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FIRE & ICE!--A discussion of Family music & dances.       [EDITED: "ADULTS ONLY"] 1213       10/2/82
--By Father David

       1. THERE'S ALREADY SO MUCH SAD MUSIC IN THE WORLD, WHY DO WE HAVE TO ADD TO IT? Our job is supposed to be giving music with a message, music with meaning that has the answer. So why add more sad lonely love songs to the World full of them? Unless it's got a real message or answer I don't think we ought to even really waste or take up our time with them.
       2. WHY SHOULD WE EVEN FILL UP SPACE OR GAPS IN TAPES JUST LIKE STUFFING IN A TURKEY for something that hasn't got a real message, just because the space is there & we need some music to fill it up? Why should we have any songs without a message? Instrumental music is good though, it gives you time to think & reflect on what's already been said before. I'm always thinking in terms of radio, of course, but even for the Family. They're on a big radio push right now. Songs with a message & songs that the Family can play for witnessing, for friends or contacts, fish or Family.
       3. PAUL SAID, "PREACH THE WORD!" (2TIM.4:2) & I'M REALLY NOT MUCH INTERESTED IN ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T PREACH THE WORD OR PREACH CHRIST! We have used a few funny songs on radio, a few little innocent love songs sort of as stuffing in-between just to act as bait, & they might be able to use a few of these songs in between the songs that have a message just to sort of sugarcoat the pill.
       4. REAL SLOW, SAD, BLUES MUSIC LEAVES ME SORT OF SLOW, SAD, FLAT & BLUE ALSO. Music affects you, at least it affects me. I mean, it really influences my emotions & I wind up feeling like the music! Slow, sad, blues music kind of makes you almost feel like crying & almost discouraged when it's all over! I mean, when there's no message there, there's no answer there, there's so little hope & so little uplift, so little inspiration, it just sort of leaves you, well, maybe not really cold but sort of lukewarm, just sort of blah!
       5. IT REMINDS ME OF WHAT MY UNCLE SAID ONE TIME SITTING IN THE CAR. I'd never heard the word before, I didn't even know what it meant as a little boy, but he was talking to somebody else & I remember that I thought about that for a long time afterwards, "Well, what did he mean?" They were sitting in the front seat & I was in the back seat & they were just ignoring me, of course, since I was just a little boy. A lot of people figure what they say in front of children doesn't matter, "They don't understand, you know, it's just a kid."
       6. HE SAID, "I'M SO BLUE, I'M PRACTICALLY RUNNING ALL OVER THE SEAT!" He meant he was like blue paint & it was running off of him onto the seat, he was so down & discouraged about something. But I didn't know what it meant & I thought & thought about it, "What does he mean by that, he's so blue he's running onto the seat?" Well, some of this music made me feel like crawling under the seat & sort of hiding from the World! If love is that sad & that bad, I mean, who wants it?
       7. OUR KIND OF LOVE HAS GOT SOMETHING TO OFFER! It's happy, it's lively, it's dynamic, it's positive, it's powerful! It's not slow & sad & draggy & dreary & drudgery. It reminds me of what Shakespeare said about "Love is such sweet sorrow." Well, our love doesn't have to be so sorrowful & so sad & draggy! We're noted for our happiness & our joy! "That your joy may be full!" (Jn.15:11)
       8. WE REALLY COMMUNICATE THAT JOY TO OTHER PEOPLE through our shining, happy, smiling faces & blithe spirits & the bright glow of our personalities because of the Spirit of the Lord, because He's our personality & that's what wins the World to us! It's not because we're sad, we're certainly not sad because we're in love with the Lord, we're happy about it!
       9. IT'S EITHER GOT TO BE MUSIC WITH LIFE OR WITH MEANING OR IT'S NOTHING! I mean, why play it? Why use it? I certainly wouldn't want to drag people down with it on the radio, & why even drag the Family down with it at home? There's not enough encouragement in it, there's not enough inspiration, there's not enough positive, there's not enough dynamic drive to it! It's not the kind of music that made the Revolution!
       10. THAT MUSIC WOULD NEVER START A REVOLUTION, IT'S TOO SLOW, DRAGGY, SAD & DEAD! It makes you feel like, "Well, if those people are all that sad & the World's that bad, they'd be better off buried if they're so dead!" Our life is not known for its deadness but for its liveliness, its happiness, its peppiness, its bouncyness--like Techi! She's nearly always wreathed in smiles, glowing & radiant with joy bouncin' around, dancing, laughing & playing like a little child should be, like one of the Lord's children..
