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WORLD SERIES!--CHAPTERS 6 & 7!--By Father David       DFO 1245       19/12/81
--Contingency Plans for after the War!--Miracles of Protection!

       1. (SINGS:)
       He's got the whole wide World in His Hands!
       He's got the whole World in His Hands!
       He's got the whole World in His Hands!"

       "This is my Father's World!
       Oh, comfort with this thought!
       All nature sings to Christ our King,
       This is my Father's World!

       This is my Father's World!
       Oh, comfort in this thought!
       All nature sings to Christ her King,
       This is our Father's World!"

PTL? Amen! TYJ! Hallelujah!
       2. WELL, HERE WE ARE AGAIN BACK IN THE SIXTH LESSON, SIXTH HOUR OF THE WORLD SERIES, & WE'RE JUST ABOUT TO GET TO THE END OF THE WORLD!--At least the end of the World as far as this present World, as it now is, is concerned! We have warned you about the impending war & we're going to try to go into a little bit more of the details of what we expect to happen now, when & how the war will begin. As I said in the last lesson, the big powers are jockeying for position to be in the most advantageous places & tactical strategic positions in order to have the greatest advantage when the war begins.
       3. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO THEM, OF COURSE, IS TO BE IN A POSITION TO WIN. The next most important thing is to be in the best position, when they have won, to pick up the pieces & take control. Those are the two main phases of the war. We've dealt with the before of the war, now we're gonna deal with the war, God willing, & a little bit, if we have time, with what we expect to happen after the war.
       4. THE WAR, WE BELIEVE, IS COMING VERY SOON, & I THINK PROBABLY THE ONLY THING THAT'S HOLDING IT OFF IS YOU!--Because you haven't gotten out of the North soon enough. Now if you think you can stay in the North forever & God will wait forever for you to get out & as long as you're there He won't let the war start, you're mistaken! Going by past history & God's policies in the Bible & past experiences, He has given His people ample warning time & time again to get out before He was ready, or even after He was ready to destroy a civilisation or a country or a city!
       5. BUT THEN WHEN THEY SIMPLY WOULD NOT GET OUT OR EVEN REFUSED TO GET OUT OR DRAGGED THEIR FEET LIKE LOT & HIS WIFE & FAMILY DID, he virtually had to pull'm out of the city! He sent a couple of angels to drag them out by the hand! Now don't count on that, Beloved, that God is going to be so merciful to you that He'll let you wait till the last minute & send His angels to drag you out by the hand when He's given you all this time--not just days, weeks, months, but years! In fact, I have been warning of this for 20 years, & have been warning you to get out personally for the last 10 years! So I don't think you deserve any more warning! I think God has given you ample time to get out! Amen?
       6. GOD'S NOT GONNA GIVE YOU ANY MORE WARNING! I REALLY DON'T THINK SO! I think you've had enough, don't you? Don't you think He's been fair enough to give you as much as He has? So, PTL, the time could come any minute, the war could come any minute. If it happened today, I think every one of us would be without excuse. You'd be totally without excuse for not having gotten out since He's been warning you to go South for 10 years! I think that "802 South" was issued about 10 years ago. (No.187)
       7. SO WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN WHEN THE WAR HITS? Well, I'm hoping by that time, God willing--& let's hope we've got maybe a few more days, maybe a few weeks from this moment, the beginning of the New Year of 1982--I hope we might have at least a month or two before it begins. Now most wars, believe it or not, have begun in the Summer when tempers get hot along with the temperature! But don't count on it! This one might begin in the Winter, this Winter!
       8. BUT WHEN IT HAPPENS, I'M HOPING THAT AT LEAST HALF OF THE FAMILY WILL HAVE MOVED SOUTH BY THIS TIME. Right now approximately half of the Family, half of you, are in North & South America, the Western Hemisphere. Of the half of the Family in the Western Hemisphere, North & South America, approximately two-thirds are already in South America & the Caribbean. Only about a third of you are left in the US. We have about 1200 Homes in this whole area, & about 400 left in North America. Already about 800-900 Homes--maybe by today, I haven't got the latest stats--there may be a thousand Homes already in Latin America, & maybe a few hundred are up here.
       9. ALTHOUGH MANY OF THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE COMING THERE ARE COMING FROM EUROPE & MIGRATING ACROSS THE ATLANTIC THIS WAY, because transportation & so on is very good between Europe & Latin America, as well as from North America to Latin America. Quite a few of you folks, particularly folks from Europe, are going from Europe over here, a few perhaps into South Africa--which will be one of the few surviving places after the war--& quite a few now thanks to the "Song of India" (No.1096) are going to India & God's call there, & many are in Southeast Asia over in here which is the East Indies.
       10. IF WE'VE LOST SOUND ON ONE OF THESE IT'S BECAUSE ONE OF THE MIKES CAME LOOSE! Excuse me! Do tell me of any disasters like that, it's OK. I had it under my arm! Ha! How's it doing now? It might click together a bit. OK? All right! We're not perfectionists so if I make a few mistakes & they do too & we have to correct them on camera, well, praise God! You make a few mistakes too, don't you? So this might make you feel a little bit better that everybody makes mistakes & we all have accidents, little ones, if we're not cautious, & these clips aren't too good.
       11. WELL, ANYWAY, AUSTRALIA WILL BE ONE OF THE SURVIVING AREAS OF THE WORLD, ALONG WITH, I BELIEVE, SOUTHEAST ASIA & THE EAST INDIES which is this area here with Indonesia, Borneo, Sumatra, New Guinea--perhaps the Philippines if they don't have too many American bases & subs there--& maybe even Hong Kong & Taiwan, etc., will survive. Probably most of China's gonna survive, it's such a big country with so many people. And I think when it sees the handwriting on the wall & the way the die is cast, they'll quit their friendship with the U.S. real quick & avow their allegiance as Communist brothers to Communist Russia! So I think their friendship to the West is only temporary & I think that it's gonna switch real fast when the showdown comes! But they're trying to get the advantage of all they can, jockeying for position economically & so on by present temporary friendship with the West.
       12. AND IT MAY BE YOUR LAST CHANCE TO GET INTO CHINA TO GIVE THEM THE GOSPEL, TOO! So you'd better go now & not wait until things open wide up & there's greater freedom! There's about all the freedom there's gonna be now & you'd better go now & get into China now if you can--you folks over there in Hong Kong, Philippines, & places handy--or if you've learned a little Chinese which you're gonna need if you're gonna go into the interior any place besides the foreign communities of Peking. If you're gonna talk to the people you'd better learn a little Chinese, because you can't just stand on a street corner passing out Chinese lit! You have to have a job there, you've gotta have a working visa, you've just gotta go slowly, make friends & witness just in a sort of an offhand manner, very unobtrusive way, just make friends & love & FF, etc., & that's the only way you're gonna be able to reach China now.
       13. CHINA HAD ITS DAY FOR OPENNESS TO THE GOSPEL WITH HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS OF MISSIONARIES AT ONE TIME, & then God allowed the door to be closed to test the Christians who were left behind. Thank God, about a million, they say, have survived, so you may run into quite a few of them. Of course, only one million out of about 900 million might be a little difficult to find'm! Not nine million but 900 million! So that means only about one out of a thousand Chinese is a Christian, right? So one out of a thousand is not gonna be too many, but get in while you can!
       14. JAPAN HAS BEEN SO CLOSELY ALLIED TO THE U.S. IT MAY NOT ESCAPE VERY MUCH, but I presume that God in His mercy may allow most of Japan to escape. It's had enough suffering already, the atomic attack from the U.S., without any more! And of course the islands of the sea & New Zealand & Australia are ideal. They're way out of line of action, atomic bombs, except for the fact that over here on this end of Australia & around Perth or near there they've got some atomic missile bases or bases of some kind which could be a target, so that that end of Australia may get it directly, which if you'd just as soon not be here afterward, that's a good place to be!
       15. HOWEVER, IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE IN AUSTRALIA, YOU'D BETTER BE IN THE EAST END OF AUSTRALIA HERE where if there are atomic attacks on this end there will be fallout here, but that is something you can survive if you stay indoors for a couple of weeks, which means you gotta have some food & water. But don't give that as an excuse again to start those survival ranches & farms & places because you'll be a lot safer in God's will as missionaries on the field here in the East Indies & Southeast Asia & India & so on. So, PTL!
