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CLEANLINESS WITH CHILDREN! Capetown, South Africa       DFO 1220       30/7/81
--By Father David

       1. LET'S LAY HANDS ON DAVIDA AND PRAY FOR HER RIGHT NOW, SHALL WE? We rebuke this thing!--Touch & heal it & make it better for Jesus' sake. You promised, Lord, "they shall lay hands on the sick & they shall be healed." (Mk.16:18.) Lord, if You can heal the television & the picture & the sound like You did yesterday, You can surely heal your dear little Davida's eye. (A sty.)

       2. REBUKE THIS THING & HELP HER TO LEARN A LESSON TO KEEP DIRTY FINGERS OUT OF EYES unless they're washed, otherwise use a tissue or something if they're itching or something's bothering, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. I'm so sorry, Honey! I know that bothers you. We've all had'm in the past sometime.

       3. IT'S NOTHING VERY RARE OR UNUSUAL. Grandpa's had one or two & I guess you've all had a sty at some time or other, haven't you? Maria's had sties & everybody's had sties sometime, but it's always for the same reason--getting dirt or some kind of infection & germs in your eye, usually from rubbing your eyes with dirty fingers. If you want to rub your eye, either go wash your hands or take a tissue or something & rub your eye.

       4. I THINK IF POSSIBLE IT'S ALWAYS GOOD FOR YOU GUYS THAT'VE GOTTA GO DOWNTOWN, THAT TWO ADULTS GO WITH THE CHILDREN, because someone always has to stay with the children. If someone needed to phone or anything else it would be difficult if there's only one. Thank the Lord we've never had any problems, but I always like to be prepared for anything & use the Lord's two-by-two principle.

       5. AN OLDER CHILD IS ALMOST AS GOOD AS AN ADULT & IT'S NOT AS NECESSARY, but when you have as young a child as Techi, she couldn't very well take care of herself, & if you have to stay with her there would be no one to send a message or anything. So be sure two of you go together with her. We pray & we trust the Lord & nothing's ever happened yet & we trust it never will. I always believe in safety checks & double checks & using wisdom. Let's have prayer, shall we?

       6. (MARIA: AMEN. THANK YOU LORD FOR GIVING US SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY TODAY & beautiful sun & a beautiful place to live & nice places to go. Lord, bless them as they go & keep them safely with Your angels surrounding them. Help them to be prayerful & careful & give them a good time, Lord. Keep them from the germs on the buses & bring them back safely in Thy time, in Jesus' name.) Amen.

       7. MAKE IT PROFITABLE & INTERESTING & EDUCATIONAL & EDIFYING & GOOD EXERCISE, FRESH AIR! PTL. Amen. Do keep them in Jesus' name. XXX! GBY, Son. ILY! Sorry about that sty on her eye. Be real careful, Son, about taking the children on the bus, that they don't touch things. They really ought to wear gloves. (Alf: We have their gloves, we put them on as we walk up to the bus.) Sties always come from getting dirt or infection in the eye, usually through rubbing a dirty finger in their eye.

       8. I'VE ALREADY GIVEN HER A LECTURE ON THIS THAT SHE SHOULD NEVER TOUCH HER EYES UNLESS SHE WASHES HER HANDS FIRST & then rubs her eye. It's pretty hard to tell a little child that, because it's not likely they're gonna maybe even have a chance to wash their hands on the bus & their eye itches. But the safest thing to do then is just take out a tissue & rub her eye, because she's obviously rubbed her eye with dirty fingers & gotten some kind of infection. (Maria: Of if you have to, you can even get it with the back of your hand or your wrist.) That's much better than using your dirty fingers.

       9. SO NOW YOU SEE, DAVIDA, IT MAY SEEM LIKE A LOT OF TROUBLE & EXTRA WORK TO HAVE TO REMEMBER THOSE THINGS, but it's better than having a sty in your eye, isn't it? (Davida: Yes.) It's better to wash your hands or use a tissue or like Mama Maria said, even do it with the back of your hand if your fingers are dirty, because it's always bad to put dirty fingers either in your eyes or your mouth or your nose or your ears; you can get infections that way. There are lots of germs in the World everywhere & especially here on those dirty buses with those dirty people.

       10. NOW, HONEY, THAT'S ANOTHER THING YOU MUST NEVER DO! Go wash your hands quick! You must never put your hands on a dirty floor. I saw you sitting on the dirty floor a minute ago right over there where Grandpa walks in with his dirty shoes from outside on the dirty sidewalk & gutters & dog dung & spit & everything else. I'm sorry that I just cannot take my shoes off in the hall here, so you must not sit down with your clean little panties on the filthy dirty floor & you must never touch the floor with your hands if you can help it.

