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WORLD SERIES!--CHAPTER 3!--By Father David       DFO 1243       15/12/81
--The Good News!--The Stats!

       1. WELL, PTL! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! HERE WE ARE BACK AGAIN ON OUR THIRD ONE-HOUR CLASS ON PRESENT WORLD CONDITIONS before the war & regarding the coming war & how soon I think it's coming, & how I think it will affect us, particularly our Family. First maybe I can give you the good news before I give you the bad news! As you can see, I have stacks & stacks of stats here in my lap & the whole World in my arms!
       2. (SINGS:)
       He's got the whole wide World in His Hands!
       He's got the whole wide World in His Hands!
       He's got the whole World in His Hands!"

Well, mine's just full of hot air here, but the World He's got in His Hands is full of 3 billion or more people, which is a big job for the Lord & all His angels & saints to take care of, so I'm sure they're quite busy! But, thank God:
       3. (SINGS:)
       All nature sings of Christ our King!
       This is our Father's World!
       This is our Father's World!
       Oh, rest you in that thought!
       All nature sings of Christ her King!
       This is our Father's World!"

       (Weeps:) Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Amen, Lord! TYJ! We're in Thy Hands, Lord!
       4. THIS WHOLE WORLD'S IN THY HANDS, LORD! WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE. We certainly don't have to worry about the present. You said, "Fret not thyself for tomorrow, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof; for the morrow shall take care of the things of itself." (Mt.6:34) You also said to "Forget the things that are behind & press forward to the things that are before" (Ph.3:13)--& that's what we're trying to do, & doing, Lord, & are describing what we have done this day, TYJ!--To encourage those who are listening & viewing that God is really using us, all of us, & we're really accomplishing something. TYJ!
       5. SO IF YOU HAVE DONE SO MARVELLOUSLY IN THE PAST, LORD, & SO WONDERFULLY USED US TO THE PRESENT & so blessed us today with all that You have blessed us with, all the good work done, all the places we have gone to preach the Gospel to so many creatures, we'll surely be blessed tomorrow, Lord. So it's all in Thy Hands. You've got the whole World in Your Hands & it's Your World, Lord, not the Devil's! He's just stolen it away for a little bit, or trying to, but it'll soon be back fully in Your Hands & totally ruled by You & us, so TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name! Bless us today & make this little talk a blessing & encouragement to all of us, in Jesus' name! TYL! Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       6. SORRY IF I LOOK A LITTLE BLEARY-EYED NOW, MAYBE I NEED A TISSUE, BUT IT ALWAYS TOUCHES MY HEART & makes me a bit teary-eyed when I think of how good the Lord is to us & how good He's been to us & how good He's going to be to us, TTL! Well, I'm sorry, but I'm just going to have to blow my nose, I'm so full of tears, forgive me, but it's only natural. When my father used to make a little noise blowing his nose, he said, "Let every man blow his own trumpet!" Well, the Bible says it's better for another to blow a trumpet for you than to blow your own, but in this case I've gotta blow my own! PTL! GBYA!
       7. WELL, THE GOOD NEWS! AND REALLY I DON'T HAVE HARDLY ANY BAD NEWS--A LITTLE--ABOUT THE FUTURE, because things have to get a little bit bad & a little worse. "Times shall wax worse & worse & the night cometh when no man can work!" (2Ti.3:13; Jn.9:4) That's why we have to do what we can do today while it's yet day! PTL? But I thought it'd encourage you to know what we have accomplished in the last couple of years particularly.
       8. I WENT BACK OVER THE STATS FOR TWO YEARS BECAUSE THAT'S ALL THE EXACT RECORDS THAT I HAVE of our publications for just the past two years. So I went back into Family stats too for the past two years to see just exactly what's happened to our Family. You get those stats & they've been in the Magazine so perhaps you already know them, but maybe you didn't realise how much we've accomplished just in two years.
       9. OUR FAMILY HAS GROWN FROM ONLY ABOUT 7,000 OF US TO ABOUT 9,300, & MAYBE BY THIS TIME IT'S 9,500! I haven't gotten any stats for a couple of months because the stats office has been moving, so it may be more, may be less, I don't know! But we've grown over 2,000 in just the past two years! That's about 1,000 a year, about 100 a month, which isn't too bad for a small church like ours. Most churches would be glad if they had even 100 members! We're growing at the rate of about 100 a month! So, TTL! Amen?
       10. AND WE HAVE GROWN FROM ONLY 1600 HOMES, TWO YEARS AGO, TO NOW NEARLY 2500 HOMES! Think of that! At last count it was somewhere around 2400 but it may be more or less by this time. Because so many of you are moving it makes it a little bit difficult to keep track of you, like the Irishman's flea!
       11. MY BOSS USED TO SAY, "DAVE, WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU? I CAN NEVER GET MY FINGER ON YOU! YOU'RE LIKE THE IRISHMAN'S FLEA! Every time I put my finger down, why, you hop someplace else!"--Because I was traveling around so fast working for the Lord & for him & booking the Gospel on radio & television. It took a lot of travel in 15 years to get it on 300 television stations & 1100 radio stations!
       12. SO IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU'RE LIKE THE IRISHMAN'S FLEA, JUST KEEP HOPPIN' & KEEP POPPIN' & KEEP BITIN'! Give'm a good dose of that Gospel, infect'm with the Gospel so that they develop a real itch for the Lord! Amen? Praise God! Hallelujah! I can get something out of almost anything! Ha! Almost anything illustrates something! I always told you that!