       11. MOST OF THAT MUSIC JUST LEFT ME SAD, & IT MUST BE THE WAY THEY FEEL OR SURELY THEY WOULDN'T SING LIKE THAT! I'm sorry, but I just don't like that kind of music! It hasn't got the message that we want & that we preach & it hasn't got the life or the meaning or the joy. It's just all sad & draggy. There's a sweetness to some of their sadness, & it's true as Wordsworth said,
       "The sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought,
       And our sincerest laughter with some pain is fraught."

But that is an expression of the voice of the World. Their sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought & their sincerest laughter is with some pain fraught.--But not ours!
       12. OUR SWEET SONGS DON'T HAVE TO BE SAD & OUR LAUGHTER DOESN'T HAVE TO BE FRAUGHT WITH PAIN! Our laughter can still be sincere without pain, & sweetness without sadness, & that's our secret, it's the Spirit of the Lord & the joy of the Lord & the happiness of the Lord, the peace of the Lord. A song can be slow & moving without being sad & draggy or dragging you down. We don't want that kind of music to drag us down to their level, we want to lift people up to ours! So our music should be inspired, encouraging, uplifting, exciting, dynamic, enthusiastic, happy, joyful! Not slow, sad & draggy.
       13. I THINK SOME OF THESE DANCES HAD THE WRONG KIND OF MUSIC. It was too slow & too sad & they made the dancers dance too slow & too sadly when they should've expressed a little more verve & a little more liveliness & a little more happiness & joy & should've been maybe a little bit bouncier. Maybe we set them the wrong example in some of those slow music dances we did. You yourself complained that the music was hard to dance to, it didn't have enough life & beat.
       14. YOU DANCE BEST TO A SORT OF MODERATE DISCO-TYPE MUSIC THAT'S GOT A REAL STRONG BEAT TO IT & is really danceable & lively & really turns you on & you really go, & the one or two dances you did like that I think you really did better. But you yourself said it was hard to dance to that slow music even if you were supposed to be dancing a beautiful Dance of the Seven Veils or something. It was supposed to be graceful & poetic & beautiful but it doesn't always necessarily have to be slow & draggy & without a real dance beat.
       15. I THINK WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO TRY TO PUT ON A FEW MORE FAST NUMBERS IN OUR DANCE VIDEOS. Not necessarily jerky & awkward like a few were who danced to fast music & it seemed like they were all arms & legs & jerking around. I realise we're to "squeeze not jerk" but we don't want to squeeze so slowly we never pull the trigger!
       16. I THINK I'VE TOLD YOU SEVERAL TIMES THAT WHEN WE'RE MAKING LOVE & petting to some of those dance numbers they're entirely too slow. You couldn't even get up enough rhythm fast enough to make you go! (Maria: That's right.) We had to really break with the rhythm & sock it to ya to make it! I think a lot of these girls could've probably danced better to faster music, a little more lively, even provocative, a bit spritely, sort of impish & flirty!
       17. WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FLIRTY FISHES, NOT MOVING SO SLOW THAT ANYBODY CAN CATCH UP WITH US! Most males sort of enjoy the chase & to go after the girls that are hard to get & at least give'm a run for their trouble. They kind of lose interest in the pushovers who don't really lead'm a merry chase. And even lots of girls enjoy the fun of the chase & running, they just don't want to run too long & too fast that they never get caught!
       18. THERE'S A HAPPY MEDIUM IN-BETWEEN! You don't have to go to the extreme of the coarse, crude, carnal stripper & her bumps & grinds to hard-rock music or noise. But you don't have to drag it out & go so slow that you hardly have any rhythm at all & no beat, no life, no liveliness, no spriteliness! Our dancing should be happy & lively & I think most of it is & I think we almost slowed the girls down too much on their dances.
       19. WE WERE TRYING TOO HARD TO MAKE THEM BEAUTIFUL & graceful & decorous & artistic without being crude & gross like a burlesque. But we almost went to the opposite extreme of extremely formal ballet. We need to hit some sort of happy medium in-between. We could have a few slow dances. Each girl usually does about three numbers & I think maybe the first one could start out slow & the next one ought to pep it up a little bit, be a little more lively, & maybe the last one could be a real fast one, really step up the tempo just like you do in sex!
