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THE COPPER MINE!--Is It a Gold Mine?       Madrid       DO1235       25/3/78
--By Father David

       1. REMIND ME TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE COPPER MINE COMPANY IN TEXAS. This is a dream I had on Saturday morning, the 25th of March. It seemed like I dreamed it all during the night & it kept going on just like a continuing story. I'd wake up about every hour & I'd stir, turn over, then I'd go back to sleep & it would just keep right on just like a movie.

       2. I WAS FLEEING FROM SOMEBODY IN THE HILLS ON THE NORTH SIDE OF HIGHWAY U.S. 80, somewhere out near TSC, but not that far out. I was on the north side of the highway & I was fleeing down out of the hills from these cowboys.

       3. IT SEEMED LIKE SOME COWBOYS WERE LOOKING FOR ME. I crossed the highway to the south side & wanted to go to Ft. Worth. I thought about hitch-hiking at first but then I thought that would be rather dangerous because I'd have to stay on the highway & somebody might spot me there.

       4. I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE BETTER TO STAY OFF THE HIGHWAY & GO FURTHER DOWN INTO THE WOODS, but to follow the highway parallel to the highway going eastward toward Ft. Worth & Wetherford. I'd try to find one of those little tiny villages along the way where you can find a bus stop or a filling station or someplace where the bus stops where I could hide inside the station until the bus came.

       5. SO I BEGAN WALKING THROUGH THE WOODS ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY, far enough off the highway that I wouldn't be spotted, about 200-300 feet into the woods, sometimes more, just following the highway that I could glimpse now & then through the trees or I could hear so I'd know I was paralleling it & not getting too far off the road so I wouldn't get lost in the woods. I kept walking & walking, it was such a long stretch there that runs all the way from there to the crossroads almost halfway to Wetherford, that I didn't run across any bus stops.

       6. BUT I DID RUN INTO AN OLD ROAD WHICH PARALLELED THE HIGHWAY. It must have been the old road, it was a very old road in the old days.

       7. AND RIGHT ALONG SIDE OF IT RAN THIS LITTLE NARROW GAUGE MINING CAR TRACK THAT APPARENTLY HAD BELONGED TO SOME OLD COPPER MINE! I didn't know there were any copper mines in that area, there might have been but I never saw one when we were there. But it was quite far off the highway & into the woods so we never would have seen it from the highway unless we had taken one of those side roads down into the woods, which I had taken.

       8. SO I KEPT FOLLOWING THIS ROAD ALONG, & EVERY NOW & THEN THERE WERE A FEW OF THE OLD ORE CARS SITTING ON THE TRACK & some of the diggings & some of the old equipment they used to use, wreckage of an old ore car engine & big piles of ore that had never been taken away. There was all this old abandoned equipment lying around & it all looked like it had been long gone & deserted.

       9. BY & BY I RAN INTO AN OLD COUNTRY STORE far off the highway which seemed to be selling souvenirs & that sort of thing. It was run by an old man.

       10. THERE WERE SIGNS INVITING YOU TO VISIT THE COPPER MINE, visit the copper works & diggings. It looked very interesting & he was quite enthusiastic about the old copper diggings & had advertised that you could take a ride on the ore train in these little ore cars.

       11. HE HAD RESURRECTED THE ORE ENGINE APPARENTLY & HAD CLEANED OFF THE TRACKS & HAD DUG THE DIRT AWAY & it was quite interesting looking. Besides that, it went in the direction that I wanted to go, toward Wetherford, & it was pretty cheap, something like 25 cents or 50 cents a ride. So I thought I'd give it a try, at least it was getting me in that direction.

       12. SO I CLIMBED IN WITH A FEW OTHER TOURISTS & SAT ON THE EDGE OF THE BUCKETS or stood holding onto the side of the car & it bumped slowly along the old track that had been laid some distance along through all these workings & diggings, passing all the interesting old sights.

       13. WHILE THE OLD MAN WAS RUNNING THE ENGINE HE WAS EXPLAINING WHAT THIS WAS & WHAT THAT WAS, how deep this digging was & how much copper they got out of here, how much copper there was in that stack of ore still standing there, etc. He explained how this type of train track had been out of use for a long long time but it was one of the best in the world for ore trains & exceptionally sturdy & could be used again.

