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THE TROUBLEMAKERS!--And the Solution!       DO 1222       8/10/80
--By Father David

       1. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO BE QUIET? (Rich: Effort?) Specifically according to the Scripture what? (Family: Study.) "Study to be quiet." (1Th.4:11.) Effort is true, you've really got to concentrate on it & put a lot of effort into studying to be quite. Anybody can be noisy & anybody can cause confusion & it's quite natural. It seems to be a natural thing particularly with children because they're immature & just babies & you can expect that.

       2. YOU USUALLY CAN PRETTY WELL JUDGE A CHILD'S MATURITY BY HOW QUIET HE CAN KEEP in a time when older people are supposed to be quiet. We can't expect the little ones to be quiet, they're too young to understand & they're busy playing, & we can't expect the dishwasher to be quiet either.

       3. IT TAKES STUDY TO BE QUIET, & I GOT A VERSE ON THAT for somebody here the other day. (Dora: It says, "In quietness & confidence shall thy strength be.") (Isa.30:15.) The Bible says a lot about peace & quietness. The Devil is the author of confusion, he's the noisy one, the loudmouth, hard rock bands & all the rest, screaming & yelling.

       4. HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE LATEST COLLEGE FAD THAT STARTED AT YALE COLLEGE NOW?--One of our great educational institutions for the leaders of tomorrow! It started off with one guy that began to scream after a very tense biology exam. The psychologists would say he was "letting off steam" & expressing his aggressions or his frustrations. And then some other guys began to scream with him! That's exactly what they call it, they call it the "primal scream"!

       5. THAT IS OF THE DEVIL!--ABSOLUTELY ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CHRIST & OF THE DEVIL!--And the screaming Mimis & Hottentots & jumping jigs of Africa do the very same thing to get demon-possessed! So now it's become a common practice at a certain hour every evening at Yale College--I think it's at seven at night after dinner--for everybody to start screaming at the top of their lungs!

       6. THE FIRST TIME IT LASTED HALF AN HOUR, THEN SOME OBJECTED SO THEY CUT IT DOWN TO 15 MINUTES. Now the college has given official permission to make it a full five minutes scream at the top of your voice at seven o'clock every night!--It's fiendish, demonic, devilish, satanic & they'll probably get a lot of demon possession!

       7. TO LET YOURSELF GO LIKE THAT IS EXACTLY THE PURPOSE OF THESE SCREAMING MIMIS & WHIRLING DERVISHES & all the rest of the aboriginal & savage rites & dances & music--if you could call it music--drum beating & noise & screaming that the savages do in order to get demon-possessed!--Particularly for wars & war dances & war chants, screaming & what not to get demon-possessed & full of the Devil!

       8. SO NOW OUR ILLUSTRIOUS CHILDREN OF THE RICH ATTENDING THE GREAT UNIVERSITIES OF AMERICA ARE STARTING TO SCREAM EVERY NIGHT! It's like we praise the Lord. They accuse Pentecostals of being noisy & yelling, & some of them probably are too noisy & yell too much without enough heart in it. We're a little noisy too sometimes; we'd sing loud & praise loud if we were someplace where we could, & that's our joyful noise unto the Lord!--A joyful noise!

       9. BUT THESE NOISES THEY MAKE ARE NOT JOYFUL, THEY'RE INSANE & SATANIC! They're the horrors of Hell screaming out their mouths, the demons voicing their frustrations. It's the worship of Satan, the praise of the Devil, & it's the sound of Hell! That's what it's going to be like in Hell-you're hardly going to be able to stand the din if you go there! That's my idea of Hell: Screams, noise, horror!

       10. THEY USED TO RESERVE THE HORRIBLE SCREAMS FOR HORROR MOVIES, suspense films & ghost stories, but now our educators are approving of it in the institutions of higher learning. This is a new form of higher learning--get a little bit higher into the spirits & into the supernatural. Scream your head off until you get demon-possessed!

