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"MY OLD FAVOURITES"--Dad's Popular Music Micros       6/1982       DFO 1224
--By Your Ol' DJ Himself!
--A handy guide to the music & comments of "Dad's Old Favourites!" Music Micros

       --This is a rundown of my new Micro Music Series coming soon, D.V., I thought you'd enjoy on your new Micros, & to let you hear how lovely music used to be--A real educational enjoyment of the music of the first half of this Twentieth Century! May God bless you & make it a blessing to you for easy listening in your relaxation times!--Just fun--& a bit o' food too!--For both you & your Family, & especially good for your older friends, with some of their favourites too! PTL!--Some of them & my comments have a real message!--HAPPY HEARING!--My own MWAM!--Music With a Message!--Have fun!

       (P.S.--The blank parenthesis () are for you to fill in the digit location of the music on your own Micro so you can find it easily again if you'd like to replay the number later.--Just write in the digit number of your tape-counter when each music starts--OK?--Thanks!--Love,--D.) (P.S. Be sure to begin each tape's side at zero!)


       1. "LOVE STORY"--Here are some of my old favourites of popular music, & I'm beginning with a beautiful song by Andy Williams, "Love Story", & I'm dedicating it to my own Maria as he signs, "Where do I begin to tell the story?" Here it comes! ()--And she will be there, hallelujah! Andy Williams singing "My Love Story" dedicated to my Maria, & contrary to this next song, I believe she'll still be there & the good times will never be over! But this next one is a beautiful, sweet though sad story: "The Good Times" sung by Andy Williams!

       2. "ONE MORE TIME"--() And our good times will never end for we're going to enjoy each other & the Lord forever in Heaven eternally! Hallelujah! So, that was Andy Williams singing "Those Good Times" that for us will never be over! TYJ! Here he comes again singing there's--

       3. "SOMETHING"--() Don't want to leave her now, & never ever will! My dear Maria, God bless her, & she'll never leave me, & like this next song, "It's Just Impossible!" Andy Williams singing--

       4. "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE"--() Yes, it's impossible that we should ever be separated because we're going to be together forever! Andy Williams singing, "It's Impossible"! And now he sings another sad song about a tragedy, but some of the sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought. Andy Williams singing "Fire & Rain", in which he prays to Jesus for help to sustain him in his grief:

       5. "FIRE & RAIN"--() And you will see that dear loved on again in those heavenly places in the heavenly spheres of Space City up yonder some day! PG! Hallelujah! Well, that was a rather sad song that Andy Williams was singing about fire & rain, & it is going to be raining fire on the wicked on Earth while we're up there in Heaven forever with you & with Jesus! Hallelujah! TYJ! PG! Amen? And now he sings an old favourite of mine that was popular when Maria & I were the first escapees of the Great Exodus to London, "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden"! You know, things are not always going to be easy in this life, He never promised you nothing but rose gardens here, but someday there will be all rose gardens up there! Hallelujah! Andy Williams singing that old favourite--

       6. "I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN"--() Yes sir, this life is no bed of roses & even roses have their thorns & he must've been having a pretty hard time, poor fella, because in this net one he laments that it's taking so long to see his "My Sweet Lord". Andy Williams singing again--

       7. "MY SWEET LORD"--() Poor ol' Andy Williams wondering why it takes so long to live this old life & see his Sweet lord. Well, maybe you're wondering that too but don't worry, it won't be long now, GBY!--If you'll just keep busy for our Sweet Lord, amen? GBY! PTL! Well, here he comes again with a beautiful old lovesong--

       8. "SPEAK SOFTLY, LOVE"--And that's always the way to speak to you love--softly & sweetly. GBY! () You've been listening to the sweet voice of Andy Williams recording his own original sound recordings, "Rose Garden", "My Sweet Lord" & the "Speak Softly, Love" from the Godfather. And now comes "Summer Knows" & how she knows! GBY! thank God for Summer & the Tropics where it's always Summer! Come on down here & join us folks!

       9. "SUMMER KNOWS"--() And that was Any William's' "Love Story" tape & the last number that we've recorded from it for you of all of our favourites, about half of them, "Summer Knows".


       --At The London Palladium for his 50th Anniversary in Show Business!
       And now on this micro recording of some of my old-time favourites here comes the old pro himself, Bing Crosby, with his familiar them song "Where the Gold of the Day Meets the Blue of the Night", & here he is appearing in one of his later shows at the London Palladium! That old--timer Bing Crosby who was popular when I was young in the '30s & stayed popular for many years until not long ago!--The original crooner & the big daddy of all crooners that followed him & imitated him including Perry Como & Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Andy William's & all the rest! Bing Crosby was the original first old-fashioned crooner, so here we go to the London Palladium! I'm very sorry about the very low volume on this old tape but it's quite an old tape & a real collector's item, so we can be thankful that we can hear it at all. Just turn up your volume control & enjoy it anyhow! There's nothing wrong with your tape recorder, it's just the volume on this tape--turn it up! Here's Bing!

       1. (Applause & Bing's introductory song) () But I did depart from him on that one because that wasn't exactly one of his best. That was just the introduction to one of his last great shows at the London Palladium in the late '70's just before he passed away on a golf course in Madrid, Spain in the swank Moralejas section at the Moralejas Country Club just after he had played his 18th hole & was walking back to the coffee shop for a refreshment, the Lord took him, & he'd lived a very full life, 50 years of singing, when originally he'd planned to be a priest! So I'm sure he must've had faith & often expressed it, & he was probably a greater blessing to the World as a singer than he would have been as a preacher. Anyhow, this is one of his last shows, here he comes again telling his own story of how he got started with a little song 50 years before called, "Mary Lou"! Here's Bing Crosby, the father of all the crooners from Perry Como, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra & on down the list. Bing Crosby the Great! And don't let me forget Andy Williams in there who is one of his best duplicates, GBH! Here again we have Bing Crosby at the London Palladium in one of his final great shows before he passed away:

       2. "MARY LOU--()


       4. "AT MY TIME OF LIFE"--()

       5. "HOW HARD TO GET CAN YOU GET?"--Bing & Rosemary Clooney--()

       6. "I'LL GO MY WAY"--Rosemary Clooney--()

       7. "TENDERLY"--Rosemary Clooney--()

       And that was Rosemary Clooney, another old-timer that Bing had on his show to celebrate his 50th Anniversary in show business & her 21st, & I left that on just to show you what the women singers were like in those days. the men they called "crooners" & the women they called "torch singers". But whichever, they were romantic emotional singers of popular music of my day. You also had a little sample there of jazz in one of the preceding numbers where she & Bing sang together with that famous lead instrument of the day, the saxophone. Originally the saxophone was a very sweet, liquid, melodic, beautiful reed-wind instrument which I used to play myself: A deep beautiful-tone C-melody sax with a smooth reed. But when jazz came along they began to jazz it up &, as your heard, with a razzle-dazzle razzmatazz: Kind of a shrill, hard, rasping sound of the soprano sax, a higher level of saxophone as far as higher pitch is concerned & with a grooved reed which made that kind of rasping, razzle, harsh sound which they liked in jazz music, which I don't like, frankly! But there're probably some of you who do like it. Anyway, these are a few samples of the kind of music I was talking about in giving you the history of the Modern Music of my generation--the music of the Twentieth Century!--The first half of the Twentieth Century, that is, that was almost the last good music. I don't call today's so-called music music, I call it noise. It seems good music ended where the Rock'n Roll began, although even Elvis had some pretty good numbers in his Rock 'n Roll. Really good beautiful, romantic, soft, restful, loving music ended with hard rock & it's demonic, harsh, horrible, hellish noises, & that's certainly not my kind of music & I hope it's not yours! Well, these new micro recordings of popular music for you of the early 1900's, are to help you appreciate the music of my day, "Music Appreciation Hour" if you will, of Dad's favourite old music, his old favourites & probably the old favourites of your Moms & Dads too! So here we go with some more of Bing in one of his last shows in his 70's, think of that, after 50 years in show business! GBH! He was really a blessing to the World with a lot of beautiful music, romantic, sweet, soft, crooning, loving sounds of the music of my day! Well here's Bing & now introducing his own family, his wife & children on this end of one of his last shows singing some of his last songs. GBH!

       8. "SING A SONG"--() Well, there was a happy little family group busking away at the London Palladium of all things! Stick to it, Families! Who knows, you may get there yet! And here Bing's family go ahead with a sweet little lovesong of yesterday--


       10. "A SIMPLE MELODY"--()

       11. "ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT"--()

       12. "FRIAR JACQUES"--()

       13. "COCKLEBERRY LAUGH"--()


       15. "ANNIE LAURIE"--()

       16. "BRING BACK MY BONNIE"--()


       18. "WHIFFENPOOF SONG"--()

       19. "DRINK, DRINK"--()

       20. "DRINK TO ME ONLY"--()

       21. "YOUR DARK EYES"--()

       22. "YOU'RE MY SUNSHINE"--()


       24. "SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT"--()

       25. "ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT"--()

       26. "MEMORIES"--Bing again--()

       27. "CUANDO CALIENTE EL SOL"--()

       Well, there, you have it, Bing Crosby & his own family, wife & children themselves busking at the London Palladium, & if Bing can do it in Spanish so can you! GBY! Well there you are, Bing's 50th Anniversary celebration at the London Palladium after 50 years in the crooning show business from the '20's to the 70's! I wonder how long we'd last at that rate?--That's pretty good, 50 years of such singing service. Well, God bless you, we're going to last as long as the Lord wants us to & maybe right on till Jesus comes, & maybe we'll keep on singing after that too! I believe it! We've got the whole Millennium & the whole forever eternity to sing for the Lord! Bing sang songs for pleasure, he sang for entertainment, he did even sing a little for the Lord, as you'll notice by some of the songs we're going to come up with now as we go back a little bit in his history in his singing career to some of his greatest & his best of the earlier years. So here we have again Bing Crosby singing some of his greatest from his, "Merry Christmas" tape of years ago! GBY! So here's Bing Crosby singing some of my Christmas favourites & some other old favourites too! PTL! You'll of course notice quite a difference in the sound level of some of these recordings because some of them are quite old, collector's items & hard to find. So bear with us as we go back-&-forth from sound level to sound level & have our ups & downs. But I'm sure you'll enjoy it anyhow & this next tape & his next songs here are actually more recently & better recorded & therefore at a higher sound level so you may have to get ready to turn down your volume a little bit & enjoy it! GBY! Here we go with Bing Crosby singing--


       28. "SILENT NIGHT"--()

       29. "ADESTE FIDELES"--()

       30. "WHITE CHRISTMAS"--()


       You're listening to Bing Crosby singing Christmas carols & now he continues with a beautiful old hymn--

       32. "FAITH OF OUR FATHERS"--Bing Crosby singing "Faith of Our Fathers". ()

       33. "I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS"--() Well, said to say, we weren't home for Christmas those years of '41-'45. Most of us were in the army, the navy, the air force, the marines, the military fighting a horrible war overseas! But those were the years Bing made those old nostalgic numbers popular like, "White Christmas" & "I'll Be Home for Christmas" although some of them never came home at all. Ten million GIs were injured & fifteen million killed in that horrible holocaust of Hell on Earth which ended with an even worse holocaust of the hell bombs on Nagasaki & Hiroshima which nevertheless helped to end the war. These are the beautiful songs of faith & nostalgia & recollections of the past from Bing Crosby, the greatest of all of the famous crooners of the first half of this Century in that beautiful, lovely melodic, restful, romantic music. We close this part of the tape of the greatest of all, Bing Crosby & the pioneer of all of that style of singing who was becoming popular when I was just a kid & grew in popularity on the radio particularly, & by means of radio singing simple little songs, lovesongs & even songs of faith in God just like you & I. And his message went out to millions via radio like ours. He had his place, he had his ministry & then he too, God called him Home when he finished his last round here on Earth & had finished his course. He'd kept the faith, he fought a good fight & I'm sure there's laid up for him a crown of righteousness & I expect to see him over there because I really believe he loved the Lord like we do. Maybe not the same, maybe not as much, but he loved the same Jesus & he sang about Him as you just heard. So thank you Bing, God bless you boy, we sure enjoyed those beautiful numbers you sang, & the Lord must've called you Home to sing to Him some of that gorgeous music you used to sing & maybe a lot of new ones that you never sang before! Like we're going to sing one of these days right along with you with a heavenly choir & heavenly orchestra & sing like we've never sung before! May God keep us faithful singing now for Jesus until He comes for us in Jesus' name, amen! So long Bing, we'll see you later, D.V., & I'm sure He is! In Jesus' name, amen. Well, now we're going to leave Bing in those heavenly places with those heavenly songs & go back to dear Andy Williams who, if anybody ever was - was his nearest protege, with his nearest style & the same faith, singing many songs of faith like Bing, here's Andy William's singing some more Christmas songs.


       1. "JOY TO THE WORLD!"--()


       3. "RING CHRISTMAS BELLS!"--()


       5. "AVE MARIA"--()

       6. "OH COME ALL YE FAITHFUL"--()

       7. "ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD"--()

       8. "HARK THE HERALD ANGELS"--()

       9. "AVE MARIA"--()

       10. "WHAT CHILD IS THIS?--()


       12. "OUR FATHER"--()


       And now to change the pace a little bit & go back a little further to the style more operatic of the early part of the century such as John McCormick & Enrique Caruso, we have Mario Lanza, a more operatic-type of singer but nevertheless a beautiful singer who sang some of my favourites such as you know, "Arrivederci Roma!" He lived a very short life only into his 40's, died of a sudden heart attack in Rome as I recall & yet he left a beautiful legacy of wonderful songs of faith & love, & we're going to continue this Christmas musical programme with some of his Christmas songs. I think a few which we have not yet played for you either from Bing nor Andy William's. Here is Mario Lanza singing--


       2. "GUARDIAN ANGELS"--()

       3. "O HOLY NIGHT!"--()

       4. "THE FIRST NOEL"--()

       5. "AWAY IN A MANGER"--()

       6. "OUR FATHER"--()

       Well, here you have the superb, majestic, gorgeous voice of a real operatic tenor, or was he a baritone?--Mario Lanza!--& as you can see the poor crooners almost suffered by comparison. However, each had his place, & those who wouldn't listen to the more formal operatic singing of Mario Lanza, were willing to receive the message of the crooners, popular crooners, so each had his own ministry, PTL!--Even as you & I have ours! But anyhow, that's the kind of singer I once dreamed of being, an opera star, can you imagine?--And I did do a little crooning on the side. The thing that Mario Lanza did was to lend his beautiful operatic voice to popular music, not just the formal operatic music, & this is what made him very popular, to use his talent for singing for popular songs & he was a tremenous combination of the two, bringing his beautiful formal operatic talent to use on more popular romantic music. He, of course, is one of my favourites & this is the only tape that we have of his voice & I've chosen the best ones. But I like the crooners too, they're also my favourites & sang a lot of my favourite numbers.


       Now here we have one who combined the operatic talent with a more moderate form of crooning, sort of a happy medium between the two for religious music: The beautiful voice of George Beverly Shea, Billy Graham's favourite soloist for his evangelistic campaigns singing some very beautiful though somewhat unfamiliar numbers but very inspirational. GBH! He was always a blessing & inspiration with his beautiful Gospel songs. Here we have George Beverly Shea singing first "Until That Time":

       1. "UNTIL THAT TIME"--()



       4. "VICTORY IN JESUS!"--()

       5. "IN THE SHADOW OF THE CROSS"--()

       6. "I DON'T THINK SO!"--()

       7. "OH HOW HE LOVES YOU & ME!"--()


       Well, PTL! Here's some more of Dad's old favourites with the magic voice of dear ol' Perry Como! I'll never forget when as a young teenage lad of 19--that is I was 19, he was a little older--he cut my hair in his barber shop in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania. The preacher there where we were holding a meeting, dear old Brother Kemper, father of two girls with whom I was in love, invited me to have my hair cut, saying it was a very special experience at this particular barber shop called the Barber Shop of the Singing Barbers & you had to have a special appointment in order to get your hair cut in the days when hardly anybody ever had an appointment to get a haircut! You just walked into the barber shop & sat in line until it was your turn. But not this barber shop, it was special! You had to have to a special appointment to get your hair cut at a certain time because these special barbers were already getting famous as the "Singing Barbers" when radio was just coming into its own. So sure enough, I went with the preacher at the appointed time & there were the "Singing Barbers" busy cutting four or five heads of hair at once & frequently breaking into song as they worked & sometimes pausing to line up together to sing a special number for the crowd which always gathered, & guess who was one of those famous singing barbers who became famous later on radio!--This one in particular was Perry Como! He caught that falling star of success through his anointing & put it in his pocket & saved it for that rainy day when he finally made it to the top! He like Frank Sinatra & Andy William's followed Bing Crosby in a little later generation but of the same style & type of voice & singing, so that sometimes you could hardly tell them apart. So here he is catching that falling star & putting it in his pocket! GBH! Dear old Perry Como!:

       1. "CATCH A FALLING STAR"--()

       2. "I BELIEVE"--()


       4. "HOT DIGGITY!"--()

       5. "FIND A RING ROUND, ROUND"--()

       6. "HELLO, YOUNG LOVERS!"--()

       7. "MOONGLOW"--()

       8. "HOW I LOVE YOU SO!"--()

       9. "YELLOW RIBBON!"--()

       10. "WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I?"--()

       11. "DAYS OF WINE & ROSES"--()

       And that was my old friend, Perry Como, singing that beautiful old song, "Those Days of Wine & Roses" & I might have added to that--women & song--Wine & roses, women & song! Now he comes with another funny little number the children may enjoy, "Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head" & he wonders why. Well, he's about to tell you! Perry Como singing "Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head". Dear old Perry, I hope you finally got an umbrella! Funny about that, how some people like to sing in the rain. Here's--

       12. "RAIN DROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD"--by Perry Como.--()

       13. "YOU WERE TEMPTATION!"--()

       14. "MOON RIVER"--()

       15. "WITHOUT A SONG"--()

       16. "AVE MARIA"--()


              18. "THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE" – ()

              19. "YESTERDAY" –()

       20. "MY DAYS OF LOVING YOU" –()

       21. "THIS IS THE MOMENT" –()

       22. "HOW I LOVE YOU SO"—()

       23. "SUNRISE, SUNSET" –()

       And those were the sweet sad songs of Perry Como, one of the successors to Bing Crosby in the crooning style of the days before & during the war & afterward, WWII. It seemed that the songs grew sadder after the war & not quite as happy-go-lucky as in the days of Bing. But it was still the Italian Catholics who could really sing.


