the top because of the flexibility of the palm fronds, that's what they call those limbs, & they can blow almost any direction & almost pivot like your elbow any way, & not blow off. The weaker ones will blow off, the ones hanging down that are ready to go anyway, & that's one of the purposes of storms, & that's a very good illustration, of course, which we've given before.
       21. GOD ALLOWS THE STORMS OF THIS LIFE TO BLOW OFF THE WEAK LIMBS & THE WEAK PARTS & ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE, to get rid of your weak limbs & weak parts & to strengthen those that are strong against the storm. The poor weak lily-livered ones that can't take it will be blown down & destroyed, but the strong trees can take it if you give & bend & blow with the wind, flexible as you can, you still stand, D.V. It looks to me like that tree got hit by lightning because it hardly ever decapitates them unless it's lightning, because usually the whole tree will blow down first.
       22. WELL, THE LORD MUST'VE ALLOWED THIS FOR SOME REASON FOR AN ILLUSTRATION OF WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. A lot of these storms of life come quick, the Devil tries to strike quick to catch you by surprise & scare you into quitting, & of course if you quit then he's won, right? But if you refuse to quit, the Devil can never stop a guy who refuses to quit, not even if it kills him. If he martyrs him, why he's given his last witness, his last testimony, & he didn't stop him, he just promoted him. He can't stop our rain, PTL! So, Jesus help us, Lord. Thank You for the storm, thank You for the rain, even thank You for the lightning bolts that test people's faith & their fears!
       23. WELL, SEEMS LIKE EVERYTHING'S GETTING HOTTER ALL AROUND & THIS STORM IS ALMOST LIKE AN ILLUSTRATION OF IT. Storms especially in the Tropics often come fast, strike suddenly, but then they go quickly too, TTL! It doesn't go on raining & drizzling for weeks & weeks like it does in some places where I've been or we've been. (Thunder) It's staying just about a mile away, TTL! Maybe the Lord had told it, "Thus far & no further," huh? The Lord must want me to finish this little talk. A storm is like a test of your faith, & we were quoting Scriptures a while ago & the Devil didn't like that so he got one bolt a little bit closer.
       24. GIVE ME SOME MORE SCRIPTURES WHY THE LORD TESTS YOUR FAITH. You haven't even quoted my favourite that I've quoted you many times in a Letter. (James: The trying of your faith is more precious than gold.) Yes. Yea, than much fine gold. (1Pet.1:7; Ps.19:10) I think they even put that expression on those little gold bars now, don't they?--"Fine gold," such-&-such a percentage of fine gold. That means it's very very purified. Well, gold is a beautiful metal for decorations & it in it's day was handier to carry than other kinds of money & wealth & goods. Of course, nowadays it's a little heavier than paper money & checks, but of course it's worth a lot more too & will be when the showdown comes.
       25. WELL, YOUR FAITH IS MORE PRECIOUS TO THE LORD THAN GOLD, THINK OF THAT! "Yea, than much fine gold," & even if it's not quite pure gold it's fine gold to the Lord, pure faith. So how do they make that gold so pure anyhow? How do they get rid of the impurities? They melt it, put it in the fire & burn out all the impurities. That's kind of tough on the gold, isn't it though? But when it comes through the fire, it comes through even more pure & finer & prettier & better & very desired by most people. (1Pet.1:7)
       26. SO THE STORM & THE FIRE & THE TRIALS & THE TRIBULATIONS & THE TESTS ARE ALL FOR WHAT PURPOSE? Yes, to test your strength as a tree or your purity as gold & to give you a chance to battle the Devil & see if you'll give up or if you'll keep on fighting & trust the Lord. Amen? (Family: Amen!) PTL! Well, that's not at all what I intend to talk to you about but maybe the Lord knows you need it or will need it, & I've talked to you about this before but we have to keep saying it over & over & over again to remind you again. Because maybe for one reason, the subject I was going to talk to you about was the war, & war is sometimes one of those demonic Devil's tests of your strength & your fine gold & your faith to survive, to trust the Lord even in time of war & all the difficult conditions that it causes, even if you may not be at the battlefront or even if you're not in the country that's at war.
       27. WARS ARE KIND OF LIKE BACKSLIDERS, THEY NEVER BACKSLIDE ALONE. They always try to take everybody with them they can. But that's also a type of good Christian witnesses--a good faithful Christian witness never goes to Heaven alone either, does he? Or seldom ever gets saved alone--he wants to get everybody else around him, his family & friends all saved too. And that's the way the Devil works too--it's God's Own plan for the good but it's the Devil's own imitation for evil.
       28. WHEN A WAR BEGINS IT'S SELDOM EVER CONFINED TO THE TWO COUNTRIES THAT GET INTO IT, BECAUSE NOBODY'S NEUTRAL. Everybody has their sympathies for one side or the other & as we've said before, "There Are No Neutrals" (No.F), & anybody that claims to be a neutral is a liar & sooner or later you're going to find out where his sympathies really lie instead of his lie. And in this present war that has begun, we don't know how far it'll go but it looks pretty serious, which sometimes even some of the participants would like to stop but can't.
       29. THEY'VE GONE TOO FAR & THEY DON'T DARE BACK OUT OR BACK DOWN, THEY WILL LOSE FACE, LOSE PRIDE, EVEN LOSE POWER, MAY EVEN LOSE THEIR POSITION. The rulers of that nation may even lose their positions to... (counting seconds between flash & thunder)--seventeen or eighteen. (Thunder) That was nearly four miles away. We're counting for the benefit of you, counting the seconds between the flash of lightning & the crack of the bolt & the thunder roll to see how far away it is, & this storm got as close as less than a mile, three or four minutes ago. But now it looks like the Devil's giving up, PTL! At least he couldn't get us to stop this meeting with a storm.
       30. SO OF COURSE THERE'S NOTHING THE DEVIL WOULD LIKE BETTER THAN TO START QUITE A FEW STORMS AT THE SAME TIME AT DIFFERENT PLACES, quite a few fires & quite a few wars in order to keep everybody busy everywhere & the more the merrier as far as he's concerned, because then while the big powers & little powers are busy here or there a lot of other places are gone. He can grab off & snatch &, as I say, "when it rains it pours," & that's why they develop into World Wars. Because even the little guys take advantage of the fracas that's going on to start some little wars of their own & grab off what they want when the big powers are too busy to stop them, & after they've got it why then it's too late & too hard to get away from them.
       31. POSSESSION IN THIS WORLD'S ABOUT NINE POINTS OF THE LAW, & once they're in it's pretty hard to get rid of them, as Britain is finding out & as Argentina knew: That if she once got possession of the islands she'd be very difficult to dislodge, not only militarily but politically, because of World sympathy, etc.
       32. SO IT'S POSSIBLE THAT WORLD WAR III HAS ALREADY BEGUN. You say that couldn't be possible--we expected it to begin somewhere in the Middle East & over Israel, etc. Well, the war has been going on there, it never quit. It's been going on there as I said in our Letter, "The Real War Goes On." It never stops, & dear little Begin has taken advantage of the opportunity, the distraction of the Big Powers right now to make some statements & actions that they would've normally objected to & would raise a great hue & cry about.
       33. HE'S PROMISED NOW TO COMPLETELY OCCUPY THE WEST BANK, GAZA STRIP & JERUSALEM & HE'LL NEVER LET'M HAVE ANOTHER INCH, HE SAYS, THAT'S ISRAEL! And he's starting many more new settlements & everything to make sure the Palestinians never get back another inch of their land. He's given Egypt back Egypt's land, the Sinai, but he has as good as sworn the Palestinians will never have a country & never get back one inch of their land! Now he's come out with that flat statement at the time of this giving back the Sinai to Egypt. This of course he does partly politically, to appease & pacify the militants & the radicals & the religious fanatics who are mad at him for giving back the Sinai. So he's consoling them by making these rash, wild, tough statements that the Arabs'll never get another inch.
       34. AT THE SAME TIME HE'S AS GOOD AS SAYING THE PALESTINIANS WILL NEVER GET AN INCH OF THEIR LAND OR HAVE ANY FORM OF A COUNTRY OF THEIR OWN, WHICH MEANS THEY'LL NEVER HAVE AUTONOMY EITHER, which was supposed to be one of the parts of the Camp David agreement. After these other things were settled then they were supposed to work on autonomy--in fact they were supposed to have been working on the autonomy already, but Israel of course has stalled it & stalled it & stalled it when all the time she knew she never was going to do it. At least now she's being honest, she's come out & honestly said that they never intend to give them one inch of their land, which means no autonomy of course.
       35. THEY'RE TRYING TO PUT UP A FALSE FRONT, a farce of, "Well, we'll give the Arabs self-rule within the country under us, but we'll control things." Well, that's not self-rule, that's not autonomy, autonomy is self-rule. As long as they're surrounded by Israeli tanks, guns, planes, bombs & soldiers to force them to do whatever the Israelis want them to do, then it's not autonomy. I don't mean to cover the whole World but the whole World's involved in this little talk today.
       36. AS FAR AS I CAN SEE, BEGIN'S WHOLE POLICY IS TO TRY TO MAKE IT AS UNCOMFORTABLE AS POSSIBLE FOR THE PALESTINIANS WHO ARE LEFT IN ISRAEL TO ENCOURAGE THEM TO LEAVE TOO, AS ABOUT TWO MILLION OF THEM HAVE ALREADY DONE. I think there're only about a million or so left in Palestine now. And just think, two-thirds of its people exiled, ostracised, refugees, exiles in foreign countries around Israel, but still putting up a fight, still giving Israel trouble trying to get in. When the Palestinians gave Hussein, King of Jordan, trouble, why, he just ran'm out & most of them went over to Lebanon because it's a poor weak country that has hardly any government at all & virtual chaos reigns in Lebanon, about like it's going to reign in the United States after the War.
       37. WHOEVER'S GOT THE MOST GUNS & THE GANG RULES HIS LITTLE NECK OF THE WOODS & his block or his few blocks & says, "Don't you dare come into our block or we'll shoot you!" And there's virtually no organised government, only a pretence of government that's trying to keep at least the utilities going & some little bit of an army going. But the army is totally weak & powerless & can't do a damn thing & can't do anything with the big robber armies that are all around, including so-called Christian armies, & there are even Christian factions fighting with each other & then there are Muslim factions fighting with each other & there are PLO factions fighting with each other & there are Leftist factions fighting with each other & all kinds of crazy idiots running around with guns shooting each other.
       38. AND ABOUT THE ONLY THING THAT EVER UNITES THE ARABS, & SOMETIMES IT DOESN'T EVEN DO THAT, IS FOR THEM TO BE ATTACKED BY ISRAEL, AN ENEMY. Then they kind of unite together to fight. But recently Israel, the [EDITED: "Israelis"] being as smart as they are, have deliberately tried to divide them & pit them against each other, & Israel's now sponsoring a Christian army under Major Hey Dad ([EDITED: "Sa'ad Haddad--"]has nothing to do with me, by the way!) in Southern Lebanon to hold this 15-mile strip that Israel took away from Lebanon, & also now trying to cause division amongst other factions & uprisings.
       39. THE MORE ISRAEL CAN KEEP LEBANON SPLIT UP & FIGHTING WITHIN WITH EACH OTHER, THE WEAKER IT IS & THE LESS THREAT IT IS TO ISRAEL, & also the easier it is for her to dive in & pick off the PLO camps & refugee camps, & after all, from that high up how are you to know whether they're refugees, women, children or PLO warriors? They don't seem to care & they just go in & bomb'm anyhow, & the World all says, "Oh, naughty, naughty! You shouldn't do that!"--& does nothing about it.
       40. AS SOMEONE HAS SAID, ISRAEL IS THE U.S.' SPOILED CHILD & SHE LET'S HER GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING, & LATELY SHE HASN'T EVEN BEEN COMPLAINING. Lately, under the Reagan administration in fact, Haig even said that Israel was justified in this latest bombing of Palestinian refugee camps 'cause they were a threat to Israel. So you can see where the Reagan Administration's sympathies lie, even more out-&-out pro-Israeli than Carter was by all means. Even Carter expressed a little bit of sympathy for the Palestinians once in awhile.
       41. BUT THIS ADMINISTRATION, ALL IT CARES ABOUT & THE ONLY QUESTION IT ASKS ANY REGIME IS, "ARE YOU COMMUNIST OR ANTI-COMMUNIST? If you're Communist we'll have nothing to do with you, if anti-Communist we'll support you to the hilt! We don't care how many of your people you oppress, torture, kill or maim, or what kind of a horrible monstrous dictatorship you are, like that guy in Zaire & cannibals & whatnot, we'll support you just as long as you're against Russia." That's the American attitude today in this present Administration.
       42. THEY'RE TOTALLY ANTI-COMMUNIST EVEN IF THEY HAVE TO GO IN & HELP SOME OF THE MOST MONSTROUS REGIMES conquer their poor, that's who America is backing--mostly the monsters--as long as they're not Communist monsters. It doesn't matter if they're Fascist monsters or any other kind of monsters, just as long as they're not the slightest bit pink or red. Well, that's resulting in a very interesting situation that's developing! It's really odd, it's really almost funny if it wasn't so serious, because it's a gun that's kicking back now.
       43. ISRAEL, OF COURSE, IS GOING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION & USE IT TO ITS ADVANTAGE AS MUCH AS IT CAN while the Big Powers are interested somewhere else & won't hardly bother to protest. As long as Israel can keep the Lebanese fighting amongst themselves it doesn't have to walk in & take over Lebanon. Lebanon's no threat as long as they can keep the PLO down & keep the Syrians out. But they'll keep on doing that as long as they can. So just how far that's going to go, why that depends on how much Begin can get away with, & while they're busy he can get away with quite a bit.
