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HOURIS OF HEAVEN! --By Father David       DFO 1237       Tripoli,        30/5/75
--They Are Heavenly Ecstasy!--Try'm!

       (Dictionary definition of "houris": "Beautiful Virgins provided in Paradise for all faithful Muslims!" PTL! Got one?)

       1. SOMETHING VERY VERY STRANGE HAPPENED THIS MORNING, one of those spiritual things! That's why I'm still somewhat in a state of shock & a little dazed today. Oh me, I just can't explain all the things of the Spirit! I don't understand them & I don't even sometimes know if they're right or not, but I just throw myself in the arms of the Lord & trust Him that everything is all right. I mean they're wonderful, they're beautiful, & they're ecstatic, thrilling & beyond the physical experience!

       2. WHEN YOU GET INTO THE SPIRITUAL ECSTASIES THEY FAR SURPASS THE PHYSICAL, & frequently when Maria & I are at the end of our sexual ropes, you might say, as far as physical ecstasy is concerned, we frequently have outstanding experiences in the Spirit where the Spirit takes over & goes beyond anything we could possibly have had in the physical or have even known in the physical.--Not just a physical explosion but a spiritual explosion!

       3. IN MY CASE IT SEEMS ALMOST ALWAYS ABRAHIM COMES TO THE FORE, sometimes to my rescue. It comes back to me now what Abrahim said the other night. He said, "Your father never gets too much love!" I hope that's true, sometimes I feel like it. I'm quite relaxed today & still feel a little dreamy. I wasn't expecting things like this to happen on the Muslim Holy Day celebration of Friday!

       4. I HOPE YOU ALL DON'T MIND MY BEING FRANK ABOUT OUR SEXUAL LIFE, Does this offend anybody? I think we're all family & quite used to my frankness. I think that's one thing the kids like about the way the Lord deals with them through me, that I try to be perfectly honest with them, totally frank & tell them everything. I don't know if I always agree with Abrahim. Sometimes I think I get a little too much. I hardly get enough exercise, so I've been getting quite a bit of my exercise in bed lately!

       5. I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON HERE, BUT I'VE HAD MORE SEX IN TWO WEEKS THAN IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS! Maybe it's the heat! I asked Maria this morning, "What is it? Is it the climate, the exotic atmosphere, the spirits of this place, or the running around nude all the time?" Of course that always turns me on when I see Maria running around looking so cute & I have a hard time keeping my hands off her, or any of you for that matter!--Especially if you're as nude as she usually is in our room where it's hot!

       6. I DON'T SEE THE NEED FOR PUTTING ON CLOTHES UNLESS YOU'RE COLD & need them or have to come out in public. I'm always apologizing, "Excuse me, I'm hot!"--But she always says, "I love it! You're beautiful, I like it!" When I look in the mirror I don't think so, but as long as that's her opinion why she has a right to it! As long as it doesn't offend her & makes her happy.

       7. I'M CONVINCED THAT GOD MADE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF HIS CREATIONS LAST--HIS CROWING CREATION, THE WOMAN! I always admire & wonder at the beauty of the lines, the curves, the forms of His Hands, His handiwork, the packaging! It is amazing when you think how gorgeous God had made the human body. As far as I'm concerned, the body of a woman is a work of art! For all the artists of all history, that is their grand finale, the thing they paint the most of, is women! Why not? They are the prettiest thing the Lord ever made! So naturally I'm quite interested, & since we've been here in this nice warm clime we've been running around naked & getting into bed so often, I hope it doesn't wear me out!

       8. AFTER A GREAT DEAL OF LOVEMAKING SESSIONS, OF COURSE, IT GETS A LITTLE MORE DIFFICULT EACH TIME. If you've had quite a few in a row & you've pretty well already discharged your battery & you're fairly exhausted, it's not always easy to make it that last time around! Do you guys know what I'm talking about? I've made love for three & four hours at a time! You can have a lot of fun in three or four hours, but you have to have the time. I don't thing I've neglected the work to do it, & here we've sort of let our hair down a little bit & relaxed & had a little vacation.

       9. I DON'T KNOW IF I SHOULD TELL YOU ABOUT THIS MORNING OR NOT, should I? I hope this isn't too strong for you! But anyway, that may have something to do with it--the weather, the nudity, the exotic land, the spirit of the place, the time, the vacation, a little bit of everything! Why should I tell you all this about my sex life? Well I don't know except that I'm leading up to what happened this morning! I always have to begin at Genesis--& Genesis by the way has something to do with the beginnings, generations, genetics--& all the way through to Revelation. Revelations for sure! If you start off that way you're bound to get a revelation at the end!

       10. THE SPIRIT WORLD IS A VERY STRANGE & WONDERFUL PLACE! We have found that when things are impossible in the physical, all things are possible in the spiritual! We have had this experience a number of times when for some reason or another I was pretty well exhausted & not up to par.