       Here comes one in the similar style of the crooner, Dean Martin. Dear old Dino, here is the best that we have of Dino. All these boys somewhat imitated Bing in his very informal, casual, popular style of romantic singing. So here we have Dear Martin whose star was rising about the same time.

       1. "AMORE"--()

       2. "NOBODY"--()

       Well, that's a happy thought, so why don't you find somebody to love? Well, you'll notice that Dean Martin's style & musical background were a little swingier & jazzier than Perry Como whose musical orchestrations were almost symphonic, but also Dino's songs were sometimes a bit happier as well. Like this next one, a good old Italian song--

       3. "VOLARE"--Let's fly!--() Well, there was the happy Italian, Dean Martin! But now here he is again with something a little bit more of the South-Sea-Island romantic style--

       4. "RETURN TO ME"--() Well, there was dear ol' Dino being a bit Hawaiian, & we're going to continue some more of his romantic & happy songs. So here's Dino again, Dean Martin, that dear old Italian singer, one of my favourites--


       6. "JUNE IN JANUARY"--()

       7. "SORRIENTO"--()

       8. "JUST IN TIME!"--()

       Well, that was a bit jazzy but that's Dino, & I thought the thought was very good because you could apply it to the Lord that's for sure. He came along just in time to change our lonely lives to happy ones! Amen? TYL! Well here comes another happy song from that happy Italian, Dean Martin, accompanied with the popular type of jazzy semi-jazzy orchestra of the day, a bit swing and jazz combined with that jazzy sax. Not sex, yes sex too! But jazz sax with a grooved reed & usually the alto sax with a kind of a squeaky, harsh, jazzy razzamataz sound which I don't really care too much for, that type of jazzy, raspy, harsh razzamataz of the jazz, but it was lively & it was danceable. So here's Dino with another song for you:

       9. "ASK THE SKY ABOVE"--() Well, those were the liquid notes of the jazz sax along with Dean Martin. I used to play the sax myself in those days but I preferred the more melodic, softer, deeper tones of the beautiful C-melody sax which I used to play. Nevertheless, the sax was the lead instrument of the day rather than the guitar, & later as the music got more jazzy the jazz trumpet began to be the lead instrument. So now here's Dean Martin with something a little more classical, an old familiar drinking song, "Hey Brother, Pour the Wine!" Hallelujah!

       10. "POUR THE WINE!"--()

       11. "WATCHING THE WORLD GO BY!"--()

       Well, that was a happy-go-lucky Italian, Dean Martin again "Watching the World Go By" a song nearly as old as my mother in good old-fashion ragtime, the predecessor of jazz.


       But it seemed as we watched the World go by the World's music got worse & worse & from between WWI & WWII it went from the sweet crooning music of Bing Crosby to the jazzy harsh rasping music of jazz, & one of the singers of that period who sort of blended sweet swing with his razzamataz jazz was Frank Sinatra who sang in his blase harsh way on many of his songs although he did sing a few sweet ones. It was a sort of an age of rebellion &, "Devil-may-care, the World's going to Hell anyhow so who cares?" And that was the attitude, the sort of sneering, cynical attitude of Frank Sinatra. Nevertheless he sang a few very sweet old numbers & we're going to give you a few of his best. Here we go with Frank Sinatra:

       1. "STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT"--()

       2. "SEPTEMBER"--()

       3. "MOONLIGHT SERENADE"--()

       4. "OLD MAN RIVER"--()

       Well, that was the best of Sinatra which wasn't very much because he wasn't a very religious man for one thing & that last song was about as close as he came to religion. He didn't sing nearly as many sacred songs as did his predecessors like Bing & Dean Martin & Perry como. But he was extremely popular with the teenagers of his day & I can first remember hearing him when I was about 19, in love with several different girls. I can remember riding along, my mother & I in our car somewhere in Pennsylvania & I heard this young man's voice on the radio, the car radio, & I said, "That boy's a pretty good singer!' And I said, "I think he's really going to make a hit!" He was virtually unheard of then, & sure enough, he really rose in popularity very rapidly with the youth of his day with what was considered then a rather rebellious type of music which was turning sweet swing into jazz which later rolled into Rock 'n Roll & finally into the horrible, horrible noise of today called hard rock.


       But thank God before that day came along, about the time just after WWII along came some other sweet singers & one of them was Nat King Cole, the coloured boy preacher's kid. He nearly always sat at the piano & nearly always accompanied himself on the piano. I can see him yet sitting there swaying back-&-forth with that huge big mouth of his mouthing the words &, sad to say, too often a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth or perched on the side of the piano, which was to bring about his doom. Because he only had short life & a short ministry of music & soon died at a very early age, I think while still in his '30's or early 40's, of lung cancer because of his incessant smoking. Poor fellow! But he was a preacher's boy & he did like sweet music & soft music & he rarely ever sang the wild raucous-type that Sinatra so often sang, & here are some of the sweet songs of dear old young Nat King Cole whom the Lord called Home because of his naughty smoking & wrecking his body--to sing for Him up there I'm sure. God bless you Nat! We really enjoyed you while you were here & we're looking forward to enjoying you again when we get over there with you! Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name! Here comes for you Nat King Cole with the song that first made him famous--

       1. "RAMBLIN' ROSE"--The story of a little girl who rambled a little too much & too often!--() Now here comes dear ol' Nat in a song that was popular when my mother was a girl--

       2. "A BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO!--() Well, that was dear old Nat singing a song that was popular when Mother was a girl back in the early 1900's, & he was, it seems, particularly fond of good old-fashioned songs & he sang a lot of the good ol' songs that I loved when I was young. So it was almost hard to choose which songs to use on this Micro for you because he sang so many of my old favourites! But here are a few more from Nat King Cole with another song that helped to make him famous, "Mona, Lisa"! Brrroom! And that's the thunder roll for an introduction down here in the Tropics!:

       3. "MONA LISA"--() Well there was Nat King Cole with "Mona Lisa", a song he sang to a painting, a very famous painting at that. In fact, it seems that most of his songs, including the one that made him famous, "Rambling Rose" & "Mona Lisa", were songs to girls by name, believe it or not! And here's another famous one, "Maria Elena" & if Nat can sing it in Spanish then you can learn to sing in Spanish too! GBY!:

       4. "MARIA ELENA"--() Nat King Cole singing "Maria Elena" in Spanish, & as I said, if Nat can do it you can learn to sing in Spanish too! Now here's another that helped to make dear old Nat famous, "Too Young For Love" & it certainly fits right along with our belief that you could never be too young for love, as we believe in young lovers & early marriage! GBY!:

       5. "TOO YOUNG FOR LOVE"--() Nat King Cold singing "Too Young For Love", & we don't believe you can ever be too young to love, so I agreed with him they weren't too young to love. Well, it seems that Nat was most famous & popular in my days on the road travelling for radio & television in the 50's & I believe on into the early 60's. Because I can remember that Faithy & I were staying in the Ark or the Cruiser, our big camper, beside a lake somewhere in Ohio & when she was about eight years old. Yes, that would make it about 1960 or '59, & this thing was playing on the lakeside pavillion juke-box almost continually & it sure fit in with the nice happy vacation days that she & I were enjoying there by the lake where she was swimming almost all the time, high-diving from a 25-foot board, & this music was blaring out all over the campground & across the lake almost continuously. Those--

       6. "LAZY CRAZY DAYS OF SUMMER!--() That was Nat King Cole with those "Lazy Crazy Days of Summer!" And here he comes again with another old-timer that was popular when I was a kid, being sun then by my older brother & sister--

       7. "WALKING MY BABY BACK HOME"--() That was Nat King Cole "walking his baby back home", & you notice some of the old-fashioned expressions there used for what was later called necking then called petting & in my mother's day called sparking. Also he talked about the barbecue stands--those were the early days of the local drive-in hamburger & barbecue stands. They first called them barbecues because they served barbecue sandwiches & then went to hamburgers later, & that was the heyday of the A&W rootbeer stands too. Well, those old--timers bring back good ol' memories again of my childhood & it must've brought back memories to this dear old Coloured preacher-boy singer too because here he comes again with another dear old nostalgic number--

       8. "AUTUMN LEAVES"--One of the most beautiful numbers ever written. () Now here's dear ol' Nat King Cole searching for love clear around the World like most folks today. Thank God we've found love, for love is God. TYJ! Amen? Nat King Cole searching for love--

       9. "AROUND THE WORLD"--() "Around the World" by Nat King Cole. We found our World in Jesus, amen? PG! And now that you've found Him you can--

       10. "STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE"--again by Nat King Cole.--() Nat King Cole "staying as sweet as you are" which you'll always do if you sty with Jesus. GBY! And now he sings one of my all-time favourites which I just wish you could've heard Mario Lanza sing the genuine Roman song as only he could sing it. But we couldn't find Mario Lanza on tape singing it so we're going to have to let Nat King Cole sing for you--

       11. "ARRIVEDERCI ROMA"() Well, if that dear old Coloured boy, preacher's son, Southerner can learn to sing in a foreign language so can you! Amen? GBY! That was Nat King Cole singing, of all things, "Arrivederci Roma", one of my favourites. And now he's going to sing some other old-timers & some of my very best favourites without interruption because I don't need to introduce him any more or explain him any more I think from now to the end of the tape. So God bless you! Enjoy Nat King Cole in these songs, "The Very Thought of You", "The Party's Over", "Red Sails In the Sunset", "It's All In the Game" & "Smiles" if we have room for them, & you've always got room for a smile! Nat King Cole singing--

       12. "THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU"--()

       13. "THE PARTY'S OVER"--()

       14. "RED SAILS IN THE SUNSET"--()

       15. "ALL IN THE GAME"--()

       16. "SMILE"--()

       17. "L-O-V-E"--()


       Well, PTL! Here we are continuing my old favourites with Connie Francis. I didn't want to neglect you girls or you would think I didn't like the women or I was one of those male chauvinists, but for you Women's Libbers we brought in one of the rare women singers who can really sing in the good old-fashioned swingin' jazzy style of the Big Band Days--Connie Francis, & we're starting her off with a real funny old Southern Coloured tune which you'll get a kick out of, but don't you believe it!:

       1. "OL' MAN MOSE"--() But don't you believe it! Those reports of my death are highly exaggerated--they've said it before, they'll say it again but don't you believe it till the very end! Because Ol' Man Mose ain't dead yet by a long shot & never will be because I'm gonna live forever! Hallelujah! TYJ! PG! Well, that's Connie Francis singing "Ol' Man Mose" & here she goes again! And for accusin' me of bein' dead I'm gonna call her--

       2. "IRRESPONSIBLE"--() Connie Francis calling herself "irresponsible". So no wonder she's wondering if she's blue in this old song. I can remember my brother-in-law playing on his ukulele to us kids when we were young & he was about to marry my sister at the age of 14. Of course, that was enough to make any teenager happy, not blue!--

       3. "AM I BLUE?"--() Connie Francis in "Am I Blue?" in the days of the Big Bands which became almost symphony orchestras as in this next number, a bit out of character for her sexy style but a beautiful one with a little bit of the Arabian Nights mixed in with a lot of Latin American music:

       4. "MISERILU"--() And if a sexy torch singer of America, Connie Francis, can sing in Spanish, so can you, & you also "ought to be in pictures":

       5. "YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES"--() Yes, Connie Francis singing "You Ought To Be In Pictures" & if you noticed a change in that number, the beginning part was Connie Francis when she was quite young getting her start with a small band & then it suddenly went up to her heyday with the Big band & then they threw in another little bit from one of her early renditions of that & her first small band & then wound it up with a finale. "You Ought To Be In Pictures" by Connie Francis, a number we used to sing when we were kids when both Connie & that song were popular. She's an old pro who continued to be popular for many years thereafter along with some of the other perennials. And here's Connie Francis again with another old-timer that I used to love to sing--

       6. "AIN'T MISBEHAVIN'"--() Connie Francis "Ain't Misbehavin'". Well, she must've done something good because she lasted a long time & was popular for many years & even not too long ago reappeared for a comeback although she must be at least in her 60's like I am & probably more. So girls, don't worry there's still time, at least a little bit. So keep busy for Jesus & you'll be one of His stars! GBY!


       Now we'll go to another singer of those sweet bygone days & a sweet singer in the style of Nat King Cole. Johnny Mathis singing--
       1. "WITH YOU I'M BORN AGAIN"--() Johnny Mathis "With you I'm Born Again"! And now here he comes again with another of his sweet old songs, & this a real old-timer of the Big Band Days. It used to be the theme song I believe of Paul Whiteman & his band--

       2. "DEEP PURPLE"--() Johnny Mathis dreaming in "Deep Purple". And now in another old favourite he dreams of--

       3. "ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE"--() Johnny Mathis in "All the Things You Are". Now here he comes in a few more & we may just let'm roll without any further need for announcements. Here's Johnny Mathis in--

       4. "EVERGREEN"--()


       6. "WHEN I NEED YOU"--()

       7. "EVERGREEN"--()


       9. "SING A SONG OF JOY"--Hymn--()

       Well, that was a beautiful old hymn by dear Johnny Mathis, & did you notice on the intro to "Everything Is Beautiful!" they played very quietly at first "Jesus Loves the Little Children". So here's another Coloured boy who probably was brought up in church like Nat King Cole & Elvis Presley & so many of the rest of them where they first learned their music & to play & sing & then went into full-time professional music in the World. But each of them seemed to bring a little of his faith with him except maybe Sinatra, I don't know--even Bing & Como & Andy & all the rest of them were a testimony & a witness in a way with some of the songs they sang. So here he comes now with one that I wish we could have gotten the Andy William's recording of it but this is the best we've got, & dear Johnny's not so bad. GBH! He must've loved the Lord. So here's Johnny Mathis singing--

       7. "SOLITAIRE"--()

       8. "A CHILD IS BORN"--()

       Yes, & that Child has already been born that's going to bring that peace on Earth that Johnny's singing about singing about: I wondered a little bit about who he is singing about there. Is it the Antichrist he's expecting? You'll be glad when Jesus comes, for what you did for love! What are you doing for love?:

       9. "WHAT I DID FOR LOVE!"--()

       10. "YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE"--()

       Well yes that was the best of Johnny Mathis, at least the best we have in stock, & we're microing all of our favourites so we can carry them along & leave the great big old heavy tapes behind, TTL! Hope you're going micro too, & you must be or you couldn't be playing this one right now! GBY! Because we hope to go all Micro before long, D.V.


       Well, these wouldn't be complete without another Coloured fella & a little bit of calypso. Harry Bellafonte of approximately the same period & some a little bit later. Harry Bellafonte with--

       1. "BANANA BOAT"--()

       2. "THIS IS MY ISLAND"--()

       3. "COCONUT WOMAN"--()

       So there's some good old funny narrative calypso like they sing in the Islands by Harry Bellafonte, an Islander himself & who could sing it better? But reflecting his good Christian upbringing as so many of them do, now he sings one for you about Jesus. Harry Bellafonte singing--

       4. "MARY'S BOY CHILD"--() Harry Bellafonte singing "Mary's Boy Child". What a beautiful song & what a witness as he sings it for the whole World! PG!--As so many of these other singers did sing some testimony & some witness about their faith. TTL! And so can you! GBY! These island sons ought to really ring a bell with some of you folks who are down there in the Islands & are familiar with these coconuts & all the rest. PTL! GBY! So here he comes again, dear ol' Harry Bellafonte with another old familiar Gospel song--

       5. "WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN"--() And here's Harry Bellafonte's last calypso for you after that old Gospel song--

       6. "JAMAICA FAREWELL"--Is the most famous as the one which really made his singing famous. () Well, that was Harry Bellafonte singing his famous "Jamaica Farewell". A famous calypso form of music that's so popular & familiar in the Islands where it originated. And with that one from Harry Bellafonte he's on his way, & just to finish him off & show you just how sexy some of that Island music can get here he is again, Harry Bellafonte, in--

       7. "JUMP IN THE LINE"--And they'll line up for this one! ()


       We're going to maybe just let'm play right through. Ray Conniff in--

       1. "HARMONY"--()

       2. "PLAYGROUND IN MY MIND"--()

       3. "MORNING AFTER"--()

       4. "YOUNG LOVE"--()

       5. "RED ROSES FOR A BLUE LADY!--()

       6. "FAREWELL MY LOVE"--()


       Well, that's not exactly the one I thought it was, sorry about that. But anyhow, we'll let it ride.

       8. "LOVE IS A MANY-SPLENDOURED THING"--() Well I'm in kind of a hurry right now packin' again, so if I louse up this tape, why, don't be surprised.