       44. BUT THE DAY OF RECKONING IS COMING, WHEN I'M SURE ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD & WHAT HE'S SHOWN US, RUSSIA WILL FEEL IN A POSITION TO COME TO THE AID OF THE PALESTINIANS. Russia has portrayed itself to the World, & particularly to the Third World & all the poor of the World, to be the great hero, rescuer, succourer of the poor, rescuer of the weak, advocate of the small & protector of the helpless, & very cleverly so & very wisely so with the cleverness of Satan himself, & God's allowing it. Because the people have been fooled, because they rejected the truth, He'll send them strong delusion that they might believe a lie, that they might all be damned. The World in general has rejected the Gospel, rejected the truth, rejected Jesus the Prince of Peace, therefore they shall have no peace. (Dan.11:23b; 2Thes.2:10,11,12; Acts 3:15,22,23)
       45. A MOST INTERESTING & A MOST CONTRADICTORY & A MOST SURPRISING SITUATION IS DEVELOPING IN THIS WAR, CONTRARY TO NATURAL EXPECTATION. Although if you're familiar with dictators & dictatorships it shouldn't surprise you. When it was to Hitler's advantage he made a treaty & a mutual defence pact with Communist Russia, his avowed enemy, & they were buddy buddy for a few months while he was fighting on the Western front, to make sure he didn't have to fight anybody at his back. But when he finally figured the Western front was pretty well under control he conducted a surprise attack on Russia. As you were seeing in "The Red Orchestra," a number of spies warned Russia that they were going to be attacked but even the Russian Ambassador wouldn't believe it. He said, "That's crazy, that's foolish. We have a treaty with them, they wouldn't do it." But Hitler was smart, he knew that Russia was no friend & if he didn't attack first Russia would've eventually. Russia was just waiting for him to be weakened by the war & they would've attacked. So he just decided to attack first.
       46. A SMART MILITARY MAN, A SMART DICTATOR IS GONNA STRIKE WHENEVER IT'S MOST TO HIS ADVANTAGE, as I've already told you in "When the War," etc. I believe Russia's gonna make the first strike when it comes to the atomic war with the U.S. Well, this is a very serious situation which is developing which I have called you together to pray about today, because we need to really pray & ask the Lord to bless & protect our Family who are so many in South America, & lead & guide us & our Units as to what they should do, etc.
       47. BECAUSE AS I SAY, IN ALL OF THESE WARS THERE ARE NO NEUTRALS--EVERYBODY CHOOSES SIDES OR THEY'VE GOT THEIR SYMPATHIES, EVEN THE NEUTRALS. Spain was a neutral in the last war but it constantly helped the Axis powers, Italy & Germany, all it could & hobnobbed with them like very good friends because they were very good friends. Because Franco was also a Fascist dictator & he had been buddy buddy with the other dictators before the war, but his country was pretty weak & poor & he was smart enough to realise that he just couldn't afford to get into the war. Although Hitler & Mussolini both wanted him to get in, to open up another front at France's rear, he refused to, because he just figured they couldn't afford it, & he was smart, because they couldn't. I mean Spain'd be even worse off now than it was then, if they had done it.
       48. AS A RESULT, SPAIN & THOSE COUNTRIES THAT STAYED OUT OF THE WAR PROSPERED TOO, & THE ONLY WINNERS IN THE LAST WAR WERE THE LOSERS & THE NEUTRALS.--Because they didn't spend billions of dollars on war & war things & they just spent it on themselves & on their economies & developing their industries, & some of them supplying the warring partners with war material. They did a big business supplying them with things they needed, if not actual guns & planes & bullets, then raw materials, etc., like Sweden & even Switzerland, Spain & the various neutral powers did. They prospered as a result of staying out of the war, although their sympathies were quite well known.
       49. SWEDEN WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SYMPATHETIC TO THE WESTERN, SO-CALLED WESTERN POWERS, OR AT LEAST THE ALLIED POWERS. They called them Allied & Axis powers. Axis was the dictators, Allied was the U.S. & UK & France, etc. Although Sweden talked out of one corner of its mouth, speaking its sympathies for the democracies as a democracy, it showed a lot of raw material, etc.! Under the table to keep Germany going. Germany was a very close neighbour after all, & especially since it just walked in & took over Norway. Sweden was pretty smart & it didn't want Germany to do the same to it, so it sort of stayed neutral & sympathetic & cooperative but not actually a participant.
       50. SWITZERLAND DID A BIT THE SAME, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Switzerland was quite helpful to Germany & the Germans during the war with technical instruments, high-precision instruments & all kinds of things Germany needed, & helped Germany all it could without coming out in the open. This is one reason the U.S. Jews have never forgiven Switzerland, because even though as a neutral so-called, it didn't actively participate in the war, it nevertheless actually sympathised with Germany.
       51. THERE ARE NO NEUTRALS IN A WAR. IN THIS WAR THAT'S GOING ON RIGHT NOW & HAS STARTED IN THE SOUTH ATLANTIC, EVERY COUNTRY ALREADY KNOWS WHICH SIDE THEY'RE ON, & the only reason that some countries haven't yet declared what side they're on is they're waiting for the highest bidder. The little tiny Caribbean countries, etc., are waiting to see who's going to offer them the most to be on their side, which side it's going to be to their greatest advantage to be on. Remember, everybody's in it for themselves. War is not fought for any idealism, it's not fought for freedom, it's not fought for freedom of the slaves, it's not fought to save the World for democracy, it's not fought for any of these reasons. That's all a bunch of baloney; the excuses & the high-sounding moralistic issues they're supposed to be fighting for are only excuses & not the real reasons for which they're fighting.
       52. ACTUALLY THEY'RE FIGHTING FOR SELF-INTEREST, THEIR OWN LUSTS, WHICH MEANS ECONOMIC INTERESTS, MONEY. And if they're fighting for power it's only because they want power for economic advantage. They are fighting for monetary & material reasons & economic advantage, which requires political advantage & military advantage, & for the little countries, big friends who promise them rich rewards if they will fight with them, etc., etc., etc., & it's a really dirty business, a very dirty business.
       53. AND THE DEAR UNITED STATES HAS TRIED TO POSE AS THE ANGEL OF PEACE, the dove of peace. One of the greatest, most warmongering nations on the face of the Earth which has started & caused more wars that killed more people than any other nation in all history is now trying to pose as the great dove of peace. It's looks about as peaceful as an eagle flying back & forth between London & Buenos Aires. And the only reason it's doing it is because it's caught in the middle.
       54. A WEAPON WHICH THE U.S. FORGED A LONG TIME AGO, NEARLY 40 YEARS AGO, IS NOW BACKFIRING! A situation has arisen which the U.S. never expected & the tables are completely turned into a mess, out of which I don't see how the U.S. is going to get itself without making it a bigger mess. The U.S. has played the game, but really in a way Argentina tossed the coin & has said, "Heads I win, tails you lose."
       55. IT'S ALMOST THE FUNNIEST SITUATION THE U.S. HAS EVER GOTTEN ITSELF INTO & PROBABLY THE WORST OUTSIDE OF THE FORMER WORLD WARS IT'S BEEN IN. The U.S. is in a greater dilemma today than it has ever been in in its history. Actually the U.S. is reaping what it sowed. It was the oppressive giant of the Americas, it was the economic tyrant of the Americas. All those little countries there realised they were the dollar colonies of the U.S., so to speak. Whether she claimed actual dominion over them as American colonies or not, she dominated them with the dollar, the old tactic called dollar diplomacy.
       56. SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO HAVE GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY, BUT SHE OFTEN USED THAT TOO IN THE OLD DAYS, until it became unpopular & against World opinion after World War II. She kind of tapered off on that, although I notice she's been sailing her warships off the coast of Nicaragua & rattling the guns down there & the sabres to try to scare those little Central American countries, to let'm know that Big Brother still has his eye on them & is aiming at them just in case they don't behave!
       57. A LOT OF THINGS WENT A LITTLE TOO FAR BECAUSE OF THE PRESENT-DAY SETUP THAT THE U.S. ITSELF SET UP, the United Nations & a worldwide so-called peace movement of World opinion which was decided on during WW II, probably even before by the powers that be, maybe the Illuminati or who knows, that colonial empires were going to be unpopular after the war, gonna be abolished in fact after the war. They decided there'd be no more great World Empires & colonies & some peoples ruling over others, that every little country that wanted to be independent could be independent, & so every little country that could possibly make it declared their independence, & their old Colonial powers were even supposed to help them become independent, so there's been a whole rash of tiny new countries.
       58. I MEAN ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS MANAGE TO GET ENOUGH PEOPLE TOGETHER TO DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE & CLAIM YOU WERE A GOVERNMENT, & particularly if you had claimed to be voted in & there was a vote, therefore you were a democracy, therefore you had a right to be free, & so the UN began declaring democracies all over the place. Every little bunch of [EDITED: "natives"] that wanted to get together & jig up & down & shout, "Democracy, we're free, we're free!" Why, okay, join the club--the UN
       59. IN THE BEGINNING THE UN WAS FORMED LITERALLY AS A WEAPON OF THE UNITED STATES & THE WESTERN VICTORIOUS POWERS after WW II to be a united peace forum of the nations of the World in which the Western powers dominated & had about two-thirds of the vote & expected to stay that way. But then their conscience was pricked constantly by Russia & Communism & Socialism, etc., that "you gotta let these little countries go free. That's the deal we made at Yalta & Potsdam. You remember when we met there together, Roosevelt, Truman, Stalin & Churchill, with the boys that won the war. You promised to let all these little countries go free, you promised to make Britain relinquish its empire, make France willing to relinquish its empire," they'd already done that to Germany in the first World War, "so now you've gotta let'm go free."
       60. SO THE DEAR U.S. & WESTERN POWERS PREPARED FOR THEMSELVES A TRAP & A NOOSE IN WHICH THEY STUCK THEIR OWN HEADS, thinking they were going to be in the majority & could control the vote in the UN. But since every single nation was given one full vote no matter how small its population, the UN today is virtually being run by a majority of nations & votes of those nations, but actually by a minority of the World's population. Because most of those little countries hardly have enough population to sneeze at, you'd blow'm away, & yet each one's got just as big a vote as Russia or the U.S. or UK or anybody.
       61. RUSSIA, OF COURSE, HAS ENCOURAGED THIS & NATURALLY THE LITTLE COUNTRIES HAVE ENCOURAGED IT, & naturally Russia has then appeared as the Great Defender of the small countries because it's kept insisting that every little new country that raised its voice be allowed to enter the UN & have another vote. So now the tables are turned in the UN so that the Western powers & the non-Communist powers no longer have the majority vote. Russia leads the World in the majority vote of both Communist, pro-Communist & so-called neutral powers, Third World powers, "non-aligned" states, so-to-speak, "non-aligned neutrals," I'm putting quotes on both sides of these terms because they're so ridiculous!--Nobody's non-aligned or neutral!
       62. BECAUSE THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A NEUTRAL OR A NON-ALIGNED POWER IN THE WORLD & nearly all the neutrals or non-aligned powers are declaring their neutrality & non-alignment in order to conceal their actual sympathy & leaning toward the Soviet Union, believe it or not. Because the image of the USA as being the great hero & defender of the poor & the weak & the smaller nations & the smaller democracies disappeared a long time ago. That vanished not too long after WW II, if it had ever been anybody's image of the U.S. except the U.S. itself.
       63. MOST OF THE REST OF THE WORLD HAD SEEN THE U.S. OPERATE IN LATIN AMERICA & KNEW THAT IT WAS NOT THE DEFENDER OF THE SMALL, THE WEAK, THE POOR, NOR EVEN DEMOCRACIES. Because whenever things didn't go the way it liked down South, even in votes in Latin American countries, the U.S. stepped in with its power or its Marines. Did you know that Guatemala some years ago by perfectly legitimate democratic procedure voted in a Communist president, & the U.S. immediately moved in & removed him by force & has done that in a lot of places? Did you know that in former South Vietnam according to the Geneva Convention, they were supposed to have the right to vote for any kind of government they wanted, & it appears it never actually got to a vote. The U.S. saw that it was so obvious the Communists were going to win the vote that the U.S. decided to step in & stop it before it even had a chance to go to the vote.
       64. IS THE U.S. FOR DEMOCRACY?--AS LONG AS THAT DEMOCRACY IS FOR THE U.S. The U.S. is against dictatorships as long as those dictatorships are against the U.S. But the U.S. doesn't give a damn whether it's a dictatorship or democracy as long as it's pro-U.S. & anti-Russia. Well now, the U.S. has really got its foot in it this time. So much for the UN--it's obvious what's happened to the UN. It wants to oust Israel.
       65. THE U.S. IS OUTVOTED EVERY TIME WHEN IT COMES TO THE SHOWDOWN IN THE UN, & all those little countries can outvote it anytime they want to. Of course, the only reason they haven't is because the U.S. foots the bill & that's really some club, huh?--Where most of the members are against you but yet you pay the dues. Isn't that a scream? (Family: Really!) And the U.S. then of course acts like a little spoiled child & says that if you kick Israel out then we'll stop paying.
       66. THERE'S A PRESENT MOVEMENT GOING IN THE UN OF COURSE, & THERE'S A RESOLUTION AFOOT TO KICK ISRAEL OUT FOR NOT OBEYING ANY NUMBER OF UN RESOLUTIONS, which dear Begin has just thumbed his nose at because he knows he can get away with it. He's got the planes & the guns & power where he is & he's got the backing of the U.S., so he doesn't have to abide by the UN. So Israel, although it stays in the club so it can shoot off its big mouth & tell the World what it wants to say, completely condemns the UN all the time, & the U.S. has gotten to where it's been condemning the UN too.
       67. ALTHOUGH IT'S ITS OWN INSTRUMENT THAT IT CREATED SUPPOSEDLY TO ESTABLISH WORLD PEACE, THE U.S. NOW CONDEMNS THE UN as being a tool of Russia & a tool of the Communists & a tool of all these little tiny powers & whatnot. It's accusing the UN of being for Russia what it once was for the U.S.: It once was a tool of the U.S. to save the U.S. Now it's accusing the UN of being a tool of Russia & the Communists to save Russia, the Communists & Arabs.
       68. SEE, A THING IS ONLY EVIL OR GOOD IN THIS WORLD DEPENDING ON WHETHER IT'S FOR YOU OR AGAINST YOU. Now since the UN has turned against the U.S. & the majority are against the U.S., the UN is evil & it's bad & the U.S. has threatened to quit contributing, because the U.S. pays about a third of the bills & it hosts the UN right on its own soil in New York, which is about what they both deserve, & the U.S. is beginning to regret it ever formed the UN. But now it can hardly back out because it was its own idea & it helped make the rules & now it has to abide by them.
       69. BUT THE U.S. HAS THREATENED THAT IF THEY KICK OUT ISRAEL THE U.S. IS GOING TO LEAVE TOO & STOP CONTRIBUTING, STOP SUPPORTING IT. Probably that's one of the best things in the World that could happen. Ha!--Is for them to go ahead & kick out Israel & let the U.S. quit & get out & things will start happening all the faster. I'm kind of giving you a general resume' of the background of what's going on in the World today, & you can take it for what it's worth, but I'm working up to the main crux of the shooting war that's just now begun.
