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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.



       1. WE'VE GIVEN YOU LOTS OF GOOD NEWS IN THIS BOTM & FROM THE BOTTOM-TO-THE-TOP! NOW FOR THE BAD NEWS: Your giving to World Services is down nearly 10 per cent this past month & therefore we are going to have to cut all of our World Service expenditures an equivalent 10 per cent in order to live within our income. So we are sending out notices to all World Service Units, missionaries, mission fields, mission projects, publishing projects, musical units, etc., that we're having to deduct this 10 per cent loss from their next Gifts, which may include you.

       2. WE ARE DETERMINED TO LIVE WITHIN OUR INCOME ACCORDING TO WHAT GOD PROVIDES & TO BALANCE OUR BUDGET MONTHLY & not to borrow nor to owe man anything save to love him--unlike the rest of the World, both Governments & businesses & banks & many people, who are today living far beyond their income & gradually going bankrupt. We have had financial emergencies before & we have managed to survive them by taking wise emergency action, remedial actions, & putting these emergency contingency plans into immediate effect in order to prevent any serious delays or damages to the Work. And we have just given a talk to leadership here on the problem & how to cure it, which we're temporarily entitling:

       3. "THE 7 CURES FOR FINANCIAL WOES," & you might be interested in the seven points, at least, in this brief notice, & number one is to trim the fat. We are abandoning or postponing any non-essential projects, even personnel & units, & cutting down on any expenses that we don't absolutely need or have to have. So you may not be getting as much in the way of publications & books in the future until this financial situation is remedied & your giving is back to normal.

       4. I'M SURE THAT SOME PEOPLE WILL PROBABLY BLAME THIS DROP IN WORLD SERVICE INCOME ON THEIR MOVES TO THE POORER SOUTH & the equivalent drop in the Worldwide Family income as a result. But we have already said that before, this is no excuse & it is not justifiable, just because you're moving to a poor field that therefore your income should be any less, when you could be raising it from the much richer home fields through a diligent Mail Ministry & faithful Prayer Letters & continually working away at raising Home Support, which you should have done before you left for the field, in which case you wouldn't have had a drop in income because usually home folks are much more inclined to give to foreign missionaries than even to home missionaries.

       5. SO IF ANYTHING, LEAVING THE HOME FIELD FOR THE FOREIGN FIELD SHOULD HAVE INCREASED THEIR GIVING & THEIR MOTIVATION & YOUR INCOME! So that's no excuse, just because we have moved two-thirds of the Family now to the poorer Southern fields. This is something to be thankful for & rejoice over & good news that only a third of the Family is still left in the dangerous North! Two-thirds have already moved to the safer South, thank the Lord! But don't use that as an excuse for decreasing your giving.

       6. IF ANYTHING, YOUR INCOME OUGHT TO BE INCREASING AS YOU OBEY THE LORD & SERVE HIM & serve the World & serve the sinners by giving them the Gospel & going where God has guided. For where God guides He provides! And if you're obeying the Lord I'm sure that He will bless you for it, certainly more than when you were disobeying & not going to the field. So if anything, your income should be increased. You say, that's not logical, that's not reasonable, that's not likely! Well, we work contrary to natural expectation because we believe in God & in His miracles & in His faithfulness, & we believe that if we obey God, that where He guides He will provide & He will not fail & that he will provide every need according to His riches & glory, for Jesus never fails!

       7. IF WE WILL OBEY HIM & DO HIS WILL & FOLLOW HIM & DO HIS WORK, I'M SURE HE WILL BLESS YOU & more than bless you & certainly bless you more than when you were merely at home living selfishly doing your own work. So we're expecting you to do better & to give more, that God will provide more if you are faithful & diligent in raising your support from the rich North while it still lasts & it's still there & you still can. When the time comes that it is wiped out, God will find some other means & source of support, so you don't have to worry about that now.

       8. WHAT YOU DO NEED TO DO IS DILIGENT & NOT NEGLIGENT IN INFORMING THE HOME FIELD & THE HOME FOLKS THAT YOU ARE NOW ACTUALLY ON THE FIELD A FOREIGN MISSIONARY & DESERVE THEIR SUPPORT. THEY OWE IT TO YOU! You're doing what they ought to be doing! You're doing their job for them. You, in a sense, are working for them! They are your employers & you'd better tell them that God's Word says, "Withhold not the hire of the labourer who is reaping down your fields." (Pro.3:27.)--Because you are, in a sense, their labourer reaping down their fields. And so they had better not withhold your hire! You're doing their job for them, you're their employee. So you'd better tell them that they had better pay up & pay your wages, God's Word says so!

       9. "THE LABOURER IS WORTHY OF HIS HIRE" & "MUZZLE NOT THE OX THAT TREADETH OUT THE CORN" FOR "THEY THAT PREACH THE GOSPEL SHALL LIVE OF THE GOSPEL," (Lu.10:7, Deut.25:4; Matt.10:10b; 1Cor.9:9-13; 1Tim.5:18.) & it is the duty, the obligation, the responsibility of the rich home fields to pay you to do it, to support you. They owe it to you! That's their job! If they're not willing to go to the field & become a missionary & preach the Gospel in the whole world to every creature & you're doing it for them, then it's their job to support you & take care of you, & well! You deserve it! Nothing is too good for you!

       10. NOTHING IS TOO GOOD FOR MISSIONARIES! Nothing is too much! You're God's cream of the crop, at the top of His list! Read it in God's Word!: "Firstly Apostles," he says (1Cor.12:28), "Firstly Apostles." Apostles are Messengers, those sent with a Message, that's what the actual original Greek word means, Apostolos. They are posted, they are sent, they are mailed, in a sense, messengers with a Message.

       11. BUT THEY HAVE TO BE SENT BY SOMEBODY. SOMEBODY HAS GOT TO DO THE SENDING & THE PAYING & THE SUPPORTING. And that has got to be you home folks who are still in the home field with nothing better to do than to raise money, make money & give money to help them to do your job, to pay them to do your work of preaching the Gospel in the whole World to every creature! That was not an optional offer from Jesus, it was a commandment!

       12. SO IT'S YOUR JOB TOO, & IF YOU CAN'T GO THEN GIVE! IF YOU CAN'T BE A MISSIONARY, SUPPORT ONE! THAT IS YOUR JOB! If you're not on the mission field, then you need to support the missionary who is. It's your obligation, you owe it to them, it's not optional, it's not a mere little crumb or pittance you can afford to throw away like most of the churches who only give about 5 per cent of their total income to missions!

       13. WE CONSIDER THAT EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT OUGHT TO GO TO MISSIONS, & in our early days if was our custom or forsake all to follow Jesus, to give everything, 100 per cent!--Ourselves & everything we had to preach the Gospel, to witness, litness, win, souls, go to the mission field, & we still believe it! And just because we've let a few of you off who didn't go by telling you the least you could do was to give 10 per cent to your income of support those who have gone in your place, it doesn't mean God has changed His mind or His plans in any way whatsoever.

       14. YOU STILL OUGHT TO BE OUT THERE!--And if you feel you can't be or you just haven't gone, or did go & went home, whatever, the least you can do is send part of yourself out there in your gifts to Missions & the missionaries, & one way you can do this is to faithfully tithe to World Services who are supporting hundreds of missionaries on many mission fields with thousands of dollars of your Gifts, as well as furnishing you with the feed that you need as His sheep, sending you all kinds of publications & books & news & tapes & everything we possibly can to make it easier for you to live the life that Jesus wants you to live.

       15. SO IT'S TIME YOU GOT BUSY & DID MORE FOR THESE MISSIONARIES WHO ARE NOW GOING TO POORER FIELDS & THEREFORE ARE NEEDING IT MORE & should not be poorer as a result of obeying God to go. If anything, they should be richer, you should give more! Their income should be greater, your giving should be larger & therefore, World Services' share should not be diminished but if anything increased in order that we might take care of those missionaries & feed them & you!

       16. SO LET'S GET WITH IT, FAMILY! LET'S GET ON THE BALL & GET ON THE STICK & GET OUT THERE & DIG! If you're a missionary on the field, we know you're working & doing all you can, digging & plowing & planting & watering & reaping, & it's the job of the home front to support you & to meet your needs & give you sufficient funds to do the job. So you'd better get busy, folks, & give! Give more, if anything, give more than ever, now that two-thirds of the Family are on the Southern mission fields. You one-third that's still in the dangerous Nuclear North, still in comfortable homes & lucrative jobs, should be giving more than ever, sacrificing more than ever, not a mere 10-per-cent tithe to World Services to support the missionaries whom we support & all the projects & publications, but extra Gifts as well, those which you used to give to the Lord in forsake-alls & inheritances & sales of property, etc.

       17. YOU SHOULD BE GIVING MORE THAN EVER! Once you have been on the field & seen what the need is & then gone home because you yourself couldn't make it, doesn't mean you should quit. If you can't be a missionary, support one! If you can't go, give! And God is going to hold you responsible & accountable accordingly.