       16. I'M DEALING WITH WHAT I EXPECT AFTER THE WAR FIRST TO SHOW YOU WHY IT'S IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO GET OUT! Right now we have, as I say, half of our Family here, or if you want to work this way, we've got half of our Family in North America & Europe. Or half of the Family is here, either way you want to work it. In other words, we've got three-fourths of the Family in Europe, North America & South America right now. And we only have about five or six hundred Homes in the rest of the World all put together--Africa, Mideast, India, Southeast Asia, Australia & the islands of the sea. Got it? A fourth of the Family approximately is now in Europe, about a fourth in North America or less, & another fourth or more in South America.
       17. BEFORE THE WAR BEGINS I'M HOPING BY THE WILL OF GOD & BY YOUR WILLINGNESS TO OBEY, THAT MOST OF YOU WILL HAVE BEEN OUT OF THE DANGEROUS NUCLEAR NORTH OF NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE, & will be down here in South America or Southeast Asia. In which case, when our migration & our third great Exodus is completed & God figures enough of you are out that the rest of you are just too dumb & stupid & stubborn you'll never get out, He's ready to press the button Himself & let the war begin. I'm hoping by that time that instead of this being three-fourths of you here in Europe, North America & South America, that at least half of all of you here will have gone to South America & even the Caribbean.
       18. ALTHOUGH THE CARIBBEAN IS STILL A BIT DANGEROUS & IT WILL BE PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE WAR BECAUSE OF REVOLUTION & the Black uprising & the takeover of Communists there in the Caribbean area. That will be one of the first to go after the U.S. has fallen. So you in the Caribbean are in a very dangerous position, although you may escape the direct atomic attack & because of the wind drift Northward you may even escape the fallout, you will not escape the immediate Caribbean-wide Black & poor revolution led by the Communists who are already there in Nicaragua, Cuba & Dominica preparing the groundwork & the leadership for that takeover as soon as America is destroyed. Therefore, South America is far safer!
       19. NORTHERN SOUTH AMERICA WILL BE NEXT AFTER THE CARIBBEAN, AFTER THE WAR. It will be next because it's got a very heavy Black population, very poor population & it's close to the Caribbean, easy to be engineered by the Communist forces already in the Caribbean. First, they'll take over the Caribbean, then Northern South America & gradually work their way down until Southern South America of Argentina & Chile will probably be last. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay & these Southernmost parts of South America.
       20. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE SAFEST PLACES ARE GOING TO BE AFTER THE WAR, IT WILL BE SOUTHERN SOUTH AMERICA, SOUTH AFRICA--on which we have gotten direct word from the Lord in actual words & places that specifically the Orange Free State of South Africa will be the safest place to be until after the war. Of course, after the war then, the Communist states who are already here in Black Africa, there will be a terrific uprising & probably an attack on South Africa. And South Africa, I believe, is stubborn enough, Christian enough & determined enough they'll probably fight to the death like the U.S. to hold out as long as they can until they see there's no hope.
       21. I DOUBT IF THEY'LL SURRENDER UNLESS THEY NEGOTIATE VERY GOOD TERMS WITH RUSSIA, BUT AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, RUSSIA MAY DECIDE SHE NEEDS SOUTH AFRICA & her know-how & technical leadership brains & so on, to help her run Africa. South Africa's virtually running all of Southern Africa anyhow with her brains, even though they all talk against her, as I've said before. So it could be South Africa might be able to negotiate a fairly good deal of surrender as long as she kowtows & knuckles under & says "uncle" to Uncle USSR, in order to preserve her people at least, if not eventually her faith, & to help Russia run Africa.
       22. THE OTHER SAFEST PLACES TO BE, OF COURSE, AFTER THE WAR WILL BE PROBABLY EASTERN AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & THESE ISLANDS OF THE SEA, & VERY LIKELY INDONESIA & SOUTHEAST ASIA. Now of course Southeast Asia will also be in danger immediately after the war of further conventional warfare. I'm talking about after the nuclear day of the first day of the war, which I am convinced is not gonna be just conventional warfare, as I'll tell you in a moment & talk to you more about the war. I'm talking about after the war now which I think is even more important for us to know about.
       23. THAT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE WAR THIS AREA OF INDIA, SOUTHEAST ASIA & THE EAST INDIES WILL BE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER, like the Caribbean, of direct Communist takeover by the poorer peoples of the World & the Communists who are already there, where they already hold sway in places like Vietnam, etc. They will immediately start taking over the territory surrounding them, by force if they don't surrender. So you'll be in danger in the follow-up of the war, shall we call it, the mopping-up which will be either by surrender or by force.
       24. EITHER THE COUNTRIES AROUND THEM WILL HAVE TO SURRENDER & KOWTOW & KNEEL DOWN TO THE ONLY EXISTING WORLD POWER THAT REMAINS AFTER THE WAR--which will be Communism--but if they don't, if they keep on fighting--& there will be pockets of resistance in the hardcore, hard-line, ultra-rightist Capitalist areas who will fight to the death rather than surrender--there they will have to overcome them by force, land forces, conventional warfare. The atomic warfare will be over & will have already destroyed North America or at least a large part of the United States & Europe, & a considerable portion of Russia too. But enough of Russia & the Russians will be left, & the World Communists, to be able to pick up the pieces & restore order & reorganise & rehabilitate. What did I say this morning they call it? Well, it's restitution & restoration, reorganisation of their World government which will now be the World government being the only remaining World power. Russia leading the Communists will be the World government, one World government after the war.
       25. BUT IT'LL TAKE QUITE AWHILE TO MOP UP THE POCKETS OF RESISTANCE, perhaps even in the United States & other areas which will possibly even resist to the very last like Southern South America & even South Africa, Australia & New Zealand. In those areas you stand danger of a follow-up, mop-up conventional warfare if they continue to resist the Communist takeover & encroachment for awhile. But of course they can't win against the Superpower, so they'll either have to fight to the death & be conquered, or they'll have to surrender, which of course will be a lot smarter. If they're smart, when they see there's no hope of survival they'll make a deal & surrender peacefully & be a puppet government under the Communists in the aftermath of the war.
       26. OF COURSE THE NUCLEAR NORTH IS THE MOST DANGEROUS, BUT YOU WON'T GET IT IN THE SOUTH UNTIL AFTERWARD. So we're hoping that you folks who move South will move as far South as possible. Now you've still got time in the Caribbean & Northern South America so don't overcrowd Southern South America yet, please, or South Africa. They won't put up with it there, I'll tell you! They're tough about things down there & they don't fiddle around with people who are of a different opinion or people they don't like or their literature. Ours is already banned there.
       27. THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IN SOUTH AFRICA TODAY IS FFing & CLANDESTINE WITNESSING, get a job if you can & witness on the side. But the Family & Family lit is pretty well banned there already. I guess we've sympathised too much with the Third World & so on. I think my Letter called "My Sons of All Colours" (No.105) is the one that really did it, & that's when they started banning us down there!
       28. OF COURSE THE ISLANDS OF THE SEA, THERE'LL BE HARDLY ANYTHING GOING ON THERE except that the poor & the Blacks & the dark skins & the Third World, if there are any pockets left of the U.S. like Samoa & a few other areas, they'll be taken over immediately by the local Communists & the local or neighbouring pro-Communist states, & either have to surrender or fight to the death.
       29. I DON'T SEE MUCH POINT IN FIGHTING TO THE DEATH IF YOU CAN LIVE A LITTLE LONGER & BE A LITTLE MORE USED OF THE LORD. So the ones that want to fight to the death are just foolhardy fools & it's my opinion, it's better Red than dead! Dead you can't do much more for the Lord except from the other World, & He needs you here until this World comes to its end as now is in the Battle of Armageddon at the end of the Antichrist reign.
       30. YOU CAN STAY HERE UNTIL JESUS COMES & STILL BE OF SOME GOOD & win some souls & witness & accomplish something & save a few more souls for the next World if you stay alive, even if there is persecution & even if there's imprisonment, even if there's martyrdom. Even if there are very difficult conditions under which to minister & under which to witness. You can still be of some good even by your life & perhaps even by your death, your final witness, to try to help win souls.
       31. AND WHEN YOU SEE THE OTHER SIDE & YOU SEE THINGS OVER THERE AS THEY REALLY ARE, YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID, even if you died for the Lord, that it might have won a few hearts when they saw you willing to die cheerfully, gladly for Jesus. That's what happened at the end of the Roman Empire when they killed & slaughtered so many Christians, it was not only the way that they lived, but the way they died that convinced the Romans that it must be real & turned many of them to the Lord & won many souls until they finally took over the Roman Empire--as we will take over the World one of these days!