       11. HARD ROCK WAS BAD ENOUGH! DISCO WAS BAD ENOUGH! Discos are the dances of the Devil where they dance themselves into the spirit & get possessed with that kind of music. Now they're going to scream their way, think of it!

       12. I NEVER PERMITTED MY CHILDREN TO SCREAM UNLESS THEY WERE REALLY HURT & NEEDED HELP, & I think we've taught all of our children the same. I warned them ahead of time & told them, "If I ever catch you screaming just for fun or play or like the little boy's "Wolf, wolf!" story, you're going to get such a spanking as you have not had for a long time!"

       13. "I DON'T EVER WANT TO HEAR A SCREAM FROM YOU UNLESS YOU REALLY NEED HELP & FAST & you're really hurt or somebody's hurt!"--And I'll tell you, they stuck to it! After a few times that they forgot, they didn't forget again, & they never screamed again unless somebody was hurt or needed help. How else are you going to know? It's like the little boy crying "Wolf, wolf!" till nobody cared!

       14. BUT NOW I HAVE SEEN & HEARD CHILDREN ON THE STREETS & THE NEIGHBOURHOODS JUST SCREAMING THEIR HEADS OFF all day long just for fun, just for kicks!--Probably the screams of the demons within who love to scream & upset the peace & quiet of the neighbourhood. How horrible! The World is going insane, Beloved, they're going crazy, absolutely crazy & becoming more demon-possessed all the time!

       15. THE WORLD IS GETTING MORE LIKE HELL ALL THE TIME, HELL ON EARTH! Maria was reading that one of the main purposes of the Illuminati, Witchcraft, the [EDITED: "ACs"] & whatnot is to create such a hell on Earth--particularly finally a third World War--that the people will be willing to accept almost anybody & any kind of government that will control it & stop it & bring order out of chaos & some kind of civilisation back again.

       16. THEY'RE LITERALLY TRYING TO CREATE HELL ON EARTH TO GIVE AN EXCUSE FOR THE ANTICHRIST & HIS GOVERNMENT. That's a pretty good preface to our Bible Prophecy study, huh?--& I believe it! [DELETED]




       30. THE CHILDREN WERE USED TO HEARING [EDITED: "EVE REBEL"] AS THEY'D HEARD IT MOST OF THEIR LIVES! I don't know that it affected them any, although you can see what's happened to Deborah, & poor Ho manifested the same thing for some time--rebellion, contradiction & disobedience.

       31. WE'D JUST SENT FOR HIM ALL THE WAY FROM HONG KONG to bring the colour separations of Michael Christian's beautiful colour art for our gorgeous new colour calendar that I told you we were going to have. But the colour separations are so delicate & so priceless, so much work involved, we asked Ho to bring them with him personally by plane like a courier.

       32. THE NEXT THING WE HEARD WAS THAT HO HAD ARRIVED IN EUROPE WITHOUT THEM & was giving all kinds of excuses why he didn't want to bring them! I was so furious! I was going to see Ho, visit & see him for the first time in the three years that he'd been gone to Hong Kong, but I got so furious as his again continued disobedience that I decided not to see him at all!

       33. WHY SHOULD GOD LISTEN TO YOU? WHY SHOULD YOU BE ABLE TO APPROACH THE THRONE OF GRACE & ask petitions & discuss things with the Lord if you're in constant rebellion & disobedience against the Lord! He doesn't want to hear you! He doesn't want to hear you! He doesn't want to hear your prayers unless they're prayers of confession & apology & repentance saying, "I'm sorry, forgive me!"

       34. THAT'S THE ONLY PRAYER GOD CAN HEAR FROM THE SINNER: "I'M SORRY, FORGIVE ME!" But I don't know as I've ever really received much of an apology from Ho for all that literature He printed without our authorisation & tried to force people to buy till I stopped it. Then we got loaded with it, stuck with it, had to try to get rid of it & finally had to give it all away. (He's doing much now, GBH!)

       35. WELL, I JUST DISCOVERED THAT WE'RE NOT IN SUCH A BAD SHAPE! The IRS is clamping down on all the booksellers & publishers in America. They used to be able to write off as a loss books they couldn't sell, but they'd still keep them in a warehouse hoping to dump them someday somehow if interest came up in that particular subject or something.