       11. IN THAT LAST EXCITING MOMENT OF CRISIS JUST BEFORE THE EXPLOSION, when it seemed that the explosion just wasn't going to come, couldn't come, wouldn't come & was a physical impossibility, Maria or I frequently cried out to the Lord for our helpers, sometimes to Abrahim for help. And sometimes these were the times I had those amazing experiences with the various Goddesses! (See No.224.) Frequently at such times, they came, & boom!--The moment they came, no sweat, no effort, nothing, I just exploded! It was purely spiritual, no physical exertion whatsoever. I could have laid back & relaxed & done nothing, they just took over!

       12. WHEN I FIRST HAD SOME OF THOSE EXPERIENCES, I WAS A LITTLE WORRIED ABOUT IT & I didn't tell Maria about it for a long time. In fact, I had two or three of them happen & I just didn't understand them or why. Later, going back over the chronology of the events, I can definitely link them to certain historic events we were having as a movement. A particular goddess of a certain country came at that time & sought my help & my love. I was desperate & seeking help myself in a way, & she would come, & I would come, it worked both ways! PTL! It's a very remarkable, amazing spiritual experience!

       13. WHEN IT HAPPENS SPIRITUALLY THAT WAY THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT & it's such an explosion that nothing in the physical could ever compare to it! I am just catapulted into the spirit world in a real terrific explosion of ecstasy, as Maria knows. I don't know whether you heard what happened this morning, these walls are pretty thick here, thank the Lord! That's why we've been able to sleep so well here, much more than we have been able to for months, TTL! So I'm not as tired as I have been, or at least not for the same reasons.--I'm tired for other reasons, very enjoyable reasons, TTL! You want me to go on? You're not getting bored?

       14. I EVEN HAD A VERY AMAZING EXPERIENCE WITH THE GODDESS OF THE PLACE WE JUST LEFT (TENERIFE). Some of those goddesses are pretty strange, & Atlanta was one of the strangest of all, & yet beautiful! I call her the Fish Goddess because she was completely covered with scales just like a fish! Beautiful as a mermaid, but not as mermaids are usually pictured. Mermaids usually just have one flipper tail & they're only scaled from the waist down & the rest quite womanly. Well, she was quite womanly, but totally covered with scales. (See No. 615!)

       15. ALL I KNOW IS I SAW HER & SHE CAME IN ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS OF AGONY & ECSTASY!--Totally to my surprise & totally unexpected! I wasn't even thinking about goddesses, I was just making love to Maria, & boom!--All of a sudden as we hit the point of no return, why there she was instead of Maria!--Beautiful! I mean it's just unbelievable that somebody could be all covered with scales like that & still be beautiful, but she was!

       16. SHE WAS THE GODDESS OF ATLANTIS & STILL GREATLY CONCERNED ABOUT HER CHILDREN. To show you it is spiritual & why I believe it is of God, every time they come--& they come all right, & make me come too--they come with an impassioned appeal for their people! (Tongues & Weeping:) "They know the compassion of David, the heart of their father!" Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! They come begging me to have compassion on their people with great love & light & life for the people that they represent. They are the goddesses of those people, & I believe it, & I have now received it & accepted it as an experience from the Lord!

       17. ALL I KNOW IS IT HAPPENS & IT'S WONDERFUL & IT'S THRILLING! It not merely gives me physical ecstasy, but spiritual ecstasy such as I've never known. Except in the realm of the Spirit! They always come with a plea, an appeal & a great burden & compassion for the people of their land. I hardly think I ever think of that land & those people but I think of her & her love for them, & what great, you might say, almost agony of spirit she has for them, & he desire for me to help to reach them!

       18. THERE ARE, CERTAIN LIMITATION BOUNDARIES IN THE OPERATION OF THE SPIRIT WORLD that we don't understand. Why doesn't she help them herself? Why can't she tell them? Why can't she give them the message? Why can't she go to them in the spirit like she does to me? Well, of course I presume if she would appear to them like she has to me, especially to all those good Catholics, they would probably be freaked out & scared half out of their wits!

       19. THEY WOULD THINK IT WAS SOMETHING OF THE DEVIL & demonic, especially if they would see her as I have seen her!--Although beautiful, very very strange with large strange eyes like fish eyes.--Beautiful, strange & mysterious! If the camel trader told you your eyes were as beautiful as a camel's, I might say to you your eyes are as beautiful as a fish!

       20. I'VE ONLY SEEN EYES LIKE THAT IN TWO OTHER PLACES: One was on that baby in the "Registration" Dream (No.333C), which shows there's something spiritual about it. And one was on a horrible demonic monster in "Demonography" (No.275A), but they were horrible & gave a terrible feeling! They were weird eyes but they were evil, like the "evil eye" the Muslims are always afraid of. But there can be a good spiritual eye too which is very mysterious!