       PAT BOONE

       Now we're beginning to get to the younger generation, some even you can remember, such as Pat Boone. We have to have a little of dear ol' Pat Boone on here since he's supposed to be Christian. Well, he's go a few good numbers here, old-timers that I remember. Here is Pat Boone singing a real old-timer much older than he is--

       1. "LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND"--()

       2. "I ALMOST LOST MY MIND"--()

       3. "ANASTASIA"--()

       4. "SPEEDY GONZALES"--()


       6. "GOLD MINE IN THE SKY"--()

       Well, here comes dear ol' Pat Boone with another old goldie from away back when my mother was a girl, the tune & the song used to be "Silver Threads Amongst the Gold, Darling We Are Growing Old." Beautiful old song, & just so at least you get a chance to hear the beautiful melody even though Pat seems to have some new words to it. Here the old tune was--

       7. "SILVER THREADS AMONGST THE GOLD, DARLING WE ARE GROWING OLD"--And that sure is a fact, everyone of us. ()


       Well, we're really comin' up the scale now & they're getting younger & younger as we reach dear ol' Don McLean & here's a couple of my old favourites from Don McLean. Sorry about the low sound level, guess you'll just have to turn up your volume, it's an old tape.--

       1. "BYE, BYE, MISS AMERICAN PIE"--()

       2. "STARRY, STARRY NIGHT"--()

       Well, that was dear ol' Don McLean with one of my favourites, "Starry, Starry Night." I'm sorry about the quality of these older recordings, some of these old tapes seem to be about worn-out. But at least you can get a little idea of what pretty music sounds like.


       Now I've got a little girl comin' up that I like very much & first got to know her & her singing way down the island of Cyprus, Nana Mouskouri, & she was very popular of course because she could sing in Greek as they were mostly Greeks down there. So here she comes with some old favourites--Nana Mouskouri. This is a tape she did apparently of Christmas favourites so I'm just going to let it run because they're all good. GBY! Wonderful girl, a real angel & sang many songs about the Lord, GBH! She had a real ministry:

       1. "O CHRISTMAS TREE!" (French)--()

       2. A Christmas carol in Greek--()

       I didn't know those were all going to be French or Greek or something. Let's see if I can find one in English. That's seems to be one of her talents to be able to sing in all languages. Here comes one in German that's very pretty, maybe we'll run across one in English eventually:

       3. "GUTE NACHT" German Lullaby--()

       4. "DRUMMER BOY"--()

              5. "AVE MARIA" –()

       And here's an old-timer you won't have to be told the words in English you'll recognise it so well in the language in which it was originally written:

       6. "SILENT NIGHT"--()

       7. "O HOLY NIGHT"--()


       9. Christmas Carol--Greek--()

       10. Christmas Carol--French--()

       11. "AVE MARIA"--()

       12. "I DREAMED YOU"--()

       13. "I DREAM THAT YOU COME TO ME"--()

       That was Nana Mouskouri singing her dream songs. GBY! Sorry if there's a little waver because we recorded at the very slow speed of 1.2 centimeters per second but in the next we're going to try twice that fast at 2.4. Here's Nana Mouskouri with her own guitar playing:

       14. Her guitar--()


       Another one from Andy William's, "Feelings" & then his inimitable "Solitaire":

       1. "FEELINGS"--() And here at last we have Andy William's himself singing and feeling--

       2. "SOLITAIRE"--() The one & only Andy William's singing the one & only "Solitaire".


       Well, here comes dear ol' Pat Boone again with some others of my old favourites. This first one I used to play on my saxaphone many times & loved to sing it:

       1. "IT'S A SIN TO TELL A LIE"--()

       2. "THOSE HARBOUR LIGHTS"--()

       Another gorgeous old goldie from Pat Boone, "Those Harbour Lights" an old-timer older than he is. Here comes another Pat Boone favourite--

       3. "CANADIAN SUMMER"--() Pat Boone in "Canadian Summer", & now comes a real funny old song from way down under in Australia & I'll never forget when I first heard it! I heard it actually on Australian shortwave radio way out in the middle of Texas, & I said to my teenage children then, I said, "That song's going to be a hit!" And sure enough it became a great hit--

       4. "TIE ME KANGAROO DOWN, SPORT"--() Pat Boone singing from way down under in Australia, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down", a real funny song back in the '60's. Now another old favourite older than Pat himself--

       5. "AUTUMN LEAVES"--() Pat Boone singing "Autumn Leaves", a real nostalgic old favourite of mine.


       Well here's a real collector's item, Yul Brynner singing in "The King & I", the story of Anna & the King of Siam, "Shall I Tell You what I Think of You?"--& he does:

       1. "SHALL I TELL YOU WHAT I THINK OF YOU?"--() Yul Brynner of all people singing "Shall I Tell You What I Think of You?", as he did. Now Deborah Kerr who starred with him in "The King & I" or "Anna & the King of Siam" singing--

       2. "SOMETHING WONDERFUL"--() Deborah Kerr & chorus singing "Something Wonderful" in "The King & I".--The true story of an English school teacher, Anna & the King of Siam. Well here comes a very beautiful song from a hit musical, another musical. We just listened to some songs from "The King & I".


       This one is the "South Pacific" by Rodgers & Hammerstein. The French hero of the movie is singing--

       1. "SOME ENCHANTED EVENING"--Although I have forgotten his name. Here we go with "Some Enchanted Evening" from Rodgers & Hammerstein's "South Pacific". () "Some Enchanted Evening" from Rodgers & Hammerstein's "South Pacific". Well, I didn't get much out of "South Pacific" or any of these modern musicals but Rodgers & Hammerstein did produce a few beautiful numbers, very few. Here's one from "Oklahoma", probably the most beautiful one in the whole show & the most famous & popular--

       2. "OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING!"--() "Oh What a Beautiful Morning!" from "Oklahoma", Rodgers & Hammerstein's modern musical. It seems however that the producers never picked very famous actors or singers for these parts. They were usually newcomers & unknowns which may have been one of their attractions. Anyhow here's another beautiful one from that interesting & beautiful movie, a very funny little song by the--

       3. "GIRL WHO COULDN'T SAY NO"--() Well, the girl from "Oklahoma" who just couldn't say, "No" & I must say I must agree with her along with a lot of our girls, GBM! By the way, that first number, "Oh What a Beautiful Morning!" was so popular & kept ringing through my head when it was famous that I decided the best way to sing it was, "Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a wonderful day! I've got a glorious feeling everything's going God's way!" So try singing it that way sometime. Well, here's the last really good number, a number that I appreciated the most of, oh, about three numbers out of the whole musical that became fairly popular & famous, a very pretty song called--

       4. "PEOPLE WILL SAY WE'RE IN LOVE"--From "Oklahoma". So try it that way, here it goes again. () "People Will Say We're in Love" from "Oklahoma". I don't know, the...it seemed that the musical numbers from the modern musicals instead of the old classics lacked depth. They seemed to be more shallow & rather silly & frivolous compared to the truly great classics of the past.


       I wish we had some of those great classics recorded but some of them were even before the days of recordings such as Dennis King & his famous "King for a Day" & the beautiful number "Sons of Toil & Danger, Will You Fear a Stranger?" etc. Well, since I don't have a recording of it I'll give you a little sample of it--

       1. "SONS OF TOIL & DANGER"--Sung by Dad. () Dear little Maria's over here clappin', ha! She thinks I'm her star! GBH! Well, that was a very historical musical, & sadly...I don't think it was ever made into a movie but it might have been. But it was far back in the days when I was just a boy quite a few years ago & it's based on history & the struggle of Paris to free itself from the bondage of Burgundy & that was the day when they called on the army of thieves & robbers & all the beggars of Paris to come out & help them fight, & the poor & the beggars & the robbers & the thieves helped Paris to win the victory!


       1. "BUSTIN' OUT ALL OVER"--() And now the last & most serious song of "Carousel"--

       2. "YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE IF YOU WALK WITH YOUR HAND IN THE HAND OF GOD"--() Yes, you'll never walk alone if you have Jesus in your heart & your hand in His! GBY! TYJ!


       And here comes another famous singer with some top favourites from some of his famous musicals, Sammy Davis! First of all in a couple cute little sexy numbers, "Too Close For Comfort"!--& when you're too close for comfort somethin's gotta give or somebody's gotta give! Amen? God bless you for giving your love to me, to Jesus & to others! Keep on givin'! Somethin's gotta give when you're "Too Close For Comfort" so make yourself comfortable by giving!:

       1. "TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT"--()

       2. "SOMETHIN'S GOTTA GIVE"--()

       Sammy Davis singing "Somethin's Gotta Give", & you better give for sure if you want to give love! You can't keep it, you've gotta give it away! GBY! Now here he comes again with some of that "ol' black Jewish magic" of his! Sammy Davis in some more of his hits from his various musicals:

       3. "OL' BLACK MAGIC"--() Sammy Davis singing that "Ol' Black Magic" & they were really beginning to jazz it up in those days. The days of the birth of jazz as well as the--

       4. "BIRTH OF THE BLUES"--() Sammy Davis announcing the "Birth of the Blues!" Now here he is again with one of my very best old favourites--

       5. "FOR ALL WE KNOW"--() Sammy Davis singing "For All We Know", & now he jazzes up--

       6. "BEGIN THE BEGUINE"--() Sammy Davis really swinging that beguine! But now for something sweeter--

       7. YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME"--() And "You Do Something To Me!" And--

       8. NIGHT & DAY YOU ARE THE ONE!--() That was Sammy Davis in "Night & Day And now here he comes with--

       9. I GOT PLENTY A'NUTTIN'"--() Sammy Davis, "I Got Plenty a 'Nuttin'" but got my gal & I got my Lord & that's all you need! TYJ! Well, I can't remember all the beautiful musicals & the names of them that these songs came from, which Sammy Davis sang them, but everything from "Porgy & Bess" to "Showboat", & here comes the last one from "Showboat", that beautiful incomparable--

       10. "LONESOME ROAD"--() Beautiful "Lonesome Road" & Sammy Davis singing it from "Showboat", "Look down that lonesome road before you travel on, look up, look up & meet your Maker before you travel on." Well, there was a real message to that one, & with it we end our recordings of Sammy Davis. And you better look down that lonesome road of life & death ahead & make sure you've met your Maker before you travel on!

       DORIS DAY

       Well, as you can hear, they were really beginning to jazz it up by then. When I was a sub-teen Sammy Davis was in his prime in the 20's & 30's, but there were a few sweet singers who came along very soon, such as dear Doris Day singing--

       1. "QUE SERA, SERA"--() Doris Day singing "Que Sera, Sera"! And here she comes again with a very cute little number for the kids--

       2. "HIGH HOPES!"--And I hope your hopes are high no matter how low you may feel. () Doris Day singing "High Hopes!" And here she comes again with a beautiful romantic number--

       3. "IT'S MAGIC"--() Doris Day singing "It's Magic". And now she's going to take a--

       4. "SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY"--() Doris Day on a "Sentimental Journey" to now a--

       5. "TEA FOR TWO"--() Doris Day singing "Tea for Two" from one of her many musicals when I was young. I got to see most of these old musicals when I was a young because I loved music so.


       And here comes another little girl made famous by musicals, Julie Andrews in that gorgeous "Sound of Music"!:

       1. "SOUND OF MUSIC"--() Julie Andrews in the "Sound of Music". Actually this is the story of the Trapp Family, a true story which was originally put out in a movie entitled "The Trapp Family" & which told the thrilling story of how a rich nobleman & his wife & about seven children, I think it was, fled from Austria in WWII to the free West & finally came & settled in Northeast U.S. where they continued their singing which they had begun in Europe just to earn a living, because his wealth & property in Europe were all gone. So that they were soon discovered & the movie was made, of which this is the theme song, "Sound of Music." As I recall the story she was a rather wild young girl in a convent who didn't quite fit & who finally went to become the governess or the nanny of the many young children of a very wealthy Austrian baron in his beautiful home & there she taught them music & singing as he himself had been rather musical, & as a result they became quite talented & beautiful singers. And when they had to flee from Austria during the war their talent was all they could take with them. Everything else had been swept away & when they came to the United States that's all they had to earn a living with, & that's the story of the Trapp Family.--A lot like some of yours:

       2. "NUN'S CHORUS"--() Julie Andrews singing with the Nun's Chorus in the "Sound of Music". And now one of its funniest little songs--

       3. "MARIA"--About a young teenage girl in a convent & some of her problems which may be similar to some of your young teenagers in your home. () And now in the next song Maria is trying to solve her own problems as a young teenager in a convent, & maybe that's what some of you teenagers may feel like in a cloistered home.

       4. "HAVE CONFIDENCE IN ME"--() Well, dear Maria would've done better to have put her confidence in the Lord & that's what she really does in the real true story & of course He does give you confidence in what you have to do & that song reminded me that what really happened is that she left the convent to marry this widower, the Baron, who already had seven children. She was a lot like a young teenager & he was an older man old enough to be her father, & one or two of the older children I think were almost as old as she, so she certainly did need confidence, & you'll sure need confidence too when you have seven children & some of them are teenagers! So you better ask the Lord to give you that faith! Amen? GBY! She did a tremendous job with the family, helping train the children in music etc., & when they lost their wealth & home & native land, this saved the day as they sang their way to fame, & there were many beautiful lessons in the story such as this one--

       5. "SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEEN"--() But Maria finally married the older man, a widowed Baron with seven children, & she was no longer barren but a Baroness, & here she tells the children about some of her favourite things:

       6. "MY FAVOURITE THINGS"--() Julie Andrews as Maria remembering her favourite things in "Sound of Music". Now here comes the Mother Abbess giving Maria some good advice such as there is so much of in this beautiful musical:

       7. "CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN"--() Well, I wouldn't say you had to climb every mountain & ford every stream but all of those the Lord asks you to. So that's good advice for any teenager & all of us from a musical with lots of good advice for everybody, the "Sound of Music" with Julie Andrews playing the part of the original Maria of the Trapp Family--The musical family of the Baroness & the Baron & not-so-barren family with seven children. And now a very funny little cute little clever little song--

       8. "DO, RE, MI" for the children. () Julie Andrews as Maria the mother of seven children, musical singing children, the Trapp Family singing the famous children's song "Do, Re, Mi", & I'll bet your kids know it already! What a beautiful picture of even our kind & your kind of music & ministry with our Families! God bless those dear Trapps & the beautiful motion pictures full of messages that they inspired! Now Maria is so happy in her musical ministry with her children that she knows God has truly blessed her with such a beautiful family & such a wonderful life. She thinks she just must've done something good:

       9. "I MUST'VE DONE SOMETHING GOOD"--() Maria is so blessed & so happy in her musical ministry with her children & such a wonderful husband, though he's old enough to be her father she feels like she must've done something right, something good & that certainly she did in sacrificially marrying this old man with seven children. But God was in it obviously & all things work together for good because I'm sure she loved the Lord, it's such a beautiful true story. Actually it was all God's doing by His grace & His love for that precious family & for yours too. Hallelujah! God bless you in your musical ministry with your family & children & be a blessing to others with your love. At first Maria came just to be the governess & childcare worker for the Baron to take care of his children. But of course they eventually fell in love & they were married & she became their foster mother. And here the Baron sings of his native land & its national flower, Edelweiss. Which as I recall the story he found blooming in the Alps above the snow in Switzerland, the land to which they first fled before fleeing to America. Edelweiss, the beautiful little flower that blooms on the mountains in the snow just like you even in cold places & in difficult conditions. GBY! Your blossoms cheers the hearts of many with your love!:

       10. "EDELWEISS"--() So may you be like the Edelweiss, a beautiful little flower that blossoms even under the most difficult conditions to make people happy. And now we come to the end of this beautiful musical with its beautiful messages in song with--

       11. "SO LONG, FAREWELL"--() And so we say goodbye to that beautiful Trapp Family & Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music"! God bless them for making such a beautiful movie that has been such an inspiration to us all & I hope you've enjoyed their musical messages, & may you sing musical messages too! GBY!


