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"GET OFF!--I Want to Stop the World!"--God!       DFO 1226       29 June 1982

       (An answer received on "Why the Lebanese War?--Why the victory of the wicked & suffering of the poor?--Why doesn't God stop the wars?"--Here's why!)

       1. (MARIA: WHAT IS IT, HONEY?) WELL, THE LORD SAID HE WAS TAKING THE DEAD, THEY'RE BETTER OFF--IT'S NOT THE DEAD BUT THE LIVING WHO SUFFER. He just had to allow it to expose the cruel wickedness of the U.S. & Israel to the World for World condemnation, to justify their soon destruction! (Maria: Maybe too He has to take the poor so they don't get what Israel's going to get, huh? They're so close to Israel, they're so close!)

       2. HE'S HAVING TO ALLOW ALL THAT IN ORDER TO EXPOSE THE UNITED STATES & ISRAEL & their monstrous barbarism in their totally callous unfeeling murderous massacre of the poor Palestinians, Lebanese & Syrians! The whole World is now against them! The whole World is voting against them!--Both of them!: The whole U.N., the General Assembly, the Security Council, even their friends are voting against them--Britain, France, Europe, the West--everybody is voting against them!

       3. BUT THE AMERICAN ATTITUDE IS, LET ISRAEL FINISH THEM OFF, then the problem will be over with, & that's the argument that Israel is using with the U.S.: "Let us finish them off & then there will be no more Palestinian problem"! But at last the Arabs are beginning to get a little guts & rise up in indignation & threatening reprisals, & the Soviet Union is beginning to speak pretty sternly. They will, they'll rise!--Eventually!--The Bible says so! (Ezekiel 38:5-6; Daniel 11:43.)

       4. THE U.S. & ISRAEL'S CUP OF INIQUITY IS NOT YET FULL, they've still got some horrors to perpetrate. The Lord is having to allow this horrible massacre of innocent civilians to expose their wickedness! Lebanon says that there are at least 35,000 civilians now slaughtered by Israel, plus all the wounded--mostly innocent civilians! Independent doctors like Scandinavian doctors working in the hospitals in Lebanon said it's just horror after horror! Israelis are using the forbidden cluster bombs which the U.S. said were never to be used, blah, blah! These bombs are designed to primarily kill people, they explode above ground. Israel's bloodthirsty for the slaughter of the poor! (Swiss Red Cross has also said about 35,000 dead & 100,000 wounded!)

       5. IN SPITE OF ISRAELI PROMISES OF A CEASE-FIRE & ALL THAT, SHE ATTACKED SYRIAN POSITIONS & bombed Syrian positions in Lebanon & other places from the air. They continued the bombings, but said, "Oh, that was not a violation of cease-fire, not one shot was fired on the ground!" That's their [DELETED] self-vindicating-thinking for you, deceitful [DELETED] reasoning to excuse their monstrous atrocities! Begin says he did not promise Reagan he would not attack Beirut. All the Washington officials have been insisting, "Don't worry, don't worry, Begin has promised us he will not attack Beirut." Well, he's attacking it right now, slaughtering them!--Innocent Lebanese civilian families of old men, women, mothers & children!

       6. BUT THE LORD SHOWED ME THIS MORNING, HE HAS TO ALLOW THESE MONSTROUS ATROCITIES & CRUEL HORRORS OF THE EVIL ISRAELIS BACKED BY THE WICKED AMERICANS TO EXPOSE THEM TO THE WORLD FOR WHAT THEY ARE, the murderous monsters they are, both of them, so that the World will understand why God is going to allow them to be totally destroyed!

       7. I THREATENED THIS MORNING, LIKE MOSES, I TOLD THE LORD IF HE DIDN'T DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT I WAS GOING TO QUIT! (Exodus 32:3.) If He wasn't going to come to the rescue of the poor, & the innocent & the helpless, the widows & the orphans, if He wasn't going to do something about their horrible suffering I was going to quit! I said, "It's no use proclaiming His goodness, love & mercy anymore if He's going to allow these monsters to do the horrors they're perpetrating! But He said He had to allow it in order to expose them to the whole World, to show them up for what they really are!

       8. I WONDER HOW CHRISTIANS, EVANGELICAL FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS IN THE UNITED STATES CAN NOW JUSTIFY THEIR SUPPORT OF BEGIN & THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"], HUH? How can Billy Graham & his ilk justify them now? Hmm? How can they justify it now in view of the suffering & the horrors & the crimes perpetrated by Israel backed by the U.S. in poor Lebanon against the poor Lebanese & Palestinians, against the poor almost helpless people, tiny little miniscule minorities, with almost no power at all, attacked by the Superpower of the World!--The USA is the one behind it, the U.S. Jews [DELETED] who say they can't control Israel!