       13. EVERYTHING IS A PICTURE OF SOMETHING! EVERYTHING ILLUSTRATES SOMETHING! Everything in God's Creation is a picture of something in the spiritual! So there's one for you, the Irishman's flea! So, you be like an Irishman's flea! The Lord already pictured us like a little green frog hoppin' around so fast they can't catch up with us but poppin' it to'm everywhere we go! Well, that's our stats & our Homes.
       14. IN THE PROCESS WE'VE DISTRIBUTED ABOUT 100,000,000 PIECES OF LITERATURE JUST IN THE PAST TWO YEARS! Think of that! That's about 50,000,000 pieces a year! That's quite an output for a little outfit like ours!--And some people think it is an out-fit for sure! We give the Enemy fits & sometimes the System!
       15. AND IN THESE PAST TWO YEARS WE HAVE WITNESSED TO ABOUT FIVE BILLION PEOPLE! Now, that's more than the actual population of the Earth, so that shows you that a lot of people have been hearing more than once, & probably more than they deserve! So you need to get out to places that haven't heard! Instead of having some of'm heard 10, 20 or 100 times, get out to places where they haven't even heard once yet! Amen?
       16. DEAR OLD OSWALD SMITH WAS A GREAT MISSIONARY, PASTOR, & HIS ONE CHURCH SENT OUT OVER 500 MISSIONARIES TO THE FIELD! Think of that! They told him he was no good, he couldn't be a missionary, he was in too poor health. He tried to get to the field & they wouldn't send him, so he said, "Okay, I'll go home & I'll send out missionaries!"--And he did! In his lifetime he sent out over 500 missionaries from his church to the foreign fields.
       17. AND HE USED TO SAY, "IF YOU CAN'T BE A MISSIONARY AT THE HOME FIELD, THEN YOU'LL NEVER BE A MISSIONARY ON THE FOREIGN FIELD!" And he used to say, "If you can't be a missionary, then support a missionary!" And he also used to talk about--what was I gonna say?--About how that the missionaries that go out to so many fields... Yes, yes, TYL! You see, if I'm honest & I admit I forgot something, the Lord always reminds me!
       18. HE SAID, "WHY SHOULD ANYBODY HEAR THE GOSPEL MORE THAN ONCE, WHEN SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD IT ONCE? Why should you hear it so many times when there are some who have never heard it?" So we really believe in missionary work & we're a whole outfit of missionaries! We're just about nothing but missionaries! Nearly every Home is a missionary Home & every child is a missionary & that's all we're interested in is doing missionary work around the World, in the Home field, foreign field, wherever!
       19. ABOUT HALF OF YOU ARE STILL IN THE HOME FIELDS OF NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE, but thank God, half of you are out in the foreign fields around the World & been out in more than a hundred countries altogether & presently are in around 70 or 80 countries throughout the World witnessing to all these billions of people, praise God! TYL!
       20. WELL, AS A RESULT, DURING THE PAST TWO YEARS, WE'VE HAD NEARLY ONE MILLION CONVERTS! I'm just talking about the past two years--not many years--in the past two years we've won nearly a million folks to the Lord, think of that! In our whole 10-12 year history we've won about 4-1/2 million, but we've won even just the last couple of years about a million souls to the Lord! Isn't that wonderful? Aren't you thankful?
       21. WELL, WE'VE HAD ABOUT FIFTEEN HUNDRED "K-NEW" DISCIPLES TOO! You know what a "K-new" disciple is? It has nothing to do with canoes, don't misunderstand me, although we've had so many born I wouldn't be surprised if some of'm were born in canoes! They're born in cars & vans & trailers & tents & campgrounds & maybe we had some in airplanes, I don't know! But anyway, we've had 1500 "K-new" disciples! That's k-n-e-w, knew disciples! "He knew his wife & she conceived & gave birth!" (Ge.4:1)
       22. SO THAT MEANS WE'VE HAD ABOUT 1500 BABIES BORN IN OUR FAMILY JUST IN THE PAST TWO YEARS, compared to about 2500 born in the preceding 10 years! Think of that! Only 2500 in 10 years, in the past two years we've already had 1500! My Lord, what is it gonna be like within the next two years?! At the rate we're going, 50-60 children a month, about 7-800 children a year we've been having, we're gonna be up to over 10-12,000 by the end of the next couple of years just by the birth canal in new disciples, & that's the best kind really! Really it's the best kind!
       23. WE WANT TO WIN LOTS OF DISCIPLES, YOUNG DISCIPLES, CHILD DISCIPLES, TEENAGE DISCIPLES, MIDDLE-AGE DISCIPLES, FULL-GROWN OLD DISCIPLES!--We're willing & want to win any kind of disciples we can get! But you know, the best kind of disciple is the one that starts with Mom & Dad from scratch!--From Dad scratching her!--Ahem!--And sowing that little seed & imparting to that seed all their characteristics & wonderful talents & genes & chromosomes & all that kind of scientific stuff that determines the colour of their hair & their eyes & their stature & their skin & the proclivities & tendencies & all kinds of things!
       24. AND I AM FIRMLY CONVINCED OF REAL GENUINE PRE-NATAL INFLUENCE SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING!--That you have a heritage inherited by your children which is incomparable, priceless, better than any amount of money or property or wealth you could possibly give them or health or education or anything, & that is a good spirit! A child born of God into the Kingdom of God by Godly parents & inculcated--all these big words you learn in college that hardly anybody understands--that means something put into them! You put a lot into that child in all those talents & heritage & inheritance & so on, mostly spiritual.
