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"BETTER THAN GOLD!"--More Precious Jewels!       Compiled in France, 4/80       DFO 1240
--By Father David

       1. THERE HAS NOT BEEN A CHURCH LIKE THE EARLY CHURCH SINCE THAT TIME. I don't think there's ever been a group as close to it as we are, only we've gone a little bit beyond in some things. Although I wouldn't say it was too far beyond what maybe really happened then & may have been hushed up & covered up since then.

       2. DID YOU SEE THAT ARTICLE ABOUT THE SEX LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST? In some very ancient manuscripts recently discovered that were written only 100 years after Jesus' time it says that Mary Magdalene was constantly with Him & He called her His consort. She was that big top prostitute of Jerusalem, in favour with the kings, who got saved under His ministering & from whom He cast out seven devils. So maybe we're not so far ahead of them after all!

       3. I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED THAT THE CHURCH HUSHED UP A LOT OF THOSE THINGS because they figured people couldn't take it. One was called the Gospel of Thomas, another was called the Gospel of Maria. (Sue: The Catholics talk about those because I remember learning about them, but they don't know what's in them.) They probably don't let them read what's in them.

       4. THEY ALSO SPEAK OF THREE WOMEN WHO WERE CONSTANTLY WITH HIM--Mary Magdalene & Mary the sister of Martha, these are two different Mary's, & a Maria Salome, whoever that is. Told you so! I'll never forget that vision I had. It's the only time in my whole life I think I ever had a vision of Christ Himself when I had this huge orgasm explosion! (See No.651:45-47.) But anyhow, I started to say,

       5. THE LORD'S THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SHUT MY MOUTH, thank You Lord, especially considering how much I talk! I started to say that there's not been a church like us since the Early Church, but then I kind of felt checked in the Spirit.

       6. I STARTED TO SAY WE'VE GONE A LITTLE BEYOND THEM, THEN I FELT A LITTLE CHECK IN THE SPIRIT. It isn't necessarily so. They may have had all we've got & more, but it was covered up by their writers. You may have even heard about those manuscripts before that the Catholics weren't allowed to publicise. They say quite a few things that I'm sure they'd want hushed up, such as Jesus' consorts, etc.! (22-9-77.)
* * *

       7. I DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY GOT THIS BUSINESS OF BLOWING OUT THE BIRTHDAY CANDLE--I LIKE TO SEE IT BURN! Maybe we ought to change that custom & let the one that has the birthday light the candle! It would be more symbolic if they light the candle instead of always blowing it out!--Even our little kids could light it! (5-1-79.)--Why blow'm out?
* * *

       8. JESUS PRAYED MANY PUBLIC PRAYERS. He prayed public prayers to unite the hearts together & for the benefit of the listeners.--He preached good prayers!
* * *

       9. HOW DO YOU TEST YOUR INSPIRATION? Number One: Scripture is a yardstick. Ask for Scripture to confirm it. Number Two: Consider the source it comes from. How reliable are their leadings & how deep is their spirituality?

       10. THE LORD NEVER BREAKS HIS OWN CHAIN OF COMMAND UNLESS SOME LINK IS FAILING.--And when it comes to His own prophets that's rather rare & usually only when they listen to man. You should think, "Now Lord, if this is from You, how come You didn't lay this on my heart first instead of having the suggestion come from someone else?"

       11. IF I'M GOD'S MOUTHPIECE, GOD'S GOING TO TELL ME HIMSELF. I'm not talking about reports about people. I'm talking about direct leadings of God in any kind of a major step or leading. God is not going to jump over His own Chain of Command & tell some little second lieutenant to tell the captain what to do. You need to test these things & make sure you're hearing from the Lord.

       12. ANOTHER TEST: AM I DOING WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO? Who counselled me to do this? Is this according to Dad's counsel? Did he tell me to do this?

       13. HURRY IS ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE. You can make decisions so quick you don't have time to think or pray about it. This is what the Devil loves to push you to do so you don't have time to really test it & see if it is of the Lord.