       And now we descend from the sublime to the almost ridiculous to that very famous old-timer Louis Armstrong the king of jazz & Gospel soul--music with his famous trumpet. He must've been a believer, he sang a lot about the Lord & the things of the Bible. GBH! Here's Louis Armstrong with--

       1. "THAT LUCKY OL' SUN"--() Louis Armstrong, king of jazz with "That Lucky Ol' Song", "That Lucky Ol' Sun". Continuing with Louis Armstrong, that king of jazz in a good ol' Gospel soul-music number--

       2. "ROCKA MY SOUL"--Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen?--() Ol' gravel--voiced Sachmo Louis Armstrong himself singin' Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham". I hope your gettin' yo sol rocked in da bosom of Jesus! Hallelujah! 'Cause dats da only one that'll carry ya thru' to Heaven! TYJ! And here he is again finding his thrills on--

       3. "BLUEBERRY HILL"--Sounds like Mons Venus to me!--() And there's Louis Armstrong finding his thrill on "Blueberry Hill" & I'll tell you I've found my thrills on many a hill! Hallelujah! Especially with those "Mountin' Maids!" I likes to mount'em! Hallelujah! Amen? I likes to mount dem mountains! Thank God for'm! Amen? Reminds this ol' Southern preacher of a Scripture, "In the beginning was the Word", that's Jesus the Son of God & "all things were made by Him & without Him was not anything made that was made" includin' all them gawgeous girls! Hallelujah! And I likes to make'm too! Don't you? And here he is again with one of my old favourites that I know by heart about another little mountin' maid by the name of--

       4. "RAMONA"--() The inimitable jazz trumpet of the one & only Sachmo, gravel-voice Louis Armstrong, king of the blues!--And here he is again now with one of the songs that made him famous when he first got his start down on Basin Street in dear ol' New Orleans! Listen to the trumpet of that great old trumpeter in--

       5. "BASIN STREET BLUES"--Louis Armstrong--() The World-famous trumpet of dear of Louis Armstrong, & it sounded like Gene Kruppa on those drums, the king of the drums in the "Basin Street Blues" that made him famous down on Basin Street in dear ol' New Orleans. Now here he is again with a very naughty little song that none of you should ever sing. Sounds like the jealous husband of a faithful little FFer! Maybe I shouldn't have put this one on here but I just wanted you to know how bad it sounds when you are so jealous of your dear little FFin' wife:

       6. "I'LL BE GLAD WHEN YOU'RE DEAD YOU RASCAL YOU!"--() Louis Armstrong, king of jazz & his famous jazz trumpet & singing a naughty little song I hope I never hear you sing 'cause I hope you never even fell like that about your dear little Ffin', wife's ever-lovin' Fish, & if you ever do, may you repent wid da Laud's help & never do it again! Here he comes again with another one of his famous numbers, good ol' Gospel soul-music straight from the Bible! Let'r roll Louis!:

       7. "SHADRACH, MESHACK, ABEDNEGO"--() And "To bed you go!" was my father's version when it got too late, & I like to go to bed with that virgin--I mean that version! Excuse me. That was dear ol' gravel--voice Sachmo with his incomparable trumpet, Louis Armstrong singing one of his many good old Gospel songs. He must've been a preacher to begin with, he certainly must've begun in songs. He must've been a preacher to begin with, he certainly must've begun in one of those good ol' lively Negro churches where they really can liven it up & pep it up with some of that good ol' Gospel jazz--Louis Armstrong. Here is is again with--

       8. "THE GYPSY"--() Louis Armstrong singing & playing the Gypsy, & you don't have to think they're lying because everything the Gypsies have told us has come true. Every Gypsy from that old Gypsy on the island of Cyprus many years ago to the one not too many years ago in London, Madame M. You can read all about it in something we wrote, you just gotta have the faith to ask for the right answers & believe'm when you get'm, & everything they've told us has come true. God bless the Gypsies! Hallelujah! Now we're all Gypsies for Jesus, amen? God bless all you Gospel Gypsies! Here he comes again with a good ol' Gospel soul song--

       9. "WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN"--() "When the Saints Go Marching In" along with Louis Armstrong! Sorry that trumpet was kinda breakin' up there a little bit but I think the mike could hardly even take it. It wasn't your instrument so don't worry it only does it on the trumpet. So here we go again with more of Louis Armstrong, that good ol' Gospel soul-music of those jazz days so much more beautiful than the horrible noise that those folks are producing nowadays when they become so demon-possessed instead of the good Christians they used to be. And here he comes again with another one of my old favourites, one of his most popular old favourites--

       10. "HELLO, DOLLY!"--() Louis Armstrong with the famous "Hello, Dolly!" & now we'll give you his last couple numbers that we like, the beautiful--

       11. "GO DOWN MOSES, DOWN TO EGYPT LAND & LET MY PEOPLE GO!"--() So dats jus wat I did, I went down dere in Egypt land & let you all go! Hallelujah! Amen? TYJ! PTL! Are ya still goin' for Jesus? Now here's one of my all-time favourites & the one he finally did, he finally laid down that trumpet "Down By the Riverside".—Or then again maybe he's still playing up yonder, I wouldn't be surprised! --If they've got a jazz corner in that Heavenly City I'm sure, & some people wouldn't be happy unless they did! they've gotta have a place for all dat jazzy soul-music & jazzy Gospel numbers like Louis Armstrong in--

       12. "DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE"--() And so "Ah ain't gonna study war no mo'", by Louis Armstrong, & when is that gonna be, Louis?:

       13. "WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN"--() Louis Armstrong singing "When the saints go marching in I want to be in that number!" And I'm sure he was & he is & I want to be too!--Don't you? Are you gonna be in that number when the saints go marching in? And that's all we've got of Louis Armstrong, dear ol' gravel-voice, Sachmo, king of jazz & blues in the days when I was young. One of my old favourites, GBH! Well why don't we go marchin' out with Louis when those saints go marchin' in. I'm sure he'll be there because he really loved the Laud & he played a lot of good ol' Gospel soul-music. So here we go again with ol' preacher Sachmo Louis Armstrong marchin' out with the saints:



       And we found another old Mario Lanza tape! Hallelujah! Some of my favourite kind of music & singing by my favourite opera star who sang nevertheless popular music which made him so popular. Here he comes singing the beautiful song from "King for a Day" originally sung by Dennis King in "King for a Day" which I've mentioned before. This one a lovesong that I used to sing to my lovers myself, a song about a rose--

       1. "ONLY A ROSE!--() "Only a Rose" by Mario Lanza. Now here's a funny little song by a mule driver to his pack mule in Spain--

       2. "THE DONKEY SERENADE"--() "The Donkey Serenade" by Mario Lanza, & don't laugh! Even in the Bible God taught an ass how to talk. Why couldn't Mario Lanza teach his donkey how to sing? And if God could teach an ass how to talk to his master Balaam, then why couldn't He teach you how to talk & sing for Jesus, amen? GBY! Now here are two more of my favourites about Spain, "Granada" & "Valencia". Hallelujah! God bless Mario Lanza as he sings about these two beautiful cities of one of my favourite countries, Spain:

       3. "GRANADA"--()

       4. "VALENCIA"--()

       The incomparable Mario Lanza singing two beautiful classics about two lovely romantic cities of Spain, Granada & Valencia! Now here he comes again with a beautiful lovesong--

       5. "NIGHT & DAY YOU ARE THE ONE!--() Mario Lanza singing "Night & day You are the One!" Now here he is again with a beautiful old lovesong that I have sung for many a wedding as well as the married couples myself & knew by heart & sang it to many a loved one:

       6. "BECAUSE"--() Mario Lanza singing "Because", a beautiful deeply spiritual lovesong that shows the beauty of the old songs & how much they spoke about the Lord, & I'm sure dear ol' Mario must be singing for Jesus now. And here's Mario with another beautiful old lovesong such as my father used to sing to my mother--

       7. "BE MY LOVE!"--() Mario Lanza singing "Be My Love Eternally". Thank God we can be, you & me His forever! Hallelujah! TYJ! And now another lovely lovesong--

       8. "SERENADE"--() Mario Lanza singing his serenade of love in the style, the operatic style which was so popular for hundreds of years actually before this century & still popular at the turn of the century just before I was born, with famous singers such as Enrico Caruso & John McCormick & my own father, & the kind of singing that I once aspired to. That was my ambition at one time to become a famous opera star, believe it or not, & that's the kind of music I loved & which dear Mario Lanza continued to make popular right up through the first part of this century into my youth and until I was married and had four children, when the Lord took him Home to sing for Him & I was singing for Jesus myself, & which I still am in a way in my song-Letters to you, my love Letters & lovesongs to your & the love of Jesus you're singing to others! GBY! You may not be a Mario Lanza but you can make people even happier than he did by singing the Gospel to those who long for His love. Well, we've had some in English & some in Spanish, we'll certainly have to have at least one in Italian. One I used to sing in Italian, believe it or not, "Donna E Mobile", "A woman is fickle!" Well, thank God ours aren't, but here's what he had to say about it & sing about the poor fickle women, the worldly women of his experience, & sad to say the experience of too many men & women of the World:

       9. "DONNA E MOBILE!"--Sung by Mario Lanza!--() Well, I guess that's enough of fickle women, "Donna E Mobile" in Italian, & let's hope that none of you, our dear women, are ever fickle. Maybe you don't even know what that old word means any more but it meant wavering between men or from one man to another & women who never knew how to be loyal to any man. Well thank God for my woman & our women who can make love to many men & still be loyal to us. Amen? God bless our FFers! WLY! Next,

       10. THE LOVELIEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE!"--And that's every night of the year if you're really in love with Jesus & have a real lover who loves Him too!--

       () Mario Lanza singing "The Loveliest Night of the Year" which is every night for those in love. Now another famous Italian lovesong--

       11. "SANTA LUCIA"--One of my favourites.--() "Santa Lucia", Saint Lucy, & I wonder where my Saint Lucy, dear ol' Juicy Lucy is tonight?--The one who left our beautiful "Days of Heaven on Earth!" (See Letter No. 395.) God Bless & help you Lucy, my Saint Lucy, Juicy Lucy wherever you are. You're my Santa Lucia! And now another beautiful Latin lovesong that has remained very popular down through the years even to the present, & means "Kiss Me Very Much!"--

       12. "BESAME MUCHO!"--() A lovely Latin lovesong still popular, "Besame Mucho!" And now the next beautiful lovely Latin lovesong from Havana, Cuba in its more romantic days--

       13. "SIBONEY!"--() "Siboney!" sung by Mario Lanza in the good ol' days when I only lived 100 miles from Havana, Cuba where that song originated & in the days when I visited that lovely land, that beautiful combination of Florida & California on one big island!--One of the most beautiful places on Earth with mountains & trees & tropical jungles like Hawaii & yet beautiful tropical climate like Florida & perhaps Hawaii as well as the sweetest & most lovely people you can find almost anywhere on Earth! Somebody ought to get a burden for Cuba! It's still open to tourists so why don't you go there if you're not too far away? Of course you can't stay very long but at least you can "Siboney", I mean see Cuba & its wonderful people & love'm for the Lord. Amen? GBY! I really believe dear ol' Castro loves the Lord, I even heard him say on the radio once what Cubans need to be is more Christian and I believe he meant it and he really tried to be more Christian by sharing the wealth, the vast wealth & lands of the rich, with Cuba's very poverty-stricken poor & that's what made so many people, especially the rich Americans who nearly owned Cuba, so angry at him & they haven't forgiven him to this very day. Well that shouldn't bother you, you should be very thankful that now Cuba takes care of its poor the way Christians ought to do. So why don't you drop in & pay'm a visit? You'll love it! GBY! Well, here's another of my old favorites, Mario Lanza singing the--

       14. "GYPSY LOVE SONG"--() Mario Lanza singing "My Little Gypsy Sweetheart", & I hope you've got a little Gypsy sweetheart too because we're all Gospel Gypsies, & make sure she gets lots of sleep especially if she's a mother. God bless our dear little Gypsy mothers! I love you all! I don't know if Mario was a Gypsy or not but he certainly sang a lot of Gospel, at least he sang a lot of good sacred songs & very beautiful religious numbers & we're going to give some of his last numbers here along that line. First of all a beautiful Latin lovesong to the Mother of Jesus--

       15. "AVE MARIA"--() "Ave Maria" as sung by Mario Lanza as only he could sing it, one of the last of the great popular, operatic, romantic singers. And now "O My Soul!" or "My Only One!", "My Darling!", "O sole Mio!" the ever-popular Italian classic--

       16. "O SOLE MIO!"--() "O Sole Mio!" as only Mario Lanza could sing it, & you can sing it too, however, with the beautiful Christian words "Down from His Glory"! If you can find those words you'll love to sing it as I often used to sing it with a beautiful Gospel story. And now as his brief but beautiful life & career were soon coming to an end he sings the sad but incomparable--

       17. "ARRIVEDERCI ROMA!"--() And if the great Mario Lanza can sing with a child there at the end of "Arrivederci Roma!" so can you! I hope you sing with your children. And as he sang that lovely farewell to Rome he left to be with Jesus & I'm sure he must be singing up there as he sang here with all his heart & probably even better up there because I'm sure he really loved Jesus & that's why God called him Home at such an early age, in his mid-forties as I recall. But he had lived a full life in those few short years & had packed more into that short career than some people pack in twice the time! But now he's got forever! Having said "Arrivederci Roma!" he must have then sung "Hello, Heaven!" Hallelujah! TYJ!


       Well, we could hardly top Mario Lanza, so now we're going to have to descend from the sublime heights of his popular classics to the depths of more modern music but some very beautiful & popular songs which I enjoyed very much twenty years ago by a group known as The Platters & here's their first one:

       1. "ONLY YOU!"--() "Only You", a song we could sing to the Lord Himself! Because Lord, only You could've brought such joy to our lives & such happiness through such love, the love of Jesus! Amen? Only You! God bless you who love Him! And here's another sweet song we could sing to the Lord with a few small changes:

       2. "MY PRAYER"--() "My Prayer" by the Platters. A real soul group who sang with soul genuine soul-songs that really had a soul. PG! GBM! Very popular in about the 50's or 60's when I was traveling about on the road for Gospel television & radio. Their songs were on nearly every radio station & juke-box wherever you went because they really sang with soul, real soul-songs! GBM! There are five of them, four men & a girl & as you can hear they're no opera stars like Mario but they certainly sang with soul & even if you're not an opera star you can sing with soul for Jesus too, amen? God bless you as you sing for the Lord! If these Platters can dish it out, so can you! And here are The Platters singing again another one of my old favourites, another old-timer--

       3. "RED SAILS IN THE SUNSET"--() "Red Sails in the Sunset" another beautiful old-timer by The Platters. And now even though the things of this life are only temporal & temporary sometimes, happy times of yore & those days of Heaven on Earth may not last at this time forever, at least you can thank God for the memory:

       4. "THANKS FOR THE MEMORY!" () A funny little song of a lot of funny old memories by a real fun group, The Platters, & I hope you've got some fun memories too of your life for Jesus, & that's lots of fun, & it's not going to be temporary or temporal but Forever! TYJ! GBY! And now another of my old favourites--I can't recommend the smoke but I sure recommend those true lovin' feelings--

       5. "SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES"--() "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" when you're in love, so they say "love is blind" but I say love has an extra eye to see the good in others that some others cannot see without the love of Jesus! And now The Platters dish us up another beautiful song--

       6. "TWILIGHT TIME"--() That beautiful "Twilight Time" dished up by The Platters. GBM! In the famous movie "Love Story" somebody said, "Love is never to have to say you're sorry." But that's not so, absolutely not so because love is really almost always saying you're sorry because we all make so many mistakes, & those are just about the hardest words in any language to say, "I'm sorry, I was to blame." So here are the Platters again saying,

       7. "I'M SORRY!"--() So true love is really to be able honestly say, "I'm sorry" & that way you'll preserve that beautiful true love of yours by being sorry when you know you were wrong, & if you'll have that kind of love you'll know--

       8. "THAT MAGIC TOUCH"--() And if you've got real love you can have that magic touch too! The real love of Jesus in you heart makes any kind of love have a magic to its touch. You haven't got it? Then I'm sorry for you, here's a last:

       9. "SONG FOR THE LONELY"--Here's a song for the lonely, & if you are lonely here's a song for you.--() And there's a song for the lonely! I know how you feel when you're lonely, as I was lonely for many years on the road as a travelling salesman until I found how to relieve that loneliness with company. TG! And of course if you have Jesus you always have company & love. But you usually need some human being as well, & I learned how to find somebody to fill my loneliness & we've learned how to help others fill that loneliness with somebody, Jesus & others. GBY! Remember when I was too shy to tell you that I loved you? Well, after I got the spirit of Jesus in my heart, now I'm not too shy to tell anybody I love'm, & I hope you too, that you got Him & you'll tell everybody how much love Him & how much you love them & how much He loves them:

       10. "REMEMBER WHEN"--By The Platters--() And that was The Platters "remembering when". And here are The Platters again remembering to love you "Sincerely", & if you love, by all means do it--

       11. "SINCERELY"--() That was The Platters on being sincere, & be sure that you're sincere, because if you're not they'll know it. But even being sincere is not enough because sometimes you can be sincerely wrong. The Bible says, "there's a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." So be sure you're right then you can sincerely go ahead sincerely. Reminds me of that little comic strip about Peanuts just after they lost the ballgame & he was lamenting, "How can we lose when we're so sincere?" Well, like I said, you can be sincerely wrong or very sincere losers. But it's better to be a good loser than insincere. Whatever you are, whatever you do be sure you're sincere & sincerely right. Now here they come again with one of my old favourites from away back older than they are. The Platters singing--

       12. "STORMY WEATHER"--() It's stormy weather all the time without love. Hope you've got some love & lots of smooth sailin'. But if you've been havin' some stormy weather let's hope it settles down with the--

       13. "EBB TIDE"--& ebbs away.--() "Ebb Tide" as sung by the Platters, & may all your troubles wash away with the ebb of the tides of this life & may the new full tide bring you lots of love & lots of joy & happiness, & if you have the full tide of God's love in your heart you'll have a mighty tide of love & happiness not only for yourself but others too! So have a tide & a big tide, a full tide, an incoming tide of His love from Jesus so it'll overflow your own heart & flow out on others what e'er betide! God bless you & may you be a blessing with a mighty tide of God's love overflowing your heart for them & filling their hearts with yours & His love! PTL! Hallelujah? Amen!