       14. THE ORE COULD BE USED & THAT IF THE PRICE OF COPPER WOULD JUST GO UP, RIGHT NOW IT WAS VERY CHEAP, but if you had all of this copper mine & these strip diggings it could be very valuable some day! It was open-faced mining, I didn't see any holes deep in the ground, it was what they call strip mining, where they just dig it right off the surface & out of the surface so that there are big pits & big holes in the ground where they had dug out a lot of the ore.

       15. THE LITTLE TRAIN WENT ALONG & THEN SORT OF WOUND AROUND & DOUBLED BACK ON ITSELF AS IT PASSED BY EACH DIGGING where they had dug out the ore. It came to a kind of wash where they had apparently used a natural gully or wash for washing the ore before they sent it on to the smelter where they refined it.

       16. HE'D DEMONSTRATE HOW THEY DID IT, & HE WAS ALL ENTHUSED ABOUT THIS OLD MINE THAT APPARENTLY WAS HIS, & how it's going to be a great mine again some day when the price of copper went up again. But as you know right now it's pretty cheap & a lot of copper companies & copper countries are even going broke because the price of copper has fallen so much.

       17. BUT HE WAS QUITE ENTHUSIASTIC THAT THERE WOULD COME A DAY WHEN IT WAS GOING TO GO UP AGAIN, & this mine would be very very valuable, all these diggings & equipment would again be a great copper mine. So he went on enthusing about the tracks & the train & the cuts & the equipment & the pits & the diggings & the ore & everything.

       18. I WAS QUITE INTERESTED & I CHATTED WITH HIM QUITE A BIT & HE SEEMED TO LIKE ME, & he was quite enthusiastic & was trying to sell me on the idea of what a great mine it was & what a valuable thing it would be one of these days. I showed quite a bit of interest & I was friendly & I witnessed to him & he took quite an interest in me because I seemed to be the first person that had any faith in his mine & talked like I really believed him & that I was rather encouraging about it. "Yes, it was true," I said, "God could make it come back again if you trusted God, & if He made the price of copper go up, well, it would be a great thing someday."

       19. HE WAS QUITE THRILLED THAT I WAS INTERESTED IN HIS MINE & THAT I BELIEVED IN IT & that I really thought it was possible. He figured I had faith in it like he did. Well, I had faith in the Lord to do anything, that it was possible. So I was trying to be encouraging to the old fellow, just sort of like an old prospector but a little more modern in his style.

       20. HE HAD GREY WAVY HAIR & WAS DRESSED FAIRLY MODERN LIKE A MODERN BUSINESSMAN. It seemed as though he was quite wealthy himself & this copper mine was just sort of his hobby, just one of his kicks, one of his interests, not his major interest, that he had some wealth in some other way from some other source. But this was his property & he was quite interested in it & he thought that someday it was going to be very valuable.

       21. SO FINALLY WE GOT DOWN TO THE END OF THE TRACK & the end of his little tour, & I bade him goodbye & thanks, & we were very friendly. He liked me a lot & apparently he must have gotten my name & address or some way to contact me later because of what happened later.

       22. I WALKED ON & IT SEEMED AS THOUGH HIS RESTORED PART OF THE TRACK ENDED THERE WHERE HIS TOUR ENDED, but the actual track itself wound through the hills & through the woods on toward Wetherford. The thing that came to me was that this copper digging was so old that these ore tracks had been laid before there was any other train out that far. The main rail lines that are coming westward from the east so far had only reached Wetherford, & that this little ore train carried the ore on into Wetherford, & from there I presume to some smelter where the ore was refined.

       23. IT WAS CARRIED ON THIS LITTLE TINY NARROW GAUGE TRACK 30 MILES ALL THE WAY INTO WETHERFORD. It wound around through the hills & trees & woods & bush until it finally got somewhere near & made connection with the end of the rail line in Wetherford. It may not have been the end of the rail line but at least it was the closest rail line.

       24. I THOUGHT, "MY OH MY, THIS IS A LOT OF PROPERTY! This copper digging certainly does extend a long ways! I was still passing piles of ore & ore pits & old equipment & the rail line still went on eastward. So I figured since it was going the direction I wanted to go I could follow it & that would keep me off the highway at least.