       11. TO LAY YOUR HANDS FLAT DOWN ON THE DIRTY FLOOR LIKE THIS, NO WONDER YOU GOT A SORE EYE, HONEY!--'Cause the next thing you know, you're rubbing your eye & rubbin' the dirt & the germs from the floor right into your eye! Wash her hands, Son. You children are going to have to learn that you must be especially careful about keeping clean here with all these natives & their germs & all that dirt & their dirty dogs.

       12. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THIS WORLD, in the cleanest countries in the World there are still germs & dirt. Now you must learn that there are germs & dirt everywhere, but especially on the dirty floor, dirty ground or on those dirty buses. Very dirty people travel on those buses, all kinds of dirt & diseases & germs & whatnot! So the less you touch anything on those buses the better.

       13. IN FACT, IT'D BE FAR BETTER FOR YOU TO WEAR SOME KIND OF GLOVES IF YOU HAVE THEM, ESPECIALLY WHEN RIDING THE BUS! You can take'm off when you go to the beach or playground or probably in the museum as long as you don't touch anything. But on the buses you have to touch things & keep constantly grabbing ahold of things to keep your balance & to climb on & hang on when you're on & climb off, so you've got to wear gloves on the buses--including you, you ought to be wearing gloves. Climbing on & off those buses & holding onto things you just transfer germs right straight from one hand to the other without even phasing'm.

       14. (MARIA: WHAT ABOUT THE GERMS ON THEIR GLOVES?) I trust they don't stick their gloves' fingers in their mouths or ears or eyes at least, & you certainly ought to have gloves you can wash once in awhile here. What kind of gloves do you have? All leather? (Alf: They're just knitted gloves.) Well, can they be washed? (Alf: Yes.) OK, then I think you ought to wash them every time you come home from an excursion. If you've ridden buses & that sort of thing, your gloves ought to be washed right away.

       15. THE BOYS ARE PRETTY WELL PROTECTED WITH THEIR PANTS & ALL THAT, but the girls must be very careful about sitting on these seats. I suggest you pick up the girls & set them on your lap when you're on these buses. In fact, even both children, if necessary, rather than let'm sit on those dirty seats. You don't know what kind of diseases they might pick up.

       16. I DIDN'T EVEN LIKE TO SIT ON DIRTY BUS SEATS ON THE BUSES IN THE UNITED STATES, one of the cleanest countries in the World! So at least I always made sure I had on thick pants & thick underwear, etc., to try to protect me from germs. I may be a clean freak, but I'd rather be a clean freak than a dirty one!

       17. JUST HOPE & PRAY IT'S NOT PINKEYE! That's one of the commonest things there is amongst poor people & it's extremely contagious, the whole Family could get it. I've had it in the past & my family got it in Arizona from the cotton-pickers & my father even had it once in Oklahoma where both eyes were swollen shut & so thick with matter that he had to have'm wiped with hot water in the morning to get'm open. The matter just caked & glued them shut! Just pray it's not pinkeye & pray that's where it stops if it is.

       18. WE PRAYED FOR IT NOW & EXPECT THE LORD TO ANSWER PRAYER, but I'm just shaking you up a little bit about cleanliness because, Alfred, I notice you particularly sometimes are not very particular about things like that. You don't think about those things like door handles in restaurants & all that sort of thing. I've had to teach you & I hope you're learning. (Alf: Yes, Sir.)

       19. THAT'S ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT WHEN YOU TAKE THE CHILDREN TO A PUBLIC RESTAURANT, that you don't let'm touch door handles or anything, & if they have to sit on the toilet, then put paper down. Sit on paper, that's what I always do, & that's what my daddy taught me to do & my mother too & that's what you should be doing! Never sit on a public toilet without putting strips of paper down to sit on, because all kinds of dirty filthy people with all kinds of diseases sit on those toilets.

       20. BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT KEEPING THEIR HANDS CLEAN AT ALL TIMES, especially, I'd say, after one of those bus rides. The minute you get to the other place you ought to wash your hands with soap & water. You're just gonna have to keep at it on cleanliness, because as you can see, sties almost always come from rubbing dirty fingers in the eyes. So she's got to always be very careful, even the adults, all of you.

       21. I'VE HAD TO CAUTION LOTS OF PEOPLE AFTER HAVING HAD THEIR HANDS DOWN BELOW & BEFORE THEY HAD WASHED THEM, not to go stickin' their fingers in their ears or their eyes or their mouth or something up above. Because there are lots of germs that you can stand down below that your head can't take that are always present. That's why the laws in the Bible were so very particular about cleanliness, & think you need to teach the children to be cleaner & to be more conscious of washing their hands.

       22. DID YOU KNOW ABOUT HOW MANY TIMES A DAY DADDY WASHES HIS HANDS--WITH SOAP & WATER & THEN USUALLY MY FACE TOO? Every time I go to the toilet & a lot of times in-between. Definitely every time I come home from outdoors & I've been to town or a restaurant or anywhere else & always after going to the toilet at a public restaurant. And when I'm comin' out of the restroom I don't grab the door handle! What's the use of washing your hands if you go right ahead & grab ahold of a thing that every dirty Gentile that's walked in & walked out has touched?