       14. A SUDDEN IMPULSE CAN OFTEN COME STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVIL if you don't watch your step! Can Christians be led by the Devil?--Yes!--If they don't stop to pray & if they just go on any little thing that happens to pop into their mind. The Devil is the author of haste. He's the one who is speeding the world, he's the author of speed.

       15. YOU MAY GET IT IN THE SPIRIT ALL RIGHT, BUT YOU BETTER BE SURE IT'S OF THE RIGHT SPIRIT! If you're spiritually sensitive, that's all the more reason you have to be especially careful what spirit you're hearing from. Also consider if your source of information is any epitome of spiritual leading & guidance.

       16. CHECK IT OUT WITH THE WORD & with the word of your leaders, with the Holy Spirit, & don't make a move unless all these things agree.
* * *

       17. MAYBE ONE REASON I NEVER WANTED TO BE A BIGSHOT was that I grew up around bigshots & I saw what it costs & that it meant you had to be servant of all. It's hard work!
* * *

       18. Hard pioneer fields really help keep you humble!
* * *

       19. IN EVERY MOVEMENT, EVERY ORGANISATION, THERE ARE ALWAYS PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY CAN RUN IT BETTER than the leader, & who would like to have the job. They're always bugging for it & doing their best to discredit leadership, to find fault with leadership & try to expose leadership to the people.

       20. THEY POINT OUT THE LEADER'S FAULTS & FAILURES & HIS WEAKNESSES & MISTAKES WHILE AT THE SAME TIME EXALTING THEMSELVES & saying, "Well you see, I'm not like that, if I were leader I would be different!" That's exactly what Absalom did regarding David his father. He sat at the gate & made close friends of the people & pretended to propound their causes & told them that if he were king he'd give them righteous judgement & he'd help them. (2Sam.15:4.)

       21. ABSALOM WAS RUNNING DOWN HIS FATHER WHILE EXALTING HIMSELF until he finally ran his father out & divided the kingdom & David was deposed for some time. It was a all a part of the judgement of God for David's sins, of course, & all part of a purging of the people as well.

       22. GOD WANTED TO SEE WHO WAS LOYAL & WHO WAS NOT. Who could be easily swayed & persuaded to be disloyal for selfish purposes & who was loyal & really loved David & believed he was right & God's man, regardless of his faults & his sins & mistakes.

       23. JUST AS SOME OF YOU LOVE ME & ARE FAITHFUL & LOYAL even though you know I'm but a man & full of imperfection. You still believe that I'm God's man, & that God uses me & speaks through me in spite of myself, which is what David was, a man after God's own heart. When I was a young man I asked the Lord what that meant.

       24. LONG AFTER ALL OF HIS BIG SINS & TERRIBLE CRIMES, GOD CALLED DAVID A MAN AFTER HIS OWN HEART! You know what came to me as the explanation? Well, why did God love him so? Why did He call him a man after His own heart?--Because he was a man after the heart of God, if you under stand what I mean.

       25. HE SOUGHT GOD'S HEART. He really loved the Lord & he really wanted to glorify God & to please Him. So he really did try, even though he was full of mistakes & blunders & terrible bummers, & even quite a few crimes & horrible sins.

       26. THOUGH THEY WERE GREAT SINS, HE HAD A GREAT REPENTANCE & therefore God had a great forgiveness for him, because they had a great love for each other in spite of everything. So this is the truth of David. (18-5-75.)
* * *

       27. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THE LITTLE THINGS, how are you going to do the big ones?
* * *

       28. WHEN PEOPLE START THINKING ABOUT THE GOOD OLD DAYS, SOMETHING'S WRONG! I think today is a lot better than the good old days myself, & I expect tomorrow to even be better than this!
* * *

       29. I'VE SAID TIME & TIME AGAIN, I DO NOT LIKE OUTRIGHT LIES! I don't think there's ever any justification for them. You don't have to tell people the whole truth, you can give them evasive answers, but you don't necessarily have to just come right out & lie! Almost every time you do, you're going to get caught, sooner or later! I don't believe the Lord likes it!

