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A WORLD OF WAR!       9 June '82       DFO 1227
Condensation of a Talk by Dad, by Joseph Reader

       1. I THINK THE SYRIANS ARE AFRAID OF THE ISRAELIS. Well, it's no wonder, they've got all the most modern type of planes & detection & bombs & everything.--I mean, it's just like the U.S. Air Force fighting over there. Those [EDITED: "Israelis have"] got all of the best, the U.S. has given them the best! They've given them the absolute best, & all the dear Christians in the U.S.A. are praying for them! How are all those Christians going to feel one of these days when they find out the Israelis are heading up the Antichrist Government & that they were praying for the wrong side? Lord help us. [DELETED]

       2. DID YOU KNOW THAT FLIGHTS FROM EUROPE TO THE EAST GO RIGHT OVER BEIRUT?--That's the main route of nearly all the Eastern flights except a few that go by way, of all places, Teheran or Pakistan, where MWM lost all of their equipment, about 16 pieces, & finally got it back. It went to Karachi instead of its destination, it took'm a couple of weeks to even find'm. I'll tell ya', there are still pirates nowadays & I think a lot of them work in the baggage rooms!--And if you don't travel a reputable airline, you'll run into them. MWM had gone on some cheap Pakistani flight.

       3. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT WHEN I LOOKED AT THE MAP THAT THEY'D ACTUALLY ROUTE FLIGHTS RIGHT OVER LEBANON, where the gangs have grown into armies & they're always fighting! Planes fly low enough that if somebody lifts & rifle they could shoot down the plane! But Beirut used to be the great money capital & business capital of the Mideast & therefore, nearly all of the major flights went by way of Beirut because of its international agreements & its radio beacons & all this sort of thing. They've got to have everything all planned.

       4. ANYHOW PLANES GOING EAST FLY OVER LEBANON, ISRAEL & SAUDI ARABIA & THEN ACROSS THE ARABIAN SEA ON THEIR ROUTES EAST. Now there's a major war going on in Iran & Iraq. If that thing flares up any worse it's going to cut down on transportation.--It's already interfering with the air routes between Europe & the East. Now there's only one other way that travellers going East could go. Those Mideast air routes I'm sure are probably closed right now. They certainly wouldn't be stupid enough to be sending big huge passenger planes with hundreds of passengers right through the war area! (Maria: Can't they just reroute them?)

       5. WELL, WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO REROUTE THEM?--Over Iran & Iraq, or over Russia? The only other possible alternative route which they might use is over the Sinai & Egypt, and they usually follow the main traffic routes between major airports. They don't like to get too far away from the main routes of the major airports in case of any problems or anything, & those also have the major radio beacons & radio communication lines & they're international routes which they've worked out with all kinds of international treaties & all kinds of legalities, so they can't jut decide to run a different route overnight!--Unless it's one of these major international routes.

       6. EGYPT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE OF THE MAJOR FRIENDS OF THE PALESTINIANS & dear Sadat made peace with Israel on the promise that Israel was going to liberate the Palestinians & give them autonomy & all this blah, blah, blah. So now you can see just how much dear Begin keeps his promises. He makes a lot of promises--he makes promises to his enemies that he doesn't keep & he makes promises to his people, some of which he doesn't keep either. About the only promises he keeps are 83 the ones he makes to himself.

       7. HE'S SWORN TO THE PALESTINIANS NOBODY WAS GOING TO GET ANOTHER INCH OF LAND & HE'S JUST AS GOOD AS DECLARED THE WEST BANK & JERUSALEM ARE PART OF ISRAEL NOW, & the only kind of autonomy he's willing to give the Palestinians is under the Israeli guns! And you can see what he thinks of Palestinians by what he's doing right now, going into Lebanon slaughtering not only the Palestinian soldiers but attacking the refugee camps where there are innocent women, children, old men & everything! They're killing hundreds in these attacks, think of it! it makes me so mad I just lie there & curse them! Thank You Lord, bless this in Jesus' name.

       8. SO THE WHOLE THING ABOUT THIS IS THAT IF EGYPT & SYRIA GET INTO THIS IT COULD REALLY START TO GROW, because this is a major attack. Notice how furious the people are at the U.S. because they know the U.S. is behind it! Begin couldn't get away with this without the U.S., although they publicly deplored it, "Oh, naughty, naughty!" You know, the U.S. sends over an envoy to scold Israel but does not a damn thing, supplies her with all the planes & guns & everything she needs for the job, & behind the scenes are all these secret agreements & secret things going on.