       21. THERE WAS SUCH POWER IN THE EYES OF THAT ANGEL when she suddenly metamorphosised into a little baby sitting on the step of the bus & looked at that officer! It was almost like he was no longer under his own control. He didn't realise it but he was immediately totally automatically under her control & only did what she wanted him to do & said what she wanted him to say, & thought what she wanted him to think!

       22. I DON'T KNOW WHY I ALWAYS HAVE SO MUCH EXPERIENCE WITH SO MANY FEMALE SPIRITS, female angels, but who knows? Maybe the Lord knows I like them better because I'm a man! I'm sure there are many fine handsome male spirits at your disposal, girls, so if you'd like to meet some of them just pray, & I'm sure the Lord can bring a few along!--Meet the gods while I meet the goddesses!

       23. WE MIGHT ENTITLE THIS LITTLE CHAT, "ARE THERE HOURIS IN HEAVEN"? Well, of course I'm already convinced that there are houris in Heaven because there were houris on Earth, & you're sitting right here in front of me! So what more could I ask than what I already have? As Maria was saying this morning, we're giving these fellows a little sample of what it's like to have Heaven here & now!

       24. YOU'RE ALREADY ANGELS! You're just as good as angels. You don't have your spiritual bodies, but spiritual bodies might not appeal to them! They like a little something they can feel.--And perhaps that's another reason why those goddesses don't appear to their people, although sometimes they do. Things like Madonnas have appeared to some people, Fatima & whatnot; however those appearances have been very misunderstood.

       25. WHY DOES GOD GIVE US THE GOSPEL TO PREACH? Why doesn't He tell the angels or spirits to do it? Well, most people are so carnal & so much in the flesh & so pragmatic & phlegmatic & down to earth that they can't even understand anything spiritual. If they had such a spiritual experience they'd probably freak out like Mohammed did & run home & hide in the closet! So it's not too easy for a ghost to help human beings, because people are scared of ghosts. So God had to use us.

       26. NOW THOSE OF US WHO ARE DEEP ENOUGH INTO SPIRITUAL THINGS & of sufficient understanding of these things, God can begin to trust us with greater knowledge of the spiritual things & spirits & the spirit world & spiritual experiences. But even I get a little scared sometimes!--It's so unusual & weird & strange & different & contrary to what a lot of people seem to think is right, especially the Orthodox Fundamentalists & the narrow-minded straight-laced religionists!

       27. I MIGHT ENTITLE THIS "YOU CAN HAVE YOUR HOURIS NOW"! You, my fleshy houris of the present, love me as much as you possibly can, with all the love I can possibly stand & maybe more! What more could I ask in this life as far as fleshy gratification & pleasure, satisfaction, joy, happiness, excitement, ecstasies! I have everything God could possibly give, & so should you!

       28. GOD INTENDED FOR US TO ENJOY THESE BODIES & OUR LIVES IN THEM TO THE VERY FULL with every fiber & every nerve of our body! He put them there for a purpose. If it was a nerve to make you feel good, then He did it to have you enjoy it & to make you feel good, amen? Just don't be excessive & intemperate & abuse your body & overdo! Maybe the Lord did that to save me this morning. If it had been physical I would have been really exhausted, but it was spiritual.

       29. THE SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES BRING GREATER ECSTASY, a greater explosion, & sometimes almost more violent! I actually get loud & prophesy, speak in tongues at the top of my voice, & some of you have been with me for some of those experiences. I explode in a climax speaking in tongues & with a message. I don't know if they'd ever accept that in the average Pentecostal church, that you would get messages & tongues & interpretation at a time like that, but I do! And I've had some amazing visions at such times! That's how I got the "Rape of England" vision (No.204), & quite a few others, especially all those Goddesses visions.

       30. THAT'S THE ONLY TIME I EVER HAD A VISION OF CHRIST, the only time I ever saw Him that I ever recall. I can remember that little roadside park & the Cruiser where Maria & I were making love. I exploded in the Spirit speaking loudly in tongues with a message that would shock most of the world about Jesus & Mary & Martha, with whom I saw Him in that moment of being catapulted into the spirit world with my eyes wide open! You say, "But He was sinless!" Well, since when is sex a sin? He had to eat, is eating a sin? Well, for some people it may be, it depends on how you eat. Is sleeping a sin? It all depends on whether you oversleep, sleep too much.

       31. IS SEX A SIN? Well, if there's anything I've tried to preach & tried to show the World, we're one of the few, if not the only major religion of the World--major in God's eyes--which doesn't teach that sex is sinful! Think of that! Isn't that horrible to think that nearly every other religion--even if they don't actually directly teach so--they give the impression by their practice that sex is sinful & somehow wicked.