       9. NO ONE CAN CONTROL ISRAEL, NOT EVEN GOD!--Read the Bible & see! They're totally disobedient, stubborn, rebellious & defiant of all God's laws & prophets!--It's all right there in the Bible from cover to cover! (Ex.32:9; Nu.14:2; Deut.31:27; Neh.6:6; Jer.23; Ps.106; Jer.7; 17:23; 1Sa.15:23; Je.5:23; Nu.20:10.) All God could do was [EDITED: "judge"] them!--And He'll do it again now! That's the only way to stop'm! They won't listen! (Lk.16:14,15; Jn.8:44; Mt.23; Mt.12:37-40; Acts 7:37-60.)

       10. I GOT A FUNNY THING THIS MORNING, SORT OF A PARODY ON THE FAMOUS QUOTE THEY SANG OF DAVID'S KILLING OF GOLIATH: They said, "Saul has slain his thousands but David has killed his tens of thousands." Israel has been justifying this massive murderous massacre because of a few Israelis killed by a few little occasional Palestinian assassinations, rockets or bombs. You know, Goliath & the Philistines were Palestinians.--This is an age-old battle.

       11. ONLY THIS TIME IT WAS IN SCATHING REBUKE AGAINST ISRAEL, that it's like Israel has turned into the monster Goliath & the poor little Palestinians have turned into poor little insignificant David, & Israel's reversed the song, singing: "Their David has killed our tens, but we have killed their tens of thousands!"--What a travesty! What a tragedy! What hideous [DELETED] perfidy!

       12. THE IDEA WAS THAT HERE ISRAEL IS CLAIMING, "LOOK, THEY'VE KILLED OUR TENS, SO WE HAVE KILLED THEIR TENS OF THOUSANDS!" It's just about what the proportion, the comparison is. The poor homeless evicted Palestinians in pitiful efforts to regain their homes & country have killed their tens, whereas now Israel, monstrous robbers & massacres of the poor, has killed its tens of thousands! Only this time it's not going to be to Israel's credit! Israel is no longer the little David, it's the monster Goliath!--And the poor little Arabs have become the pitiful little seemingly insignificant David!

       13. BUT SOME KIND OF A TINY SHOT FROM THE NEW LITTLE ARAB DAVID (GODAHFI?) IS GOING TO SOCK THE GOLIATH ISRAEL RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES! It's going to stop him somehow, & they're going to see it soon! I said, "Lord, it's got to be soon!" The whole World could hardly justify God's allowing Israel's atrocities to continue unless He retaliates soon! I know I couldn't! I was rebuking the Lord this morning--"How could He have this on His conscience!" Well, God bless the Lord!

       14. HE WAS VERY PATIENT WITH ME, LIKE A PATIENT PARENT REASONING WITH AN ANGRY LITTLE CHILD, EXPLAINING THAT HE HAD TO LET IT HAPPEN TO EXPOSE THE HORRIBLE WICKEDNESS OF ISRAEL & AMERICA & their lies & their deceits & their hypocrisy & their hypocritical self-righteousness, expose them like He did the Scribes & the Pharisees in their cruel crucifixion of a harmless innocent Jesus!

       15. WHEN THE HYPOCRITICAL SELF-RIGHTEOUS [DELETED] SCRIBES & PHARISEES MURDERED JESUS, THIS WAS THE THING THAT REALLY EXPOSED THESE CRUEL PHONIES TO THE PEOPLE & TO THE WORLD!--When they went that far, murdering an innocent Man to rid themselves of the Prophet Who exposed them! Their greatest Enemy was His Love & the Truth! His honest exposure was why they hated Him & killed Him! Exposure was the thing that they couldn't forgive Jesus for, that He exposed them for the monsters they really were! [DELETED]

       16. HE EXPOSED THEM TO THE PEOPLE, TO THE GOVERNMENT, TO THE ROMANS, TO THE WORLD!--HE EXPOSED THEM! So there was nothing left for them to do but kill Him to try to stop His mouth & the Truth! But their very cruel, monstrous, atrocious slaughter of Christ & His disciples was the very thing that turned their own people against them! I believe there are many conscientious Jews who are being turned against diabolical demon-possessed Begin & Israel & the American Jews who back them by this War!

       17. AS ARAFAT WAS SAYING, "THIS IS THE LONGEST ARAB/ISRAELI WAR SINCE 1948" when Israel first declared its independence! Someone was saying how the PLO could hardly withstand the full force & might of all Israel & the U.S. behind them, but he said, "Well, we have withstood it longer in this War than in any previous Arab/Israeli War"! They're showing how that they are tough & fighting a very hard, lasting battle, & he's declaring they will not throw down their arms & they will not surrender, they would rather fight to the death!--& I don't blame them!--Where would they go? The [EDITED: "Israelis"] have stolen their whole country!

       18. I HOPE THEY STICK TO THEIR GUNS BECAUSE THEY'D BE BETTER OFF DEAD, all of them!--Not for the sake of the Israelis--they say he'd be better off dead too--but for their own sakes! For dead the Lord would take them & they'd be out of this horror, & then God will repay. Wait till God starts striking! I mean it's just getting too far now, God just can't let it go on much longer! (See No.681, "A Prayer for the Poor.")