       25. IT'S SOMETHING THAT IS PRICELESS, YOU COULDN'T BUY & IS WORTH MORE THAN THE WHOLE WORLD PUT TOGETHER, & that's the knowledge of the Lord & His Word & the salvation of Jesus Christ & the wisdom of God & the gifts of the Spirit! Just as soon as they get saved & filled with the Spirit--& that's sure they're going to if you really love'm & teach'm right & "bring up a child in the way he shall go, when he is old he'll not depart therefrom," God's Word says! (Pr.22:6) It doesn't say how much older, in fact, the Catholics say:
       26. "IF YOU'LL GIVE US A CATHOLIC UNTIL HE'S FIVE HE'LL ALWAYS BE A CATHOLIC!" Well, that's good! Praise God! Hallelujah! The Catholic Church is doing a pretty good job! They've pretty well evangelised all around the World & they've got hundreds of millions of'm who believe in Jesus & who preach God & at least some of the Bible, & they've spread the knowledge of the Word & God & Jesus & Creation almost throughout the whole World! They've done pretty well!
       27. OF COURSE, THEY NEED A LITTLE BIT TO EMPHASISE A LITTLE MORE FAITH FOR SALVATION & NOT SO MUCH WORKS! It doesn't depend on how good you are or even how bad you are, but it depends on how much you trust the Lord, how much faith you have in Jesus Christ for your salvation! If you believe in Jesus & have received Him as your Saviour & have confessed Him to others, then you are saved, God's Word says! No matter how bad you were, maybe not even no matter how bad you are now or think you are sometimes, no matter how bad you may be Jesus has saved you forever!
       28. YOU'VE GOT ETERNAL SECURITY IN JESUS! Social Security doesn't amount to two anthills! In fact, anthills are worth more because ants really know about security. They really build it up & take care of everybody in a socialised society. They've got the best social security there is! But man's Social Security doesn't amount to two anthills by comparison proportionately, or two cents, especially compared to God's Eternal Security! PTL? Hallelujah! TYJ!
       29. AND IF YOU HAVE TAUGHT YOUR CHILD RIGHT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO LEAD HIM TO JESUS, to understand, to even receive Christ verbally & confess him orally with his mouth, or hers, even before they're two years of age, as soon as they learn to talk & understand what you're saying. And you know, even before that!
       30. A BABY WHEN IT'S FIRST BORN UNDERSTANDS GOD! Did you know that? "Oh, come on! What do you mean?! I'm a full-grown middle-aged man, I'm a Systemite & I don't even understand God yet!" Well, that's for sure! A lot of them don't! They probably understood God better when they were first born! You know how I know babies understand & know God? Can you tell me? Huh? Because what is God? "God is..." Class? (Class: Love.) Louder! (Class: LOVE!) Love! Come on, speak up! They'll think I'm not talking to anybody, for goodness sake!
       31. "GOD IS LOVE!" AND DO BABIES UNDERSTAND LOVE? Well, they may not understand it, but they know it & they can feel it & they can see it in you, their mama & daddy & brothers & sisters & they know they're loved. Right? And they know they need Love & they cry for Love & attention & they're happy when they get it & they receive it & they even confess it in their giggles & gurgles & baby laughter that you've heard!
       32. THEY'RE CONFESSING THAT THEY'RE HAPPY BECAUSE THEY'RE LOVED & they have Love & they know they're loved & so they have Love! Right? So they must have God! Now, if for some reason or other they lose God somewhere along the way up when they get older, it must be because they've lost His Love somehow & lost their knowledge of Him that they had when they were born.
       33. YOU KNOW, WE BELIEVE IN PRE-EXISTENCE! We believe that our spirits existed before we were born, before we were added to that little egg with that sperm impregnating it. And when the woman conceives & the egg begins to grow into a little tiny ovum or a little tiny fetus or a little tiny itty-bitty baby inside of Mommy's tummy, we believe that God adds the spirit!
       34. MAN & WOMAN GIVE THE SEED & THE EGG WHICH DEVELOPS INTO THE FOETUS OF THE LITTLE TINY TINY ITTY-BITTY BABY IN THE WOMB, & then God, when He's ready, I don't know exactly when, but whenever He's ready, whenever He thinks it's time adds the spirit--maybe from the very beginning! I'm more inclined to believe that it's when the baby is fully developed like at about four-&-a-half-months, half-term, the baby is completely developed only he just has to grow! Everything is there!
       35. BY THE TIME THAT LITTLE FOETUS OR THAT LITTLE TINY BABY IN MOMMY'S TUMMY IS FOUR-&-A-HALF-MONTHS OLD, EVERYTHING IS THERE--SO THEY SAY! I don't know! I haven't been in the womb for a long time so I don't remember, but that's what the doctors say! And they say from the time that little baby inside Mommy's tummy is four-&-a-half-months old he's all completely developed, he's got everything that he's ever gonna have--ten fingers, ten toes--or maybe 12 toes like my Daddy did & one of the big giants in the Bible--or two ears, two eyes & seven holes in his head & all those things that you need to live, & then he just grows.
       36. FROM THEN ON HE JUST KEEPS ON GROWING & GROWING & GROWING TILL HE POPS OUT OF MOMMY'S TUMMY IN ABOUT NINE MONTHS! And then he just keeps on growin' & growin' & growin', or she keeps on growin', growin', & growin'! I don't want to get in trouble with Women's Libbers by not saying "she." Now you gotta say "he" & "she" or "it" or "Ms." or something to be sure & include the women! So GBY dear women, we don't want to leave you girls out by any means, especially the moms! And you keep right on growing till you're abut 18 years of age, think of that! So, how did I get on babies? Well, "knew" disciples!