       23. DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN STAND IN A RESTROOM & ALMOST AS SURE AS ANYTHING TELL WHO'S JEWISH & WHO'S GENTILE?--Not just by looking at their faces. I'm not talking about pants so thin that you cannot only see their sex but their religion [EDITED: "that is, whether they're circumcised or not"], but because besides me who am a clean freak, there are a few others like me. It's a part of Jewish ritual religion, particularly the Orthodox, & nearly all Jews who have any respect for their religion at all always wash their hands with soap & water after going to the toilet. (Maria: Doesn't everybody know to wash hands after?)

       24. HONEY, I HAVE WATCHED I DON'T KNOW HOW MANY MEN IN MY LIFE WALK INTO THE TOILET, including waiters & dishwashers & everything, go to the toilet & walk right out without going near the washbowl! (Maria: I think women must be better.) I think maybe in general women are cleaner, yes. They're that way, & I certainly hope ours are. (Maria: Women are more conscious of cleanliness.) Well, I have lived with some awful dirty women in my life, so it doesn't mean a thing! Sex has nothing to do with it!

       25. MAMA EVE WAS ONE OF THE DIRTIEST PEOPLE I EVER KNEW! I didn't know such dirty people existed! You'd have thought she was from a sharecroppers or a cotton-picker or some kind of migrant working family instead of the top aristocracy of the city of Louisville, the land of blue-blooded horses & red-blooded women!--Beautiful horses & wild women! But she was one of the dirtiest people I ever lived with & that was hard for me to believe.

       26. OF COURSE I DIDN'T KNOW TOO MUCH ABOUT OTHER WOMEN OR GIRLS AFTER LIVING WITH MY MOTHER ALL MY LIFE, WHO WAS A CLEAN FREAK, along with my father who was practically a fanatic about it. But even he could catch it, as clean as they were, amongst the cotton-pickers & the very low dirty people of the cotton fields of Oklahoma.

       27. I KNOW HOW MY FAMILY CAUGHT PINKEYE IN ARIZONA. We took in this poor dirty cotton-pickin' family with little children just for a visit one afternoon & gave'm dinner, & one of them had a sore eye. We didn't know what pinkeye really was then, till later I realized & remembered that my father had it. They went into our bathroom & used our towels & all the rest.

       28. AS CLEAN AS WE WERE, ALTHOUGH MOM WASN'T VERY CLEAN, & I was horrified to see that she'd brought this dirty family into the house with their dirty little children & sore eyes & everything to mingle with ours. (Maria: That's a big complaint that a lot of families have.) God's Word says, "Touch not the unclean thing & have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness." (2Co.6:17; Ep.5:11.)

       29. IF PEOPLE ARE DIRTY THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM INSIDE AS WELL. It doesn't take much work to keep clean, to keep washed. [DELETED]


       31. [DELETED] [EDITED: "O"]ne reason [EDITED: "folks are"] not clean is it just takes a little work to keep clean. You've got to wash your body & wash your clothes. And some of the old bums, especially some I've seen on the street or on this main street up here, look horrible! As bad as the bums on Skid Row!

       32. IT LOOKS LIKE THEY'VE LIVED IN THEIR CLOTHES WITHOUT A BATH FOR MONTHS & PROBABLY HAVE, especially, of course, if they don't have any place to live. They live down on the street & don't have any place to take a bath. But it seems like they could go down & take a dip in the ocean or something, even with their underwear on or even with all their clothes on! At least they'd get a wash somehow.

       33. WELL, MAYBE THIS IS A GRANDPA STORY ON CLEANLINESS! I've been worrying about having those Grandpa Stories & wondering when in the World we can have them. It just never seems to be the right time or something. I was thinking while I was sittin' here talking to you folks that although it's the time of day to get our work started, that is a very important part of my work.

       34. MAYBE WE COULD FIGURE OUT SOME WAY TO BRING THE CHILDREN IN HERE AS PART OF THEIR SCHOOL TIME before their get-out & I wouldn't have to go in there & make all those elaborate preparations & everything else. If there was some way that we could be set up in here & just have it right in here. It wouldn't exactly be a bedtime story, but they turned out not to be bedtime stories anyway. Maybe just have the kids sit down here on the floor beside my chair or something, do something very natural.

       35. THAT'S A COMMON TRADITIONAL PICTURE OF GRANDCHILDREN SITTING ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF GRANDPA. They can sit down here on the floor on each side of me & you can put the equipment up right over there. That just might be the solution, I had been thinking how to do it. But every time we've had to video in there you know what we have to go through, one-hour preparation and setting up & adjusting & blah, blah, blah, blah!