       19. THE WHOLE INVASION IS GETTING A BACKLASH ALL OVER THE WORLD! Even in the United States some people are beginning to get furious about Begin's lies & his government's insane defiance of all human rights! Arafat himself says that: "They won't stop now. They'll attack Beirut & they'll try to finish us off right now. This is their last week, because there's too much opposition & resentment rising against them, & if they don't do it this week, if they don't exterminate us this week, they'll have to be stopped."

       20. SO, HE SAID THEY'VE GOT TO DO IT THIS WEEK. In other words, the World is going to stop the [EDITED: "Israelis"] if they don't stop their slaughterous massacre this week! The [EDITED: "Israelis"] have got to murder the PLO while they still have time, or resentment in the U.S. & the whole World is going to stop them! The Arabs are threatening the oil boycott & the whole works!

       21. (MARIA: ARAFAT REALLY RISKS EVERYTHING WHEN HE IS BEING TELEVISED.) Yes, he even has a news conference! (Maria: Whew! Because all those [DELETED] news guys are out to get him!) Well, it's his last chance to appeal to the World. (Maria: Do you think his attitude is completely right in every respect? I mean he really does look cocky--I think he'd get a lot further if he'd be more sober.) Yes, if he'd been a little more serious. But that's all the [DELETED] media showed!--They always show the worst!

       22. I PRAYED TODAY THAT HE'D GET A LITTLE MORE SERIOUS & CRY OUT TO THE LORD & ASK GOD TO VINDICATE HIM & ask God to save him & help his people. Surely he will, he's facing death now. He was trying to present his best face, of course. [DELETED] They were trying to show the worst attitude they could find, when he tried to be cheerful & smile & show that they were not discouraged, that they were not giving up, they had no feeling of desperation or that they were being forced to surrender.

       23. THEY DELIBERATELY TRIED TO SHOW HIS COCKIEST ATTITUDE, I'M SURE, & I'M SURE [EDITED: "THEY"] CUT ANY SCENES WHICH WOULD HAVE GOTTEN ANY SYMPATHY AT ALL! (Maria: Well, what he said was really good, but the way he said it was a little hard for most people to take.) Yes, well, you can be sure the [DELETED] news media was presenting the worst they could find when they at last had a chance to get at him on television. (Maria: Yes can see he is really dedicated, that's for sure!) Well, he's dedicated to death! This is absolute suicide to fight the Israelis & the Americans now--he calls them the American/Israeli forces. (Maria: Yes, that's for sure!) And that's exactly what they are!--U.S. arms, tanks, guns, planes, rockets, American Jewish officers & all!

       24. I THINK THE LORD IS HAVING TO PRICK THE CONSCIENCE OF THE WORLD, WHO HAVE IGNORED THE PLIGHT OF THE POOR HOMELESS PERSECUTED PALESTINIANS FOR YEARS, & the plight of the poor Lebanese as well. I think He's using this horrible massacre, this inexcusably horrible slaughter of the innocents by the God-damned heartless heinous hideous [EDITED: "Israelis"] & Americans to prick the conscience of the whole World & make it ashamed of itself that it hasn't done something about it, particularly the Arab World, but the rest of the World as well! They've let the Palestinians down to go on & suffer so many years & have done nothing about it! It's been almost 40 years now! A whole generation of Palestinians has been wiped out & they've allowed it, the World has allowed it!--They're all to blame!

       25. IT'S THE WHOLE WORLD'S FAULT, NOT JUST THE AMERICANS & ISRAELIS! The whole world is to blame, & God is exposing not only America & Israel, but the rest of the World! They're all going to suffer for it because they allowed this persecution & oppression & cruelty & extermination of the poor Palestinians & Lebanese! God is going to hold the Israelis & Americans accountable for it most of all, but the whole World as well, for ignoring the plight of the Palestinians.--The whole World is going to suffer for it!

       26. THE WHOLE WORLD & ITS APATHY & INDIFFERENCE IS BEING EXPOSED & they're all being jolted by the horrors the Israelis are perpetrating in Lebanon! They're being shocked, waked up to see how their indifference & their apathy & their almost complete ignoring of the problem, wishing it would go away, has resulted in them allowing the U.S. to back Israel in this horror! I think it's waking up the whole World, it's even turning Israel's U.S. friends against it. Even the U.S.'s major European friends, Britain & France, have stood against the U.S. in very vote on this in the U.N., & only the U.S. & Israel have stood together, voted against the whole World, the whole world!

       27. BUT AT LEAST THE WORLD IS BEGINNING TO WAKE UP! It's beginning to get on its conscience for how long they've ignored & neglected & been indifferent to the problem. At least now they're beginning to do something about it, at least talking about it & talking against it & blame the U.S. & Israel for it, condemn them & accuse them for it. That's good!