       70. THERE'VE BEEN A LOT OF SHOOTING WARS GOING ON ALL THE TIME; small wars, brush fires, wars going on all the time around Israel, wars going on all the time in Southeast Asia between the Communists & the non-Communists, & wars going on all the time in the Southern Philippines, wars going on all the time in Korea between the Koreas. It's only just once in awhile that they stop shooting or they don't shoot for awhile, but they're still technically at war. They've had a cease-fire but they've never had a peace treaty, never actually any peace. War, war everywhere & very little peace!
       71. SO IT'S NOT THAT THERE'S SUDDENLY A WAR STARTED, BECAUSE THERE'VE BEEN LOTS OF WARS GOING ON, most of them small wars between small countries. But of course there's a big war going on at the same time through these little countries between the Big Powers. But of course friends are supposed to stick together, & everything in the West is supposed to be non-Communist & especially the Western Hemisphere & Latin America. After WW II the U.S. decided, "Now we've got to do something here, ourselves, boys, to make sure these damn Commies don't get into our territory over here.
       72. "SO WE NOT ONLY NEED THE UN, WE NEED SOMETHING LOCALLY HERE--THE ORGANISATION OF AMERICAN STATES for us boys to make a little club of our own, to make sure we keep those Commies out."--And so they formed the OAS, all of whom pledged to resist any external aggression from abroad, meaning Russia & the Communist World. Even in a revival of Hitlerism or any kind of Fascism, Fascist or Communist aggression, the OAS was to stick together, all the American States to protect themselves from any invasion & inroads of the Communists or the Fascists.
       73. NEVER WERE THEY DREAMING THEY WERE FORGING A TOOL WHICH WAS GOING TO EVEN BE USED BY THEIR ENEMIES IN THE FUTURE TO TRAP THEM INTO AN ALMOST UNTENABLE POSITION, to where it doesn't matter which way they go, they lose. Little did the U.S. or the American States expect that the invasion, so-called invasion, was going to come from one of the major European Western States--the UK. Of course Argentina precipitated it & Argentina is obviously the aggressor, but since these little islands are not far off the coast of Argentina that's not the way most of the Latin American states look at it. It's their opinion that since those islands are close to Argentina & so far away from the UK, they should've given them to Argentina a long time ago, & I'll bet by this time Britain is wishing they had.
       74. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH WAR & SAVING FACE & PRIDE & ALL THAT SORT OF THING. The thing gets too far, to where they've positioned themselves & they have taken a stand that they can't back down on without losing face & losing power & losing a lot, more than they want to lose. So they go into it militarily to try to save what little they've got left, what little power, face, government or whatever. And in a way you can sympathise with Britain. After all, everybody that lived on these islands were British, as British as they could be, & it was a little piece of Britain planted several thousand miles away & they wanted no part of Argentina. They were anything but Argentinean or Latin or Latin American or anything!
       75. IT WAS A PIECE OF EUROPE IN THE SOUTH ATLANTIC, STILL LITERALLY A COLONY, & THAT'S THE WAY THE WORLD LOOKS AT IT & that's how the Latin Americans look at it & even most of the rest of the World. Most of even America's & UK's friends in Europe are probably thinking, "Well, Britain'd been smart if she'd given up the islands a long time ago." But Britain was pretty stubborn & the islands were pretty stubborn & they didn't want to be given up & they refused to & Britain continued the argument with negotiations, & they never got anywhere. Probably Argentina is right, probably Britain never would've given up the islands willingly. She made several different propositions but the Argentineans wouldn't compromise & the British wouldn't compromise, & now you see what happens. So finally Argentina just decided to take them by force.
       76. MOST OF THE SOUTH AMERICANS CONSIDER THAT THOSE ISLANDS ARE NOT THE FALKLANDS BUT THE MALVINAS & SHOULD BELONG TO ARGENTINA ANYWAY, SINCE THEY'RE RIGHT THERE BESIDE HER. It seems logical, it seems practical that according to location they ought to belong to Argentina. There's one little problem, like I told you before, there are an awful lot of other hunks of land which are right next door to countries that want them who, if you use that same logic, those countries will be justified in grabbing them off. Guatemala would be justified in grabbing Belize & Nicaragua this or that & so on & so on down the line. There's hardly any country that hasn't got some disputed territory with a neighbour, including Peru & Ecuador & Peru & Bolivia & Argentina & Chile & Venezuela & Guyana, etc., etc.
       77. NEARLY EVERY LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRY HAS GOT A QUARREL WITH ITS NEIGHBOUR OVER SOME DISPUTED BOUNDARY, & if Argentina is allowed to get away with this practical, logical idea that just because it's close to you therefore it should belong to you, all these other countries could use the same excuse to grab what's next door. Venezuela has an argument with Guyana over some territory, & Venezuela's powerful enough that if World opinion approves of what Argentina has done & sides with it, all these little countries who are a little stronger than their weaker neighbour with whom they're having the dispute can feel justified in grabbing off that hunk of country by force. Why not? Argentina did it, Argentina got away with it, why can't we?--If they had been allowed to get away with it.
       78. THE THING IS THAT BRITAIN NOT ONLY HAS THE FALKLANDS BUT ITS OTHER ISLANDS. The Falklands is not only two islands & South Georgia, but there are scores of islands down there which belong to Britain, many others. If it weren't that, why, soon it'd be Ascension & a few others, & the British colonies on into Antarctica. You can keep extending that & say, "Well, if it's closer to me than it is to you, then it's mine."
       79. THIS IDEA THAT IT BELONGS TO YOU BECAUSE OF PROXIMITY COULD CAUSE A WORLDWIDE UPHEAVAL BETWEEN ALMOST ALL THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD, because nearly all of them have boundary disputes, & then the stronger of the two of each dispute could feel justified in grabbing it off. "Well, if we can't settle it any other way, I'll just grab it." So if Argentina gets away with this & the World approves of it, then probably we're going to have an awful lot of this same thing going on, which makes the situation get more & more complicated all the time. But the U.S. is in the most difficult position of all, because the U.S. has been forced into a position that it never expected to get into, where the OAS would be used against it & its favourite ally--the UK!
       80. NOW ARGENTINA IS PICTURING BRITAIN AS THE OUTSIDER & THE AGGRESSOR, THE INVADER, THE ATTACKER INVADING LATIN AMERICA. After all, she did the first shooting, at least that's the way they're making it sound. Although there was some shooting when the Argentines took the Falklands, there was at least a two- or three-hour battle from what we hear, & what really happened in the battle has never yet come out, how many people were really killed. I don't see how all that fighting & shooting could go on without more people getting hurt. But Argentina claims that hardly any of their people got hurt & none of the others, etc.
       81. OF COURSE THE MORE BLOODLESS THEY CAN MAKE THEIR COUP OR THEIR AGGRESSION OR THEIR INVASION LOOK, THE MORE CIVILISED IT LOOKS & the more the World's apt to accept it. "Well, they didn't kill very many people, & you know, it wasn't too bad & they've got it now, so what." "Oh, but now England has come all the way down thousands of miles from home, invading our part of the World & started shooting & shot one of our submarines & has shot off the leg of one of our sailors," etc., etc. And while the U.S. has been trying to portray itself as the dove of peace instead of the eagle of prey, which is its national symbol, the rest of the World is looking at the situation with pretty much the general attitude that it's obvious that Argentina is the aggressor, of course, & shouldn't have done it.
       82. BUT AT THE SAME TIME THEY LOOK AT BRITAIN & SAY, "WELL, YOU SHOULDN'T BE GOING SO FAR FROM HOME & STICKING YOUR NOSE IN SOUTH AMERICAN BUSINESS & trying to hang on to what looks to us like one of those old colonies you were supposed to give up according to the treaties of WW II. But you've been hanging onto it stubbornly instead, when you should've given it up a long time ago." But Britain didn't because it sympathised with the poor people there, all thoroughly British.
       83. THEY DIDN'T WANT TO BECOME SPANISH-SPEAKING ARGENTINEANS, SO BRITAIN HUNG ONTO IT & argued & argued & has been arguing with Argentina for about 150 years over it. That's a pretty long argument. You can understand why Argentina might have gotten a little impatient. You can see both sides in a way--Britain feels sorry for her citizens who live there who are anything but Argentineans, anything but Latins, probably don't know a word of Spanish & couldn't care less about what happens in Argentina except as it affects them, but Argentina thinks it should be theirs because it's close by.--Ha!
       84. BUT NOW ARGENTINA IS USING AS A TOOL THIS OAS WHICH WAS FORMED TO DEFEND U.S. INTERESTS,--formed of course mostly to defend itself, but in the process to supposedly defend the Latin American nations from Communist aggression. It's a gun that is backfiring against the U.S. & against Britain, & they've just had a meeting at which Argentina is demanding the invoking of the Treaty of Rio, which requires the other Latin American nations to come to her aid to defend her from this invader, this aggressor. Well, quite a few of the Latin Americans sympathise with her & the majority have already expressed their sympathy & voted overwhelmingly in favour of a resolution in Argentina's favour.
       85. SO MOST OF THE LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES HAVE ALREADY EXPRESSED THEIR SYMPATHY FOR ARGENTINA & THEIR ANTIPATHY TO GREAT BRITAIN coming clear down there with a big naval task force. If you'd been pretty well brainwashed in most of the countries of the World by Communists & Socialists & so-called democratic philosophy & anti-imperialism, what would be your first reaction? "It belongs to us in the first place! They should've gotten out long ago, let us Argentines have it!" And now the very fact that Britain dares to go to war to keep its little colony down there, this is adding injury upon insult! "How dare Britain actually defend its colony militarily, which it was supposed to give up according to all the agreements after WWII." So America who signed the Treaty of Rio which formed the OAS is supposedly bound to help defend Argentina against its own NATO ally Britain! Now that I would call somewhat of a mess!
       86. ACCORDING TO A TREATY THAT AMERICA SIGNED ITSELF, IN THE EYES OF BOTH LATIN AMERICA & PROBABLY THE WORLD, AMERICA IS CAUGHT IN ITS OWN TRAP, & according to its own pledged word & its signed treaty it should help Argentina & the Latin American States repel this European aggressor. That's what the OAS was formed for, that's what the treaty was all about: That they were all promising each other to go to each other's aid if they were invaded, if anyone of them was invaded by any power outside of the Western Hemisphere. What a trick! Argentina's Mendez, their Foreign Minister, is just grinning from ear to ear when he sees the news & when he goes to the meetings, because he knows he has got the USA in a trap, & the Argentineans, as I've told you before, have hated the United States for years! They've finally got the U.S. in its own trap!
       87. THIS ENMITY IS NOTHING NEW, THAT THE ARGENTINEANS DON'T LIKE THE U.S. Argentina has been the bellwether of Latin America, who has led all of the Latin American rebels against the US whenever it possibly could & has been thumbing its nose at the United States for years, & the U.S. has hated Argentina for years & it never could have hated it any more than it did before this war! After Argentina turned on Timmerman [DELETED], the U.S. [EDITED: "has"] been trying to destroy Argentina ever since. They have already destroyed its economy, & its Fascist leadership has now decided the only salvation is war, as almost all worldly countries do.
       88. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, THE ONLY SALVATION OF A COUNTRY IS WAR to solve its domestic problems & keep its people together & from booting out its government. That's one thing they can get their people all together on, is to fight an outside enemy. Hitler did the same, Mussolini did the same, conquerors did the same, they all did the same. They all saw that the way to keep the people together was to warn them of an outside enemy, & that patriotic fervour, that war fever is almost demonic the way it sweeps a nation.
       89. NOW THAT JUNTA DOWN THERE HAD NEVER BEEN ABLE TO GET A HUNDRED-THOUSAND PEOPLE IN THE PLAZA BEFORE! They probably would've had difficulty, since all their economic troubles, getting 100 people on the plaza to hoot'n'holler & praise'm & jump up & down & wave flags in praise of the junta. But now they can get a hundred-thousand people in the plaza running up & down & jumping up & down & waving flags & shoutin' "God bless Galtieri & the government & Argentina & let's fight Britain!"
       90. SO HERE THEY GO, & IT'S GONE SO FAR ALREADY I DON'T SEE HOW BRITAIN COULD POSSIBLY BACK OUT & SAVE FACE, & Mrs. Thatcher, the Iron Lady, has stuck her neck out & shown such a tough, stubborn, iron position in the situation that she is obviously ready to go to war & has, & has now attacked the Falklands to get back what she rightfully thinks she has a right to.
       91. BUT AT THE SAME TIME, VIRTUALLY ALL LATIN AMERICA--even though they may not like Argentina, a lot of them hate Argentina & have been at war with Argentina--the minute the family's attacked from the outside by what they think is a common enemy--England--then they all stick together, even if they think Argentina was wrong in taking the first step in grabbing the islands. Most of them actually think Argentina had a right to, as probably most of the rest of the World does &, of course, the Communist World, pro-Communist World, neutral World, non-aligned World, that's their opinion because they're all anti-imperialists, anti-hegemony, anti-U.S. & the West.
       92. WELL ANYHOW, NOW THE U.S. HAS TO MAKE A DIFFICULT DECISION & IT'S DAMNED IF THEY DO & DAMNED IF THEY DON'T! It's head's I win, tails you lose. If she sides with Britain, she loses, which she's obviously going to almost have to, I don't see how she can help it, because in choosing between Argentina & Britain as allies & friends naturally Britain is a much greater friend & ally than Argentina. Argentina is an old traditional enemy of the United States & has been for years & years. Ever since I can remember, Argentina was thumbing its nose at the U.S. & balking against the U.S., & Argentina, although officially neutral, openly sympathised with the Axis powers during both wars, WWI & WWII.
       93. THE GERMANS WERE IN CAHOOTS WITH THE ARGENTINES & THE ARGENTINES WITH THE GERMANS & they had great intercourse & they did everything they could to help Germany, although they claimed to be neutral. They were very sympathetic to Germany, & after the war, of course, as maybe you know, that's where most of the major Nazi generals & leaders who could make it fled for refuge, to both Spain & to Argentina, some at that time to Brazil. Also a lot of the [EDITED: "Japanese"] fled to South America, did you know that? Did you know that Argentina has some towns that are almost all German & it has some communities that are nearly all Japanese?--Composed of Japanese refugees after World War II, & German refugees, & Italians too, from Mussolini's Italy.