       36. NOW THE IRS SAYS THEY'VE GOT TO PAY FULL TAXES ON THEM IF THEY'RE STILL IN THEIR POSSESSION in a warehouse whether they can sell them or not! That's how crazy the IRS is! They have gone hog wild! They've gone money--drunk! The Internal Revenue Service, the income tax people of America, have such power, total power of virtually life & death over you that they can give orders that'll put you in court & send you to jail unless you can somehow prove that you're not guilty.

       37. IT'S JUST THE OPPOSITE OF THE USUAL AMERICAN JURISPRUDENCE SYSTEM WHICH WAS PROUDLY BOASTED OF IN THE EARLY DAYS OF AMERICA "that here in America you're innocent until proven guilty"--unlike the old English system where you were guilty until proven innocent in English courts. If you were accused it was just assumed, of course, that you must be guilty or you wouldn't even be accused in English courts. I don't know how it is now.

       38. BUT AMERICANS USED TO BRAG WHEN I WAS A BOY IN SCHOOL, "IT'S NOT THAT WAY IN AMERICA!"--Oh yes it is now!--Under the IRS it is! They can lay a tax lien on you without a court order, they can lay a fine on you without a court order, they can order you to pay a certain amount of taxes without any court order, & if you don't pay'm they can throw you in jail for your debts--which was supposed to be another thing they never did in America.

       39. THEY WERE TO ABOLISH THE DEBTORS PRISONS IN AMERICA ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION. They had debtors prisons in England & Europe where if you owed money they'd put you in jail. How are you going to earn it? How are you going to repay it if you're in jail? Now the IRS, the income tax people of America, can put you in jail if you don't pay your debts. So we have the jails & prisons of America--debtors prisons--filled with people who can't pay their income tax!--A lot of it very unfair tax to begin with.

       40. THE ONE WAY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FINALLY GOT ITS HANDS AROUND THE THROATS OF THE PUBLIC IN THE U.S., was through the income tax! Up to that time the Federal government had virtually no power & almost had no money. It couldn't build big armies, big navies, big air forces & it couldn't spend big money. it had billions of dollars of debt every year because it didn't have it to spend!

       41. THEY COULDN'T HAVE MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR WELFARE PROGRAMS, THEY COULDN'T BUILD ATOMIC BOMBS if they'd known how, they couldn't do anything! They could hardly even have enough of an army to protect themselves because they didn't have enough money, they didn't have any way of levying taxes. This was against the agreement which they had under the original Constitution. Only the States were supposed to have that power, independent equal free rights of States, State right.

       42. I'M A FIRM BELIEVER IN STATES RIGHTS!--ABSOLUTELY!--But that expression's almost become absolute treason in the U.S., because that's what the Southern States were fighting for, freedom & States rights. They said, "Listen, we only banded together as a voluntary association & confederation of our own free will & accord, & we can pull out if we want to, too! We just got together because we wanted to, & if we don't want to we can get out!"

       43. "OH NO!" SAID ABRAHAM LINCOLN. "ONCE IN, FOREVER IN! You're now in a prison & we've got you & we're going to keep you in if we have to go to war to do it!"--& they did! Contrary to what the anti-slavery forces were saying, the Civil War was not a war to free the slaves, it was a were to enslave the free! Maybe that's not Bible Prophecy, but it sure fulfils it! "Evil men & seducers shall wax worse & worse" (2Ti.3:13), & if there's any country on the face of the Earth that has ever seduced mankind, it's the United States of America!

       44. THE IRS IS WRECKING AMERICA & IS MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO STRIP THE PEOPLE OF EVERYTHING THEY'VE GOT! I knew of a case personally where a farmer in South Dakota had had some crop failure & wasn't able to pay his income tax for the previous year because this year things were pretty bad. And do you know what they did? They put a lien on his farm, that means like a mortgage.