       20. WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN THANKFUL WHEN A LIVELY LITTLE DANCE WITH LIVELY MUSIC DID COME ALONG so we could really go to town while we were making love! Because I have a natural bent to follow the rhythm of music, & if there's not much of a rhythm you can't get up much rhythm in your sex either! If there's not a good strong beat you can't beat the tom-tom very strong either!
       21. THAT'S WHY WE FREQUENTLY HAD TO DEPART FROM THE RHYTHM TO MAKE IT, because the rhythm of the music was too slow. We had to really pep it up on our own or double-time it to really get there! And after all, when you're about to have an orgasm you don't much care what the beat is as long as it gets you there! But it's usually fairly fast at the end. You really pick up speed & the tempo is rapid as you get toward the climax & you're really bangin' away almost with violence!
       22. AND I THINK THAT MIGHT BE A GOOD, YOU MIGHT SAY, ORDER OF THE PROGRAMME IN OUR DANCES & THE DANCE MUSIC. We start slow but we increase the tempo until we end with a real wild fast & furious sexy orgiastic dance that really flings it around & sends you to where you feel like she really wants to pounce on you & she's ready to grab you & sock it to you, & she shows it with her body as she shows all her body in that last dance!
       23. SHE CAN STILL HAVE A VEIL, A SCARF, A SHAWL OR SARONG, she doesn't have to expose the nitty-gritty necessarily. Although a brief glimpse here & there is not bad. I don't mean she has to dance out there completely stark naked, hairy hari-Krishna & all without any props & without anything to do with her hands. Although caressing her own body & bosoms & pum is exciting & that's something she can do with her hands, & on the last dance she can really go to it! That's very exciting especially if she really increases the tempo & you can tell she's feeling it! I mean, in those dances you can really tell the girls that are really beginning to feel sexy & really feeling it & getting to where they really want it, which is the whole idea! (Like Joan of Arc did!)
       24. BECAUSE WE'RE NOT ONLY GLORIFYING GOD IN THE DANCE, WE'RE ALSO GLORIFYING SEX!--His thrilling, exciting, beautiful creation! And I think in a way maybe the strippers have got it right in their time-honoured proven programme of starting slow & gradually increasing the tempo until they wind up with a fast & furious, hard-hitting, hitting his hard, sock-it-to-me beat when she's finally stark naked & really worked herself into a frenzy!
       25. I THINK WE NEED TO HAVE A LITTLE MORE VARIETY IN OUR DANCES! You did some slow but I told you you did best on the faster dances when it really had a beat & you really have to swing it, then you really got going. That's what you did on that "Bilitis" dance that time when it finally got to the bicycle ride or bicycle race or whatever it was. Boy, you really stepped it up & you really had me going & you were really swinging it around & you were getting wild & fast & furious! And you made me feel wild & fast & furious for love & sex!
       26. SO I THINK OUR GIRLS REALLY OUGHT TO GIVE THEIR DANCES A LITTLE MORE VARIETY & I don't think you should make the girls who like fast music necessarily have to dance to slow music, or the girls who like slow music have to dance to fast music, but it might do them good to have a little variety at least. They can shine best on the music they like best. But for their own sake & the sake of their audience & for the sake of variety--which is the spice of life--I think some of their dancing ought to be a little more spicy & have a little more sort of temptation flare & seductive tease to it.
       27. THEY CALL'M STRIPTEASERS, WELL, THAT'S TRUE! In a way a woman in her flirtatiousness is a sort of tease. But we men like it & we like to be teased! I like a prick-teaser providing I finally get it! I don't mind them teasing my prick as long as they finally give my prick what it wants & don't just continue to tease & leave me standing there hard & deserted, hard & lonely & forsaken--which is what the stripteasers always finally do.
       28. THEY'VE AROUSED THE WHOLE BUNCH OF HARDS IN THOSE MALE AUDIENCES in the strip clubs & the burlesques & nearly everybody's hand is going in his pocket & they're really goin'! And then all of sudden she reaches the final stage & she's completely nude & ready for it & you're ready to go & you want to consummate the climax & suddenly she disappears & leaves you flat!--Unless you finish it yourself which I often did under the table or behind the bar & which I noticed a lot of other guys were doing too!