       94. THERE'S A LITTLE SPIDER RIGHT BEHIND YOU, Honey, on the wall. Where's the flyswatter? Live & let live as long as he stays outside, but when he gets inside where he can get sat on or slept with & pinch & bite you, well then he's had it. We're supposed to rule & take dominion over the World & its creatures. When it comes to them or us, well then we have to fight for us--& this is the way most of the nations of the World feel regardless of whether it's supposed to be right or not: "My family! My family! My country! My country! Right or wrong, my country!"
       95. AND "WHAT'S GOOD FOR ME IS RIGHT & WHAT'S BAD FOR YOU IS RIGHT IF YOU'RE MY ENEMY," & that's the way they look at it! It all depends on what's in it for me, & that's what all the Latin American countries are thinking right now at OAS meetings, & they're looking around & there's all kinds of politics going on & bidding going on &, "Now listen buddy, you vote for me & we'll make sure you get this, that & the other." Oh brother, what a bunch of corruption & crookedness & politicking & everything else that's going on at these so-called righteous instruments of peace! I'm not just telling you all this to give you history & to tell you what happened in the war, but I'm getting around to something pretty important & serious that affects us, because what happens in the World also affects us.
       96. SO THEREFORE MOST OF THE LATIN AMERICAN STATES ARE SYMPATHETIC WITH ARGENTINA. I would say almost all of them probably feel that Britain should've stayed out of it & given the islands to Argentina a long time ago. There are only two or three of them that are even sympathising against Argentina at the present moment because they are traditional friends of the U.S., & even they are a little bit shakey.
       97. WITH FRIENDS LIKE TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, WHICH IS VIRTUALLY ENTIRELY COMMUNIST, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES? In fact, who even needs the kind of friends they are, because they're nothing, have no power, no nothing'! All they've got is a bunch of asphalt, an asphalt pit where you'd get your ass pitted if you FALL in because it's hot & boiling tar! It's composed of predominantly Blacks who run a Marxist pro-Communist government. Its rich people are the Indian merchants, & it has a smattering of a few British & Europeans left that don't amount to much & have very little power as a small minority.
       98. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO HAVE BEEN SYMPATHISING WITH RUSSIA FOR YEARS, ever since they were set free from the British Empire, & the Blacks finally got to vote, of course. They got in power & they were Communist of course, because up to that time the British & the Indians were the rulers & powers & they were the rich minority, & of course Russia & Communists always sympathise with the poor majority & they were Black, & they got in power & now they run Trinidad & Tobago, which are two big islands off the coast of Venezuela, north coast of South America. That's the only friend the U.S has been able to rake up in this present meeting besides Colombia. Of all things!
       99. COLOMBIA IS PROBABLY TRYING TO PROTECT ITS DRUG TRAFFIC IN THE UNITED STATES, WHICH KEEPS IT GOING & SOLVENT FINANCIALLY. I believe it! I mean, after all, the U.S. is its biggest customer, & it is drug traffic that keeps Colombia prosperous & supports the government & everything else, although due to pressure from the U.S. every now & then they make a surface appearance of trying to crush the drug traffic. How can they when the government's involved, top generals involved, top politicians involved & practically everybody's probably involved directly or indirectly in the tremendous multi-millions of dollars that are pouring into Colombia & to Colombians from the drug trade they carry on in the U.S.? So Colombia certainly doesn't want the U.S. to be hurt in any way because it'll lose its market.
       100. NOW VENEZUELA IS SYMPATHISING WITH ARGENTINA. Panama was the first to protest its sympathy for Argentina. Just exactly what the connection there is I don't know, maybe just mutual dislike for the United States, & Panama's been almost at war with the U.S. for quite awhile, & still hates the U.S. & is trying to get the U.S. out of there. Just like Venezuela is probably comparing itself to Argentina, "We're trying to get the U.S. out of here like you're trying to get Britain out of there." Venezuela is sympathising with Argentina probably because Venezuela would like to grab off a nice big hunk of Guyana that it claims. Guatemala is sympathising, they want to grab off Belize.
       101. ALL THE LITTLE COUNTRIES DOWN THERE THAT WANT TO GRAB OFF A HUNK OF A SMALLER NEIGHBOUR ARE SYMPATHISING WITH ARGENTINA BECAUSE THEY WANT TO DO THE SAME THING. Only a few of the little countries who are afraid they're going to get grabbed are somewhat sympathising, leaning a little in the favor of the U.S. But by far the majority of them & the majority of the World feel that Argentina, even though the aggressor, they admit, was justified in finally taking the Falks since it couldn't argue Britain out of'm.
       102. EVEN THE U.S. HAS BEEN HOVERING IN THE BALANCE TRYING TO SYMPATHISE WITH BOTH SIDES, WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE. If the United States leans as it is leaning already & bound to lean & has got to lean in favour of Britain, & it's getting into a position where it definitely will go that way, then of course this is going to make it tougher for the U.S. to control Latin America. Because all of Latin America will blame the U.S. for siding with the UK.
       103. AND WHY IS THE U.S. SIDING WITH THE UK TO HANG ONTO ITS COLONY IN LATIN AMERICA? Isn't the U.S. trying to do the same thing with its colonies in Latin America? Well it certainly is. I mean, all these little tiny banana republics in Central America were nothing more than economic colonies of the United States, & that's why she's so mad that their poor are rebelling now with the help of Castro & Cuba & Nicaragua & the Soviet Union & all the rest. The U.S. is so mad that they're losing those colonies.
       104. WELL, NOW DUE TO AN UNEXPECTED TOTALLY RIDICULOUS WAR, THE U.S. IS BEING FORCED TO TAKE A POSITION ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, & to the World & Latin America it looks like, "All right, now come show your colours, Big Brother: Are you pro-Latin American?--Or are you anti-Latin American?" This shows up the U.S. position to the whole World. The latest development as you know if you've read the papers is ... one reason I comb the papers is because the news of all these different countries is like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, & you've gotta keep grabbing this little item here & that little piece there, gradually putting it together to get the picture, & I try to put the puzzle together for you & show you the picture of what's really happening.
       105. GUESS WHO HAS COME TO DINNER & IS SYMPATHISING WITH ARGENTINA? At first the U.S. was actually sympathising with Argentina, even Ms. Kirkpatrick, its UN delegate went to a dinner at the Argentine Embassy with a lot of other State Department bigwigs & U.S. officials with no conscience-strickenness or compunction whatsoever, right after Argentina invaded the Falklands. They went to the dinner, raised toasts & praised the Argentine government & congratulated them, virtually congratulated them & never said a word of condemnation of the invasion. I am sure & I am convinced that both Argentina & the U.S. at that time never expected Britain to have such a violent firm reaction.
       106. I THINK THE U.S. WAS HOPING TO CURRY FAVOUR WITH ARGENTINA, the strongest power in Latin America, to pose & pretend itself to be Argentina's friend & therefore, "Argentina, come on now, Buddy, I sympathised with your invasion. Now you help me & sympathise with what I'm trying to do up here in Central America. After all, aren't we both anti-Communist, aren't we both kind of dictatorships & aren't we both Fascists? Let's stick together against these damn Communists!"
       107. THE U.S. WAS NOT EXPECTING A WAR & I THINK IT NEVER DREAMED OF ONE, & I THINK ARGENTINA WOULD'VE NEVER GRABBED OFF THE FALKLANDS LIKE IT DID if it had thought it was going to get such a big violent reaction from Britain. I think it thought that would settle it. Britain would say, "Well, Falklands are gone, lost cause, forget it! We just give up." I think they figured Britain had enough troubles already at home, which it did, & really couldn't afford a war, which it actually can't.
       108. BUT THE ARGENTINES HADN'T COUNTED ON THE FACT apparently, & so many miscalculations start wars, that Britain had just as much reason for wanting a war as Argentina: To unite its people, help them forget their troubles at home & their discontent & rally 'round the fag ... flag. The fag, that's for sure, there're plenty of fags. Fag when I was a kid didn't mean what it does today. It meant a faggot, which was a burning ember or a burning cigarette. Maybe that's where the queers got their name, I don't know. Maybe you know. But anyhow, as you know homos are called fags too--burning faggots, that's for sure, burning with lust toward each other.
       109. SO HERE ALL OF A SUDDEN BOTH ARGENTINA & THE U.S. WERE PRACTICALLY HAVING A VICTORY CELEBRATION AT THIS BANQUET, that Argentina had successfully grabbed off the Falklands & the U.S. was praising it, virtually praising it for its victory & not a word of condemnation. But Britain was quite offended & so were quite a few Americans who don't like Argentina. [DELETED]
       110. [DELETED] [EDITED: "Some people have been trying"] to whip up this sentiment to get Britain to "go down there & destroy that damn [DELETED] regime once & for all! We haven't been able to destroy it yet through our economic blockade. Now we'll have to do it through a British military naval blockade!" [EDITED: "They're"] are out to finish off Argentina if they can.

       113. THERE'RE STILL ABOUT FIVE MILLION JEWS IN RUSSIA & VERY FEW WANT TO GET OUT JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE JEWS. They assume positions of power where many of them are, particularly because they're smart & they want to stay there, most of them want to stay there. They don't get that many applications for emigration, they stay there because they like it! Because they've got good jobs & they're better off there than they figure they might be someplace else.
       114. SO THE JEWS ARE SOMEWHAT DIVIDED between those who are still stubborn & insist on being dissidents & fighting for the faith & for Judaism, & the Jews who have decided "If you can't lick'm, join'm," & have joined the System. This has occurred all over the World, & there's nothing the faithful loyal Jews hate more than those who have joined the System. [DELETED]
       115. SO IN A SENSE IN MANY PLACES IT'S A BATTLE BETWEEN TWO FACTIONS OF JEWS AS TO WHO CAN GET THE UPPER HAND. Those loyal to Jewry, such as Jews & Judaism usually are today, have been largely in the minority as dissidents & fighting for their freedom, etc. Whereas the Jews that have joined the System are in the majority. So that's another strange angle to the whole thing. There are plenty of Jews still in power in Communism in Russia who don't even like these [DELETED] Jewish brethren who are causing them all this trouble, & they know'm well, & therefore they're trying to squelch them. [DELETED]
       116. AND AS I SAY, THERE'S NOTHING THE LOYAL JEWS HATE MORE THAN WHAT THEY CONSIDER A DISLOYAL JEW, [DELETED] & they hate them & they will do everything they can to fight them. [DELETED]
[EDITED: "* * *"]
       117. NOW SOMETHING VERY PECULIAR & VERY STRANGE HAS HAPPENED. The Communists are opportunists; they don't care who they're fighting for as long as it's going to be to their advantage, & the way this thing has turned out is that the U.S. & UK are being isolated even from the rest of the World. These two supposedly great Christian nations, leading Christian nations of the World, are being isolated from the rest of the World, branded as the culprits, the aggressors & the invaders & the criminals, invading poor little Latin America & running poor little Argentina out of their own territory.
       118. OF COURSE LATIN AMERICA & MOST OF THE WORLD HAS CONSIDERED THAT THE U.S. HAS BEEN DOING THIS ITSELF FOR MANY YEARS ANYHOW & Latin America has been trying to throw off the U.S. yoke for generations. Ever since they threw out the Spanish the Americans walked in, & they were almost as bad off under the Americans as they were under the Spanish. Technically they were supposed to be free, only they were slaves of the dollar & economic diplomacy of the United States & often of its literal military invasions. I mean when I was young it was very common & common knowledge that whenever there was any trouble in any of those banana republics down there they sent in the Marines! They did it all the time, there's so many times that I could not even keep track of them all.
       119. THEY'VE HAD WARS WITH MEXICO, WARS WITH CUBA, WARS WITH I DON'T KNOW HOW MANY OF THOSE COUNTRIES DOWN THERE time & time again. They even lost a few battles to some of those countries, Mexico for example, but they don't advertise that fact. They lost a war for Mexico City once upon a time, they lost a war for awhile even on the Mexican border, until the U.S. finally sent down overwhelming forces.
       120. SO TO THE LATIN AMERICANS, FIGHTING THE UNITED STATES IS NOTHING NEW. I mean they've been doing it for generations, trying to keep the U.S. from dominating them & even keep U.S. troops & soldiers & the Marines & naval forces out of their countries. So their natural sympathy in Latin America is anti-American when it comes to the showdown. Now they can put on a smile & be nice to Americans as long as you keep Latin America green with greenbacks. But if it comes to a showdown they're going to stick together, & they are in the OAS.
       121. THEY'VE ALREADY PASSED A RESOLUTION SYMPATHISING WITH ARGENTINA & ANTI-UK, & THEY ARE FORCING THE UNITED STATES INTO A CORNER TO MAKE A CHOICE, which to them means not just a choice between Argentina & the UK but between Latin America & the UK. Latin America is saying to the United States in the OAS meetings now, "Are you for us or are you against us? Are you going to sympathise with your own American buddies or are you going to back a colonial imperialistic power clear across the ocean?" It makes the U.S. look pretty sick.
       122. EVEN THE THIRD WORLD IS SICK & DISGUSTED WITH THE ATTITUDE THAT THE UNITED STATES HAS TAKEN, as most of the Americans are, & the British, but for opposite reasons. I'll give you one little quote here. I've forgotten the exact quote, but it goes something like, "Nothing looks sicker & makes people more sick than a compromiser who tries to sit on a fence or pretends to be neutral," etc., & obviously this paper is really angry at the United States for not taking a more positive stand. This country is angry & so are many Americans & so are many British. Because this country's very life depends on being anti-Communist with all these Communist neighbours, it's mad at the United States for not taking a stronger stand with the supposedly anti-Communist powers of the World, which are supposed to be the NATO powers & Britain, against any other power, particularly right now.
       123. I TOLD YOU ALREADY DIDN'T I, THAT RUSSIA IS SYMPATHISING WITH WHOM?--ARGENTINA! Can you imagine?--When Argentina has been bitterly anti-Communist & has squelched the Leftist Communistic movements of Argentina ruthlessly & virtually blotted them all out, until they had produced a strong ruthless Fascist, anti-Communist government there in Argentina & it practically had gotten rid of all the Leftists & the rebels & the Communists. [DELETED]
       124. SO RUSSIA HAS COME OUT OPENLY SYMPATHETIC TO ARGENTINA & HER ALLIES AS WELL & seems to be perfectly justified in so doing, because Russia has long been the advocate of anti-imperialism & of course has long been anti-American, anti-NATO, anti-British & anti-Western Europe, so that's not hard for her to be on any side that is against NATO & the West.