       18. SO YOU'D BETTER HURRY UP & SEND IN THAT FULL TITHE & THAT EXTRA GIFT TO MAKE UP FOR THE LOSS OF LAST MONTH so that we can continue to support these missionaries & their missionary projects around the World, as well as the publications & the spiritual foods & tapes that we send you to encourage you & inspire you & to feed you & guide you & help you & strengthen you in order that you might do it, praise the Lord? Amen!

       19. SO AS I STARTED TO SAY, WE'RE DOING THE BEST WE CAN, we're trimming off the fat in anything that is not absolutely essential, we're telling the missionaries & units to get along as best they can on what they've got, we're telling them we're going to have to cut their budgets 10 per cent, the equivalent of your lack of giving, & we're also trying to teach our missionaries & fields to be more independent, more indigenous, more self-governing, self-supporting & self-propagating.

       20. WE'RE ALSO TRYING TO ENCOURAGE THE RICHER FIELDS TO SHARE WITH THE POORER ONES, as we're telling you folks in the North now, or wherever you may be. We're encouraging all of you to look to the Lord for His guidance & leading, for where God guides He provides.

       21. AND FINALLY, WE'RE WARNING YOU, & we're trusting that all of our missionaries & workers in the field are warning the home folks that you had better give or you're going to be sorry! God is not going to let you get away with it. "Will a man rob God?" He said, "Yes, ye have robbed me in tithes & offerings." (Mal.3:8-10.) So, you folks in the home field who are not out on the mission field full-time or serving the Lord, but are in a comfortable home with a comfortable job, good income, God's letting you get by with maybe keeping 90-per cent & only giving 10-per-cent to Him & His work & His workers, if you can get away with it. That's the least you can do when you ought to be out there giving all, forsaking all!

       22. BUT IF YOU CAN'T OR YOU WON'T GO, THEN THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS GIVE FAITHFULLY, TITHE FULLY & SUPPORT LARGELY, GENEROUSLY, THE MISSIONARIES WHO ARE IN THE FOREIGN FIELDS DOING YOUR JOB FOR YOU! May God help you to do so & do it now, quick, today! Don't even wait for your Monthly TRF, send it now!--Or God is going to hold you responsible! He says, "He that withholdeth, it tendeth to poverty." (Pro.11:24.) He said, "Withhold not the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields!" (Pro. 3:27.) They are your labourers reaping down your fields & it's your job to send them their hire, pay their wages!

       23. "THE LABOURER IS WORTHY OF HIS HIRE", "MUZZLE NOT THE OX THAT TREADETH OUT THE CORN" & "THEY THAT PREACH THE GOSPEL SHOULD LIVE OF THE GOSPEL" (Lu.10:7; Deut.25:4; 1Cor.9:14), & you need to help them all you possibly can! So we beg of you in Jesus' name not to fail, but to get those Gifts to the mission field & to the missionaries, to those missionary projects & our publication projects for you & your own personal benefit by sending not only your tithe but extra Gifts to World Services & your favourite missionaries & mission projects now!--Today! Don't delay!

       24. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH & YOUR TRF, SEND IT NOW, WE NEED IT NOW!--In Jesus' name! Some of you who have been getting special windfalls & inheritances & rebates & property profits & whatnot.--it used to be that God required & we expected you to give it all. Some of you have thought now all you have to do is give 10-per-cent of it. Well, God still expects you to give it all & you should give it all. But you certainly cannot get by with God with giving less than 10-per-cent, that's the minimum!

       25. SO GET BUSY, FAMILY, NOW, & BRING UP THAT GIVING & make sure you not only give your tithes but also your offerings, your extra Gifts to both World Services or directly to your missionaries, if you wish. But however, whoever & whatever you give, give it!--And give it now!--They need it today! Amen?

       26. GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU & CONTINUE TO MAKE YOU A BLESSING, & THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFUL GIVING & your diligent service for the Lord. Just don't let Him down now. Having done so well thus far, don't fail now. Keep it up! Increase it! Raise it!--And not merely maintain it. The more that are going to the field, the greater the need is going to be & the more you will need to give. The more publications we send you, the more it costs. And we have not ceased to send more & more to you all the time.

       27. YOU CANNOT HELP BUT RECOGNISE THAT WE HAVE DONE MORE THAN OUR SHARE. ARE YOU DOING YOURS? You should be doing more than that, certainly more than you have this past month! So may God help you to increase your giving, sacrifice! David said, "I will not give to the Lord of that which hath cost me nothing!" (2Sam.24:24; 1Chron.21:24.) Give until it hurts! That's the kind of giving God likes.--A cheerful giver who gives until it hurts & enjoys it because he knows it's going where it's needed & belongs & will be an eternal immortal investment with eternal dividends in immortal souls!

       28. OTHERWISE, YOUR MONEY IS ROTTEN, IS CORRUPTING, IT'S STINKING, IT'S DEVALUATING & INFLATION & ALL THE REST IS EATING IT UP & YOU'LL LOSE IT ANYHOW, SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL GIVE IT AWAY, & THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO GIVE IT! One of these days soon they're going to take it away from you, all of it!--And you'll be a slave & you won't have it to give anymore! You'd better give it now while you can, not bury your talent somewhere & just try to preserve it for yourself, but give it now!

       29. PUT IT IN CIRCULATION WHERE IT'S NEEDED & CAN BE USED, not sitting around on a shelf somewhere or in some bank for some rainy day!--it's already raining on the mission field & they need it now! Send it today!--In Jesus' name. Amen. GBY! And thank you!--And I'm sure every missionary thanks you as well.--And I know the Lord will thank you too & bless you for it! In Jesus' name, amen! Praise the Lord! TYJ! GBY! WLY! Bye bye! GIVE IT NOW! SEND IT TODAY!--Tks! GBY!--IJNA!


       30. IN ORDER TO GET CAUGHT UP WITH THE LARGE BACKLOG OF MATERIAL WHICH WE HAVE ON HAND such as FNs, WNs, & miscellaneous other articles, we've had to have a quadruple-sized Book-of-the-Month this month, as you can see, in order to catch up. So that's why you're getting this huge blessing of this huge Book-of-this-Month because we're trying to get caught up in our backlog, & I don't suppose we have to apologise for that, as I'm sure you're not sorry because you're getting a quadruple blessing.

       31. MAYBE SOME OF YOU FIGURE IT'S QUADRUPLE-TROUBLE TO READ IT, but as I said before, our one-time Magazine, now-time Book-of-the-Month has grown to Book-size for sure, & therefore, you can't be expected necessarily to read every word of it but just read whatever interests you & what you want to read. You can be selective just like you would with any other book or magazine or newspaper or periodical, so that's up to you what you read, whether you read none of it or all of it, God bless you! But we're sure you'll probably want to read a lot of it, because in this huge king-size edition you will find lots for everyone:

       32. 21 PAGES OF LNFs TO KEEP YOU UP-TO-DATE ON THE LATEST; exciting news from all our mission fields around the World; activities of our Musical Units & Worldwide radio reactions; the thrilling faith-building story of Angelo's four-month imprisonment & his miraculous release & escape; new tips for you on your ministries & supporters, whatever they may be, written by our experts in all these fields: Photography, videos, pubbing DMs & Letters, music production, FFing & ESing, provisioning, teaching English, learning stage & acting, & writing & layout of news articles & classes.

       33. WE'RE PASSING ON TO YOU HUNDREDS OF VALUABLE TIPS for living & working in the Tropics--on children, foods, travel, health & many others. Also more of the profiles & info you've been waiting for on countries around the World including Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Columbia & many more. A special pictorial article on how the Chinese Letters are produced will really give you the vision for China & a burden to pray for our faithful Chinese Creation Units; & you won't want to miss the Warning article written by one of our old-timers on her recent attempted deprogramming & miraculous escape!

       34. NEW IDEAS GALORE IN THE SUGGESTIONS & COMMENTS; a 16-page First Aid Handbook; a new Komic, "Too Late?", for your distribution; & almost 100 pages of World News articles to use in discussion with your students in the classroom, fish & friends, & for your own information; a Table of Contents for the first 50 magazines; lots of pages of Want Ads; book reviews on thought-provoking subjects & lots of exciting life stories from some of our favourite stars & old-timers!

       35. WONDERFUL TESTIMONIES OF CHILDBIRTH & HEALING; recipes for you to try in your kitchen; exciting news from Lit-Pics around the World; Knew Disciples reports; a special 17-page section on Family banking by our experienced finance men, & many more!--All for your instruction, edification & inspiration. So have fun! And may this biggest Book-of-the-Month-ever be bigger-than-ever-blessing to you & your ministry!

       36. WE MAY BE A BIT BEHIND IN THE NEWS, BUT AT LEAST YOU'RE FINALLY GETTING IT, & more than you can even read, but we're not behind really in the MLs, we've tried to keep you up-to-date on those, & you've gotten some recent very important Current Events ones on the various Wars going on, etc., So we're trying to keep you posted on Current Events & keep you up-to-date on those as fast as we can. But it does take a little time to not only make the originals but then we have to get them transcribed & edited, proofread, corrected, finalised, & photographed & sent off to the printers to be shot & plated & printed & then finally mailed to you. And that's a process that with us takes at least a month or two because of our remote location & where we have to send materials around, back & forth, here & there, to different Creations Units & finally to our printing & distribution Units.

