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WORLD SERIES!--CHAPTERS 4 & 5!--The Great Confusion: When & Where!       DFO 1244       15/12/81
--By Father David

       1. PTL! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! AMEN! WELL, THIS IS ACTUALLY CHAPTER 4 NOW, THE FOURTH HOUR, IN WHAT I THINK I'LL CALL THE WORLD SERIES, because it's all about the World & it's a series! So if the World can have its World Series, why can't I? PG! Our last series on Bible prophecy was called "The Garden of Eden" Series & we dealt in the overall prophecies & doctrines & history from beginning to end, from the Beginning of the World to the End. It began in the Garden of Eden & it ended up with a Garden of Eden on Earth again in the Millennium. PTL!
       2. IN THIS PARTICULAR SERIES WE ARE GOING INTO A LITTLE BIT GREATER DETAIL REGARDING COMING IMMEDIATE EVENTS & PRESENT CURRENT-DAY EVENTS TODAY that are leading up to the immediate events which will precipitate the war, the final great war of this particular age of man which introduces the Antichrist World Government, eventually to have the Antichrist himself as its head, followed by the Tribulation, the Coming of Christ, the Millennium & so on. But I'm going to try to point out to you a few more specific details regarding the coming war & how I think it will affect the World & then us, the Family.
       3. I'M NOT ANY MILITARY AUTHORITY, NEITHER AM I NECESSARILY ANY POLITICAL AUTHORITY, EXCEPT I KNOW GOD'S WORD & IT'S AN AUTHORITY ON EVERYTHING! I only know what God's Word says & what He has told us & this is all we know. The rest we can only theorise. But we know from what God's Word has said from the beginning that there's coming this great war. We know from what the Lord has said to us there's coming this great war.
       4. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME OR THE BIBLE OR THE PROPHECIES THAT GOD HAS GIVEN, you don't have to be a prophet to look around you & read the newspaper & watch the news on television or hear it on the radio to know that the war is very near at hand, a great final World War, at least for the time being. It's not the final one. There'll be two more big ones after that.
       5. THE ANTICHRIST WORLD GOVERNMENT REIGN WILL BE INTRODUCED BY THIS NUCLEAR WAR. It will then be ended by the return of Christ & the Battle of Armageddon in which the Heavenly forces are engaged with Earthly & demonic forces to end the Antichrist reign. The Antichrist reign is introduced by a war between men & men, man himself, & it ends with a war in which God & the forces of Heaven under Jesus Christ & us conduct an invasion from Outer Space onto the Earth & conquer all the governments of man & set up the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
       6. SO THE ANTICHRIST'S BEGINNING & END IS BOTH IN WAR! He takes control of the World through or after this nuclear war between East & West, or North & South, rich & poor, then the Lord takes control of the World after him with us & the forces of Heaven ending his reign at the end of his seven-year reign. Followed by a period of Heaven on Earth, the Garden of Eden on Earth, a restored Earth as it was & should've been & was in the days of Adam & Eve with much of the curse removed & under the rule of God & His Kingdom.
       7. SAD TO SAY, THE MILLENNIUM ALSO IS INTRODUCED WITH A WAR & ENDS WITH A WAR. It is introduced with the War of Armageddon, the forces of Heaven conquering the forces of Hell on Earth, & then it ends with the Battle of Gog & Magog between the very forces of Satan himself in command against the forces of God with Christ in command, & in which he & all his forces are finally completely wiped out, including all the population of the Earth remaining destroyed & the entire surface of the Earth burned up & the Earth's atmospheric heavens also burned up & destroyed, after which God gives us a New Heavens & a New Earth.
       8. HE RENEWS THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH, NOW PURIFIED BY FIRE, INTO A REALLY MARVELLOUS HEAVEN ON EARTH, better than the Garden of Eden, better than anything the World has ever seen & with an atmospheric heavens to equal it, heavenly in every respect & beautiful almost beyond imagination! I have been there! I have seen it in dreams & vision, & it's just virtually indescribable how beautiful & gorgeous & beyond your most fantastic imaginations!
       9. GOD JUST TURNS ON ALL THE BEAUTY HE CAN POSSIBLY CREATE, & in that Heaven on Earth, that final Heaven on Earth, the eternal one of the New Heaven & the New Earth, it will be the most beautiful of all & the most perfect! Perfect government of God directly & perfection in every way! Except for a few little odds & ends & loose ends that still have to be tied up & a little mopping up with the few people who are left on the surface of the Earth, who are resurrected but live not within the City--the Holy City of the saved, the New Jerusalem, the City that comes down from God to man--not in that Heavenly City, in the New Heaven, but out on the New Earth.
       10. OBVIOUSLY THEY HAD TO BE RESURRECTED, OBVIOUSLY THEY HAVE SOME KIND OF IMMORTAL BODY NOW WHICH WILL LIVE ON, & it sounds like to me from the Bible that it means all generations & all those that were created, all the souls who have ever lived will be either in the City or out of the City. The saved will live in the City & can go in & out. Those who are unsaved will live outside on the surface of the Earth & will be in subservience to the City & to us who live in it.
       11. IT IS ANOTHER ONE OF GOD'S AGES OR ONE OF HIS STAGES, one of His eras in which things are all going to be settled & made right & purified. The nations of the Earth are going to be healed of all their diseases & sins & rebellions & everything is going to be made perfect in a complete, eternal, universal reconciliation of all things to God Himself, both His so-called natural creation & also man, all men whoever lived on the face of this Earth.
       12. YOU SAY, "OH MY! IS THERE GONNA BE ROOM FOR SO MANY PEOPLE?" Well, since four-fifths of the Earth today is water & seas, & in the New Earth there are going to be no more seas, it will all be land except for perhaps rivers & lakes. And there are hills & trees & flowers & beauties much like the World is today, even more beautiful! But there'll be plenty of room for all the population of the World that ever lived.
       13. IN A SENSE, IT'LL BE A HEAVEN ON EARTH FOR EVERYBODY, even though some are not saved or were not saved & have not the right to enter the Golden City or walk its golden streets, & whose occupants will be us, the rulers of the World. But there will be others outside, as God's Word describes & which I've already covered in former lessons. That's just a brief rundown of the order of events that are coming!
       14. BUT AFTER THAT BIRD'S-EYE VIEW, I WANT TO ZERO IN A BIT ON THE TIME IN WHICH WE ARE NOW LIVING, immediately preceding the great nuclear war which will destroy a part of the surface of the Earth, possibly a third from some statements in the Bible, maybe less. We don't know exactly. We don't have to know, that's why He doesn't tell us! But it'll be enough that there will be great chaos & great confusion as a result of this tremendous nuclear exchange which will end the next World War within one day. In fact, most of it will be destroyed within one hour! God's Word says so, & I believe it, & that's in the 18th Chapter of Revelation if you want to read it!
       15. MOST NUCLEAR SCIENTISTS ALSO, & EVEN THE MILITARY MEN NOW & POLITICIANS AS WELL, ARE PREDICTING VIRTUALLY THE SAME KIND OF WAR, when it begins, & it's obviously the next war because it will be the first war fought with nuclear arms & missiles. Therefore it's going to be, of course, the last nuclear war as far as we can see because it'll be the last war fought between nations & between men on Earth with Earthly weapons. The next war, at the end of the Antichrist reign, will be a supernatural war in which the forces of Heaven attack all of the remaining nations & forces on Earth which are in rebellion against the Lord. (Coughs.) Excuse me.
       16. LORD, REBUKE THE ENEMY & HIS ATTACKS ON US! He would like to prevent us from clarifying this issue & showing our Family, as well as perhaps even the World for all we know, what is happening right now & about to happen, & why, & what we should do about it now in view of what is going to come to pass even afterward as well. In Jesus' name, bless & help us! TYL! But, as we've said before,
       17. (SINGS:)
       All nature sings of Christ our King,
       For this is my Father's World!

       This is my Father's World!
       Oh, comfort ye with this thought!
       All nature sings of Christ her King,
       For this is our Father's World!"

       "He's got the whole World in His Hands!
       He's got the whole wide World in His Hands!
       He's got the whole wide World in His Hands!
       He's got the whole World in His Hands!"

       18. JUST LIKE I HOLD UP THIS LITTLE PLASTIC AIR-FILLED GLOBE IN MY HANDS, God in relation to this Earth is even greater than I am in relation to this little balloon, & even better able to control it than I am to control this little balloon. In fact, He rotates the Earth in perfect synchronisation & unison with the music of the spheres & all the orbs & planets & stars that He has created, & it runs exactly perfectly! There's not a thing out of time or out of sync or off its bearings in any way!.
       19. THERE'S NOTHING AT ALL THAT IS IMPERFECT, REALLY, ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT'S JUST THE WAY HE MADE IT! This little old globe is just an illustration, a map or copy of what the big Earth itself that we're on right now looks like. If you were one of the astronauts & able to get out there far enough it would look a little bit like this. Of course, the countries are not actually coloured different colours like this, they're virtually all either green or brown or sandy yellow depending on whether they are verdant, green & well-watered, or whether they are brown & barren wilderness, or whether they are yellow sandy deserts.
       20. AND OF COURSE, THE WATER, IT MAY LOOK A LITTLE BLUE. I don't know whether the astronauts have ever told us about that or not. Does the water look blue? Oh, the water does look blue from out yonder! And the grass looks green & the trees look green, & I presume they're up too far to see the flowers. But they say they can still see sunsets & things like that. Is that right? And they see clouds & all of that sort of thing.
       21. WELL, IN THIS WORLD SERIES WE ARE ABOUT TO ENTER ONE OF THE LAST WORLD WAR SERIES which is the most famous World Series that this Earth ever fights in its Worldwide wars, the ultimate sport of man for which all other sports prepare him in competitive physical conflict & combat & confrontation, such as the famous Olympic games, patterned after the Olympic games of ancient Greece, now they have become a Worldwide sport.
       22. THE OLYMPIC GAMES TRIES TO PLAY UP THE IDEA THAT OF COURSE IT'S ALL FOR PEACE & they light the torch of peace & it's a peaceful movement, but, don't let'm kid you! They may think so & they may ignorantly assume such, & they may even be sincerely trying to make it a substitute for war. But what is the actual truth is that the Olympic games are simply man's sporting substitute for war!
       23. NOW DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE DOGS BARKING! Whenever you're anywhere where dogs are barking, why, you can thank God that God made dogs to bark! Because God made dogs to be a friend of man, companion, to be loved & to love, so even dogs know the Love of God! And if they love you & they're your dog, they'll bark to defend you & warn you of coming danger.
       24. I'M ONE OF THE DOGS OF GOD! I'm barking today to warn you of what's gonna happen, that there's danger approaching, enemies coming & you'd better look out & prepare & either be ready to fight it out or run, one or the other! Well, God teaches us not to fight it out with man's ways & man's carnal weapons, but rather with His spiritual weapons.
       25. "FOR WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH & BLOOD, BUT AGAINST HIGHER POWERS IN SPIRITUAL SPHERES!" (Eph.6:12) Therefore we cannot just fight physically & our [EDITED: "spiritual"] weapons of war are not of man, they are not of the flesh. They're not even of steel or nuclear bombs, they're even more powerful! They are spiritual & able to conquer all of these weapons of man & able to even conquer the World, which they will someday, TTL!