       29. IN ONE OF THOSE BARS WHERE THE GIRLS COME & SIT WITH YOU FOR A PRICE AFTER THEIR DANCES, I think from her position somehow she must've seen my hand working under the table, so in some of those clubs they don't go backstage & change to sit at the tables. They come right down off the stage in their strip costume & they dance right on the floor between the tables. And she came trippin' along real impishly--she knew what I was doing--& she reached right under the table & grabbed it & let out a big laugh! She thought it was so funny! Even her touch nearly made it go, but the embarrassment then sort of scared it out of me.
       30. BUT WE DON'T WANT TO BE TEASERS TO THE POINT THAT WE RUN SO FAST THEY NEVER CATCH UP WITH US! The chase is part of the spice of love & sex, but the chase is no fun if there's never a catch! I mean, fishing's no fun if you never catch anything. You can have a lot of patience & wait a long time as long as you're eventually rewarded, & you don't mind stalking the game for a long time with a great deal of patience & effort as long as you finally catch it! But you don't want to go to all that trouble fruitlessly & come back empty-handed & have to use your own hand instead of her!
       31. SO I THINK WE OUGHT TO STEP UP THE TEMPO ON SOME OF THOSE DANCES like some of the girls we have seen. Some of them went to the opposite extreme & they were a little too fast & jerky & almost coarse & crude in the blatant sex of their very first dance & that's all they did. They never did do a slow beautiful dance.
       32. BUT LIKE SEX, IT USUALLY STARTS OUT SLOWLY, RIGHT?--With slow petting & slow caressing & the beauty of the lovemaking & the kissing & the squeezing & a little masturbating of each other until you begin to breathe hard as you get a little more excited & get hard & it gets a little faster & it gets a little more excited until finally you're really movin' & you're really sockin' it to each other almost with violence & like a pneumatic drill! You're really sockin' it to each other fast & hard until you finally explode!
       33. LOVE & SEX CAN BE SLOW & BEAUTIFUL & ARTISTIC & what shall we say? What's the word for it, modest? Demure & coy & sort of shy at first, but then it gets a little bolder & a little flirty & you have to make a few moves & you finally have to really start moving until you're really working away! Rat-a-tat-tat & almost brirrrrrrrrrrrrr like the Arabs trill their tongues when they get excited!
       34. LIKE ABRAHIM DOES WHEN HE GETS EXCITED WHEN WE'RE HAVING SEX & MAKING LOVE, when we really get to the height & the climax he breaks into tongues in his own language & he trills his tongue like those Arabs do in the real Arab countries. They don't clap, they don't know anything about clapping or applause, but they trill their tongues with that loud shrill trill, especially the women, & it's really quite a sound to hear!
       35. FAITHY CAN REMEMBER IT FROM [EDITED: "HER SINGING PERFORMANCE IN AN ARAB COUNTRY"]. When she was on stage there at first she didn't know what in the World it was! She didn't know whether they were doing it because they liked her or they didn't like her! But her interpreter told her that that meant they really liked her singing. It's a shrill sound, a shrill trill kind of like rolling your r's, only it was a high-pitched tone & it goes trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Something like you hear the Mexicans do, they do it too in their singing. Watchman often does it with his Spanish songs.
       36. BUT I'M AFRAID SOME OF OUR DANCES & DANCE MUSIC HAVE BEEN A BIT SLOW & DRAGGY IN TRYING TO BE GRACEFUL & ARTISTIC & not too coarse or crude & we've never quite reached the climax! They've never really exploded. There's been no final orgasm with a real orgiastic dance which there should've been. I think they ought to sort of work it up, not work it down.
       37. THEY REALLY NEED TO PERHAPS START OUT SLOWLY in a beautiful, graceful & almost fully-clothed costume, & gradually as they begin to disrobe & become more nude & display a little more & a little more they ought to also sort of step up the tempo & the speed of the dance, until at the end it could be wild & furious & sexy & orgiastic & bring a real climax!