       37. I'M SORRY WE'RE NOT QUITE AS FAST AS THE NEWSPAPERS!--I don't now how they do it, God bless them! I sometimes wonder how the Herald Tribune ever gets its paper out & to us the very next day, it's some kind of a miracle or some kind of experience of years that they have learned how to do it so fast, because we haven't learned how to do that that fast yet. Maybe we don't have as may people working at it either.

       38. BUT WE'RE DOING THE BEST WE CAN, God bless you, & thank you for your patience in that some of your news has not yet been printed but we'll try to get most of it in in this issue, & if not in this one, you'll probably see it in the next issue. And we do keep you as up-to-date as we can on the MLs. Praise the Lord! Thanks for your patience.

       39. WE'RE SORRY ALSO FOR THE REPORTED CONDITIONS OF SOME OF THE PUBLICATIONS WHEN YOU RECEIVE THEM, that the envelopes were pretty badly torn,--thank God they had string around them to keep them together & your address was still on them & at least you got'm! We're not responsible for the careless & negligent & rough way the Post Offices treat our mailings. We package them the best we can & the best we can afford to & we can't iron-clad them or put them in boxes so we're trying to do the best we can. You'll have to have a little patience for that too.

       40. JUST PRAY THE LORD'LL PROTECT THESE MAILINGS & help them to get to you in good condition, at least get to you, thank the Lord, so you can read'm if nothing else. Be thankful we can still make'm & thankful we can still print'm & thankful we can still distribute'm & mail'm out, & be thankful you can still get'm, because God only knows how long we'll be able to continue to have such good distribution & mailings & that you'll still be able to receive them. So be thankful for your blessings. Try not to complain about a few little problems, but please tell us about'm so we'll know. Amen? Praise the Lord! GBY! We love you! We're doing the best we can!


       41. TRUE KOMIX VOLUMES 6 & 7 & A VERY SPECIAL ONE CALLED "THE LOVE OF GOD" are now at the printers being printed & will be mailed to you very soon as soon as we get'm back bound & ready to go, D.V. So please pray for the safe completion of these jobs, the printing & the binding & the packaging & the mailing to you & particularly for their safe delivery to you. They're very special Komix Books this time & I think you'll really enjoy them. All three of them are terrific & we're just thrilled with them ourselves at how beautifully our artists are coming out with the visualisation of the Letters & their meaning in the most brief & vivid, graphic form possible.

       42. OF COURSE, WITHIN, AS USUAL, YOU'LL FIND MANY NEW 4-PAGE GPs THAT YOU CAN USE FOR REPRINTING FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. And I urge you to do so, because some of you have been reprinting the same ol' hash so long now that I think the public are getting tired of it & you're neglecting the Warning Messages, you there in the North, & you're just trying to give them the milkiest stuff so that they must almost be ready to throw up, when they're ready for stronger meat & you owe them the Truth!--And not just those same old things that you've been printing & reprinting & distributing now for years!

       43. COME ON, LET'S GIVE'M SOME NEW FRESH FOOD THAT'S HOT OFF THE GRIDDLE & APPROPRIATE FOR TODAY & GEARED FOR THE GP DISTRIBUTION! Let's get'm out! Let's print some new stuff, shall we? And distribute some new stuff on the streets! You're really gettin' way behind, from the Stats that we get regarding what you're printing, & I think you're really failing the Lord & failing His Prophet in not getting the Word & the latest Words to the people! So I hope you get convicted about that enough to reprint some of these brand new GP Komix for street distribution. God bless you! Amen! Praise the Lord! May He help you to do so! You owe it to them!

Oops!--We almost forgot!--

       44. KOMIX VOLUMES 8 & 9 ARE ALSO CLOSE TO BEING FINISHED!--Only about 20 Komix still to be approved out of a total of 149.


       45. SINCE VOLUME 11 WAS PUBLISHED, WE'VE BEEN ABLE TO GET TOGETHER A WHOLE BIG 608-PAGE BOOK of mostly new Letters never before released in print! This Book, Volume 12, is now at the printers & will be in your hands within a couple of weeks, God Willing.--If you do your part to pray for its safe delivery.


       46. GLP IS WORKING ON COMBINED VOLUME 9 & 10 & this, too, will shortly be ready for you, God willing. Hallelujah!

              WE'VE GOT A TOTAL OF 10 BRAND NEW BOOKS IN THE WORKS!--with 2 new ones just delivered!

       47. YOUR NEW 1983 DIARY, A BRAND NEW FAMILY POETRY BOOK (A GREAT BIG THICK BOOK OF OVER 600 PAGES OF GORGEOUS POETRY & BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED) & THE NEW SONGBOOK are coming out soon! In fact, they're virtually completed & almost on their way to the printer now. So you should be receiving them within the next few months, D.V., at least some of them, as fast as we can get them to you. So please pray for them also, that they will be completed as soon as possible & mailed out as quickly as we can & that you will receive them safely & in good condition as much as possible. Praise the Lord!

       48. DON'T FAIL TO PRAY FOR ALL THESE MONUMENTAL PROJECTS & THEIR MONUMENTAL DISTRIBUTION TO YOU, & don't forget to send in your TRF on time so we can continue to pay for them & continue to produce them & send them to you. God bless you! Thank you Jesus! Amen! "The Gospel am free," like the ol' coloured preacher said, but it costs a lot to pipe it to ya', so keep it running! Amen? God bless you, & He has thank the Lord. You've been very faithful & the income of World Services has held up very well due to your faithful TRFing & diligent work & gifts, but now is down some due to your many moves. But if you pray, the Lord can supply in other ways--with special gifts from other sources, because now while we still have time to publish these books, we don't want to be hindered or delayed by a lack of funds. So God bless you for it. Thanks a lot! And I know He is blessing you!--Look!:

       49. BY NOW YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE BEAUTIFUL BRAND NEW TECHI BOOK, TECHI'S OWN LIFE STORY, by Dora, her nurse, & I'm sure you've been thrilled by it as we have with all the interesting stories & beautiful pictures, beautifully bound. But we are a little disappointed that somehow or another in the shuffle her mother's own Chapters on her pregnancy & birth & early baby days, which should have been almost the most important chapters of all, were accidentally somehow or another left out. I guess someone got the idea that since they were already printed elsewhere a couple times, both in the former Magazine & in the Childcare Book, that it wasn't necessary to reprint them in this particular Volume of Techi's life. But I was really disappointed myself that they were not included. At the time, we were very busy moving & in a hurry & I must have overlooked it somehow or didn't get a full rundown on the Book, or didn't get a mock-up so that I didn't notice that Maria's own Chapters were missing, Techi's own mother's Chapters were missing from the beginning of the Book. But maybe you can cut'm out of the old Magazines & stick them together somehow & plaster them in yourself if you can. Otherwise, you'll find them in the Childcare Book Volume 1, & also, of course, they're in MO Book Volume 6. Sorry about that!

       50. BUT WE'RE NOT PERFECT, WE'RE BOUND TO MAKE A FEW MISTAKES ONCE IN AWHILE, especially when we're in a hurry as we were trying to get out a massive amount of material to you before leaving Europe, & busy moving ourselves & moving a couple hundred other people out at the same time, so this was just overlooked somehow, so forgive us. But anyhow, we're sure you'll enjoy the Book just the same, & you've already read the Chapters, & you can read them again if you wish--in about three other places. So, praise the Lord anyhow! God bless you! And thanks for your patience with us again!

       51. YOU SHOULD ALSO HAVE RECEIVED YOUR FIRST COPY OF THE BIBLE IN PICTURES BOOK by the time you receive this Book of the Month! A beautiful, big, new Volume of the entire Old Testament in pictures & story, vividly illustrated with old art masterpieces, maps & actual photographs of the places where these Bible events happened, & my own text of the story, a running account of the pictures, which was made as I was actually giving lectures & showing the pictures, which should make it interesting to you while I'm talking to my children & all kinds of things going on, so it's a rather fascinating little family story as well.

       52. SO I THINK YOU'LL BE THRILLED BY THIS SIMPLIFIED BIBLE STORY SO VIVIDLY ILLUSTRATED WITH SO MANY PICTURES, many pictures on each page, & making the Bible story much easier for you to understand in chronological order & explained simply for you with many spiritual applications. You should have already received this big Bible in Pictures Book, we call it the BIPs, by the time you read this & we hope that you & your family are enjoying it! God bless you! And thank you for making it possible, praise the Lord!
       Thank You Jesus! Amen!

       53. WE ALSO WISH TO EXTEND OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE HAD A PART IN THE VARIOUS CREATIONS AND DISTRIBUTION UNITS & EDITORIAL UNITS, ETC., in compiling all of these outstanding works: Eight great big brand new Books being sent to you within the space of only several months, so thank the Lord! We're not just publishing a Book-of-the-Month, we're publishing several Books for you every month!