       125. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF ARGENTINA WAS ANTI-COMMUNIST, THAT DOESN'T MAKE A BIT OF DIFFERENCE TO RUSSIA IF IT SUITS HER PURPOSE to sympathise with the poor little country that's being attacked & oppressed by those big monstrous Western anti-Communist powers. And Argentine officials have already said that they have appealed to Russia for help & Russia has promised help if it comes to war. Which shows they don't give a damn about politics either!--"What's in it for me! If the Communists want to help us stay in power, we're willing to turn Communist or whatever!"
       126. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO POOR CASTRO. Actually he wasn't a Communist, he didn't even want to have anything to do with the Communists. His brother was a Communist & his cousin was a Communist, but he was a Socialist. He was just trying to liberate Cuba, but between his brother & his cousin & the United States they effectively forced him into the arms of the Russian Communists because he had no place else to go.
       127. THE U.S. ITSELF LOST CUBA, IT WAS ITS OWN FAULT & it is ashamed to really admit it, but it lost Cuba because they refused to have even a Socialist government in Cuba. Mostly, as I've told you before, because the Socialist government of course nationalised all the industries & confiscated all the American capitalist properties, & this made the American capitalists & the powers that be in the U.S. furious! So the U.S. became furiously anti-Castro anti-Cuban, & forced them into the arms of the Communists & Russia.
       128. WELL, WE HAVE A SIMILAR SITUATION HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN ARGENTINA, by the U.S. sympathising with the UK. This is one reason it's been jockeying back & forth & poor Haig's been flying his head off trying to settle it without war, because they don't want to be forced in that corner & they don't want to be forced to make that decision, not just between the UK & Argentina but literally between the Western powers & Latin America. Because nothing is more likely to drive entire Latin America into the arms of the Communists & the Russians than for the U.S. to sympathise with what they consider the aggressors & the invaders & the imperialists! Now, so what? How does that affect us?
       129. UNLESS SOME MIRACLE OF GOD STOPS IT, WHICH WE NEED TO PRAY FOR, we need to pray for some revelation of God to show us that what's happening is for the best somehow.--That perhaps it'll topple the Argentine regime there now, who don't like us anyhow, & result in a more democratic government. But sad to say, it looks like, unless God works a miracle through our prayers & somehow or another Britain wins & the present Argentine government is toppled & defeated & gives up & surrenders, which looks rather unlikely, considering most of the World today is now sympathising with Argentina & the World's other biggest power is sympathising with Argentina, it looks like war!
       130. IT LOOKS A LITTLE UNLIKELY THAT ARGENTINA WOULD GIVE UP THAT EASY WHEN IT'S GOT MOST OF THE WORLD ON ITS SIDE already sympathising with it--virtually all the OAS, the majority of the UN & all the Communist World. Just the fact that Argentina decided to buck the U.S. & UK & the anti-Communists, immediately has won the sympathy of Russia & the Communists, & Argentina couldn't care less as long as Russia helps her. She'd probably willingly become a friend or pro-Communist like Castro did just for help.
       131. NOW A LONG TIME AGO I TOLD YOU SOMETHING--& I think the Letters are ten years old--I said Russia has already conquered most of Asia & half of Europe & it's been very patient, willing to go slow & able to do it without a war. They've done it almost without any wars, without hardly any shooting at all, just propaganda barrages winning the hearts of the poor & the voters, or by coups & whatnot in taking over these little countries one by one by one, just by helping them throw out their old selfish, rich, imperialistic regimes. The poor always outnumber the rich, so naturally Russia's fighting for the majority, the poor, & portraying herself as the saviour of the poor. I'm trying to get this picture clear in your mind & put the pieces together for you so you can see what's happening. Lord help in Jesus' name, give us wisdom.
       132. THE U.S. IS FINALLY BEING FORCED TO SHOW ITS TRUE COLOURS BEFORE THE WHOLE WORLD that it is not pro-Latin America, it is not in sympathy with the little countries, little or big, but its sympathies are strictly with the huge imperialistic capitalistic powers as always. Russia is showing its colour, true or not, as being the sympathiser with the little fellas, "the oppressed & the poor & the little countries that are being oppressed by the imperialists," & they're even willing to go to the rescue of Argentina, an anti-Communist power!
       133. WHAT A PERFECT SET UP FOR THE RUSSIANS! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL OPPORTUNITY TO DIVIDE THE WEST! And that has been, as you know, Communist doctrine for ages: "Divide & conquer." This is what the Israelis use in Lebanon & amongst the Arabs. This was the master stroke of genius of the Camp David agreement with Egypt.--It divided the biggest power in the Arab World from the rest of the Arab World! And Israel's dividing Lebanon as much as she can to keep it weak. This is the devil's own tactic all through the ages, to divide & conquer. If he can get God's own people fighting amongst themselves it weakens them, they're unable to fight the real enemy & down they go.
       134. SO THROUGH THIS PARTICULAR LITTLE SEEMINGLY INSIGNIFICANT UNIMPORTANT INCIDENT clear down near the Arctic Circle in the South Atlantic, Russia has managed to jockey around into a position of being able to divide friends, so-called friends, of course. The U.S. & Argentina weren't too fond of each other to begin with so it wasn't too hard to do. Russia only needed a good excuse, Russia only needed a good opportunity to portray itself as the saviour of poor Latin America from its big brother bully the U.S.A., along with the U.K., a former colonial power & still obviously very colonial, wanting to keep the Falklands.
       135. SO HERE IS ACTUALLY THE BIG OPPORTUNITY THAT RUSSIA HAS BEEN WAITING FOR, TO DRIVE A WEDGE BETWEEN LATIN AMERICA & THE U.S. Up to this time most of Latin America has been very sympathetic with the U.S. against outsiders since most of the Latin American governments are rich regimes composed of course of the very very few who are very very rich in power & control the very very many, very very poor. Naturally the various governmental regimes were anti-Communist, they didn't want to have to share the wealth, as Communist doctrine says they must. So they're virtually all anti-Communist governments.
       136. NOW, HOW COULD RUSSIA TURN THESE ANTI-COMMUNIST, RICH, WEALTHY, CAPITALISTIC, FASCIST REGIMES AGAINST THE UNITED STATES? How could Russia possibly ever do such a thing when the U.S. has been posing as their protector to help keep the Communists out?--And she's been busily trying to do it in Central America without much success, fighting a losing battle all the way! A long time ago, 10 years or so ago, I told you that Russia had already conquered most of Asia, half of Europe & about half of Africa, And that Russia was mainly trying to consolidate its gains & the places that were closest to it so they could isolate the U.S. & Western Europe, & encircle the West.
       137. EVEN AS RECENTLY AS KHRUSHCHEV, who was even a kind of jolly-faced little Santa Claus fellow who could laugh & joke with the U.S. & poke fun at it, he said, "Well, we're going to bury you because God is with us"! And he could say it with a grin & a laugh & even make the Americans laugh too. But he came out with a definite paper in which he said the Russian policy, of course, was to encircle the United States & its allies & isolate them from the rest of the world, & Russia's done that now. (See Letters 162:42-46 & 391:26-30.)
       138. RUSSIA NOW DOMINATES ASIA, HALF OF EUROPE, & HAS CONQUERED SOUTHEAST ASIA, EXCEPT FOR A FEW LITTLE STUBBORN PLACES that are still anti-Communist & pro-U.S. & hovering under the uncertain umbrella of U.S. protection. What are the only anti-Communist states left in all Southeast Asia, in fact virtually in all Asia? They haven't dominated the Philippines yet by any means, nor the other four ASEAN powers.
       139. BUT WHAT PARTS OF MAINLAND ASIA ARE STILL ANTI-COMMUNIST, STILL HOLDING OUT? South Korea. How?--with huge American forces there to hold it militarily, that's the only reason it's still not Communist. Where else? Thailand?--With more huge American support & bases & some forces & whatever you want to call it to help the Thai's fight Communism on every side. They are almost completely surrounded by Communists.--Burma on the North, & Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, & all the rest, completely surrounded by Communist countries. Only on the little tiny Malay Peninsula on the South they have one little tiny weak country called Malaysia which is anti-Communist, & the little tinier country off the tip of it, one tiny little island called Singapore, plus the big huge East Indian Archipelago which is now called Indonesia, which is anti-Communist thanks to American help.
       140. IN FACT ALL THESE PLACES ARE STILL ANTI-COMMUNIST THANKS TO THE AMERICAN HELP because the U.S. has been helping them to stay that way. But once the Communists decide it's time to push, in fact they won't hardly even have to push, all these little regimes will topple. Once Russia has proved itself the Master of the World, then it will be impossible for these small anti-Communist regimes to do anything but say "Uncle!"--Uncle Russia, not Uncle Sam, but Uncle Ivan.
       141. I TOLD YOU THAT RUSSIA WAS DOING HER BEST TO CONQUER ALL THESE COUNTRIES & ENCIRCLE THE ANTI-COMMUNIST POWERS. HOW MUCH HAS IT SUCCEEDED in the past 10 years since I told you that? There's now no more Vietnamese War, Russia's taken over all of Indo-China which was once ruled by the French Capitalists, & the American Capitalists tried to save it but failed. Britain also has lost most of its empire in Asia--only Hong Kong has not gone either Communist or pro-Communist. How does India stand?--Pro-Communist. They hardly have any choice, especially when the U.S. is backing its bitterest enemy, Pakistan. Pakistan's one of the other few countries in Asia that's still anti-Communist because it's backed by millions of dollars of U.S. military help, etc., & is very Muslim & anti-Communist.--Taiwan too is holding out.
       142. TO SPEED THINGS UP, RATHER THAN GO INTO ALL THOSE DETAILS COUNTRY-BY-COUNTRY, COULD WE SAY THAT RUSSIA HAS NOW PRETTY WELL CONQUERED VIRTUALLY ALL OF ASIA. With the exception of a few tiny little holdouts, everything else has gone Russian or pro-Russian, or Communist or Socialist or whatever you want to call it. The one country that's so stubborn that no country's ever been able to conquer it is Afghanistan, & the Russians are still trying to conquer it, but at least they do have the dominance there.
       143. IRAN IS IN SUCH A WEAK POSITION NOW THAT IT WOULD ONLY TAKE ONE LITTLE PUSH FROM RUSSIA TO PUSH IT OVER, & what's Russia doing there? Here it is supposed to be an extremely anti-Communist country & both the U.S. & Russia are supposed to be the big Satans, & yet all of a sudden Iran's not saying so much against Russia anymore & only the U.S. is the big Satan, because as I told you before, Russia has been helping Iran. It doesn't care if it's Muslim or it's Khomeini or whatever! As long as it can help that country to fight its enemies, & as long as Iran stays anti-West & anti-U.S., etc., which it really is even though the U.S. was stupid enough to help Khomeini in his war against Iraq because the Jews hate Iraq, because Iraq is one of the major enemies of Israel! So it's really a mix-up!
       144. THE JEWS OF THE UNITED STATES ARE WILLING TO HELP PERSUADE THE U.S. TO HELP ITS OWN ENEMY IRAN TO FIGHT THEIR ENEMY IRAQ, but at the same time Russia is also perfectly willing to help the Iranians as long as Iran is fighting their enemy Israel, because it's very anti-Israel. But oddly enough, recently it's been rumoured that even Israel has been shipping arms & ammunition into Iran, helping Iran fight its proverbial enemy, Iraq!
       145. YOU SEE, THE COLOUR OR THE RACE OR THE POLITICS OR ANYTHING ELSE DOESN'T MATTER, IT'S WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME! Will it help me or you, me or my enemies? And when it comes to that showdown, not even religion matters, much less politics. When it comes to the showdown only money matters & their own personal self-interests. Who was the famous French President who said "France has no friends, only interests."--De Gaulle?--Or D'Estaing? [DELETED]
       146. SO NOW RUSSIA HAS VIRTUALLY GOT ASIA, WITH A FEW LITTLE RARE EXCEPTIONS. It's letting so-called Southeast Asia & the Islands lie for the time being & leaving them alone, except for a little nagging here & there like mosquitoes biting. The guys in the Southern Philippines, of course, are Communist-backed as well as probably Gadahfi-backed because they happen to be Muslims, but the Muslims don't mind getting Communist help as long as it helps them fight whoever they think are their enemies, like Iran. Russia has Asia now, half of Europe, & about half of Africa & the Orient.
       147. RUSSIA IS NOT WORRIED RIGHT NOW TOO MUCH ABOUT THESE LITTLE ISLANDS, EVEN THE PHILIPPINES & JAPAN & all that, because once the Big Powers are gone they'll all tumble & join the club. It's been a little worried supposedly about China, but China is supposed to be Communist, & if Russia would knock the U.S. out of this world, why, China would suddenly become friendly with Russia, wouldn't be any problem at all!
       148. SO IT'S HOLDING THAT PART OF THE WORLD SORT OF IN ABEYANCE, JUST LETTING THE SLEEPING DOGS LIE, so to speak, while it takes care of its main objective, the main horn that it needs to decapitate in order to take over the World. So as I told you, after Russia had conquered Asia, half of Europe, most of Africa (which it has, as nearly all of those little African states are already plain Communist or pro-Communist or neutral or secret Communist friends, blah, blah, & certainly no friends of the United States, although they pretend to be)--Russia would then go for South America.
       149. THE U.S. HASN'T BEEN TOO GOOD TO ITS ONE FRIEND DOWN SOUTH, SOUTH AFRICA, about the only real friend they have in all Africa, & has instead gone along with the World Communist-led anti-South-Africa campaign until recently, actually a Communist line which the Communists have been promoting ever since both Wars. So Russia has succeeded in isolating the countries in those areas, like South Africa, from acceptance by World opinion, right? In most of the articles you've read, even about Singapore, haven't America & even its media been rather critical of that Government & called it a dictatorship? Russia has pretty well succeeded in influencing World opinion to isolate the few little holdouts, stubborn resistance centres that are left in Asia & Africa, & in a sense they're even doing that in Europe.