       25. BY & BY, I WAS OUT OF THE ORE DIGGINGS & it was just the little rail line that I was following. It was so overgrown sometimes it was almost hard to find. It began to get dark & I began to get a little worried about being out here in the woods lost in the dark.

       26. SO I DECIDED TO CUT BACK IN THE DUSK TOWARD THE HIGHWAY & LOOK AGAIN FOR A BUS STOP. Sure enough, pretty soon I came to a little filling station store like they have out there along the road & I ducked inside to pass the time until the bus came. It looked like I arrived just at the right time, because the people were beginning to walk out of the store to get out on the highway where the bus turned off the highway on this little side road to pick them up.

       27. SO THEY WERE COMING OUT OF THE STORE TO CATCH THE BUS, & I PILED ON THE BUS WITH THE REST OF THEM, & we rode on into town. So, PTL! That's where that part of the dream ended. But then the next scene was something very amazing!--

       28. I HAD THE IMPRESSION IT WAS ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF FT. WORTH, the western outskirts toward Wetherford in this lovely modern motel, a two-story motel, in a beautiful modern dining room on the second floor, with large windows & a lovely view facing north towards the hills.

       29. I WAS ONLY OBSERVING, & THERE IN THE CORNER OF THE DINING ROOM NEXT TO THE WINDOW SAT THIS VERY HANDSOME YOUNG MAN, dark hair, dark moustache, dark suit, sort of college-length or young businessman-length hair, not short, but not too long, fine face, serious face, & pleasant. He was talking very earnestly with a young woman on his left, the window was on his right facing north, & he was facing west, & she was sitting beside him on his left at the table.

       30. THERE WERE OTHER GUESTS, I was conscious of other guests in the dining room. It was like I was hanging in the air looking down on the scene, & the kitchen was just behind me on the south, & these two were talking very earnestly with each other.

       31. THE BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMAN WAS MARIA! SHE WAS DRESSED IN THIS LOVELY DRESS with sort of off-shoulder round circular neckline, the kind I always love to see her wear, sort of a cocktail gown. I think they were just having drinks or something, I believed that's all, I didn't see any food. In other words, it was late afternoon apparently, somewhere around the cocktail hour & the restaurant was open serving cocktails.

       32. SHE LOOKED VERY BEAUTIFUL WITH THAT LOVELY OPEN NECK, & from my vantage point when she'd lean over you could see inside her bare beauties, lovely as always. I always loved that dress because whenever she'd lean over you could see her bosoms very clearly! She was as beautiful & sweet & wonderful as ever talking earnestly to this young man.

       33. I APPARENTLY WAS NO LONGER AROUND IN THIS WORLD EXCEPT AS A SPIRIT WATCHING OVER THEM. He was explaining how this old man had taken quite a fancy to me & had become so interested in the Family that when he died he had willed all of this property which stretched for miles & miles, the copper company & all the equipment, the diggings, the mines & everything, he had willed it all to the Family!

       34. HE APPARENTLY HAD NO FAMILY, NO ONE ELSE, & OUR GIRLS HAD BEEN GOOD TO HIM. He'd met the Family & the girls had been good to him because I guess I had told somebody all about him when I got into town. It was evidently some time later, quite some long time later, the scene I was now watching. He had fallen in love with the Family & on his death he had willed all this property to the Family.

       35. SO THE FAMILY WAS NOW QUITE WELL-OFF OR WEALTHY BECAUSE THE PRICE OF COPPER HAD GONE UP due to some great need for copper in the World. The Family had become almost fabulously rich because of these tremendous copper diggings plus all the property along this very busy highway, one of the busiest in the World. By this time it had been broadened out into a huge 6-lane super-highway all the way into Ft. Worth connecting with the super-highway near TSC. As some of you may remember, they were working on it at the time we were there at TSC but it hadn't been completed.

       36. BUT BY THIS TIME THE HIGHWAY HAD BEEN COMPLETED ALL THE WAY THROUGH. They had bought a lot of the property from the old man to broaden the highway & make it into a 6-lane super-freeway from this property that he owned for miles & miles along the highway on the south side. So he had become enormously wealthy but he had willed all of this to the Family when he died because he had no other friends or heirs it seemed.

       37. SO NOW THE FAMILY WAS ACTUALLY VERY RICH & THIS YOUNG MAN HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE DEAL. I don't understand exactly how, but it was like he was a young lawyer who was negotiating it & he was explaining it all to Maria how this property had now all been given to the Family. He was handling the Family business & she was talking to him & interestedly hearing all this good news.