       54. YOU HAVE BEEN GETTING AN AVERAGE OF ABOUT TWO OR THREE BOOKS A MONTH FROM US, SO SEE HOW GOD IS POURING IT OUT! He promised He'd pour out so much there wouldn't be room to hold it, so if you haven't got time to read it all, why, don't feel too bad, He promised He was going to give you more than you could hold. And it's just amazing how the Lord has made it possible for us to publish it all!

       55. SO IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO READ IT ALL NOW, MAYBE YOU'LL HAVE TIME TO READ IT UNDER THE ANTICHRIST OR DURING THE TRIBULATION when we may not be able to send you anymore publications. So hang on to'm & keep readin'm the best you can. Be sure you read the MO Letters first so you'll get the latest news from the Lord for today, & then I know you'll want to read the news of your Family next for sure, & maybe World News next, etc. So whatever order that you give priority to, that's up to you. Just keep readin' & we'll keep rollin'!

       56. AND KEEP ON TRFIN' & WE'LL KEEP PRODUCING'! GOD BLESS YOU! THANKS A LOT! WE LOVE YOU! And we're doin' the best we can to feed you good! And hope we're not overstuffing you, but you don't have to eat it all now or in one big meal, put a little on the shelf & save for later & nibble whenever you have time. OK? And that's just a starter on some marvelous new things that we have still in store for you, God bless you!


       57. "WELLA, WELLA, WELLA, EVERYBODY'S GONNA HAVE RELIGION IN GLORY, WE'RE ALL GONNA HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME UP THERE!" And you're gonna have a wonderful time when you get my new series of 24 hours of micros of "My Old Favourites"!--My old favourite musical numbers from the past of my generation, the first half of this Twentieth Century, the first half of the 1900's. You are really gonna have a wonderful time & have a thrill listening to all these beautiful pre-recorded micro music tapes, the first in history!

       58. THEY'RE ALMOST THE FIRST MUSIC MICROS ANYWHERE BY ANYBODY! There's only one other company that we know of that's producing pre-recorded music micros, some company in Japan of course, And so far, nobody else but us has caught the vision. Maybe they just figured everybody was gong to copy all their old big tapes onto their own micros themselves & there wouldn't be much market for pre-recorded micros. And of course, that is something you can do to micro your own big tapes yourself just with your old standard-sized tape recorder patch-corded to your new little micro tape recorder & get some beautiful micros & save even more space than you can imagine!

       59. IN FACT, THEY'RE PUTTING OUT NEW MICRO TAPES IN BOXES THE SAME SIZE AS THE OLD STANDARD-SIZED BOXES & THEY'RE PUTTING FOUR IN A BOX in these new boxes, but they could have squeezed in eight because the box is twice as thick as necessary. So actually your micro tapes, you can get eight of them in the same space that your old standard one-hour tape box took, & if you record them it slow speed, only 1.2 centimeters a second.

       60. YOU COULD GET 16 TIMES AS MUCH RECORDED MUSIC OR ANYTHING IN THE SAME SPACE THAT THE OLD BIG TAPE BOXES TOOK UP! Think of that! 16 times as much! So you're going to get all those big old heavy tapes & their boxes cut down to 1/16th the space at least! And if you're choosy in what you re-record & micronise, you may even cut it down more than that in both size & weight, think of that! God bless you!

       61. I THINK YOU'RE GONNA LOVE MY NEW 24-HOUR MICRO MUSIC SERIES OF "DAD'S OLD FAVOURITES." So get that micro how so you can play'm & hear'm & love'm! I think you'll really enjoy them for your quiet times, rest, recreation, entertainment & just plain fun. Be sure that when you buy a micro tape recorder that you get one that has both speeds. Nearly all that we know of have both speeds, but there are a few cheap ones that only have one speed.

       62. BE SURE YOU GET A MICRO PLAYER WITH BOTH SPEEDS, THAT HAS TWO SPEEDS--SLOW SPEED & FAST SPEED, THE SLOW 1.2 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND & THE FAST 2.4 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND SPEEDS--so that you can micronise your talk tapes at 1.2 speed & you can get two hours on a little one--hour micro tape. But your music tapes need to be micronised at 2.4 speed in order not to have a quaver, waver, wow or tremolo on some of those high notes. But I've recorded a lot of music at slow speed & it wasn't bad at all. In fact, some of the music you may hear on my new series was recorded at slow speed originally & we're still listening to them.

       63. THAT SERIES OF 24-HOUR MICRONISED MUSIC TAPES OF "MY OLD FAVOURITE" NUMBERS IS GOING TO BE COMING TO YOU SOON, D.V. We have just completed the series ourselves & we are just now making copies for ourselves so we can send the originals off to one of our musical units for real professional recording. And as we've said before, please pray we can find a duper who has a high-speed duping machine that we can rapidly reproduce them & multiply them for distribution to you as soon as possible. OK? Thank you & God bless you, & there's no extra charge for these extra tapes!--Ha!--All free to TRFers!

       64. IT'S AN EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY FOR ME & I HAVE REALLY ENJOYED IT--the whole thing only took me in actual full-time production about two weeks & I think it was worth it because you'll not only hear a lot of good music, "My Old Favourites," but a lot of good little sermonettes which I threw in for free in the bargain between numbers. And Maria is saying over here that those were even better than the music. So I think you're gonna enjoy them & I think they'll be an inspiration, & I think they'll even be a blessing to your friends & fish & others & even systemites that may not want to listen to anything but popular music, but they're gonna get a few little Gospel pills in between. That music is just the sugar-coating on the pill.--Ha! So we'll fill'm up with the Gospel if you'll play them this series of micronised music of "Dad's Old Favourites." God bless you. Enjoy'm & use'm for the glory of God, in Jesus' name. Amen!


       65. HERE'S REALLY BIG NEWS FOR YOU!: OVER 10 PER CENT OF OUR FAMILY HAS FLED FROM THE NUKE NORTH TO THE SAFE SOUTH IN ONLY THE PAST TWO OR THREE MONTHS, besides all those who had already moved before that! Ten per cent! In fact, most of that within just one month, I think after they got "American Cannibals"! Aha! So God knows what He's doing when He gives those dreams, amen? So praise the Lord! And thank God a lot of you are moving not only South but East & more & more folks are going from the North to the East, the Southeast, & even quite a few folks are leaving South America, thanks to the War, & moving East as well. God sure knows what He's doing; if He can't get you out any other way, He scares you out!:--Either with the horrible prospects of what's gonna happen in the North or the War that has been fought in the South & could break out again.

       66. SO PRAISE THE LORD! GOD BLESS YOU FOR OBEYING THE WORD & FOLLOWING THE LORD & FOR FLEEING when He tells you to flee & where He tells you to go so you can be a greater blessing for a longer time until He comes, where you're much more needed than in the saturated Gospel-hardened North! Amen? Praise the Lord! God bless you! Keep movin! Keep rollin! And keep preachin' the Gospel in all the World to every creature! In Jesus' name, amen!--And you better move now as tomorrow may be too late as your escape routes may be cut off by the various Wars already commencing!

       67. AND HERE'S VERY GOOD NEWS: RECEPTION HOMES FOR NEW MISSIONARIES ARE ALREADY OPEN & IN OPERATION IN QUITE A FEW OF THE SOUTHERN MISSIONARY AREAS, ready to receive you with open arms & sufficient facilities & accommodations for a few days until you get relocated to your new fields further inland. So just write to the VS or the NAS or maybe somebody you know in that area & ask them about the Home & find out if there's one open in the area of your choice. And if not, maybe God wants you to choose another area, or maybe He's chosen one for you where they're ready to receive you.

       68. IF ALL ELSE FAILS & YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOUR RECEPTION HOME IS, YOU MIGHT EVEN TRY WRITING TO YOUR RO, your Reporting Office, they're no longer CROs you know, but to your RO, your Reporting Office where you send your TRF, & ask them if they can inform you as to where the new Reception Home is in your prospective mission field. And if they don't know, perhaps they will be able to find out for you. Several Reception Homes have already advertised in the Want Ads, & your Reception Homes, that's a good place to let the whole Family know where you're at so they'll know how to find you--give your Box Number at least for them to write you & ask you about your accommodations & costs, etc. Do that today, folks! Tomorrow may be too late! The Tunnel may be closed at either or both ends!


       69. I'M VERY SORRY BUT I HAVE FOUND IT IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP UP WITH THE WRITING OF THE MLS & THEIR PROCESSING, FINALISATION, & PRODUCTION & ALSO FIND TIME TO ADD NOTES TO ALL YOUR LITTLE ITEMS IN THE FNS, so if you'll please forgive me, I'm sorry, but I just won't be able to do everything & add notes to every little item of the Family News. I'm gonna have to put first things first, & the Word comes first so I hope you're not too disappointed if you don't find a personal note on your little news item, because I just cannot find the time to do it now that the Lord is really pouring it on & we're pouring it out!