       28. AT LAST THE WHOLE SCENE IS BEING POLARISED, IT'S EXPOSING THOSE WHO ARE FRIENDS & THOSE WHO ARE ENEMIES, & those who are friends of the poor & those who are the enemies, & those who have a conscience & concern for the poor, pitiful, weak, tiny, defenceless minorities. If the PLO, the few who are trapped in Beirut, are slaughtered now by the Israelis, that will be their crowning crime[DELETED]!

       29. THAT WILL BE A HORROR TO THE WHOLE WORLD IF THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] DESTROY THE CITY OF BEIRUT JUST TO DESTROY THE PLO! Not only the PLO & the Lebanese will hate them, but the whole World will hate them! It will wake up the World! It's what the World deserves!

       30. THE WORLD DESERVES WHAT THEY'RE SEEING & GETTING IN BEIRUT & IN LEBANON BECAUSE THEY'VE ALLOWED IT! They've allowed it because they've ignored it. They've been indifferent to it, now they're seeing the results of allowing this not "naughty child" but this montrous insane idiot Begin & his devils to ride in with U.S. arms & power & completely exterminate the Palestinians & the Lebanese & the Syrians & anybody else who stands in their way!

       31. I WOULD SAY THAT IF THE ARABS TAKE THIS & THE ARAB WORLD TAKES THIS & DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT, THEY'LL NEVER DO ANYTHING, they've not guts & they will never do anything! If they take this which Israel is getting away with now with U.S. backing, the slaughter of Palestinians & Lebanese & Syrians, all their Arab brothers, if the Arabs put up with this kind of slaughter, they will never do anything!--And I think it's time for God to do something!

       32. THE ARABS' MEANINGLESS EMPTY WORDS OF FRIENDSHIP & SUPPORT ARE BEING EXPOSED TOO!--The Arabs are being exposed for their gutless cowardly empty words of support for the poor Palestinians, Lebanese & Syrians! The Arab World is being exposed for its lack of conviction, lack of meaning of any kind of Arab Unity! Godahfi is the only real strong voice that's spoken out.

       33. BOY I TELL YOU, THIS IS GOING TO GIVE GODAHFI A PLATFORM TO SPEAK ON! If anything was ever going to give Godahfi & his so-called hard-line Rejectionist Front a good firm base & stand in the Arab World, & the Arab Revolution a strong angry case against the present opulent corpulent big fat Sheiks & Arab leaders who are doing nothing but talk & staying friendly to the U.S. & Israel, this'll do it! If anything would ever give Godahfi a good excuse & a power base for backing revolutions throughout the Arab World to overthrow these inactive leaders, these do-nothing leaders, I think this is going to do it!

       34. IT'S ENOUGH TO CAUSE THE ARAB COMMON PEOPLE TO RISE UP IN FURY, THE COMMON POOR WHO SEE WHAT THEIR LEADERS ALLOW, who will not go to the rescue to succour the poor Palestinians, & will not do anything to help the poor oppressed Lebanese, the weak & defenceless, the Syrians & all. I mean they're pitifully weak & defenceless against the towering might of the U.S. Superpower behind Israel!

       35. THIS IS EXPOSING THE PRESENT IMPOTENT LEADERSHIP OF THE ARAB WORLD!--Did you see them at that meeting in Tunis? They looked so damned guilty it was pitiful, they could hardly even look the camera in the eye, they looked side-to-side, ashamed of themselves! They looked so guilty they looked like they would have liked to crawl in a hole instead of being on camera! Well, they ought to crawl in a hole, & that's what they're doing really, they're just sticking their heads in holes the sand & ignoring the plight of the poor Palestinians! (Maria: In that interview they sure looked guilty!) They're hiding from the whole thing!--Only eight of 22 even showed up!

       36. SEE, THEY DON'T WANT TO COME OUT NOW & REALLY TAKE A FIRM STAND BECAUSE THEN THEY WOULD HAVE TO AGREE THAT GODAHFI & THE REJECTIONIST FRONT WAS RIGHT! The so-called radical Arab leaders were right, there was no chance ever of peace with Israel!--And the U.S. is backing not the Arabs but their bitter enemies, Israel! And it would also seem to cause the present Arab rich Capitalist leadership to agree with those whom they are more worried about than the U.S., Israel or anybody, & that's their own people, their own poor oppressed peoples! One Arab diplomat moaned to the U.S.: "Are you trying to destroy us all?"

       37. FOR THERE'S THE DISTINCT POSSIBLITY OF A RADICAL ARAB REVOLUTION UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF GODAHFI & THE RADICALS OVERTHROWING THEIR LEADERSHIP. You know, that's what it takes to get the Arabs to put their money & their arms where their mouths are! They say these empty words of support & yet do nothing! They've done nothing. No one but Syria & Iran has done anything to help the poor Palestinians or Lebanese! Let's see them do something now!