       150. MOST OF EUROPE HAS ACTUALLY GONE PRETTY WELL SOCIALISTIC & LEFTIST, & they're probably in a last ditch stand of their last conservative Governments there right now in a last chance to survive & I think they know it. I told you before that Russia was encircling the United States. I said--mind you, this is long ago, I think even before the Vietnamese War was over--that once Russia had Asia in the bag & most of Africa, obviously Europe hasn't got a chance to survive. It couldn't possibly hold out against Russia, so Russia doesn't even have to attack Europe right now, she's bypassing Western Europe & she's bypassing all the little stubborn resistance pockets, even on the other continents, to hit the U.S. below the belt in South America.
       151. SO I SAID THAT THE NEXT CONTINENT THAT RUSSIA WOULD TRY TO TACKLE IN ORDER TO ENCIRCLE & ISOLATE THE UNITED STARES WOULD BE WHAT?--SOUTH AMERICA! I said she'd try to cause trouble down there, subversion, Communist puppet regimes, foment revolutions, do all she could to try to turn Latin America against the United States. Of course, considering Latin America's sympathies, this isn't too hard to do as far as the poor are concerned; it's only been the rich Governments that have held out against Communism.
       152. IF YOU ASKED THE AVERAGE POOR LATIN PEON HOEING THE BITTER EARTH WHO HE THINKS HE'D BE BETTER OFF UNDER, his present Government or a Communist government, I wouldn't be surprised if, though he might not confess it or tell you, he'd be thinking, "Well, maybe I'd be better off under a Communist Government. I hear they're a friend of the poor & they share the wealth, & I certainly couldn't be any worse off then I am now!"
       153. WHEN PEOPLE GET TO THAT POINT THEY'RE WILLING TO TRY ANYTHING. They figure nothing can be worse than this, & so they try a change. So I dare say that the average poor person in Latin America, unless he's a real strong Catholic or Christian, which very few of them are although they pretend to be, or unless he's one of the rich rulers, he's probably looking to Russia hoping someday maybe Russia can save him from his present dilemma, & Russia is already doing it in Central America.
       154. AND THEY'RE PROGRESSING--THEY'VE GOT CUBA, THEY'VE GOT GRENADA, DOMINICA & TRINIDAD, THEY'VE GOT NICARAGUA & THEY'RE GOIN' ONE-BY-ONE, & apparently they decided to take Caribbean & Central American countries first because they're the weakest. They're also the closest to the U.S. & would be the most useful for bases. This also drives a wedge between U.S. & South America.
       155. BUT NOW RUSSIA HAS BEEN GIVEN ON A FALKLANDS PLATTER ITS GREATEST OPPORTUNITY to jump into the situation in Latin America with all four feet & with Third World opinion on its side! It can come as the rescuer of the poor little countries of Latin America, free or not free, the little fellows against the huge, capitalistic, imperialistic powers of the West. And it looks to me like this is Russia's golden opportunity & she is quick in seizing it & taking advantage of it with Argentina already appealing to her to help.
       156. NOW THERE IS GOING TO BE A BITTER BATTLE & IT'S NO DOUBT GOING ON RIGHT NOW IN THE OAS between those who figure, "Which would it be to our greatest advantage to do, to side with Argentina?--Even if Russia comes to her aid, what's in it for us?--Or to side with the U.S., who is definitely not going to come to South America's aid but is definitely going to side with Britain. What's to our greatest advantage?" If you were one of the Latin American countries who had been fighting to get out from under the domination of U.S. economic imperialism for generations, what would you do?--even though you certainly didn't plan to go Communist, just like Castro didn't plan to go Communist, but seized the opportunity to get his freedom from the U.S. by getting a little help from his friend, Russia. I have an idea that those countries will do the same.
       157. I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED BUT WHAT THEY'LL SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY FOR A LITTLE HELP FROM THEIR FAR-AWAY FRIENDLY ENEMY as they figure, "Well, for the moment at least, this is our opportunity to get out from under the U.S. Who knows, Russia is an awful long ways away, maybe we'd be a little bit freer even if we did sort of shine up to the Russians a bit. At least we could play off one big power against the other one & we wouldn't be so totally under the complete domination of the Americans." Get it?
       158. AT LAST LATIN AMERICA, WHICH HAS BEEN SO FAR AWAY FROM IT ALL, HAS AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET A BIG FRIEND to sort of help it thumb its nose at the U.S. & gain a little bit more independence from the U.S.A. & its domination. Of course, you can't do business with the Devil & not suffer for it!--But they're probably not looking too far ahead, but just hoping that by that time Russia will just go away & they won't have to worry about it.
       159. BUT IT'S SAD, YOU KNOW: MOST VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD & MOST MURDERS DO NOT OCCUR WITH OUTSIDE CRIMINALS. Did you know that most fights & most murders occur within the home between family members?--Husband shoots wife, wife shoots husband, etc. The Lord had a good reason for saying, "Love thy neighbour" because most people hate their neighbour, because their neighbour is the closest one to them causing them the most trouble.--And the U.S. has been causing Latin America a lot of trouble for a long time, so they naturally hate it the most.
       160. RUSSIA IS A LONG WAY AWAY & NEVER CAUSED THEM ANY TROUBLE THAT THEY CAN REMEMBER, & never colonised, never invaded, never was imperialistic in Latin America, so Russia is not a traditional enemy except for its Communism, which has infiltrated some in Latin America, & some of the regimes of course have been afraid of that & are anti-Communist for that reason. But if it appears suddenly that the U.S. is going to become their greatest enemy & their most present nearest enemy, & the greatest threat to their independence, & siding with a foreign imperialistic outside power, what do you think those little countries are going to do? If they learn the U.S. is their enemy & the U.S. brands them as the enemy & sides with Britain, they'll accept whatever friendly help they can get & they don't care who from, even if it's the Devil, & a Red devil at that!
       161. NOW WHY HAS ALL OF THIS HAPPENED?--IT'S NOT JUST HAPPENED BY ACCIDENT. I foresaw this a long time ago when I warned you that Latin America would be the next Communist target after Russia had dominated Asia & Africa--& there's virtually a stalemate in Europe, because Europe even now is trying to get the U.S. missiles out of there because they realise now all they're going to be is a target. Whichever way the War goes it's not going to do them any good, it's not going to do them anything but harm, so a lot of them have come to the conclusion, "It's better to be Red than dead!" But I'm afraid it's a little too late. So, Lord give us wisdom & help us in Jesus' name. We don't know anything Lord, only what You show us.
       162. RUSSIA HAS BEEN WAITING A LONG TIME TO GET A FOOTHOLD IN LATIN AMERICA. It's been doing it already by little tiny brush fires, revolutions in the tiniest countries in Latin America. But to capture the leading bellwether, the leading stubborn ram who has led the flock down there for generations, to capture the leader of South America, Argentina, that would be the masterstroke!--To get Argentina on its side by siding with Argentina, that would be a stroke of genius & surprise to all!
       163. IT'S THE LAST THING IN THE WORLD ANYBODY EVER EXPECTED, THAT RUSSIA WOULD COME TO THE AID OF THE FASCIST POWERS OF LATIN AMERICA to protect them from their dear Fascist big brother up North! What a surprising new angle! But we shouldn't be surprised because Russia has been waiting a long time to attract South America & rend it away from North America, & has been doing it on a small scale in little brushfire revolutions, etc., for a long time, & has been making a lot of progress there lately.
       164. ITS FIRST BIG VICTORY, OF COURSE, WAS CUBA, & THEN ONE LITTLE ISLAND OR REPUBLIC RIGHT AFTER THE OTHER IN THE CARIBBEAN, nearly all of which are now Socialistic or Communistic or pro-Communist, & now Central America. All she has to do is go over there where the majority of the poor are discontented enough to shoot, & give'm the guns.--So she's doing it. But this has been kind of a peanut game, a penny-ante game. Now is her golden great grand opportunity to pose as a protector & friend of the greatest power of all Latin America, to protect Latin America from the Imperialists of the West--Imperialists they have hated for a long time! England & the Spanish are traditional enemies, have been for hundreds of years, & their whole Latin culture, religion, language & everything has been anti-English, & even in recent years anti-American.
       165. SO RUSSIA SURE HAS BEEN A MASTER OF PROPAGANDA & now with World opinion & sentiment behind them, this is Russia's golden hour to turn Latin America against the entire West, the Capitalist powers, the rich North. She's already done that virtually throughout the rest of the World, even though she's allowed certain pockets of resistance like Singapore & a few other little places to continue for awhile.
       166. EVEN AUSTRALIA LOOKS LIKE A NICE BIG COUNTRY, but when you figure that no more people live in Australia than live in Sri Lanka, then you realise that Australia is not all that much of a threat. It's just a big hunk of desert with very few people way out on the fringes. Of course, it does have a pretty good strong military power with a lot of arms & armaments, etc., armed by Britain & the U.S., but it's a long ways away, so Russia has been very patient. It's been patiently waiting now for about 65 years & it can wait a little longer.
       167. RUSSIA DOESN'T HAVE TO GO TO WAR WITH ALL THOSE LITTLE COUNTRIES, all these little-bitty countries down South. That's the way they figure: "As long as we dominate Asia & we dominate Africa & we now dominate Europe, all we need to do is dominate Latin America & we've got it made! We have fulfilled our encirclement-isolationist policy of gradually encircling the United States, gradually isolating it in World opinion & gradually completely surrounding it & isolating it as our final enemy, & gradually persuading the rest of the World that the U.S. is the greatest danger to the World & the greatest enemy, the great Satan."
       168. SO NOW RUSSIA'S HOUR HAS COME IN LATIN AMERICA, ITS GREATEST MOST GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY, & IF IT DOESN'T FOMENT THIS & STIR IT UP & MAKE SURE IT KEEPS GOING, I'll BE SURPRISED!--Even if they have to get out with a few submarines & torpedo a few British ships themselves!--Who'd know the difference?--Whether the Argentines did it or the Russians or who? I mean they could go shootin' here & shootin' there, & nobody'd know the difference who did the shootin', & really keep this pot boiling, & I think they know it's to their advantage to do so, & I would be surprised if they don't. They're already being looked to as a possible helper & saviour by Argentina & other countries. I'm sure they will help South America see that actually, "Your close traditional enemy, the U.S., is your greatest danger, & so we're sympathising & ready to help.
       169. "WE'RE NOT GOING TO BOTHER YOU, WE'RE A LONG WAYS AWAY, DON'T WORRY ABOUT US. We'll just help you break the yoke of the Imperialists, set you free!"--a war of liberation as usual. Boy that line really works, that propaganda really works. Everybody wants to be free & everybody wants to share the wealth, & when it comes to the showdown, they don't care whether they're red, white or green, what's in it for me! And they could turn colours just as fast as can be: Fascists, Reds, pro-American or whatever, especially since the vast majority are very poor, very very poor & very oppressed & with little or no rights, any kind of rights, much less human rights. They don't even have decent water, sewage, nothin'!
       170. SO IT'S NOT HARD TO TURN PEOPLE AGAINST THEIR GOVERNMENT IF THEY ALREADY HAVE NOTHING & IT LOOKS LIKE THEY MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE TO GET AT LEAST A LITTLE SOMETHING. That's why Communism was successful in Russia to begin with, & every other country it's gone into. It simply turned the masses against their Government & they overthrew their own Government because they saw if they could grab the country themselves, why, then at least they could share the wealth with the rich & kick them out or slaughter'm or butcher'm or whatever, which is what they've done everywhere they've gone.
       171. NOW IS RUSSIA'S GOLDEN HOUR TO LITERALLY GET A WEDGE IN & INFLUENCE IF NOTHING ELSE, showing sympathy by siding with Argentina &, as a result, with the Latin Americans, & thereby exert, if nothing else, much more powerful influence in Latin America than they have ever had before. Now it's not just influence with the poor & the revolutionaries & the guerrillas & the Leftists & the Communists, but with the powers that be. Even their rich Governments will appreciate a little help from a friend like Russia who can really give'm a lot of help & has already been doing so.
       172. SO YOU SAY, "DAD, WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU ENCOURAGE US TO GO TO LATIN AMERICA ANYHOW IF ALL THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?" Well beloved, we have known for many years that the whole World was going to go Communist & we have been advocating that you leave the greatest anti-Communist power in the World & go into all the World & preach the Gospel, all of which is going to go Communist! Now, which is the easiest way to make the transition from being citizens & residents of the greatest anti-Communist power on Earth, which is most likely & definitely going to be almost totally annihilated?
       173. WHICH WOULD YOU PREFER--TO STAY HOME & GET WIPED OUT BY THE BOMB? Where is there the greatest, most likely opportunity for you to survive?--In the rest of the World & in the Third World, in the poor World, the Southern World which is already largely Communist & Socialist & pro-Communist & will go that way just as quick as they find out the Communists are going to win. In fact, they're already going that way because they can see they are winning, so which is the best place to be? (Family: The Third World.)
       174. AND OF COURSE IT'S THE NEAREST PLACE FOR THE AMERICANS & THE EASIEST PLACE FOR THEM TO GET TO. If we couldn't persuade them to go anyplace else, why it's better for them to go at least to South America than to stay in the U.S. where they're sure to get wiped out, or an awful lot of'm, & if not wiped out, who wants to survive under those conditions? So would we have been safer if we had all stayed in the U.S. where we once were?--Or are we not now safer scattered, dispersed throughout the World in 70-some countries, most of which are not going to be involved in the War at all, at least not in the Atomic War? The whole World will be involved somewhat, but there at least you stand less of a chance of getting hit by an atom bomb. In other words, beloved, it's coming soon & it's later than most of the World thinks.
       175. I STARTED TO ASK YOU TO GIVE ME SOME VERSES AWHILE AGO TO SHOW THAT GOD'S CHILDREN KNOW MORE ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON THAN THE REST OF THE WORLD. Even in the Memphis Prophecy what did the Lord say?--"He'd cause a mighty widening of the eyes" amongst whom?--Those that don't see the signs of the times. It's going to be no surprise to us or should be no surprise to us, & Paul says this several times in his Epistles. (1Thes.5:1-8; 2Thes.2:1-12; 1Jn.5:19, etc.)
       176. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ASLEEP. You're supposed to have your eyes open & you're supposed to be awake to what's going on. We can see what's happening, but I dare say the vast majority of the World today don't even see what's happening in the South Atlantic except the War, what's right in front of their faces on the front page of the paper. You have to kind of dig around & see those little items & those little tiny references at the end of articles about Argentina's appeal to Russia & Russia's offer of help, & that Russia is already helping & so on & so on, those little rumours which are perfectly reasonable & logical & the usual course of events. Let's face it, there's no hiding place but the Lord.