       70. SO JUST REST ASSURED THAT I HAVE READ IT & WE HAVE READ IT & THE LORD KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT & WE LOVE YOU & WE'RE PRAYING FOR YOU & WE'RE VERY THANKFUL THAT YOU'RE DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB & we're shouting & praising the Lord with you on your wonderful successes throughout the World! Praise the Lord! God bless you! And thanks a lot again for your patience with us poor mortals who are doing the best we can. "The Spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak" (Mat.26:41.) & I'm still in the flesh even though my heart & mind & spirit are often in the next world or some other place. I'm still somewhat limited by this big ol' heavy hunk of carnal flesh, so I just can't do everything! Sorry, but I'm doing everything I can & the best I can & hope you'll appreciate what I can do. God bless you! Thanks a lot! Just know our hearts & minds & prayers & praises are with you in everything you're doing! GBY! In Jesus' name, amen!


       71. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR EFFECTUAL FERVENT PRAYERS FOR OUR DEAR BROTHER ANGELO, maestro of Musica Con Messagio, our Italian Music With A Message radio series, who was falsely charged by our enemies with crimes he did not do, & nothing very important anyhow & nothing very serious, but they tried to make something serious out of it, & have caused him a great deal of trouble & persecution & about four months in prison. But thanks to the Lord & your prayers & the many friends who helped, he is now out on bail awaiting the final decision.

       72. PLEASE PRAY THAT HE CAN BE TOTALLY FREED as soon as possible & vindicated, as the Lord has promised that when we are hauled in before judges & magistrates & kings & governors that we will be a testimony, He says, against them because they are persecuting us. So read his full story in this BOTM! In case you don't know what BOTM means, it's the new name of the old Mag: It's the Book-of-the-Month, praise the Lord! Actually it's tops!--Amen? Hallelujah! So, God bless you! Read his story in full, written by himself & his dear wife, Sarah, & their faithful helper, Abel Seaman, in this very edition of the Book.


       73. WE ARE VERY SORRY TO SAY THAT SOME PARENTS HAVE NOT HEEDED OUR URGENT WORDS OF CAUTION TO BE MORE PRAYERFUL & CAREFUL ABOUT FIRE, & ABOUT SWIMMING & WATER FOR CHILDREN. We've had some drownings of small children permitted by careless parents who were not keeping an eye on their little ones as watchfully as they should be, & sad to say, we've have had some very serious burnings of children in fires, caused by the carelessness of the parents in not being more watchful of both the children & any source of possible fire.

       74. WE'RE VERY SORRY FOR THESE POOR PARENTS WHO HAVE HAD TO SUFFER THE LOSS OF LITTLE ONES OR THE SERIOUS INJURY OF THEM & their suffering, but we must caution you all again that fire is not anything to be played with & neither is it anything to be left behind in the presence of children alone without an adult watching. Watch those heaters! Watch those candles! Watch any type of fire, campfires, cook stoves, etc., & make sure they are safely operated & safely placed so that they are not the cause of a sad & serious fire which can do serious injury or even bring death to one of these little ones.

       75. WE SYMPATHISE WITH YOU POOR PARENTS WHO HAVE SUFFERED SUCH ACCIDENTS & BEREAVEMENTS & SUFFERING, but we must caution you again that we have warned you time & time again not to leave little children alone in the presence of any potential fire or danger or water or whatever it may be! Children must never be left alone in the presence of any such potential danger! We don't even let our tiny ones do to the bathroom alone but always send someone with them, either a parent, an adult, or an older child, to make sure they do not get into anything in the bathroom which they should not get into such as many types of cleansers & toothpastes & water that's too hot & all kinds of things which can happen in the bathroom.

       76. IT'S A DANGEROUS PLACE! AND SO IS THE KITCHEN! Keep your children out of the kitchen & the danger areas of the kitchen whether fires & hot things are present or any type of materials which might contaminate or poison or harm them in any way. Keep them even out of the bathroom unless they're old enough to go alone & if not, go with them, or send someone with them.

       77. AND BY ALL MEANS NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN ALONE SLEEPING IN ANY ROOM OR TENT OR CAMPER WITH A POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD OR ELECTRICAL FAULT or short of some kind, or especially an open flame, such as a candle which can so easily fall over & catch inflammable materials on fire & cause a larger conflagration which could very sadly injure them or even cause their death. Please, parents, after all the hard work & the prayers & the problems of bringing up those precious little ones, those priceless little lives, how could you be so careless in a few moments of thoughtlessness & lack of watchfulness as to endanger & cause suffering to them or even allow their little lives to be snuffed out on this Earth?

       78. HOW COULD YOU BE SO THOUGHTLESS, SO CARELESS, SO UNWATCHFUL, SO UNPRAYERFUL AS TO ALLOW SUCH THINGS TO HAPPEN? We can't understand it. May God forgive you. And may God have mercy on you, & may God help you to survive the terrible suffering & bereavement you have actually caused yourself. Remember what I have said to you many times before, "Nothing ever happens to a Christian, one of God's own children, by accident. Accidents don't happen, they are caused," usually by carelessness, prayerlessness, & lack of watchfulness, lack of diligence in caring for your own children.

       79. PLEASE BE MORE PRAYERFUL, CAREFUL, WATCHFUL & DILIGENT IN THE CARE OF YOUR LITTLE ONES & don't allow their little lives to be snuffed out or caused lifelong suffering by your own foolishness. In Jesus' name, amen! And please don't forget that spiritually demonic activity in certain dark countries that are just full of the Devil & Satanic works are particularly dangerous, especially for you & your children as children of God & servants of the Lord.

       80. THE ENEMY IS ALWAYS READY TO ATTACK YOU AT ANY UNGUARDED MOMENT & YOU MUST BE PARTICULARLY PRAYERFUL & CAREFUL in such dark demonic areas as some of these Southern Satanic countries where Satanism & Witchcraft & Deviltry of all kinds are rampant & can cause you trouble or problems if you don't really bathe yourself & your family & your co-workers & your house & vehicles & all your possessions in constant fervent, effective prayer. You must pray, beloved, as a foreign missionary on a foreign field in unfamiliar circumstances & with unknown dangers; you must pray desperately all the time, every moment, continually if you expect to be spared from troubles caused by the Enemy.

       81. "MEN OUGHT ALWAYS TO PRAY & NOT TO FAINT" (Luke 18:1), God's Word says. And He says, "Pray without ceasing!" (1Thess.5:17). "Watch & pray" (Mat.26:41) & He didn't say that for no reason. He knew you would need it & you need to pray, & it's one way the Lord has of trying to keep you close to Him & in His presence continually & constantly dependent upon Him & His protection & His provision.

       82. BELOVED, IF EVER YOU LEARN TO PRAY, YOU SHOULD LEARN TO PRAY ON THE MISSION FIELD, & if you haven't, you should start right now, praying desperately for protection for you & your family & your helpers & your equipment & your home & everything! In Jesus' name, amen. Remember, you believe in prayer as much as you pray!--Amen? GBAKY praying constantly!--IJN, Amen.


       83. MWM! WAS MOVED TO HIGHER GROUND, so please don't send any more mail to CPO 220. MWMI's new address now in effect is: MWM, Box 223, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

       84. ATTENTION MWMI STATION BOOKERS: COULD ALL BOOKERS TO DATE PLEASE GIVE US A BRIEF RUNDOWN ON ALL STATIONS THEY'VE BOOKED TO DATE, that is, confirmation that the Show's still being broadcast, the time of day & the day of the week the Show is aired, etc. Even just a brief note would be a blessing to us. Thanks so much! P.S. We've already notified all current Stations of our address change. WLY! Love, MWMI.

       85. NOTICE REGARDING VOLSTATS: We would like to request that all Homes in Latin America, Asia-Africa & the Pacific fill in the VolStat form & send it to your RO with your TRF at the end of this month! We would like to compile an up-to-date Voluntary Stats analysis to benefit the Family which is still moving out of the Nuclear North to the Safer South & East, & would like to have as complete reports as possible on conditions in these safer fields. Thanks!


       86. GBY! WE HOPE YOU'RE ENJOYING YOUR BEAUTIFUL NEW CHILDCARE HANDBOOK VOLUME III! We just wanted to inform you of a few corrections regarding dates on the "7000 Years of World History Chart," pages 284 to the first column on page 291. On the chart, everything after "The Life of Abrahim" is OK, but please write in the correct dates for "Creation", "The Flood" and "The Patriarchs", copying the dates given on the "Summary of Ancient Man Chart' on page 86 of the same Volume. We're sorry for this inconvenience, but since the "7000 Years of World History" Chart is so beautifully done--& you & your children are sure to study it--it's important that the correct dates be added. GBY! WLY!--Hart.

       87. NOTICE RE: PROPHECY POSTER "REVELATION OF THE END" (ML No. 1100), which has now been printed in three different places: First as a beautiful full colour poster, then in Volume XI, pages 1 & 2, & last of all in the Childcare Handbook Volume III, pages 344 & 345. The corrected chart according to Dad's new (yet unpublished) Letter "Heaven, Hell & In-between" appears in the Childcare Handbook, regarding the words "Wicked" and "Unsaved." After reading over the Prophecy Poster Dad said:

       88. "I SHOULD NEVER SAY WICKED AGAIN THERE, I SHOULD JUST SAY UNSAVED. The preachers always say 'the wicked' but it does not say the wicked here, it just says all the dead. 'And I saw the dead, small & great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the Book of Life; and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works ... and whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire.' (Re.20:9-15.) They're obviously not all wicked, because some of them are found written in the Book of Life & are spared Hell. Only those not written in the Book of Life at this last Great White Throne Judgement of the Unsaved are cast into the Lake of Fire."