       The 1950's & 60's of The Platters were the days of smaller groups, small combos, even duos, trios, quartets, quintets, both instrumental & vocal. But long before that back in my early days, the first 30 years of my life--the 20's, the 30's & the 40's--the Big Bands were very popular: Huge dance bands almost as big as symphony orchestras & with about half as many members! When playing in the popular dance spots & nightclubs, dance bands of 20, 25, 30, 40 even 50 members was not a bit unusual in those days, & Artie Shaw was one of the greatest. He really knew how to play that beautiful music. I wish I had some more recordings of some of those famous ones like Paul Whiteman, Guy Lombardo & his Royal Canadians, Paul Whiteman & his Champagne Music, Tommy Dorsey & no end of bands, more than I can remember the names of right now. But that was all the order of the day in those days between the wars, the World's two great first World Wars, but the only one I've got right here is Artie Shaw. But he was one of my old favourites, & here he comes playing a purely instrumental number & most of these are going to be only instrumental because they're just dance band recordings without vocals except for a few. This one I wish you could hear the words of it as well, because it's a beautiful Indian lovesong, but all we've got is the music of Artie Shaw & right now that's enough. Artie Shaw with the--

       1. "INDIAN LOVE CALL"--() Artie Shaw & his band playing "Indian Love Call", & that little bit of a vocal in there was so jazzed up you hardly even recognised it! The Indians never head it that way! It sounded more like the modern American savages! Sorry you didn't get to hear the beautiful original with very beautiful words & a very sweet song but that's what the jazz began to do to beautiful music. Notice that the lead instrument was first of all the sax, & to begin with the soprano or alto & C-melody saxes. Then along with the jazz came the screaming trumpets & replaced the saxes a good deal as lead instruments, although screaming & razzamataz, raspy, high-pitched soprano & alto saxes were also used as jazz band lead instruments, & then the music began to get ugly instead of beautiful. So sorry! Well, here's a fairly sweet one when they still had a vestige of the good ol' sweet swing & blues as they only began to mingle in the razzy raspy jazz:

       2. "ANY OLD TIME!"--By Artie Shaw & his vocalists.--() "Any old Time!" with Artie Shaw. Did you notice those beautiful sax duets in there? We've got a sax number coming up for you before long, in fact, a whole tape of sax numbers to show you how beautiful that instrument was, the one that I used to play. But now here comes another Artie Shaw old favourite--

       3. "DEEP IN A DREAM"--() Well, I musta been deep in a dream when I put that'n on because I thought it was going to be "It Had To Be You." But I'm kinda glad I let it run because that was some sweet little lyrics there, "Deep In A Dream" with Artie Shaw's big band. Well now I really think it's coming up, the next I really believe is gonna be "It Had To be You" & I don't know if it's got the vocals or not but let's hope so. It goes something like this (Dad sings:) "It had to be you, it had to be you, nobody else, nobody new" etc.--it just had to be you! So here comes Artie Shaw's bing band with--

       4. "IT HAD TO BE YOU"--() Notice that chorus of trumpets as lead instruments on this lightly jazzed sweet swing? There's that high-pitched trumpet lead! Here comes the sax! A C-melody sax that I used to play! Trumpet again. Artie Shaw's big band playing "It had to be you, not somebody new!" Hallelujah! Or maybe then again you were somebody new. I know I found somebody new who's been a great blessing to me & made my whole life's work possible, my own Maria, & I hope you have a dear Maria of your own even if that's not her name, GBY! And now we've got Artie Shaw & his big band playing a singing a beautiful song, "When that deep purple falls underneath those garden walls":

       5. "DEEP PURPLE"--() Hear that beautiful alto sax on those high notes? The alto & soprano saxes could be beautiful except when they got to screamin' jazz. There it is again! C-melody sax. "Deep Purple" with the Big Band of yester-years' Artie Shaw. Now here he comes again with another one of my old favourites--

       6. "ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE"--() Artie Shaw's big band with his female vocalist singing "All the Things You Are", & notice that most of the Big Bands used female vocalists, very beautiful pretty girls with gorgeous gowns very sexily cut & worn, who did most of the singing. That was their decoration for their band & they sang the beautiful romantic & sexy numbers, & during the instrumental part they simple sat there on stage looking beautiful & being a lovely decoration & then they would rise to the occasion when it came time to sing the lyrics. They were so beautiful sometimes part of you would rise to the occasion too! Hallelujah! Now here comes another of my old favourites of yester-years' by Artie Shaw & his big band:

       7. "STARDUST"--() Hear that shrill jazzy trumpet carrying the melody? You could say syncopating the melody, not actually carrying it. Again with Artie Shaw & his big band playing--

       8. "DANCING IN THE DARK!"--How romantic! I love to dance in the dark, do you? Es-pecially with you!--() And after all this sweet dancing in the dark--

       9. "DON'T TAKE YOUR LOVE FROM ME"--let's go up to our room!--() And with that we finish listening to the Big Band music with my old favourites by Artie Shaw playing "Don't take Your Love From ME". Well with that one we say goodbye to Artie Shaw & his big band playing some of my old favourites.

       SAX FOR SEX!

       In the early days of the Big Bands the beautiful golden liquid melodic tones of the C-melody sax & even the soprano & alto saxes were the lead instruments of the sweet swing & blues music of the early days of those bands & my early days too. But as the music got more jazzy then the screaming trumpets began to take over, strumpets too, & so I thought maybe you'd like to hear some beautiful sweet music of the early days of the Big Bands & that lovely lead instrument that I used to play, the C-melody sax playing "Love is Here to Stay"--amen! "Love is the Sweetest Thing"--hallelujah! "Day Dream"--once in awhile. "It Had To be You!", "I've Got It Bad!" & it's so good! "The Second Time Around"--love is always better you know the second time around. "The Shadow of Your Smile"--I'd rather call it the "Sunshine of Your Smile". "Honeysuckle Rose", that one what's-her-name really used to suck on & had such very, ahem sexy sounds! "I Hear a Rhapsody"--ah, always when you're in love! "Where Or When", well it doesn't really matter, all the time for me. "P.S. I Love You"--A.S. I love you too! A.S. letter, P.S. everything, I'll always love you! And finally, "All of Me"--"Why not take all of me? You've got my heart, you've got my mind, you've got my soul", he says & sings. "Why not take all of me? The rest of me, my body too"--I think he's hinting for a little lovemaking. Well, I don't think the words are with any of these, it's pure instrumental, sax-led, sexy music. The sax was considered the sexiest of instruments & supposed to be able to woo almost any girl into your arms & into bed, & that was the whole idea of that lovely, romantic, beautiful, smooth, swinging, sweet, lulling, wooing, saxophone music. So here it comes with the lead instrument of the early Big Bands, the sweet, golden liquid, melodic music, real music of the C-melody sax & its early Big Bands. GBY! Hope you enjoy it & have lots of love! Now's a good time to just leave it on & get it on & really sock it to her! GBY! ILY! Here's some sweet love music of the loving C-melody sax, & you can spell it sex if you want to, that's the way we did in those days. C-melody sex led by the C-melody sax! () You're listening to the sexy sounds of the C-melody sax. Have you made it yet? Sex in C--melody! And we're continuing with "The Shadow of Your Smile", "Honey--suckle Rose", "I Hear a Rhapsody", "Where or When", "P.S. I Love You" & finally "All of Me, Why Not take All of Me?" And it's really not any good if somebody loves you unless they love you all the way! How can you know they love you, amen? GBY! ILY! I hope you enjoy this tape all the way! Here we go again with the sexy C-melody sax with the "Shadow" which should be the "Sunshine of Your Smile". (). He's really suckin' that sax on "Honeysuckle Rose"!


       Well, here we go with some more of my old favourites which we just dug up, some of which we didn't even know we had & some of them which were sent to us by some of our dear friends & even some of our parents who love us & their children who are with us, one of whom is our own dear secretary, Susan, whose Dad must be as old as I am because he seems to like all the same old favourites that I do. So that when he heard from our dear little Susan that I liked the same kind of music that he liked, that she can remember him playing when she was a little girl, he decided to make this special recording just for us so we could enjoy some of his & my & her old favourites. It's just recorded on his little personal portable so it's not hi-fi or stereo or anything like that. It's just plain ordinary personal mono with a small personal tape recorder. So please pardon the perhaps not superior quality of this recording but it is certainly superior music to some of the junk you hear nowadays so I thought you'd enjoy it too.--OK? And I thought you'd enjoy also their very sweet little personal introduction to the tape prepared for Susan & us, & so here we go!: Susan's Mom & Dad introducing their personal tape of my old favourites which they made personally for us, GBM! Here they go! (Sue's Mom:) Break 1-9, Break 1-9. Thanks for the break. This is Happy. Thank You Suzy-Q! Here's wishing you the very best of health & a very Happy New Year! We sure miss you! XXXXX! Now here's Grey Fox & that's a big 10-4 (Sue's Dad:) Hi, Sweet Stuff! How are you? This is Dad, alias Grey Fox. We've put together a variety of numbers here from various types of artists so that you'd have an opportunity to hear some of the old songs & some of the more current types, a little country music, some of the songs from the 30's & the 40's with Jimmy Dorsey, Bob Eberly, Helen O'Connell, Freddy Martin, Tommy Dorsey, Alfred Apaka who was a legend over in Hawaii for his Hawaiian music. He used to broadcast from there before the war. Trini Lopez, Patti Page, Jan Garber, Jerry Vale, Buddy Merrill with lots of guitar music, Al Martino, Ferlin Husky, Connie Francis, Jim Reeves & your mother's heart-throb Engelbert Humperdinck, & if we have any time leftover with what I've already put down, why we'll play a couple more. Meantime I hope you enjoy this album.


       So first you're listening to the famous Jimmy Dorsey's orchestra with Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell, & notice how his male vocalist sounds exactly like Bing Crosby, which was the popular style of the day.

       1. "TANGERINE"--()

       2. "GREEN EYES"--()

       "Green Eyes" sung by Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell with Jimmy Dorsey's orchestra! Well I'm going to have to be selective on these because we just can't record them all so I'm just picking out my old favourites from amongst Susan's Dad's old favourites & I'm going to give you them. So here comes another one of my old favourites with a real Latin tango rhythm--

       3. "AMAPOLA"--() "Tangerine", "Green Eyes" & "Amapola" sung by Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell with Jimmy Dorsey's famous orchestra of the good ol' days.


       Now we're going to have Russ Morgan's orchestra with his theme song, "DOES YOUR HEART BEAT FOR ME?"--() Russ Morgan & his orchestra singing & playing his theme song "Does Your Heart Beat For Me?" And I sure hope it does, especially I hope it beats for Jesus & those He loves!


       Now here comes another famous orchestra of the day, Freddy Martin's orchestra with, "TONIGHT WE LOVE!"--() Freddy Martin's orchestra with "Tonight we love!" & I can remember it like it was yesterday.


       Well, we've had "Tea For Two" before but this just wouldn't be complete without your hearing Tommy Dorsey's famous orchestra in, "TEA FOR TWO--() Tommy Dorsey with "Tea For Two", & notice that the Latin beats were getting quite popular in those days with this little Cha Cha, in fact, Cha-Cha Cha.


       And now Alfred Apaka & his orchestra, his Hawaii orchestra with--



       That was Alfred Apaka & his Hawaiian orchestra weaving a magical lei of stars for you.


       And now comes one of the good ol' girl old-timers singing a beautiful very popular number, "TENNESSEE WALTZ"--() Well that's what you get Patty for going back to Tennessee, you're apt to lose a lot of things if you go back to the USA nowadays so watch out for that, you backslidin' backsliders!


       Well next comes Jan Garber's famous orchestra with a real sad song--apparently after somebody lost their love he just felt like he could never smile again until he saw her again & maybe that's the way you've felt sometimes if you've lost a love. But there's one love you can never lose & that's Jesus & when you've met Him you'll never lose again & you'll ever smile again! GBY! Well, it's a very sweet old song & his was a famous orchestra, Jan Garber's orchestra playing, "I'LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN"--() Jan Garber playing "I'll never smile again until I smile at you." But once you've smiled at Jesus you'll smile forever & once you see His smiling face smiling at you! PTL!


       Now here's Jerry Vale, an old-timer singing an old-timer, "You Belong To My Heart Now & Forever". And I hope you belong to His heart, Jesus, now & forever that's for sure! Jerry Vale in--

       1. "YOU BELONG TO MY HEART NOW & FOREVER"--() Jerry Vale singing "You Belong To My Heart" & did you hear him throw in that verse there in Spanish? "Solamente Una Vez". And if Jerry Vale can sing in Spanish you can sing in another language too for those who need your love! GBY! Here he is again singing--

       2. "I LOVE YOU MUCH TOO MUCH!"--And listen to these beautiful Gypsy violins!--() Jerry Vale singing "I Love You Much Too Much" but I don't know how you could ever love anyone too much unless you love them more than you do the Lord & then that is too much. But we should love everyone just enough & you an never love Jesus too much & then you'll live forever in the "Land of Not Too Much!" Hallelujah! TYJ! Notice that those beautiful Gypsy violins were still a lovely lead instrument in the orchestras of the old days as was also the saxaphone & the lovely deep-throated trombone. Occasionally you'll hear the trumpets in muted almost talking form in a beautiful lead but mostly it was the saxaphone & the trombone & the violin with an occasional accordion & muted trumpet. Here comes Jerry Vale again with a very beautiful song--

       3. "LA VIE EN ROSE"--The Life in Roses"--() Jerry Vale singing "The Life in Rose" or roses. I think he was singing in French there if I'm not mistaken, as you'll notice a number of the old-timers used to be able to sing in other languages as well, which was very popular & still is & is with us too. I hope you enjoyed that beautiful music of one of my old favourites & the beautiful music of that day.


       Now here comes a beautiful old island song which was very popular in those days & Hawaiian music etc. The "Beyond the Reef" as played by Buddy Merrill & his orchestra & I think it's one of those we used on one of our dance videos. Buddy Merrill with,
       "BEYOND THE REEF--() Buddy Merrill with his beautiful Hawaiian-type of violin song & music, "Beyond the Reef", which was very popular in those days & it's so sad that this generation has missed so much beautiful music! But that's why I'm trying to bring it back to you again so you can enjoy it & hear what real music was like before that horrible, demonic, heinous, hellish noise of today.


       Well, this wouldn't be complete without Al Martino's "Spanish Eyes" which was one of our favourites when we were living down in dear ol' Tenerife! God bless all you folks down there with those beautiful Spanish eyes! We're going to join you again one of these days so hang on & keep on keepin' on for Jesus & we'll be back there again someday! GBY! Al Martino with those--

       1. "SPANISH EYES"--Hallelujah! I love'm! Don't you?--() Al Martino in "Spanish Eyes". I must admit I'm very partial to those lovely Latin rhythms & their beautiful romantic sentiments. So I'm just going to have to ad on here another by Al Martino--

       2. "DOWN BY THE RIVER OF ROSES"--And maybe you're down there somewhere by a river of roses too & this is for you! GBY!--() Isn't that beautiful music? "Down by the River of Roses" by Al Martino. God bless all you Latin Americans & Latin Europeans & Latins 'round the World! WLY! And we love your gorgeous music! PTL! Hallelujah! "Every good & perfect gift cometh down from the Father above" including all this beautiful music of my old favourites, amen? You like the music of my day? Look what you missed! Well I didn't want you to miss it so that's why I'm bringing it to you! GBY! So here it is & here's a little bit more!


       And now another beautiful Latin number, this one from one of the beautiful girls of that day, Connie Francis, a contemporary of some of the old-timers for sure, singing--

       1. "AL DI LA"--() Connie Francis singing that beautiful Latin number "Al Di La". Now Connie Francis continues singing "This World We Love In", & that certainly should be true of you & me, we live lives of love:

       2. "THIS WORLD WE LOVE IN"--By Connie Francis--() Connie Francis singing beautifully in both Spanish & English, "This World We Love In". And if she can sing it in another language you can learn to sing in another language too for those you love. Only we'll never love alone for we'll always love each other & love the Lord & love many others besides, because we are supposed to love one another. Amen? So don't selfishly confine your love only to one but you must share it with others if it's true love because He shared His love with the whole World for you & for me. Thank You Jesus for Your love! "This World We Love In" by Connie Francis.


       Although sometimes you may fell like William Wordsworth when he said, "The World is too much with us" & you wish it'd go away, you have so much of a burden for this World & so many people depending on you & so many problems sometimes you just might feel like Jim Reeves & his friend in this next number--

       1. "MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAY"--() "Make the World Go Away" sings Jim Reeves & his girl friend, as I said, maybe sometimes you feel like that too when the World is too much with you. Even the Lord felt like that once in awhile & He had to get away from it all & He climbed up on the mountain peak away from the mob below or He sailed out on a boat on the open sea away from the mob on the shore & He just had to get away from the world for a little while & a little rest. So if the World won't go away, why don't you go away? Why don't you take a little time out, a little temple time in the quiet of some quiet room or quiet place or mountain top or seaside & let the World go its own way for a little while while you rest up & recuperate & refresh & get re-inspired with the Word by the Lord & His Spirit. Amen? GBY! That was Jim Reeves singing "Make the World Go Away". Here he sings again "In the misty moonlight & anyplace is all right as long as I'm with you"--& the Lord! Jim Reeves--

       2. "IN THE MISTY MOONLIGHT"--() Jim Reeves singing "In the misty moonlight or anyplace is all right. I'll be all right as long as you are there", & you'll be all right as long as He is there because He loves you & the Lord will always take care of you wherever you are. So you can sing that song to Him. TYJ! Amen? GBY! Anywhere with Jesus you can safely go & anywhere with Jesus it is Heaven on Earth along with your loves! GBY!


       Well, this certainly wouldn't be complete without dear Susan's mother's favourites Engelbert Humperdinck! Well any guy who could live through a name like that is bound to become famous, & here he is, Engelbert Humperdinck singing, "TEN GUITARS"--() Well, come on everybody & let's dance to those "Ten Guitars" as sung by Engelbert Humperdinck! If there was ever an instrument which was Spanish it's the old Spanish guitar & if there was ever an instrument which was the lead instrument of today, your day, the youth of today, it is the guitar. I can remember it was even the instrument in very common use when I was a little boy & I can yet see my father sitting by the campfire playing his old Spanish guitar & singing out there in the moonlight by our little ol' tent when we were out camping, the Spanish guitar. Well you don't need ten guitars all you need is just one, just yours to make sweet music like my Dad did & sing sweet songs out in the firelight in the campground & be a blessing to many with your songs of love! God bless you for your one guitar.


       Well here's the last one of Susan's folks' favourites & it's one of my Maria's favourites too, a polka. This one's called the "Laughing Polka" & polkas are one of the favourite dances of Europe, very popular happy music of Europe. The "Laughing Polka"--By Stan Wolowic & his Polka Chips, the "LAUGHING POLKA"--() Get that umpa, umpa, umpa, umpa of the big base viol & the rattle of a banjo & the sweet music of the accordion. Well, the "Laughing Polka" was some of the happy music & in the favourite style of some of the countries of Europe such as Germany & Poland & Russia & Eastern Europe & even of the Gypsies!: The polka, a very fast happy lively dance & I hope you can do it, it's mighty good exercise for you! The "Laughing Polka" by Stan Wolowic & his Polka Chips. Well, that's the last of Susan's folks' favourites. God bless you folks for sending them! Thanks a million! We really enjoyed them because a lot of them were some of my favourites too from those good ol' days of beautiful music of the 30's & the 40's & even into the 50's.


