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WHICH WAY TO ELLENSBURG? --By Father David       Tenerife       DO1231       10/12/74
--Have You Found It?

       1. I WAS DRIVING MY OWN TAXI & TRAILER. The kids were asleep in the back in the trailer. It was night & very dark & I had a hard time reading the signs.

       2. I CAME TO A VERY VERY SMALL VILLAGE WITH JUST A FEW HOUSES & FARMS, & the highway divided, but somebody had taken away the highway sign & I couldn't tell which way to go. I was driving this big rig, a big car & big trailer. The kids were asleep & I was worried about them, if they had enough air.

       3. WE GOT TO THIS INTERSECTION & IT SEEMED LIKE I WAS HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE MOTOR STALLING, & I had to keep revving it up & stepping on the gas because the engine kept dying, so I couldn't stop & look at the signs & see which way to go.

       4. SO I TOOK THE LEFT FORK, but then I still didn't find any signs so I decided to go back & look at the signs. I made a U-turn & I was having a hard time & the highway wasn't wide enough. I had to drive over ditches & it was just a miracle I didn't break something or get stuck.

       5. SO I DROVE CLEAR BACK TO THE FORK WHERE THE FEW HOUSES WERE because I thought I had missed the sign somewhere, & I started seeing signs to different towns & the highway numbers, but I didn't recognize any of them. I didn't know which one I was supposed to be going to, I was so confused.

       6. SO I WENT WAY BEYOND THE Y & THE FORK IN THE ROAD THE OTHER DIRECTION, back onto the main highway again. But I was going the opposite direction so I could go back & find the sings. Then I got back far enough & decided if I turn around now I can find the signs better. So I backed toward the fork again.

       7. I HAD TO MAKE A BIG WIDE U-TURN & I WAS DODGING STUMPS & POSTS & EVERYTHING TO TURN AROUND. It was horrible! I had to keep my foot on the gas because it kept stalling & the engine kept trying to quit & it was so hard to drive.

       8. BUT I FINALLY GOT IT ALL TURNED AROUND & STARTED BACK TOWARD THE FORK, & I stopped & I saw a sign & held my map up to the car light. But the engine was running so poorly, the car light was so dim I couldn't read the map because it was such small print. The night was awful, an awful night. The dark was terrible--sticky!

       9. THEN I SAW THIS FARMER COME OUT OF HIS FARMHOUSE ON THE OTHER SIDE. I was now parked on the left side of the road trying to read the map, headed back toward the Y. The farmer was tending some chores & he didn't seem to pay any attention to me. He was a big fellow with a little white beard. So I yelled at him. It seemed like he didn't want to listen to me, but I yelled at him,

       10. "WHICH WAY TO ELLENSBURG?" & he just laughed at me! "El" is one of the Names of God. Hey!--"Elena"! Maybe I was trying to find Elaine's heart! (Our English maid.)

       11. I YELLED AT HIM & HE DIDN'T PAY ANY ATTENTION TO ME. He just laughed & laughed like it was a big joke on me. And I thought, "He doesn't want to tell me, so I'll have to get the car going."

       12. SO I DECIDED TO DRIVE ON BACK TOWARD THE Y & THOUGHT MAYBE I'D SEE SOME SIGNS, & he began to jog along beside me laughing at me. So I kept screaming at him at the top of my voice, "Which way to Ellensburg!" & he just laughed like he was crazy, almost like he enjoyed my not being able to find my way.

       13. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE HE REPRESENTED THE DEVIL or something. He was a big farmer on this big farm. I guess maybe that means like he owns the world, or at least is controlling it, & the fact that the kids were in the trailer means I was leading the kids. I screamed at him so loud it nearly woke me up, & he just laughed & laughed as he jogged along beside me on the left.

       14. ALL OF A SUDDEN I SAW THESE POSTS, & I was driving along on the left side of the road & I had to make a quick swerve to the right to avoid them to get back on the highway & off the shoulder, & I swerved back onto the left side of the road.

       15. I WAS JUST GETTING BACK ON THE LEFT SIDE WHEN THIS MOTORCYCLE CAME AROUND THE CURVE SO FAST TOWARD ME on the left side, so fast he couldn't stop & I couldn't stop or swerve or anything to avoid him, because a big rig like that is hard to turn & manoeuvre. I saw we were headed for a head-on crash! He couldn't swerve either & I screamed, "O Jesus, help me!"

       16. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN IT WAS JUST LIKE HE DROVE RIGHT THROUGH US, no crash or anything! But I just couldn't believe it! I thought, "O my God!--He must be back there lying on the highway a bloody mess & I somehow just didn't feel the crash."

       17. THEN I REALIZED THE LORD MUST HAVE ANSWERED MY PRAYER, & instead of crashing he just drove right through the whole rig & was going down the highway, because I stopped & looked back & couldn't find any trace of him. I had thought I must have surely hit him & he couldn't possibly still be alive.

       18. THE ONLY THING I CAN FIGURE OUT IS THAT HE REPRESENTED THE OPPOSITION WHO JUST MELTED OR DISAPPEARED, or went right through us, & didn't even affect us, but went right on in the opposite direction. You know I don't like motorcycles & the demons who ride them.

       19. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I BEGAN TO SEE THE SIGNS AGAIN, & somehow I knew now I had missed the way & had to take the right fork instead. It seemed like now I knew which way I had to go. And so I just drove on & that was it.

       20. BUT THAT TRIP WAS A NIGHTMARE! It was horrible! I kept dodging ditches & posts & I was screaming, "Which way to Ellensburg?"--Burg?--I never thought of that before.

       21. "WHICH WAY TO ELLENSBURG?"--I guess it's more important for her to learn I'm her burg, huh? I know she's supposed to be my Ellie, but I have to be her burg--Ellen's Burg.--Ellen's town.

       22. I ALMOST HAD A HORRIBLE CRASH, BUT HE DROVE RIGHT THROUGH US! He was gone & apparently rolled right on down the road just like an attack of the Enemy. It just looked like the end, but it was just like he evaporated, vaporized, like he was nothing!--No shock, no impact, no thud, nothing! I thought there was going to be a big crash but there was nothing. I finally found the right road to Ellensburg.

       23. IT WAS JUST LIKE THE OLD FARMER REPRESENTED THE SYSTEM, & that motorcycle was like a demon, something demonic, but it went right through us & didn't even phase us.

       24. SEEMS LIKE SHE'S THE ONE WHO'S SUPPOSED TO FIND THE ROAD TO ELLENSBURG. Seems like she should belong to me. I don't belong to her, but I guess he that is greatest must be servant of all.

       25. EVEN WHEN I DROVE ACROSS THE DITCHES IT DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. I thought this was going to be the end for sure, but I never even felt it. I thought, "Oh, I'm going to have to drive over that post & it'll rip out the whole bottom!" But it didn't touch us, it didn't do a thing.

       26. AND THEN WHEN I SAW US HEADED FOR A HEAD-ON CRASH, I thought, "That'll finish us off for sure, & that'll be the end if I've killed him." But I didn't feel a thing, I just kept right on. I thought, "I must stop or they'll accuse me of hit-and-run." And then it just seemed to come to me that it never even happened, almost like it was an illusion.

       27. SO I'M ELLEN'S BURG! I belong to her. How come she doesn't belong to me? (She finally did!--And I believe she still does! GBH! Have U found Ellensburg?)

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