       32. IT'S A VERY CLOSE SIMILE, THE DAYS OF THE EARLY CHURCH & THE PERSECUTIONS OF ROME OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, VERY SIMILAR TO THE ANTICHRIST EMPIRE! And the sufferings & persecutions of the Church under the Roman Empire during the early days of the Church is very similar to what will happen under the Antichrist Empire, because Rome was very anti-Christ. And how they survived & kept on witnessing during the days of Paul, & John the Beloved Revelator lived on till he was 90 years of age through all those Roman persecutions & kept witnessing, kept writing letters, kept travelling about preaching the Gospel secretly to the Christians & to others & even the House of Caesar until they won the whole House of Caesar! God is gonna use us that way! If you want to read stories about what it's gonna be very much like under the Antichrist, just read the stories about the Early Church under the anti-Christ Roman Empire of its last days.
       33. UNTIL, OF COURSE, THEN JESUS IS GONNA COME & RESCUE US OUT OF THIS FINAL ROMAN EMPIRE, as some Bible Prophets & some students of Bible Prophecy have predicted, that actually what the Antichrist kingdom is like & what it is going to be is in a way a sort of a revival of the old Roman Empire. However, I go back even further than that & say it's gonna be a sort of a revival of the old Egyptian Empire--which was not only anti-Christ but was about as fiendish & as devilish & demonic as you can get!
       34. SO I'M HOPING BY THE TIME THE WAR IS OVER, OR WHEN IT HITS, THAT MOST OF YOU FROM NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE WILL HAVE MOVED DOWN INTO EITHER SOUTH AMERICA, SOUTH AFRICA OR SOUTHEAST ASIA & THE ISLANDS OF THE SEA. Now if as slow as you're moving & the war comes soon enough, since half of you are still in the nuclear North, let's hope that half of those of you who are there--that's at least a fourth of the whole Family--will have moved Southward somewhere before the war begins. That'll leave a fourth of the Family in the nuclear North of Europe & North America, approximately, God willing, half the Family in Latin America, & still a fourth of the Family surviving somewhere in the rest of the World. That means, we hope, that at least three-quarters of the Family will still be alive & surviving, with approximately two-thirds to three-quarters of the Family of all those left will be in Latin America.
       35. THEREFORE, OF COURSE, COMMUNICATION WILL BE MUCH EASIER THERE, & transportation back & forth, courier service, travellers, Visiting Servants & so on will, we hope, still be able to travel from country to country, & if not able to use the mails for literature & so on, at least will be able to carry literature on their persons. Or if we can't print any more, the slow process of getting it into print may be too difficult, we may have to resort to micro tapes & just word of mouth.
       36. OR IF THE MAILS CONTINUE FOR AWHILE, WHICH I EXPECT THEM TO IN THE NUCLEAR FREE SOUTH AT LEAST--communication & mails, we hope, will continue as before or be restored very quickly--we may have to resort to the Letter-size MO Letters again so that they won't look any different from any other kind of ordinary letter, be so small, just a small folded piece of paper in a small letter-size envelope & that may be all you'll get. But you'll be very thankful for every crumb in those days, I'll tell you!
       37. HOWEVER, THERE WILL STILL BE TRAVELLERS, VISITING SERVANTS, LEADERSHIP & COURIERS TRAVELLING FROM COUNTRY TO COUNTRY, both in South America--there's not much of South Africa, but some--but in Southeast Asia & the islands of the sea, leaders, VSs & NASs & top leaders who will still be travelling around, we hope, in person, bearing not only news & word of the other parts which they have been in, but these leaders & travellers & couriers will be able to travel from country to country still as they did in Paul's day & John's day who was writing letters to the various Churches of Asia under even the severe persecutions of Rome.
       38. THEY WILL CARRY & COURIER NEWS FROM US, AT LEAST NEWS FROM OTHER PARTS OF YOUR AREA BY LEADERSHIP & BY COURIERS, by Letter, small Letters perhaps in the mail yet, maybe even the telephone service might be restored for awhile & we can use it, we hope, without being tapped too much. But at least be able to carry these little tiny micro tapes, so small that they're very easily hidden, & this way you get almost instant news directly from us in our own voice which you'll be able to use in those days, God willing, couriered from place to place by our own people as they travel.
       39. THIS WAS THE WAY, YOU RECALL, THAT AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI COMMUNICATED WITH HIS REVOLUTIONARIES IN IRAN IN THE DAYS OF THE REVOLUTION, BY TAPES. He didn't wait to go through the slow process of printing & publication which may be very difficult or absolutely impossible in those days because of the clampdown, of course, but he managed to smuggle tapes right into Iran through his couriers & they were played for clandestine groups of revolutionaries there & in the mosques, etc., & by pirate radio stations right up until they overthrew the Shah.
       40. WELL, WE WILL CONTINUE TO COMMUNICATE, GOD WILLING, IN THAT FASHION. And I believe we will be able to because I'm sure God is gonna use us to the very End till Jesus comes! There wouldn't be any point leaving us here if He didn't! Which means there will still be work for us to do, Family to feed & lead & souls to be won & witnessing to be done, praise God, even if you don't win'm! The witnessing has to be done in order to hold them accountable & responsible for their actions, their deeds & either their reception or rejection when the final judgement comes!
       41. SO THIS IS SORT OF TELLING YOU WHAT THE CONDITIONS ARE NOW & WHAT I EXPECT TO HAPPEN AFTER THE WAR! That should be encouraging & a good positive note perhaps to start this last lesson on, & we're about halfway through already, & that is that we will be able to continue & minister after the war, praise God! I believe it! Don't you? Amen? Now, as you can see as a mere matter of logistics, since at least two-thirds of the Family that remain--not two-thirds of the present Family--but I'm hoping that two-thirds to three-fourths of our total present Family will still be alive after the war.
       42. BUT AT THE SLOW RATE YOU'RE LEAVING THE NUCLEAR NORTH, IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT because I expect the war so soon now that you're just not all gonna make it. Some of you didn't want to, some of you didn't care to, some of you couldn't, some of you didn't dare to & some of you simply dragged your feet too long & you'll get caught like Lot's wife in the destructive outpouring that comes!
       43. WE HAVE ABOUT 2500 HOMES NOW, & we hope approximately half of that--1200 in Latin America by that time & maybe another 6 or 700 or so in the rest of the World gone South--we hope we'll have at least two-thirds to three-fourths of the Family left after the war. But of those two-thirds to three-fourths, about two-thirds of them will be in Latin America & about a third of you will be in Southeast Asia & the islands of the sea or South Africa.
       44. WELL NOW AS YOU CAN SEE, UNDER RESTRICTED TRAVEL & RESTRICTED BORDERS, ETC., AS THEY CLAMP DOWN BOTH DURING WARS & AFTER WARS until things begin to be restored to what they used to call after both World Wars, "normalisation" & rehabilitation & so on, it will be harder to travel from country to country, but even more difficult to travel or communicate from one Continent across the sea to another Continent, across another big sea to the Southeast Asian Continent & the islands of the sea, Australia, New Zealand & so on.
       45. THERE WILL BE CONSIDERABLE DIFFICULTY IN COMMUNICATION. Long distance transoceanic communication by telephone will probably be controlled & tapped & maybe only used for government purposes such as in the present trouble in Poland. Governments can immediately clamp down on communications so that only government communication is allowed. So in the aftermath of the war because of the tremendous problems of recovery, there may be no communication between Continents for awhile, & little, if any, travel. So we may not be able to courier communications across these oceans to other Continents, much less halfway around the World from Latin America clear around to Southeast Asia, the East Indies, Australia, etc.
       46. SO YOU LEADERS IN THIS REMOTE SMALLER PART OF THE FAMILY--now, let's remember, you'll only be approximately one-third, hopefully, if enough of you move South to this area after the war--but you may be only one-fourth of the Family. So naturally priority has to given to the two-thirds or three-fourths who will still be here in South America, Latin America. Whereas if only about one-third or even possibly only one-fourth of the surviving Family are in Southeast Asia & the islands of the sea & Australia, etc., it'll be very difficult for any publishing unit over here in South America to communicate with you folks clear halfway around the World in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, India, Australia, etc.
