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WORLD SERIES!--CHAPTER 2!--Europe & the Missile War!--Russia's "Guided" Missiles!--By Father David       DFO 1242       14/12/81

       1. ARE WE READY FOR OUR NEXT LESSON? NEXT HOUR? PRAISE GOD! All right, teacher's ready, I think, still got a little breath left, PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! (Sings:)
       "He's got the whole World in His hands!
       He's got the whole World in His hands!
       He's got the whole wide World in His hands,
       He's got the whole World in His hands!"

Praise God!
       2. THE REASON I'M FOCUSIN' THIS PARTICULAR PART OF THE WORLD ON YOU--WHICH IS SOUTH AMERICA--is because that's where most of the Family are moving to. But we'll get into that a little bit later. First of all the bad news!--Ha!--To make sure we don't cut off the wrong leg! Some of you heard that joke, I won't repeat it now. Of course, now I've got your curiosity whetted!
       3. WELL, THAT'S AN OLD SICK JOKE ABOUT THE POOR GUY IN THE HOSPITAL who got an infection in his leg & gangrene set in & the doctor told him he was going to have to have it amputated. So they took him to the operation room & put him under the ether & he went out unconscious & never woke up until he was back in his ward again & in his bed again, he finally came to. And the doctor came in & said, "Well, how are you doing?" He said, "I guess I'm OK, I'm still here!"
       4. WHICH DID HE TELL HIM FIRST, THE GOOD NEWS OR THE BAD NEWS? OH, HE TOLD HIM THE GOOD NEWS FIRST! Well, I've been telling you the good news, haven't I? He told him the good news. He said, "Well, we found out the infection wasn't so bad after all & we don't have to cut that leg off after all. Good news? Great! The bad news is that we went ahead & we cut off the wrong leg--the other one!" Very sad tale. I'm not at all sure it's true, but it's kind of an illustration of what I mean. I've been telling you the good news first to prepare you for the bad news.
       5. RECENT EVENTS ARE DRAWING US MUCH CLOSER & FASTER TO THE END, PARTICULARLY TO THE WAR. There have been a number of indications that the U.S. under its new very militant hawkish administration is definitely planning on war. They're not planning to avoid it, they seem to be convinced that it's unavoidable & that even nuclear war is not unthinkable, & that the only solution to the present World ideological conflict between East & West, North & South, have-nots & haves, rich & poor, Capitalists & Communists, is war!
       6. WELL, DEAR STALIN HIMSELF & LENIN & MARX & A FEW OF THE REST OF THE FOUNDERS OF COMMUNISM WERE CONVINCED OF THAT TOO. In spite of the preaching of détente by some & co-existence & all that, the Marxists have preached for a long time that the two systems could not possibly co-exist for long in the same World, that one or the other will have to conquer & dominate, because they're totally conflicting systems.
       7. THE RICH CAPITALISTIC SYSTEM OF SELFISH DOG-EAT-DOG & CLIMB TO THE TOP OVER THE BODIES OF THE DEAD & CAPITALISTIC WARS IS DETERMINED TO STAY ON TOP. Whereas the have-nots, the poor nations of the World, the Communists & the Marxists are determined that the rich capitalist nations should share with them some of those riches, & that the only way they're ever going to do it is not voluntarily. The rich will never voluntarily share, & the rich have already pretty much declared that they're not going to voluntarily share, which would mean surrender to the Communist forces, but they are going to fight to the death: "Better dead than Red!"
       8. WHEREAS THE COMMUNIST FORCES OF THE EARTH HAVE DECLARED THAT THEY ARE PLANNING TO FIGHT AS WELL to protect themselves & to gain some of those riches that the Capitalistic World is now hoarding, to spread around more & share more with the poor of the Earth. And their motto, I guess, must be: "Better Red than dead!"
       9. SO THESE COLOSSUSES, THESE MIGHTY GIANTS, THESE SUPERPOWERS ARE ON A COURSE OF HEAD-ON COLLISION WITH EACH OTHER & both are convinced that it looks like the only solution is direct conflict, direct confrontation. Despite many appeals & pleas--particularly from the East & the have-not side for peace--the Capitalist West of haves seem determined not to make peace if it means they have to surrender any of their wealth or riches or their power.
       10. THEIR MOTTO IS: "LET US KEEP OUR CITIES & WE'LL GIVE YOU OUR SONS IN THE NEXT WAR!" Well, the fact of the matter is, the next war is more apt to get their cities than their sons--particularly if their sons have enough sense to get out of those dangerous nuclear North areas & flee to the safer South! This time, Mama & Daddy whose fault it is are gonna get it, & not little Jack & Jill who had little or nothing to do with it.
       11. THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD & THE HIPPIES HAVE ALREADY FLED FROM MUCH OF THE RICH DANGEROUS NUCLEAR NORTH & are going South & East to the safer parts of the World--including our Family, at least half of it. I'm sorry to say that half of you are still in the dangerous nuclear North, & if you don't flee pretty soon, we're only going to have half the Family left after the War is over!