       36. I HAVE EVERYTHING RIGHT HERE AS YOU NOTICE! I can sit here and make my breakfast in the morning. Daddy sits here & makes his egg coffee in the mornings & one cup of that powerful brew keeps me going all day till dinnertime usually! Well, I'm not expending a lot of physical energy on manual labour here, so only my brain really has to keep active, & by about four or five o'clock we're ready to take a walk & go out for dinner. So that keeps me goin' & I eat such a good dinner I hardly ever have to eat anything before bed.

       37. WELL, I'M A MEAT-EATER & SO WERE MY MOTHER & MY FATHER & I guess we need meat somehow, & the way they fix it here I must admit I really like it. I think it's the best food we have had since my mother cooked for me, really good cooking especially in some places; some places are not so hot, but I've had almost no stomach trouble here at all.--Almost virtually none except when we just first got here & I made a mistake of gobbling it down too fast.

       38. I HAVEN'T HAD ANY MORE TROUBLE CHOKING, OR THAT ACUTE INDIGESTION IS WHAT IT REALLY WAS. But we really pray & I really soften up my stomach first before I start putting any hard dry solid food down & try not to put any dry hard solid food down, I try to drink a little liquid first. All kinds of food, as you see, can cause you to burp, even the liquid I drink in the morning. That's just gas, David. Burping is just gas & a lot of times it's not even gas. Dr. Koger said more people have trouble with air swallowing than gas. He said gas from indigestion is not as common as gas on your...

       39. (DAVIDA SNEEZES.) NOW IS SHE COLD? Goodness, it's warm! Maybe she's too warm, huh? Has she had a cold? She seems to be very weak physically & susceptible to a lot of things. You've really got to give her extra protection. If the weakest were to stay home, she's probably the one that ought to stay home. Seems like Techi's tougher than she is! Ha!

       40. (MARIA: DAVID SAID, "I GOT UP AT NINE O'CLOCK & I'VE BEEN YAWNING EVER SINCE!") Do you know what causes yawning, David? Your need for air, oxygen. Every time you yawn you're taking a big gasp to try to fill your lungs with a lot of extra air because you're not getting enough oxygen, & a lot of times that could be from not having a window open in your apartment somehow. You should always have at least maybe the bathroom or kitchen window open for air or go out on your balcony & take a few deep breaths of good fresh air.

       41. I WAS SORT OF YAWNING A BIT & I WENT OUT ON THE BALCONY & TOOK SEVERAL DEEP BREATHS OF NICE FRESH OCEAN BREEZE, & boy, that wakes you up right away! Did you know that bus drivers & truck drivers in the United States now carry little cans of oxygen right in the cab of the truck for whenever they start gettin' sleepy? That's another thing that also causes you to be sleepy, the lack of enough oxygen.

       42. OXYGEN IS A GAS IN THE AIR THAT YOU HAVE TO BREATHE INTO YOUR LUNGS, & then from there it goes into your blood, & your body has to have oxygen or air in order for it to burn. Did you know that your body is burning all the time? You're on fire! You're on fire in the basement all the time! Your body is burning all the time, & just like a fire it has to have air to burn.

       43. YOU'VE HAD THAT EXPERIMENT ABOUT THE CANDLE, HAVEN'T YOU? You put the glass jar down over it & it goes out, doesn't it? When it can't get any oxygen it flickers & goes out. Most people can't hold their breath more than two minutes. I used to be able to hold mine for four swimming underwater, so I developed unusually big lungs, believe it or not! Maybe I don't look like it, but I could blow longer & harder than anybody else & I won all the blowing games or the underwater games. Why the Lord let me do all that, I don't know! I guess just to toughen me up & make me able to survive until now!

       44. NOW THAT'S A GOOD BOY! It wouldn't be a bad idea for you to go wash your hands & then you can rub your eyes all you want. OK? I must confess there's nothin' like a good ol' eye rub with my thumbs first thing in the morning especially. Do you know what Daddy does?

       45. I HAVE A LITTLE BOTTLE OF COLOGNE RIGHT BY THE BED & anytime, even during the night or lovemaking or whatever, I've got this system now where I don't even have to have a bottle that I have to take the lid off. I just reach over & press down with the palm of my hand on the top of this squirt bottle & it squirts nice alcohol-filled cologne all over my fingers & I can wash my hands then & get'm all good & clean! Cologne has a lot of alcohol & that kills germs even better than water, & then if my eye's itchin' I can rub my eyes.

       46. ONLY AFTER YOU'VE WASHED YOUR HANDS CAN YOU RUB YOUR EYES WITH YOUR FINGERS, your clean fingers. Otherwise, if you've touched anything else at all since you've washed your hands, then you've gotta either not stick'm in your eyes, ears, or mouth or nose, or you've got to go wash'm again. Well, what was I talking about anyhow? (Maria: If you put a bottle over a flame it'll go out.) Yes!