       47. SO EXCEPT FOR SOME RARE MIRACLES OF GOD--& I'M HOPING & EXPECTING FOR SOME RARE MIRACLES--YOU MAY ONLY GET AN OCCASIONAL VISITOR from the Western Hemisphere who may come praising God & bearing gifts & tapes & maybe a little lit or messages or Letters from us to this part of the World. Naturally our Publishing Unit will have to most likely be located here in South America or Latin America in order to insure our reaching most of the Family, most of whom will be here after the war, God willing, & ministering to most of'm here. Where I'll be, I don't know, but our Publishing Unit who will be in charge of the duplication, multiplication & distribution of the Word will no doubt be located somewhere in South America, & we're working on that now.
       48. BUT IT WILL BE DIFFICULT TO COMMUNICATE OVER HERE, & YOU FOLKS WHO ARE IN THIS FAR REMOTE AREA HAD BETTER HANG ONTO YOUR MAGAZINES, LETTERS, BOOKS, TAPES & SO ON because that may be the only food you'll have for awhile! Leaders may find it difficult to travel, but I'm expecting good leaders like Keda & Ho & some of the rest of you there to be able to come to the fore at that time, & if I'm not over there myself, you take over & furnish the leadership & the faith that will be necessary.
       49. AND YOU NASs & GASs & TOP LEADERS WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN CHOSEN BY THAT TIME, WE HOPE, WILL BE ABLE TO KEEP THE FAMILY IN COMMUNICATION & keep them in touch & in tune & in fellowship & in the news--well, I mean, get our news, I hope they're not too much in the news unless it's good news--& be able to continue to feed them & care for them, care for the flock & to lead them & guide them & furnish them with the Word as much as you can from us or what you've already got.
       50. AFTER ALL, BY THE TIME THE WAR HITS YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH WORD FROM US ALREADY WHICH SHOULD BE ABLE TO GUIDE YOU FOR THE REST OF THE ENDTIME that you wouldn't even have to hear from us again necessarily! I have told you enough, I've explained enough about what is happening & gonna happen, you should have enough knowledge & wisdom so that, as the Lord says, "They which are strong & know their God shall do exploits & they shall instruct many!" You will already know & you will already be strong, & you already know God & you can get your orders directly from Him! You don't have to hear from me anymore! If you're cut off from me, ask God & ask the Lord & ask your leaders there! Work together! These are our contingency plans for after the war!
       51. YOU WILL HAVE TO BE MUCH ON YOUR OWN & GOD'S GONNA HAVE TO RAISE UP PROPHETS AMONG YOU TO GET ORDERS DIRECTLY FROM THE LORD! You're gonna have to individually ask God what to do, get your orders straight from the Lord & from your leaders there & continue on the best you can according to God's Word & what we've told you before & what you know is His will already, & keep going into all the World & preaching the Gospel to every creature that you can right up to the very bitter end of the Antichrist reign & the joyful end of your stay on Earth in the Resurrection & the Rapture in the Coming of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! Amen? Praise God?
       52. WELL, I MIGHT HAVE A MINUTE OR SO TO TELL YOU WHY--& THIS MAY HELP SCARE YOU OUT OF THAT NUCLEAR NORTH--& that is that the U.S. is saying it will not be ready to fight Russia for about two or three years to be equal to really do the job right. Well, if you were Russian would you say, "Well, I'm gonna wait till the U.S. is ready to fight us & really ready to wipe us out & then we'll attack!" Is that what you'd do?--No!
       53. IF YOU HAD COMMON SENSE YOU'D SAY, "WELL, AS SOON AS WE GET A GOOD EXCUSE to give the rest of the World & the Third World & our partners in crime, or in World salvation, when we see the U.S. is threatening the World too much we will say, Well, it's time for us to press the button & have the first strike attack so we can wipe out that dangerous North America, especially the United States, so they won't destroy so much of the World, & at least whatever they've got left to retaliate with will not do so much destruction. So the best thing to do is just as quick as we are able is a first pre-emptive strike to knock the U.S. out so there will not be much war left & not much nuclear retaliation left!" That would be the safest thing, frankly, not for the U.S. but for the rest of the World, & I'm sure that that's probably what they're going to do!
       54. SO I EXPECT IT ALMOST ANY MINUTE--except for us & the Lord helping you get out of that nuclear North & our important units & leadership to get out of the North. So that as soon as we do & you hear they are, you'd better watch out because I wouldn't be surprised then God's gonna let'm press the button & wipe out the U.S., North America & much of Europe, & you'll be gone if you're not gone already! So you'd better get out & get out now if you expect to survive & do God any good & do the rest of the World any good & do the Family any good & continue to witness & win souls & do anything at all for the Lord!--As well as merely selfishly survive your own stinking self, which is not important at all unless you're gonna do somebody else some good!
       55. IF YOU'RE GONNA DO THE REST OF THE WORLD ANY GOOD, if you're gonna do the Family any good, if you're gonna still witness & win souls, you're gonna have to survive & be out of the North by the time the war hits. Contrary to the natural expectation of some military theorists, as I told you last time, the war is not gonna begin gradually with a conventional attack in Europe, as so many of these stupid militarists are predicting & hoping, & gradually escalate to tactical nuclear warfare in Europe & then finally to intercontinental warfare! No, that's not the way it's gonna happen! God didn't say that!
       56. GOD SAID THAT IT'S GONNA HAPPEN SO SUDDEN THAT IT'LL CAUSE A GREAT MIGHTY WIDENING OF THE EYES! Such Great Confusion will happen so suddenly that it'll cause a mighty widening of the eyes! A great surprise to most of the people! Only you & I, the few of us know how it's gonna happen & where it's gonna happen & when it's gonna happen--which is a lot sooner than they expect!--Not two or three years from now when they're ready, but now! Soon! Within the next few months I expect it! If I'm wrong, I'm sorry, but I'd rather tell you that now & be wrong later & leave you in the North than to find out you were wrong & I was right, & you're no longer in the North, you're gone completely! You're wiped out!
       57. ACCORDING TO WHAT GOD HAS TOLD US, THE WAR IS GOING TO BEGIN VERY SUDDENLY WITH GREAT SURPRISE, a great widening of the eyes, a sudden holocaustic destruction when somebody makes a pre-emptive strike, & I think it's gonna be Russia, in order to try to save the World! What do you think God wants to do? Do you think God wants an all-out nuclear war between both powers with both powers having enough warning to gradually escalate to all-out nuclear war & destroy that much more of the Earth? Which would be the best thing for Him to allow the World to do? For one power or the other to make a pre-emptive strike, knock the other power out completely so there'll be very little retaliation & half as much nuclear holocaust? Of course, that's the best thing to do!
       58. AND OF COURSE THEN THE EASIEST POWER TO KNOCK OUT IS THE UNITED STATES, & THE ONE THAT DESERVES IT THE MOST IS THE UNITED STATES because they've had the most Gospel & become the most hardened, have been the most rebellious & rejective just like Israel was when God decided to sock it to her & wipe her out & leave just a very few remnant because of her rebelliousness & stubbornness & disobedience & refusal to obey God, refusal to kowtow to the World power of that day to survive a little longer & be witnesses for Him.
       59. THEY FLATLY REFUSED TO HEED THE MESSAGE OF JEREMIAH! They stuck to their guns, so to speak, there in the city of Jerusalem. Instead of surrendering to the Babylon of the day & managing to survive most of them longer, they insisted on staying there defending their homes & their city until they were wiped out!--One-third by the sword, one-third by famine & by fire, & one-third went into slavery!
       60. NOW, JEREMIAH GAVE'M A MESSAGE THAT IF THEY WOULD YIELD TO THE KING OF BABYLON--who is similar to the coming king of the Antichrist & the Antichrist government, Communism & so on--that at least, he said, your lives will be for a trophy or to spare, your lives will be saved & you will at least be able to save your lives but be under subjection & subservience to the king of Babylon.
       61. HE PROBABLY WOULD HAVE MADE THEM THEN A CLIENT STATE, a taxed & a duty-paying state, & he probably would have just made them a conquered nation & they could have continued to run their own affairs, more or less, as long as they bowed down to Babylon & as long as they continued to serve Babylon & pay the tariffs & taxes & duties & the levies that he would levy on them in the way of taxes & whatever he required of his conquered nation, Israel.
       62. BUT INSTEAD OF THAT, THEY REFUSED! They got stubborn, sassy, talked back & said, "We refuse! We're not gonna pay taxes anymore to you!" So he just marched in with his armies & wiped'm out, mopped'm up! Totally destroyed their country, their city & killed most of them, two-thirds of them, & took the others as prisoners, slaves back to Babylon & just left the poor hiding out in the brush, in the boonies & the bush & the woods out in the countryside, along with releasing dear Prophet Jeremiah from jail.