       12. WELL, I BELIEVE THE WAR IS COMING VERY SOON FROM THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING RIGHT NOW or I don't think the U.S. would have taken the action that it has regarding armaments, a cessation of peace talks, a cessation of disarmament talks, a building up of weapons of war, a further deployment of nuclear missiles throughout the World, hundreds more for Europe & other places, building of more nuclear subs & naval vessels & more missiles & all of these horrendous toys that these grown-up boys are bound to play with.
       13. I NEVER SAW A BOY THAT HAD A FIRE CRACKER YET WHO DIDN'T LIGHT IT SOONER OR LATER! It's just too big a temptation to use it & have the enjoyment of hearing it go "bang!" even if it nearly blows his fingers off or his eye out!--And that looks like what these boys are up to, in spite of a few sane heads in the World who have been begging them not to. In spite of the anti-nuke movements & the demilitarisation movements, the disarmament movements that are gaining forces by the hundreds of thousands if not millions!
       14. TO THE POINT THAT EVEN ONE OF THE POLITICAL PARTIES OF ONE OF THE GREAT NATIONS HAS ALREADY PLEDGED TO MOVE ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS & MISSILES OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY IF THEY ARE VOTED IN, so at least they will not be a target!--That's Britain. Germany now has a very tremendous disarmament movement to the point that some of the leadership there is also beginning to reflect their opinion, the opinions of the public, the opinions of the masses, the opinions of the people whose lives are at stake & who will be destroyed if they are targets. And of course, they will be targets if they have nuclear missiles on their territory.
       15. AND THERE HAVE BEEN A NUMBER OF NEWS PROGRAMS LATELY ALONG THAT LINE & perhaps you have seen them as well, or heard them, in which the present leadership of the United States has come right out flat & said that, "Of course the war is coming, & when it comes, it will not be only conventional warfare, but we expect that there will be some nuclear exchange as well. But we're going to try to confine that to Europe." Now how do you think that sounds to the poor Europeans?
       16. THE AMERICANS ARE SAYING, "WE PLAN TO SAVE OURSELVES AT YOUR EXPENSE, EUROPE! Now I hope you don't mind, but we're going to have to wipe you out in order to save us!" The peoples of Europe are beginning to wake up to that fact, that all these nuclear weapons which America has deployed throughout Europe & Britain are not making them safer, but are making them even more unsafe & are, as one American official said, officials of both the State Department & Defense Department--they used to call it the War Department being a little more honest in those days, now they call it Defense Department--they said flatly, "If you have nuclear weapons in your territory, of course your territory will become a nuclear target for the nuclear weapons of the enemy"--what they call the enemy.
       17. SO FINALLY POOR JOHN Q. PUBLIC IS BEGINNING TO WAKE UP: "Well, if nuclear weapons on our territory which we thought were supposed to defend us are going to instead make us a specific target for nuclear weapons, then why have'm at all?" And he's beginning to kind of get the point that in some ways he would rather be Red than dead! So there are gigantic anti-nuke disarmament movements right now rising up & their voices are being heard more & more strident every day. You're hearing about it on the news, you're seeing it on television, hundreds of thousands in a march, & I believe if the war doesn't start soon it's going to grow to millions as the Europeans wake up to what we have been warning them of for years!
       18. WE BEGAN BY WARNING BRITAIN: "GET RID OF THE MISSILES SO YOU WON'T BE A TARGET!" Then we warned Europe, "Get rid of the missiles so you won't be a target for missiles!" Did they listen?--No! Ten years since I first warned them, right? But they didn't listen, they got more missiles, thinking that more & more missiles would protect them or become a deterrent to a nuclear war at all. Now officials, leaders, military men, politicians & state departments are confessing that more & more missiles are not necessarily going to be a deterrent, they are simply going to be more of a guarantee of a nuclear exchange of some kind.
       19. BUT, THEY SAY, WE'RE GOING TO TRY TO LIMIT IT TO EUROPE. The conventional war, they're telling us, is most likely going to begin in Europe, conventionally perhaps at first, by, they say, Russia's attempted occupation of Western Europe. This is what they're actually saying, publicly confessing & admitting now! As the Russian tanks roll in from the East to the West, Russia naturally having a great advantage, it being her country & right there & Europe her neighbour--in fact, she's really part of Europe--of course she has the superiority in forces, in armaments, in men & tactically, in every way!
       20. WESTERN EUROPE IS SIMPLY NOT ABLE TO DEFEND ITSELF SUFFICIENTLY TO GUARANTEE A VICTORY FOR THE WEST--not even a stalemate for the West, much less a victory--but all authorities who know anything about the situation are saying that if it starts as a conventional war, that of course the East, or the Russians, the Communist nations, will immediately begin to win because of their great superiority & the great advantages that they have both numerically & weaponry etc., & proximity as well, tactically, bases, everything!