       45. IT MEANS THE GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO TAKE HIS FARM IF HE DOESN'T PAY THE TAX, they literally take the farm! Therefore he can't even get a mortgage on it or get money loaned on it to pay his tax. They came out with men & trucks & bulldozers & took every bit of farm equipment he had to auction it off. How is the guy ever going to do anything or pay? It means he'll go to prison for it, & then what?--He'll probably wind up so bitter he'll become a criminal against the government!

       46. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT HAS GOTTEN TO BE ONE OF THE MOST ENSLAVING TYRANNICAL OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENTS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! How else could they have done such monstrous horrendous crimes such as bomb two whole cities of hundreds of thousands of people with atomic bombs slaughtering the aged & women & children & innocent people!

       47. THEY LITERALLY DESTROYED MOST OF SOUTHEAST ASIA, VIRTUALLY HALF OF VIETNAM, & in Cambodia & Laos used saturation bombing, napalm & defoliant. They put that stuff in areas where they'll never be able to grow anything again & where the rice fields are so pitted with huge bomb craters as deep or deeper, bigger than this house, that they can hardly grow anything!

       48. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY MILLIONS ARE STARVING NOW IN SOUTHEAST ASIA & THE U.S. & THE WEST HAVE SUCH A GUILTY CONSCIENCE?--BECAUSE THEY ARE THE CAUSE & the reason for it & why they're starving! They bombed the people almost out of existence! They ruined their land, they wrecked their forests, they demolished their cities & they slaughtered their people so now it's impossible for them to take care of themselves! It's impossible for them to farm any more, impossible for them to feed themselves, so now the U.S. has got to feed them, millions of them!

       49. WHEN I GET ONTO THE SUBJECT OF THE CRIMES & ATROCITIES OF AMERICA & WHY GOD'S GOING TO HAVE TO DESTROY HER it's almost an endless subject! I can't understand why there are any Christians left in the U.S. who haven't got enough common sense to get out & see the handwriting on the wall of the impending judgements of God & their doom!

       50. ANYBODY WHO STAYS IN THAT COUNTRY IS EITHER AN OUTRIGHT FOOL, INSANE, BLIND, DEAF & DUMB, OR VOLUNTEERING TO BE A MARTYR TO GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP to perhaps minister to a few people who might survive. Well, that's a very noble sacrificial motive, & I hope it's a genuine true calling of God; but sometimes I have to suspect when there's so many of our people back in America now, I doubt if that many people were called back there to minister to the affluent sick rich of America the Gospel of salvation & try to get them saved after we've done it to long & so many years & so many times, & neglect the poor heathen on the foreign fields!

       51. WHY, FOR GOD'S SAKE, SHOULD ANY AMERICAN FEEL MORE CALLED TO AMERICA WITH ALL THE CHANCE IT'S HAD TO HEAR THE GOSPEL, & all the chance they've had to receive & obey it, & all the chance they've had to stop their horrors & their wars & their oppression of the poor--even their own people--& repent & ask God to forgive them & try to make things right!

       52. THEY OUGHT TO BE KNEELING DOWN BEFORE RUSSIA RIGHT NOW & TOSSING OUT THEIR BOMBS & SAYING, "FORGET IT! We're Christians, we don't want to kill anybody, we just want peace! Rule over us! You're more righteous than we are!"--You the heathen! That's what God said through the mouth of His prophet about Israel in her last days. He said, "You are more wicked that the heathen who surround you!" (Jn.5:28.)

       53. YOU MAY SAY THIS DOESN'T SOUND LIKE BIBLE PROPHECY, BUT IT IS, IT'S THE MESSAGE OF JEREMIAH! If you want to know what God gave us as a message for this World--one of the first messages which was even after the prophetic message & interpretation of Daniel & Revelation--it was the Message of Jeremiah!

       54. WE WERE THERE IN AMERICA & I ASKED "WHAT SHALL OUR MESSAGE BE NOW, LORD?" I was dying & I thought, "Lord, if You want me to go on You'll have to save me & heal me, & if You do, what for? What am I supposed to preach? What am I supposed to say?" He said, "The Message of Jeremiah!" And I had never read in Jeremiah that much, really. I had to read all the way through once for Bible Collage & that was quite a chore if you see how many chapters there are.