       37. AND THAT'S THE WAY OUR FAMILY HAS GROWN, TOO, FROM JUST ONLY ABOUT 13-14 YEARS AGO THERE WERE ONLY SIX OF US. Think of that! And now there're nearly 10,000 of us! Praise God! And about 13-14 years ago there was only one little Home of us. Now there are nearly 2500 Homes of us, think of that! Isn't that wonderful? PTL! So we're really growin' & we're really accomplishing something & we're even getting about seven or eight hundred knew disciples via the birth canal every year!
       38. WELL, WHAT ELSE HAVE I GOT HERE TO TELL YOU THAT'S INTERESTING FROM THE LAST STATS? Oh my! Here's some good results of witnessing! FF witnessing! You know how many people our Family has FFed or witnessed to in the past two years?--Nearly 100,000 men & women! Think of that! In just the past two years! A total of over 350,000 in the past five or six that we've been practising FFing! Lovin' up folks to prove that God loves them & that we are the Love of God so they'll receive Him. PTL? And as a result, do you know what we've done?
       39. IN JUST THE PAST TWO YEARS WE'VE WON 35,000 SOULS & over twice that many in the past four or five that we've been FFing! Now a lot of people think you've gotta, you know, go to bed with'm or something to call it FFing! You don't really have to go to bed with'm in order to FF'm! You just love'm! In a way, every soul ever won was really FFed with God's Love!
       40. BUT OUR FFing, FLIRTY FISHING, WE REALLY MEAN THAT SEXUAL ATTRACTION HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT. I wouldn't be surprised that a lot of the souls that have been won of boys & girls, a little sexual attraction had something to do with it to begin with. They got attracted on a street & therefore stopped & listened because, "Oh, isn't that a good-looking guy? Oh, isn't that a pretty girl? Let's hear what she has to say! Let's hear that song she's singing!" And in sense they were sexually attracted at first.
       41. BUT PRETTY SOON THEY FELT THAT STRONG SPIRITUAL ATTRACTION WAS AN ATTRACTION THEY NEVER FELT SO STRONG BEFORE & THEY WONDERED WHAT IT IS! "I'm fallin' in love with this girl! I have fallen in love with this boy! I don't know why! I never fell in love like this before!" What they're really doing is falling in love with God! Falling in love with Jesus & His Spirit in you! Amen? So I'd venture to say that sexual attraction has a lot to do with spiritual attraction in many cases & a lot of the souls won, more than just those counted as having been FFed.
       42. WELL, PRAISE GOD, THEY HAVE, HOWEVER, HAD TO ACTUALLY MAKE LOVE TO ABOUT 60,000 TO REALLY GET'M THROUGH & just about 30,000, half of those, within just the past two years! Think of that! I mean, our FFing is booming! We're doing better in the last two years than we did in the first three or four! Oh, excuse me! 35,000 friends were won, 10,000 souls won to Jesus through FFing in just the last 10 years! Praise God? More than 32,000 altogether.
       43. AND GUESS HOW MANY LETTERS OUR DEAR LITTLE FFers, GIRLS & BOYS BY THE WAY, WRITE, & HAVE WRITTEN? They have written over 100,000 letters to those they've been FFing, & they've written half of those just in the last two years! We've been FFing now since at least 1974, right? So that's at least eight years, huh? My goodness, we've accomplished as much within our last two years of FFing in most of these figures as we did in the previous six! Think of that! Of course, there are more of us now & you're in more places & reaching more people, so praise God! Isn't that a wonderful record? Well, I think that's about all I've got to tell you about those records right now, but let me tell you what's helped to do it within the last two years.
       44. I'LL GET AROUND TO THIS WORLD--I'M LOVING UP THE WORLD! God's Word says that "God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!" (Jn.3:16) Amen? So if I seem to be loving the World here, that's the way God does! He loves the World too! And you should love the World! Well, you say, "It says, Love not the World neither the things that are in the World!" Well, in that particular case the interpretation or translation of the word "World" there means System! Love not the Devil's System, the Worldly System or the Worldly things!
       45. BUT YOU'RE TO LOVE THE WORLDLY PEOPLE & TRY TO LOVE'M TO THE LORD, AREN'T YOU?--OF COURSE YOU ARE! God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for us on the cross so that whosoever believed in Him should not perish but have everlasting life! That's how much God loved the World! So I love the World, too! Don't you love the World? Huh? Don't you want'm all to get saved? Oh, God bless the World! God help the World to get saved! Lord love the World in Jesus' name & help us to love'm & get as many of'm saved as we can, Lord, all over the World, in Jesus' name! Amen! X!
       46. I LOVE YOU, WORLD!--ALL OF YOU!--AND I'D LOVE TO GET YOU ALL SAVED IF WE COULD EVERYWHERE!--North & South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Pacific, South Pole, North Pole, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere! The whole World! Amen? "He's got the whole World in His Hands!"
       47. WELL, WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW WHAT WE'VE ACCOMPLISHED IN THE PAST TWO YEARS IN THE WAY OF OUR LITERATURE PUBLICATIONS? I couldn't go back any further because I didn't have any stats here right now--we just moved & all I could go back was about two years--but listen to how much we have published in just the past two years! It's almost unbelievable!
       48. I KNOW THAT IN THE PREVIOUS TEN YEARS OR SO THAT WE'RE NOW UP TO ABOUT 1100 LETTERS, AREN'T WE, MAMA? And we are running about 100 Letters a year! So those were our first pubs, our first publications were just my Letters of Love to you & to the World! So we had written about 800 Letters or more within those first years, but we've been writing Letters at the rate of about 100-a-year! But guess what we've accomplished since those first 800 Letters in just the past two years?