       32. CATHOLIC CHURCH DOCTRINE ALMOST DEFINITELY TEACHES THAT SEX DID NOT OCCUR TILL AFTER THE FALL OF MAN, & that Adam had nothing to do with Eve until after they had fallen into sin & then they began to enjoy sex. So the Catholics & the Christian World is general have come to even depict the idea of the original sex beginning with Eve biting the apple: "Ah, how great that was! Thank God she ate the apple so we can enjoy sex!"--That's their idea, giving the Devil credit for sex! Isn't that horrible? Giving the Fall credit for sex, giving original sin the credit for sex.--How horrible!

       33. GOD IN THE VERY FIRST CHAPTER SAID HE MADE THEM MALE & FEMALE SO BE FRUITFUL & MULTIPLY!--Long before the Fall! How do they think He made our bodies to begin with?--Sexless?--And suddenly the organs just sprouted after Eve ate the apple? Suddenly she sprouted bosoms & he sprouted & penis? How ridiculous! You were made to begin with just like you are today. You were made to have sex & enjoy sex & to enjoy fellowship, pleasure & ecstasy in sexual union!--And we do!--With absolutely no feeling of guilt or sin whatsoever!

       34. IT'S TERRIBLE HOW THE DEVIL HAS CONTORTED & TWISTED THE TRUTH in doctrine & religion to make sex a sinful thing & wicked & almost taboo, like sort of a necessary evil. It's condoned & tolerated evil for the sake of the procreation of the race, a sort of necessary evil & part of the curse like thorns, thistles, briars, bugs, snakes & things like that!

       35. SEX WAS ABSOLUTELY NO PART OF THE CURSE WHATSOEVER! The only place where sex entered into the curse at all was when God told Eve that because she was the one who led the way to the Fall, therefore she could no longer be trusted with equality with man, but from then on the man was going to have to be the boss! "Thy desire shall be unto thy husband!" (Ge.3:16) "From now on you're going to be the weaker vessel, you're going to be the servant of your husband, in a sense, & he's going to have to be the boss, because look what a mess you made out of things!"--And what else?

       36. "I WILL GREATLY MULTIPLY THY CONCEPTION." Well how about that! If it hadn't been for the Fall they could have enjoyed all that sex without having to worry that much about having babies, they'd have fewer children. Well they could afford to have fewer children if they lived to be 1000 years old! If they had one every 100 years they'd only have ten! But when life was shortened, the multiplicity of children was increased because of the multiplication of evil which would destroy man & bodies & children & with disease & so on. Therefore people had to have more children in order for the human race to survive & to make up for the amount of children the Devil was going to destroy!

       37. DID YOU KNOW THAT JUST BEFORE EVERY MAJOR WAR & DURING EVERY MAJOR WORLD WAR, THERE ARE MORE BOY BABIES BORN than girl babies? And did you know that right now there are being born more boys than girls? God knows what's coming & wars kill off mostly the men, so there have to be more men. So God's making them now before the war begins so there'll be enough when the war is over.--Although the time's coming when they'll be pretty scarce, according to the Bible.

       38. GOD MUST GET FED UP WITH HAVING TO CREATE SO MANY MEN FOR CANNON FODDER & to feed men's war machines! There'll be a time when a man's going to be as rare & scare & precious as the gold of Ophir! "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread & wear our own apparel, only let us be called by thy name!" (Is.4:1.)--They're going to be pretty desperate for a man! "We'll hold our own jobs & support ourselves, just let us sleep with you, please, & let us count you as our husband!"--Seven to one man!

       39. WE KNOW OF A LOT OF CASES LIKE THAT ALREADY in the so-called permissive societies like America & Britain, where women are very happy to have their own job & make their own living & their own money & even support men, believe it or not! Lots of cases you've probably heard about like that where the man was practically a good-for-nothing bum, loafing around all day & being supported by some woman just in order to have a bed-mate at night, a partner or somebody so she wouldn't have to be alone.--Somebody to call her husband, somebody to call her boyfriend, somebody to love & be loved by, even willing to be the breadwinner, the supporter & make the money. Well, in that day, seven of them are going to be willing to do it just to get ahold of one man!

       40. SO BEFORE THE FALL THEY COULD HAVE ENJOYED A WHOLE LOT MORE SEX & HAD A LOT FEWER CHILDREN. But now remember, the so-called curse was in a sense not really a curse, it was a necessity of additional hardships in which God really turned cursing into blessing, such as the hard work to keep man out of mischief! If he didn't have to work so hard, with all that evil in his heart he would have done more evil, right? Like my Mother used to say, "Idleness is the Devil's workshop!"

       41. SO GOD HAD TO GIVE THE SO-CALLED CURSE OF WORK TO KEEP MAN SO BUSY he wouldn't have much time to do evil. He probably had to multiply the conception of woman for the same reason.--To give her so many children to keep her so busy taking care of them she wouldn't have time to get into too many scrapes! And also to replenish the Earth from all the slaughter of the babies & children & mankind & whatever was going to occur because of sin.