       26. IN FACT, THAT WAR IS GOING ON ALL THE TIME IN THE BACKGROUND IN THE UNSEEN SPHERE OF THE SPIRIT WHICH IS ALL AROUND YOU & EVEN IN YOU!--That war is going on between God & the Devil, between Jesus & Satan, between the forces of the Lord & the forces of Antichrist. Between you--if you are of the Devil--& me, because I'm of the Lord! But if you are a Christian & of the Lord, then the war is between us & the horrible forces of Satan & the evil people of this World!
       27. SO FREQUENTLY THIS WAR, HOWEVER, BREAKS OUT INTO OPEN PHYSICAL WARFARE BETWEEN THE FORCES OF MAN HIMSELF, because the Enemy of our souls & our bodies is out to try to destroy as many of us as he can. His whole purpose from the very beginning in the Garden of Eden when he tempted Adam & Eve was to try to destroy the Creation of God!--And he's still at it! And he's done a pretty good job of it, or a pretty horrible job of it, to a great extent already.
       28. HE'S DESTROYING THE ATMOSPHERE WITH HIS CHEMICALS, he's polluting the water with his pollutions & chemicals, he's polluting the seas with oil spill from ships & derricks & oil wells & so on. He is polluting the surface of the Earth & he's trying to destroy the Earth & the Creation of God & man on it if he possibly can. If he couldn't rule it, which he wanted to do--he wanted to be God himself & rule the World--then he decided he would rather destroy it than let God have it, because he was jealous of God & he wanted to be God himself!
       29. HE WASN'T SATISFIED WITH BEING THE GREATEST ARCHANGEL IN HEAVEN, LUCIFER, & THE VERY RIGHT-HAND OF GOD HIMSELF, THE LIGHTBEARER! He wanted to be God himself & be worshipped & have no other God! So for this reason God rejected him from being Lucifer & rejected him from ruling the Heavenlies, & he has ever since been at war with God! And of course, when God ordained His Son to be born on this Earth, Jesus Christ, as an example of what God Himself is like, then Satan was immediately at war with Christ, the Son of God!
       30. IN FACT, HE TRIED TO KILL HIM FROM THE TIME OF HIS BIRTH when the evil, wicked, horrendous King Herod sent soldiers to slaughter every baby in the town where He was born, hoping that He would be killed since He threatened his throne, he thought--& He did, in a way, but not the way he thought! And He had to run for His life with His mother & father down into Egypt to escape that horrible death!
       31. WELL, HE DOES THREATEN THRONES! IN FACT, HE THREATENS EVERY THRONE OF MAN THAT'S NOT OF GOD! And one of these days all their power & their dominions will be taken away from them & Christ will set up His Kingdom on Earth after He comes, coming back with us after the Rapture & the Marriage Supper of the Lamb & the Battle of Armageddon. He'll come back with us to set up His Kingdom on Earth & that'll be the only Kingdom, & all other lands & kingdoms will be under subjection & subservience to Him & to us--His brothers & sisters in Jesus Christ--as well as the angels of God & all the departed saved spirits of the Lord!
       32. THIS SPIRITUAL WARFARE, THEN, BETWEEN GOD & THE DEVIL, THE FORCES OF GOOD & THE FORCES OF EVIL, FREQUENTLY BREAKS OUT INTO OPEN WARFARE BETWEEN MEN THEMSELVES. The thing is, & which seldom either side seems to get the point, is that when they go to war & begin killing each other & shooting each other & annihilating each other, these destroyers of themselves & of the Earth are neither one, really, on the side of God! Because they are both destroying each other & destroying the Earth, & therefore they're simply, in a sense, the forces of Satan & the forces of the Devil fighting with each other to see which forces will conquer & come in control, meanwhile destroying men & Earth themselves!
       33. IN A FEW CASES, GOD HAS BEEN WITH CERTAIN ARMIES & BATTLES IN THE OLD TESTAMENT, with the Jews & so on, in order that God's Own people could physically, with force & violence, conquer the forces of the Devil & of the enemy & blot them out so that God's will could be performed & that God's people could have the promised land that He had promised to give them.
       34. HOWEVER, WHENEVER THEY RELIED ENTIRELY UPON THEIR OWN ARM OF FLESH & thought it was their own arm & armour that was saving them, God often deserted them & let them be defeated to show them that it was only God that helped them win the victory & that the fight was won only by the Lord! So even when they resorted to arms & force & violence & war, it was God who gave the victory!
       35. HE SAYS, "STAND BACK & SEE ME FIGHT! Thus saith the Lord! This is not thy battle but Mine! Vengeance is Mine, I will repay!" (Ex.14:13,14; 2Chr.20:15,17; Ro.12:19) So it's better to let God do it anyhow then, isn't it? It would be better not to resort to arms at all, but to so trust God & His goodness to believe & to know that He would work it out according to His will.
       36. IN SOME WAYS, YOU MIGHT SAY, I'M A PACIFIST BECAUSE I BELIEVE THAT GOD CAN SETTLE ALL WARS & God can protect His Own people without their having to resort to killing each other, it's possible. But in a few cases I can understand where it looks like it might be necessary to defend yourself or your wife, your mate, your family by some means of force or arms, but that should be only a very last resort when it seems that all else has failed & God has to use natural means or natural methods in order to destroy your enemies. It's a sad thing, but it has happened & I believe sometimes it is necessary.
       37. BUT I BELIEVE THAT MOST OF MEN'S WARS HAVE NOT NECESSARILY BEEN THE FORCES OF GOOD WITH THE FORCES OF EVIL! I believe that most of them have been the forces of evil fighting other forces of evil just through greed & selfishness & a lust for power & wealth & control & fame & glory of man!
       38. AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT, TWO VERY EVIL FORCES ARE FIGHTING EACH OTHER ALL AROUND THE GLOBE!--Sometimes with bullets, sometimes with propaganda, sometimes with money, sometimes with power & influence & even using trade as a weapon. In all kinds of ways this battle between what some call the East & the West could better be portrayed actually as between the North & the South--the rich North & the poor South! Of course, the rich North is also occupied by Russia & the Russian-dominated satellite states of Communism, & it is a battle, this next battle, certainly a battle between the Eastern & Western sides of the North, since North America is also located in the Northern Hemisphere.
       39. SO AS WE SAY, THIS CONFLICT SOON TO COME APPARENTLY IS NECESSARY TO SETTLE ONCE & FOR ALL WHO IS MASTER OF THE WORLD & to bring on a World government which will bring in a temporary World peace, at least somewhat peaceful, under one World government in which there are not governments fighting against governments, but there is just one government. And this government will be the Antichrist government led by the Devil in person in the form of a man called the Antichrist.
       40. BUT THE SPIRITUAL WARFARE WILL STILL GO ON & CROP OUT EVEN IN SOME MANIFESTATIONS OF PHYSICAL FORCE & VIOLENCE by this Antichrist Worldwide government which I believe is obviously the great Red Beast of Revelation, etc. It's significant that it's called Red because it looks certainly as though the only power able to win this coming war will be Russia, the great Red Russia, & perhaps even the great Red Dragon of China eventually siding with the side that she sees is winning. And of course, most of all, the great Red Dragon of Satan himself, that old Devil, the Serpent, described there in Revelation. (Re.12:3,9) Therefore it is going to be a seeming triumph of evil over good & a triumph of Satan over the seeming forces of Christ.
       41. NOW, I CERTAINLY COULD NOT VERY WELL CALL THE UNITED STATES ANY LONGER A CHRISTIAN NATION! She has forsaken God & Christ & gone after the lust of the flesh & of this World & Satan & has thrown away the Bible from the public schools, has introduced the Godless anti-Christ doctrine of Evolution so that the nation of the United States today is just as anti-Christ, almost as anti-Christ at least, as Russia & the USSR, the forces of Communism.
       42. BECAUSE THE U.S. IS OFFICIALLY NON-RELIGIOUS TODAY! It is officially separating Church & State! It has officially by Federal law cast God & the Bible & the story of Creation & anything religious out of the schools which teach its children & has allowed atheism to be taught, diabolical Bible-hating Evolution, & atheistic teachers!
       43. WHEN I WAS FIGHTING EVOLUTION IN MIAMI, FLORIDA, SOME OF THE TEACHERS THEMSELVES CAME SECRETLY TO MY AID IN SYMPATHY & said, "We're sorry, we cannot come out in the open & sympathise or help you because we would lose our jobs!" My brother himself, an administrator in Northern California, the Vice-President of three different colleges in succession, said that he dare not voice any religious sympathies because the educational World is ruled by the anti-religious, the anti-Christ & those who hate the Bible & hate God & hate religion & hate the story of Creation, & therefore anybody who tries to stick up for the Story of Creation & the Bible & God is anathema to the modern educational System of the United States!
       44. SO HOW COULD THAT BE ANY LESS ATHEISTIC? How could the U.S. be any more anti-Christ & anti-Bible & anti-God & anti-prayer & anti-Creation than it already is?--The same as Russia!--With the exception of a few people who are trying to stick up for God & the Story of Creation & the Bible & the Lord, but they're in a very small minority.
       45. AS WE'VE ALWAYS TOLD YOU, THE MAJORITY ARE ALWAYS WRONG!--Because the majority are of the Devil & follow Satan. And "broad is the way & wide is the gate that leadeth unto destruction & many there be that go in thereat. But narrow is the way & straight is the gate"--very strict & straight, "that leadeth unto life eternal, & few there be that find it!" (Mt.7:13,14) So obviously the right & the righteous, the good & the followers of God are in a very small minority in the World at all times, including today! It seems to even be getting smaller & smaller in relation to total World population.
       46. ACCORDING TO WORLD STATISTICS THERE MIGHT BE CLOSE TO A BILLION OR A THIRD OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION WHO CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIAN. Although some estimate that even the church population of the various denominations of Roman Catholicism & Protestantism & so on--those who believe in Christ & therefore called nominally Christians or Christendom--amounts to perhaps only 600 million or more, & therefore is a very small minority against the over three billion population of the World of various other religions or no religion at all!
       47. EVEN THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS, OFTEN JUST BECAUSE THEY LIVE IN A SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN COUNTRY WHO NOMINALLY CONSIDERS ITSELF CHRISTIAN, not even because they go to church or believe in Christ or really practice religion at all!--Here we have only about a sixth of the World's population who even claims to be Christian or is dubbed Christian. Whereas very few of them are really Bible-believing & actual saved, born-again, Christ-believing, Christ-receiving & Christ-confessing Christians, very few!
       48. I WOULD SUGGEST THAT IT MIGHT BE A HIGH PERCENTAGE IF WE'D SAY MAYBE ONE OUT OF TEN SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS IS EVEN SAVED, OR A TRUE CHRISTIAN AT ALL! The rest are merely nominal, professing Christians, but not possessing Christians. They profess to believe in Jesus Christ & the Bible, but they do not possess the Spirit of Christ within their own selves, themselves, their own hearts, nor do they possess the knowledge of the Truth of God's Word itself in their own minds. So there are very few real genuine Christians in the World.