       49. IN 1980 & '81--NOW GET THIS!--IT'S GONNA BE A SHOCKER & YOU HARDLY CAN BELIEVE IT! It was amazing to me when I finally totaled it all up myself just this morning! At the beginning of this two years we were already up to Magazine 14 & that doesn't count all the Letters that were published before we started making Magazines, we already had published 14 Magazines. But since then we have published in just the past two years 25 big Magazines!--That's more than one a month!--Varying from 84 to 260 pages!
       50. THIS LAST MONTH'S MAGAZINE WAS THE BIGGEST WE'VE EVER PUBLISHED, 260 PAGES! Think of that! You say, "Oh, I know! It's getting so long I can't even read it all!" Well, you don't have to read it all! Of course, it'd be good for you if you could! You say, "Oh my goodness! You publish such big Magazines! I don't even have time to read the Magazine much less all these books you're getting out!"
       51. WELL, WE DON'T EXPECT YOU TO READ'M ALL, RIGHT NOW! WE'RE JUST TRYING TO PUBLISH'M ALL RIGHT NOW & get out as much as we can right now while we can & while we can still get'm to you before the war & the Postal System collapses & the printing & everything else maybe, who knows? We're trying to get as many of these tools & publications into your hands right now so that you'll have the tools to do the job & you'll have'm then, & maybe since we may not be getting out any for awhile you'll have lots of time to catch up on your reading & you'll be able to read our books & Magazines till Jesus comes!--Maybe for the next ten years, huh? PTL?
       52. SO WE MAY BE GETTING OUT TEN YEARS WORTH OF READING MATERIAL IN THE LAST TWO YEARS--& IT MAY TAKE YOU THE NEXT EIGHT YEARS TO READ IT ALL! My staff is laughing because they know how busy they are! They hardly even have time to read my Letters! GB'm! Well, they do struggle through & I make sure they do, of course! We have a daily Letter reading at Daily Devotions, do you? They read at least one Letter from me & one Letter out of the Bible at each daily devotions. That's been our custom & I think if you'll do that you'll cover all the Letters.
       53. I DON'T KNOW THAT I REALLY WRITE 30 LETTERS A MONTH, SO I'M SURE YOU'LL COVER ALL THE LETTERS! And maybe you'll cover some of the FN News besides, as well as a few other articles & maybe even get to read a little bit in the Books! Now just because you don't have time to read all those Books doesn't mean that we shouldn't publish so many! It just means that we're stocking you up with all this good feed & spiritual food! We're feeding His sheep!
       54. THE LAST CHARGE HE GAVE TO US WAS TO "FEED MY SHEEP!" To His disciples He said, "Lovest thou Me? Feed My sheep!" (Jn.21:15-17) So, boy, we have been pouring it out! We have been dishin' it out & feeding you sheep & also furnishing you with the tools to do the job & feed other sheep--how to win souls, even how to fix your car & care for your trailer & have babies & everything you could think of! Even how to cook, how to keep house, how to take care of your house & repair things. We've had to teach you about everything!
       55. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY EVER TAUGHT YOU IN THOSE SCHOOLS that amounted to anything that was good for a living or practical life at all, because it seems like we've just had to teach you everything, because you didn't seem to know nothin' when you came to the Family! Well, you had a lot of head-stuffing & a lot of facts & System history & System dates & data & whatnot, & a few of you did learn some few practical things like you auto mechanics & house-builders & plumbers & electricians & computer experts & secretaries & typists--some of you learned some real practical things that you can actually use in every day life.
       56. BUT IT SEEMED LIKE MOST OF YOU NEVER REALLY LEARNED MUCH OF ANYTHING THAT WAS REALLY OF ANY PRACTICAL USE & WE'VE HAD TO TEACH YOU JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING! Besides, when you came into the Family you didn't trust the System anymore & you didn't trust what they had taught you, so you didn't know whether it was right or wrong & you wouldn't trust anything that you learned in school before unless you heard it from us!
       57. SO WE'VE HAD TO SORT OF TEACH YOU ALL OVER AGAIN WHAT WAS THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE & THE TRUE KNOWLEDGE & THE TRUTH & ACTUAL FACTS--including Creation instead of Evolution!--That's one of the biggest facts of all!--And including faith in God & Jesus & the Bible instead of the Devil & his anti-Christs all over the World & his Devil's bibles--textbooks--taught in all the schools of the World! So we've really had to teach you a lot!
       58. SO, HERE WE'VE GOTTEN OUT 25 BIG MAGAZINES IN JUST THE LAST TWO YEARS, & they've grown from 84 pages to--think of it!--260 pages in this last one! 31 small Magazines--that's the Kidz Magazine, LINs & so on which vary from 16 to 32 pages each. We have published in these last two years 21 Books! Think of that!--Besides the Magazines! 21 Books in just the last two years! And they vary from 84 pages to nearly 1000 pages in length! Think of that! Isn't that amazing?
       59. AND THAT'S NOT COUNTING THE MO BOOKS WE GOT OUT BEFORE THAT in the years before when the only Books we got out were MO Books full of my Letters--the Lord's Letters! PTL! But anyhow, now we have gotten out 21 Books just in the last two years. And two colour posters! Well, that may not be many, but that's one a year! I mean, how many posters do you need in a year, anyhow? And two colour calendars each containing 12 posters!
       60. SO THAT'S REALLY 24 OTHER POSTERS IN THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS, OR ABOUT 26 POSTERS ALTOGETHER! You can hang'm all over your walls in every room in the house! After that month has gone by or that year, just cut off the calendar & stick'm up all over anyhow! They're just as good as they were last year! Amen? They've still got the message to your family & your children & your guests & loved ones & even your enemies when they come visiting you! So, PTL!