       42. YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO HAVE MORE BABIES TO KEEP UP THE HUMAN RACE because of the increased mortality rate & the reduced life-expectancy. When suddenly life was shortened from around 1000 years to only 70 years, that was quite a drop! Some of them didn't have children till after they were 100 in those early Biblical days, & quite often you read they didn't have their first child till after they were 65, 75, 85 or 95! You can read it & see! They didn't start having children till very late in life, & I presume they'd count themselves as mere youngsters even then!

       43. BUT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE FLOOD EVERYTHING CHANGED! Gone was the 1000 years longevity! Gone was having children very late in life! About the age they started having children before the Flood, they began dying after the Flood!--At 65, 70 & 75! So they would have had to have started having children a lot sooner & a lot more of them because so many of them were going to get killed by disease & war & the sins of man. So God had to increase conception, & that was a part of the price woman paid for the Fall.

       44. PERHAPS SOME OF THE PAIN OF CHILD-BEARING WAS DUE TO SIN, THE FALL. We know that it must be. Certainly a lot of it is fear & lack of faith, & therefore the tension that results, & therefore the problems that result in some childbirths. But our own girls, thank God, with real faith in God & trust & real relaxation & resting in the Lord, have their babies quicker & with less agony & with less pain & easier than the world could even think about! So childbirth doesn't have to be a drag & so horrible.

       45. SO BEFORE THE FALL THERE WAS NOT AS MUCH CONCEPTION, not as much birth. You could enjoy an awful lot of sex in that 100 years before you had your first child--or 65, 75, 85 years according to the genealogies! Well, I sometimes feel I've had most of mine already, & by their standards I'm pretty young yet! We have to sort of hurry things along nowadays because "Ve ist too soon olt und too late shmart!"--I don't know whether you understood that German accent or not, did you?

       46. WE GROW OLD TOO SOON NOWADAYS & SMART TOO LATE, so we have to rush our sex life along & get it while we can because we don't live that long! All that to say this, that sex is no sin! So why should Jesus have been considered sinful to have enjoyed sex with Mary & Martha?--Which He did according to what I saw in my vision that time & I've believed it ever since! He was in their company a great deal of the time, He stayed in their home a lot, they loved Him & He loved them, so why not?

       47. HE WAS IN A BODY & HE WAS HUMAN, He was physical, He had needs, He had to eat & sleep & go to the bathroom just like you & I do, & I'm sure He needed sex!--So why shouldn't He have had it? I'm not the only person that ever came to that conclusion, of course, I must give the Mormons a little credit. They believe that the Lord had sex because they also believe that sex is not sinful. Mormonism is one of the few major religions who does not believe that sex is sinful! (Mother: They also believe they'll have sex in Heaven!) Yes, & they practice it too!

       48. WELL, I'VE HAD SEX IN HEAVEN--I HAD IT IN HEAVEN THIS MORNING! I was immediately in the spirit, in the heavenlies, & boom! If sex is pleasant here, if we have such desires on Earth, why shouldn't we be able to enjoy sex is Heaven too if we want to? We are going to have bodies like Jesus' body, God's Word says so! Jesus didn't have to eat, but He could eat if He wanted to. He ate & drank after His resurrection & even cooked a nice fish fry for the boys out on the beach one morning when they were hungry!

       49. SO WE WON'T NECESSARILY HAVE TO HAVE SEX, it won't be a necessity of procreation for the human race, a biological necessity, but why not be able to enjoy it simply for fellowship, for pleasure & for enjoyment? I love you, you love me, let's get together & enjoy love in every form! We will have spiritual explosions more than anything we could possibly imagine! Well, I can imagine it, I've been through it & I had one this morning!

       50. THERE MUST BE SEX IN HEAVEN BECAUSE THESE HEAVENLY CREATURES ARE CERTAINLY HEAVENLY & CERTAINLY SPIRITUAL! They were not physical, they're nobody I know, but they were just as beautiful as I saw Martha & some of the girls in the famous Throne Room scene I've always seen in those lovely filmy gowns! I wish our artists could learn how to draw those! They're kind of like that picture of the houris you got down on the corner!

       51. WHY IN THE WORLD ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS TODAY?--I was going to read you from the Koran! But I don't know whether the Koran is quite this exciting! I suffered the services on TV this morning for about an hour till I had about all I could take! That music was beginning to get me down. It wasn't too bad till they brought on that all-male choir sitting on the floor cross-legged with their sad instruments & their sad old men's faces & voices singing their awful chants of death. It certainly wasn't glee club, I'll tell you that!--It was a mourn club! So maybe this will give you a little more kick!

       52. BUT ANYWAY, MARIA & I SLEPT IN THIS MORNING, had our coffee & slept a little more & had a little more coffee. I was still feeling kind of sexy & we were lying there embraced. And dear Maria, sometimes it's just force of habit, she's always playing around! Of course I like it & want it & she knows it, even if I don't expect anything to happen--but it did, & to my surprise!--Because we just had some yesterday afternoon & the day before & the night before & a few other times!