       63. GOD LET JEREMIAH BE PUT IN JAIL FOR HIS OWN SAFETY so that during the war he wouldn't get hurt, & so that after the war when the Babylonians were in complete control they came along & released him! They even gave him money, because they thought he had been on their side, simply because he prophesied the doom of Israel & their victory. They thought he was really one of their friends, that he was a fifth columnist & a sympathiser & that he was a good guy & he had said the right things, so they thought he was a great fellow!
       64. "GOOD FOR YOU, BOY, YOU WERE PREACHING FOR THE RIGHT SIDE, THAT WE WERE GONNA WIN! So here you are, here's your freedom! Here's whatever you need, some money & go ahead with whatever people you've got left & you can remain right here & do as you please! Take over whatever is left!"--which wasn't much. Well, if I was the Prophet of God & I still was in the U.S., maybe God would spare me that way!--And that's probably the only way I would've been spared, in jail, & that's probably where I would be!
       65. BUT I DON'T LOOK FORWARD--DO YOU?--TO SEEING TWO-THIRDS OF THE U.S. POPULATION BEING TOTALLY WIPED OUT & only one-third surviving on almost nothing, & the horror of the chaos that's gonna be left. So I got out! I followed Jeremiah's advice a long time ago & we got out & most of our Family has gotten out, thank God! Of our 2500 Homes there's only about 400 left in the U.S., which means that's only about one-sixth of our Family who are still in the United States. Is that right? 400 is about one-sixth of 2500, 2400, whatever it is. We go up & down depending on how you're moving around. Right now we're a little down because a lot of you have left & you're not actually reporting a Home or reports aren't in yet.
       66. BUT THE REPORTS FROM LATIN AMERICA ARE BEGINNING TO BOOM! We're getting so many Families down there we can hardly take care of'm all! So I'm expecting to hear you show up & the records show up on our computers that you're down South the next time we hear from you. Although you've disappeared temporarily & failed to get in your report or thought you didn't have to while you were moving, you didn't have to tithe, but I got a pretty hot Letter to you about that in this last Magazine that that's no excuse for letting down your tithing as long as your income has not let down.
       67. THERE'S NO EXCUSE EVER FOR LETTING DOWN YOUR TITHING JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE MOVING. You think, "Well, I'm obeying, I'm moving so I don't have to tithe my full tithe!" Uh-uh! That's not obeying! You've still got to tithe, Beloved! You've still gotta give God His due! He's only asking 10%, only one out of $10 or whatever it is. That's not much if you're not a full-time servant. "Oh, but I'm a hundred percent ten-percenter! I'm a full-time servant! I'm giving my whole life to the Lord! I give everything to the Lord, really, so why should I have to tithe at all?"
       68. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU ONE REASON WHY YOU HAVE TO TITHE, FIRST OF ALL BECAUSE GOD'S WORD SAYS SO, next of all because I've told you so, & last of all because if you don't, you're not gonna get the Magazine or the Books or tapes or nothing! So that oughtta be a pretty good reason!--Ha! Hallelujah! TYJ! God has ways! I've got one big stick that I can wield & that's the Word! And if you are naughty I'll wield it & spank you with it!
       69. BUT WATCH OUT WHEN GOD QUITS TALKING & QUITS SPANKING & YOU ARE EXCOMMUNICATED & you no longer even hear from the Lord like poor old Saul. That's bad business & you'll be out of touch, out of communication & out of fellowship. You won't know what's going on--"darkened in your understanding, alienated from the life of God & past feeling," as we've told you. (Eph.4:18,19) I hope that never happens to you! PTL!
       70. WELL, THIS IS WHAT I EXPECT & THIS IS THE WAY I EXPECT THINGS TO GO & WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW, SO MY LAST POINT IS ON HOW SOON THE WAR. I think, God's gonna let it unleash just as quick as most of us, as many as He thinks are necessary to be out of the North, & important leadership & World Service Units to carry on, into the safer South. As soon as He thinks enough of us are there to be able to carry on what He wants to do there, then He's gonna let'r rip!--Even if you haven't left the North, I'm sorry, but He just can't wait forever. The World would go too far & too long & there would be worse holocaust, worse disaster, more catastrophe, more destruction the longer He waits.
       71. IT'S JUST AS SIMPLE AS CAN BE, EVEN A LITTLE CHILD CAN UNDERSTAND IT! I'll bet you, Techi, you could understand it, that the longer He waits the more missiles they're making & the more missiles they'll use, the more atom bombs they'll drop & the more of the Earth's surface that He created to be inhabited & enjoyed by man & the more people that He made will be destroyed! And He doesn't want that to happen! He's gonna try to save the World. And right now before His Own Kingdom on Earth, about the only way He's gonna be able to save the World & its surface & its population is to destroy the power which is the greatest threat to the safety of the World today, & that is the United States of America!
       72. BECAUSE IF HE CAN KNOCK THE U.S. OUT FIRST & QUICK before they get their missiles off the ground--or as few as possible--& the more thorough job the Russians do on it, then the fewer missiles will be fired & the fewer lives will be lost & the less the destruction & the holocaust, the less the cost! So if you were God, what would you do? If you saw that Russia had great power already--& a tough, tyrannical, hard government is what a wicked World needs & the only kind of government that can control a wicked, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Christ World! This is the kind of government God gives such a people!
       73. YOU LOOK AT THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! THE MORE GODLESS PEOPLE BECAME, THE MORE WICKED THEY BECAME, THEN THE TOUGHER KINGS HE GAVE THEM & the tougher empires He gave them, the greater more powerful widespread empires to control the World to try to keep down the wars & keep down the destruction & to keep down the horrible loss of life & to keep people in line from destroying the Earth & destroying themselves! He created a bigger, more powerful, tougher government every time with tougher kings, tougher dictators, harder, sterner, more tyrannical governments to try to keep the people in line!--Until you have to practically keep the wicked people almost in a government that's like a prison, a police state! It's of God!
       74. WHEN PEOPLE GET THAT WICKED, THAT'S WHAT THEY DESERVE IS JAIL, or a country that's a jail, a police state! And this time the coming World government--because the World is so Worldwide wicked & even Communism more righteous than Capitalism--He's gonna have a government which is a Worldwide prison & a Worldwide dictator & a Worldwide one-World tough tyrannical dictatorial government by man!
       75. AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT, IT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST GOVERNMENT MAN EVER HAD! It's gonna try to be! It's gonna be the best organised, the best economically with a credit economic system. It's gonna be the best organised, strictest, most law-abiding, toughest Worldwide police state the World has ever had, gonna really keep things in line! Not even the Russians allow the kind of rot that goes on in the United States! Not even the Communists can stomach the kind of vice & corruption & greedy, selfish finances that goes on in the United States & in World Capitalism!
       76. SO IN THE SIGHT OF GOD, EVEN THE COMMUNISTS ARE MORE RIGHTEOUS in their relationships of man with man & in their morality, in their morals, & in their conduct & will be in their government, more so than what the Capitalist World is today! So which system do you think God is most apt to spare & which do you think He's most apt to destroy? Well, He's gonna destroy the most corrupt & wicked & greedy & selfish & rotten & hardest Gospel-hardened System that has had more than its chance, & that's the United States of America.
       77. AND HE'S GONNA SPARE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THE COMMUNISTS, A LITTLE LONGER, give'm a little more time, about seven more years after the war, or maybe a little more, with the rise of the Antichrist & a World dictator & a World government to clamp down on the World & hold it in a vice-like grip that will make it behave itself & make it obey the law & make it conduct itself a little more decently & make it share its wealth with the poor! That's what it's gonna be! An iron government like ancient Rome!
       78. ANCIENT ROME EVEN HAD MORE FREEDOM, IN SOME WAYS, UNDER A STRONG WORLD GOVERNMENT! There was freer travel for Roman citizens from country to country. It was all better in many ways under the iron grip of Rome. Although it was a tough military government, things were better! So things are gonna be better for a little while, but it's gonna be under a Communist World government, I'm convinced, & the Antichrist will rise out of Communism--if it's not called Communism it'll still be the beginnings of it. It's the Red Beast, the Red Dragon & every indication that that's what it is, God's Word says. The great power of the North that's going to do it!