       38. I MEAN THEY'VE EITHER GOT TO DO SOMETHING NOW OR SHOW THEMSELVES UP FOR THE COWARDLY IMPOTENT IMPS THEY REALLY ARE, UNABLE OR UNWILLING TO DO ANYTHING! I mean they could have risen up & fought to the death for the Arabs like Arafat & the PLO, if nothing else! In that case, I'd say it's almost better to die than be so ashamed & humiliated as the Arab World is being right now! The Arab World is being laughed at by the Jews for its ineffectiveness & ineptness & impotence, not just its inability but its unwillingness to do anything! And they'll reap what they're sowing, their turn is coming too!

       39. THE PRESENT RICH LEADERS OF THE FEUDAL ARAB WORLD ARE GOING TO GET WHAT'S COMING TO THEM BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO GO TO THE RESCUE OF THE POOR PALESTINIANS, THEIR POOR BROTHERS!--You could hardly find any poorer ones than the Palestinians, Lebanese & Syrians!--Who are fighting a last-ditch life-&-death struggle with the power-drunk [EDITED: "Israelis"] because there's no place else for them to go! It's a fight to the death! The fact that these present rich Arab leaders have done nothing to help them, & are still doing nothing, is in itself a condemnation of their indifference & their impotence & their lack of leadership!

       40. I WAS PRAYING THIS MORNING, "GOD, WHERE IS THE MAN THAT'S GOT THE GUTS TO COME & LEAD THE ARABS TO VICTORY?"--AND INSTANTLY OF COURSE, I GOT "GODAHFI"! Who has got it? Who's got the gust & who's got the righteousness & who's got the concern for the poor?--Godahfi! Someone has got to rise & defend them! Maybe it will be the Antichrist!--It's certainly an ideal opportunity for him to rise up in anger against the World in defence of the poor!

       41. JUST THINK OF THE POOR ALL OVER THE WORLD WHO ARE HEARING OF THIS HORRIBLE SLAUGHTER of the poor defenceless Lebanese, Palestinians & Syrians by these huge armies of the U.S. Superpower & Israel! What effect do you think it's having on the poor oppressed peoples of the World & all over the World? I think they're enraged, they're horrified! They're thinking, "Why these ruling powers of the World are monsters! They're going to kill us all, crush us all," just like they've tried to do in Vietnam & scores of other tiny poor countries!--The U.S. South, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Philippines, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc.!--The list is almost limitless!

       42. THEY'RE EVEN WILLING AGAIN TO BACK THE INSANE MADMAN POLPOT OF CAMBODIA WHO SLAUGHTERED 3 MILLION OF HIS OWN PEOPLE, RATHER THAN BACK A FIRM ORDERLY FAIR VIETNAMESE REGIME in Cambodia that's brought peace & security to the people! Remember those poor Kampuchean people we saw testify on video?--They told how horrible, & monstrous Pol Pot was & how he was exterminating them all! He killed three million of them! Think of it! (Maria: 3 million?) Three million Cambodians were killed by their own insane leader, Pol Pot! But did that teach them anything?--No!

       43. LOOK HOW MANY YEARS THE POOR VIETNAMESE FOUGHT, FOR 30-40 YEARS THEY FOUGHT FOR THEIR INDEPENDENCE FROM FOREIGN DOMINATION! They finally won it & they finally freed Laos & Cambodia too, & what does the West do?--Backs the wrong side again! Instead of giving credit to the Vietnamese for having been the ones who won the War, the righteous ones, the ones who freed the people, they're trying to organise the Opposition, the Cambodian Opposition to fight the Vietnamese Government there! It's crazy! They're insane, & only doing it because Vietnam is Communist!

       44. GOD HELP US, IN JESUS' NAME! GOD HELP THE POOR PALESTINIANS & LEBANESE, SYRIANS & ARABS, ESPECIALLY THE TRUE CHRISTIANS, NOT THOSE SO-CALLED "CHRISTIANS!" Lord Jesus, have mercy! Lord God, have Thy way, work out Your purpose. Expose Israel & the United States & the present Arab leadership & their indifference, callous unconcern, & cruel indifference to the suffering of the poor!

       45. LORD, DO SOMETHING, SHOW US SOMETHING SOON, or I'm going to be fed up with the whole mess & Your inaction, Lord! You've got to do something! I realise You have had to let Israel fill its cup of iniquity, & the United States & the Arab leadership as well. But I think You've let it go far enough! You've got to do something soon to stop them! I think they've certainly been well-exposed! But You know best, Thy will be done.

       46. IF YOU WANT THEM TO GO ON, if You have to allow them to destroy Beirut & tens of thousands of innocent Lebanese civilians just to get at a few little armed bands of PLO there, destroy a whole city & a whole people just to ferret out a handful of their enemies, showing [EDITED: "Israeli"] bitterness, [EDITED: "Israeli"] bigotry & their horrible callousness, cruelty & unconcern for human sufferings, if You have to do that to expose them & their horrors to the World, well, I guess it has to be done, Lord.