       47. IF YOU COULDN'T BREATHE AIR YOU'D SOON SUFFOCATE JUST LIKE THE LITTLE CANDLE. When you put the bottle over the candle & the flame went out, the candle suffocated from lack of air, & people will suffocate too. Lots of times babies have gotten wrapped up in their clothes in some way that they suffocated, or silly little children have put plastic bags or things over their heads & couldn't get air & suffocated, they died because you can't do without oxygen for more than two or three minutes.

       48. THINK OF THAT, HOW THE LORD MADE YOU TO CONTINUALLY HAVE TO BREATHE OXYGEN ALL THE TIME IN ORDER TO LIVE, EVEN IN YOUR SLEEP! I'm sure the Lord made that also as an example of the Spirit, spiritually. Now see, it's stuffy in here & it's warm & the oxygen is not sufficient in here, not enough fresh air. That's why you need to get out, & it makes Daddy heave some big sighs once in awhile too. Ohhh!

       49. YAWNING IS CONTAGIOUS, DID YOU KNOW THAT? You watch somebody yawn & it makes you want to yawn. Now watch 'm, the rest of them will be yawning before you know it! Everybody's going to be yawning. Getting bored with Grandpa's story for one thing! But not only the candle flames go out, but you'll go out too if you don't get enough air. That's true!

       50. YOU'RE BURNING ALL THE TIME & THE LORD ALSO WANTED TO MAKE THAT AN ILLUSTRATION SPIRITUALLY, that if you want to keep burning for the Lord & you want to keep that little light of yours burning--"this little light of mine"--it has to have constant fresh air of the Spirit all the time! You've got to be breathing God's oxygen of the Holy Spirit all the time!

       51. YOU'VE GOTTA BE THINKING ABOUT THE LORD & BREATHING HIS SPIRIT OR YOU'LL DIE SPIRITUALLY, you'll go out spiritually, you'll suffocate spiritually. You have to have the constant Spirit of God to stay alive spiritually as well as physically. That's what happened to Adam when the Lord created him & made him out of the mud. There he was, he was all made, but he was still dead until what happened? (David: God breathed into him air.) Do you know that verse exactly? God breathed into him, what? Family? (Alf: The breath of life!) The breath of life!

       52. THE WORD IN THE HEBREW IS "RUACH" MEANING AIR OR SPIRIT OR BREATH, & there's a similar word which means the same three things in Greek, "pneuma." That's where they get the pneumatic tires. P-n-e-u-m-a comes directly from the Greek, only it begins with the pi sign (), that's "p" in Greek, & spelled exactly the same way. It means air or breath or spirit, and every place in the Greek New Testament where it talks about the Holy Spirit it talks about the Holy Pneuma.

       53. IN OTHER WORDS, SPIRITUALLY THE HOLY SPIRIT IS YOUR VERY BREATH, the very air that you breathe spiritually that keeps you alive spiritually, & has to be constant all the time. You're breathing all the time, aren't you, David? You never stop breathing for more than a few moments, right? You can't hold your breath more than a few minutes. If you shut your mouth & hold your nose, pretty soon you'll be gasping for breath! Well, don't try it, I don't want you to pass out! (David: Sometimes when I'm in the bath...) Well, you can go under water & hold your nose for a few minutes, I mean a few moments. Not very many people can do that for a few minutes, like Grandpa used to be able to do.

       54. BUT WE NEED TO BE BREATHING THE BREATH OF THE SPIRIT CONSTANTLY IN THE SPIRIT. "Men ought always to pray & not to faint" & "Pray without ceasing." (Lk.18:1; 1Th.5:17.) Prayer in a way is just like breathing. Did you know that? Prayer is like breathing. You're constantly in communication with the Lord & you're constantly thinking about the Lord, keeping your mind stayed on Him so He'll keep you in perfect peace just breathing the Holy Spirit all the time.

       55. PRAYER IS LIKE BREATHING THE BREATHS OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD CONSTANTLY to keep you alive spiritually, as well as physically sometimes. How'd I get on breathing anyhow?--'Cause you yawned, I guess. You have to have oxygen & you need to get out in the nice fresh air & out of this stuffy room, so I guess we'd better let you go! Did you get up too early this morning? Is that it? (Alf: About nine.) Well, they're not used to getting up that early, it's a little hard. You feel tired & you're still yawning, that's 'cause your flame is almost sputtered out! (David: I haven't washed my face yet!) Oh my goodness! You could go in there & wash your face right now!

       56. I'M SORRY TO KEEP YOU FOR THIS LITTLE TIME, BUT THIS LITTLE STY ON HER EYE IS WHAT PROMPTED IT. You've just got to keep clean in this country of very very dirty people & all kinds of diseases, especially when you go out amongst them & on their buses & have to ride with them & everything else. I don't know, I think maybe it might be better, safer & everything especially when there's this many of you, to take a taxi.