       61. REMEMBER, EVERY TIME A POLICEMAN KNOCKS AT YOUR DOOR DOESN'T NECESSARILY MEAN HE'S COMING AS AN ENEMY! God's Word says he's a minister of God! (Ro.13:4) He's there to protect you! He just has to come & find out who you are & how you are, "Is everything okay?" It might be just a friendly visit! So don't go freaking out & getting scared & lockin' up all the doors & shuttin' the windows & drawing the blinds & turnin' out all the lights, scared to death that he's come to arrest you for passing out too much lit or something!
       62. GO TO THE DOOR, THROW IT WIDE OPEN WITH A FRIENDLY, "HELLO THERE! HOW ARE YOU?! GBY! SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU! WON'T YOU COME IN?" Give him a good handshake! "Come on in & have a cup of coffee! Well, what can I do for you, huh? What would you like to know?" He's probably gonna be so astounded by your welcome cheerful reception--which is probably a lot different from what he gets from most doors he knocks at--that he's gonna be just about swept off his feet & really begin to cheer up & glad he came!
       63. "YOU KNOW, YOU'RE NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL! You don't have horns like the System said you did! You're not a monster with huge gnawing teeth & ready to go around kidnapping people & brainwashing'm!" Oh yes, we do brainwash'm, especially if they have dirty brains & dirty minds full of dirty thoughts! We love to brainwash those dirty minds & make'm nice & clean with the pure water of the Word of God, & their hearts clean with the Blood of Jesus! Praise God? We believe in really brainwashing & heartwashing too! TYL! Well, I'll just throw a few little extra thoughts in for extra measure!
       64. IN FACT, MAYBE YOU CAN SAY, "OH, YOU WANT TO SEE OUR LIT? WELL, LOOK! HERE'S WHAT WE PASS OUT!"--And you can give him some of these nice juicy things. Show him the calendars on the walls, the posters. They're bound to get fascinated with this new Bible Prophecy poster on the Endtime & he may forget all about what he came for if you just get him interested in the Future! Why worry about the past? Well, maybe you did pass out a little too much lit or maybe you shouldn't have asked for a donation, or maybe, after all, you slipped up a little bit on your visa. Well, don't do that! Try to keep those things current & right! Try to obey all the laws you possibly can!
       65. THERE'S ONLY ONE KIND OF LAW THAT YOU DON'T REALLY HAVE TO OBEY, & THAT IS WHEN THEY TELL YOU NOT TO PREACH THE GOSPEL! If they forbid you to pass out literature, well, you can still preach the Gospel, can't you? You can go out busking, or in the park, or door-to-door, offices. You can still witness [DELETED] quietly, to individuals. You can keep on preaching the Gospel in a way that there's not necessarily any law to stop you.
       66. ALTHOUGH SOME PLACES THEY'VE EVEN GOT LAWS AGAINST WHAT THEY CALL "PROSELYTISING"! In other words, you're not allowed to win souls to your religion! It's against the law! And this, sad to say, is particularly true in some of the more [EDITED: "strict"] countries such as the Arab countries & Oriental countries & some countries where other religions have a very tight, firm, dictatorial grip & they don't want you carrying off any of their sheep! Well, frankly, if you ask me, mostly what they've got is goats, & they need to be converted into sheep! So! Anyway, don't worry too much about that! Just keep on preaching the best you can!
       67. BUT, IF FINALLY THEY JUST MAKE IT SO IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO DO ANY PREACHING AT ALL, THEN IT'S TIME TO MOVE! That's called persecution! When they stop you from any kind of preaching of the Gospel in any way whatsoever in their country or their town, if they stop you, actually stop you. I don't mean just, you know, give you a little warning here, "Don't do this on this corner!" Well, go down around the block on the opposite corner! Or, "Don't do this here in this park!" Well, go to some other park!
       68. BUT I MEAN IF THEY REALLY CLAMP DOWN ON YOU & ALL THE POLICE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU & trying to stop you & everything, & they make it impossible for you to witness or preach the Gospel, then that's persecution, if you want to know what persecution is. It's time to move on someplace where they will receive you & they won't stop you from preaching. PTL! By the time you've gotten that far it usually means you've done the job, you've saturated the country or the town & those people, & they've had all they deserve & God deliberately sends along a little persecution. If you don't wake up to that fact soon enough, He sends along a little to move you along!
       69. WELL, WE GOTTA FINISH THESE STATS, AT LEAST, REAL QUICK! Calendars, & guess what besides that? I think it's just the past year now! We don't even have the count on how many audio tapes we've sent out during the past several years from Wild Wind--dear Beriah & Beth there are just working like Turks! I don't know how Turks work, but that's what they say, "Working like a Turk!" I guess they have to work pretty hard, although most of the people from those countries look to me like they work pretty slow! But anyway, working hard for the Lord!
       70. WHY DON'T THEY SAY, "WORKING LIKE A CHRISTIAN"? Well, because most Christians we've seen don't look like much of a picture of work if you look at the average church! Isn't that a sad thing, that Christians aren't so noted for working so hard for the Lord that nobody says, "Oh, he works like a Christian!" Well, maybe they'll say, "He works like the Family!"--I hope--because the Family is really working for the Lord!
       71. BESIDES ALL THE TAPES BETH & BERIAH SENT OUT IN THE YEARS BEFORE, in the past--not even two years--but in just the past year we have sent to you free of charge about 70 different kinds of tapes! Think of that! Music tapes, preaching tapes, dance tapes, soul-winning tapes, show tapes, everything you can imagine! And that's not even counting the new video show tapes or anything! That's not counting any of the video tapes, that's just the audio tapes! Not counting any of the tapes last year, just the tapes of this past year! Think of that!