       21. SO THEY'RE SAYING THAT OF COURSE THEN THE WEST WILL HAVE TO RESORT TO LIMITED NUCLEAR WEAPONRY TO TRY TO SAVE ITSELF AT LEAST THERE IN WESTERN EUROPE, & that of course, as they in their desperation resort to nuclear warheads that they call tactical nuclear weapons to try to gain the superiority & defend themselves from this overwhelming Russian onslaught, that of course the Russians are prepared to do the same, & they certainly are going to defend themselves & make sure that they win the victory. They will also use nuclear weapons in the so-called "limited warfare" of Europe.
       22. BUT THEN THE HONEST ASSESSORS OF THE WORLD SITUATION SAY--& this is experts on all sides--that of course there's no such thing, really, as a limited nuclear warfare which can possibly be confined to Europe alone. The moment that either side sees that it is losing the war in Europe--which is most likely going to be the Western side--even with both sides using nuclear weapons in Europe & wiping out Europe & part of each other, the Superpowers, of course, when the showdown comes, rather than lose the war & have to become subservient to the other side, both Superpowers will resort to nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles with multiple nuclear warheads to try to wipe out each other, their home countries, such as the U.S. & Russia.
       23. AND THE LEADERSHIP OF THE UNITED STATES IN PARTICULAR IS CONFESSING THIS, & Europe is beginning to be shocked & awakened & have been shocked, absolutely amazed at some of the recent frank flat-out statements of the American President, that of course the next war will be partly nuclear but they're going to try to confine it to Europe. You Europeans had better start getting out of there fast if you want to survive! Of course, if you'd just as soon not survive & go home to be with the Lord early, well, PTL!
       24. THE DANGEROUS THING ABOUT IT IS NOT THAT YOU MIGHT GET KILLED, THAT'S THE EASY WAY OUT, relieved of this World & its problems & its responsibilities & your job for the Lord! But the most dangerous thing about the nuclear war is that you might survive in a nuclear area & merely die a slow agonising death of nuclear poisoning, radiation, fallout, or the horrible chaos & holocaust of total anarchy & total lack of government etc. which will occur in the areas most devastated such as the United States--which stands a much greater chance of being devastated than Russia as I'll soon show you by our globe.
       25. BUT THE AMERICAN ATTITUDE HAS BEEN STIFFENING & they have become more & more of the opinion that nuclear war is virtually certain, war is certain, & if war is certain, a nuclear war is certain, & therefore they're preparing for it. How you can prepare for it, I don't know, but they're preparing to fight it with nuclear bombs. And I wouldn't be a bit surprised they may even be preparing for a pre-emptive attack since they have already decided that that's the way it's probably going to escalate, & they're going to have to use'm eventually anyhow, why not shoot'm now? "Why not wipe out Russia now before she has a chance to wipe us out!"
       26. SOME NUT IN THE WHITE HOUSE OR IN THE WAR MINISTRY--Defense Ministry they call it--or State Department or somewhere, or maybe one of those guys holed up in that mountain in Colorado--is going to decide it's his mission in life to press the button & shoot first. Of course, they've got all kinds of safeguards that are supposed to safeguard against this, all kinds of chain-of-command & special keys & special codes & all kinds of things that are supposed to guarantee that nobody can start this war without special permission straight from the President etc. etc.
       27. BUT YOU KNOW, IT ONLY REQUIRES ONE LITTLE TINY WEAK LINK IN THAT CHAIN, some little nincompoop up there who has the button within reach to suddenly decide that he's called of God or the Devil to punch it, & that may be it! Or as some have said, what about these nuclear subs? They're very difficult to communicate with, you know. The war machine is not quite as efficient as they would have you think, because when a nuclear sub is under water, it's virtually incommunicado by radio or any other means whatsoever.
       28. WHAT IF A NUCLEAR SUB SUDDENLY SOMEHOW GETS THE WRONG IMPRESSION or the wrong hint or the wrong message or decodes it wrong, the computer louses up somehow or another & they get the wrong word & they decide they're the only one left & the war is already in progress? They didn't know it, they've been underwater, they can't get word from headquarters, they guess the President & the U.S. has been already wiped out, the war's already begun & we didn't hear about it, we'd better shoot our missiles right now at Russia & let'm have it! So the nuclear warheads suddenly begin heading for Russia when maybe the war hasn't even started at all!
       29. WHAT'S RUSSIA GOING TO DO WHEN HER RADAR & SATELLITES TELL HER THAT NUCLEAR WARHEADS, THE POLARIS MISSILES FROM THE SUBMARINES ARE ON THE WAY? What's she going to do? It's pretty hard to shoot at those submarines, huh? But no doubt she's going to decide, "Well, we're not going to let this start the war, or we're certainly not going to let it finish it, we had better shoot now before we get it & wipe out the U.S. now before their subs wipe us out!"
       30. I MEAN, THERE ARE SO MANY LITTLE THINGS THAT COULD HAPPEN, & ONLY GOD COULD PREVENT THEM! I've been studying the map today, & if you'll take a close look at the globe, really no place on Earth is really safe except for the Lord, not even from the missiles. Did you know that nobody has yet ever actually shot a nuclear guided missile? So that in spite of all their bragging & all their predictions, they don't really know what they can do & can't do.