       79. SO IT IS IN THE GOODNESS & THE MERCY & THE JUSTICE OF GOD THAT GOD WILL ALLOW COMMUNISM TO TRIUMPH & the Antichrist to become the World government to give the World its last chance & its last knowledge of Christ as well & the Gospel as we preach it! Its last witness! But as it becomes more & more Antichrist & more & more against God & the Gospel, of course, it'll become more & more guilty. Even though more righteous in some respects economically & in government & so on, it'll become more & more guilty spiritually. And when the Devil himself in the form of the Antichrist sets up his kingdom & tries to make everybody worship him & blot out & kill everybody else that doesn't, then God's going to have to stop his government & step in & intervene & God is going to have to bring an end to that kind of government!
       80. BUT ACTUALLY, BELOVED, THE ANTICHRIST WORLD EMPIRE IS GOING TO BE MAN'S LAST CHANCE IN THIS ERA, in this stage, in this age, his last chance to be saved as we are. His last chance to accept God & accept His Son Jesus Christ & accept the Truth of His Word. Believe it or not, the Antichrist seven-year reign is going to be man's last chance, but he's gonna muff it 'cause he's gonna turn even worse against God & Christ & the Gospel & the Bible & us. So that when he tries to wipe us all out completely & all knowledge of the Truth out & all Christians, God will have to step in & stop him. And thank God there'll still be, I believe, millions of us left! At least a few hundred thousand, I believe. Otherwise there just wouldn't be that cloud of witnesses & that cloud of people that are gonna go up in the Rapture! PTL!
       81. SO THAT PERIOD FOLLOWING THE WAR WILL BE A VERY DIFFICULT ONE, a very hard one, & it'll be a period of trial & tribulation & persecution & even martyrdom! But it'll be our last great & grand & glorious witness for the Lord in which He's gonna do supernatural miracles, perform mighty signs & wonders to protect His children & give them an amazing opportunity to witness!
       82. I MEAN, YOU'RE EVEN GONNA BE ON TELEVISION CAMERAS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD AS YOU ARE THE FINAL WITNESSES of the World & can call down fire from God out of Heaven to destroy your enemies & do mighty signs & wonders & miracles just like Moses did under Pharaoh when Pharaoh's magicians tried to do the same signs & wonders & said, "Oh well, we can do signs & wonders"--as the Antichrist will! He'll be doing mighty signs & wonders & miracles by the power of the Devil!
       83. WE WILL BE DOING GREATER & MIGHTIER SIGNS & WONDERS & MIRACLES TO DEFEND THE GOSPEL & defend God's Work & defend God's Children & God will send mighty powers to protect & defend us, even the very angels of God & monsters even of God, even maybe devils of God, these monster creatures described in the Book of Revelation! Whom do they attack?!--Not us! They come & they attack the forces of Antichrist! They attack those who accept the Mark of the Beast! That's who they attack! Defend us!
       84. BUT THEY DON'T TOUCH US WHO HAVE THE MARK OF THE LORD IN OUR FOREHEADS! We have the seal of God in our foreheads. (Re.7:3) It may not be a literal sign you can see, but you can see it on our faces. PTL! You can see it in our smiles & the light & the joy & the happiness that you see in our lives, the seal of God in our foreheads. And God said to His angels, "Touch not these the Lord's anointed!" Those curses & those plagues which He will send then upon the Earth during the last days of the Antichrist reign during the Tribulation are not gonna be upon His People, but upon our enemies! That's what they're for!
       85. THOSE HORRORS TOLD ABOUT IN THE TRIBULATION PERIOD, DON'T WORRY ABOUT'M! They're not gonna bother you! At least not as much as the rest of the World! When the water turns to blood, God's gonna give you some good water to drink! When those locusts attack the forces of the Antichrist, they're not gonna touch you! When those monsters & hundreds of thousands of warriors riding horseback every one with sword & shield, etc., are going to attack, they're gonna attack the Antichrist forces, or war between the Antichrist forces, not you. God sends them to protect you.
       86. GOD SENDS THEM TO KEEP THE ANTICHRIST SO BUSY HE HASN'T GOT TIME TO FIGHT YOU! God sends those horrible monsters, those creatures that you read about in Revelation during the Tribulation period as curses & plagues upon the wicked, you might say, the Egyptians of this World, the revived Egyptian Empire under the Antichrist of this World, just like He did upon the Egyptians in the time of Moses, exactly! What happened?
       87. IT WAS THE EGYPTIANS WHO WERE SUFFERING THE TEN PLAGUES, NOT THE CHILDREN OF GOD! Not the Jews who were in the beautiful land of Goshen where everything was still all light & peace & plenty & no frogs, no darkness, no murrain, no disease, no locusts & no death! That all fell on the Egyptians! So, Beloved, don't worry about the Tribulation! Don't worry about the Church having to go through the Tribulation. I think it's probably going to be the most glorious time the Church has ever had with the greatest witness God has ever given the Church! Hallelujah! PYJ! TYL! (Tongues & Weeping:) TYJ! PYL!
       88. "I SHALL CONTINUE THE WORD THAT I HAVE GIVEN UNTO MY PEOPLE & I shall broadcast it from one end of the Earth unto the other, & I shall continue even the Words of thy Father David!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! TYJ! I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because I'm happy! Those are tears of joy! I'm happy! I'm thrilled with what God is gonna do with you during those days, the Tribulation!
       89. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE, BELOVED, TRY TO SURVIVE! Try to get out of the North, get to the South so you can continue that witness & enjoy, & even suffer those glorious days of suffering for Christ & persecution & even death & martyrdom if necessary in order to continue that glorious marvellous, wonderful witness that we will have in those Last Days! You must if you're gonna obey God & please God! You've got to have the faith to get out now & get South now & survive so you can carry on His Work & His witness & His Word & winning souls right to the very End till Jesus comes!
       90. GOD'S GONNA PROTECT YOU! HE'S GONNA TAKE CARE OF YOU! And as I've often said, if He doesn't take care of you He'll take you!--& that's the best taking care of all, praise God? Don't worry about death! That's the easiest part about it! Don't worry about getting killed & dying! Don't even worry about living, because God'll take care of you then too. He always does.
       91. REMEMBER WHEN I WAS WORRIED ABOUT HAVING LITTLE TECHI AT THIS TIME & in this horrible day & age & to think of her growing up under these conditions? The Lord chided me very sweetly & patiently like a Father, He said, "Don't you think I'm able to take care of My Own? Don't you think I'll take care of My Own just like you take care of your own? Of course I will!"
       92. GOD'S YOUR FATHER! HE LOVES YOU! Jesus is your elder Brother, He loves you! All the angels of God & the saints of God that have gone before are gonna be busy as bees taking care of you, & the worse things get, the more they're gonna take care of you! The worse the persecution & the harder the trials & the more difficult the conditions to spread the Gospel, the more supernatural miraculous help you're gonna get to do it!
       93. BECAUSE GOD IS DETERMINED TO GET IT DONE! He is determined to have His will & His way & He is gonna get the Word to the people no matter what!--Like it or not!--And He's gonna use you to do it! And He's gonna protect you to do it, keep you to do it, curse the Egyptians to do it, send plagues upon the World--not you--to do it. Keep them so busy like He did the Egyptians with the plagues & the curses of God & all those monsters & wars & whatnot that the Egyptians didn't even have time to worry about the Jews! They were so worried about themselves & trying to fight off all those plagues & curses & all those horrible things that were happening, until finally they begged the Jews to leave so God'd leave'm alone!
       94. I THINK TIMES COULD PROBABLY COME VERY SIMILARLY IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE ANTICHRIST, the worst part of the Tribulation, where they'll almost beg us to leave this World! They'll just about want us to go & Jesus will come & take us, praise God! They'll so fear us & hate us & we'll be causing'm so much trouble that they'll try to stamp us out, try to wipe us out, kill us, & when they find they can't do that they're gonna just almost wish God would take us, & He will, praise God!
       95. AND THEN LIKE HE DID THE EGYPTIANS, HE'LL REALLY SOCK IT TO'M & REALLY WIPE'M OUT! What did He do? He wiped out all their riches, their wealth, their leadership, their armies, their chariots, their arms, nearly everything they had, & Egypt was left totally helpless & powerless & its whole Egyptian Empire completely wiped out in the flood of the Red Sea & their wealth gone with the Children of Israel, think of that!
