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THE LITTLE BOY DREAM!--By Father David       Tenerife, 28/10/76       DFO 1229

       1. I JUST LAID DOWN TO TAKE A LITTLE NAP & I had this dream. I don't know if it means anything or not, but I'd better put it down.

       2. I WAS CURLED UP ON THE BACKSEAT OF AN OLD-FASHIONED TOURING CAR with a fold-down top, & the top was folded down, it was open. It was a great big old-fashioned touring car, one of those old antiques, & I was curled up on the back seat asleep. By & by I realized the car was moving, so I figured somebody must be driving it somewhere. I woke up & sat up, but there was nobody at the steering wheel, it was driving itself!

       3. I SAT UP TO SEE WHERE WE WERE GOING, & IT WAS DRIVING ALONG THIS VERY VERY NARROW COBBLESTONE CAUSEWAY, right across some water, like the roadway across a castle moat with water on both sides. The road was very narrow, just barely narrow enough for the car. It was kind of scary, & I thought, "My God, it's sure good that this car knows how to stay on the road!"

       4. AT THAT MOMENT, THE CAR DROVE UP TO THE FRONT GATE OF THIS BIG CASTLE & STOPPED. I looked around, & it looked like the way was blocked by the castle gate. The car seemed to know this, too, so to my surprise it started to back off. I thought, "My God, I hope it knows what it's doing, & doesn't fall in the water!"

       5. IT BACKED VERY CAREFULLY & JUST AS NEATLY AS COULD BE, right along this little narrow roadway through the water. And then to my horror it made a left turn & started out right across the water. It looked like it was going right into the water, but it seemed to know that there was another road that was just barely below the surface of the water, just barely covered with the water that you couldn't see, & it took this road instead.

       6. IT SEEMED TO GO AROUND TO THE REAR OF THE CASTLE, & through an open gate & right into the castle yard, into an inside open plaza or patio, as we used to call it. It drove right up to the open door of a little room that was in the base of one of the towers, & it turned out to be a bathroom, or a water closet.

       7. THERE WAS A TALL DISTINGUISHED-LOOKING GENTLEMAN THERE, all dressed up in a nice black suit, helping his little boy wash his hands, apparently after dinner or something, a little boy of about six or seven years old. The little boy turned & looked at me sitting up in the back seat of the car, & he smiled broadly & said,

       8. "OH, DADDY, HAS HE COME TO SEE ME? USUALLY THEY JUST COME TO SEE THE GIRLS!"--And I woke up. Isn't that a funny dream? Really strange! Well, Lord, if it means anything You can give it to me. It couldn't of course be literal, it has to be symbolic.

       9. THE OPEN TOURING CAR IN WHICH I WAS ASLEEP IN THE BACK SEAT, WAS JUST LIKE IT WAS DRIVEN BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD. It was a sports car again, a kind of a sports car really, those old-fashioned kinds which are real popular again. That's the latest rage to have an old-fashioned sports car, so that's quite up-to-date, huh?

       10. THAT'S REALLY WHAT THE REVOLUTION IS LIKE, IT'S REALLY THE OLD GOSPEL, the same old Gospel & the same Bible, & the same Christians & everything, but it's been revived & all shined up & polished & made sporty & the latest thing, fitting right in with this new era! And it knew right where we were going.

       11. IT DROVE TO THIS BIG CASTLE, WHICH I GUESS SORT OF REPRESENTS THE SYSTEM, over this very narrow rocky road, & you really had to be careful, it was a narrow road to get there. When it couldn't get in the front gate, then it struck out across the water by faith on a brand new road, a road that couldn't even be seen, a hidden road, & went right through the back door.

       12. WELL, THAT'S SORT OF LIKE OUR NEW FF REVOLUTION! If you can't get in through conventional means, we'll go in through the back door.

       13. AND THE OLD FATHER, I GUESS, REPRESENTS A SYSTEMITE, THE OLDER GENERATION, AND OF COURSE, THE YOUNG BOY NATURALLY REPRESENTS THE YOUNGER GENERATION, & he was so happy to see me. I'd come to see him, & he was very happy. I don't know what that meant about, "Oh, has he come to see me? They usually just come to see the girls." What does that mean? Hmm? I guess the visitors they usually had just came to see his older sisters.

       14. THAT WOULD BE LIKE THE OLD CHURCH, the older sisters would be like the older churches. But he was so young & he was so happy to see me. He said, "Oh, Daddy, did he come to see me?" He was so happy, just like our boys are so happy now because we've come to see them, liberate them.

       15. EVERYBODY ELSE IS USING THE OLD METHODS & the old ways & the old traditional & conventional ways of trying to reach the family of the System, the Systemite family, trying to reach their older sisters, but this little young fellow was so happy I'd come to see him, & not his older sisters, just like we have here.

       16. WE DIDN'T COME HERE TRYING TO PREACH IN THE OLD-FASHIONED & CONVENTIONAL, OLD TRADITIONAL WAY, or try to get in he churches or anything like that. We never in this world could have gotten in that way through the front door. It's closed tight as a clam & there didn't seem to be any way we could get in here at all & do anything here.