       53. I THOUGHT, "FOR GOODNESS SAKE, CERTAINLY NOT ANYTHING'S GOING TO HAPPEN THIS TIME! No matter what happens I couldn't possibly go again, not at my age--I'm not all that husky!" But I was enjoying the lovemaking anyway. You want me to tell you all these juicy details? Well, I'm leading up to something & I have to explain it to give you the point. So we finally got to near the climax but I couldn't quite make it!

       54. TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT, WELL, WE WERE IN ECSTASY! I certainly was & I think she was too! And of course when you get that far you want to even if you can't! I don't know where the prayer came from, I wasn't even thinking about such things, I don't know why I was suddenly inspired to pray so, but suddenly just as clear as anything from my own heart came this prayer, & it was a cry, an outcry! I didn't say it out loud though, did I? I wasn't sure, because I cried out so definitely with my own heart:

       55."OH, HOURIS OF HEAVEN, HELP ME!" I meant it with all my heart! It must have been inspired of the Spirit! I was inspired to cry out for help & I cried out, "Oh, Houris of Heaven, help me!"--And instantly just like he was trying to help a dying man or something, calling them,

       56. "COME, COME! HELP YOUR FATHER, COME, HURRY, COME!"--And they came! They came just floating through the air, not rushed, no hasty concern or anxiety, but just beautifully! Like, "Oh, well, this is nice, this is a little surprise we weren't expecting!" It was almost like they were sort of amused like if I started yelling in there for you all to come, "Come quick, help me, I need you!" You probably would have been a little bit amused & a little bit pleasantly surprised & pleased & come in to see what was going on!

       57. AND THIS ONE WITH BEAUTIFUL LONG DARK FLOWING HAIR GOT THERE FIRST! I can't explain it, I have never had this kind of experience exactly this way before, The other times it seemed like I could actually feel them in the flesh, just as though Maria's flesh became their flesh.

       58. SUDDENLY SHE JUST SETTLED DOWN ON TOP OF ME & I couldn't feel her at all! It was just like a mist or a smoke or a spirit or a ghost, whatever you want to call it! She just came from about that direction right there, & they were coming from over here & here & here, maybe from here too, but I wasn't looking that way. She came from almost directly in front of me.

       59. ABRAHIM WAS OVER HERE WITH HIS ARM AROUND ME, his right arm underneath me & beckoning with his left arm, "Come, come, come help your father!" And she just came & floated right over & sort of sank right down on top of me! I never felt a touch, nothing, believe it or not. But the moment I felt her becoming one with me I just exploded like that!--Instantly, effortlessly, just beautiful, just a real explosion!

       60. WITH THE OTHER GODDESSES IT WAS LIKE A METAMORPHOSIS, like Maria suddenly turned into the goddess, but not this time. Now that's strange because in a way you were almost exactly in the same position that Abrahim was, so he must be in you too sometimes! But the moment that happened, she just gently settled down right on top of me, & as she did, it was all over, & Abrahim was still yelling! He said,

       61. "NOTHING IS TOO GOOD FOR THY FATHER! Come on, come on, help him!" He was trying to get all the help he could get! You talk about a strange experience, well, that's a strange experience to say the least, it leaves you breathless! I'm glad it didn't leave me totally breathless or I wouldn't have enough left to tell you about it! Heavenly things & heavenly places & heavenly spirits--the Heavenly Houris!

       62. "HOURIS OF HEAVEN, HELP ME" WAS MY PRAYER! I had no idea of praying such a prayer. I had never thought of such a thing, but it just came up just as strong as any heartcry of my heart! "Oh, Houris of Heaven, help me!"--And instantly Abrahim began to bid them to come. The one with the long dark beautiful tresses got there first, & she sure looked Arabic. I don't doubt that's probably why we had the experience.

       63. SHE'S PROBABLY THE GODDESS OF THE ARABS & SYMBOLISES THEM. They didn't all look Arabic any more than they do in that picture, but she did. She looked a lot like Ruthie, although she was a bigger girl, they seem to run kind of big here, & a huge big head of hair! She just floated down on top of me & I exploded just like that, instantly!--No physical effort whatsoever, we'd tried about everything & it was strictly spiritual. So praise God!

       64. MAYBE ALL THIS SINGING THE WOMEN DO HERE IS SUPPOSED TO RESEMBLE THE HOURIS or the Sirens of Heaven. I guess Mohammed must have had a glimpse of them, but that's the first time I've ever seen them like that aside from the girls that I already know that I saw in the throne scene that I've seen several times. So such was my experience with the Houris of Heaven. "Houris of Heaven, help me"--& they were heavenly houris, & I'm sure they still are, thank the Lord!