       57. (MARIA: THERE ARE A LOT OF DIRTY PEOPLE IN TAXIS TOO.) Yes, that's true but not quite as dirty, because that kind of dirty people can't afford taxis. Even the people who get into taxis sometimes are dirty, but not quite as dirty as some of those dirty ones we see over here in Main Street.

       58. (MARIA: AND DADDY, YOU DON'T USE SOAP ON YOUR FACE, DO YOU?) I never use soap on my face. Soap is not good for your face at all. Soap washes all the oil out of your skin & makes it try & crinkly & gives you wrinkles. Of course Daddy has plenty of wrinkles already so I don't have to worry about it. I wash my hands with soap very thoroughly, & then I wash my face with good clean water, just water, except when I take a bath & I shampoo & wash my hair. That's the only time I get soap in my eyes or ears. (Girl's makeup requires soap or cleanser!)

       59. YOUR FACE DOESN'T REALLY NEED SOAP, IT JUST NEEDS WATER. In fact, soap's not even really good for your skin anywhere except where it really needs disinfecting, like your genitals. The ancients were right about catching cold after a bath in the cold Wintertime, especially if you use soap. Maria knows that frequently right after a bath I'll even have a chill & be cold no matter how warm I keep, 'cause I wash all the oil out of my skin & out of the pores, & the thin layer of oil on your skin really helps keep you warm.

       60. IN MEXICO THE MOTHERS USED TO GREASE THE LITTLE CHILDREN IN THE WINTERTIME, rub lard or fat or grease all over their bodies to help keep'm warm. They called them "greasers," & some of the Texans used to accuse the parents of greasing them & then sewing them up in their clothes for the Winter! Well, that's hard to believe! Ha!--'Cause they had to go to the toilet! But they might have worn the same clothes & worn grease for a long time.

       61. LONG DISTANCE SWIMMERS THAT SWIM ACROSS THE CHANNEL RUB OIL ALL OVER THEIR BODIES, at least they used to before the days of these skin-diving outfits. I don't know whether they still do that or not, do they? I shouldn't think they'd be able to wear those diving suits, they'd be too cumbersome & a drag. They rub oil on their bodies & it does two things: It keeps their bodies warm & helps them slip through the water faster. It oils them & greases them & everything works better with oil, doesn't it?

       62. SO THAT FLAME OF THE CANDLE NOT ONLY HAS GOT TO HAVE AIR, BUT IT ALSO HAS TO HAVE WHAT? (David: Oxygen?) Oxygen, that's in the air. But if it didn't have that wax to burn it wouldn't burn either, would it? Everything has to have fuel to burn, & that's your food, you have to eat food for fuel & you have to have oxygen to burn the fuel. Nothing burns without oxygen, so even though you had breakfast, probably you're yawning to get more oxygen so you can burn your breakfast for energy. That's a fact! It's the truth!

       63. YOU'RE BURNING FUEL ALL THE TIME INSIDE YOUR BODY & THAT'S WHY YOU HAVE TO BREATHE & have oxygen so it'll burn that fuel up, otherwise you'd be too weak to even lift your hand. You'd be as tired as poor little Davida here! I think something must be wrong with her fuel & oxygen combination somewhere, she missed out along the line on either her fuel or her oxygen combination or something so that she needs to get little more oxygen or more fuel or have a better combination somehow.

       64. WELL, I DIDN'T INTEND TO GIVE YOU A GRANDPA STORY THIS MORNING, but that's a little lesson on cleanliness & deep-breathing & fresh air & exercise & sunshine! That's why when you're out & running and playing hard you have to keep breathing so much & gasping for air & you pant, don't you? 'Cause you have to keep breathing a lot of oxygen to combine with all that food & that fuel you've got inside of you in order to burn real fast to give you that much energy.

       65. YOUR MUSCLES USE UP ENERGY & YOUR BODY USES ENERGY WHEN YOU'RE WORKING OR EXERCISING, & to have that energy you've got to burn fuel. The fuel is the food & it stores in your body, & the oxygen is the air you breathe to combine with it so you can burn. Burn free! OK? The same is true spiritually, you've got to have spiritual food of the Word & then you've got to have the Spirit to make it burn so you can have spiritual energy, power! PTL! Hallelujah? You've gotta have both, one or the other is not enough.

       66. JUST EATING IS NOT ENOUGH TO KEEP YOU ALIVE, YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE AIR TO MAKE IT BURN, TO GIVE YOU ENERGY. So just reading the Bible & studying the Word is not enough, you have to have air, the oxygen of the Spirit, to make it burn to give you power & energy spiritually. So it all works together & maybe you can remember that. Maybe you'll figure it out & understand it someday.