       55. AND I OPENED MY BIBLE MIRACULOUSLY RIGHT SMACK DAB TO THE FIRST PAGE! I cut the Scriptures right to the first page of Jeremiah like a sign from the Lord! So the Message of Jeremiah is a part of our message, which is the message of doom for both America & the rich West for their crimes & their sins against humanity & the poor, & they are not going to escape!

       56. GOD HAS PROMISED THEY WILL NOT ESCAPE & HE'S GOING TO SEE TO IT THAT THEY GET WHAT'S COMING TO THEM!--An anti-Christ, anti-God, thoroughly secular oppressive regime just about as bad as Russia, only more subtle, deceitful & seductive because they deceive people into thinking they're free when they are living under a dictatorship that's just as rigid as Moscow!

       57. MOSCOW AT LEAST IS A DICTATORSHIP WHICH HAS AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT MORE NOBLE REASONS FOR BEING SO, at least they claim. Nobody like the Soviets can preach sharing & the right message & be deceitful, an angel of light, like Moscow's doing--communism, share the wealth & all this sort of thing--& not have a tough government to try to enforce it.

       58. BUT NOT THE AMERICANS, THEY'RE NOT PREACHING BE KIND TO THE POOR & SHARE THE WEALTH or "from each according to his ability unto each according to his need," no! Not the Christians! How could the Christians possibly be preaching such a message when they're such capitalists?--The biggest capitalists in the World!

       59. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OWNS COCA-COLA & GOD KNOWS HOW MANY DIFFERENT INDUSTRIES & CORPORATIONS & a few other churches too. The Methodists run about second, so it's not confined to any one church. The Christians are rich, God has prospered them, but He expected them to share it with poor! Instead of that they've tried to destroy the poor.

       60. WHEN VIETNAM CONSTITUTIONALLY, LEGALLY, ACCORDING TO INTERNATIONAL LAW & the Geneva Convention & the U.N. was about to have a free & open election & elect a Communist government of South Vietnam, the U.S. said, "We can't allow that! It doesn't matter if they vote for it democratically, we just can't allow it!"

       61. ONE U.S GENERAL SAID, "IF WE CAN'T GET THEM TO VOTE DOUR WAY WE'LL JUST EXTERMINATE THEM!" Think of it! One American general said the only solution is extermination, & so they went about it & did their best. But God foiled them 'cause God's on the side of the poor, be they communist or not, & America suffered its first truly great defeat as a great mighty nation at the hands of a poor little almost ignorant seemingly weak pitiful poor nation like Vietnam!

       62. WELL, THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL LECTURE EITHER, BUT IT'S THE TRUTH! This is the sort of thing that God's prophets have to preach & they frequently almost always lose their lives or their heads or their freedom for it, but it's the facts just the same. Read the Bible & see what the prophets had to say against this nation, against that nation, against that king, against that queen & so on.

       63. JOHN THE BAPTIST LOST HIS HEAD BECAUSE HE PROPHESIED AGAINST HEROD & told him he had sinned against the Lord, the Mosaic Law. It was a sin in those days to do what he did. To us today we have complete freedom, it doesn't matter as long as it's love, brothers & sisters could marry or whatever & we have quite a few little combos in the Family. I don't know about brothers & sisters, but we're all brothers & sisters!

       64. SO THE WORLD IS IN A MESS, "EVIL MEN & SEDUCERS WAXING WORSE & WORSE" SEDUCING THE PEOPLE. America & the English language has kind of made "seduction" a nice juicy word that supposedly has only something to do with sex & that men or women seduce each other, but nations seduce each other! The Devil seduces people! It means just to simply mislead or misguide them or deceive them & lead them astray.