       49. NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG! I'M NOT SAYING WE'RE THE ONLY CHRISTIANS! I'm not saying that our Family of Love are the only Christians in the World--after all, there are only less than ten thousand of them right now in this year ending 1981 & beginning 1982--whereas I believe that throughout the Earth in many different churches, denominations & Christian organisations there are no doubt millions of genuine Christians who really believe in Jesus & who have received Him as their Saviour, who love Him the best way they know how & are following Him & confessing Him to the best of their ability & their knowledge with what little truth they have received.
       50. I'M SAYING THIS HOPEFULLY THAT THERE ARE, I BELIEVE, MILLIONS OF AT LEAST SAVED CHRISTIANS IN THE WORLD, Christ-believing Christians who have received Jesus as their Saviour & are confessing Him the best they know how to others. These all are saved, all those who confess they are sinners & believe in Jesus, have received Him in their own hearts & are confessing Him to others, they are the only saved, true, genuine Christians in the World!--No matter how many hundreds of millions of others claim to be Christians! The others are not Christians! You yourself are not a Christian unless you not only confess you're a sinner & believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the Christ, but you must receive Him personally as your own Saviour in your own heart & life & mind, & let Him rule your life!--Confessing Him to others wherever you go as a witness for Christ!
       51. SO THERE ARE VERY FEW REAL CHRISTIANS IN THE WORLD AFTER ALL! We are in a very minuscule, infinitesimal, tiny minority! And yet just like it only takes one little grain of salt to preserve a certain portion of meat, & only a few little shakes of a few grains of salt on your food to give it flavour & real salty savour--which I really do like! I like salt! Maybe I shouldn't eat so much salt but it's gotta be good & salty for me to enjoy it! I must need it for some reason, I don't know why!
       52. BUT ANYHOW, THE BIBLE TALKS ABOUT SALT & APPARENTLY GOD INTENDED FOR YOU TO USE SALT to give your food a little more flavour, more savour. And believe it or not, it doesn't take very much salt, just a small amount of salt to completely preserve a piece of meat. My son who became a farmer & lived on a ranch in Texas, he had herds of cattle & he had pigs & he had goats & he had sheep & dogs, cats too & a little bit of everything!--Ha! He was only an amateur farmer, of course, & he just was doing it long enough that God taught us a lot of lessons through it. He also made enough money, the first $2000 that helped our family go on the road by faith to serve Him full-time only about a year or so before the birth of our greater Family that continues today!
       53. IT WAS HIS MONEY THAT HELPED TO FINANCE OUR FIRST LAUNCHING OUT--to go into all our own country at the time--to preach the message God had given us, the Warning Message of the Last Days, the Message of Jeremiah that He told us to preach! That the nation in which we lived was going to fall prey to her enemies because of her sins, & that was the United States of America!
       54. IT'S NO LONGER MY COUNTRY, IT'S NO LONGER MY HOME, IT'S NO LONGER MY NATION, REALLY! Although I have to carry its passport because you've gotta carry a passport from somewhere! But because they have rejected me & rejected our Family & rejected our message of warning which could've saved their lives if they had repented & if they had believed it, received it, & changed their ways. I first warned them about Evolution & they drove me out of Miami, Florida because of it, because the Devil was in control of the school system. But at least God was faithful, He was merciful, He was loving, He was kind, & He warned them! But they rejected the message, as the vast wicked majority will always do, the Devil's followers, the evil people of this World.
       55. SO NOW I'M A MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY! I'm a refugee! I'm an exile! I am a fugitive from injustice & I wander about through the dens & the caves of this Earth--modern caves like apartment buildings, modern dens like the cities which are dens of iniquity--buffeted about from country to country having to move at least every three to six months to save my life & to prevent detection & to try to stay in security & oblivion, so to speak, or anonymity, or travel incognito as much as I can so that no one will recognise me or remember who I am or know who I am or identify me in any way.
       56. I'M A MAN WITHOUT AN EARTHLY COUNTRY, BUT I'M NOT REALLY A MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY, BECAUSE I SEEK A HEAVENLY COUNTRY, PRAISE GOD! And I seek a City which hath foundations that are eternal & everlasting, built by God!--The Heavenly City, the New Jerusalem, Space City as we call it, which will last forever! Most of the cities of this Earth are going to be destroyed, in fact, eventually all of them will be destroyed! A great number of them are going to be destroyed in this coming war that's being precipitated very soon. Even more will be destroyed in the next war, the Battle of Armageddon, & finally they will all be destroyed in the Battle of Gog & Magog.
       57. SO I'D RATHER JUST HAVE ONE CITY THAT'S GONNA LAST AWHILE, WOULDN'T YOU? In fact, for all Eternity, our Heavenly Home forever--going to be on this Earth for awhile, at least, that we know of, the New Heaven & the New Earth--& a City which is unlike any city man has ever built & beyond anything man could possibly conceive in his wildest imagination. God had to describe it Himself in the Book of Revelation, & if you want to read the description of it you can read it in the 21st & 22nd Chapters of Revelation.
       58. A CITY NOT JUST AS BIG AS GREAT & MIGHTY ANCIENT BABYLON which I think was about 15, 20 miles wide, something like that. Not as big as Los Angeles which is supposed to be the largest city in area in the World, about 25 miles wide with only about seven or eight million population. But this City is gonna be bigger than any city that man has ever imagined! It is going to be at the base 1500 miles wide! 1500 miles square!
       59. IT'S GOING TO BE SQUARE AT THE BASE, A PYRAMID, I AM CONVINCED! Now, the Bible doesn't say it's a pyramid, don't misunderstand me, that happens to be my theory. But it's a theory of which many Bible students are convinced. It says it's four square. It doesn't say the top's square, it says the bottom's square at least.
       60. I BELIEVE THAT THE DEVIL WAS TRYING TO IMITATE HEAVEN WHEN HE HAD THE EGYPTIANS BUILD THE PYRAMIDS!--That they were a fulfilment of the Devil's, you might say, vision of Heaven, of what he knew that Heaven was going to look like through some knowledge of his that he had obtained from his experiences in Heaven or with God. That therefore he was trying to get the Egyptians in their demonic, devilish religions to try to build a little Heaven of their own, these gigantic pyramids, actually the largest buildings in the whole World in volume--not in height, but in volume, in size. The bases consisting of the size of several football fields, believe it or not!
       61. I DON'T THINK THERE'S ANY BUILDING IN THE WORLD THAT'S THAT BIG IN AREA. There are a few buildings that are taller than the pyramids, but I don't think there are any as big in area as the base of the pyramids. But there's certainly no building & no city in all the World & never has been & never will be, except the Heavenly City, as large as this one, 1500 miles wide & long. 1500 miles square, think of that!
       62. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT 1500 MILES HIGH! Man's tallest skyscraper doesn't even begin to be that high! Man's tallest skyscrapers have reached about one thousand feet high, that's about as high as they've been able to go. Although I hear that there are one or two television & radio antennas in the World that have been constructed which they say are the tallest man-made structures in the World which reach up to about 1500 feet! Feet! 1500 feet is the highest man-made structure in the World today!
       63. WELL, GOD'S GONNA HAVE'M ALL BEAT TO WHERE THEY'VE ONLY GOT 1500 FEET, GOD'S CITY IS GONNA BE 1500 MILES HIGH! One mile of God's City to every one foot of man's highest structure. Think of that! So next time you're up on top of the Empire State Building or the Pan American Building or the World Trade Center, or what's now the tallest building in the World? I don't even know! They keep building a taller one every few years!
       64. I ONCE WAS IN THE TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY ONLY FIVE-YEARS-OLD! And guess what? It was the Woolworth Building, downtown Manhattan. It was the tallest building in the World at that time & I think it was something like only 20, 25 stories. Well, I was later in the top of what was later the tallest building in the World, the Empire State Building, which ran up nearly 90 stories, & that was the tallest building in the World. Now there's a new one, I think it's called the World Trade Mart or Pan American Building or Trade Center or something in New York City. I think this one is uptown rather than downtown, & it runs about 120-some stories, I believe, as I recall. Some of you know. I'm not too familiar, I'm not even too interested in tall buildings. I don't like'm!
       65. ONCE YOU'VE SEEN "TOWERING INFERNO" YOU'LL NEVER WANT TO GO UP IN ANOTHER TALL BUILDING!--Ha! That movie of how they built a building, according to this movie, of 150 stories--& I wouldn't be surprised if they got'm planned--& fire broke out about halfway up & stranded everybody above it, & kept creeping up until everybody had to flee to the very top of the building & couldn't get off! And there's no way in the World any fire department in this whole World can fight a fire like that as they were trying to prove by this motion picture, which I think was no doubt inspired by the fire departments & those who saw the danger of building such tall buildings in case of disasters or fire. And my God! What if an earthquake came? Why, the whole thing'd fall down!
       66. BUT MAN KEEPS ON INSISTING & TRYING TO BUILD THESE BIG TALL BUILDINGS EVER SINCE THE TOWER OF BABEL! He's always trying to glorify himself & show how great & mighty he is by building big tall buildings, & they even thought that they were going to build the Tower of Babel up to Heaven! In early Communist posters after they'd won the Revolution in Russia they said, "First we conquer Russia, next the World"--& then it showed this guy climbing up like a ladder into the clouds--"& finally God in Heaven!" What a ridiculous idea of a puny little man thinking he's ever gonna conquer God in Heaven! He hasn't even been able to conquer all the Earth yet! But there will be a one World government that is coming that will result from a horrible nuclear exchange. It's coming very soon, sad to say.
       67. NOW, WE ALREADY KNOW, & NEARLY EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT THIS CONFLICT IS GOING TO BE BETWEEN EAST & WEST, BETWEEN PRIMARILY THE UNITED STATES & THE USSR. The U.S. is the head of Capitalism & the USSR is the head of Communism. So the conflict is between, you might say, the rich of Capitalism & the poor of Communism.--Communism purporting to represent the poor of the Earth & the Third World, etc. Well, they say it's the Second World, but then there's the Third World which is certainly going along with it & is sympathising with it & even is sympathised with by them, so that the so-called Second & Third Worlds will no doubt work together to conquer this so-called First World. I don't know where the Capitalists get the idea that they're the first, but that's the way they figure it! But the conflict will be between these two sides of the rich Capitalism of the West & what really amounts to another form of Capitalism, only it's materialism of Communism of the so-called East.
       68. THE THIRD WORLD, IN OTHER WORDS, THE OTHER NATIONS WHO PRETEND TO BE THE NON-ALIGNED NATIONS OF THE WORLD--neither Capitalist nor Communist, the so-called neutrals, of course, which there are none, actually--they are the victims, they claim, of both sides, & that they suffer from both sides. But it's quite obvious that the Communists are winning them because they are sympathising with them as poor states & are encouraging them to join them. They even have already captured many of them & are supporting others & have the sympathy of more, so that when the time comes it'll be very obvious that the Third World will side with the Second World of Communism against the First World of Capitalism!