       72. SO IN THE PAST TWO YEARS WE HAVE ACTUALLY PUBLISHED OVER 150 DIFFERENT ITEMS: MAGAZINES, BOOKS, TAPES, YOU NAME IT! Think of that! 150 in just two years, in just 24 months! That's an average of six different items a month, think of that! And now you're even getting more than that. Some of you are getting ten tapes a month, ten tapes alone! Plus a Magazine or two & one or two books & all kinds of things! So the Lord has really blessed & we have really been dishing it out the best we can!
       73. WELL, THAT WAS THE GOOD NEWS THAT I WANTED TO TELL YOU BEFORE I TELL YOU WHAT I THINK IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN! I forgot to tell you one of the reasons that I believe the war is coming very soon--& it looks like the U.S. is trying to precipitate it, or preparing for it--is this recent move on Libya. By the time you get this, I don't know how far they'll have gone! They may have already occupied Libya by this time. But right now they're saying they're gonna force all 1500 Americans who are still left there out of Libya if they have to pass a law or use what jurisdiction they've got to get'm out, all Americans!
       74. NOW NO COUNTRY TELLS ALL OF ITS CITIZENS TO GET OUT OF ANOTHER FOREIGN COUNTRY UNLESS THERE'S A WAR GOING ON THERE. Well, there's no war in Libya! Or unless they know there's going to be a war going on there! Well, what war could possibly be going to go on in Libya, a little ol' country of only two million people, & a little young man that the rest of the World calls some kind of a weirdo or a crackpot or insane or a nut!
       75. [DELETED] [EDITED: "H"]e's trying to do the best he can for his people & he's helped them a whole lot. He's a good man trying to help the poor, actually! He may not always be right, he may not always do it the right way, but God has kept him there for years in spite of all of his enemies & in spite of all the Jews in the World that hate him, & all the Gentiles too! In fact, it doesn't seem like he has any friends hardly.
       76. BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN THE U.S. CALLS HIM & HIS LITTLE TINY COUNTRY--ONE OF THE SMALLEST IN THE WORLD, ONLY TWO MILLION PEOPLE--"AMERICA'S GREATEST ENEMY!" I should think they'd be ashamed to confess that, that their greatest enemy is a little tiny country in North Africa of only two million people! Can you imagine?! That's a scream, huh? Well, you'd think, at least they'd make the giant Soviet Union their number one enemy, the greatest danger to America! But, no! They call this little tiny country of Libya with its little tiny young fellow running only two million people--I mean, less than one-percent of the population of the United States--they call "their greatest danger & their greatest enemy"! And now: "They're so dangerous all you Americans gotta get out quick because he might just murder you, slaughter you or kill your President!"
       77. GODAHFI MUST REALLY HAVE HAD A LAUGH OUT OF THIS, IN A WAY, IF IT WASN'T SO SERIOUS, BECAUSE HE'S REALLY GOOD TO AMERICANS THERE! I mean, you ask the Americans that live there & work for his oil companies! He pays'm good, he gives'm mansions to live in, even let's'm use water to water their grass & their flowers when he doesn't even have a blade of grass or a flower on his own property of his own house because he doesn't want to waste the water which is so valuable in Libya! He even let's Americans water their lawns, doesn't he? They're the only ones we saw in all of Libya that had nice big green lawns & flowers & kept the sprinklers going all day long--which you have to do in that hot desert country!
       78. BUT, "OH, HE'S THE GREATEST DANGER IN THE WORLD NOW! GOTTA GET ALL THE AMERICANS OUT QUICK!" The Americans there must be having a laugh too wondering, "What the hell's going on?! We're happy here! We're doing fine! We're well paid, live comfortably, we have everything we need! We even get to go on vacations about every month to Malta & Djerba Island & places like that out of the oil fields!
       79. "WHAT'S THE MATTER? WHAT'S THE BIG SCARE?! We're not afraid of Godahfi, we're not afraid of Libya, we're not afraid of our oil companies, we're not afraid of our job or our home or anything here! What are we supposed to be afraid of? What's so dangerous here in Libya?!"
       80. I'LL TELL YOU WHAT'S SO DANGEROUS! THEY'D BETTER LOOK AROUND! The reason the U.S. wants to get their citizens out of Libya is because the United States is the greatest danger in the World to the American citizens in Libya! Which must mean only one thing, the United States of America must be planning to attack Libya & seize it & its oil!
       81. THE U.S. PRESIDENT JUST RECENTLY CALLED A CONFERENCE OF ALL THE BIG OIL COMPANIES THAT HAVE OIL THERE, & said, "Now boys, don't worry!" And they came out of the conference & said, "We understand the President's point! We understand what he's trying to do & we're satisfied! We're gonna try to get our citizens out!" He probably told'm, "Now boys, be patient! Get your boys out, get your citizens out, get your workers out now & pretty soon we'll grab the whole works, the whole country, oil & all, & you can have it all, not just part of it!"--That's American logic!
       82. THEY'VE ALWAYS BELIEVED IN VIOLENCE, THEY'VE ALWAYS BELIEVED IN AGGRESSION, THEY'VE ALWAYS BELIEVED IN GRABBING BY FORCE WHATEVER THEY WANTED, & I think this little tiny seemingly insignificant young fellow there has just been a needle & a thorn in their side & irritated them beyond measure!--Because he speaks the truth about them, he tells the truth about America & the way it is just as bad as any other big Superpower, & maybe even worse! So there we are, another reason why I think the war must be just around the corner. Because why else would the U.S. be making its citizens get out of Libya, unless it's planning to attack Libya, & if it attacks Libya, that could actually produce the war! It could precipitate the war.