       65. AND BOY, IF ANY GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD HAS DONE THAT TO ITS PEOPLE, THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS SEDUCING ITS OWN PEOPLE & destroying them through their economic policies & their military policies & their policies & their political policies & their immoral stand against Christ! The U.S. today is just as officially anti-God & anti-Christ & anti-religious as the Soviet Union, by law!--By the laws that they have passed against prayer & against Bible-reading in the public schools, a separation of church & state, court rulings against teaching Bible Creation, etc.!

       66. THE U.S. HAS BECOME LEGALLY, OFFICIALLY ANTI-RELIGIOUS AS A GOVERNMENT, ANTI-GOD, & THEREFORE ANTI-CHRIST JUST AS MUCH AS RUSSIA!--Think of it!--But more insidiously & more seductively & deceitfully, at the same time claiming to be a great Christian nation, blah blah, & free, blah blah! They're not free! You can't read the Bible in the public school, you can't pray, you can't talk about God, you can't teach religion, you can't even have a Christmas tree!--No more Christmas decorations, no more observance of Christmas in the public schools!

       67.       LET ME TELL YOU, WHAT YOU DECIDE TO GIVE OR NOT GIVE YOUR CHILDREN, THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE!--And if you have decided officially & legally not to give your children a Christian education in your public schools, then you're anti-Christ. [DELETED]

       68. [DELETED] [EDITED: "J"]ust look how [EDITED: "the ACs"] have misinterpreted the Constitution & laws & court decisions of the once-great United States of America--supposedly great Christian nation--to suit their own ends & accomplish their own villainous, filthy, vile, satanic purposes! The [EDITED: "ACs"] have done it until they now [DELETED] have made [EDITED: "the U.S and the West"] just as anti-Christ as Russia!

       69. THEIR PURPOSE IS TO MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD ANTI-CHRIST--EAST & WEST, CAPITALIST & COMMUNIST--MAKE IT ALL ANTI-CHRIST so they can put up their own Christ, the Antichrist! (Dad hears Techi crying:) I think my voice upsets her, but this has got me really heated up & inspired because it got His Spirit disturbed! I'm disturbed & you ought to be disturbed, because the World is more than disturbed!



       73. WHEN IT COMES TO CHRISTIANS, BE THEY JEW OR GENTILE OR GREEK OR BLACK OR WHITE OR RED, WHITE & BLUE, I DON'T CARE, even an American I would accept if he's a Christian!--Ha!--There's no difference. But let me tell you, outside the fold, outside of the Christian Body of Jesus Christ, His beloved Holy Bride--saved, sanctified, purified & bound for Heaven--they are devils & still under the original curses that God put upon them from the beginning as far back as Noah & the prophets of God!

       74. DID YOU KNOW THAT MOSES CURSED THE JEWS?--JUST READ IT!--He said, "But if ye will not obey" & spends a whole chapter [EDITED: "in the Old Testament Book of Leviticus"] telling all the curses that are going to fall upon them! (Lev.26:14-39.) Did they obey?--No! [DELETED]

       75. [DELETED] UNLESS THEY REPENT, BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST & ACCEPT HIM AS THEIR SAVIOUR! Then they're just as good a Christian as you & me & sometimes better!--Usually better because they're smarter & they work harder & they've got more gumption. Anybody can tell you that knows any Jewish Christians, they've got drive, they do something about it, they witness!


       77. THIS IS THE CUSTOM OF ORTHODOX JEWS IF ONE OF THE FAMILY DESERTS THE FOLD & BECOMES A CHRISTIAN. They have an official Jewish Orthodox funeral service for them, even with an empty coffin, & they take it to the graveyard & bury it. Then they put up a headstone that says this was their son who died a certain year--the year he was converted.


       97. THERE ARE WHOLE CHAPTERS OF PROMISES TOO. He said "if they would obey" He would do this & this & that for them, & sometimes they did obey & God blessed them. [DELETED]


       99. THANK GOD FOR A GUY LIKE KREISKY THAT RUNS AUSTRIA! He's a Jew. [DELETED] He does whatever he thinks best & he's one of the first countries to recognise Arafat & the PLO.