       69. IN FACT, IF YOU'LL JUST NOTE THE VOTES IN THE UNITED NATIONS TODAY, YOU'LL SEE WHERE THINGS REALLY STAND!--With the United States & sometimes only Israel standing by itself! Sometimes just the U.S. & Israel standing by themselves--Israel, of course, being merely a U.S. colony, a client state of the United States--& sometimes just a little handful of Capitalist states of both North America & Western Europe siding together. But not even them always siding together, often divided. And a divided house will not stand. "A house divided against itself"--Jesus Himself said & God's Word says--"will not stand!" (Mt.12:25)
       70. CAPITALISM ITSELF IS DIVIDED TODAY & THE WORLD IS DIVIDED BETWEEN THESE SO-CALLED THREE CAMPS rapidly developing into two camps, with the Communist camp rapidly gaining supremacy & domination over most of the World. They already have most of the World under their control. The entire Soviet Union & all of Eastern Europe & their various client states through Asia & Africa & even South America & Central America, & there are only a handful of states standing up against Russia & its following, & this handful is represented only by North America & Western Europe & a few states in South America, Africa & Asia.
       71. SO THE WAR, & THAT'S OUR SUBJECT FOR THIS LESSON, IS GOING TO BE BETWEEN THESE TWO SO-CALLED SIDES, EAST & WEST, OF THE NORTH. And there's not much the poor South can do about it except to follow whichever side wins, & that's of course what they'll have to do. They may side by word of mouth now with one side or the other, but when the showdown comes & the victor wins & Russia & Communism, the great Red Dragon, Red Beast or Red power of the World, the coming Antichrist government of the World takes over the World--as God has very clearly shown us in many Scripture passages & many prophecies, dreams, visions, whatnot--they have all confirmed that Russia is going to win this next war! The U.S. is going to lose & even be destroyed!
       72. NOW, ASSUMING THESE FACTS, WHICH WE BELIEVE ARE FACTS FROM THE WORD OF GOD & FROM OUR OWN REVELATIONS & REVELATIONS TO OTHERS including my Mother who got a marvellous revelation which we call the "Warning Prophecy," which we're going to read to you in a few moments, it's quite obvious to all of us & from the Bible, from the prophecies of nearly all the prophets, that it's this great Northern power of Russia who overcomes the rest of the World, including Israel & the Middle East & the West & the South & everywhere! It conquers everything eventually!
       73. BUT OF COURSE, IT MUST FIRST KNOCK OUT ITS PRIME ADVERSARY, THE CAPITALIST WEST, LED BY THE UNITED STATES, & that is going to be the major World conflict that is about to happen, & both sides are getting very well-prepared for it. Each side is jockeying for advantage & for position & for new little nations & places that it can control in order to be in a good position to fight when the showdown really comes. Right now Russia, which just began as a small revolution in a small part of the World, one country, Russia, Communism has spread completely across all Asia, all of Russia, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR, all of Eastern Europe & much of the rest of the World.
       74. HOWEVER, IT SEEMS THAT ALREADY THE CAPITALIST POWERS HAVE BEEN LOSING, & THEY HAVE BEEN LOSING FOR YEARS!--Retreating, backing down, backing out of nation after nation. Nearly all of Africa now has been freed by its colonial powers, & most of those so-called freed states are either totally Communist or Communist sympathisers, Communist supported or about to go Communist, & there are very few states left in Africa which are pro-Capitalist, or pro-U.S., or pro-West.
       75. IN FACT, THERE ARE ONLY ABOUT THREE MAJOR ONES IN ALL OF AFRICA THAT I CAN THINK RIGHT OFF THE BAT WHICH CAN BE COUNTED ON AT THE MOMENT AS BEING PRO-WESTERN. One is South Africa, one is Egypt & the other is Morocco. These are the three major countries of Africa which are actually pro-Western at the moment. But that could change at a moment's notice depending on which way the wind's blowing! Because those little countries cannot possibly stand on their own & fight the Soviet colossus or the Communist colossus or a World dominated by Communism, they will not be able to resist it after the fall of the Capitalist West & the destruction of the United States.
       76. SO THIS IS THE WAY IT'S SHAPING UP! AS I SAY, THEY'RE JOCKEYING FOR POSITION & POWER. Russia, who couldn't dominate Afghanistan just by infiltration & propaganda, etc., they finally had to militarily invade Afghanistan & take it over. The various other little states around there hardly could stand against the Communist colossus in either Asia.
       77. AND CERTAINLY A PITIFUL LITTLE WESTERN EUROPE COULD HARDLY RESIST, & THEY'RE EVEN CONFESSING IT TODAY, THAT THEY COULD NOT POSSIBLY WITH CONVENTIONAL WARFARE RESIST A FULL-FLEDGED COMMUNIST ATTACK from Russia & Eastern Europe & would have to resort, as we've said before, to nuclear arms which eventually would escalate to an intercontinental international nuclear ballistic missile exchange. Which as we have seen & as we have heard & we know from both God's Word & from our own revelations & those of others, will result in the destruction of most of the United States & possibly much of Russia. Who knows? Maybe Russia will shoot first & manage to knock out the U.S. & Western Europe before it receives too much destruction, but they still have the ability to retaliate & inflict a great amount of destruction on Russia even after the bombs are on the way.
       78. SOUTH AMERICA, OF COURSE, IS JUST A BUNCH OF VERY SMALL LITTLE COUNTRIES. Some of them are quite large, comparatively speaking, in size, but not all that powerful, & none of the other nations of the World could stand up against a dominant World power like Russia & the Communist power of the World once the United States & Western Europe & the Capitalist power is destroyed.
       79. NOW, THE NEXT QUESTION, WELL, HOW DO YOU THINK THIS WAR'S GONNA START? I don't really have to guess at it because God's already told us. I know how it's gonna end, as we've said already & God's Word says in the 18th Chapter in Revelation, in just one day, & most of the destruction within one hour of that one day! And even the scientists are saying the same thing: "The next war will be fought within just a few hours!" Some say ten hours, some say six hours, some say 18 hours. It just depends on how fast they get off those missiles & how fast they travel & how fast they hit their targets & so on, & the war will be over. And whichever country is left with enough power to dominate the Earth--which we're convinced is of course Russia & its satellites--whichever one survives the most & the best will of course then rule the World.
       80. AND THEN OF COURSE GOD HAS TOLD US THAT AN EVIL MAN POSSESSED OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF WILL RISE AS A SUPERMAN TO BE THE WORLD DICTATOR OF THIS WORLD GOVERNMENT, the Antichrist, & he will rule the World! At first it'll seem like the answer to the World's problems politically, one-World government. No more wars, no more different nations, but one great union of nations. No more opposing governments. He'll also create a new World economy, there'll be one-World economy.
       81. THERE WON'T BE DIFFERENT CURRENCIES & DOLLAR DIPLOMACY ANYMORE, OR A DOLLAR RULING THE WORLD, but he'll have a credit system based on individual numbers which will allow people to buy & sell, etc., completely electronically computerised so that the World will have a whole new economic system, a sort of a socialised type system run on this electronic credit system.
       82. SO IT'LL SEEM TO BE, IN A WAY, SORT OF THE FALSE MILLENNIUM AT FIRST. It'll be the imitation Millennium--Worldwide peace, Worldwide government, the rule of the Worldwide false messiah, the Antichrist, Worldwide plenty, or at least better than before in a socialised government, Worldwide economy that's completely controlled & no more depression & so on, so that it will seem at first to be a little bit of Heaven on Earth compared to what it has been!--Especially coming out of such a nuclear holocaust as this coming war!
       83. IT'LL BE UP TO THAT WORLD GOVERNMENT & ITS LEADER, THE ANTICHRIST, TO PICK UP THE PIECES, TRY TO PUT'M BACK TOGETHER & CREATE THIS NEW WORLD ORDER OF MAN, man's last World government controlled by man! And we'll soon see that it's not controlled by man but by Satan himself in the body of a man, the Devil in the flesh, a demon-possessed man. No, not a demon possessed man, but a Devil-possessed man, because he will be possessed not by mere demons or dimons--little devils--but he will be possessed by the Devil--Diablo! If you want to read it in the Greek, see for yourself.
       84. IT IS THE DEVIL WHO TAKES OVER IN THE BODY OF THIS MAN, THIS SUPERMAN, THIS ANTICHRIST, this seeming like a god-man to the World who solves all its problems, who creates this World government, who solves its economic situation & bankrupt condition such as it's in today. So that for the first half of his reign it seems everything will be hunky-dory, the last half is horrible chaos & turmoil because of the Tribulation period, & therefore, it's going to end in terrible confusion, terrible chaos, actually. I wonder if they can hear us out there as well as we can hear them. Let's hope not.
       85. I'M HAVING TO SPEAK SOFTLY, BELOVED, BECAUSE WE'RE IN A COMMUNAL BUILDING HERE IN A HOTEL ROOM where we're making this particular video for you. It reminds me a little bit of the famous audio tape which I made for you, what do we call that?--"The Endtime Whispering Vision!" Well, I'm kind of having to do another Endtime whispering vision today, I can't talk too loud. If you find my voice is quite soft & low & maybe you're having to turn up the volume because you can't hear me well enough, it's because I can't talk very loud here & I must keep my voice down to make sure that others don't hear me outside in the hallway. So, PTL!
       86. AGREED?--OR YOU MAY AGREE TO DISAGREE, BUT WE'RE AGREED & WE ARE CONVINCED & the Bible is & God's Prophets of all times, convinced that this is what's going to happen & it's about to happen now! You say, "Well, if the atomic war is a sure thing & bound to happen, when is it gonna happen? Well, of course, that's the question! That's not the $64 question, it's not even the $64,000,000 question! It's not even the 64-nation question! It is the World question with the World hanging in the balance!
       87. I CAN'T TELL YOU EXACTLY WHEN IT'S GONNA START BECAUSE THAT'S SOMETHING GOD HAS NOT REVEALED TO US. But I can just about pinpoint where it's going to start, because that's something God has prophesied throughout the Word, the Bible, for centuries, & in recent revelations to us as well. One of the most specific of these prophecies is one given to my own Mother, the one we call Grandmother--your Grandmother since you're my children & I'm your Father in the Lord, spiritually speaking--she was my Mother so therefore, in a sense, she's your spiritual Grandmother.
       88. IN THE YEAR 1966, I BELIEVE IT WAS, WE WERE ON THE RANCH IN TEXAS & DURING THE NIGHT MY MOTHER RECEIVED THIS PROPHECY FROM THE LORD, GOT UP & WROTE IT DOWN & DELIVERED IT TO US. She herself did not quite understand even exactly what it meant. But since we've dealt a great deal already in Bible prophecies & we've been through the whole Bible in the various prophetic passages explaining them to you, I'm going to read this famous Warning Prophecy straight out of the Book, our Book, the Book of our own Letters, Volume 6, & if you want to turn to it or if you want to find it later, you'll find it on page 5063. Our page numbers are numbered according to the total number of pages in all of these Volumes, & this is Volume 6, page 5063 of the so-called MO Letters. I'd rather call them today, the Letters of Love! God's Letters of Love to us, through me, to you, to help reveal the future to you & instruct you for the present, as well as the future, & help explain to you the past as well as the future. PTL!
       89. NOW IN THIS VERY SHORT LITTLE PROPHECY, THE LORD SEEMS TO BE A LOT LESS LONG-WINDED THAN I AM! He can say a lot more in a few words than I seem to be able to do, as I'm a mere man. And except in the direct prophecies which I have received from the Lord, most of my Letters are teaching Letters. I believe they're inspired, I believe they're God-led, & of the wisdom that God has given me, the gift of Wisdom, understanding & so on, but I seem to have a talent for rambling on & on & on & explaining everything to you--like I am right now--from start to finish.