       83. SO YOU FOLKS WHO ARE NOT YET OUT OF THE COLD, FROZEN, DANGEROUS, NUCLEAR NORTH--& THAT'S ABOUT HALF OF YOU--HAD BETTER GET MOVING SOUTH! Get packin' & get movin' soon because it's dangerous up there! You'd better come South & down where the climate is beautiful & the people are wonderful & the sowing is good & the preaching is good & the results are good!
       84. I THINK GOD MUST REALLY LOVE THE LATINS! I'm gonna write a Letter about "The Lord Loves the Latins!" Because look how we have prospered almost more in Latin countries, Catholic countries! We have gotten more Family, won more souls & made more progress, & now more of us moving there than any place else in the World!
       85. SO THAT IS THE WONDERFUL STORY OF WHAT WE'VE ACCOMPLISHED, BUT I'M WARNING YOU, BELOVED, YOU TAKE ONE LAST LOOK AT THIS GLOBE! I haven't got much time left, but look! You're moving from North America to South America, from Europe to South America, & from Europe, some even into Africa! Some even down here in South Africa. We found out that it's a Christian country & they believe in Jesus & the Gospel! You may not be able to pass out our lit there but you can do one wonderful amount of FFing! It is a fishin' hole for FFing down there & they love it!
       86. AND A LOT OF YOU ARE MOVING DOWN TO S.E. ASIA, INDIA! You Commonwealthers ought to get to India as fast as you can go, or to Hong Kong or Singapore or some of these other places where they accept Commonwealthers! But for God's sake, don't go to Australia! Australia's got enough people already & they're trying to go North into the East Indies & S.E. Asia & all these places that need more missionaries.
       87. SO THAT'S WHAT I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU, IS THE TIME IS SHORT & THE DAYS ARE EVIL & THE NIGHT'S COMING WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK! (Eph.5:16; Jn.9:4) We're trying to publish everything we possibly can the past two years, because who knows if we can publish it next year! Who knows if we can publish anything next year! Who knows if the postal system will be in existence & we can mail it to you! Who knows who's gonna be in existence besides! If you folks don't get out of that frozen North, instead of 2500 families we're only gonna have about 1500 families after the war! I didn't get time to go into all the details of what I think it's gonna be like after the war, but maybe that'll be another lesson later.
       88. BUT WITH ONLY 1500 FAMILIES AFTER THE WAR & MOST OF THEM IN SOUTH AMERICA, where do you think is the place for us to make the push & the best place for us to get it together & try to keep the ministry going even if we have to do it by courier & by hand?--If there's no mail, no governments up here & about all that's left is South America, Africa, India, Asia & the Pacific? Well, since most of you'll be here, we're gonna have to, most of us try to concentrate our efforts here.
       89. AFTER THE WAR WE MAY NOT EVEN BE ABLE TO MAIL THE MAGAZINES TO YOU FOLKS CLEAR OVER HERE IN S.E. ASIA OR THE PACIFIC! I'm sorry! But we gotta put most of the folks first. And if we go, we're most apt to go this direction & not that direction because most of you, Family, are in this part of the South, South America, & even South Africa & India & places like that. So may the Lord bless you & keep you wherever you go, & may you go soon so that we won't lose half our families in that nuclear North, & we will be in the safer South! Amen? PTL! GBAKY! How many more have we got left? Oh, praise God! I got a few more minutes to tell you good-bye.
       90. WELL, THAT'S THE MAJOR FINAL WORD I'M TRYING TO GET TO YOU, IS PLEASE GET OUT OF THE NORTH AS FAST AS YOU CAN! The war could begin any time, almost any minute the way this madman is...madmen are running the United States! I mean, poor Russia, what do you expect? She's gotta defend herself, & there might even be a few crazy ones there, I don't know.
       91. BUT ANYBODY THAT'S PLANNING TO USE NUCLEAR ARMS IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE THEY'RE JUST ABOUT ALL CRAZY!--These people that are gonna start shooting the bombs that'll half destroy the World! So I think it's time for you & me & all of us to get out of this dangerous North, every one of you, & if you don't, we're only gonna have half a Family left! So do it now!
       92. AND AS WE'VE ALREADY SAID, THE PLACE IT SEEMS THAT THE LORD IS REALLY PUTTING EMPHASIS ON IS HERE IN SOUTH AMERICA & IN INDIA & S.E. ASIA & THE ISLANDS OF THE SEA! So flee while you have a chance so we'll still have some Family, still be able to send you some Magazines, still send you more Books, posters, calendars, tapes--& oh, the tapes that you haven't even heard yet, wait'll you hear'm! They're marvellous! And the video tapes!
       93. WE'RE JUST GETTING THE VIDEO LIBRARIES ORGANISED & VIDEO CIRCUITS & YOU'LL SOON BE ON ONE OF THOSE CIRCUITS & BE ABLE TO SEE'M at your LAF or DAF or GAF or whatever it is! And please send us on all that information on the Voluntary TRF, the Vol TRF, so we can get those organised & so the dear missionaries that are leaving their home countries & going to your field will know where to go, how to go & what to bring with'm & all the rest!
       94. WE'VE GOT A TREMENDOUS FUTURE IN SPITE OF THE WAR! I wish I'd had time to tell you! It's gonna be tougher, it's gonna be rougher, it's gonna be harder, & it's gonna be slower in some ways, but maybe God's gonna give us some supernatural, miraculous ways to do the job in spite of everything! Amen? GBY! ILY! Lord bless & keep'm & keep'm busy for You & make'm a blessing to millions, in Jesus' name! Amen! X! ILY! GBAKY & may the Lord continue to make you a blessing as long as possible! Amen! GBY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family