       65. BUT WHAT MORE COULD I WANT THAN THE HOURIS THAT I HAVE HERE ON EARTH ALREADY--except that even my own little houris beside me in the flesh couldn't have done what that heavenly spirit did for me! So there are some things the spirits can do for you in the spirit that you can't do for yourself in the flesh, that's for sure, & that's what they're for!--Not only for sex, but that has been largely my experience with some of them & I thank the Lord for it! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! It was a beautiful experience & I'm sure she must have been waiting.

       66. SHE MUST HAVE BEEN WAITING--SHE WAS THE FIRST TO GET THERE! She must have really been waiting & really wanted our love. So she's waiting, thank the Lord, she wants our love. So what is she waiting for? Well, the Arab women don't come unless they're called. Your picture of the usual harem of an Oriental court is like Esther's where you don't barge in unless you're summoned. She came because she was summoned, as though she were waiting. Just waiting for what? Waiting to be called.

       67. SO WHAT LESSON CAN ME GET OUT OF THAT SPIRITUALLY if this is a spiritual symbolism of spiritual truths? She's the Arab Goddess, the Goddess of the Arabian World symbolizing Arabia & all the Arab World. Maybe if we'd look when these women are singing, & you think about that, that each one of them symbolizes Arabia. They sound like they're singing, pleading for love, don't they? Boy, I tell you, they put emotion into that singing & it really turns you on! They really act like they really want it bad. Well, why aren't they getting it?--They're waiting to be summoned, waiting to be called.

       68. IT'S JUST NOT PROPER PROTOCOL in any Arab court or harem to barge in without being called, right? You don't come to me unless I ask you to come, do you? I send for you. So it wouldn't do you much good to barge in, because I might not be ready for you. But you come when you're called. So she came when she was called.

       69. SHE'S WAITING FOR US TO CALL HER. She is hungry for love, starved for love, dying for love, yearning for love, agonizing for love, pleading for love, singing for love, begging for love, wants our love, & is just waiting to be called! Now if God through this is trying to give us a picture of what the situation really is, if that's the truth, the hungry houris will come when called. They're not all hungry, I looked at some of those faces on TV this morning & they looked awful sad & darkened, like in the deepest night. Some of them, especially the leadership, looked self-satisfied & self-righteous, they didn't look like they were very hungry.

       70. BUT YOU COULD SEE SOME FACES WHICH REALLY SEEMED TO BE SEARCHING, they were really yearning, hungry, troubled I think they were really seekers, maybe like some of your officers, particularly on the faces of the young I saw that expression. The older looked too late, they looked hard & in a brittle mold, in darkness. The children are so young they don't know quite what the score is, they just looked a little fearful & frightened.

       71. BUT THE YOUNG MEN OF, YOU MIGHT SAY, THE AGE OF LOVE, THEY LOOK HUNGRY. They looked trouble, they look like they're really searching & seeking, wanting love, wanting to know, wanting the truth, hungry to find the answers of happiness, & we have it! We're ready! You might say, if I was a symbolism, we're up & ready to go! But we need to call so we'll have a place to sow the seed.

       72. WE NEED TO CALL THEM, WE HAVE TO BID THEM TO COME. If this is a symbolism at all, it's a type, of course, of Christ bidding them to come. The Bridegroom calling His bride. You & I, in a sense, although we're His bride, we're also a type of the Bridegroom calling them to come.--Wooing them by His Spirit, so we have to call them to come. As long as I was willing to call, they came, & the explosion which resulted was purely of the Spirit.

       73. OUR CALLING IS OUR WITNESSING.--That's the only thing God asks us to do is to call. When you go over to the house there, in a sense you're calling, even when you dance with them, you're calling them, you're showing them His love, you're calling them with love, right? If they are ready & want that love, the Lord will cause it to explode in them by the power of His Spirit, not through any effort of yours.

       74. ALL YOUR JOB IS, IS TO SHOW THEM LOVE, HIS LOVE! Point them to Him & make sure they know it's His love & constantly glorify Him, Jesus & His love, that this is His love. And if they are ripe & ready & hungry &, you might say, horny for the Lord, He will take care of the rest by His Spirit.

       75. IF THEY REALLY WANT HIM, THEY'LL COME, & HIS SPIRIT WILL EXPLODE IN THEIR HEARTS just as He has exploded in yours, amen? They may not even understand what's happened. I hardly understand what happened this morning. This spiritual experience, how can you explain it? How can you understand it? All I know is it happened, it did the trick & such a spiritual experience can do the trick with them too. They may not understand your love, they may not know just why you love them & say, "Well how can this be?"

       76. WELL, GOD JUST LOVES US SO MUCH, HE WANTED TO SHOW US HOW MUCH HE LOVED US. He's so great & so high, so mighty, so beyond our comprehension, He had to make Somebody who could show us His love, Somebody who was within our realm & our experience, Somebody who could show us what God's like.--One Man who was like Him whom He called His Son to show us His Love, to be like Him--Jesus!