       67. I KNOW NOW YOU WANT TO GO, SO LORD BLESS & KEEP'M & HELP POOR DAVIDA & HER EYE, & help this be a lesson to them all about cleanliness as well as fresh air & the fresh air of Thy Spirit, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. Bless & keep them & help them to have a good time! Amen! XXXXX! Maybe you'd rather go back to bed? (Davida: No!) Are you sure? OK! GBY! (David: I don't want to.) I think maybe your eye is better already! I think it's beginning to look a little bit better! PTL! TYL!

       68. WELL, GRANDPA IS GETTING TOO MUCH ENERGY RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW FROM THE SUN! It gets so hot here I have to pull this curtain clear around like this to keep me from getting too hot! Isn't that funny? That's my little awning in the daytime to shade me from the sun! Ha! I've got everything right here to know what's going on. I have a monitor down here to see what you're doing & this is my little space capsule!

       69. (MARIA: ANOTHER THING IS THE CHILDREN ARE ALWAYS PUTTING THEIR ARMS AROUND ALFRED'S LEGS & laying their head on his legs.) Yes, if you go huggin' Daddy's legs & leaning your head on him, then all the dirt from the dirty bus rubs off on your face & hair. You should be mindful of that, Son. (Maria: You have to have enough extra pants you can wash.) Every time you have to go out on an excursion where you've got to take the bus, I think you should make sure that all your clothes are washed when you get home. It's a dirty country with some of the dirtiest diseases in the World.

       70. NOW YOU'RE GOING TO THINK WE'RE REAL CLEAN FREAKS ASKING YOU TO WASH ALL YOUR CLOTHES WHEN YOU GET HOME FROM BUS RIDES, but at least your pants & skirts & stuff that have been sitting on the bus seats. You may not be able to wash all your sweaters & jackets, but I would certainly be sure that you wash your pants & panties & skirts & anything that's been touching the dirty seats of the bus after every excursion, & I would wash your gloves as well 'cause you have to hold onto things on the bus. Be sure they don't go rubbing their eyes with their gloves or scratching their ears or whatever.

       71. DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRANDPA DOES WITH HIS GLOVES? I don't often think to tell people these things, you'd think you would just know them. Do you notice when I take off my gloves what I do with them? What's the dirtiest part of your gloves? The front or the back? The front. I put them palm to palm so that the dirty parts are inside & the palms are facing each other, & then I stick'm in my pocket.

       72. I HOPE THAT PEOPLE DON'T THINK WHEN YOU'RE OUT THAT YOU'VE GOT PINKEYE, because there's nothing that scares people worse if you know what pinkeye is. It's not dangerous, it's not fatal, it's just a terrible annoyance & it lasts for several weeks if it's pinkeye. It's terribly contagious & you get it in one or two eyes & it'll pass from one to the other if you dry on the same towel or in any way contact each other from eye to eye.

       73. SO YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO HAVE TO LEARN TO BE CLEANER IF YOU'RE GOING TO LIVE IN THIS KIND OF A COUNTRY, because it is dirty & the money is filthy. The Bible didn't call money filthy lucre for nothing! After Daddy handles money even when I'm out & have to pay a bill or something, ask Maria, I immediately take out cologne or one of those little paper washcloths & wash my hands, because you don't know what kind of dirty people have been handling that money, filthy people!

       74. POOR ALFRED HAS TO GO AROUND PAYIN' FOR BUSES & PAYIN' FOR THINGS ALL THE TIME HANDLING THAT DIRTY MONEY, you ought to have a pocketful of those little paper washcloths or a bottle full of cologne. Or don't handle your money without your gloves. I know it's a little difficult to get out your purse & get out your money with gloves on, but since you've already got your gloves on on the bus, if you can keep your money in some kind of a thing & you've got good enough thin gloves that you can handle the money with the gloves, you're better off there too, believe it or not. It's better for you not to even handle that money at all with your bare hands 'cause then you just stick all the germs back inside your gloves when you put your gloves on.

       75. WE PRAYED FOR HER EYE BUT APPARENTLY IT'S BOTHERING HER, SEE? She's squinting & making faces & the sun is going to be hot on that eye & an irritant & I'm not at all sure she should go. I hate to think of her having to be with Techi in case it's pinkeye, but let's just hope & pray it's not. She seems to be awfully tired anyhow, so I'm not sure she should go with that sore eye because the sun will bother it.

       76. WELL, NOT ONLY FOR HER OWN SAKE BUT FOR YOUR SAKE & THE SAKE OF OTHERS so they won't see that eye & think you're taking a kid out in public with pinkeye, because it's one of the most contagious things there is! If she has any dark glasses & if she's goin', she'd better wear'm! It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a Summer hat she could wear as well just when she's out in the sun. Inside it's different, but she isn't very strong & any of these little things in her case seem to be major because she's so weak & susceptible.