       31. THEY CLAIM THEY CAN HIT A TARGET AS SMALL AS HALF A FOOTBALL FIELD FROM HALF-A-WORLD AWAY!--HOW DO THEY KNOW? "Oh, well, we've tested the equipment & we've got the computers to tell us that it will work & it will do this & it will do that"--how do they know? They've never done it yet, nobody's ever shot a nuclear missile yet, believe it or not, in all World history! They have dropped some nuclear bombs on some sad places like Nagasaki & Hiroshima & killed hundreds of thousands of people & maimed hundreds of thousands more, almost millions, in a horrible, horrendous, monstrous attack on the poor innocent civilians--old men, women & children & all--of two defenceless cities, defenceless against such weapons because they didn't even know they existed.
       32. BUT NOBODY'S EVER YET SHOT A MISSILE BEARING A NUCLEAR WARHEAD HALF-A-WORLD AWAY & HIT ANY SPECIFIC TARGET. How do we know what's going to happen? They say the magnetic field set up by the first nuclear bombs to land may be so intense that it may even fritz up the guidance systems of the bombs still coming or those being shot in defence. To the point that God knows where the nuclears are going to head & land, who knows? Hopefully they will go to the designations which they are designated for, let's hope so!
       33. BUT IF YOU'LL JUST TAKE A LITTLE LOOK AT THIS WORLD YOU'LL SEE HOW EASY IT WOULD BE TO MISS, even if they kept on in the right direction. Now the part of the World you want to look at about this nuclear war is not, as we usually see it on a map with North & South America here so nicely, & a nice big 3,000 mile Atlantic Ocean between here, & Europe & Africa seeming so safely far across the ocean over here, & Russia, oh, far far away! It's so far away! It's clear across the ocean & Europe &, oh, half-a-World away! 10,000 miles away! Why worry too much about it? After all, who can guide a guided missile accurately from that distance?
       34. BUT WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON'T REALISE IS THAT THE NUCLEAR WAR BETWEEN RUSSIA & THE U.S. IS NOT GOING TO BE FOUGHT ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN TO EUROPE & RUSSIA LIKE THIS, it's not going to be fought this way, the way you usually see your World maps. But watch this! By the way, this is the North Pole! You didn't know it looked like that, did you? And on the bottom there's the South Pole down here, see? Now you know what the North & South Poles look like--at least on my little balloon globe here! My little balloon globe is just a balloon, believe it or not. If you'd take out one of these stoppers it would go pshhhhhh & collapse & go flat just like a balloon!--Like God is going to take out the stopper one of these days when it is going to collapse!
       35. --BUT NOT TILL AFTER THE MILLENNIUM, BY THE WAY! It's going to stay much the same as it is right now all the way through the Millennium, even the nuclear war & the War of Armageddon, because we have to rule over the World & the people who are left much the same as it is now, except that the tables are turned & things are turned rightside-up!--Not upside-down, but rightside-up! And we'll be on top then & they'll be on the bottom.
       36. BUT THIS WAR IS NOT GOING TO BE FOUGHT ACROSS OCEANS LIKE THIS or the Atlantic Ocean & ten thousand miles, but it's going to be fought like this, just across this little so-called Arctic Ocean which isn't very big at all! It's hardly even a couple thousand miles wide! Can you see the U.S. there? Can you see Russia over here, this nice light yellow area here?--And why they made it light yellow instead of red, I don't know! The Russians are far from yellow! And sad to say, the Americans are far from green! They're pretty well developed in their nuclear weaponry.
       37. BUT THE WAY THEY'RE GOING TO FIRE THOSE WEAPONS IS NOT CLEAR AROUND THE WORLD THIS WAY, BUT IT'S GOING TO BE RIGHT OVER THE NORTH POLE! That's what they say! I'm not a military man & I don't know anything about it except what I read, but the guys who know, they claim that that's the way it's going to be fought, over the Pole. Take a good look again! Russia extends, notice, by the way, all the way from the East European nations here--here's Poland about the most East European right here--clear over here to Siberia! Look at that!
       38. RUSSIA EXTENDS LITERALLY HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD! It's about 12,000 miles wide, think of that! It's a big country! It's got a population of about 275 million people, & if you'd include, of course, all the East European nations & other Communist countries, there's a lot more than that!--Particularly if you'd include China down here--which is called Red China, Communist China, still Communist China. Even if they're more friendly now with the West than they used to be, it's still Communist, still Red, with its 900 million people. And then you've got India down here which has about 800 million people.
       39. THESE THREE NATIONS ALONE--RED RUSSIA, RED CHINA, & DESPITE ITS YELLOW COLOUR HERE, YOU MIGHT SAY, PINK INDIA--because India is becoming much more favourable toward Russia & looking more to Russia for protection & for fellowship & for rapport & détente than to the U.S.A. And why not? India borders right on Red China & Red Russia, they're neighbours! Why shouldn't they feel a little more in common with China & Russia, those Superpowers, than with a little tiny country half-a-World away clear over here called the United States! So no wonder Indira Ghandi--dear Indira--is leaning more from her position here clear over here in India toward neighbouring China & neighbouring Russia.