       17. BUT STRIKING OUT BY FAITH ON A HIDDEN UNSEEN NEW WAY, the car seemed to know which way to go! The car was like the Holy Spirit in a way, too, or at least it was driven by the Holy Spirit. It's just our New Revolution, our new FF Revolution. I went in the back door & cheered up the young fellow, & he was so happy to see me. I wonder why his daddy was waiting to wash his hands?--

       18. I GUESS THAT'S TYPICAL OF THE OLDER GENERATION, TRYING TO CLEAN UP THEIR CHILDREN IN THEIR FASHION, straight-laced, conventional. But he was very happy to see me. I'd come to see him, just like we've come here certainly through the back door unsuspected & unexpected!

       19. THAT OLD MAN WAS SO SURPRISED! The father, the grey-haired gentleman was so surprised to see me drive right up to the door of the bathroom, which also symbolized the most intimate room in the house, which we have entered [DELETED] with our dancing & loving. [DELETED] We've really gotten [DELETED] intimately acquainted. I drove right up to the door of the bathroom, & the little boy was so happy to see me.

       20. IT'S LIKE WE'VE DRIVEN RIGHT UP TO THE DOOR OF THE INNERMOST PARTS OF THEIR LIFE, the most intimate door of their hearts, & they're very very glad to see us, & that we've come to see them in particular, & not just their older sisters or the older generation. TYJ! "Oh, Daddy, did he come to see me? They usually just come to see the girls." Isn't that funny? He was so happy because we'd come to see him. TYL. So I guess it does have some meaning, too. I wonder why the Lord gave it to me? It would be really good to put on the end of "The Little Girl Dream," & call this one, "The Little Boy Dream."

       21. I SAID HE WAS SIX OR SEVEN, BUT I GUESS REALLY HE WAS A LITTLE BIT OLDER THAN THAT. I'd say he was a little more like eight or nine. (Maria: Then why did the father have to wash his hands for him?) Yes, that shows you again, see, they won't let them do anything on their own, they have to still do it for them.

       22. WASHING THEIR HANDS IS KIND OF SYMBOLIC OF RELIGION, keeping them clean. But they're old enough to wash their own hands, for goodness sake, & yet they're still washing them for them. That's just about what this religion is like here, you know, it's all systematized & traditional & conventional. You've got to do it their way.

       23. THE OLDER GENERATION HAS ABSOLUTE CONTROL. There's absolutely no freedom or initiative or self-control about their religion. It's totally in the hands of the older generation traditionalists & conventionalists & the System, & they're still doing it for them, instead of letting them do things on their own.

       24. AND WE'VE COME RIGHT IN THE BACK DOOR, hallelujah, to set them free, TYL, in a totally unexpected route! That old man looked so surprised when he saw me drive up to the door of the bathroom, TYL. The bathroom was at the bottom of a tower. Now what does that mean?--

       25. TOWERS ARE SYMBOLS OF STRENGTH & POWER. Right at the base of the foundation of their power & strength, the intimacies of their lives, out of the innermost parts flow rivers of living water. PTL, TYL! It's just like the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, & that's the way we're getting there, right through the intimate things of his life.

       26. THEY'RE SO YOUNG & VIVACIOUS & ENTHUSIASTIC & SPIRITED & ON-FIRE, so happy to see us, & that we didn't come to see somebody else, but to see them. We didn't come the traditional route through the front door of the church, but through the back door right to the bathroom, it's about what it amounts to. We come right in the back door of their lives right into their hearts, the most intimate parts of their lives, to make them happy, TYL!

       27. THE CAR WAS TOTALLY UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE SPIRIT. I was sitting in the back seat & just letting the Spirit drive, just like what happened here. This wasn't planned, this wasn't thought out in advance or anything, it just happened, the Lord did it!

       28. THE STARTED IT ALL. WE JUST WERE FOLLOWING ALONG, OBEYING, because I was sitting in the backseat letting Him drive, & He knew the way to go. I guess He drove me up to the front door first just to show me your couldn't get in that way, it wasn't possible to do it that way. We can't litness here, we can't preach, have meetings or anything like that. So then it backed off from the front door & turned left, which is kind of radical, & started out right across the water in the moat.

       29. IT TURNED OUT THERE WAS A ROAD UNDERNEATH THE WATER, AN UNSEEN WAY, A HIDDEN WAY, A NEW WAY, that went right into the heart of the castle, just like through this unusual new way of dancing at the clubs, right into the back door & right square straight into their hearts, hallelujah! TYL! In Jesus' name, PTL! I guess that's what it means, amen!

       30. THE LORD'S TRYING TO SHOW US IT'S HIS DOING & NOT OURS, & He's the One Who led the way. We didn't know where we were going or how to get there, but He knew exactly how, & we just sat in the back seat & let Him drive, PG! TYJ, TYL! Amen, amen. That's what happens when you let the Lord lead, you just follow. He knows best & He knows where to do & the best way & the best road, the best way to get in, straight to their hearts! TYL! In Jesus' Name, amen.

       31. ARE YOU LETTING THE LORD LEAD YOUR LIFE?--Is His Spirit driving your revolutionary approach?--Only God can get you in! GBY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family