       9. MOST OF WHAT'S GOING ON IS BEHIND THE SCENES & THEY DON'T TELL THE PUBLIC ABOUT IT! (Family: Last night on the news they showed a picture of an Israeli plane. It was talking about Israel attacking & they had written "U.S.A" right on the plane, just a real short picture of it!) Yes! They're only supposed to use these in defence of Israel! They're not supposed to use any of those weapons except in defence of Israel.

       10. WELL, THE WHOLE THING I'M TELLING YOU ALL OF THIS FOR IS THAT THE ESCAPE ROUTES ARE CLOSING & if Egypt ever had a provocation to get angry with the Israelis this ought to be it. The Arabs are all up in arms about it, & if it widens & the air routes over Egypt are closed, & maybe even over the Arabian Peninsula, how are the folks in Europe gonna go to get down to the East?

       11. THE FLIGHTS TO THE EAST ALL FUNNEL RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDEAST, OF ALL THE CRAZY THINGS! Of course it's the shortest route. As you can see, they can't go over Iran & Iraq, they're in a full-scale war & it looks like Iran is winning now. I guess you heard that dear Khomeini has promised to come over & help the Palestinians & Syria. The Syrians, of course, are already there & they're already fighting.--That was a big question: would they fight?

       12. THEY HAVE THESE KIND OF GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENTS, Israel had one with Syria for some time. It came out sometime ago that, "You don't shoot us, we won't shoot you! Just let us attack the Palestinians!" Well, the Syrians have been getting into it & shelling Israeli positions, having dog fights over Beirut & several Syrian planes have been shot down, so the Syrians are getting into it. I mean it's really serious, folks.

       13. THE LONG & SHORT OF WHAT I'M SAYING IS THE MIDEAST WAR COULD CLOSE OFF THE AIR ROUTES TO INDIA & THE EAST & make it much more difficult to get to the East. The first alternative is they'd have to go the longer route down through Egypt & that way, they can't go across Libya because Libya is almost a closed country & she's afraid of any planes coming over, so hardly anybody goes that way unless they are friendly with Libya. And Libya has already promised air cover for the Palestinians in Lebanon. Of course you know what they promise & what they can deliver can be two difference things, because it's a helluva long way from Libya to Lebanon, 600-700 miles, & that's long ways to fly roundtrip to provide air coverage, & it looks like it's already too late.

       14. IT LOOKS LIKE ISRAEL HAS ALREADY CAPTURED BOTH TYRE & SIDON. These are the ancient capitals of Lebanon & they're now only 20 miles from Beirut, where there are all these gangs that have become whole armies & are killin' & slaughterin' each other all the time! I mean they've got so many different wars going on inside of Lebanon amongst the Lebanese that it's pitiful! (Israelis are now attacking Beirut, 50 miles inside of Lebanon! Invaders!)

       15. I MUST ADMIT I PRAYED JUST THE OTHER DAY, in fact just before this invasion, "If there is no other way to stop it, Lord, let the Israelis take over!" At least they would be tough & they wouldn't stand for any of these gangs & private armies. They would at least enforce peace & be tough about it. But there's one little problem & that is, Lebanon's not the only thing they have to worry about, it's widening the war to Syria & throughout the Mideast.

       16. WELL, THERE'S ONE THING FOR CERTAIN & THAT IS THE WHOLE WORLD'LL BE INVOLVED IN IT EVENTUALLY, WE KNOW THAT! So it's a world of war, & that's a good title for this. The normal available air passenger routes from Europe to the East are being very highly restricted by this Israeli war & even going West across the Atlantic is getting a little bit touchy. It wouldn't' take too much to throttle some of these air routes, so that's what I want you to pray about. Because if the war widens it could disrupt things, just as it did even in that little war in the Falklands which tightened up the mail in South America to Europe. So the effects are much wider than the war itself.

       17. WE HAD TO EXPLAIN "WHY THE FALK WAR" BUT WE DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS WAR! That's one thing we've been explaining for the last 10 years & I even had something to say in "Why the Falk War" about this war. Even when I wrote that, they were preparing for this invasion & everybody knew it, they were only waiting for an excuse, & they let this Israeli diplomat that got shot in London be the excuse for the full-scale invasion of Lebanon, imagine! They did it just because one of their second secretaries or something of the embassy in London got shot.--They were just waiting for an excuse & it just came in handy. In fact, some people even insinuated that maybe the Israelis themselves did it just to have an excuse. They're that bad! (Swiss Red Cross says Israelis have now killed 35,000 Lebanese civilians!)

       When are you going to get out & get off to your field? NOW? TOMORROW WILL BE TOO LATE!--GET OFF!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family