       96. FIRST HE KILLED ALL THE FIRSTBORN OF EVERY FAMILY. Every son & every adult, even old men who had been the firstborn in their family were wiped out, think of that! From the old men to the babies, every firstborn was wiped out. Every one who had been the firstborn of his family. If the average was three, four or five children, that must've wiped out about anywhere from a fourth to maybe a third of the population of the firstborn alone. Imagine how much of their manpower was wiped out!--Women too! And then the whole army was completely wiped out in the bottom of the Red Sea.
       97. GOD'S GONNA DO THE SAME THING AGAIN, VERY SIMILAR, VERY MUCH THE SAME, & that was all a type of what's gonna happen in the End now. Pharaoh was a type of the Antichrist; the Egyptian Empire was a type of the Antichrist government; Moses was, in a sense, a type of me & you, the prophets of God; & the Children of Israel were a type of all of you, the Family of God, all Christians of the World!
       98. THOSE COMING TRIBULATION DAYS ARE GONNA BE LIKE THE LAST DAYS OF ISRAEL IN EGYPT, but most of the trouble & Tribulation is not gonna happen to you, it's gonna happen to the World, the wicked, the Antichrist & his kingdom & his followers & those who take the Mark of the Beast. Those are the ones who are gonna get it, just like they did in the last days of Egypt. Until finally just as God did in those days when He finally removed His People from the World of the Egyptians to a place of safety out of there, He's gonna move us completely out of this World in the Resurrection & the Rapture up into the Heavenlies--I believe probably to the Heavenly City--then He's gonna wipe out the Antichrist & his kingdom!
       99. HE'S GONNA POUR OUT JUDGEMENTS & HORRORS & HIS WRATH UPON THEM in such a way to punish'm & to sock it to'm what they deserve! Until the final Wrath of all will be when He Himself, with us--Jesus & we--return on those white chargers out of Heaven, an invasion from Outer Space that conducts & wins the Battle of Armageddon & wipes out the forces of Antichrist completely & all of his followers & his whole kingdom & we take over the World!
       100. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE! Don't be so scared about the Tribulation or even the Antichrist or the war or anything else! If you are in the will of God & obeying God & where you belong in the center of God's will in the safer South where they need more Gospel & more missionaries & are more receptive & haven't been so saturated with it & so Gospel-hardened & so resistant, if you will get down where God wants you to go & where you belong to continue this battle & this fight for the Lord unto the very End, God will bless you!
       101. HE'LL BLESS YOU FINANCIALLY! HE'LL BLESS YOU PHYSICALLY! HE'LL BLESS YOU SPIRITUALLY! He'll bless your witness! He's got to do it! He's promised to do it! He's gonna do it & He'll protect you! He'll protect you right up to the End & keep you going just as long as He wants to keep you going & your witness going & your Gospel going & your soul-winning going! He'll protect you right on & supply your need, provision & protection & the works as long as He wants to keep you here & keep you going & keep the Work going & the Word going. I believe it, Beloved! That's what's gonna happen.
       102. THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO FEAR IS NOT MAN! DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE WAR! Don't worry about the Antichrist! Don't worry about the coming World government or Communist government or anything. Don't worry or fear what man can do to you, Jesus Himself said. He said, "Don't worry what man can do to you, he can only do nothing worse than kill the body!" "Fear not them which can only kill the body & after that have no more that they can do." (Mt.10:28) [DELETED]
       103. THE BODY IS A PROBLEM ALL THE TIME & it's gotta be fed & clothed & housed & pampered & cared for & babied & it suffers & it suffers hunger & it suffers weariness & it suffers pain & it suffers this old weightiness we have. Don't worry about the body! [DELETED] He says, "Fear not them which kill the body but after that have no more that they can do."
       104. HE SAID, "RATHER FEAR HIM WHICH CAN CAST BOTH BODY & SOUL INTO HELL!"--For your disobedience & your wilfulness & your stubbornness & your pride & your rebellion & your hardening of your heart & the hardening & stiffening of your neck after many warnings until you're suddenly destroyed! Cut off like that! "He that being often reproved & hardeneth his neck"--because his heart is hardened--"shall be suddenly destroyed & that without remedy!" (Pr.29:1) There's no hope for you!
       105. EVEN FOR YOU, BROTHER, WHO ARE EVEN PERHAPS A SAVED CHRISTIAN & yet you're stubborn & rebellious & wilful like the Jews were & you fight against the will of God & you don't obey. Your destruction is gonna come swift & terrible & awful & sudden as well. You could just pray to God that you get destroyed & you don't survive, because the conditions under which you're gonna try to survive are gonna be worse than the nuclear holocaust itself! Have I said enough? What can I say more? Huh? How are we on this tape? 15 minutes over what?--Ha! How are we coming on that one? Well, what can I more say, anyhow?
       106. I DON'T KNOW THAT THERE'S ANY MORE I CAN SAY EXCEPT TO OBEY, GET OUT OF THE NORTH, GO SOUTH, FOLLOW GOD! Keep on going into all the World preaching the Gospel to every creature! (Mk.16:15) "Preach the Word, be instant in season out of season!" (2Ti.4:2) Love & win souls & FF & do all you can to win people & save souls, & even if you can't save'm or win'm, at least do all you can to witness to them so their blood will not be on your hands. You will have delivered your soul & God won't hold you responsible. (Ez.3:17-19)
       107. BUT IF YOU DON'T LEAVE THE NORTH & GO SOUTH, God is going to hold you responsible for the people you might have reached in the South, think of that, if you had gone. He's not only gonna hold you responsible for your disobedience to His Word & His Prophet & His will & hold you responsible for allowing your children to pass to death through the horrible nuclear fire! [DELETED]
       109. GOD IS NOT ONLY GONNA HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SELF-DESTRUCTION & your own cruel destruction of your own children, He is gonna hold you responsible for the souls you might have witnessed to in the South & the souls you might have won! If they die unsaved their lost soul is gonna be blood on your hands & He's going to hold you responsible for not only your death, your children's death but their death & their damnation to Hell because of your failure!
       110. MY GOD, IF THAT DOESN'T SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU & THE HEAVEN INTO YOUR SOUL & you out of the nuclear North into the more Heavenly South, I don't know what will! What else can I say? What else can I tell people? But that they're killing themselves! They're killing their children & they're killing lost souls in the mission fields where you failed to go because you stay there!
       111. BELOVED, IF ANYBODY IS LEFT IN THE NORTH AFTER THIS TALK, I WANT TO TELL YOU THAT YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET! You not only deserve self-destruction, the destruction of your pitiful poor children who you'll cause to pass through that fire. You'll not only deserve that but deserve some kind of punishment, retribution, suffering for the lost souls that you could've witnessed to & won for Jesus Christ! You'll deserve their blood on your hands!
       112. AND EVEN IF YOU'RE SAVED & RAISED AGAIN IN THE RESURRECTION & THE RAPTURE, YOU'LL BE RAISED TO EVERLASTING SHAME & CONTEMPT! When we pass you on the streets of Glory we'll probably sneer or look with contempt upon you, maybe feel like spittin' on you & you'll hang your head in shame because you failed, because you are guilty & responsible for what you did to yourself & your family & the souls you might have saved for the Lord! Even if you yourself are selfishly saved, you're gonna be so ashamed of yourself, you're gonna feel like I did when I died once upon a time & I told you about it, & I woke up & realised I was dead sitting up in bed half in my body & half out.
       113. THE FIRST IMPRESSION I HAD, I WAS SCARED, BECAUSE I KNEW I WAS DEAD. Even though I knew I was saved, I didn't want to have to face God in that rebellious, disobedient condition!--Even as a saved Christian!--Because I had said "no" to God! I had rebelled against God! I had defied the Lord! God told me to do something. He told me to go South! How about that! He said, "Get out of this North & go South! Establish a missionary school for soul-winning missionaries down in Miami, Florida, & send out missionaries to the Caribbean & South America!" How about that! That was one of my first real calls of God.
       114. AND YOU KNOW WHAT I SAID?--"NO, LORD, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT! I know Miami, it's too hard a field down there, it's too tough! I love the country, I love the climate, I love the beaches, I love those palm trees & those tropical fruits & that nice warm weather, oh, & I love those beautiful South Seas! Ah, it's tropical paradise on Earth!" But, oh boy, in Miami, Florida, the people are rough & tough! Those Northerners, & mostly [EDITED: "ACs"], couldn't have cared less about the Gospel! They hated Christians & they had rejected us time & again, in fact, run us out of town several times. I sure didn't want to go back there again to get run out again!--But I did, & I did!--I went back & I got ran out again!--For the last time!