       90. I'VE GIVEN YOU THE WHOLE SUMMARY OF WORLD HISTORY AGAIN, & THE FUTURE AGAIN, IN CASE SOME OF YOU HADN'T HEARD ABOUT IT BEFORE, & TO HELP REMIND YOU OF IT. And the more times I go over it the better you'll remember it! Pretty soon, if I keep going over it again & again, you'll have it memorised! I hope you have so you'll know when it happens, & you'll know what to expect & be prepared for. Well, this is one of the most specific prophecies we've ever received, & it was through my Mother. The question is, when is the war going to begin & where? Well, this gives a pretty good idea of when & almost specifically where, & it starts with these words:
       91. "TURN YOUR EYES TOWARD MEMPHIS!" Now, Memphis was the greatest capital of Egypt which ever existed. Memphis was the most glorious city of all Egypt. It was the capital of Egypt when the pyramids were built & it was considered the leading city of the World when Egypt was the World's first man-made empire. It was Black, by the way, because the Egyptians were Hamites & they were black. The very ancient Egyptian word "ham" means "black."
       92. ONE OF NOAH'S SONS NAMED HAM WAS APPARENTLY BLACK! [DELETED] [EDITED: "H"]is father cursed [EDITED: "one of Ham's sons, Canaan, and his descendents, the Canaanites"] for his [EDITED: "Ham's"] sin against his own father--seemingly one of the most heinous & abominable sins that God considers one of the worst of all man's sins, a sexual sin called sodomy. Men with men doing that which is very evil & disgusting & for which God destroyed many cities & civilisations, & which is one of the most rampant sins of this modern generation & age, by the way, which has swept the World!--Not only swept all of Africa, but from Africa throughout Europe & Asia & the whole Western Hemisphere, sad to say! [EDITED: "HomeARC note (9/98): See "The Un-Cursed Sons of Ham!", ML #2928."]
       93. UNTIL WHEN I WAS LAST IN THE UNITED STATES THE WALLS OF THE RESTROOMS IN THEIR GRAFFITI were not just merely covered with pornographic pictures of men with women, or naked women, but of disgusting pictures of men working evil with men in sexual sin, which is such an abomination to God He wiped out whole cities & whole countries & whole civilisations, whole empires for it! And it's no doubt one of the sins for which He's going to wipe out the whole World, at least a part of the World soon, where it's rampant.
       94. MEMPHIS, EGYPT WAS THE CAPITAL OF THE FIRST GREAT WORLD EMPIRE OF EGYPT. We call it an empire because it was the greatest nation in the World, & therefore it ruled the World. Memphis was its capital & it was Egypt in the glory of the days of Memphis when the pyramids. etc.. were built, even before the days of Moses. Creation only dates back a little more than 4000 B.C., therefore the pyramids date back no more than 4000 B.C. Well, they came apparently not too long afterward, at least, & possibly after the Flood & the Tower of Babel, still an effort of man to reach the heavens with his great buildings, & that was about 2500 years before Christ, 2400, 2600 B.C. So perhaps they're not even more than 2000 years before Christ. In other words, they were built possibly only about four or five thousand years ago.
       95. IN THE DAYS WHEN THAT COUNTRY WAS THE DOMINANT POWER ON EARTH & ITS CAPITAL WAS THE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, SO TO SPEAK, IT WAS THE RULER OF THE EARTH. Apparently it is very dear to the Devil, because it was his World capital at that time full of his demonic religion & his demon-possessed idols, & demon-possessed people & witchcraft & magicians & all the rest! It was virtually an ideal government of the Devil. It was virtually a sample of the coming Antichrist World government of the World, the final government of man. So that apparently the Devil, in a sense, is going to try to revive the grandeur & glory of Egypt & his first great glorious government in the government of the Antichrist! Because the leader of this government is going to come out of Egypt, according to both God's Word & this recent prophecy & many other revelations.
       96. THE COMING WORLD DICTATOR OF THE COMING WORLD GOVERNMENT AFTER THE WORLD WAR, NUCLEAR WAR, IS GOING TO COME FROM EGYPT, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! It will have as its center & possibly its capital, for awhile, in Egypt, but will move into Israel & occupy Jerusalem which is the center of the World's three greatest religions & make that his capital, whereby he hopes to control the World's three leading religions which control the World, & thereby control it himself. Until he finally abolishes all religion & declares just one religion, & that is the worship of himself & an idol of himself as God! So this great World government will arise in some way out of Egypt because its World leader will come from Egypt.
       97. NOW EGYPT AT ONE TIME COVERED MOST OF NORTH AFRICA & THE MIDEAST, IT WAS NOT MERELY CONFINED TO ITS PRESENT BORDERS. So this World leader of that World government could come out of perhaps any portion of that. However, God's Word in His latest revelation, this one to my Mother, & subsequent revelations have confirmed it, He says, "Turn your eyes toward Memphis." We're going into the details of this period now, you understand. We covered the over-all picture in the Garden of Eden series, now in the World Series we're covering the details.
       98. "TURN YOUR EYES TOWARD MEMPHIS, FOR OUT OF IT SHALL COME THE GREAT CONFUSION!" Now, what could be the Great Confusion? Well, for one thing, Babylon is another word for "confusion." The word "Babylon" means "confusion." The first great Babylon called Babylon in the Bible built near the Tower of Babel was where the babbling first began as their languages were confused & they began to babble one to another & couldn't understand each other because God cursed them with all these languages that we still are cursed with & have to fight with & try to understand each other, in order to divide the nations of the Earth & divide the power of the World.
       99. OTHERWISE, THE ORIGINAL BABYLON, OR TOWER OF BABEL & ITS PEOPLE, WOULD HAVE BECOME A GREAT WORLD EMPIRE THEMSELVES of just one politics & one language & probably with one-World leader & the whole World would've gone to the Devil even sooner under such a World dictatorship! But God broke up the nations & the languages in order to bring about confusion so that no one nation & no one man could get that powerful before his time.
       100. BUT OBVIOUSLY THE LORD IS GOING TO ALLOW THIS GREAT BABYLON TO BE RECREATED AGAIN, this great World confusion which will be to us, as we know, from the Author of Confusion. And who is the Author of Confusion? Well, God's Word tells us that it's Satan, the Devil! He is the Author of Confusion. (1Co.14:33) He, the Enemy of our souls, is the Author of Confusion. So this Author of Confusion of which this prophecy speaks, can be none other than the Devil himself. Of course, he will come in the form of a man--this World dictator--so they are one & the same. Both the Devil & the Antichrist are the Author of Confusion.
       101. AND OUT OF MEMPHIS, EGYPT WILL COME THIS GREAT CONFUSION. That means the leader of it & the government of it & the beginnings of it will come out of Memphis, Egypt. Well, you say, "Now, you're really pulling my leg, trying to tell me that you really know that a World government's gonna arise after this next war, well, I might be able to believe that. But to say that its leader's gonna come out of a little ol' country like Egypt with a population of only about 10 million people & poor as Job's turkey, no oil"--or almost no oil till they got back part of the Sinai--"& hardly any money, no gold, no nothing but a whole lot of desert & a whole lot of river & a whole lot of very poor people & hardly any power!"
       102. ALTHOUGH IT DOES HAVE ONE OF THE LARGEST ARMIES IN THE MIDEAST, I think it estimates something around 400 thousand men & very well-armed, first of all by Russia & now by the United States. Nevertheless, it's considered one of the lesser powers of the World, one of the very minor powers of the World. "How could the next great World government, & of all things, its World leader, the great Superman World dictator, the Antichrist, how could he come out of such a tiny little country like Egypt? How could such a government arise out of a little country like Egypt?"
       103. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD, & in this case, something is gonna be possible with the Devil, because God is going to allow it. He's gonna allow the Devil to take over the whole World to see who's going to worship him when they see him come out in his true colours & they know they're literally worshipping the Devil himself, to see how many of them are going to take his Mark of the Beast--he's called the Beast, this Antichrist Devil-possessed man--& see how many true Christians are going to refuse it. So, God is God, & the Devil is the Devil, & God is going to allow the Devil to possess this man & to create this government out of its very humble beginnings in Egypt itself.
       104. THIS MAN, WE ARE CONVINCED, IS ALIVE THIS VERY DAY! He is already a leader somewhere & studying somewhere, preparing somewhere for this tremendous job he is about to assume as soon as the war is over. We've had several theories as to who he is, & one of the things that God has said is that he'll be the next King of Egypt after Sadat, whoever the next great leader of Egypt is going to be. It may not be the present President at all, there may be two or three intervening minor leaders before he arises, we don't know. But things are moving very fast right now & according to the prophecies God has given us, the next great leader of Egypt will be the Antichrist, this World dictator of the coming World government!
       105. NOW IF GOD IS JUST SPEAKING OF EGYPT AS A TYPE OF THE WORLD, THE WORLD SYSTEM, THE WORLD GOVERNMENT AS IT ONCE WAS, that Egypt is a type of this great government, that again Egypt is a type of it, well, you might theorise & you might spiritualise the interpretation as not being literal, that it merely means that the Worldly Worldwide System is all Egypt, & spiritually speaking in a sense that's true. Spiritually speaking in relation to the Worldwide Egypt or the World of Egypt or the Egypt of the World, all are under the domination of Satan & his various leaders.
       106. WE ARE DEFINITELY THE CHILDREN OF GOD IN EVERY SENSE, BUT WE'RE LIKE ISRAEL WAS TO EGYPT AT THAT TIME, & our kingdom within our hearts, the Kingdom of God within us, is like the Promised Land was to the Jews. So you may want to spiritualise all this & say it's all spiritually to be interpreted & it's all spiritually being fulfilled & it doesn't necessarily mean specific countries & all that. Well, listen to the rest of this prophecy if you don't think so!
       107. "OUT OF IT SHALL COME THE GREAT CONFUSION!" Now, what is the Great Confusion? Well, is it the war? Or is it the coming World Antichrist government? For awhile it'll be very orderly. There'll be an awful lot of confusion after that war, let me tell you, terrific confusion, before they begin to get organised & pick up the pieces & put it back together again & establish the new World Order! There'll be great confusion. You may say, "Well, He's just calling what follows the Great Confusion"--but I am convinced from this prophecy that the atomic war is going to literally precipitate the Great Confusion! Listen! Now out of Memphis, Egypt is going to come the Great Confusion.
       108. "THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION IS EVEN NOW MARSHALLING HIS FORCES FOR THIS GREAT CONFUSION"--& of course, the Author of Confusion is the Devil himself! But we believe he is already directing this anti-God, anti-Christ man & that he is gaining power & influence already in the World & going to eventually be hailed as the World's saviour & World leader!
       109. "HE IS GATHERING HIS FORCES FROM A GREAT NATION & EASTERN NATIONS, FRIENDS THAT WILL JOIN WITH HIM!" Now this sounds pretty specific & literal regarding actual nations of the World. Not a theoretical World System called Egypt or a theoretical World Kingdom of God, called us & Christians or Christendom, but literal nations! I am convinced personally that this is talking about the literal nation of Egypt from which he & it shall arise, & the literal Eastern nations that will join with him. "A great nation & Eastern nations."