       38. THEY SEEMED TO BE NOT ONLY INTERESTED IN BUSINESS BUT QUITE INTERESTED IN EACH OTHER! He seemed to be very charming & very capable & with real managerial ability, business ability, legal ability. His looks remind me a little bit of Cephas, a little a bit of John or like the two mixed together almost, but it was neither one of them. It was a young man that I don't know & I don't know that I've ever seen.

       39. HE WAS VERY WELL-DRESSED, WELL-HEELED, & SEEMED QUITE CONFIDENT IN HIS MANNER & in his explaining the holdings of the Family & its wealth now due to this tremendous inheritance with which he apparently had something to do. He had handled the deal & the legal aspects & was apparently now also handling the Family business regarding it & trying to explain it all to Maria.

       40. SHE WAS LISTENING WITH GREAT INTEREST & PARTICULARLY, I THINK, IT SEEMED TO ME, WITH INTEREST IN HIM PERSONALLY! Her eyes were glowing like they usually do with excitement when she really becomes quite excited about someone & when she's FFing & really turning on the charm, they actually sparkle! She was glowing & scintillating in her usual beauty when she's really excited about someone & he was obviously quite charmed with her!

       41. I WAS THINKING, "WELL HOW NICE, THANK YOU LORD! THE FAMILY IS WELL OFF NOW & I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEIR FINANCES. This has got them pretty well fixed & almost fairly powerful because of the enormous wealth they've inherited. Now that I'm gone Maria has this nice young man to help run the business for her & they seem to be quite interested in each other & quite happy!

       42. I DON'T KNOW HOW I KNEW, BUT I KNEW THAT THE MOTEL THEY WERE SITTING IN BELONGED TO THE FAMILY, the dining room & all of this lovely new motel, & that this had all been possible through this huge inheritance that had been given to the Family. So I think that was the end of the dream, I don't remember anything else.

       43. I WAS JUST HAPPY AS I HUNG THERE IN THE AIR LIKE A SPIRIT WATCHING THEM that this was a rather happy ending to the happy story of the Copper Mine! PTL! GBY all! I love you all & let's hope it happens! Amen?

       44. DID EITHER ONE OF THE GYPSIES EVER DESCRIBE THE PERSON?--I know they predicted that you were going to fall in love again but never as great a love as ours, but that when I'm gone that you were going to fall in love again, you would remarry. Did they ever describe the person?

       45. IT SEEMED TO ME THEY SAID HE WAS TALL & DARK, HANDSOME! (Maria: They didn't say "marry again" actually.)--Well, that you would fall in love again & there would be someone else. Never as great a love, but that you would find companionship in this other person. Didn't they say he was dark-haired? (Maria: I think Madame M said dark hair.) That's what I thought!

       46. AND HE WAS REALLY DARK-HAIRED! He reminded me a lot of John. It could have been John, it might have been John. (Maria: Well, John certainly loves me!) But it seemed like he was even younger & more handsome than John, so I don't know. My opinion was that he resembled John but that it wasn't John, it was someone even younger. But it could have been.

       47. I WAS IN THE DREAM ABOUT 20 OR 25 FEET AWAY HANGING IN THE AIR LOOKING DOWN at a 30 or 35 degree angle somewhere near the ceiling. I was looking down on you two at an angle where I could clearly see his head & face beyond yours, as well as his body in this dark suit.

       48. I WAS LOOKING OVER YOUR SHOULDER AS I SAID, AS YOU WERE LEANING WITH YOUR ELBOWS ON THE TABLE, & with your dress neckline hung open lovely little bosoms inside that I always loved!

       (P.S. 1982: AMEN! PTL! HOPE IT'S SO!--AND MAYBE IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING in a way if it's symbolic!--Could the Old Man have been God & the Mine our Gold Mine of WWWs? It certainly has made the Family rich with the greatest riches in the World--the World of God!--And someone has certainly got to take care of Maria & our Work when I'm gone!--Amen?--PTL!--Is it you?--Of course! It's all of you!--Ha! GBY! ILY! Thanks! "Take Care of Maria:"--ILY!--And Keep diggin'!--We're the richest Family in the whole World!--Forever! TYJ!)

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