       177. YOU SAY, "WELL DAD, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US TO GO TO SOME SAFER PLACE THAN SOUTH AMERICA? Why didn't the Lord tell ya they're gonna have this War down here in South America?" Well, I told you 10 years or more ago that Russia was going to somehow attack Latin America next. After it dominated Asia & Africa, etc., it would try to get into Latin America, & of course, it's been doing that the best it can for some time. Of course, only God knew & could foresee how Russia was going to have such a golden opportunity to dominate the ruling Governments of Latin America or befriend or infiltrate them somehow through this particular War.
       178. WHO COULD HAVE FORESEEN THAT?--Only God! You say, "Well, why didn't He tell you that, that this was going to happen? Why didn't He show you the War was going to start in the South Atlantic near the Arctic Circle, around the Falkland Islands? Whoever dreamed the War was going to start down there?" Well, of course I grant you that they may yet settle it, I don't know, but it looks unlikely to me. It could be WWIII!
       179. IT'S THE IDEAL OPPORTUNITY FOR THE RUSSIANS TO STIR IT UP & I'M SURE THEY'LL STIR IT UP ALL THEY CAN because it's dividing their enemies & it's giving her her chance to get into Latin America as a friendly power. It's the way she got into Egypt once upon a time when, in antagonism against the U.S. & the West, Egypt turned in bitterness & frustration to Russia, & only the friendliness of the U.S. & Sadat ever managed to wrench Egypt out of Russian hands. I noticed lately, however, Egypt has started inviting back Russian technicians to take over projects that they were formerly engaged in. So I don't think Mubarak is all that pro-U.S. They all kind of accept U.S. help with tongue-in-cheek, knowing that the U.S. is not helping them out of being compassionate & really caring for them, but only in its own interests.
       180. IT DOESN'T GET'M RIGHT HERE (PATS HEART), IT JUST GETS'M RIGHT HERE (PATS POCKET). They are willing to accept U.S. help as long as it's coming, but they are keeping eyes on both sides of the track so as to see which is going to be the most helpful, who's going to be the most helpful. Like the country in that video we saw, by staying "neutral" they got help from both sides to where they couldn't even park all the tractors in their country that Russia & the U.S. wanted to give to'm!
       181. SO YOU SAY, "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW?" Here we are, more of the Family in South America than in any other area right now & they're near the hot part of the War, even in that tiny little triangle of Central & Southern Latin America, nearest to the War. How did we ever get in this dilemma, down so close to this War?" Well, where would you rather be?
       182. LET ME SAY TO THE FAMILY WHO ARE IN SOUTH AMERICA, WHERE WOULD YOU HAVE GONE IF I HADN'T TOLD YOU TO GO TO SOUTH AMERICA, ANYWAY? Why did you go to South America? Well, because I urged you to go to South America. But I urged you to go a lot of other places too, to the South & to the East. Now why is it most of you went to South America? Well, let's face it & be honest, it's because it was the closest & the easiest & the least expensive & most of you knew it better than Europe, & so there you are. And most Americans, if they know any foreign language at all, know a little Spanish. Very few know any other languages.
       183. WE DID WELL TO GO TO EUROPE & WE'VE DONE VERY WELL TO GO TO PARTS OF ASIA, & IT'S AMAZING WHEN YOU THINK OF IT, THAT NOW ONLY 25 PER CENT OF THE FAMILY ARE U.S. AMERICANS!--And the largest per cent of the Family, believe it or not, are Europeans! So we have done the job & reaped the harvest! I'd say since most of the Family, since the largest percentage of the Family are Europeans, we certainly had a lot of success in Europe. But when you consider that we started with Americans, naturally a lot of us are Americans. So we reaped those two harvest fields first, which were the ripest & the readiest. We got the young people in the U.S. & we got the young people in Europe. We would have probably had greater success in Latin America--we had tremendous success for awhile--if it hadn't been for Jeth & Deb & some of their regime down there that really threw a monkey wrench into the machinery & caused a lot of trouble & turned a lot of people against us.
       184. BUT OTHERWISE WE'VE DONE A PRETTY GOOD JOB. We've reaped a great harvest of young people in the U.S. & in Europe, &, as is testified by our present membership, we now have a tremendous Latin American Family. Probably at least the third largest part of our Family are Latin Americans, not just the USA's who are down there, but Latin Americans. The largest part are Europeans, the second largest North Americans, the third largest Latin Americans, & the remainder the rest of the World, both South & East.
       185. YOU SAY, "WELL, SO WHAT, WHAT DO WE DO NOW? Here we are. Dad, you didn't tell us about this War that's coming down here to Latin America. You didn't tell us that was going to be the next battlefield, etc. How come the Lord didn't show you that & why didn't you warn us of that?" Well, I did warn you that that's where Russia was going to attack sooner or later trying to get in, but of course her main method has been through infiltration, propaganda, usurpation, rebellions & revolutionary movements of the poor. Only God knew that Russia would find its golden opportunity to get the sympathy of the rich ruling Governments through this ridiculous little incident down in the South Atlantic.
       186. "SO WHY DIDN'T GOD TELL YOU THAT, DAD? Why didn't He let you know that ahead of time & predict it?" Well, I'm sure if we needed to know the Lord would have told us. But if He'd told me, I undoubtedly would have spread the word worldwide & it would have warned everybody what was going to happen, & then maybe what God wanted to happen wouldn't have happened. So maybe that was His little secret, that He didn't want anybody to know what was going to happen down there, it had to be a surprise to work.
       187. AFTER ALL, GOD IS ALLOWING THE RUSSIANS TO CONQUER THE WORLD. So how was He going to make it easier for them to conquer the rest of the World as rapidly as possible unless He kept that a little secret for the time being?--that Russia was going to take over Latin America through even getting its Governments to accept Russian help all of a sudden! Well, when it suited its Governments' purposes to accept U.S. help when they hated the U.S., why should it make any difference if it suits their purposes to accept Russian help when they hate the Russians? Most of their benefactors have been hated & they didn't like them.
       188. "HE THAT IS THE BORROWER IS THE SERVANT TO THE LENDER" (Pro.22:7), & NOBODY LIKES TO BE A SERVANT UNLESS THEY'RE THE LORD'S. And so Latin America, being greatly indebted to the U.S. financially & every other way, has hated the U.S. Nevertheless they realised they were dependent on the U.S. economically & otherwise, even militarily for protection from Communism, etc. But if it now turns out that it looks like maybe the Communists are going to help them be independent from the U.S., "Well boys, why not give it a try?--Let's see what happens. After all, it wouldn't hurt to get a little help from our dear friend Russia, who turns out to be our friend now instead of our enemy. After all, they're a long ways away & some of us fellas figure, what's the difference?--Whether it's the U.S. or Russia, we still have to have big friends."
       189. SO THAT'S WHAT'S HAPPENING & THAT'S THE NEW WRINKLE & THE NEW WAVE & THE AMAZING CONTRADICTION that's occurring now in this present War. Latin America is turning, believe it or not, to Russia for help against its supposedly traditional U.S. friend on the surface, but undercover traditionally their enemy. They have presented a happy face toward the Americans as long as they came & spent plenty of money, but they never did like being pushed around by those belligerent overbearing Americans who came down there & thought that money could buy anything. All of a sudden the U.S. is going to find out that even its money can't buy some things, such as their honour & saving face & their pride that the U.S. has been wounding down there for generations.
       190. IF NOW RUSSIA CAN HELP LATIN AMERICA TURN AROUND & SLAP THE U.S. IN THE FACE, & ARGENTINA FIGURES IT'S NOT GOING TO HURT'M TOO MUCH to at least give them a chance to kick big brother in the teeth for a change, they can be awfully tempted to try it. They're already doing it & they've got World opinion with them, & Russia's. What did I say that Russia was working toward?--That they've already decided to make the first strike! They know that's the way they're going to have to win the Nuclear War & that's the way to save more lives, God knows, than any other way.
       191. WHAT DID I SAY IS PROBABLY KEEPING THE RUSSIAN FINGER OFF THE RED BUTTON? WHAT'S SHE WAITING FOR? There's no doubt the Lord's probably holding it back to try to save the Family who're still stuck in Europe & the U.S., that's probably one of the main reasons. But what excuse do you suppose the Russians are giving themselves?--I'm sure they're not holding back for our sakes! At least they don't know it.
       192. THEY'RE WAITING ON WORLD OPINION! WHEN RUSSIA PUSHES THAT BUTTON SHE'S GOT TO KNOW THAT WORLD OPINION IS SOLIDLY BEHIND her & that she will be excused for wiping out the U.S. as wiping out the greatest danger to World survival, so the whole World will cheer her & agree that she did the right thing, that she wiped out the most dangerous power & the one which was most likely to destroy the World. So that the more of the World opinion she can get behind her right now the better. As well as thinking Argentina's on the right side & isolating the U.S. as being the enemy, she's virtually gotten all of Asia, Africa & a good deal of European & World opinion behind her. I'd say the average European would just as soon they'd take all those damn missiles & the U.S. & kick'm the Hell out of Europe--they'd rather go Red than die! So I'd say the Red's have pretty much got World opinion on their side all around the World except in the U.S. & a few small spots.
       193. BUT IT'S GOT TO BE CLARIFIED & CRYSTALLISED & MADE EVEN MORE APPARENT & CLEAR WHO THE GREAT SATAN IS & who the greatest enemy of the World is, who the greatest destroyer of the World is, who is most likely to destroy the World. Russia's got to get the World to the point that she's going to be acclaimed as the World's saviour if she's going to be able to take over & start the reign of the Antichrist & all the rest.
       194. NOW THAT SHE HAS ASIA, AFRICA & MOST OF EUROPE & ALL THE REST, SHE ONLY HAS ONE CONTINENT LEFT TO GO not counting Australia, which with all due apology to the Australians, really doesn't count in this particular game right now. You're too far off the main track & not that big a worry to the Russian World, because once they knock the U.S. in the head, that'll be the end of Australia too. So she's simply got one more continent to go, & she's already made quite a bit of progress down there--South America.
       195. SO IF THIS IS WORKING OUT GOD'S PURPOSE, HE CERTAINLY DOESN'T WANT TO DEFEAT IT. He certainly wouldn't have wanted it known ahead of time how Russia was going to do it. We knew Russia was going to do it sooner or later. I've been telling you that for years, that she's taking over the World little-by-little & she'd eventually get around to South America. Latin America was last because it's closest to the U.S. & under the closest & strictest U.S. domination & most difficult to take, but now this is giving Russia her ideal golden opportunity to take over South America.
       196. FIRST OF ALL THEY'RE GETTING THE SYMPATHY OF THE SOUTH AMERICANS BY SIDING WITH THEM IN THIS CONFLICT, & once you've got their sympathy & start working together against a common enemy--the North, the U.K. & the U.S. to be specific, & eventually Europe, who of course will side with the U.K. & the U.S.--the Northern Capitalist World--then you've pretty much got it made. Because once you've got their sympathy on your side, & you're showing yourself to be their friend, their defender, their protector & their helper, what more could you ask? "Come over & help us." And they couldn't care less whether the Russians are Red, White, or Green, black or blue. They prefer to have their help rather than to get beaten black & blue by the people who have beat'm black & blue for centuries--the U.S. & Europe!
       197. SO THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT & THAT'S THE WAY I WOULD SUM UP THE WHOLE MATTER FOR THE FAMILY. IT LOOKS LIKE THIS IS RUSSIA'S HOUR, her golden opportunity to muscle into South America. It's the best opportunity she's ever had & she's now getting the sympathy of the rulers & the governing powers, even the rich, to help them protect themselves from the old Colonial powers of Europe & the U.S.
       198. SO, WHAT DO WE DO?--ALL PICK UP & LEAVE SOUTH AMERICA QUICK? Well, I dare say it might help some of you folks in South America to agree that my invitation to the Southeast & to the Orient was a pretty good one after all, & maybe you'd better pick up & go now! So maybe this will help us get recruits for the East! South America is already flooded with Family & overloaded & overcrowded with Family.
       199. AS I TOLD YOU BEFORE, THERE'S ALREADY ONE OF US TO EVERY 100,000 IN LATIN AMERICA & MORE EVERYDAY, BUT THERE'S ONLY ONE OF US TO EVERY 7 MILLION INDIANS, & God only knows about the rest of Asia, when you think of the 800 million Chinese & over 2 billion population of the East, compared to the mere half a billion population of the West. In fact, there must be 2 1/2 billion in the East, with Europe & Asia & Africa & the Islands. The West, North America & South America combined, only have a half-a-billion population--250 million in North America, & about 350 million in South America, which is about 600 million, just over half a billion.
       200. SO THE EAST, BELOVED, CONTAINS MOST OF THE WORLD INCLUDING EUROPE, BUT WE'VE ALREADY COVERED EUROPE, we've saturated Europe with our Message & it's probably going to get destroyed, so we're getting out. We've saturated North America & we've gotten out, at least most of us. I feel sorry for you poor people who are still there & we're trying to make it easier for you to get out as soon as possible. We're establishing Reception Homes in all the missionary countries so you can at least land & learn something about the culture & be placed, etc., & we're helping all we can.
       201. BUT THIS SHOULD ENCOURAGE SOME OF YOU PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN GOING SOUTH TO NOW GO EAST!--AND PARTICULARLY THE COMMONWEALTHERS, who will be fairly welcome in most of the Eastern countries which were formerly British Empire & are now Commonwealth & where it's easier for you to stay than almost anybody else. So, do you think God knows what He's doing? Do you think maybe He let this happen to kind of discourage the Americans from coming any further South to South America now, but maybe to go East? Did that ever occur to you? And maybe it'll even kind of inspire a few folks in South America that the Orient doesn't look so bad after all! Particularly since it's a helluva lot further from this War!
       202. I WOULDN'T DOUBT THAT GOD'S A LITTLE DISPLEASED THAT SO MANY OF US HAVE GONE TO SOUTH AMERICA & WE'VE BEEN NEGLECTING THE EAST & not enough have gone there. So He's kinda building a fire under South America & making things a little bit hot down there to sort of inspire & encourage some of you folks to go East, & some of you can! We have too many Commonwealthers in South America who ought to be somewhere East. And sad to say, we've encouraged a few of you to go down there when you should have gone East instead. Sorry 'bout that. But now we know better! OK?