       110. NOW WHY DID HE DIFFERENTIATE IN THIS PROPHECY BETWEEN A GREAT NATION & EASTERN NATIONS? It says, "He's gathering his forces from a great nation"--one very great nation--"& Eastern nations that will join with him!" Hmm! He's going to get his power, not from Egypt, but from a great existing nation in the World which is powerful enough to be called "a great nation," which Eastern nations will join, & in fact, are already joining. And what power in this World, what nation on the face of the Earth could be so great as to be able to solicit the aid of all the nations & kings of the East, as God's Word says in many other places?
       111. WHAT OTHER NATION, WHICH MIGHT NOT BE CALLED AN EASTERN NATION, BUT IN FACT WAS ORIGINALLY CONSIDERED A EUROPEAN NATION, a Western nation with a Western culture & civilisation, even a Christian nation at one time? What great nation could that be other than Russia, which has always considered itself European from its beginnings, & Western rather than Eastern. So the prophecy says, "From a great nation"--like Russia in other words--& other "Eastern nations." This Author of Confusion, personified even now by this man who is arising & going to influence & rule the World, is already getting his help from Russia & Eastern nations.
       112. NOW WHAT ARE THE EASTERN NATIONS, ANYHOW? What would you call the Eastern nations? Well, here we have Europe, & very little of it now is Western. Almost all of it from about here on over is already Eastern. Isn't it called East Europe, huh? Eastern nations! How about that? And now even Russia is East of that, right? So isn't that combination already called the East? But nevertheless led by one great nation, helped by many Eastern nations, Eastern Europe, the Eastern Arabs of the Middle East. Isn't that called the Middle East? This is called the Middle East, so if this is in the middle of the East, there must be a lot more East here!
       113. IN FACT, NEARLY ALL OF NORTH AFRICA IS OCCUPIED BY ARABS WHO CONSIDER THEMSELVES EASTERN NATIONS & not Western, & are more & more aligning themselves with the East against the West. And then also the Middle-Eastern nations, Afghanistan already in the firm grip of Russia, Iran such a weak country along with Turkey, so weak they could not possibly resist an invasion from as powerful a nation as Russia & they're right on the borders. Iraq & Syria are already pro-Communist, pro-Russian, armed & financed by Russia. Turkey is swaying in the balance between Russia & the U.S., & the U.S. has treated it very badly, almost bankrupt it--I'm sure because of Jewish influence against the Turks because of the way they have treated the Jews, as well as Christians.
       114. IRAN IS A VERY WEAK ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT TODAY, WHICH ONLY NEEDS ONE LITTLE TINY PUSH TO TOPPLE IT & is almost toppled already with half of its leadership already assassinated & blown up, destroyed, & only run by a few mullahs, religious fanatics, & already displeasing the vast majority of the people who are sick & fed up with it, & a government there in Iran which is a minority government now which does not represent the majority of the people by any means & seems almost worse than the government of the Shah which preceded it. The Shah was at least trying to modernise & Westernise & almost Christianise his country! But this has been a revolt that has thrust Iran back hundreds of years into the past. So it's a very weak country, a push-over for the forces of Russia & God's Word tells us in the Bible & here & in many prophecies that all these Eastern nations will finally join forces with this great nation of Russia & will invade & conquer the West as a result.
       115. WHERE WILL IT BEGIN? WELL, LET ME READ A LITTLE MORE OF THE PROPHECY. Now first of all it really tells you where it begins, it's already begun. The war is already on, really, only it has not broken out in a complete open violent conventional warfare nor nuclear warfare, but it will very soon. "The War Goes On!", as I wrote ten years ago from England (No.277), & the war's been going on since the Devil entered the Garden of Eden!
       116. IT IS A SPIRITUAL WARFARE MERELY MANIFEST PHYSICALLY AMONGST THE NATIONS & PEOPLES OF THE EARTH, & it's already been going on between the East & the West for many years ever since the rise of Russian Communism back in 1917 after WWI! So, the East & the West have been in existence now for nearly 65 years. Russia's been celebrating its, what was it?--65th anniversary recently, of Communism. So therefore, this prophecy tells you, as well as the Bible, where it's all going to begin. I hope you're not disappointed.
       117. IT'S NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO BEGIN OR HINGE ON EUROPE, although many military men are saying it's going to begin in Europe & that Europe will be the major battlefield. Well, that's what they say! That's not what the Bible says! God's Word points out very clearly that it's going to begin in the Middle East, & specifically it's already begun with the rise of this man of Egypt & so on, to become a World power, & he is going to lead a great nation--no doubt Russia--& all these Eastern nations, including the Arab nations, etc., in this great war. So, that's who, & that's where so far!
       118. NOW, THE NEXT QUESTION IS OF COURSE, WHEN? Well, the Lord has not specified exactly when, but through our own interpretation--personal private interpretation, if you want to call it, of various prophecies we have received ourselves, various time prophecies, such as "The Watch Prophecy," & "The Seventy Years Prophecy" (Nos.186A & 215) & so on, & also certain prophecies of Daniel, & we haven't time to go into those details now, we have in the former Eden Series--but from what we can estimate, the World dictator, the Antichrist, assumes power apparently sometime around 1987. Wasn't it somewhere around there? 1986 or '87, give or take a few months.
       119. BECAUSE HE HAS TO RULE THE WORLD FOR SEVEN YEARS, & BY THE PROCESS OF ELIMINATION WORKING BACKWARDS FROM THE FINAL DATE THAT GOD GAVE US--or at least we interpreted it as being that date of the Coming of Christ somewhere around 1993 or perhaps 1994--working back the seven years of the Antichrist reign will put him in power, beginning his reign, ruling the World & a World government around 1986 or '87. Now if so, he's going to have to have time to get that government together. It's not going to happen overnight right after the war. It takes a little time to pick up the pieces & put'm back together again & get organised & re-organised, & especially to organise an entire Worldwide government of all nations, & that is gonna take a little while!
       120. THERE MAY BE EVEN A FEW NATIONS AFTER THE WAR WHO WILL STILL STUBBORNLY RESIST & DIE FIGHTING, COMMITTING NATIONAL SUICIDE RATHER THAN TO SURRENDER! I wouldn't be surprised that some of the strongly Catholic Christian nations of South America will fight almost to the death rather than surrender to this one they recognise even from their Catholic Bible as being the Antichrist. I believe that Christian nations like South Africa...Oh, you didn't know that South Africa was a Christian nation? Well, you should try to visit there as we have & see how Christian their television is! They've got more religion & more real Christian religion & more Gospel preaching on television of any nation we have ever been in in either North America or Central America or the Caribbean or Europe or North Africa!
       121. IN FACT, I'VE BECOME ALMOST CONVINCED THAT SOUTH AFRICA'S ABOUT THE MOST CHRISTIAN COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Well, as we have said in a Letter on South Africa, it may be that it will suit the World power's purposes rather than have to fight South Africa to the death--& South Africa has got the power to fight for quite awhile, particularly to hold off all of Africa, because Africa, & Black Africa particularly, does not have the weapons nor the power, even though it may have the numbers. It has not got the brains, nor the weapons, nor the power, nor the organisation that South Africa has to fight as well as South Africa can.
       122. SOUTH AFRICA'S ALREADY PROVEN THIS IN FIGHTING A NUMBER OF SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONS WHICH IT IS HOLDING AT BAY, five or six enemy nations surrounding it, & having already conquered half of Angola in a recent invasion to keep the enemy at bay as far as possible, knowing that it is through Angola & so on that her final threat is really going to come. Because only in Angola is there sufficient power to fight her with the 15-20,000 or maybe more by that time Cuban troops there organised by Cubans & East Germans & Communist brains.
       123. SO EVEN AS WE TOLD YOU IN A LETTER BEFORE, "THE BATTLE FOR AFRICA" (No.391), about Conakry being one of the Communist centers, & then on down how it's being organised, that first Rhodesia would have to fall, if possible, & it fell without a fight, voluntarily surrendered, sad to say. But Angola is thoroughly Communist & Communist-financed & supported & dominated & armed & ruled & couldn't even exist if it weren't for the Communist forces & the Cubans & all there.
       124. SO THE GREATEST MILITARY THREAT TO SOUTH AFRICA COMES FROM THAT DIRECTION, WHICH IS WHY SHE'S HOLDING ONTO SOUTHWEST AFRICA OR SO-CALLED NAMIBIA. And I wouldn't be surprised that South Africa is so Christian & they're so stubborn--those square-headed Dutchmen & those round-headed Germans--or is it the other way around?--I've forgotten! They are so bullish & bearish & stubborn & hard-headed that they would probably fight to the death rather than surrender, & they've got a pretty good chance of standing off all of Africa until they may make some kind of a deal with the Devil or the Devil-man to at least continue a little while longer.
       125. THIS WE KNOW, WE KNOW THAT SOUTH AFRICA IS GOING TO EXIST & CONTINUE & BE SAFE, A SAFE HAVEN, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, UNTIL AFTER THIS COMING WAR. God told us specifically this in a dream which we have not yet revealed to you until this very moment! Only a few have heard of the specifics of that dream & we are now going to release the full text, God willing, to tell you. Now that we have been there & we found out for ourselves what it's like & we know the situation, now we can reveal to you what God said, because I heard it with my own ears in a dream! It was specific! At the time I was in the Orange Free State!
       126. THE WORDS WERE SAID SPECIFICALLY THAT IT WAS THE ORANGE FREE STATE! As some staggered out of the jungle or the wilds, the wilderness--perhaps as a result of the war or maybe with the war impending, we don't know when that's gonna happen--but an officer approached us & said, "This is the Orange Free State! You will be safe here until after the war!" So South Africa's gonna continue right on through the war until after the war--how long, we don't know--before the great World Communist power takes it over completely.
       127. BUT EVEN AFTER THE WAR WITH ALL THE HORRIBLE DESTRUCTION THAT'S EVEN GOING TO OCCUR ALSO IN RUSSIA, Russia will not be completely prepared to take over the entire Earth & rule every single government & every single nation, not yet! She's made as much progress & as much headway as she can thus far & has taken over as many nations as she can in order to have a good position for taking over the rest of the World when the End comes--or the end of Western Capitalism & the United States & her enemies! But it will take some time to gradually reorganise & organise her World government & to take over each individual little country throughout the World.
       128. MEANTIME, THE NEW WORLD POWER WILL HAVE TO LET THESE LITTLE COUNTRIES MORE OR LESS RUN THEMSELVES THE BEST THEY CAN IN THE RESULTING GREAT CONFUSION, AS GOD'S WORD CALLS IT. "Great Confusion!" And if you don't think it's gonna be a result of that great atomic outburst within one hour, even only one day of warfare, all be over, listen to what this says! When is it gonna happen? Well, "So sudden will be the Great Confusion that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes!" It's gonna happen when? Suddenly! Very suddenly! So suddenly that it will...
       129. I'M SORRY, POOR MAMA MARIA IS SUFFERING FROM A COLD, I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE THE DOOR WAS OPEN. Shut it, Honey. We need it shut now. You have to be conscious of the comfort of your audience as well, Beloved, don't forget that. Shut it completely if you can. When's it gonna happen? Well, it's gonna happen very suddenly, very very suddenly! Suddenly just like that door was shut, only with a greater much bigger bang than that!