       47. BUT HAVE MERCY ON THE POOR, LORD, HAVE MERCY! Doctors & nurses in the hospitals said that the dead are stacking up & rotting & piles of rubble & garbage is uncollected & dead are unclaimed because there's nobody to claim them--they've all been killed, their families & relatives & all have been killed! They're being buried in ditches & mass graves because the cemeteries are packed! Horror! Horror! Horror! My God! Have mercy!

       48. WELL, I GUESS THE LORD IS MERCIFULLY REMOVING SOME OF THEM FROM THE EARTHLY SCENE BECAUSE THEIR LIVES ARE ALMOST INTOLERABLE ANYHOW, living in constant fear & danger & suffering anyway. They're better off dead! It's not the dead we have to be sorry for, it's the living! ... [EDITED: "People are"] always screaming about how Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews! Look at the [EDITED: "Israelis"]!--They're obviously trying to exterminate the Palestinians! They stole their land, their homes, their businesses, their country! Now the [EDITED: "Israelis"] want to kill'm all! It's horrible!--They're monsters! How can the World stomach'm!

       49. WELL, THEIR HYPOCRITICAL, SELF-RIGHTEOUS, ABSOLUTE MONSTROUSNESS IS BEING SO COMPLETELY EXPOSED TO THE WHOLE WORLD THAT EVEN LOYAL JEWS ARE HAVING A HARD TIME DEFENDING THEM, even the [DELETED] International newspapers are shocked at the horrors! The so-called moderate Jews & modern Jews & liberal Jews, the so-called Reformed Jews, are being almost infuriated at Begin's lies & his absolute intransigence, stubbornness, typical [DELETED] rebellious stubbornness & disobedience. [DELETED]

       50. WELL, LORD, IT'S TIME TO DESTROY THEM. [DELETED] Their cup of iniquity surely must be filled by now with this violent atrocity on Beirut & the poor! Wake up the World, Lord, to the horrible threat of these monstrous [EDITED: "Israelis"] to the whole World!--Or they'll destroy us all!--The whole World!

       51. WAKE UP THE DECENT JEWS THEMSELVES TO THE HORRORS OF THEIR LEADERS, JUST LIKE YOU WORK UP THE PALESTINIAN JEWS OF YOUR DAYS here on Earth, Lord, to the horrors & monstrous crimes of their hypocritical leadership, the Scribes & Pharisees of their day, by the Crucifixion of an innocent Man, the Friend of the poor! You woke the common people & You woke the priesthood & You woke the whole land to their perfidy--& the Romans & the whole World. [DELETED] Wake up the good Jewish people to the monstrous horror & hypocrisy of their own leadership like You raised them up then, Lord, in a Christian rebellion against their leadership, leadership then just like Begin & his ilk now!

       52. GOD DAMN THAT GENERAL SHARON, LORD, GOD DAMN HIM IN JESUS' NAME! May he suffer the same kind of horror & his family suffer like he's caused other families to suffer, & may he see it! In Jesus' name, & Begin too! God damn them all!--And soon! Vindicate the cause of the poor, Lord, & vindicate the cause of the righteous! Save Thy people Lord! It's time!

       53. SHOW THY ARM, LORD, TOWARD THE SUFFERING OF THE INNOCENT & THE WEAK, the oppressed & the widowed & the fatherless! Show Thy arm, Lord, to save, show it! Lord, if You don't do it soon, it's going to be hard for the World to believe You've got any mercy at all or are able to save! Show it soon, Lord, in Jesus' name, as soon as Israel's cup of iniquity is full, & the U.S. too! Help someone, Lord, to come to the rescue!

       54. USE GODAHFI OR USE THE RUSSIANS OR SOMEBODY, EVEN THE ANTICHRIST TO SAVE THE POOR! "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord!" (Ro.8:28.) Even the Antichrist is going to do some good! He's probably going to rise out of this whole mess to bring some order out of chaos & some justice out of the horrible travesty of today! Now, Lord, do something, in Jesus' name! Stop this horror perpetrated by the Americans & the Israelis[DELETED]! Stop them, Lord! You're exposing them right now! You've exposed them, Lord, & show the World their crimes!--Now it's time to punish them, execute them for their heinous horrendous Hellish crimes--in Jesus' name!

       55. DO SOMETHING, LORD! DO SOMETHING SOON TO ENCOURAGE US & OUR FAITH IN THY RIGHTEOUSNESS & THEY JUSTICE & THY MERCY & THY POWER! Do something, Lord, to encourage us, to show that You're still alive & still a Defender of the poor & the Saviour of the innocent! Do some thing, Lord, in Jesus' name! Do something! Do something, Lord! We're waiting, Lord, we're waiting for You to do something. You said to be patient, that Israel's cup of iniquity was not yet full. Well, if sure looks like this fills it up, Lord! The only thing that could make it any worse, Lord, is for Israel to plunge the whole world into a monstrous War, which she is about to do, willing to do, willing to take the World down with her just to get her wilful way, as usual! She's a rebellious, defiant, disobedient daughter, no longer Thy child, Lord! Kill her! Stop her! Destroy her!