       203. FRANKLY THAT'S THE ONLY GOOD I CAN SEE THAT COULD COME FROM A WAR OCCURRING IN SOUTH AMERICA, that's to encourage some of you people who are flooding South America now to head East instead. South America has more than its share of the Family already, & thank God we didn't locate our World Service Units any further South! It certainly was the Lord that we waited as long as we did, & we've stopped'm now.
       204. WE KNOW THAT RUSSIA IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD, WE KNOW IT'S BOUND TO COME SOONER OR LATER but we always regret to see it. So my burden is to tell you to pray--pray for the Lord to protect the Family there, pray that if the Lord wants to be merciful & give us a little more time & a little more peace to get the job done, He can hold it off a little longer, & He can. But of course, if it's suiting His purpose by kind of flushing some people out of there that ought to be getting flushed out to go East, where there are billions of people, instead of all stackin' up down there knee-deep in South America, then that's another good reason for this war!
       205. GOD'S HAD TO DO THIS TO US BEFORE--IF HE COULDN'T PERSUADE US, HE'S HAD TO LOWER THE BOOM ON US or scare us or somehow flush us out with either persecution or a threat of War. When persecution didn't drive enough of you out of the U.S., He got you under the threat of annihilation to try to encourage you to leave, & it's helped a lot of you to leave, let me tell ya! Some of you weren't even afraid of the atom bomb, but when you got that word on "American Cannibals," that was it! Believe it or not, some didn't even care if their children had to go through the fire, but they didn't want them to have go through that!
       206. SO GOD KNOWS WHAT TO USE & WHAT IT TAKES TO PERSUADE SOME PEOPLE. There are some people who decided to leave right then & there; although they didn't care if their kids burned up, they didn't want them eaten up! I wondered why the Lord could give me such a horrible dream! I never had such a horrible dream, with such a terrible connotation, & some people thought I shouldn't even have published it! They said, "You're going to give people ideas."
       207. SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY THOUGHT I SHOULDN'T HAVE PUBLISHED IT. From a few we have had reactions that they thought it was a little too strong, that maybe we shouldn't have published anything so gory, so gruesome. But from the vast majority, we had a good reaction. It really shocked them & woke them up & they decided then & there that they were gettin' out! Now maybe the War will help them decide that it's better to go Southeast than South. In the meantime what does that mean to our World Service Units?
       208. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, IT SPURS US TO WORK EVEN HARDER & FASTER TO GET OUR EASTERN PDQ GOING! We'd have all our eggs in one basket in South America with only one printing & distribution centre in the whole World, which is a very dangerous situation. That PDQ is now possibly going to be threatened if that country, who's now sympathising with Argentina & was one of the first to sympathise with Argentina, are really to get into it. The countries sympathising with Argentina will be anti-British & anti-U.S., particularly with the Russians sympathising with South America. Argentina is already very anti-British & the British are getting out, because they don't even feel safe there & they won't be!--And anti-U.S. feeling is rising throughout the Continent.
       209. THE ENEMY ALIENS IN A COUNTRY ARE NEVER SAFE & FREQUENTLY THEY ARE INCARCERATED & IMPRISONED, rounded up & put in concentration camps like the U.S. did the Japanese, or like it kept tabs on the Germans & all the aliens who were there during the War. They had to go & register every month at the Post Office to show where they were & they had them on file all the time. It's going to be tougher & tougher for those branded "the enemy" to live in those countries & with the U.K. branded the enemy, not only are the British citizens going to be afraid to live in Argentina, but in other countries there that are siding with Argentina. So you UKs'll probably have to get out.
       210. LOOK AT THE WISDOM OF GOD!: WHO IS IT WE NEED IN THE EAST MOST OF ALL?--COMMONWEALTHERS & BRITISH CITIZENS--& the heat's gonna be on you first of all! Then as the U.S. sides with Britain, the heat's going to be on you USA's & it's going to be harder & harder for you to stay in those countries, & God knows in some ways our Message had before pretty well saturated Latin America. In almost every country there we've been on radio, television & in newspapers, & even if some was bad publicity, it was the Message & they were forced to make a decision.
       211. I WOULD SAY IN SOME WAYS WE HAD A GREAT REAPING A LONG TIME AGO IN SOUTH AMERICA, even in the Old Chain Days, & we made a great hit there. We were popular & we performed for huge auditoriums & audiences in great arenas before hundreds of thousands of people & that sort of thing, & were known by name. We were known & the Message got out by the millions & millions in South America for a long time. So I would say that if there was any third Continent which we have come close to saturating with our Message & where we may have already reaped the greatest harvest, which continent would you say it is, besides the U.S. & Europe?--South America!
       212. SO MAYBE GOD'S TRYING TO GET AS MANY OF YOU TO MOVE OUT AS POSSIBLE--& TO WHAT'S THE MOST NEGLECTED AREA OF THE WORLD?--Where we've had the least Family & the least transfer to--the Southeast! So I can certainly see how God could use this to encourage first of all you British to get out of there & go East where you can be much more useful & much more accepted, & maybe even the North Americans eventually, if we have done all we can there & we have reaped the best we can. God knows how much good we could do there & whether we could do much more good or not.--Maybe MCV's the last!
       213. THE DAY WAS WHEN OUR MESSAGE WAS PRETTY WELL SATURATED THROUGHOUT LATIN AMERICA by radio, television, literature, even bad publicity--both good & bad publicity. Do you think most of the people in Latin America have heard about us? (Family: It would be hard to find any one in Latin America that hasn't heard about us!) Whether bad or good, that's right.--And either way they've heard about us they've had to make a decision in their own hearts.
       214. GOD'S SPIRIT IS FAITHFUL & HIS SHEEP KNOW HIS VOICE. So even if they only read the publicity, God's Spirit would speak to their hearts as to whether it was right or wrong & whether we were good or bad, wouldn't He? So didn't they therefore make a decision even then?--Even reading bad publicity! Thank God first of all it was mostly good publicity. I mean we were popular in Latin America for awhile & we had quite a reaping! Then for a long time you were neglected, yet it's amazing how many of you survived!
       215. SO I THINK THE LORD HAS ALLOWED US TO GO BE IN THERE TO TRY TO REVIVE & RECRUIT WHAT WAS LOST, search out the sheep who were lost & neglected & fell by the wayside. We have gone back to sort of rescue you before the End. So I think therefore, from what I can see, maybe the Lord knows we've done the best we can. I think MCV is probably our last chance. Through that we will reach people we never reached any other way, directly by radio, & we will reap the younger generation who weren't even there 10 years ago when we were a sensation in Latin America.
       216. WE'RE GONNA REACH THE TEENAGERS OF TODAY. We already reached the teenagers of yesterday. Now through MCV we're getting on the stations all over the place, so definitely we're gonna reach the pre-teens who were not reached before. Amen? So I believe it's God's last hour for the whole Earth really, since in a way we have already reaped America, we reaped Europe, & we really reaped Latin America & have still continued to reap, & we're reaping again.
       217. GOD MUST REALLY LOVE YOU LATINS! You are wonderful people & you're so easy to lead to the Lord because you already believe it all & believe in God & the Bible, Jesus & the works! All we have to do is give you faith for Salvation through the Word, so we've been doing a pretty good job of that. I agree that there's hardly a person in Latin America that hasn't heard about us--certainly young people have, & even the old people who are afraid of us. They've all heard about us one way or the other!
       218. SO YOU CAN SEE HOW GOOD CAN EVEN COME OUT OF THIS PRESENT WAR. I began to wonder, "Lord, why in the world did You let this happen just when so many of us were going to South America to have a great new reaping in South America? How could you do this to us Lord? How come You didn't warn me?" The first answer that came to me was, "Too many of you are going to South America, & not enough are going East, & if I have to scare'm out of South America I'll do it!" That's exactly what came to me. So why didn't He tell me sooner or beforehand?
       219. PROBABLY HE KNEW THAT THERE WERE A LOT OF WEAK SISTERS THAT HE COULDN'T HAVE EVEN GOTTEN OUT OF THE U.S. WHOM HE MANAGED TO GET AT LEAST AS FAR AS SOUTH AMERICA. But if you'd been scared out by a war scare down there, you wouldn't even have gone that far! You'd still be in the U.S., cannibals or no! So He had to push you out & get you that far, get you started, & once you were on the field & realised how wonderful it is & how God does take care of you, at least the real missionaries, you might figure, "Well, if God can take care of me here in South America He'll certainly take care of me in the East. So let's go! Lets go East!"
       220. WE'VE GOTTA QUIT. I MAY BE YOUR MO BUT YOU'RE ALSO MY CHILDREN & I have to have a little consideration. The Spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak & I'm very sorry to have to take your work time to do this. But by nighttime, I'm sorry to say, though it's been advocated as a good time to have such a meeting, I am too tired nowadays. I've been a little bit sick & I've been tired at night. I couldn't even have a business meeting at the table last night. In fact, I was so tired I forgot all about it.
       221. SO THAT'S THE FINAL THING I WANT YOU TO REALLY PRAY ABOUT--GETTING THE EASTERN PDQ STARTED. Please pray the Lord will lead & guide as to where to try the PDQ of the East. Thank God Mordy seems to be succeeding where he is & is carrying on faithfully getting out the Books. We don't have Magazines any more, remember that--they're Books! In fact, we used to abbreviate it & call it the Mag or we called it the FN, but now it's the Book-of-the-Month! It's late & you've been here a long time, but I had to sort of try to explain this whole situation to you & what I think is happening, & I had to go around the World to do it & finally come down to us & our own situation.
       222. WE NEED TO GET THE EAST PDQ STARTED NOW! We should've had it started before this. I had this vision for a long time. But you need to pray desperately the Lord will lead & guide us where & how soon & that we'll get the information we need. So please pray the Lord will have His way & lead us & guide & give us some encouraging signs one direction or another--either open the door or shut it, amen?
       223. NOW YOU KNOW INTELLIGENTLY HOW TO PRAY. PTL? I don't say the Lord should stop the war, I don't say He should continue it. Let's hope it's just a small war & it doesn't get too hot where it causes too much trouble, but maybe just enough to get some of the Family out of the area & flush you out to the East. That would do a lot of good. So God's will be done, He knows what's best, so we'll just leave it in His hands, amen? As far as the war's concerned, that's not our business & we had nothing to do with it, except I wouldn't be surprised the Devil brought it down there to our South American doorstep because so much of the Family's there!
       224. BUT AS USUAL, GIVE HIM ENOUGH ROPE & HE'LL HANG HIMSELF, & HE WINDS UP DOING A JOB FOR GOD, just exactly what God wanted him to do to accomplish God's purpose. The Devil persecutes us in a country thinking he's going to wipe us out & stop the works, but instead of that he scatters us even further! So he's just working for the Lord though he may not know it, & he can't do anything the Lord won't let him, so don't worry about it. PTL? And whatever he does God allows it & it's for good somehow. Amen? (Family: Amen!) It's for our good because we love the Lord.
       225. (PRAYS:) SO LORD HAVE THY WAY, THY WILL BE DONE. You know what's best, in Jesus' name. We leave it all in Thy hands. We have talked enough, explained enough, described enough & analysed enough. We've given them the parts of the puzzle & the picture, except the few missing parts which we don't yet know, & which we're waiting on Thee to tell us & show us. We ask Thee to help these here to pray earnestly & desperately that You will show us exactly what we should do, where we should go. Thy will be done. Bless & continue to keep us, Lord, & keep us busy for Thee & keep us close to Thee, in communication with Thee, Lord, so we'll be able to hear Thy voice & know Thy will.
       226. YOU PROMISED LORD, "YOU SHALL HEAR A VOICE BESIDE THEE SAYING, THIS IS THE WAY, WALK YE IN IT" & "The steps of a righteous man are guided by the Lord." "Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him & He shall bring it to pass." You promised, Lord, You said we should lean not to our own understanding, but in all our ways acknowledge Thee & You'll direct our paths. All these promises are for guidance, Lord. We're looking to Thee for Thy guidance. (Is.30:21; Ps.37:23; Ps.37:5 & Pr.3:5,6.)
       227. YOU SAID TO PRESENT OUR BODIES A LIVING SACRIFICE, like all of us here have done for Thy service, Lord, "which is your reasonable service, that ye may know what is that good & acceptable will of God." Our bodies are our reasonable service, Lord, to sacrifice our bodies for Thy service, & having done so, Lord, we know that You will tell us & show us what to do. You always have & You've never failed. (Rom.12:1)
       228. WE'VE ALWAYS ACCOMPLISHED THY PURPOSE, LORD, & WE'VE NEVER BEEN GENUINELY DEFEATED YET, LORD. If ever we've been stopped or seemingly defeated, it's always been because we were going the wrong direction or there was another direction you wanted us to go or there was some change in Your plans, Lord. Because You certainly know the World situation better than we do.
       229. SO WE THANK YOU, LORD, EVEN FOR THE WAR. You said, "In everything give thanks," so we're giving thanks even for that, Lord, that somehow it's going to work out Your purpose. "All things work together for good to them that love Thee." We believe it, we trust it, we expect it & we know You will work it out & show us, & we thank You for it. In Jesus' name, amen. PG! TYL! (1Thes.5:18; Rom.8:28)
       230. "YE ARE MY FRIENDS, BEHOLD I HAVE TOLD YOU.--A Master doesn't reveal these things to his servants" (Jn.15:15), Jesus Himself said.--But I've shared them with you so you'd understand the situation & be able to pray intelligently & enlightenedly & earnestly that God will have His way, because we have to make some decisions & we have to take some action. As I've said before, the System doesn't seem to understand faith, trust in God or last-moment reservations & things like that. You kind of have to plan ahead to suit them. Although we have made some last-minute sudden changes, it still was a little planning ahead, even if it was only a week or two.
       231. GOD'S CHANGED OUR DIRECTION BEFORE. Our main purpose in coming East was not only to survey the field & to help the missionaries but to establish an Eastern PDQ, God helping us, & I will not be satisfied until we do! So, God's will be done. Amen? (Family: Amen!) Are you going to pray? (Family: Amen!) Will you pray very earnestly the Lord will have His way? Please do!
       232. (PRAYS:) LORD BLESS'M & HELP THEM, LORD, TO BE PROFITED BY THIS LITTLE RESUME OF THE WORLD SITUATION & our own plans, Lord, & Thy plans for us & the World, Lord.--And please help as many as possible to GO EAST NOW while they still can!--In Jesus' name, amen. GBY! ILY! KGFG!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family