       89. SO IF YOU'D LIKE TO CORRECT YOUR POSTER, please change "wicked" to "Unsaved" as it appears in the Childcare Volume. (All should "Unsaved" except at the very end of the chart Satan & Wicked are cast into Hell!)


       90. FOR FN ARTICLES:

       Those living in: Europe, Asia, Africa & the Orient send your articles to:
       D. Lynch
       P.O. Box 633


       Those living in: North & South America send your articles to:
       Caryn Leigh
       Casilla 711
       Lima 100
       South America

       91. FOR M&M MAIL:

       Entire Family send to:
       Postfach 241
       8021 Zurich


       92. I WAS THINKING LAST NIGHT ABOUT SOME NEW NAME FOR OUR SO-CALLED CROs. I hate that name now ever since I've been to Sri Lanka & those crows were the bane of our existence there, & I had to start fighting back & shooting them with a slingshot to get rid of them & cursed them & everything else, as well as the wind-up bird & the Devil Birds of Sri Lanka. And ever since then I've been leery of this name CRO. I never did like crows very much anyhow, but it just was a convenient alphabetic handle for our Central Reporting Offices.

       93. I THOUGHT, "WELL, LORD, WE'RE CHANGING NAMES ALL THE WAY AROUND. We're changing, we've turned from a Revolution into a Family, & from a Magazine to a Book, & from World Services to a Publishing House, so we better think of a new name for these CROs. Reporting Offices sounds a little bit too strong to me." I thought, "Now let's see, what could we call the CROs?" You can drop the Central easy enough, & in fact they're quite dispersed now.

       94. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO CALL THEM REPORTING OFFICES, WHICH SOUNDS A LITTLE BIT STRANGE IN A CLUB OF BOOK SUBSCRIBERS, since they don't have to make out monthly reports & send them to Reporting Offices, do they? Well, we're still going to have to do it, even if we change the name, but we don't have to advertise the fact by the name of the Office. And I got to thinking, "Now what kind of a name should we invent, Lord, for those offices. We need some kind of another name. I don't like that name CRO & besides, it's not a good name or them any more."

       95. BUT NOW AS A CLUB, WHAT ARE WE?--WE'RE CLUB MEMBERS! What's our new organisational name? (Pearl: Book-of-the-Month-Club!) We're the Book of the moth Club!--The Family Education Book-of-the-Month-Club, so qualified because there's quite a few other Book-of-the Month-Clubs. We are the Family Education Book-of-the-Month-Club, & after all, every periodical has to have subscribers, & in order to subscribe they have to do what? They have to send in to some kind of an office. And they have to be members who write in & get subscriptions from this office.

       96. BUT I DON'T EVEN LIKE THAT WORD "SUBSCRIPTION" because it can imply that it has certain legal connotations that you owe them the publication, that they are paying you for it. We've tried to get away from that. You are giving us gifts, we are giving you gifts, & nobody's obligated to do anything, because that lets out the legal angles then which a subscription membership could give. So I shy away from the term subscription for that reason, because a subscription means that you pay a certain amount of money to get a certain amount of publications in return.

       97. OUR CLUB MEMBERS DON'T HAVE TO PAY ANY MONEY, OR ANY CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MONEY AT LEAST. You have to give something but not pay it, & you can give whatever is you tithe, & we give you whatever we're able to give you, & we sure give you a lot! We've given you a whole lot more than you ever dreamed of paying for! So I was just trying to keep the name down to the absolute minimum of what it actually represents.--That they're Offices is obvious. We almost have to call them Offices if we're going to tell the Family or our membership, the Members, where to send your TRFs.

       98. LET'S TRY TO GET AWAY FROM THAT WORD "FAMILY" TOO--IT'S SCAREY! It's world-known today & too many, even the Mooneyites, call themselves a family, etc. Let's be a club! OK? If our Club has a Membership & the Membership has Offices to which they have to send their contributions in order to get our contributions, then whose offices are they? They're Club Offices, Offices of the Membership. They're Membership Offices to which the Members contribute their contributions, donations or gifts in this case, & we contribute our gifts to them. I don't know, maybe you an think of a better alphabet soup of some kind using the word "Club." I tried "C" with a few things but I came up with some pretty zany combinations.

       99. BUT I CAME UP WITH ONE ABBREVIATION THAT KIND OF TICKLED ME--A MEMBERSHIP OFFICE--& WHAT ARE THOSE INITIALS? (Family: MO!) Maybe that might be too identifying, I don't know. Ha! I think you kids would get a kick out of that: "Please send it to your local MO!" Maybe that's the wrong thing to use. That's the funny thing that came to me in the night, that's all I can say, & I began to put them in combination with our present offices--the NAMO, the LAMO, the EURMO & MAAIMO! Ha, ha, ha! I must say I had a good laugh over that during the night. EURMO, MAAIMO, HISMO, HERMO, whatever it may be--they're Membership Offices. Well, we'll let that kind of perk a little bit & see. I don't know whether we'll really wind up with that, but that's as far as I got last night anyway, till I fell back asleep again. (It's safer just to drop the Rs!--Ha!)

       100. WHAT WOULD BE OUR NEW INITIALS FOR OUR NEW PUBLICATION?--HOW ABOUT "FEB"! Does that have anything to do with us? Sounds like February, our Birthday month! Ha! The Family Education Book is what it is from now on, the FEB! That's it as we now know it today; we might change the name tomorrow, & that's always possible if you an think of a new one or better one. I'm always open for suggestions, Beloved, if you've got a better idea. These crazy ideas sometimes come to me in the middle of the night & maybe I had too much sleep or not enough or drank too much or didn't drink enough or had to many dreams or whatever, I don't know. Maybe you think I'm crazy, but it seems to work.

       101. SO IT'S THE "FEB," & I'M SURE RIGHT AWAY OUR ENEMIES WILL CALL IT THE "FIB," like I'm sure they call the MO Lion, "Well, that's just MO Lyin'. More of Mo's lyin'." Ha! The enemies will always use it against you somehow, so praise the Lord anyhow. I don't care what they call us as long as the Lord calls us & as long as we obey His call, that's all that matters. So PTL! GBY!--Amen?

       102. THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR CLUB. "Thy rod & Thy staff, they comfort us." Thank You for Your Club & your Staff, Lord, rod, staff & club being much the same. TYJ! Amen. PTL! The prophets of God are in a sense God's rod. His Word is His Rod, they are His Word & He uses them sometimes to lower the boom on the World & the disobedient with the Word. He calls it the "rod of His mouth." So "Club" is not an entirely unscriptural term. We're his Club, to beat'm over the head with the Word if we need to!--Ha! (Ps.23:4; Isa.11:4.)

       103. THE WORD CLUB MAY NOT BE AS HARMLESS AS IT SOUNDS! The Book-of-the-Month-Club,--I club the Family over the head with this book every month!--Ha! I bet ya some of you haven't even finished reading them, you haven't had time! Don't kids me, I know you haven't read it all, ha! I'm the only guy probably that has time to read it all because I've already read it before it's published & I had to read it, as well as dear Maria. She tries to read it all, bless her heart! I can't read everything either anymore & not as thoroughly as I used to, but I have to, PTL! Well, it's a pretty good Club, amen? (Family: Yes!)

       104. SPARE THE ROD & SPOIL THE CHILD, SPARE THE CLUB & SPOIL OUR CHILDREN. So we've got to use this Club that God's give us. PTL? (Family: Amen!) It's a nice double meaning, isn't it? The World won't realise how dangerous this Club is--dangerous to the Devil's business. It's not really dangerous to the World, we're trying to help the World. "He came not to condemn the World but that the World through Him might be saved,"--"For God so loved the World"--etc. But most wouldn't recognise Him, sad to say. But we're doing our best & we're accomplishing a lot, amen! PTL! GBY! WLY! (Pro.19:18; Jn.3:16-17.)

       1. ROs instead of CROs.
       2. BOOK instead of Mag. (Since it's the Book-of-the-Month we could initial it BOTM?--Ha! We've reached the BOTM--but it's really tops!--Amen?)
       3.--And CLUB instead of Family, when dealing with Systemites. Funny they can savvy a Club & not our Fam!--Ha!--They're really dumb! It's safer to invite'm to your Club Meetings--maybe Family Video Club!--Ha! GBY! WLY!--Join the Club! Membership Fees: TRFs!--Amen? PTL! GBY! ILY! IJN, amen.

       106. NEW HELP FOR INDIA! 7 July '82

       GBY! THIS IS TO INFORM YOU OF THE GRADUATION OF PAX (3 1/2), ELDEST CHILD OF PAUL & MORNINGSTAR KINGS, who recently went to be with the Lord in India after a short illness. From birth he had suffered a blood deficiency, which meant that certain drugs, foods or infections caused his red blood cells to be destroyed. He received the Lord at two & the Spirit at three, &, although always weak, he was full of faith, loved the Lord, the Word & litnessing!