       Well, while we're on Folk Music here's a Christian modern folk singer who sings beautifully & worships the Lord also. Garth Hewitt of a Gospel programme, television programme singing & reading you a little bit of Scripture too! Garth Hewitt. He doesn't fear the second death because he's had the second breath or he's been born again. Born twice you only die once, if you've only been born once you'll die twice, both the first & the second death. So here's a man who doesn't fear either one, Garth Hewitt:

       1. "THE SECOND BREATH"--()


       Well, that was Garth Hewitt, a modern young English Christian who plays the guitar & modern folk soul-music, Gospel music & there he was giving you a couple brief devotionals from the Book of Ecclesiastes & the Psalmist & Daniel from a revised version of the Bible, probably the English version but very good lessons nevertheless. We heard him, in fact this was recorded from a telecast which we viewed while in South Africa, the most Christian country we have ever lived in with more Christianity & religion on television than any nation we have ever been in, & his is one of the many Christian shows on television. Well, I hoped to give you a couple more of my old favourites here, Tennessee Ernie Ford singing, "Sixteen Tons" & Dolly Parton & he singing "I Believe". But somebody goofed, I believe, & it didn't seem to get on the tape. So I don't know where it is. But anyhow those were two of my old favourites, Tennessee Ernie Ford in "Sixteen Tons" & Dolly Parton in "I Believe" & maybe we can find them later. GBY! But all we've got right now is the titles so I guess that's all there is to that. Praise the Lord anyhow!


       Now we've just found a new beautiful Perry Como song from a show which he made not so long ago, a lovely prayer for the children. Perry Como singing--

       1. "BLESS THE BEASTS & THE CHILDREN"--() Perry Como's prayer for the beasts & the children, & God's Word says that, "The righteousness considereth his beast" & he certainly considers his children. (Pro. 12:10.) Are you considering yours? Then you'll pray for them. Amen? GBY! Here's another sweet song, a seafaring song by Perry Como, a dreamer:

       2. "FAR-AWAY PLACES"--() Perry Como, the dreamer singing about those faraway places like China calling him, & they're certainly calling you. Can you hear them? You surely must be hearing the voice of the Lord calling you to those places & they should be calling you! Are you willing to go? God bless you who have & who yet will. Far away--places & especially China nowadays calling you! And now his god-daughter, Debbie Boone is singing with him how much you can accomplish with "Patience & Love." Perry Como & Debbie Boone singing--

       3. "PATIENCE & LOVE"--() Yes, I think you ought to stick to ballads too, Perry, instead of playing around with porpoises, dolphins, walruses or sea-lions. That's what you all heard there. The first that sounded like a bird twittering was a porpoise or dolphin, & the next one that sounded like a growling roaring lion was a walrus or what the old sailors used to call a sea-lion, & now you know why they call them sea-lions. Because it certainly did sound like a lion growling in his cage, didn't it? The walrus is one of the largest animals in the sea. It's an animal, it's not a fish. But it's more adapted to swimming than it is to land travel & it has fins & flippers & a tail instead of legs. But it even looks a little bit like a lion with its big whiskers & it's got a furry coat like a lion. That was that last growling big growl you heard, & of course the first one, the dolphin which they were playing with & which was tweeting & twittering just like bird, is one of the strangest creatures God ever made: It's part bird, part animal & part fish! Of course you know the Lord made the birds & the fish from the sea. The Bible says so in the first Chapter of Genesis & He says that He created them on the fifth day of Creation. God created the fish & the fowl & He said, "Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, & fowl that may fly above the Earth in the open firmament of Heaven. And God created great whales, & every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, & every winged fowl after his kind: & God saw that it was good. And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, & multiply, & fill the waters in the seas, & let fowl multiply in the Earth." (Gen. 1:20-22.) Now isn't that amazing? Science has discovered that the birds are related to the fish, & God's Word says they both came from the water, the seas! He created them out of the waters of the seas! How about that? So here's the porpoise or the dolphin twittering like a bird, he's a real cross-breed between the various creatures God crated out of the seas, because he twitters like a bird & he swims like a fish & yet he gives birth, or she gives birth, to her babies just like a human being a nurses them at her breast just like a mother, a mammal: A very strange, amazing, intelligent combination creature that God made in the dolphin, & it is really the bird-beast-mammal of the sea. And that old walrus, that old sea--lion you heard certainly sounded like a lion, didn't he? God certainly made some amazing things a amazing creatures for our enjoyment & amusement & education, & some of them seem to be even a little bit smarter than man. They don't fight with each other like men do & kill each other like men do & they live at peace most of them with each other. PG! So there you have Perry Como playing with dolphins & walruses & advised by his god-daughter to get back to his ballads & I think we should too, shall we? Anyhow, she gets back to hers about "Patience & Love".--() That's a killer whale you hear there. () Debbie Boone, Perry Como's god-daughter singing about patience & love, & if it can do that for the creatures of the sea & the beasts & the animals & the birds, then certainly it should be able to do that for that beast of a husband of yours or those little monsters of yours if you just use lots of patience & love.--Maybe even that nagging wife of yours! Let's make it all directions, shall we? Certainly God has to have a lot of patience & love with us so we should have patience & love with others. If we want to be forgiven for our problems & sins & mistakes we better be forgiving to others, right? Isn't that what Jesus taught when He asked us to pray & "forgive me my trespasses as I forgive others theirs?" So, "Patience & love", that was a beautiful little song, maybe a good one for your kids to learn. I think that would be a cute little busking song on the street, "Patience & Love" & certainly has a good lesson to it, amen? GBY! Hallelujah! Now here comes Perry again dreaming abut that dream world of children who live in such fantasy-land so fresh from heavenly places & how they have such faith they can believe anything because "All things are possible to him that believeth" & "with God nothing shall be impossible." Perry Como in a dreamland of children--

       4. "STAYING YOUNGER THAN SPRING"--() Perry Como "Staying Younger Than Spring" by being more child-like, & "Except ye become as a little child ye shall in no wise enter into that Kingdom of Heaven", (Mt. 18:3.) this heavenly life on Earth, because you have to be sweet & innocent & loving & kind like a little child, & only Jesus can make you that way by being born again. He Himself said so & you can read it in the third Chapter of the Gospel of John. Meanwhile, Debbie & Perry keep dreaming--

       5. "WHERE YOU'RE CONCERNED--() Perry Como & Debbie Boone, "Where You're Concerned, concerned about each other, & if you're concerned about others & show them love they'll be concerned about you & show you love, because love begets love, & God is love. So be concerned about others. GBY! And now a beautiful number, one of my Maria's favourites that she say she'd like to sing to me, "You Light Up My Life!"--& I could sure sing that for her & we could all sing it for Jesus, amen? GBY! Debbie Boone & Perry Como singing--

       6. "YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE!"--() "You Light up My Life!"--& I hope you're lighting up someone else's life with the Light of the World! You can light up everybody's life & everybody brightens up with the Light of the World--Jesus!


       Well, you could hardly top that one, but here comes another one of my favourite vocal & instrumental groups singing one of my favourite songs or playing it, the Ray Conniff group with "Chanson D'amour", "A Song of Love". And what better could you sing about than love? 'Cause that's what it's all about, that's what life is all about & you're all about & I'm, all about & Jesus is all about! It's all about love & I hope you have lots of it! GBY!:

       1. "CHANSON D'AMOUR"--By Ray Conniff--() "Chanson D'amour", that beautiful French lovesong by Ray Conniff's orchestra. And here comes another beautiful one by his group--

       2. "MIDSUMMER IN SWEDEN"--() "Midsummer in Sweden" with Ray Conniff, & now he's going to those "Far-Away Places" followed by "Moscow Night", & I hope you get to lots of those far-away places, even Moscow at night to preach the Gospel & give the love of Jesus to the whole World! GBY! Ray Conniff in "Far-Away Places" & "Moscow Night". But why not let's throw in Warsaw first here too with the "Warsaw Concerto", followed by "Far-Away Places" & "Moscow Night"? Let's give the love of God to'm all! GBY!:

       3. "WARSAW CONCERTO"--()

       4. "FAR-AWAY PLACES"--()

       And that was Ray Conniff & his chorus calling to you, & I hope those far-away places are calling you & that you're going or have already gone to give them the love of Jesus. GBY! Now even to Moscow!:

       5. "MOSCOW NIGHT"--() "Moscow Night" by Ray Conniff, & I hope you'll even go to:

       6. "SHANGRILA"--() And don't forget to go even to--

       7. "BLUE HAWAII"--() But you'd better leave, 'cause it's not very safe there if you're--

       8. "UNDER PARIS SKIES"--() Yes siree, it really can happen to you if you stay there under those dangerous Paris skies in the coming atomic war! I sure hope you'll get out before it's too late! GBY! 'Cause it's gong to be awful lonely out there at night after they've--

       9. "DONE SOMEBODY WRONG"--() How much better to be somewhere else singing someone--

       10. "A MELODY OF LOVE--() You'll be wishing you had left--

       11. "ONLY YESTERDAY"--() Yes sir, when that trouble comes I'd rather be way out there somewhere--

       12. "LOVIN' YOU"--() Yes sir, I'm gonna be lovin' you because--

       13. "I NEED YOU BABY"--() Yes, "I Need You Baby" 'cause--

       14. "MY EYES ADORED YOU"--() And I have certainly given you--

       15. "THE BEST OF MY LOVE"--() And if you didn't get the best from him it was because--

       16. "HE DON'T REALLY LOVE YOU"--() Yes sir, he don't love you like Jesus loves you, so you better come back--

       17. "BEFORE THE NEXT TEARDROP FALLS"--() Well, you better come back to Jesus who loves you the most, or it may be your--

       18. "LAST FAREWELL"--() Yes sir, He's loved you dearly, more dearly than the spoken word again, that's for sure, & yet He's given you lots of spoken words of His love & His Love Letters to let you know how much He loves you & so you wouldn't be afraid of that death, & if you love Jesus & have His kind of love you won't be afraid to trust Him & go to the mission field & sing in any language including Spanish, like the Ray Conniff chorus sings in now for you, a group of Spanish songs. As you'll notice not all of these are necessarily my favourite songs, the ones we've already played for you nor these either, but they're beautiful songs of my kind of music, sweet music, love music, romantic music, & here comes Ray Conniff's chorus singing in Spanish. GBH! And God bless you as you try to too! we're going through these rapidly now just inserting a very brief comment between numbers so that there'll be more room for them all & then you can take your pick of your favourites! GBY! Ray Conniff's chorus singing a group of Spanish songs:

       19. "CIDADE MARAVILHOSA!"--() Oh, makes me feel like dancing! Doesn't it you? Come on! Let's go!

       20. "ESCALVOY AMO"--() Ray Conniff's orchestra with "Exitos Latinos"! Come on let's dance!

       21. "ABRAZAME"--() Yes, embrace me warmly while we dance, will you? ILY!

       22. "MI CAFETAL" () Love that Latin music so happy & danceable, come on let's dig it!

       23. "A DISTANCIA"--"At a Distance"--() A sweet slow one for lovin' & here we are for "Mi Cafetal" at "A Distancia".

       24. "DAMA LATINA"--() From "At a Distance" to "Latin Lady", "Dama Latina". I'm sorry some of those were a little bit scratchy but these are really old collector's items & we're mighty glad to have them at all & at least it'll give you a little idea of my kind music with some of my old favourites & my old favourite kind of music for sure, sweet & romantic, & in this case Latin. We continue Ray Conniff with some more Latin numbers:

       25. "CAUNDO CALIENTE EL SOL"--"When the Sun is Hot" I get hot too & I get hot for you! GBY! Especially in these nice hot countries! Hope you're down here too! They sure are great countries for lovin' 'cause we all have to keep runnin' around naked & that really gets us all excited! "When the Sun is Hot", "Cuando Caliente el Sol"--() "When the Sun is Hot" we're going to have some--

       26. "DETALHES"--() And after "Detalhes" here comes Ray Conniff with--

       27. "JAMAS"--() "Jamas" is "Never, Never, Never". Well, we're making progress now with--

       28. "EL PROGRESO"--() "El Progreso"!--Next:

       29. "ECHAME A MI LA CULPA"--Something about "It's My Fault", I'm sorry!--() "Echame a Mi la Culpa". Yes sir, "It's My Fault, So Blame it on Me", I'm sorry. So if any of this recording is loused up you can blame that on me too, it's all my fault! 'Cause I did it with my own little hachet, I mean my own little tape recorder! GBY! Well, here we go again with some more of Ray Conniff 'cause we've got a lot of Ray Conniff.--That's good reason enough. Besides it's my kind of music even though they're not all my old favourites. They are beautiful & I liked his style & their type of instrumentals & vocals, & I'm just zippin' right through'm now with bare little quickies in between, quick announcements because I'm not too familiar with some of these myself. But they're pretty & I like them & I think you'll like'm too & you might even enjoy dancing to some of these. Ray Conniff's so-called "Perfect 10 Classics" beginning with--

       30. "RAVEL'S BOLERO"--() Well, now Ray Conniff goes from the Spanish bolero to a French--

       31. "MINI MINUET"--() Now we go from Ray Conniff's "Mini Minuet" to the Spanish--

       32. "IMPROVISATION ON CARMEN"--() From Carmen. And now we go to a lullaby for a girl named Tamara:

       33. "LULLABY FOR TAMARA"--() A "Lullaby for Tamara". And now--

       34. "AN IMPROVISATION ON PAGLIACCI" To the Italians.--() And now from the Italian Pagliacci to--

       35. "A BIT OF BEETHOVEN"--() "A Bit of Beethoven". And now the--

       36. "THEME FOR ELISE"--() "Theme for Elise." And now here's a switch, the classical "Humoresque" in boogie woogie style!:

       37. "BOOGIE WOOGIE HUMORESQUE"--() Oh, from a ridiculous "Boogie Woogie Humoresque" to the sublime--

       38. "MELODY FROM MOZART"--() "Melody from Mozart" in Jazz, & now here's a little--

       39. "MOZART IN LATIN"--() "Mozart in Latin" by Ray Conniff. And yet nowadays they can even jazz up dear ol' Mozart, & it'd make him turn in his grave if he was in his grave but I'm sure he's not. I'm sure he's with the Lord because he loved Jesus. But it's amazing some of the things they've done to musician's great life's work after they're dead & can't protest. Well, here's Ray Conniff & his bunch again gettin' back into stuff that's a little bit more his style in his tape on "Laughter in the Rain" & the first number is:

       40. "SUNDOWN"--() "Sundown" by Ray Conniff & his group, & here comes--

       41. "ANGIE BABY"--() That's what teenagers do, they really live in a World of make-believe with "Angie Baby", & now here comes--

       42. "MANDY"--() Well he needs "Mandy", & that'll give you--

       43. "LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN"--() Yes, you can be happy even in the rain with the one you love &--

       44. "I HONESTLY LOVE YOU"--() And I really do love you in all the--

       45. "SEASONS IN THE SUN"--() And there were happy "Seasons in the Sun" in this sad song. Next is:

       46. "ERES TU"--"Are You"--() "Eres Tu", & that's a beautiful lovesong even if the--

       47. "CAT'S IN THE CRADLE"--() How sad but only too true, how about you? Well, I'd rather--

       48. "FEEL LIKE MAKING LOVE"--() And if we do feel like making love like that, you're sure gonna have my baby!:

       49. "HAVING MY BABY"--() Hallelujah! "Having My Baby" is one way sure enough of proving you love me, & lots of you have got my babies out there! GBM! And God bless you! Especially my spiritual babies, our children in the Lord! Hallelujah! That's the best way to prove you love the Lord too is to have His spiritual babies, my grandchildren in the Lord. Amen? But you never could've had those babies unless we'd loved you & you loved how we loved you &:

       50. "I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME!"--() Yes sir, "I Love How You Love Me!", & especially I love how you love the Lord & others! GBY! Because:

       51. "LOVE IS A MANY-SPLENDOURED THING!--() And if you're in love like that you can say such a sweet--

       52. "GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART"--() Well, you'll never have to say goodnight to Jesus, & if you have His kind of love--

       53. "YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE"--() Yes, You'll Never Walk alone" if you have Jesus, & you'll never walk alone if you have as wonderful a Family of Love as we have in you & you & you & me! God bless us all! You'll never have to walk alone if you'll just stick together with us & with Jesus! Amen? God bless us all! PTL! Thank You Jesus for our wonderful Family of Love! Well, this next one by Ray Conniff's chorus, lovely lovely chorus & orchestra, seems however a bit narrow-minded, because I love you all & therefore the only time that this is true of me is when we're alone together:

       54. "I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU"--() Well, you've only got eyes for one if you've got "Little Green Apples" in your eyes:

       55. "LITTLE GREEN APPLES"--() Well, that's for sure, & I think you'll find that you're sure in love if you don't have those green apples in your eyes, green eyes of jealousy everytime somebody else passes by your love. You've gotta have eyes for everybody even if she has eyes for everybody too, & not just eyes just for her, or then you'd have for sure green apples in your eyes! So you must never be jealous 'cause people need people & not just you & you alone. People need:

       56. "PEOPLE"--() Yes, people need people, & we all need the Lord, & we mustn't take our eyes off of Him!:

       57. "CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU"--() Yes sir, I love my baby so much I just can't take my eyes off of her, especially when she's walkin' around this tropical room in her birthday suit! Um! Yum-Yum! She is absolutely gorgeous! GBH! And thank You Jesus for you beautiful girls! He sure knew what He was doing for us men when He made you! You are sure the love of God for us! Well, here's an old old-timer they used to play at the end of the radio programming day about midnight every night from WLW Cincinnati, not that other one you've heard about lately, in connection with a beautiful poetry & music programme. It was its theme song, "Moon River", & I used to listen to this on my little headphones from my little micro crystal set that I built myself when I was just a kid. Every night I'd listen the last thing to this beautiful programme of wonderful music & lovely poetry called "Moon River", & I often went to sleep with those headphones on my head like you're probably going to sleep with your micro headphones on your head right now today, tonight or whenever, wherever you are. Keep'm on your head & keep listening & keepin' enjoyin' this good micro music made just for you! GBY! Here's dear ol'--

       58. "MOON RIVER"--() And with that "Moon River", that dreamy moony river, you may just want to drift off to sleep in a lovely romantic dream with me.