       130. "SO SUDDEN WILL BE THE GREAT CONFUSION THAT IT WILL CAUSE A MIGHTY WIDENING OF THE EYES!" Of whom? Whose eyes? We already expect it! We won't be surprised! Will you? No! But a mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times! People who know nothing about Bible or Bible Prophecy & who have not read our Letters or heard our messages or heard our tapes or seen our videos, people who are ignorant of Bible Prophecy are the only ones who are going to be surprised! In fact, I think most of the true Christians of the World today are not going to be surprised because they're already expecting it, & they expect that the great nuclear war will bring it on & it's gonna be sudden.
       131. "BUT BE YE NOT DECEIVED!" HE SAYS, "BE PREPARED!" Don't you be deceived by thinking this Great World Society as it now is is going to continue forever or even much longer! He says, "Be prepared!" Now, how are you gonna be prepared? Well, I'm gonna get into that a little later, maybe another lesson, but I'm preparing you right now by giving you the knowledge & the wisdom & the know-how & the understanding of Bible Prophecy & the revelations God has given us & others, even this mental & spiritual preparation is preparation for what's going to happen! You are already aware! You are already being aware! You already "be-ware" & are being prepared for it because you know it's going to happen & you know it's gonna happen soon & you know about how it's gonna happen, & therefore you're already getting prepared.
       132. "BE NOT DECEIVED! BE PREPARED! AND BE NOT DECEIVED BY THE GREAT SOCIETY!"--This great Capitalist Society of the World today that LBJ, President Johnson of the United States, even dubbed the "Great Society" himself! The Great Capitalistic Western Society epitomised by the United States--the Great Society! "Be not deceived by the Great Society, for it will come to travail!" It's already come to travail, believe it or not! It's already in trouble!
       133. THE U.S. IS ALREADY BANKRUPT! It can't pay its bills! It's living on borrowed time & borrowed money & paper currency & just the false naked faith of the people of the World that it's going to last. There are even some Arabs still investing in the United States, can you imagine that? There are even people who still encourage investment in the United States, a nation about to be destroyed! "For it will come to travail!"
       134. DO YOU THINK THE RECESSION OR DEPRESSION THAT HAS ALREADY BEGUN IS ABOUT OVER? IT'S GONNA GET WORSE, BELOVED! The Crash has already begun! The Crash is here! It's already begun! The war is here! It's already begun! It just is snowballing & it will grow in crescendo & in volume & in size & in noise & in terror until it finally explodes in nuclear war! "For it will come to travail & then bring forth the Great Confusion!"
       135. NOW IF THE GREAT CONFUSION AS WE HAVE EXPLAINED TO YOU & INTERPRETED IT TO YOU IS TO BEGIN WITH THIS NUCLEAR WAR--with the Author of Confusion leading it & the victor, the conqueror of the World--then this travail apparently is to precede this Great Confusion which erupts with a nuclear war & the Confusion that follows. So therefore, things on this Earth before the war are not gonna get better, they're gonna get worse! "Greater travail," that means trouble, that means pain, that means agony, suffering, the economy suffering, nations suffering.
       136. THE CRASH, AS I'VE SAID, IS ALREADY HERE, IT'S ALREADY BEGUN! It hasn't hit bottom yet, however. It's just nose-diving & going to arrive at the bottom before long, & it won't be long now, I don't think, considering the way politics & the militarists are going & the preparations the U.S. is making for war, & Russia as well, & the way they're jockeying for positions & taking over countries, the U.S. about to take over Libya, Russia already having taken over Afghanistan & many other countries!
       137. SO AGAIN HE SAYS, "BE PREPARED! BE PREPARED, FOR EVEN NOW THE SKIES ARE RED, RED WITH WARNING!" What does that mean? Red? What is there to be warned of?--Red! The Reds! The Great Red Beast, the Great Red Dragon that's going to rule the World! Its colour will be red. And, "Black, black with clouds!" Also, who is going to cooperate with the Reds & are already doing so by the vast majority?--The Blacks!--The Black African nations, the Black Eastern nations, the Black peoples of the World, sad to say, are going to become Red!
       138. THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BECOME WHITE, BUT THE BLACKS ARE GONNA BECOME REDS, & the Blacks are gonna cooperate with the Reds, & the Blacks & the Reds are gonna work together to conquer the Whites, so to speak. Because the rich Capitalist nations of the Earth are predominantly White races, & the poor Communist nations of the World are, except for Russia, predominantly--well, Russia is Red--they are predominantly Red & Black. Red in politics, Black in colour!
       139. "WITH CLOUDS GATHERING FOR THE GREAT CONFUSION!" Everything's getting more confused all the time, more cloudy & more mystifying, more confusing to the Worldling, to the man who doesn't know God or His Prophecies or His Books! Everything's getting worse & more confusing & more cloudy & more murky all the time! Only to you & me, who know the Word of God & His Prophecies, His dreams, His visions, His revelations, only to you & me is the whole situation almost crystal clear. It might be a little bit murky yet as "now we see through a glass darkly," but it is becoming clearer all the time.
       140. EVEN THE LATEST HEADLINES IN THE NEWSPAPER AS THE COMMUNISTS ARE TAKING FIRM GRIP IN POLAND & the U.S. is planning to take over Libya, has already taken over Israel & Egypt & is getting its foothold, beachhead in the Near East. It already has its beachhead in Africa with Egypt as well as South Africa, & probably Libya. Therefore, these nations, these Superpowers are jockeying around getting toeholds & footholds & fingerholds & everywhere they can get ahold!
       141. "EVEN NOW," HE SAYS, "IT'S GATHERING FOR THE GREAT CONFUSION WHICH IS ALMOST UPON YOU!" How soon? How near? Well, this prophecy was received six years ago in 1966. If it was almost upon us then, how close is it now? Well, Beloved, it's my conviction that from what I see in the latest papers & latest World conditions, that this great war & nuclear holocaust are virtually upon us! It could be within the next few days, except for the mercy of God. It could be within the next few weeks or months, except certainly for the mercy of God.
       142. WE'RE PRAYING IT WILL BE AT LEAST A FEW MORE WEEKS & MONTHS so that we can at least get as many of you out of the nuclear North to the safer South as possible, as well as our own WS production units, so that they will not be destroyed as well as much of your leadership. We're hoping & praying that God will spare us & spare our leadership & our units, particularly our publishing units & musical units & so on, & get them out of the North into the South as soon as possible!
       143. AND THE ONLY THING THAT'S DELAYING THAT IS THAT WE ARE TRYING LIKE MAD TO PUBLISH AS MUCH AS WE CAN RIGHT NOW JUST BEFORE THE WAR in the few weeks or days that are left, to furnish you with enough feed & spiritual food & tools to carry on as we possibly can before the war destroys North America & Europe & may for awhile in the Great Confusion to follow make it impossible to publish anymore or mail it to you, at least for awhile! So we are working like mad! You have no idea now hard we've been working!
       144. I HAVE GOTTEN OUT MORE OF MY OWN LETTERS APPROVED & IN FINAL SHAPE TO PUBLISH THAN WE HAVE EVEN ROOM TO PUBLISH IN THE MAGAZINE! We have more Books in preparation than we've even had time or we have found enough printers to publish! Our publishing unit is already using about five or six different printers trying to print all of these great projects as fast as they can to get them in your hands as quick as we can before the war happens & the Great Confusion has begun!--During which time we may have to take a little vacation! During which time we may be unable to do any more printing or publishing or mailing for awhile at least!
       145. WELL, THAT'S ABOUT THE HERE & NOW & ABOUT WHAT WE EXPECT IN THE VERY CLOSE NEAR FUTURE & is why we're working so hard to get so many things published right now. We believe that God is going to spare us & spare Europe & spare our WS units & much of our leadership who are still there with them just long enough to at least finish what we feel we have to get done before we can possibly quit & move South! So we are endangering our own lives & our own work & own leadership & its units in order to save you! We are risking our own safety. We have not yet all left the North! Much of our leadership & our production units are still in the dangerous nuclear North, still in Europe & elsewhere in the North! And honestly, I believe, that God is staving off the war & sparing Europe mostly to give us time to finish as much as we can & get our leadership & our units out of Europe before the war explodes!
       146. AND I THINK HE'S PROBABLY SAVING THE U.S., DEARLY BELOVED, YOU POOR AMERICANS IN NORTH AMERICA, a little longer, a little more mercy, giving you a little more time trying to help you get out of there before it's wiped out! Because if the war would happen right now we'd lose half the Family. Half of our population, I'm sorry to say, has not yet obeyed or have not been able to obey, or just don't even plan to obey, because they're not yet out of North America & Europe! Well, for your sake, I believe, & for our sake & for the Work's sake, He is holding off the war as long as He can!
       147. IT SAYS, "HE THAT NOW LETTETH WILL LET UNTIL HE BE TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY" (2Th.2:7)--literally meaning he that now preventeth, holding back like a dam the forces of evil, the floodtide of Worldwide terror & nuclear holocaust--He is holding it back the best He can trying to stave it off until you & I get out of the way, just as He has by example throughout all history & Bible history! He has always first warned His own people to get out of that city or that nation or that empire before He destroyed it, because it tried to destroy us, it tried to destroy His People, God's Children!
       148. SO BY THE TIME THEY'D WITNESSED THAT MUCH THAT THE WORD HAD SWEPT THE CITY OR THE NATION OR THE EMPIRE & SATURATED IT & EVERYBODY HAD THEIR CHANCE, & then they rejected & began to persecute God's People, that was the end! And all God had to wait for then to judge that nation was for His People to get out! And He always warned them to get out, He always gave them enough time to get out, & usually, some of them who believed the prophecy of God did get out & were spared.
       149. I'M SORRY TO SAY THAT MANY TIMES THE VAST MAJORITY EVEN OF HIS OWN PEOPLE WOULDN'T BELIEVE HIS PROPHETS & DIDN'T GET OUT & WERE DESTROYED! Such is the history of Israel under conqueror after conqueror after conqueror & destruction after destruction! From Babylonian times to Roman times to Hitler times to whatever, it seems that even God's Own people will not believe His Own prophets & just can't believe their ears or even what their eyes are seeing in the news they're reading, that it's really coming to an end & they have got to get out, forsake-all, possessions, houses, lands, even families, if necessary, if your mate & children won't come with you!
       150. THEN THEY'RE GONNA GET LEFT BEHIND & YOU'LL CAUSE THEM TO GO THROUGH THE FIRE WHICH IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD LIKE SACRIFICE OF YOUR CHILDREN TO MOLOCH! He literally curses those who cause their children to go through the fire! He destroyed whole cities & nations for causing their children to pass through the fire, & you are going to be destroyed with it because you are going to allow your children to pass through that horrible holocaust of nuclear fire when He has finally given you plenty of time to get out, plenty of warning!
       151. WE HAVE BEEN REPEATING THIS WARNING FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS, 15 YEARS WE HAVE BEEN REPEATING THIS WARNING!--Ever since we got the Message of Jeremiah in Miami, Florida about 1962. 20 years I've been preaching this message to get out of America! To get out because God's gonna destroy it with her enemies, even His enemies are gonna destroy America because the United States itself has become God's enemy & even His worst enemy, threatening to destroy the whole World! So God's got to destroy the U.S. before it does, & He's gotta save some power to govern the World, & it looks like He's gonna save Communism to become the World dictatorship under the World Superman dictator, the Antichrist!