       40. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE POPULATION OF THESE THREE COUNTRIES IS ALTOGETHER?--800 million, 900 million, & over 300 million if you include Eastern Europe. That makes about two billion! And what is the population of the whole World? They said it was going to be four billion, but in spite of guys who predicted that the World was going to be over-populated it's still staying not too far above the three billion level. They say, "By the end of this century it's going to be four billion!"--But it hasn't increased as fast as they thought it was & it hasn't yet reached four billion as they predicted by the end of this past decade or this decade, it's still not too much over three billion.
       41. SO HERE WE HAVE A WORLD POPULATION OF A LITTLE OVER THREE BILLION, & WE'VE GOT THREE COUNTRIES WHICH CONTAIN ABOUT HALF OF IT! Think of that! Two-thirds of it! Two billion of the three billion! These three countries, the Soviet Union & its satellites in Europe, China & India alone contain two-thirds of the World's population!--Spread out over an area from one end of Eastern Europe to the East end of Russia, Siberia over here, & from the Arctic Ocean clear down to the Indian Ocean. Almost 12,000 miles halfway around the World East & West, & about a quarter of the way around the World North & South! In other words, about 6,000 miles this direction.
       42. IT IS ONE OF THE LARGEST LAND MASSES & AREAS OF LAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD--including, I'm sure, by the time of the War, the Russians having already taken over Afghanistan & they'll no doubt take over Iran! They already have Iran in a position where she's subservient & can't help it. Russia, of course, will also take the Mideast & all this population here as soon as she has a chance--& you can't blame her--to protect herself.
       43. HERE'S A LAND MASS, A CONTINUOUS LAND MASS, MIND YOU, NO OCEAN SEPARATING IT, making it much more easily defendable & tactically maneuverable regarding military operations, 12,000 miles long & 6,000 miles wide. Now if the U.S. decides on even a pre-emptive first strike or any kind of strike, or a defensive strike, it's got one hell of a lot of targets to have to hit to defend itself to accomplish anything. It's spread out over a huge area of six by twelve thousand miles--that's how many square miles? Well, six times 12 is 72, so that's 72,000 square miles. Is that right? No, it's more than that I think, really, because it stretches out the zeroes. Figure it out for me there, I didn't figure that part out yet, but it just comes to me while we're talking, how big it really is!
       44. IT IS AMAZING! 12,000 TIMES 6,000, THE APPROXIMATE AREA OF THIS WHOLE EASTERN PART OF THE WORLD that is going to have missiles & be fighting a war with mostly just one little tiny country on this side of the Globe, this green one here, which is only 3,000 miles long & 2,000 miles wide. Did you get how many millions of square miles it is? It's 72 million square miles or 72 billion? Oh well, you figure it out! I can take a pencil myself & do it here real quick if I had one! Where's your calculators? My goodness, all you have to do is take 12,000 like that & you multiply it by 6,000 like this, bring down these three zeroes here & these three zeroes here, & then you say 6 x 12 is 72. And like I said, 72 million square miles that the U.S. is going to have to try to shoot at & knock out all the missiles & missile silos & missile bases & missile targets in an area of 72 million square miles with a total of two billion population, two-thirds of the World's population!
       45. WHEREAS THE RUSSIANS, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS, ARE ONLY GOING TO HAVE TO SHOOT AT--let's say the U.S. is about 3,000 miles long by 2,000 miles wide--or top to bottom--3,000 miles East to West, 2,000 miles--roughly we're speaking--& if you put in Canada too, of course, that's even more, but Canada isn't supposed to have any I don't think. Bring down these zeroes here & these here & you've got only six million square miles of territory to shoot at. Virtually all of America's missiles are concentrated in a little area of only six million square miles compared to the Communists' 72 million square miles. Now how many times bigger is this area than this area? How many times bigger is 72 than 6?
       46. AMERICA HAS GOT TO SHOOT AT AN AREA POSSIBLY 12 TIMES AS BIG--if you include all the Communist area, China & even pro-Communist India--but virtually speaking has got to shoot at a huge area, at least ten or twelve times as big as the U.S. itself. Whereas Russia with her tremendous capacity & enormous number of missiles--admittedly more than the U.S. etc.--only has to shoot at a little tiny area of the United States about a tenth the size of her & Communist China's area, so she can really concentrate the missiles!
       47. NOW THAT'S A LITTLE BIT LIKE HUNTING! You know when you're shooting at a flock of birds or quail or ducks, you usually have to use what they call buckshot or bird shot or scattershot which will shoot out & cover a wide area & knock out several birds at once in a flock. In other words, if you've just got one hunter with, let's say, one gun. This is comparatively speaking a pretty good proportionate ratio relationship. Let's say the U.S. is the one hunter with the one gun, he's got to use scattershot to hit a whole flock of birds. Whereas, Russia, in a sense, is a whole flock of hunters, each one with a gun, shooting all at the same time at one bird! You get it?