       Well, this series just wouldn't be complete of my old favourites unless you heard this final concert, farewell concert by dear ol' Sammy Davis which he made recently, & he must be at least in his 70's because he was going strong when I was a kid! Sammy Davis in his last farewell & most likely last concert which we picked up recently off of the television way down in the Southern Hemisphere, & our wee little TV was not the very best & not so hot. It was plenty hot all right but it wasn't workin' too good & you may hear a little interference. Sorry about that but we just couldn't lose this priceless jewel of Sammy Davis' last concert. He seemed to deliberately make it like his last farewell to this World & this life, which he'd lived a lot of in a big way. Sammy Davis in his farewell to life & love!--Although I really think he did love & believe in the Lord, & I'm sure the Lord's going to have mercy on him because he needs a good soul singer like that up there to entertain all them good soul-singing' Coloured folks! Don't you think? Gotta have a soul corner in Heaven, amen? PG! Thank God for Sammy Davis!:

       1. "THERE'LL BE TIME ENOUGH"--() Just like an old Coloured church!

       2. "JUST IN TIME"--() And we're continuing the Sammy Davis show with him tap dancing "Just in Time". () (Tap dance.)

       3. "AS TIME GOES BY"--() Sorry, but the scratchy interference & wow are not your recorder nor ours but the original recording. Here he imitates Nat King Cole. Here he's doing a visual imitation of Humphrey Bogart on TV. Here he does another visual imitation of the movie star James Cagney for benefit of the TV audience.

       4. "STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF!"--() Well, praise the Lord! That was Sammy Davis in his 50th Anniversary of show business, his "Farewell Show" which we managed to pick up on TV a long way from where he did it & a long way from the station & I'm sorry about the quality of part of the recording. It wasn't our recording nor your recorder but the original recording & reception. But it was a priceless rare gem & a real collector's item to have gotten in on that show which we saw ourselves personally, & to see it was even more exciting than you're hearing it now. It was just his farewell to not only show business but his farewell to life, & that last group of songs from "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!" sounded like his own personal testimony. Like he'd been somewhat disillusioned & frustrated in life & hadn't attained & the exact goals that he had wished for of love, although he had been a huge success in show business & financially, which of course is the story, the sad story of so many so-called successful men who got the money & the power & the position they were after but lost the love of their life in the process through neglect & lack of love & concern for others. I hope you haven't lived that kind of a life nor will have that kind of an ending. I hope that you have found true love in Jesus & your lovers & a true Family of Love.


       Well, that was the farewell of one of the great old-timers & there's really not much left now of the old-timers but Elvis Presley, who would seem like an old-timer to you young folks but was quite a new--timer to us when we were middle-aged. So here are a few of my old favourites from dear ol' Elvis Presley who has gone to be with & sing for the Lord. GBH! He was reared in a good old-fashioned Pentecostal church & that's where he learned to play & sing, & he finally carried that into the World where he made a great name for himself. But he didn't forget about the lord, he even built a two-million dollar church in his old hometown of Memphis, Tennessee which is still standing there & which I have attended. That was his way of expressing his love for the Lord, like most church folks, they think they've got build Him a temple to live in when the Lord Himself said that He couldn't live in a temple made with hands, He said even the Heavens could not contain Him. But that's the old church rut most Christians have gotten into, sad to say, & I guess that's at least better than nothin'. Dear ol' Elvis Presley, God bless him, has gone now to be with the Lord at a very early age, in his 40's. He just burned himself out like so many show business people by overdoing, over-living, over--doping & finally over-dying at a fairly young age, young middle-age of only his 40's, & maybe the Lord took him because he was beginning to be more of a bad example & a hindrance than a help to young people, if he ever was a help to young people. Some people thought he was Hell on Earth & the Devil in person because of his new style of Rock'n Roll! So here we come with Elvis Presley & his Rock'n Roll and a few of my old favourites of his. First of all one of the Rock'n Roll songs that made him famous.

       1. "JAILHOUSE ROCK"--() Elvis Presley in the "Jailhouse Rock", & now he comes with more rock--

       2. "ROCK-A-HULA-BABY"--() Elvis Presley with a "Rock-a-Hula--Baby", & you can twist to these too! Here he comes with his--

       3. "BOSSA NOVA BABY"--() Elvis Presley rockin' out with Boss Nova Baby"! Bossa Nova was a very popular Latin dance in those days too, but he really rocked it up! Well, here he comes again with a real old-timer that was popular when my mother was a girl, about two lovers who had a little problem:

       4. "FRANKIE & JOHNNY"--But I certainly don't recommend her solution!--() "Frankie & Johnny", a real old-timer sung by a new old--timer, Elvis Presley! But as I said, I sure wouldn't recommend that kind of a solution to your problems! God help you!--And He's the only One who can. GBY! Jealousy is Hell on Earth, so get the hell out of it & get the Hell of it out of here! Love is the solution, and God is love! GBY! Take Him and love His Son Jesus and that'll solve all your problems! Now he's got a little problem with a very good solution, a "Little Egypt". And some of you, our own very dear beautiful strippers might even like to dance to this one with your little Israel or "Little Egypt" or Asian beauties or Pearls of the Orient or Latin Lovers or Miss Australia or even Miss USA! God bless you beautiful girls! Here we go! Elvis Presley with--

       5. "LITTLE EGYPT"--And apparently you could see a lot of Little Egypt"!--Well it sounds like Little Egypt finally got it, in fact, seven times, she got seven kids like some of you. GBY! And you keep runnin' around naked like that something's bound to happen! Hallelujah! TYJ! We love you beauties & your gorgeous lovely children! Praise the Lord for them! That's what it's all about, life and love and sex and kids and the Lord! -- All this and Heaven too! Hallelujah! --Not in Egypt but in the Promised Land over there! Not in Israel either, but in the Heaven on Earth that god has promised to those that love Jesus! In Jesus' name, amen? GBY! But that's enough of "Little Egypt"--

       6. "I NEED YOUR LOVE TONIGHT!"--Can I have some? Thanks! GBY! ILY! "I Need Your Love Tonight!"--() Elvis Presley needing your love tonight & "Are You Lonesome Tonight"? Then why don't we get it together?:

       7. "ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT?"--() Well, obviously he was lone some tonight, & that's why in this next one he's--

       8. "CRYING IN THE CHAPEL"--() And that's one way to find it if it leads you to the Lord, because He is the way. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, & the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me." (Jn.14:6.) Not even necessarily by means of a chapel unless it leads you to the Lord, which I sure hope it will, because there're sure lots of people going to the chapel & churches & temples who need the Lord. Now here's an Elvis tear-jerker with a real message--

       9. "DADDY, PLEASE DON'T CRY"--And if this one doesn't make you shed a few tears you must be pretty hard-hearted, because it made me cry! I feel so sorry for folks who don't have love & have lost a loved one & don't have Jesus.--() "Daddy, Please don't Cry", a real sentimental number by Elvis that we parents can really 83 appreciate. GBY! Although Rock'n Roll made Elvis famous, many of you didn't realise that he sang many sweet old sentimental songs with real feeling, beautiful old songs with a real message very slowly with a genuine feeling such as this next one--

       10. "I'LL TAKE YOU HOME AGAIN, KATHLEEN"--The story, the sad story of a little Irish girl who'd gone with her husband to the New World to settle there & make a new home for themselves, but with whom apparently the climate did not agree or just being homesick made her very sick until she actually passed on, & that's not always easy to take when you've lost a loved one such as Elvis sings about in the words of her husband in this beautiful old old song that they taught me in Junior high school, "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen".--() And as the story goes, he was actually singing to her while she lay dead there in her coffin in which he did take her home. And now in Hawaiian-style Elvis sings another sweet slow sad song about a lost loved one--

       11. BEYOND THE REEF"--() Elvis singing "Beyond the Reef", & in the next one he promises to be true:

       12. "I WILL BE TRUE"--() Elvis promising to be true, but as you can hear, Elvis sang many such sweet slow beautiful romantic songs & did not just confine himself to the loud rhythmic rockn'roll which made him famous, & that was part of his popular appeal, his wide variety of numbers which he sang appealing to almost everybody including even me! Elvis had something for everybody, in fact the teenage girls used to go into such ecstasies over his singing at his concerts that they would scream & some of them would even faint! So here's a little sample of one of the famous--& as some thought, infamous--Elvis Presley shows in which he sings--

       13. "LOVE ME"--() Elvis Presley in one of his famous shows in which he nearly drove the teenage girls wild, & did! And now to show you what a wide variety of music he sang, here is a sweet lovesong in the popular Latin rhythm of the day--

       14. "SURRENDER"--() And you'll never know the true power of love until you learn the true power of surrender, & sometimes--

       15. "IT'S NOW OR NEVER"--() Elvis Presley singing one of his all-time favourites, "It's Now or Never, My Love Can't Wait", to the classical old tune of the Italian "O Sole Mio!" So he certainly sang a wide variety of music, PTL! Wasn't that a beautiful number! Did you like that one? GBY! Well now here he comes with another of my old favourites, the best of Elvis & one of those that made him famous, "Love Me Tender". In fact I think this was the title of one of his movies, & certainly if you want to love, you want to love tenderly. Elvis singing--

       16. "LOVE ME TENDER"--() Elvis singing, "Love Me Tender" so tenderly! One of my all-time favourites of all the songs that he sang, a beautiful, beautiful song! PTL! God bless you & help you to love tenderly, because it's your TLC, your "Tender Loving Care", that shows your love & shows how many people love you because you are so loving both to your children & to your mate & to your friends & all those whom you have an opportunity to love. Love them tenderly. GBY! Now here we have another change of pace back to his famous rock'n roll with one that our own Rockin' Reggie has made famous in some of our own shows, "Hard-Headed Woman!"!--And now you can hear how accurate our dear Jeremy's impersonation of this one truly is! Elvis singing--

       17. "HARD-HEADED WOMAN"--() A "Hard-Headed Woman" & a hard--hearted woman is certainly a thorn in the side of a man & a real trial if she's hard on you & a hen-pecker & always fussing at you & doesn't seem to love you. Maybe it's because you don't love her enough & show her more love. You both ought to be telling each other all day long like Maria & I do, "I love you!" How 'bout that Maria, I love you! (Maria: I love you too!) Louder, they couldn't hear you! (Maria: I love you too!) Amen! Well she has such a soft sweet voice you may not have heard her but she said, "I love you too!" GBH! So don't anybody be hard-hearted or hard-headed at any time. GBY! Always be tender, loving & kind & "love ye one another" as He said, & "so fulfill ye the law of Christ" by loving one another. (Gal. 6:2.) And it was the Romans of those days who marvelled at the love of the Christians & said, "Behold, how these Christians love one another!" And that's what we're famous for is love & loving, may we always be known for our love. Amen? GBY! So whatever you do don't have a--

       18. "WOODEN HEART"--() Elvis singing a cute little German song, "I don't have a wooden heart, so please don't break it", & if he can sing in German certainly you could too! But you better get out of Germany because it's not going to be safe there anymore pretty soon. He probably learned that tune when it was popular in Germany during the war. Elvis was finally drafted into the army either during the closing days of WWII or just after the war as I recall, & spent his time in the army over in Germany where he probably picked up that cute little song, "Wooden Heart". That's where he also picked up that cute little dancing star of Can-Can". He discovered her there & made her famous, brought her back with him to star in pictures. She was the chief dancing star of "Can-Can" playing opposite Frank Sinatra & Shirley McClaine. But I'm very sorry to say I've forgotten her name. Maybe you know it, do you remember her? She's the one to whom Frank Sinatra sang that beautiful song because he was with at the time you recall at the bar, and although he was actually in love with Shirley McClaine, she was in love with the Chief of Police, remember? And so he & the German dancer were alone together & he sang her that sweet, sad, lonely but complimentary song, (Dad sings:) "It's the right time & the right place. It's the right feeling but the wrong face" etc. In other words everything was just right except she was the wrong girl, & I'm sorry I can't remember her right name but it'll come back to me, they always do. Sometimes in the middle of the night at the wrong time. Anyhow here's another rock'n roller that comes back with a vengeance with his typical rock'n roll style:

       19. "HOUND DOG"--"You ain't nothing but a hound dog!"--() Elvis Presley singing to his dog in his loneliness, "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, & you ain't no friend of mine!" But still he goes ahead & sings a sweet lovesong--

       20. "I WANT YOU, I NEED YOU, I LOVE YOU!"--() Elvis Presley wanting you, needing you & loving you with all his heart, & that's why he's--

       21. "ALL SHOCK UP!"--() Poor Elvis Presley "All Shook UP!" And you'd be all shook up too if you had to as I did as a lonely traveling salesman for many years have to stay in one of those lonely--

       22. "HEARTBREAK HOTELS"--() ("BLUE SUEDE SHOES" playing in the background during this announcement) Yes sir, sometimes I got so lonely I could almost die, but instead of that I just prayed the Lord would help me & comfort me because He's always there, thank You Jesus! And then I put feet to my prayers & I went out & got some company! I'd usually go to some nightclub & go dancing & meet some nice pretty girl & have a good time with her, & so there are ways of solving loneliness. You don't have to be alone, you can go out & love somebody & be loved, & that's really how our loving ministry all got started! I got to be thinking what a comfort these girls could be to all the other traveling salesmen if they only knew the Lord & could talk to them about Jesus & God's love, & then they would be fully satisfied & completely happy forever with not only human love & companionship but with the love of God, because God is love & He will satisfy your need of love Forever! So our dear Elvis went out, left that old "Heartbreak Hotel" & its loneliness & found himself a girl to dance with, but there's one thing he just couldn't stand! He told her you've got to keep off my--

       23. "BLUE SUEDE SHOES"--() Yas M'am, you can do anything you wants to while we's dancin', but plees stay offa my blue suede shoes! Plees--

       24. "DON'T BE CRUEL!"--() And if you'll promise not to be cruel, I'll promise to spend my whole life--

       25. "LOVING YOU"--() Elvis Presley "Loving You" his whole life through as only he could do! And now just to prove how versatile he was with all kinds of music, here he comes singing some beautiful Hawaiian numbers beginning with--

       26. "BLUE HAWAII"--() "A night in blue Hawaii with you" & Elvis Presley! And now he sings that beautiful world-famous national anthem of Hawaii, which means either "Hello!" or "Goodbye!"

       27. "ALOHA OE!"--() "Aloha Oe!", virtually the national anthem of Hawaii, & to which by the way some very famous hymns have been written to that same tune, about the coming of Jesus, "He's Coming Soon!" So you can sing those beautiful words to that same tune, & when new words are written to an old song or an old familiar tune they call it a parody, & so here comes Elvis singing for you a very famous old Latin rhythm but with new words called--

       28. "NO MORE"--() "No More". But I couldn't help falling in Love:

       29. "CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE"--() And if you've ever been to Hawaii you'll fall in love with those--

       30. "HAWAIIAN SUNSETS!"--() "Hawaiian Sunset"!--And don't you ever forget it, that it is the Lord who paints those beautiful sunsets so gorgeous & incomparable & forever changing in the beautiful, gorgeous, incomparable Tropics where I hope you have found your--

       31. "ISLAND OF LOVE"--() And if you haven't yet found your "Island of Love", why don't you--

       32. "FOLLOW THAT DREAM!"--() Yes sir, keep movin' & movin' along followin' that dream, & I've followed a lot of dreams & look how far they have moved me & you! GBY! So keep on movin' follow'n that dream & then all your dreams will come true & you'll see that--

       33. "FLAMING STAR" someday!--() And that "Flaming Star" is Jesus, & you'd better meet Him now so you can meet Him in the future when an--

       34. "ANGEL" will take you to Paradise.--() Maybe you think your angel is that--

       35. "YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS"--() "Yellow Rose of Texas as sung by Elvis Presley, a Tennesseean, but I'm sure all you Texans will appreciate it. Well, we're no longer citizens of Texas or the U.S. or any country. We're citizens of a New World of love & life & happiness in Jesus forever! So we'd love to have come along & join us in our kind of World as Elvis sings--

       36. "WELCOME TO MY WORLD!"--() "Welcome to My World!" & our kind of life of livin' & lovin'! Surely Elvis Presley was the singing prophet of his day! His singing career spanning about three or four decades, the 40's, 50's, 60's & even into the 70's. So although he died rather young in his young middle-age, he started rather young too & he had a long fruitful show business ministry for about 40 years, & then the Lord finally took him because he just couldn't make it through the night any more, & in this famous song he expresses the heartcry & the heartbreak of his generation:

       37. "HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT"--() But poor Elvis didn't make it, because he shouldn't have prayed a prayer like that in which he says, "I don't care what's right or wrong" & "let the Devil take tomorrow", & so the Lord took him at his word & the Devil took tomorrow & the Lord took Elvis Home to be with Him because he just couldn't make it any more. I think he was really praying in those days to be released because he just couldn't make it any more, & they say he died of an overdose of drugs. God help him, poor fellow! I guess when he just couldn't make it any more & he had lived a long useful 40-year career of serving the public & even serving the Lord with the messages in some of the songs, he just couldn't take it any more & he must've asked the Lord to take him Home. Kind of like this next song, "Please release me & let me go!" But I really think he was really singing this song in a sense to the whole World that had hung onto him so long, "Release me & let me go, I don't love you any more!" He no longer cared for this life & this World & he wanted to go. So here he is singing it:

       38. "RELEASE ME"--() And I certainly could've sung that song with all my heart to the Old Church & my old life & ministry in it, because I just didn't love it anymore, & I had found a new life, a new wife in my Maria & a New Church in you! And so I certainly agree with Elvis, I could've sung "Please release me & let me go to that Old Church, "I don't love you any more! Please let me go and let me love again!" It would've been a sin to have wasted the rest of my life in the old dead church when I'd already wasted about 50 years of it there. So there fore when I found my new love, Maria, & my new life in you, my children, I prayed to the Lord to release me & let me go! I didn't love that old life any more & I would've been certainly committing a sin to stay in it when I had found a new love & my own experience & I hope you can too. I hope you're fed-up with that old life & fed-up with your past & all of its sin, & that you don't love it any more, that you want to love again your new love, Jesus & us & your new life,--& who knows, maybe you even got a new wife amongst our dear girls! GBY! So that's my prayer for you! I hope you sing it too, that you'll be released from the old life & your old World & be let go! It would've been a sin to stay in it--& pray that He'll let you love again in a new life & a new love in the Lord & His Work & His Family! Amen? GBY! That's a beautiful old song & I always loved to hear the beautiful melody & even the words. But some of them may be rather sad, for anybody to tell anybody "I don't love you any more." But when you think of applying it to the Devil & his World & the old ways & the old stick-in-the-mud dead churches, then you can sing it with all your heart! "Please release me & let me go! I don't love you any more! To waste my life with you any more would be a sin! Let me go & love again!" And that's what really all of us have done as Jesus revolutionaries new life in Jesus! Amen? Hallelujah! GBY! That's what I believe so I'm praying that He'll let you be released & let you go to serve Jesus! And if you don't drop out & start serving the Lord you're going to be cheatin' Him &--

       39. "YOUR CHEATIN' HEART" will tell on you!--() Well, maybe this is the way some of you FFer's mates feel when your little FFer comes home to you--

       40. "I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW"--() Now you really shouldn't feel like that when your poor little FFer comes home to you looking for sympathy & for understanding & encouragement. When mine used to come home to me I always wanted to know every single detail & every thing that happened, I think that's the way it'll be with yours if you really love her! You're concerned about her & want to share every moment of her life & love for the Lord! So please don't be so hard on her & so jealous & so cruel that you don't even want to know. Well, my little that FFin' mate still comes home from FFin' but she's been statin' her opinion here that she thinks in some cases maybe it's just as well you don't know all the details if you have a problem of jealousy along that line. Just take her in your arms and love her up and show her you still love her and she'll love you more than ever & certainly more than anyone else she's ever loved! Amen? GBYA! Both you dear FFers & your mates! As far as mine's concerned, I just couldn't possibly stop lovin' her no matter how hard I try, & I've never tried really, & no matter how hard she loves others & their hards I still love her all the more! Hallelujah! And she says no matter how jealous I get I always pull out of it sooner or later--quote, unquote--straight from Maria!--Ha!--And I could say to Maria--

       41. "I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU" no matter how or what!--() ("Make the World Go Away" playing during this announcement.) Well, I couldn't stop loving Maria no matter what she did & so I still love her & she still loves me & she's still right here, amen? (Maria: Amen!) So, GBY! It pays to love & love & love & love & never stop lovin'! Hallelujah! GBY! ILY!--And I'll never stop loving you & I hope you'll never stop lovin' me & I know you'll never stop lovin' the Lord because He never stops lovin' us no matter what we do! He may spank us once in awhile for being naughty just like we do our own children but He still loves us & that's a sign that He loves us. For if you're without chastening then you're not one of His sons, for every son whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth. (Heb.12:5-8.) So those spankings He gives you are a sign of His love, 'cause once you're His son, His child, you're His child & saved, always saved! Hallelujah! 'Cause His love & mercy & forgiveness & salvation never end! He never stops loving you no matter what you do, & I hope you'll never stop lovin' Him no matter what you do or whatever you think He's doing to you!--And even if you do get angry like a little child & maybe run away sometimes, you'll always come Home to Papa, your dear Father, from your wandering prodigal ways! You'll come back Home to Papa, your dear Father, from your wandering prodigal ways! You'll come back Home to stay someday' cause you can't stop lovin' Him! GBY! Amen? Hallelujah! TYJ! Well, I wish I could've made that last song go away, "Make the World Go Away", that was under my little talk there but I didn't realise that I'd left the recorder running & so you've got a little background music to my last little sermonette, "Make the World Go Away". Well, that's just really what I was talking about. You better make that World go away & stay with Jesus, amen? See the Lord & His service & His Love? You better make that World go away & stay with Jesus, amen? See how confusing it can get when you try to mix the World and its problems along with the Lord's and His service and His love? You better make that World go away and just keep on keepin' on with Jesus! Amen? Like I am right now, I finally got rid of that old song! Well, we had that song before somewhere & I made the application for you then, so we won't repeat it now. But under my little sermonette was, "Make the World Go Away". Well, sometimes you feel like sayin' "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!"--And hallelujah, one of these days Jesus is gonna do just that! He's gonna stop the World & we're gonna get off, away from all this worldly confusion & into the peace & the quiet & the beauty & the wonder of that wonderworld beyond in heavenly places with Him! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Well, it's gonna be just like coming out of all that confusion of this World into the beautiful paradise above when we get out of all the confusion & noise of Earth into the beauty & the wonder & the love we're going to have forever up there! Hallelujah! Of course we have a little sample of it right here in our Heavenly Homes! We've got a little bit of Heaven right here now, Heaven on Earth & Heavenly in our hearts even before we go to Heaven! Have you got Heaven on Earth & Heaven in our hearts even before we go to Heaven! Have you got Heaven in your heart? Have you got a Heavenly Home where you're enjoying Heaven on Earth? Well if not, take Jesus into your heart & you'll have Heaven in your heart, Heaven on Earth & a Heavenly Home right here now & Forever! Hallelujah! GBY! ILY! Well, that's the best of Elvis Presley out of about ten tapes of his that we had & I hope you enjoyed them. I think he really had a great ministry & a message to give to the World & also sang about the Lord so I'm sure that God was in it. I know he loved the Lord & I know he knew Him & believed in Him & I'm sure he was saved because my children & our Family prayed very much for him that he would be, & when we prayed the hardest the Lord took him, when we heard he was having problems, & I guess when he just couldn't make it any more & the burden got too heavy the Lord just took him, & if your burdens get too heavy, if it gets too much for you I'm sure the Lord will release you & let you go & get you out of if all & take you Home to be with Him like He did Elvis. PTL! GBH! Thank you Elvis! God bless you boy! We sure enjoyed hearin' from you, like hearing from Heaven for sure, & we know you must be singing for Jesus now like you did when you were very young when you first got started in Church. God bless you & keep you & I know he has & He does, 'cause you're with Him for sure! Amen! Like we'll be with you someday too, in Jesus' name, amen! So long Elvis! See you in the Rapture or in those Heavenly Halls of that Heavenly City above! Hallelujah! GBY! TYJ! PTL! Amen!

       Well, we've got a few more odds-&-ends here to mop up before we finish this tape.--Not some old-timers now but a few new-timers, & hope you enjoy them. Well, praise the Lord, when we get up there to be with Jesus in those heavenly places there'll be no more tears 'cause God's going to wipe away all our tears, & here's a cute little girl named Goldie--I've forgotten her last name, sorry--from the picture "Patrouchka", a picture about Russia in which she sang this cute little song, a Russian tune called, "NO MORE TEARS, JUST HAPPY YEARS"--And that's what it'll be for us in Heaven! Hallelujah!--() Yes, no more tears & no more years but only a happy eternity with Jesus when we get over there! Hallelujah! TYJ! Praise the Lord for that cute little Russian song by Goldie from "Patrouchka", a movie about Russia with that little Russian song.. God bless the Russians!--And He is! Looks like He's giving them the World, but I don't know why anybody would want it, it's such a headache! But we like to go into all the World & preach the Gospel of God's love to every creature, but we sure don't want to own this World the way it is! But someday when Jesus comes back again & sets up His Kingdom here on Earth, then we'll run the World the way it ought be and we'll all be happy then and it'll be a beautiful Millennial Heaven on Earth for a thousand years of the Kingdom of Christ on Earth! Will you be there happy & enjoying it with us? Well I sure hope so! If you have Jesus in your heart you'll be there!

       Now here's another beautiful but sad little song by another little girl, Jeane Manson. This is the song which inspired my prayer for her--
       1. "PORQUE EL AMOR SE VA?", "Why Does Love Go?"--() "Porque el Amor se Va?" She wants to know "Why does love go, why does love end, why doesn't love last? Adios!" What a sad little song from that sad little girl, Jeane Manson, who became quite a famous singer in Europe in her heyday but then she aspired to go to the United States & become even more famous & more popular & even richer so she married her producer for the sake of you might say business reasons. But I warned her that if she did, that love would go because it was not God's will nor His true love. She should've married one of our own boys because she had met us & met our Family & fallen in love with us & our Family & some of our boys whom she should've married & their love would never have gone. But thank God she loves Jesus & His love will never go & never leave her for He's the lover of her soul, the Lover who never leaves with a love that never ends. And so in spite of the hardships & the problems that she's had, I believe she's going to come back & make a comeback when she completely yields & surrenders her whole life & her love & her voice & her talent to His ministry. I believe the Lord will use her again, & He did use her quite a bit while she was close to Him & the Family & they made some very good records, some about the Lord. So I sent her my prayer for her in my revelation about her & asked her to come to me, that I loved her, but she had other ideas, I'm sorry to say, & she went another way, & the end thereof was a broken heart & almost a broken life & body & a disrupted ministry.
       Here she sings another cute little song in French--
       2. "I LOVE YOU"--And I love you, Jeane.--() I love you too, Jeane, & I hope someday & I pray you'll come back to me & the Family & God's will. And here in her next little song she prays that she will--

       3. "PRAY FOR ME"--() What a sweet, sad, fitting song for Jeane Manson, "Pray for Me".--And I do hope you're praying for her because Jesus is her only hope. Only Jesus saves & only Jesus can lead & guide her & bring her into what she wants to be, what she really wants to be, what Jesus wants her to be, amen?--And may you be also! GBY! Thanks for praying for Jeane Manson. Now she sings another sweet song--
       4. "WHAT WOULD I DO?"--()Another sweet sad song by Jeane Manson, "Stand by Me!"--And I hope you will with your prayers. Jeane Manson singing--
       5. "STAND BY ME!"--()And we are standing by you in prayer, Jeane. My heart often goes out to you & thinks of you & prays for you in the still of the night in the night seasons upon my bed & I long for you & for your love for Jesus & a life of service for you for Him in our wonderful loving Family. GBY!--Or any way you want it, in or out, as long as you love & serve the Lord. Amen! PTL! God bless you Jeane! ILY!--And we all love you & we're praying for you! In Jesus' name, amen. Now Jeane sings for us another beautiful song in Spanish--

       6. "UN MUNDO NUEVO", "A New World"--() Jeane looks for "A New World" & someday she'll get it, thank the Lord, with all of us with Jesus when He comes! PTL! GBH! Here she sings again--
       7. "YOU TOOK THE WIND" right out of my sails, & somebody sure did! I think it must've been the Devil, don't you? GBH!--() Yes sir, it sounds like Jeane made the wrong choice there because after following the Lord & us full-steam ahead for awhile, she married this producer who stole her away from us & the Lord's work & took the wind right out of her sails & she followed him instead & lost her trail & way & stars & everything & really messed up her life, sad to say, right after asking us to pray for her & stand by her, which we tried to do, but you can't push people into the right choice. No matter how much you pray for them & stand by them it finally boils down to the fact that they have to make the choice personally themselves, what they're going to do, just like God putting Adam & Eve in the Garden. I'm sure He was praying for them to make the right choice but they made the wrong one. God gives us that great power & majesty of personal choice, we can choose to do either right or wrong, good or evil, go His way or our own way, & I'm afraid to say that she, sorry to say that she seemed to have chosen her own way instead of the Lord's, & is still right now out there somewhere badly backsliden & away from the Lord, already divorced him with one child & maybe more by now, & we understand living with somebody else, & God knows what kind of a mess she's in! So please pray for Jeane Manson, she really needs the Lord & us & your prayers, that the Lord will somehow someway if possible bring her back someday.--Maybe too late to accomplish the life's work she could've accomplished for the Lord if she would've stuck with us. Look what she could've done in MWM or MCV or one of our Musical Units like Jeremy Spencer has done, look at the difference in those two lives! Jeremy quit when he was ahead & famous & popular the World over & chose to do the Lord's work & go God's way & serve Him & has done a beautiful job of producing lots of gorgeous music for the Lord & for His service & for the World & for our Family, & look how Jeane could've been such a blessing if she'd have stuck with us & gone our way & the Lord's way instead of her own way. But it seems she was determined to become famous in the USA, she wasn't satisfied with being famous & popular & widely used in Europe. She had to hit the big-time & go to the U.S. & become famous, & instead of that as far as I have heard she's become infamous & only nothing & hardly anybody has ever heard of her again! She got lost in the Pit & the maelstrom of the U.S. in a real pit of the System & went her own way & the way of her producer & the way of the World & what a sad mess she's made of her life! GHH!--Sad to say! Well, I just put those on there for you to show you the difference & help you pray for her. Here was a musician & a singer that could've been really used by the Lord & yet she wound up a failure as far as God was concerned & had to be tossed on the scrapheap of unusable material because she wouldn't yield to the Lord & to us as well & work with us, sorry to say! May God have mercy on her soul, and I know she's saved and I know she'll go to be with the Lord with us someday. But "Many shall be raised to everlasting shame & contempt",* & I'm sure she's going to be sorry for what she did & most of all for what she didn't do. God bless & help you Jeane! We're still praying for you. May the Lord have mercy on you & somehow bring you back again someday. In Jesus' name, amen. (*Dan.12:2)

       Well, PTL! The sad story of Jeane Manson kind of reminds me of the sad music, the sad but beautiful music of the Portuguese Fado singers of which we have a beautiful sample here made at the World-famous Estoril Casino whose manager is a very good friend of ours & where we used to go almost every night to enjoy their beautiful show, gorgeous music, gorgeous girls, wonderful orchestra & thrilling dancing & lots of good exercise dancing ourselves, & this is the only sample we have of that memorable place & the many good times we had there until some System photographers discovered us & we had to go. This is the musical introduction prepared by our good friend the manager, Francisco, for the great Estoril Casino floorshow, & the sad but beautiful music of the world-famous Portuguese Fado singing. It'll help you pray for the Portuguese who are sad without the Lord. GBY!:
       1. Portuguese Fado!--()
       2. "THE JINGLES"--()
       3. "SING ME!"--()
       4. "DANCE!"--()

And dance we did to their beautiful orchestra & lovely shows & gorgeous music & girls & had lots of good fun & exercise there & made lots of friends at that beautiful place, one of the most wonderful casinos in the whole World, the Estoril Casino!

       Well, I guess this series of little micros of my old favourites upon which I have recorded about 50 big tapes would not be complete without guess who?--The Beatles! Well, they're not exactly my kind of music nor of my generation nor my old favourites. But there is at least one that I recognise out of a list they gave me of about six Beatle tapes & 60 different numbers. I only recognise one number really out of the whole bunch, particularly one that I like & that's the one that always reminds me of my own Maria & which I have sometimes felt was inspired & prophetic of our own Maria.--And I know you know which one that is, "Let it Be"! So that's the one we're going to lead off with in this last series of favourites. They may not be my old favourites but yours, & I let one of our staff pick out the ones he thought were best, & besides my one he got about 10 out of 64 & we'll see what they're like when we play'm, I don't know. But now I'll play you my very best favourite of all the Beatle songs, about my Maria & dedicated to her. GBH!--And thank God for this beautiful inspired number by the Beatles--
       1. "LET IT BE"--() The Beatles singing "Let it Be".--The only one of my favourites of all their numbers as far as I know, 'cause it's about my Maria & I dedicate it to her as far as I'm concerned. GBH! That's what she's like to me. Now the rest of these I don't know & I didn't pick them but one of our staff members who knows the Beatles well, their numbers & their music, chose them. So I'm just going to let'm run now for the rest of this series. Since I don't know them & I don't know anything about them I could hardly comment on them, but if I do have any comments I'll let you know. So here we go again with the Beatles with their next number--
       2. "I SHOULD'VE KNOWN BETTER"--And I don't know, maybe by the time we get through with these Beatle's numbers I should've known better, we'll see.--()
       3. "HEY JUDE--() Well, I'm beginning to be sorry already, but we'll go ahead & see what the rest of them are like.--My staff's choice of the best of the Beatles, ahem, I can't say too much for even their best:
       4. "AND I LOVE HER"--()
       5. "FOOL ON THE HILL"--()
       6. "I FOLLOW THE SUN"--()
       8. "NORWEGIAN WOOD"--()
       9. "MICHELLE"--()
       Well, we're almost to the end of the best of the Beatles & our series of favourite music, & although these are not necessarily my favourites, there were some sweet ones there too, & I presume they served their purpose, & maybe you had some other favourites. Here's our last one from the Beatles--
       10. "P.S. I LOVE YOU"--And I really do! GBY! Hope you enjoyed my series of old favourites, even these new ones. Enjoy them & use them with your friends & make them a blessing & God make you a blessing! GBY! Thanks for listening! () And that's the truth, I'll always be in love with you! GBY! ILY!--Now, play'm again!--Have fun! GBY! ILY!

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