       100. [DELETED] Well, I loved them so much I tried to be an evangelist to them for years & to learn Hebrew & speak a little Yiddish & lived with them on Miami Beach & went all the way to Israel to try to evangelise the Jews[DELETED]!

       101. [DELETED] God can do miracles & [DELETED] Jews have been saved--including my great great great grandfathers, Adam, Isaac & Jacob, three brothers.

       102. AND AS A RESULT [EDITED: "THEY WERE DRIVEN"] OUT OF THE GHETTO OF STUTTGART, GERMANY!--Dispossessed them & drove them out with their families, wives & children because they became Christians! They sailed to America in 1745--before there was a United States--in a sailboat! They settled there, became farmers, & God blessed them, TTL[DELETED]!

       103. THEY WERE REAL JEWS WHO ACCEPTED THE JEWISH MESSIAH! (Speaks in Yiddish:) "I'm a Jewish man with a Jewish heart & a believer in the Jewish Messiah! Peace be unto you in the Jewish Messiah!"--But that's the only way they'll ever have peace, as you can see they don't have any peace here.



       121. SO THE WAR & EVERYTHING ELSE IS ALL GOING ACCORDING TO THE DEVIL'S PLAN & HE'S HAPPY ABOUT THAT. The thing that bothers him is us, & he's got to find excuse for trying to get them to hound us again & persecute us some more & be looking for us again--trying to find us & stop us again as one of the supposed "dangerous" groups!



       123. WELL ANYHOW, I TOOK A LOT OF TIME ON THAT, BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW THOSE THINGS[DELETED]! Just think, they highly suspect that it was Israel's Phantom jets who under cover of the war bombed in Iraq the only nuclear reactor in the Arab States--a reactor that stands a chance of making an atom bomb which of course the might like to use on Israel! (& it was the [EDITED: "Israelis"]!)


       125. OF COURSE, BEGIN & HIS GOVERNMENT IMMEDIATELY DENIED BOMBING THE REACTOR, but about a week ago one of the heads of the Israeli Intelligence loudly hinted in the newspapers that certainly Israel would not exactly object if the Iranians would not exactly object if the Iranians happened to bomb the nuclear reactor; trying to give the Iranians the hint that "we would appreciate it if you'd bomb the reactor"!--And just one week later it was bombed--by the [EDITED: "Israelis"]!

       126. I THINK IF THE IRANIANS HAD DONE IT THEY WOULD HAVE BRAGGED ABOUT IT! They don't seem to mind admitting anything! They brag about all kinds of things that turn public opinion against them & everything--they don't care! But their high command flatly denies they ever sent any jets or any Iranian jets bombed the nuclear reactor in Baghdad.

       127. ANY PEOPLE CLEVER ENOUGH TO SNEAK IN AN AIR FORCE AT ENTEBBE AIR FORCE BASE IN UGANDA & rescue that planeload of people under army guard & everything--(of course I can't say how smart Idi Amin & those guys were)--[EDITED: "Israelis"] clever enough & ruthless enough to mow down 20 Ugandans & some of their own people to get'm out, are pretty smart!

       128. LA MONDE, THE MOST RESPECTED NEWSPAPER IN FRANCE, WAS SERIOUSLY SUGGESTED THAT IT WAS ISRAEL WHO BOMBED THE PLANT, & who's to know the difference? They're the same kind of Phantom jets that Iran has, supplied by the same country, the U.S.A. Who's to know whose they are? They completely erased all their markings when they went to Entebbe & planes were unidentifiable.



       132. [DELETED] When Jesus was on the cross & said, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Lk.23:34), He [DELETED] was talking about the Roman soldiers!

       133. THE ROMAN SOLDIERS DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING, THEY WERE JUST EXECUTIONERS & THAT WAS THEIR JOB. But those Scribes & Pharisees, High Priests & Chief Priests standing there knew what they were doing. Even if they didn't believe or know He was the Messiah, they knew they were doing evil because they knew He was innocent. They knew they were doing wrong, crucifying an innocent Man!