       AS PAUL & MORNINGSTAR WERE VISITING THE FIELD, PAX CAUGHT A SUDDEN FEVER & GOT VERY ILL. His parents rushed him to the hospital on the train, but enroute he steadily grew worse, & they had to' disembark before they had reached their final destination, & hurry to a nearby government hospital, where after a day of intensive care he went to be with the Lord on the 27th of May, 1982.

              MORNINGSTAR WRITES THAT AS SHE WAS SITTING BY HIS BEDSIDE, "I was quoting verses & then I looked at him & said out loud, 'Pax, just what is the Lord telling you?' And clear as a bell into my head came the words from the song, 'He's sending a band of angels, coming to take me Home.' PTL! We believe he fought his fight & finished his course & now he is helping us in the Spirit." they continue in their letter:

       "SOME OF THE VERSES THE LORD GAVE US ABOUT PAX were "He is not dead but liveth", "Many are the helpers of David" & "Precious in the sight of the lord is the death of His saints." Just before his going to be with the Lord, the Lord gave us a vision of him standing in an armoured suit &is sword lifted high overlooking India. So maybe he'll help us get out the Word as that is what the sword lifted high represents & also that is what he loved the most, litnessing."

       "THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE DEFINITELY BROKE OUR HEARTS FOR THE POOR & HOW MUCH THEY NEED JESUS, how hopeless they are without Him & how much they need His Word. It is certainly impressed upon us what a serious & essential thing it is to win souls, & also how short the time is & to live each day as if it were our last for Him.

       "THE LORD REALLY USED PAX TO HELP US HAVE REAL LOVE, PATIENCE, UNDERSTANDING & MERCY FOR HIS PRECIOUS SHEEP. The Lord really used Him to break us & cause a revolution in our lives. It seems the Lord used him to help us do more for the Lord & His Kingdom, as previously he had had a slight attack which caused us to really forsake all & live totally by faith again, getting out His precious seeds. PTL!

       "ARRIVING BACK IN BOMBAY ON THE 29TH OF MAY, TIM & FAITH INFORMED US THAT WE HAD BEEN APPOINTED VS'S OF SOUTH INDIA. It was a real comfort to us that the Lord still loves us & wants to keep using us for His Glory. We are definitely not worthy, nor feel we can do such a serious & sobering job. We feel that maybe the Lord took Pax as He knew it would be too hard on his flesh to be on the road & would be much better helping us in the Spirit.

       "STILL WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU IF POSSIBLE, & we would like to know if there is anything serious in our hearts that needs to be rooted out, as we feel that it is better we are no VS than a bad VS & be a stumbling block to the Lord's sheep. This is a very serious position & we feel if there is any unyielded part in us we would love to root it out now before it affects others. We love you all so much & the Lord's sheep--we don't want to disappoint you, nor the sheep, nor the Lord--we know it is all the Lord & that He is the only One who can do it--but we are definitely sinners & we do need continual cleansing. Maybe this is doing it.

       "WE REALLY LOVE YOU SO MUCH & CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR GIVING US THIS CALLING. Lord help us not to fail but to be faithful in all. GBY! The Letters are strengthening us so much & give us grace! Thank God or the Family who have been a real strength & & comfort in this trying time. Much love & prayers in Jesus' name,
       --Paul & Morningstar Kings"

       It sounds to us from your letter that the Lord has already been faithful to show you the reasons for taking His little one back Home to be with Him: To break you heart & tender your & make you more merciful with others & help you comfort others with the comfort wherewith you are comforted (2Cor.1:4.), & give you a helper in the Spirit World who loves you & loves India, while at the same time freeing him from the burden of this life that was too much for him & also freeing your from the concern & burden of caring for him, to care for many others who need you more. "Blessed in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." You were good stewards over the Lord's precious little one & He can say, "Well done thou good & faithful servants, now I've got an even bigger job for you to do! You were faithful in the few, now I can trust you with the many!" It's not only Pax's graduation, it's yours--to a bigger & more important job than ever before. May God bless you & keep you in it, & make you a greater blessing than ever before! We love you & pray for you! In Jesus' name, amen. Love, Maria.)

       107. ATTENTION VIDEO CREWS! 4/82

       A few nights ago while watching a Family video, Dad made some comments which we thought would be good advice to anyone making Family videos.

       1). If you are using a map to show your journey or your area-which Dad thinks is a good idea-be sure to point clearly with a marker or your finger so we know exactly what and where you are describing.

       2). One good way to help your video audience 'get acquainted' with a new city is to go to the top of one of the highest buildings and shoot a good 360 degree view of the city.

       3). If you plan to dub a musical background in behind your narrative, BE SURE THAT IT IS NOT TOO LOUD! It is very frustrating to have an interesting and informative narrative almost drowned out by music. It would be better to have no background music then some that is too loud.

       4). Family interviews in public places. After watching an interview of some precious Family members which was filmed in a public park and was obviously drawing attention from passersby, Dad commented:

       "DO THEY DO THESE INTERVIEWS OUT IN PARKS IN ORDER TO SHOW YOU THE LOCAL PEOPLE OR JUST TO FIND A PRETTY PLACE? It's extremely distracting actually from the people themselves. It seems like it'd be better if they're going to show the local people not to show them during the interview, because it's kind of trying to mix the scenery and narration of the populace with our personnel. I'd rather see our folks at home in their natural surroundings where there's not so much noise & distraction, wouldn't you? What do you think? (Family: Yes.)

       "AND DON'T YOU THINK THIS IS A LITTLE BAD SECURITY, REALLY? It's certainly going to attract a lot of interest & curiosity & everything else. "What are you doing here & what's this all about?' and gather a big crowd. I don't know how many of these personal intimate interviews they have conducted right in public parks & on public streets with people walking by in all kinds of directions and distracting your attention.

       "I HAVE SEEN TO MANY OF THESE PARK INTERVIEWS IT JUST AGGRAVATES ME because it is not good to mix an interview with the local people. The cameraman swung right away from her to some little child while she was talking about being a prostitute when he should have zeroed in one her face!

       "WHY DO YOU THINK THEY DO IT? JUST BECAUSE THE PARK IS A PRETTY PLACE? Well, they could certainly find a pretty wall in their home, a pretty couch or something where it would be quiet and no distractions and we wouldn't think about anything except them & what they're saying."

       So there you have it: and we hope that it will help you in filming your 'Visits Via Video'! They really are tremendous and much of what Dad said just 1 short year ago concerning the future of the Video Ministry is already happening! "So keep tryin'!--You're gettin' better all the time! GBAKY rollin' for Jesus! In Jesus' name, amen! See you on VIDEO!" (983:44)--AMEN!

              MORE LATEST NEWS FLASHES!--By Joseph Reader.--GBH!--At our request.--Love,--W/M.

       108. VS & NAS REPORTS. If you're a VS or a NAS please be sure to send a copy of your monthly VS or NAS report to Peter Amsterdam c/o your reporting office each month. Thanks! We're really looking forward to hearing from you regularly. GBAKY "cow-operating" for Him!

       109. NEW ADDRESS FOR FC & KIDZ MAG. The FC team has gone South (hope you have, too!) & all mail for Family Care or KIDZ may now be sent to the following address:

       Cx. Postal 472
       24.020 Niteroi-R.J.

       Please address all mail exactly as shown above & don't put any other names on the outside of the envelope, as the Post Office is very particular & incorrectly addressed mail may be returned to you! Thanks!

       110. WARNING! Form Cub members Jonah & Melita, who put a "Find-a-Friend" ad in Mag 50, have sent lies & doubts in the form of an anti-sex Komic to many who've responded to their ad, as well as to those whose addresses they had from their time in the Club. So give no place to the lies of the Enemy & beware of those who spout them!

       111. ROGUE'S GALLERY GUIDELINES. Please remember that requests for excommunication must be accompanied by the signature of all the local shepherds affected by the problem case or cases, as mentioned in a previous LNF. Also, if you can send a picture of the offender for publication, it may save others from having problems with him too!

       112. RULES FOR WANT ADS. If you're looking for help, a Home or a helpmeet, etc., please send your picture with your ad. A picture of your happy smiling face is one of your best advertisements & we must ask that you send one with your ad or we won't be able to publish it. Sorry! We're printing a few ads for Homes & helpers without accompanying pictures in this edition but this is the last time we'll be able to do this. So please send your picture with your ad (any ad directed to the entire Club) & we'll look forward to seeing you a well as hearing from you! Please include a shot of your whole family if your ad involves them, and if you are in a closed country or other security sensitive situation, please send a photo anyway & indicate your situation so we can avoid publishing it. Find-a-Friend and Pen Pals can send photos too!--No sunglasses!

       Also anyone advertising goods in the Book--slide shows, Bibles, etc., anything offered to the Club in the FEB (FAMILY EDUCATION BOOK)--should send a sample of the goods with the ad for it. We might be interested, too!--and it'll give us a chance to check the quality of the work before it goes out to the entire Club. Thanks! For slide shows this doesn't mean you have to send us the entire show--just send a few sample slides along with a description of your show, what it's about, price, length, etc! WLY!