       56. DO UNTO THEM, LORD, WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO OTHERS! Do to Sharon & his family & Begin & his family & those God-damned [EDITED: "Israelis"] & their families, what they have done to others & what they've allowed to be done by their forces! Do to the Americans what they have caused to be done to the poor Lebanese & Palestinians & Syrians!

       57. DO TO THE AMERICANS, LORD, WHAT THEY'VE ALLOWED TO BE DONE to others & what they've done to the poor of the World & the Vietnamese & so many--The list of their crimes is almost endless & the horror & the destruction they've wrought on the World & the slaughter & massacre of the innocents that they have perpetrated is almost incomprehensible!

       58. RISE, O LORD, & SHAKE THY SWORD, LORD! RAISE THY MIGHTY ARM & SHOW THE WORLD THY JUSTICE! Show the World Thy righteousness & Thine indignation, in Jesus' name! Arise & do something! Praise You Lord, thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! You've done it before!--You can do it again!

       59. HE SAYS, "I SHALL ARISE, BUT I AM GIVING THEE TIME TO FINISH THY WORK!" Thank You Jesus! Because when the Lord does, He's got to not only stop them, but He's got to stop America & He's got to stop other evil in the World, & that means a World War, the Atom War, & that could be the end of our major ministry!--We're going to be scattered & with possibly little or no communication.

       60. THE LORD IS NOT ONLY GIVING ISRAEL & AMERICA & OUR ENEMIES TIME TO EXPOSE THEMSELVES FOR JUDGMENT, BUT HE IS GIVING US TIME TO FINISH OUR JOB! OK, Lord. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen! He as good as said that if He did it right now, we'd be finished too! He's have to stop the whole World, in which case we'd have to get off! So, praise the Lord! He's giving us time too to finish the job! OK, Lord, praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! So the quicker we can get our job done, the quicker He can do His! (Laughs:)

       61. THAT'S KIND OF A JOKE ON US, HUH?--WE'RE THE ONES THAT ARE HOLDING UP THE WORKS! (Maria: And so we just pray that those people die instead of being maimed or just injured, like the Lord said, He'd reap them through death.) Yes, He's taking them. He said that they're better off dead, so He's taking them. At the same time it's exposing Israel & the Americans & the Arabs & the whole World, exposing them all for their cruelty & injustice & their horrors, & their Hellish wars! Just like the War in the Falklands--they slaughtered thousands to save a few hundreds! This is always the World's excuse for War, they've got to slaughter thousands to save a few hundreds!--Like the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are murdering tens of 1000s in Lebanon to save a few dozen Israelis! [DELETED] Well, praise the Lord!

       62. SO THE LORD IS WAITING ON US TO FINISH OUR JOB! He can't really finish His job on the wicked until we've finished ours on the righteous! So He's waiting for us! Well, praise the Lord! It all comes back on us--God is waiting on us! I've been praying & praying saying, "Lord, we're waiting on You to do something," & He comes back now & says He's waiting on us to do something before He can!

       63. HE CAN'T STOP THE WORLD UNTIL IT'S TIME FOR US TO GET OFF! In other words, the question is up to us!--Do we really want Him to stop it all now, which means it will be the end of us & our saving work too? It's up to us!--Or do we want a little more time to finish the job? See, He can't stop them without it stopping us. Because stopping them will result in such horrible worldwide conditions, it may be very difficult or almost impossible for us to operate any longer. If He stops the World, we'll have to almost impossible for us to operate any longer. If He stops the World, we'll have to get off! That would be a good title! Well, that's His answer, thank You Lord!

       64. OK, LORD, WE'LL DO THE BEST WE CAN TO FINISH OUR JOB QUICKLY SO YOU CAN STOP THE WORLD! We'll do our best, Lord, to get off these missionaries & these Letters & tapes & books & radio shows & get off these news & warnings, to get off Thy message to the World, Lord, to get off the missionaries to the field. We'll do our best, Lord, to get things moving & get things off to where they belong, where they need to go, Thy children, Thy missionaries, Thy message, to get it off to the World, to the whole World, Lord. Help us to get it off, Lord, so You can get it on! Help us to get it on! Help us to get off so You can stop the World, in Jesus' name!

       65. LORD FORGIVE US!--WE'RE THE ONES THAT ARE HOLDING THINGS UP! In a way we're even the ones that are holding up Your judgments, Your retributions & Your executions, by not finishing the job, & by many of us being in the way where they shouldn't be, in the countries You want to judge & the countries where You want to rain down Thy judgments & Thy bombs to destroy them! Thy children are still in the way, Lord. Many of Thy children are still in the way, refusing to obey, refusing to leave, refusing to get out of the way--will you be compelled to destroy them too? Lord God, help them to get off so You can stop the World! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! What an answer, huh?