       30. THERE ARE A FEW TIMES IN THE BIBLE WHERE THE LORD SEEMS TO HAVE CONDONED IT, even where He told His prophet to tell a lie. He even told one spirit to go & be a lying spirit in the mouth of false prophets (1Kg.22:22). So there are rare occasions on which He has done it. If they don't believe the truth then He'll send them lies, strong delusion. (2Th.2:11.)

       31. BUT I DON'T THINK GOD'S CHILDREN OUGHT TO GO AROUND LYING about things just to cover up for something. You can always give them a clever answer of some kind, evasive or half-truth. All those years I was living undercover in Tenerife we told the truth about myself & what I was doing, but I phrased it in such words that although it was the truth, they still didn't understand the whole truth.

       32. IF PEOPLE CATCH YOU IN A LIE THEY'RE GOING TO THROW OUT YOUR WHOLE AND TESTIMONY YOUR WHOLE WITNESS!--It doesn't mean a thing, you're a liar! If they catch you in one lie, they don't have to believe a word you say. They'll never believe you again.

       33. NOW I DON'T KNOW WHO HAS TAUGHT YOU TO LIE, I HAVE NOT! I have lectured you against it & I have always spoken out against it in the Letters. I even went through that funny humourous thing about how to answer an interviewer. (See "Public Relations", No.142.) I told you for God's sake don't lie--but I'll show you how you don't necessarily have to tell them the whole truth either. You can just parry their blows like a boxer does.

       34. YOU KNOW WHAT A BOXER DOES MOST OF THE TIME WHEN HE'S FIGHTING? He's dancing around the floor just holding up his defense. Every now & then they go in for the attack when they can get past the defense & hit. You don't have to let them hit you, you can just kind of parry the blow, defend yourself a little bit. You can defend yourself with the truth, that's the best way to do it, not lies!

       35. NOW WITH THE BOYS WE'VE FFed I HAVE BEEN FRANK IN MY CONCEALMENT. I have told them frankly that I don't want them to know everything about who I am, & I told them why! I said it's better for you that you don't know who I am, so if people ask you you don't have to tell them.

       36. I HAVEN'T LIED TO THEM ABOUT IT, I JUST DIDN'T TELL THEM EVERYTHING! But I did explain to them why I didn't tell them, & they accepted it & understood. They didn't hold it against me. They didn't go off & say we're never going to come back anymore because he lied to us. I told them the truth.

       37. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO IN ALMOST ANY COURT OF LAW before a judge? If the witness lies about only one thing, even if 99% of what he said is the truth, if he tells one lie they throw his whole testimony out! He has perjured himself, meaning he had lied, & thereby disqualified himself from being a witness. Every one of these people we witness to is a little judge examining your testimony, & if they catch you in one lie, that's it!

       38. JUST BECAUSE I TELL YOU THAT YOU MUST TELL THEM THE TRUTH DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM EVERYTHING! If you can't tell them something just say, "I'm sorry, I can't tell you that," or even better, if you don't know say, "I don't know!" Give them some kind of an answer that's satisfying. Some of them ask you pretty difficult questions, that's why you have to ask the Lord for wisdom.

       39. IF YOU'RE IN A HURRY, GIVE THEM THE MOST LOGICAL ANSWER POSSIBLE. "I'm sorry, but I don't have time to explain it to you right now." "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you."--And you don't have to go into all the reasons why you can't tell him, but just say, "I can't tell you."--In English when you give this answer, "I cannot tell you," it can mean one of two things: That you're either not permitted to tell or you just don't know!

       40. THIS IS THE WAY IN WHICH THE SCRIBES & PHARISEES ANSWERED JESUS that day when He asked them a tough question. If they answered yes or no it would have incriminated them either way. So they said, "We cannot tell!" (Mk.11:33.) Pretty smart, huh?