       152. I HAVE SAID TIME & AGAIN I'M GIVING YOU THE LAST WARNING!--WELL, THIS IS MY LAST WARNING! It's my latest one, that's for sure! Right? This is the last warning I've given you so far! But one of these days, Beloved, it is going to literally be the last warning from me you're going to receive before the holocaust, the Great Confusion, the atomic war, the fires of Hell devour the United States & even parts of Russia! It's going to be your last warning! And when you see that atomic blast that burns out your eyeballs so that the liquid runs down your face & blackens your skin from miles away & fries your brain, your last thought is probably gonna be this last warning that I have given you & told you & warned you & God has given you, & given you so much time until He can wait no longer to destroy them which destroy the Earth, or we'd all be destroyed!
       153. GOD HAS GOT TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES & CAPITALIST WEST IN ORDER TO SAVE THE WORLD! He's got to destroy the West to save the World! Last warning! How much time have we got? Huh? Time up? We've got one hour on this already? Well, this is my last warning in this hour!--Ha! In this hour of audiotape & videotape it's my last warning to you right now! I've got to quit because you can't take much more than an hour at a time. I advise you & counsel you, please don't play these heavy tapes to your family more than one hour at a time, I think that's about all they can stand! Don't give them more than they're able to bear. "The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak!" (Mt.26:41)
       154. MAYBE YOUR SPIRIT IS WILLING, YOU'RE WILLING TO LEAVE, YOU'D LIKE TO LEAVE, BUT YOUR FLESH IS WEAK. You don't know how, you don't have the spiritual strength, you think, to go to a foreign country & try to be a missionary. You don't have the physical strength or the finances to go. Well, we're praying desperately for you that God will help you to go, & we're going to do everything we possibly can in our power to make it possible for you to go. We're right now organising the Reception Homes in these various safer Southern regions to receive you & help you get started & help you find a place to land & get established.
       155. WE'RE DOING EVERYTHING WE CAN TO TRY TO WARN YOU, PREPARE YOU, HELP YOU & GET YOU OUT! But, Beloved, we can't do it all! We can't do it ourselves! You have got to do something yourself! You've got to have enough "umph" to triumph! And did you know that triumph is only about 10% "try" & about 90% "umph"? "Try" a little "umph" if you want to triumph & you want to win the victory & get out of the dangerous North into the safer South. So please, will you try a little more umph in order to triumph & to make your escape, our second great Exodus, really our third, from the United States?
       156. PLEASE DON'T STAY ANY LONGER THAN YOU CAN HELP! PLEASE GET OUT SOON! Don't let your children have to go through the fire! If you don't care anything about yourself, you don't care if you go through the fire, don't let them have to pass out of this World & out of this life through that horrible holocaust of hell-fire on Earth into the next! Please, do everything you can--& do it now!--Tomorrow may be too late! We're just hoping we have a few more weeks, perhaps a few more months to finish our major projects in our present very good printing setup & publishing unit. But don't count too much on it!
       157. MAYBE GOD FIGURES HE'S ALREADY GIVEN YOU ENOUGH! MAYBE HE'S ALREADY GIVEN YOU ENOUGH WARNING! Maybe He's already given you enough lit, enough Magazines, enough Books, enough Letters! Maybe He figures you've had enough already! God knows you certainly have had more than your share! You've certainly had enough to teach you for the rest of your life till Kingdom come & the rest of what little World history is left! Most of you have had too much almost, & some of you maybe think you've had too much, too!--Too much to read, too much to study, too many Letters, too much Magazine, too much news, too many Books! I don't know, maybe that's the way you feel!
       158. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU, WHEN THERE ARE NO MORE MAGAZINES & NO MORE BOOKS & THERE'S GONNA BE A FAMINE FOR THE WORD OF GOD, YOU'RE GONNA TREASURE EVERY WORD, EVERY LETTER, EVERY SCRAP OF NEWS, EVERY MAGAZINE! They're gonna be collector's items then, let me tell you! And every Book! They are gonna be rare & sought after, because you know why? "Those that know their God"--God's Word says--"in that day, in that hour shall instruct many!" (Da.11:32,33) The World is gonna seek after you then to tell'm what's happening! They'll know that what they read before & what you told'm before has come to pass! It's all true! So you must know what's gonna happen next, & they're gonna be flocking to your door to find out! "What's gonna happen next? What shall we do now?!"
       159. THE REAL SHEEP, THE HUNGRY ONES THAT STALLED OFF & WOULDN'T LISTEN TO HIS VOICE FOR A LONG TIME ARE FINALLY GONNA HEAR IT & they're finally gonna know it's His Voice & they're finally gonna follow Him & they're gonna follow you! And you're gonna have all that good knowledge, all that good wisdom, all that good (inspiration), all this good instruction, all of these wonderful warnings that God has given you over & over again, all these Books & Magazines & Letters & revelations & dreams & visions & prophecies to lead & to guide you to the very End, & to help you lead & guide multitudes of others! It says you'll instruct many! Many more than yourselves, in other words!
       160. YOU'LL BECOME THE TEACHERS OF THE WORLD!--TEACHERS OF THOSE WHO WILL TURN TO YOU FOR HELP & FOR GUIDANCE & FOR SALVATION! You'll be their teachers, you'll be their leaders, you'll be their instructors, even long after I'm gone! Thank God He's gonna leave some leadership with you! There'll be witnesses, final witnesses & leaders of you witnesses up to the very End, until the very coming of Jesus Christ Himself! Apparently there are gonna be multitudes! I believe there are gonna be thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of you who are still gonna be alive, maybe even millions! Because He said that we which are alive & remain shall be caught up together with those who have already died & been resurrected. "We which are alive & remain shall be caught up together with them in the air to meet the Lord, & so shall we ever be with the Lord!" (1Th.4:17)
       161. SO, BELOVED, WE ARE STOCKPILING JUST LIKE OTHER NATIONS STOCKPILE OIL & [DELETED], what do they call it? Essential materials? Huh? Essential commodities & crucial commodities--there's a word I'm seeking for, maybe you'll remember it--against a coming war. You & I & World Services & our publishing & production units & musical units are stockpiling tools, [EDITED: "spiritual"] weapons, material, fuel for this coming war! And when the big war of the World is over, in a way, ours will have just begun! And that's as far as I can go tonight. I'm gonna have to tell you what's gonna happen after the war in the next lesson, God willing! PTL? GBYA!
       162. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE & YOUR LOVE & YOUR LISTENING & YOUR LEARNING! Because you've got to know a lot to be able to carry on then, & you've got to learn a lot & you've got to know whereof you speak! "But they that do know their God shall instruct many & they shall do exploits" God's Word says! Mighty works for the Lord! Great & mighty works of wonders & witnessing & signs & God's magic, God's miracles to carry on to win as many souls as we can, even during those trying horrible days of the last days of this Earth, right up to the End, to the very coming of Jesus!
       163. SO HANG ONTO THOSE MAGAZINES, BELOVED! Hang onto those Books, hang onto those Letters & those tools & those flannelgraphs & posters! You'll be glad you did! You'll be thankful you did because they're gonna come in mighty handy in the days to come when there will be a famine for the Word of God & you'll be the only ones who like Joseph have stockpiled it & got it in your granaries & are able to feed the poor & the famished spiritually of the World, & save whoever you can! Praise God! Amen?
       164. SO PRAY FOR US, WILL YOU, THAT WE CAN GET AS MUCH DONE AS WE CAN BEFORE THE WAR, &, if possible, our leadership & our publishing units get out before the Great Confusion! Because I don't think there's gonna be a lot of publishing done right away then, & maybe not a lot of printing, or maybe not a lot of taping & maybe not a lot of mailing even then, for awhile, at least, till things get reorganised! So, hang on! Hang onto your hat--well, if it's cold!
       165. HANG ON TO THE LORD, HANG ON TO THE LIT, HANG ON TO YOUR LIFE AS LONG AS YOU CAN TO SERVE THE LORD! PTL? He has great things still in store for you, even in the darkest hour of the World. And this lit & these Books & these Magazines are gonna be the greatest blessing they have ever been in those days when you may not be able to get any more for awhile! PTL! Pray for us, will you? I pray for you.
       166. LORD, IN JESUS' NAME, WE ASK THEE TO HELP THESE WHO ARE LISTENING & VIEWING TO HEAR THIS FINAL WARNING TO GET OUT OF THE NUCLEAR NORTH TO THE SAFER SOUTH! Get out of the Hell-fire of the North to the soul-fire of the South, Lord, where they can continue witnessing & winning souls & preaching the Gospel throughout all the World to every creature before You come! You've promised it, Lord, even if it'll take the angels in the last few days, that everyone will hear. Everybody will have a chance, everybody will have their opportunity to hear Thy Gospel & to receive it.
       167. HELP US TO BE FAITHFUL WITNESSES WHEREVER WE ARE, EVEN THOSE FEW WHO MAY FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE TO LEAVE THE NORTH, LORD! We know that You can spare them & keep them, even if they have to pass through the fire! But Lord, help them not to have the guilt on their hearts & the blood on their hands of even their own lives, much less their children, of passing through that horrible Hell-fire on Earth of the nuclear holocaust if they don't have to. There may be some that You'll even spare, Lord, to help the survivors. We hope so, if there are any.
       168. WE BELIEVE THERE PROBABLY WILL BE SURVIVORS, LORD, WHO WILL LIVE AN EVEN WORSE HELL AFTER THE HELL-FIRE!--Hell of chaos, confusion & anarchy & mob-rule & gang-rule, savage, cannibalistic-rule. We believe even then You will leave perhaps a little salt to salt those who survived & who may yet be witnessed to & won having passed through such a horrible experience & suffering so. It may drive them to their knees & to repentance & to You & to receive You as their Saviour, & there may be even a few of ours left who will help to lead them. We hope so.
       169. BUT, LORD, PLEASE DON'T LET THEM USE THIS AS AN EXCUSE TO STAY IF THEY CAN GO OUT of the Gospel-hardened, Gospel-saturated North where they've already heard all they deserve to hear & much more, into the poor South & the Gospel-starved South, salvation-starved South where so many still need to hear of real salvation of how to be saved & how to receive Jesus. TYL!
       170. HELP'M TO GET OUT & BE MISSIONARIES TODAY, & NOT MERE POOR SURVIVORS TOMORROW trying to lead people who already have heard so much & had every opportunity to escape! Help'm, Lord, to get out now & go into fertile broader surviving fields that'll survive for some time to come & where they'll still be able to work & witness & win souls for you, Jesus, right until the End!--Until You come to get them out of this old World! Help them, Lord, to obey! Help them to do it now, in Jesus' name! Help them, Lord! Amen.
       171. GBY! ILY & I'VE TRIED TO DO EVERYTHING I CAN & I DON'T THINK YOUR BLOOD'S GONNA BE ON MY HANDS. I have delivered my soul & unburdened my heart to you to try to help you understand so that you'll be convicted & convinced that you must get out now & serve the Lord full-time on mission fields already so white unto harvest, in Jesus' name! Amen! This may be my last warning! It may be your last warning! Bye! X! Sorry to have to go! I sure hope you go soon! GBY! And God bless all of you who have already gone, & may He make you a tremendous blessing, & I know He has & is, & He will, in Jesus' name! Amen! GBY! PTL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family