       77. SOMEONE WE COULD SEE, SOMEONE WE COULD FEEL, Someone we could experience, Someone who brings God down to our comprehension & our experience--just like that Houri landed on me this morning! I still don't understand it all, but that instant spiritual experience I had when she landed on top of me was all I needed to know, it did the trick! I didn't have to understand how it happened or why or how she did it or who she was or anything else. I just felt her love.

       78. SO THEY ARE BOUND TO FEEL THE LOVE OF HIS SPIRIT whether they understand who or what or why or not. You simply have to make it clear that it's the love of God through the One Person that He created to show us His love so we could understand it: They're supposed to believe in Jesus, which is not a far step from real saving faith. They don't believe in Him like we do, but they believe enough & at least are receptive & He's acceptable enough to them that God could show them who Jesus really is, what He really is, why He is.

       79. I WOULDN'T SPEND MY TIME ARGUING DOCTRINE OVER JESUS OR ANYTHING. Faithy is famous for her classic simplicity, like the simple answer she gave the little Jewish boy she'd witnessed to when she was 8 years old in Miami Beach. He went home & told his folks all about it apparently, good Orthodox Jews who were quite upset & wanted to know what Bible she was quoting to him. So he phoned her up & asked,

       80. "HEY FAITHY, MY FOLKS WANT TO KNOW WHAT BIBLE YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!" She looked down at the Bible there, saw the cover, & without a moment's hesitation said, "The Holy Bible, of course!" What better answer could she give? "The Holy Bible? OK!"--I suppose that's what he told his folks. That's as cute as the answer she gave that guy the other day who said that God didn't have any children. "Well, He has now!" You can just follow that up now & say, "He adopted us!"

       81. THERE'S NO REASON WHY HE COULDN'T HAVE SOME ADOPTED CHILDREN, that's Scriptural, that's true! We're not His children in the flesh, that's what they can't understand. In their carnal-minded reasoning, they can't understand that it's spiritual. But they can understand how God could have adopted some children, why not? That's what I explain in my letter to Godahfi; "We think of ourselves as being God's Children because we are His creation, we're His handiwork & He's concerned about us. But if you don't like to call us that, why, say we're His adopted children." "We are now, He adopted us!" (No. 394.)

       82. THAT MAY NOT BE VERY DEEP THEOLOGY, & you may not be able to have great doctrinal controversies over it, but that's just a simple child-like answer. If they can't receive it in a child-like way, forget it! If they want to split hairs over doctrine & start figuring things out in their head, forget it!

       83. THIS IS THE LOVE WHICH PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING! It goes right down into your heart. It they're going to try to understand it all with their heads, forget it! You can never understand the love of God, it's too great, it passeth all understanding! We just have to feel it with our hearts. Praise the Lord? (Eph.3:19.)

       84. WELL, WE'RE JUST FINISHING A LITTLE LESSON IN LOVE, as all of our lessons are. We always seem to get around to love somehow, sex or love or both, they can be both, one & the same. So the Houri of Arabia is just waiting for your call! They're hungry for love, obviously, & they're just waiting for your call to show them the love. "Come, come & love me because I have the love of the Lord, I have the love of God. In loving me you're loving God!" Don't forget to remind them of that.

       85. "YOU THINK YOU LOVE ME, BUT IT'S GOD IN ME THAT YOU LOVE! It's His love that I have, it's His love that you're loving." Many times Maria's had to try to explain that to them & try to impress that on them. "I love you because He loves you, & you love me because I love you & because He loves you." I don't know if there are any more ways I can say it to try to help you understand how to do lovemaking in the Spirit, & really that's what it is with the right spirit & for the glory of the Spirit. If you do it in real love, because of the Lord, they'll know it!

       86. LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE THAT THEY'LL KNOW IT'S THE FATHER & glorify Him* & it accomplishes its purpose. PTL? Whether it looks like it succeeded or not, love never fails. If it's real love & you're doing it in love, against such there is no law!* Praise God? So I guess that's a lesson we've learned from today's lesson, which is more or less a personal testimony, that all love succeeds it it's real love--which is God & His Spirit!--For God is Love, & Love never fails! PTL! Amen?* (Mt.5:16; 1Co.13:8; Ga.5:22,23.)

       87. (P.S. 1982: PRAISE GOD FOR THE HEAVENLY HOURIS OF ARABIA! We've had a real reaping amongst the Arabs ever since!--She didn't fail her people! God help you not to fail them! Love her today! Have a Heavenly Houri experience & give your love & seed to the Goddess of Arabia & you'll be glad you did!--She's worth it! She's thrilling & her love is exciting & will make you explode with ecstasy! GBY! ILY! Have a Heavenly Houri!--Forever!)

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