       48. SO WHO DO YOU THINK HAS THE BEST CHANCE OF SURVIVAL?--The 225 million people here in the United States--250 maybe by now--in a small area one-tenth the size of the Communist World, much more heavily armed etc., concentrated in this little tiny area one-tenth the size--or the two billion people, two-thirds of the World's population spread out over an area ten times as big? Who do you think is going to stand the best chance of survival, the most people surviving & the fewest people hit or injured? The two billion people here in this huge area, or the quarter-of-a-billion people here--that's one-eighth the population of the other area, in this tiny area one-tenth the size over here? I think even a simple child, I think even little David & Davida could understand that, couldn't you? Right?
       49. --THAT THIS IS LIKE ONE HUNTER WITH ONE GUN TRYING TO FIRE AT THIS WHOLE HUGE FLOCK OF BIRDS, eight times as many people in an area ten times as big, while this is like eight hunters shooting at just one bird over here in an area only one-tenth the size. So what do you thinks going to happen when they start shooting? Who do you think is most apt to hit most of the targets that they plan to hit, & even if they don't hit'm directly, affect'm & pretty well destroy the whole country pretty effectively?
       50. IF THE MISSILES ARE ACCURATE & ARE GUIDED EFFECTIVELY & MANAGE TO GET WHERE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO GO, CERTAINLY THE U.S. HAS A MUCH BETTER CHANCE OF GETTING IT!--Or may I say a worse possibility of getting it in the neck & the head & the body & the legs & the arms & the feet & the ears & the eyes & the mouth & the toes & everything than this huge body over here, this mighty gigantic giant over here.
       51. WELL, IT WOULD CERTAINLY TAKE THE LORD & A LITTLE DAVID WITH A SLING SHOT TO BE ABLE TO KNOCK OUT THIS GIANT OVER HERE! The only trouble is this time, I don't think this is David, & I don't think this is Goliath! Well, it might be Goliath, but this time David has become a wicked little boy & he's not apt to have his missiles as guided as were the original David's missiles. If the U.S. is the David & Russia's the Goliath, I'm sorry, I'm afraid the U.S. is not on God's side any more. They're not on God's side & neither is God on their side, & they're more apt to miss Goliath than to hit, because I think God is ready to punish this little David here who has gotten more wicked than this Goliath over here.
       52. IF MAN ISN'T TOO SURE ABOUT HOW HIS MISSILES ARE GOING TO BE GUIDED & HOW THEY'RE GOING TO HIT & how accurate they're going to be, you know, I know somebody who knows & who's able to guide every single missile & help it to hit its mark!--And that's God!--And He's able to guide other missiles & help'm to miss their mark! Every one of them! He's got enough angels & saints to be riding on the missiles themselves & turning on or off the mechanisms or misguiding the guidance systems or whatever to fritz up the whole works & make sure that the right missiles hit the right targets & the wrong missiles miss the wrong targets!
       53. AND WHICH NATION DO YOU THINK DESERVES TO GET IT THE MOST? Well, it probably depends on your politics. It probably depends on your "faith in America as being a great Christian nation! Of course God would guide its missiles & destroy these heathen over here!" Well, in case you don't know it, America's become just about as heathen as Russia & maybe even more so, & more responsible for being so heathen because it's had so much light.
       54. AND GOD HAS GIVEN US EVERY KIND OF PREDICTION & EVERY KIND OF WARNING that this time--just like He did to Israel of old when Israel became wicked & disobedient & rebellious & out of the will of God--He allowed her enemies to overcome her. This time God's Word has said it, He has told us, He has given us revelations on it, we have had it in innumerable messages that He is going to allow the U.S. to get it--His judgements--through her enemies over here.
       55. THEREFORE, WHOSE MISSILES DO YOU THINK ARE GOING TO BE REALLY GUIDED MISSILES?--GUIDED BY GOD TO MAKE SURE THEY HIT THEIR TARGET? And whose missiles do you think are going to be guided by God to be sure they miss many of their intended targets over here? I believe God is going to see to it because He's already predicted that the U.S. is going to be destroyed by Russia. Russia will probably get some destruction, it probably deserves some punishment as some of the enemies of Israel got it, but usually not until after they had destroyed God's people & made them subservient for their sins.
       56. AND THIS WAR, SHOOTING WAR, BY THE WAY, AS WE SAY, TAKES PLACE ACROSS THE POLES. Now if God didn't help some of these missiles or deflect'm or guide'm or help them get to their destination or not help them, look what could happen. All these missiles coming from halfway around the World here, from one end of Russia & its satellites to the other, all aimed over here at the U.S. like this, what if some of them fell a little bit short? That wouldn't be too good for you Canadians up here, would it?
       57. WHAT IF SOME OF THEM THEY PUT A LITTLE TOO MUCH JUICE IN'M & THE COMPUTER GOT STUCK A BIT & they just kept on going & passed right over the U.S., where do you think they're going to land coming from the direction of the Pole like this? "Well, I'm so sorry, Mexico, we didn't mean to hit you & Central America! And my God, we certainly didn't expect to give it to you, Castro, there in Cuba & the Caribbean! But it was a very sad little miscalculation & accident, our missiles just went a little bit too far & we overshot the mark & that's how they happened to land on you, Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean." Maybe even this little Northwest corner of South America up here.