       77. I THINK YOU'D BETTER MAKE SURE SHE WEARS HER DARK GLASSES. With pinkeye you've got to wear dark glasses 'cause it bothers your eyes so much & in the sun you just can't stand the bright light. God help us, let's just hope it's not pinkeye. Has it mattered any? (Alf: No.) No pus or matter in the morning. There are no little yellow granules along the lid of any kind? (Alf: No.) Well then, let's hope it's not pinkeye. God deliver us from that!

       78. MY KIDS ALL HAD IT ONCE, I HAD IT ONCE & MY FATHER HAD IT ONCE. It's not anything serious but it's just a terrible nuisance, very annoying & your eyes just itch fire & matter & they're red, that's why they call it pink, & you wake up some mornings & they're glued shut & you have to have warm water to dissolve the glue matter to get'm open! I had it in one eye, this eye, & thank God I didn't get it in the other one because I was teaching school & driving a bus.

       79. I HAD TO WEAR A BLACK PATCH OVER MY EYE LIKE A PIRATE & one of my boys begged me to let him have my patch. He said, "When you're done with it, Brother So-&-so, will you let me please have the black patch? I want to wear it for Halloween! I'm going to dress up like a pirate!" For about two weeks I had to wear that black patch over my eye. It's a wonder they let me continue to come to school & drive a bus because it's so contagious. Thank God nobody in my class got it. But they were stuck with me, they didn't have anybody else to teach school or drive a bus. So it's a nuisance.

       80. WELL, YOU'D BETTER RUN NOW IF YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE IT FOR THE 12 O'CLOCK SHOWING! GBY! Wear your gloves, handle your money with gloves or wash your hands immediately afterwards. Remember that money is very dirty. Never handle money unless you wash your hands immediately or disinfect them with something. I guess you feel I really am a clean freak! (Alf: No.) (Dora: It's real necessary.)--Well, I am!

       81. YOU MAY THINK THOSE OLD LADIES WERE A CASE, they were famous in Huntington Beach for washing their money & hanging it on the clothesline! Well, it's not very good for paper bills, but the good ones they have in the States on sort of a parchment paper would take it at least once or twice I guess. But they were such clean freaks they washed their paper bills & hung'm out on the clothesline! Well, they had the idea, at least, that soap & water did it some good & I presume it did.

       82. BUT IT'S NOT VERY SAFE TO WASH PAPER MONEY, IT CAN JUST FALL APART! So if you can't wash your money, then keep it in a purse or something where you don't have to touch it & it doesn't touch you, & then don't touch it at all if you can help it. Handle it with gloves or always wash your hands right away afterwards. You may think these are silly rules & being too particular, but let me tell you, that's how you get sties on your eye & a lot of other things too!

       83. SO LORD BLESS & KEEP'M & PROTECT THEM! If they shall touch any deadly thing, Lord, it shall not hurt them. Rebuke the Enemy & all of his filthy devices. Keep them as clean as possible, Lord, & help them to remember these health & cleanliness rules, to wash their hands frequently & their clothes after a day out, especially the lower parts of their clothes and bodes, take a bath if possible. In Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. Amen.

       84. HOW MANY TIMES A DAY DOES DADDY WASH HIS HANDS? (David: Every time you go to the toilet.) Every time I got to the toilet & I usually wash my face too & sometimes in-between, especially if I touch anything dirty. I might even get up & go wash my hands even after you've been here 'cause I don't know where you've been or what you've been doing!

       85. AND DON'T EVER SIT ON OUR FLOOR OR PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN ON OUR FLOOR, BECAUSE WE COME IN WITH OUR DIRTY STREET SHOES. We don't have little Techi usually playing around on the floor & when she comes in we don't let her get down on the floor at all because we can't always take off our shoes out there. It's a little hard for Grandpa to stand out there in the hall on one foot & take off his shoes. I'm not as good as these storks or cranes or these birds that can stand on one leg! I used to be able to do it pretty good but I'm not too good at it any more.

       86. BE SURE YOU GET HER SOME SUNGLASSES OR A SUN HAT OR EVEN BOTH, OK? (Alf: Yes, Sir!) GBY! I already kissed you & I'll just let you go now. Remember, bright sunlight is hard on that eye. So if she wouldn't be so disappointed & all hepped up to go, I would've suggested she stay home. Go ahead & see what happens, but bright sunlight, bright light, irritates it. If she wears sunglasses & a sun hat she'll probably be all right. If you don't go now she'll be terribly disappointed because you've got her all hepped up to go.

       87. I'M SORRY TO HAVE KEPT YOU, BUT PRAISE THE LORD! I love you! (Dora: We love you! Thank you so much, we really need it.) Thank the Lord, Honey! GBY & keep you--clean! Ha!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family