       66. WE'VE BEEN PRAYING, "STOP THE WORLD, WE WANT TO GET OFF!" THE LORD SAYS, "GET OFF!--& I'LL STOP IT!" In other words, it's not just up to Him!--It's also up to us! Amen, So, let's get moving & get off so He can stop it! Let's get moving & get as many people off to the fields as we can! Let's get the Message off to as many as we can, so we can save as many as we can, so God can "get it on"! Let's get it off to the whole World--get the message off to the World, our missionaries off to the whole World, so He can stop it!--Stop the carnage, stop the slaughter, stop the horrors & the cruelty, the suffering of the poor!

       67. HE'S WAITING ON US!--TO GET IT OFF SO HE CAN STOP IT! OK, that's an answer that satisfies me, thank You Lord! (Sighs:) Well, that was a gun that backfired! I was ready to start shooting at the Lord & accusing Him, condemning Him for His not doing what He should do, to stop the suffering of these poor people. So He comes back & answers me & says He can't do that until we've done what we're supposed to do! WOW! What an answer!

       68. WE HAVE TO GET THE MESSAGE OFF TO THEM FIRST, WE HAVE TO SHOW THEM THE LORD'S LOVE FIRST, WE HAVE TO TELL THEM WHY FIRST. We have to explain to them what's happening. Do you realise that non-English speaking people who don't speak English & don't understand those Eden tapes have never yet gotten the "Garden of Eden" message?--Those who don't understand English haven't gotten it in their own language yet! Well, they've gotten it here & there throughout the Bible & all my writings & teachings, but they haven't gotten the full message in their own language! GHU!

       69. THE WHOLE FAMILY & ALL OF OUR FRIENDS & THE WHOLE WORLD NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT'S HAPPENING BEFORE THE LORD CAN FINISH THE JOB! They've got to have it explained to them first of all, what is happening & what is going to happen, so they'll know what is happening when it happens! If they don't know, don't understand what God's up to & what He's doing, they'll be in total confusion when it happens! Well, we've sure tried to tell them, but I guess we're not done yet! For if we were done, the Lord would stop these horrors! So let's get busy! If we want it to stop, we've got to get busy & get off! Amen, Lord! Thank You Jesus!

       70. HELP US, LORD, TO GET THE JOB DONE SO YOU CAN DO IT! Help us to get off, Lord, so You can stop the World! Help us to get us many people off as possible, as many people out of it as possible, out of the System, out of the Devil's clutches & bondage. Help us to rescue as many people out of the pit as we can, to get as many people off this old Earth spiritually & out of it spiritually as we possibly can, so You can stop it & destroy it! You're waiting on us, Lord! forgive us & help us, Lord, in Jesus' name, to get our job done!

       71. I HATE TO THINK THOSE POOR PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING & THE POOR THROUGHOUT THE WORLD ARE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF OUR NEGLIGENCE, our indifference, our unconcern, our impotence, our inaction, because we haven't finished the job & done it, & so the World is still suffering! The poor pitiful lost of the World are still suffering because we have failed to finish the job, finish the task! GHU!

       72. YOU'RE WAITING ON US TO DO IT, LORD, BEFORE YOU CAN DESTROY THEIR OPPRESSORS. We have to save the poor, we have to save the lost, we have to save the innocent & the righteous. We have to save them, Lord, before You can judge their oppressors, before You can execute the criminals, before You can destroy their tyrants!

       73. WE HAVE TO RESCUE THY CHILDREN FIRST, LORD. Help the radio programmes to reach all those we've been unable to reach, Lord. Thank You for how You are helping them, Lord, with literature, radio, tapes, books, Letters, Komix & all we can do! Please help us finish the job, get it all off to them, Lord, so You can stop it!--In Jesus' name, amen!--GET OFF!--So He can stop the World!--Amen?

       74. P.S. IN ALL DUE FAIRNESS TO THE LORD, WE MUST ADD that Lebanon has been a major supplier of drugs to the World, & God prophesied the Lebanese would suffer perpetually for their own sins! (Isa.23:4,12; Jer.47:4; Ezk.28:22; 22:26-30; Joel 3:4; Zech.9:3-6; ML #523 "British in Uganda & Strategy In Lebanon"; ML #596 "Late News"; FC 66 "The Fall of Tyre" in FC Komix Vol. 1.) Also when I was begging for mercy for the poor PLO, He said: "They that live by the sword shall die by the sword!"--including the Israelis, Americans & most of the World in their cruel wars!--

       75. SO IT'S NOT ALL GOD'S FAULT. THEY'RE ALL REAPING WHAT THEY'VE SOWED!--The Lebanese Government even kicked our Family out long ago when our own daughter Faith pioneered there!--& the Palestinians fought the British for years before the Jews came along!--So we all suffer for our own sins, but for the mercy of God! God help us!--Don't you sin by failing to get off the message of His love to a war-weary waiting World!--Amen? PTL! GBAKYAMYAB2 millions!--Love,--D. GET OFF!--So He can stop it!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family