       58. MEANWHILE, THE U.S HAS TO SPREAD ITS SCATTERSHOT OUT HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD, so it's very unlikely--especially the great distance across Russia this way--that too many of them will go beyond Russia. It's unlikely they'd have enough fuel, & even if a few of them did miss, where are they going to land? Well, Africa, maybe the Mideast, India might get one or two, Southeast Asia. U.S. missiles coming across here--if they ever got that far, which is unlikely--might overshoot & come down here.
       59. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I DON'T THINK THEY'RE GOING TO! I DON'T THINK THE LORD'S GOING TO LET'M! Because these poor people here really haven't had as much chance to hear the Gospel. And besides, we're going to be scattered out here & there are a lot of us already there! So I don't think He's going to let that happen. I don't think He's going to let Russia miss, if any, as much as He's going to let the U.S. miss Russia--or at least not hit the targets she wants to hit, maybe land out here in the middle of the Gobi Desert or in the middle of the Soviet Tundra or Siberian forest or someplace else.
       60. THAT'S MY PERSONAL OPINION, KNOWING GOD AS I DO, & HIS JUSTICE & HIS MERCY & HIS LOVE, that He's going to be more merciful to this part of the World than to this part over here that has had so much & been so rich & so selfish & so much Gospel & been so selfish with it, so that they even drove our own Family out, many of them. Thank God they did & scattered us around the World where they can never get us all now! It'll take a whole World Government to try to track us down, & even then they're not going to be able to.
       61. SO THAT'S MY OPINION OF THE WAR, & AS I STARTED TO SAY, IT'S GETTING CLOSER EVERY DAY! The United States is hardening its attitude & Russia is resigning itself to its fate that it looks like the U.S. is going to insist on a war & is going to insist that they have to defend themselves with nuclear missiles.
       62. AND THE U.S. WANTS TO CONFINE THE NUCLEAR WAR TO EUROPE & DON'T MIND DESTROYING EUROPE TO SAVE THEMSELVES--that's a nice pleasant selfish thought of the U.S., isn't it?--They're acknowledging that of course they will not really be able to limit it to Europe. That if it does escalate to a European nuclear exchange it's bound to escalate to an intercontinental exchange between the Superpowers, the intercontinental ballistic missiles, & that both of them are going to try to knock each other out.
       63. SO FROM WHAT I'VE SHOWN YOU HERE ON THE MAP, considering the area that the U.S. is going to have to shoot at & the number of people that they're going to have to kill, two billion people to knock'm all out, compared to only a quarter-of-a-billion over here in the U.S. & one-tenth the size, it looks to me like with the help of God--it won't even take much help from God--that the U.S. just physically, normally, logically & militarily stands a much better chance, a worse chance of getting knocked out completely.
       64. SO, YOU SAY, WHAT'S THAT MEAN TO US?--WELL, THE FACT THAT THE WAR IS GETTING VERY RAPIDLY CLOSER ALL THE TIME! How do I know? Well, the hardened U.S. attitude & the resignation of Russia to the possibility of such a war, & the U.S. as well. They're both preparing for it, planning for it, arming for it & have come to the conclusion that it seems to be inevitable.
       65. SO THAT'S ONE OF THE DEFINITE THINGS WE CAN EXPECT--THE WAR IS COMING!--It'll be a nuclear war, it'll be intercontinental, & it will be wild--yes, wild!--widespread Worldwide devastation, at least between these two great Continents of North America & Russia & Asia etc. over here.
       66. WELL, SINCE WAR SEEMS TO BE INEVITABLE & IT IS INEVITABLY GOING TO BE A NUCLEAR WAR, HOW SOON IS THAT GOING TO BE? Well, every day, it seems to me, it's getting closer even than we estimated. With the hardening attitude of the U.S. & the present revulsion & aversion of Europe to nuclear missiles & arms to where there's a large effective movement growing to kick the missiles out of Europe, is the U.S. going to wait until it has lost all of its missile bases in Europe?
       67. IF YOU WERE THESE MILITARY HAWKS OF THE U.S. & ITS MILITARY HAWKISH GOVERNMENT TODAY & you considered nuclear intercontinental warfare inevitable with Russia, are you going to wait for that war until these anti-nuke disarmament movements have kicked all the missiles out of Europe & you can stand an even less chance of being able to fight Russia nuclearly?
       68. NO, I'M SORRY TO SAY, YOU FOLKS WHO ARE FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT IN EUROPE & THE ANTI-NUKE MOVEMENT, YOU ARE ACTUALLY HASTENING THE WAR! Because the U.S. is going to make sure the war occurs before you move all those missiles out of Europe. The U.S. is going to make sure that it stands a better chance of licking Russia while it's still got missiles before you vote'm out, so that means the war is coming even sooner, perhaps, than we expect.