       38. I NOTICE SOME OF THOSE STRIPPERS REALLY WIND UP IN A REAL SWEAT! They have really been working & they end with such a fast furious sexy dance that their whole body is glistening with sweat, they're absolutely soaking wet all over! It's kind of pretty that way too, it sort of shines! But our girls have been taught to dance I think a little bit slow & I'm afraid we're the ones who set the example trying to make that kind of nude dancing more beautiful & artistic & aesthetic & ethereal & uplifting & God-glorifying, etc.
       39. BUT I'LL TELL YOU, GOD MADE SEX & HE MADE IT SO THAT IN THE FINAL STAGES OF THE ACT IT'S FAST & FURIOUS & REALLY AN ORGY, almost violent with a very rapid rhythm! And I think perhaps some of our girls need to learn that & we need to teach them that. We need to even permit that because they got the idea we didn't even allow it! But boy, I'll tell you, when you get to dancin' fast & you finally really turn on & get naked there, you really sock it to me!
       40. I MEAN, YOU REALLY GO!--GO, GO, GO & IT'S NOT SLOW, SLOW, SLOW! It's fast & rhythmic with a real rapid beat & you really sock it to me!--And that's what you feel like in the final stages of sex! You really feel like sockin' it to'm! You can hardly control yourself, you hardly care how hard! I always remember what that famous newscaster said, that real handsome one with the wavy hair, the one we liked the best. I think he was the best-looking newscaster of all! I've forgotten his name right now, maybe it'll come back later. He retired from newscasting to some ranch out West just before we left the States ten years ago. Remember him?
       41. THEY ASKED HIM WHAT HE LIKED BEST ABOUT A GIRL & he said, "Well, I like the kind of girl who looks like she could withstand the impact of a Mack truck!" Apparently he meant in a good fuck, because he's a pretty big man! And when you get that far you really want to bang away & hard & almost violently & the girl has to really be able to take that kind of impact!
       42. YOU KNOW I DO THAT SOMETIMES WHEN I'M FUCKING YOU & I'M EVEN WORRIED ABOUT IT! I sometimes almost lose it because I'm worried that I'm hitting you too hard, banging away too hard & too violently & I'm going to hurt you or something! But I guess that's why the Lord put that nice little fuzzy shock-absorber down there & that nice little pad of flesh & bone right at the pubic area so it could withstand the impact of not necessarily a Mack truck, but at least a violent fuck, & sometimes that's what really does it in the violent stages! You've really got to bang away & bang hard to make it!
       43. SO I THINK MAYBE WE NEED TO STRIKE A HAPPY MEDIUM & WE NEED A VARIETY. We need to start with a slow dance & then gradually speed it up, maybe with a sort of a happy medium tempo on your second dance. You usually dance three numbers & finally really sock it to'm on the last one in a wild orgiastic frenzy of downright sexy dancing at a real rapid rate! Really sock it to'm & act like you really want it & want it bad & you're going to get it!--And if you dance like that you probably will!
       44. AFTER ALL, THAT WAS OFTEN THE ORIGINAL PURPOSE OF THE KING'S DANCERS! Maybe that's what we ought to call some of our groups. We call some at MWMI the King's Minstrels, some of them could call themselves the King's Dancers! The original purpose [EDITED: "of sexy dancing in olden times"] was to work the dear king up into a frenzy & a hard so that he'd get excited enough to want to fuck'm!
       45. THEY WERE TO BE TEMPTING & EXCITING & SEDUCTIVE ENOUGH TO AROUSE THE KING & his hard harder until he wanted them & they were chosen for the night! Whichever dancer aroused him the most--like the Pearl Goddess that time danced for me--was the one that he chose!--The one that aroused him the most sexually, inspired his spire the most & got him going the best!--Like some of you girls do with me! Some of you are real good at it, GBY! You really inspire my spire & make it spirt! PTL!
       46. SO I'M JUST SAYING WE NEED A LITTLE MORE VARIETY, A LITTLE MORE RHYTHM, A LITTLE MORE FAST DANCING, as well as some of the slow beautiful artistic dances. I think it should follow the pattern of sex which God Himself created & even the rhythm He created, & He made it to start rather slowly & then gradually increase in speed & tempo until it ends fast & furious & with a real fling & flare & wild orgiastic frenzy! Some of our girls I think were afraid to let themselves go & in a sense really let their hair down. C'mon girls! Let your hair down & make us hard up & go!--Give us some fire with that ice! GBY! WLY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family