       41. IT'S IMPORTANT TO NEVER LIE, because if they catch you in one little lie, one little deceit, then that's that, they're not going to believe your witness or your testimony on all the rest.
* * *

       42. LINCOLN TOLD SOMEBODY WHEN HE CHANGED HIS MIND, "A WISE MAN IS WISER TOMORROW than he was yesterday." In other words, you're entitled to change your mind if you find out you got more sense later!
* * *

       43. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME & OTHER PEOPLE is I just say whatever I'm thinking--other people sit there thinking & don't say it!
* * *

       44. WE'RE GOSPEL GYPSIES! You hear us sing those Gypsy songs, they're our songs! We stay on the move, that's one reason we've survived, like the Jews, Gypsies & Bedouins. They say the Bedouins of North Africa know no borders, they drift back & forth across the Sahara & where is the borderline? They're not going to trip over it in the changing sands of the desert. So we're kind of like that, we know no borders, we know no nation.

       45. WE ARE CITIZENS OF A COMING KINGDOM OF CHRIST ON EARTH! We belong to no particular country except a Heavenly country, like Abraham. We are happy but we are not satisfied with any particular city of this world because we seek for an Heavenly City, amen?--Which was not made by man but built by God, according to Hebrews 11th Chapter, & which therefore will last forever, thank God!

       46. WE ARE CITIZENS OF ANOTHER WORLD! I get so sick of people asking me where I'm from. I frequently tell them I'm from Outer Space! I told that to one little boy & he ran off crying, he thought he'd met a space man! Well, he hid!

       47. I'M A CITIZEN OF OUTER SPACE! I came from there & that's where I'm going back one of these days, when Jesus comes again! From what the Lord has shown us, we're leaving here with Him & we'll come back with Jesus when He returns because He's going to come here to reign on Earth.

       48. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GO TO HEAVEN--HEAVEN'S GOING TO COME TO YOU! John said, "I John saw the Holy City coming down from God out of heaven" to the New Earth where Christ reigns & rules. (Rev.21:2.) You don't have to go to Heaven, Heaven's coming to you, thank God!
* * *

       49. (DAD PRAYS:) WE DON'T UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHY POPE JOHN PAUL I DIED, but as Billy Graham said, there must be some message in it for the world! The sad part about it was when they asked him what message it was, he said, "I don't know." Well Lord, You know the conviction that came to our own hearts:

       50. IT SEEMED TO ME, TO US, ALMOST A WARNING TO THE WORLD, as though perhaps this man was even too good for the world, too good for the Church. They really didn't even deserve him. He was too simple, too humble, too plain in his life & his faith & his believing, even by the very book he was reading when he died, Imitation of Christ.

       51. PERHAPS HE WAS JUST TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD, Lord, too good for the church, & it was too great a responsibility, too many problems, & You took him. And as a warning to that conclave of Cardinals that there are some that perhaps are even too good to be Pope! And as they are threatening that perhaps they're going to have to choose a man now who's more conventional, more conformist, more traditional, since this Pope proved to be a little too progressive. (John Paul II is both! Ha!)

       52. WE DON'T PRAY FOR HIM, LORD, BECAUSE HE DOESN'T NEED IT NOW. We thank You Lord, we believe He's gone to be with Thee because of his simple faith in You, Jesus, regardless of whatever mistakes. We believe he seemed to have real faith in You. We thank You for it.

       53. BUT WE DO PRAY FOR THOSE HE LEFT BEHIND & 700 million Catholics around the world & many other Christian believers who are thinking this day about his death, & the meaning of death & what it's all about & what's happening.

       54. SO MANY TREMENDOUS THINGS HAVE BEEN HAPPENING in the world that people don't understand, like this anointing & death of a Pope, right after the death of another, Lord, so many significant things happening.

       55. WE FEEL IN THE SPIRIT THAT YOU'RE TRYING TO WARN THE WORLD that it's a serious time in which we live & there are serious things about to happen.--To prepare them, to prepare their hearts to be ready for anything, as we should be, Lord, as we trust Thee & love Thee--even death.

       56. WE ASK THEE TO HAVE THY WAY & may we be used for They glory according to Thy will, whatever You know is best. Help us, in Jesus' name. Amen. (1-10-78.)
* * *

       57. THE LORD SAID, "MY YOKE IS EASY & MY BURDEN IS LIGHT"--But there's one condition to it--"Come unto Me!" When you go to the Lord & ask Him for the answers, you'll get them! (Mt.11:30.) PTL! GBY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family