       69. SO YOU FOLKS WHO ARE STILL UP HERE IN EUROPE HAD BETTER GET OUT ALL THE QUICKER! And you folks in the U.S. had better get out all the quicker! The war is coming even faster & quicker & sooner & is going to be all the more devastating, because the U.S. is going to make sure that the war occurs before the missiles are removed!--Which means a horrible devastation in Europe because the Russians will have to aim their missiles at missile-filled Europe, & of course they're going to have to aim their missiles at missile-filled America--& there won't be many misses! The whole North American continent & at least part of the Eastern Hemisphere over here, Russia etc., are going to be devastated--particularly Europe & the U.S.
       70. ARE YOU CONVINCED NOW THAT IT'S TIME TO GET OUT OF THESE TWO VERY UNSAFE AREAS OF EUROPE where the earliest nuclear missiles are apt to be deployed & employed in local warfare here which escalates finally to an intercontinental warfare here & here? I'd say the time is already past for your getting out safely. You'd better get out soon or it may be too late!
       71. AND AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, IF YOU CAN'T GET OUT, THEN THE BEST THING TO DO IS TO MOVE RIGHT CLOSE TO SOME MILITARY BASE, some huge industrial complex or the missile silos where you'll be sure to get it with the first shot & you won't have to survive, because survival is going to be more horrendous & it's going to be more horrible & terrible than getting killed in the chaos & destruction & radiation & fallout that's going to occur in the U.S. & Europe.
       72. AND THE TOTAL ANARCHY & CHAOTIC CONDITIONS OF GOVERNMENT WITH NO GOVERNMENT ANYMORE, MOB CONTROL, GANG CONTROL, CANNIBAL SAVAGE CONTROL! It'll be too late! I don't think I'd even want myself & my children to survive under those conditions! It'll be even worse than being blasted into Outer Space by a nuclear bomb--which to us as Christians will be simply "sudden death is sudden glory."
       73. SO I SUGGEST IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE, & YOU WANT TO SURVIVE IN A LIVABLE ATMOSPHERE UNDER LIVABLE CONDITIONS with a potential possible ministry to others, you had better get out & get out quick of both the U.S. & Europe to--where? Well, Europeans have a choice of going a number of places, & in the next hour's lesson--it looks like it's going to take us three hours to cover this subject--the next question is, well, OK, since the war is coming & it's going to be nuclear & it's going to be intercontinental & there's very little chance of survival in either Europe or the U.S., where should we go?
       74. WELL, WE'VE ALREADY COVERED THIS TO A CERTAIN EXTENT & WE'VE SAID, OF COURSE, THE NATURAL PLACE FOR AMERICANS TO GO IS SOUTH AMERICA. The natural place for Europeans to go is either South America or Southern Asia & the Southern Hemisphere somewhere. Now particulars, specifics regarding World Service Units & Production Units, where we should go, that is another question which we will have to get more specific with in the next hour's lesson & on the rest of this video--which we may not be able to distribute to all of you, but at least to the leaders & the Units concerned. So PTL! God bless you & help you to get out!
       75. LORD HELP'M IN JESUS' NAME TO GET THEMSELVES OUT OF THESE DANGEROUS AREAS INTO AREAS WHICH ARE SAFER IN THE SOUTH where they can at least continue some kind of ministry to souls who need your love & need your help, in Jesus' name we ask it for Thy glory! PTL! Hallelujah! But don't worry! "Keep your eyes on Jesus, do not watch the waves!"--Just watch the World! And remember that, (Sings:)
       He's got the whole wide World in His hands!
       He's got the whole wide World in His hands,
       He's got the whole World in His hands!"

       (Dad spins the globe:) Only it goes this way!

       "He's got the whole World in His hands!
       He's got the whole wide World in His hands!"

It also goes this way!

       "He's got the whole World in His hands"--no, it goes this way—
       "whole World in His hands!
       He's got the whole World in His hands!

       He's got you & me, Sister, in His hands!
       He's got us all in His hands!

       He's got the little bitty baby in His hands!
       He's got the little bitty baby in His hands!
       He's got the great big grown-ups in His hands!
       He's got the whole World in His hands!"

See, it turns this way because the sun rises over here in the East, so it turns toward the sunrise, it turns toward the sun like that.
       78. THAT'S THE WAY IT GOES, CHILDREN, BOYS & GIRLS, MAMAS & PAPAS, IT TURNS LIKE THIS, SEE, ON ITS AXIS--which has a hub at each end, see, like this! The poles are the hubs at the ends of the axis like an axle in your car & these are the wheels & here goes this big wheel round & round! He's got the whole World in His hands--including you & me! PTL? Hallelujah! TYL!
       79. WELL, I DON'T KNOW IF I'VE GOT ENOUGH BREATH & STEAM TO FINISH THIS NOW, but it's pretty important, maybe we can finish the specifics in the next lesson. So GBY! Go South!--And stay alive with the country down yonder! And may the Lord keep you & bless you & make you a blessing--& continue to make you a blessing in the safer South away from the nuclear North, in Jesus' name! GBY! ILY! Bye-bye! See you down South!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family