       134. WELL, SO MUCH FOR THE BEGINNING OF YOUR COURSE ON BIBLE PROPHECY! [DELETED] I'll tell you, some of the most wonderful Christians I've ever known are Jews! And some of the most ardent witnesses, dynamic preachers of the Gospel, & the most marvellous wonderful sweetest Christians I've ever known are Blacks!

       135. SO WHEN IT COMES TO BEING A CHRISTIAN, THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE: YOU'RE COLOUR-BLIND & RACE-UNCONSCIOUS! We're all the same, all one in Christ Jesus. I don't think in any group in the World you'll find so many different kinds of people getting along so well together as we do! In fact, better than most families & blood brothers do, because we all have the same Father, God, & we all have the same Brother--Jesus! TTL?

       136. AND WE ALL HAVE THE SAME MOTHER, THE HOLY SPIRIT! PTL! I believe that! I think that's a wonderful revelation the Lord gave us, really. My Mother used to say the Holy Spirit always reminded her of a mother too. Well, why not characterise Her that way? Why not think of Her as that? Then I got those Scriptures in the Bible that she was with the Lord from the very beginning, even using the feminine pronouns & everything. PTL? So we've got a wonderful Family, a wonderful God, a wonderful Father, Mother, Brother, wonderful religion & some amazing doctrines! Praise God! Amen?


       139. VIOLENCE IS SO FUTILE, THOSE TERRORISTS USING BOMBS & STRAFINGS & ALL THAT STUFF, IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING BUT WORK AGAINST THEM. Whereas we have hit [EDITED: "with the Word"] [DELETED] right where it hurts! We have exposed [EDITED: "the Enemy"] & their sins & told the World [DELETED] what they're doing--& that's what they don't like & hate the most!

       140. THAT'S WHY [EDITED: "THE SCRIBES AND PHARISEES"] WOULD RATHER RELEASE THE TERRORIST BARABBAS THAN JESUS, because Jesus was exposing them, showing their sins & showing what phonies & fakers they were, self-righteous hypocrites! So we're living in dangerous times & the hour is late in more ways than one!

       141. YOU KNOW IT'S LATE & WE'VE WARNED YOU THAT "THE WAR HAS BEGUN" & "THE CRASH IS HERE!" (See Nos.854 & 869.) I like to say things in such a shocking way it really shakes people up & wakes them up & scares them half to death so they'll do something about it--& thank God we have!--We've moved out!

       142. THE WAR IS HERE, IT'S BEEN ON FOR A LONG TIME!--IN FACT, IT NEVER HAS STOPPED! I wrote a long time ago "The Real War Goes On" (No.277), & it has never stopped. it began in the Garden of Eden & it won't stop until the Lord tosses the Devil into the Pit! In fact, it won't even stop then because he'll get out again & start another one! It won't stop until the Lord absolutely destroys the Earth & makes a New Heaven & a New Earth! Hallelujah! (Rev.20-22.)

       143. THE WAR NEVER STOPS BETWEEN GOOD & EVIL, BETWEEN THE LORD & THE DEVIL, but we know that we're getting closer to the End all the time. Things are stacking up & getting a little more serious all the time; evil is getting a little worse & men are getting worse & times are getting worse--more dangerous all the time.

       144. THE WORLD CAN HARDLY SURVIVE ANOTHER WAR--PARTICULARLY AN ATOMIC WAR--BUT IT WILL! God has promised that & I can prove it to you by the Bible that the whole World is not going to be destroyed by the atomic war, only a third of it. (Rev.9:18.) Does that cheer you up? Ha! And it's not going to be the Third World that's destroyed either, not that third! It's going to be the North & West's third, the rich capitalists' third!

       145. IT'S NOT OUR THIRD BECAUSE WE DON'T BELONG TO THIS WORLD & IT DOESN'T BELONG TO US until the Millennial Kingdom. Undoubtedly most of the Western World will be destroyed as they destroy themselves & each other. But we're just trusting God that we shall escape--either escape or be taken quickly, one or the other, that's what I hope.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family