       113. SLIDE SHOW SAMPLES. We'd like to see samples of any slide shows that have been done by you of any kind, even if they're just for your personal use, whether based on the Bible, Letters, Flannelgraphs, Komix, etc.! Or if you haven't done a slide show but just have an idea for one, we'd be interested in hearing from you tool! If it's a good idea or a good personal show we may be able to help you with it & pass it on to others who need it. Your idea may help save a soul or win many to Jesus! "We're showing God to the World!" (DM Apr. 28) So send us your idea in detail, a complete description of the show: whether it would have musical accompaniment (a tape) or text to be read, the story it's designed to tell, where it's meant to be used (schools, hospitals, etc.). And if you have a personal slide show which you've been using perhaps you could send us a few slides (if possible) & let us know about it & what success you've had with it. PTL! WLY & would love to hear from you! GBY!
       --Amen! Many missionaries need them NOW!--Tks!--Love.--W/M/D.

       114. NOTICE REGARDING LIT PRINTED IN SYSTEM PUBLICATIONS We wanted to answer a question some have had regarding how to count lit printed in newspapers or other system publications. Dad says lit printed this way should definitely count as lit distributed. "Anyone that enterprising to get it in the newspapers deserves the credit for every copy of its circulation!" Please multiply the circulation of the newspapers times the number of pages of our lit that was printed to get No. Pgs Distributed & No. Pgs. Printed for your TRF, & be sure to list the Title, Type, Language & Amount (circulation) on the written portion of the TRF as well. Thanks! WLY!

! Our Own

              MY OLD FAVOURITES!--Dad's Favourite Popular Music!--By Ol' DJ Dad himself! June 1982

       115. THESE TAPES WILL BE SENT TO YOU SOON, D.V., ON TINY MICRO-CASSETTES ONLY!--To encourage you to get your Micros NOW! (The latest Sony M-80 micro-radio-cassette player is the best & most practical we have found so far, priced at only about $100 duty-free!) Hope you can get one soon & enjoy this beautiful music along with these recorded comments interspersed between number by your old DJ himself! The tapes are coming as soon as we can find a micro-duper for reproduction for us for distribution to you. Please pray for a miracle!

       116. SO GO OUT & GET THAT MICRO NOW SO YOU'LL BE READY FOR THEM WHEN THEY COME! We jut want to let your know we're serious about going micro & have already micronised 100s of our own Family tapes! We were carrying over 700 big standard-size audio tapes with us in our travels weighing over 100 pounds & occupying nearly ten cubic feet of space. By the time you read this we will have micronised most of them down to 1/25 of that weight & size, or a total of only about four or five pounds of micros occupying only about a 1/2 cubic ft. of space!

       117. WITH NOTHING BUT YOUR OLD TAPE RECORDER, A PATCH CORD & YOUR NEW MICRO YOU CAN DO THE SAME for yourselves just like we are & micronise all your own present big tapes down to the Micro size & give the old ones away to your friends, & travel light with your micro cassette player in your pocket & your headphones on your head & your small store of micro tapes occupying only from 1/20-1/25 of the present size & weight of your present old tapes, & that way preserve & carry them all with you wherever you go!

       118. YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE ANY OF YOUR TAPES OF PLAYERS BEHIND AGAIN! They'll always be handy & usable wherever you are & playable on your tiny Micro-player & headphones in full booming hi--fidelity stereo three-dimensional sound--just as beautiful as those one-ton stereo outfits the poor Systemites are stuck with!

       119. SO COME ON NOW & "LET US LAY ASIDE EVERY WEIGHT, & the sins (over-sized tapes) which do so easily beset us (& our luggage), & let us run the race that is set before us"--to preach the Gospel in all the World!--Hallelujah!--With our headphones on our heads! (Heb.12:1.) Go micro today & start micronising your old tapes now as we have, & you'll be ready for the Micros we're sending you soon, D.V.! Amen? GBY!

       120. D.V., WE'RE ALSO GOING TO MICRONISE & REDISTRIBUTE TO YOU ALL THOSE RECENT BUM TAPES WHICH WILD WIND SENT YOU! So sorry! I guess poor Beriah got in too big a hurry trying to send you everything he possibly could before he left Europe, & evidently wore out the heads of his dupers. Hope they haven't worn out your head or patience tryin' to hear'm! We're so sorry, & we did not know this until we began receiving complaints from the Family all over the World about the poor quality of these recent tapes sent you by Wild Wild, so we are determined to redo them!

       121. SINCE WE ARE ALL GOING MICRO ANYWAY, WE'RE GOING TO REDO THEM ON MICRO & send them to you as soon as we can, D.V. So get that micro cassette-player now & start redoing your own other good old tapes so you'll be ready to run with micros. PTL? GBY & help you go Micro soon, Jesus' name!--Amen!

       122. IT'S THE MICRO REVOLUTION & IT'S BEAUTIFUL! We don't listen to anything else now, & it's the best sound yet in the most portable hi-fi stereo there is!--You'll love it!--We do! TYJ! PTL! Micro's here we are!--Hallelujah! With headphones on your ears you can run, drive, travel, walk, work, play & listen privately anytime, anywhere, any day or night, drowning out Family noise or the System's confusion with these beautiful music Micros, Scriptures, DMs, MLs, etc. playing clearly in gorgeous stereophonic hi-fi sound on your tiny pocket Micro, with extra tapes in your pocket or purse! PTL!

       123.--AND DON'T CONFUSE THESE NEW MICRO "WALKMAN'S" WITH THE OLD ONES THAT ONLY PLAY BIG STANDARD-SIZE TAPES!--Buy only the new stereo Micros that play new the tiny metal music tapes & normal Micro talk tapes for the beauty of full-scale hi-fi three-dimensional stereo sound in all its glory!--Just like it's right inside your head!--More gorgeous than listening to a one-ton outfit with a dozen woofer & tweeter speakers at full volume!

       124. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THIS IS THE KIND OF HEADPHONE MUSIC I WAS RAISED ON!--The tiny crystal radio sets I used to build when a boy!--And about the same size, with headphones & all!--Only these are not only radios but tape-players too!--And the headphones are much smaller & lighter & better!--And the two-band (FM & AM) built-in radio much smaller & better!--And it records music straight from its own radio too!

       125. --AND YOU CAN CARRY THESE IN YOUR POCKET EVERYWHERE, whereas my old crystal sets had to have a 50-foot antenna!--Ha! The new micro radio-cassettes need no antenna but your earphones!--And plays tapes too!--Something undreamed of then 50 years ago!--But in size & weight the new micro-radio-cassette players with headphones have come full circle around back to about the same size & system as my old crystal sets!--Only much better & more versatile & portable!--Wow! Wotta Revolution!

       126. THIS IS GOD'S ANSWER TO OUR GYPSY FAMILY'S TRAVELLING MISSIONARY NEEDS!--Portability, security, versatility, economy, inspiration, education & enjoyment!--A real blessing to us all!--You'll love it!--We're thrilled with'm!--The answer to both our busy traveling & listening-time problems!--Just pray we can find a high-speed micro-duper to multiply'm for distribution to you! So far only one company in the whole World is marketing a few pre-recorded micro music tapes!--A dear Japanese in Tokyo, of course!

       127. PLEASE PRAY WE CAN GET SOMEONE TO DUPE OURS FOR US!--OK?--And we'll all go completely micro for everything but radio station tapes!--Amen? PTL! GBY! Get your own Micro now & start micronising your own big tapes!--It's easy & simple & only takes time & patience, & you can enjoy listening while you do!--Just remember to record music on micro tapes at the fast speed (2.4 cps) for fidelity, but talk--tapes at only the slow speed (1.2 cps) to save tapes, & they'll all sound real good! GBY! WLY! Go Micro TODAY!

       128. --AND COMING EVEN SOONER, D.V.!: A printed list of these song titles with the text if our comments between!--Over 300 gorgeous numbers & inspirational commentaries with a message--"MUSIC WITH A MESSAGE!"--Our own MWAM4Y!--Whammy! Whee! Hallelujah! GO MICRO TODAY!--Tomorrow is too late!


       WE WOULD LIKE TO SAY A BIG "THANK YOU" to everyone who has sent in material for use in the DFO REFERENCE BOOK. God bless you for taking the time & effort to share such interesting & valuable information with us all! In fact, Maria found much of it so good & timely that many of the classes are being printed right away in the BOTM, so that the Family can benefit from them immediately!

       THE DFO BOOK IS STILL IN THE WORKS, & DV will contain reprints of many of these articles, all in one easy-to-refer-to volume, but meanwhile the whole Family can profit from what you have shared with them!

       AND ANYONE ELSE WHO HAD PARTICULAR KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE in a ministry or pastime, something that would be of interest to the Family, & hasn't yet put it on paper, we can only encourage you to do so while there is still time! This may be you last chance! Try to keep it clear, factual, concise & to the point as possible, & if possible send it in final typed, using a print page format of 13.5cm x 19.5 cm or similar proportions. We need to hear from you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at the following address:

       World Services, Postfach 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland with "Attention James" on the inside envelope. GBY! WLY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family