       115. THAT WAS THEIR LAST CHANCE, LET ME TELL YOU, & GOD'S WREAKED JUDGEMENTS ON THAT TOWN OFF & ON EVER SINCE, & He's gonna wreak final judgements on it eventually! If you don't get out of Miami, too, you're gonna suffer what they suffer!--Hurricanes, tidal waves, atomic destruction, everything! God told me to go South & I said, "No, Lord! That's too big a job! I don't know how to run a school! I don't know how to train missionaries! I don't know how to send missionaries to the field!" I was just as lacking in confidence & faith in my own ability to have a school & train missionaries as you are in your ability to learn a language & be a missionary! So I said no. "But Lord, don't worry! I'll find somebody else to do the job!"
       I said 'Lawd, You get somebody else
       And wait till I git through!'

       I don't know how the Lawd came out,
       But He seemed to get along.
       But I felt awful sneekin' like coz
       I knowd I'd done Him wrong!

       So one day I needed the Lawd,
       I needed Him right away!
       But He never answered me at all.
       Yet I could hear Him say
       Down in my accusing heart,
       'Fella, so sorry! But I's got too much to do!
       You get somebody else
       Or wait till I get through!'"

       117. IS THE LORD GONNA HAVE TO SAY THAT TO YOU WHEN YOU NEED HELP?--When you refused to listen to Him when He needed your help? Well, the old coloured fellow, he wound up with this verse. He learned his lesson a little too late, but he said,
       "Now when the Lawd has a job for me,
       I never tries to shirk!
       I lays down what I has on hand"--whatever it may be--
       "And I does the good Lawd's work!"

Praise God!
       118. ARE YOU WILLING TO LAY DOWN WHAT YOU HAVE ON HAND?--Your plans, your program, your life, your things, your home, your family, maybe even your wife or your husband, maybe your children, your home, your car, your television, your furniture, your good job, your income, maybe even your life? Are you willing to lay down what you has on hand & do the good Lawd's work?
       119. THAT'S WHAT IT USUALLY REQUIRES, IT USUALLY REQUIRES FORSAKING SOMETHING, laying down something, laying down things or family or friends or even country, your own way of living, secure income you think, luxury & going to the South & living primitively, living in penuriousness, living in poverty perhaps like the rest of the poor of the South sacrificing your life. That's what it costs, but it's worth it! Praise God!
       120. EVEN IF YOU GIVE UP EVERYTHING, even if you give up your family & your children to go South without them because they won't come, or because your mate won't come & she grabs the kids or the husband grabs them like has happened so often & then you have to go alone. God knows! He knows that they don't deserve it & they won't obey, so you obey!
       121. MAYBE SOME OF YOU OLDER TEENAGERS WHO ARE OLD ENOUGH TO BREAK LOOSE & shake loose from your rebellious, stubborn, disobedient, backslidden parents or other brothers & sisters, maybe it's time for you to break loose & strike out on your own & trust God & hitchhike & expect God to feed you, & I believe He will! Some of you older children--& we've got a lot of teenage children of backsliders back in the States--who are old enough to shake it & shake loose from it! And if your parents won't obey, then you take off without'm!--Maybe even without some of your beloved brothers & sisters, & you head South!
       122. AND LET ME TELL YOU, WE'LL DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO HELP YOU! The Family will certainly do everything they can to help you & any Home would certainly help you try to make the break & get away & get out! Amen? Wouldn't we? We certainly will! Wouldn't you? Amen! We will! I offered to my own granddaughter long ago if she'd break loose we'd take care of her, but for some reason or other she's never had the guts or she's never had the will or the faith.
       123. SHE'S BEEN SO MISLED & DECEIVED BY HER PARENTS WHO HAVE STUBBORNLY REBELLED AGAINST US--my own daughter Deborah & my own son-in-law Jethro & others who have stubbornly rebelled against us & gone their own way & gone back to, of all places, the United States!--Backslidden, totally out of the will of God! Saved? Yes, barely, by the skin of their teeth, but rebellious, wilful, stubborn, disobedient & they're gonna go down with the rest of the country & their children with them!
       124. AND POOR LITTLE JOY NEVER HAD THE GUTS TO STEP OUT & LEAVE, & SOME OF THE REST OF YOU HAVEN'T EITHER! I hope you hear this! I don't know if you'll ever see it because we only send videos to those who can be trusted to view them, but maybe you'll hear this tape or maybe you'll get this Letter & maybe you'll listen & maybe you'll make the break, whoever you are, to get out & to leave & obey God so that God won't hold you responsible for your own self-destruction or the destruction of your own loved ones, & worst of all, the destruction of the souls that you might have witnessed to & won for the Lord! PTL? What can I more say?
       125. I CALLED THIS "THE WORLD SERIES" & I'VE BEEN HOLDING THE WORLD THIS WAY SO ALL YOU COULD SEE WAS THE FROZEN SOUTH POLE! Well, that's about the way the World's heart is getting! They've had more & more & more Gospel, especially in the North & the Capitalist West. Christian nations of the World have had so much they don't deserve it, until their hearts look about like the South Pole! Jesus help us!
       126. LORD, WHAT MORE CAN WE SAY? WHAT MORE CAN WE DO? How many minutes have we got, Maria? Well, praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ! I think that's almost about all we can say! What else can we do? We've got how much on that? 10 minutes? Well, dear Beriah can adjust the audios, but if we've only got 10 minutes left on video. What else shall I tell'm? What else could I say? How else could I warn you? What more can I say than I've already said? My Lord, help us!
       127. LORD JESUS, GIVE ME WISDOM! WHAT ELSE SHOULD I SAY? Is there anything else I can say, Lord, that could possibly help persuade them? Lord Jesus help us! Help us, Lord, to say something, do something, somehow say the word that would be the key to turn their heart toward Thee & Thy will, unlock it & cause it to open to You, Jesus, & Your will & Your way & Your Work & Your Word, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! Have Thy way. Thy will be done, Lord! We've done about all we can do. We've said about all we can say! We hardly know what else to say, Lord!
       128. WE'VE GONE THROUGH A LONG LONG SERIES OF ABOUT 15 CHAPTERS ON BIBLE PROPHECY, WARNING THEM FROM BEGINNING TO THE END with even a message for the unsaved, the outsider, which we believe will probably reach them one of these days even. Some of those tapes will even reach the outsider because there was an evangelistic message in every one of them. There was a Salvation message in every one, a message to the World without & friends & family & outsiders without in every one of those Eden tapes. So we don't doubt that You're gonna use those some day when it's possible & secure enough to do so, maybe after I'm gone, Lord. Maybe right on up to the End, who knows?--For even the Salvation of the World & outsiders.
       129. BUT THESE TAPES THAT I'VE BEEN MAKING, LORD, ON THIS WORLD SERIES OF WARNING TO OUR OWN FAMILY & OTHER CHRISTIANS, we don't know how many are gonna get to see these but we believe many thousand more are going to get to hear the audio tapes of it, & perhaps even millions more receive the warnings in print which are suitable for the general public. Whichever parts are, Lord, we believe You're gonna use it to try to warn the wicked of their wicked way & to try to help these friends & loved ones of our own Family, & even our own Family, Lord, to do Thy will.
       130. WE BELIEVE YOU'RE GIVING THEM THEIR LAST CHANCE & THIS MAY BE THEIR LAST MESSAGE, IT MAY BE THEIR LAST WARNING! It may be the final time You'll speak before the holocaust & before all opportunity to leave is gone, when the U.S. clamps down on passports & exit visas & countries clamp down, or they clamp down on finances so that it's no longer possible for them to use the tunnel anymore, when You allow the tunnel to be closed because they refused & the last ones have gotten out that could get out & no one else can get out & the rest will be destroyed.
       131. I FEEL, LORD, LIKE I REALLY HAVE DONE ABOUT ALL I CAN DO, said about all I could say, warned about all I can warn, explained about all I can explain, Lord, particularly in this last series, why they should get out & why they should go South & what we expect to happen & how soon we expect the war to occur & what we expect will happen when it does occur & how we expect things to be afterward. What more can I say? PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen, Lord, in Jesus' name!
       132. I WANT TO BE A HELP TO THEM, LORD! I WANT TO GIVE THEM THE FINAL COUNSEL & ADVICE. Lord, if this should be my last program, if this should be my last video, if this were to be my last audio tape, if it were to be my last Letter, my last word to our Family & the World, what would I say? I don't know what more I can say, Lord, than I've already said, what more I can do than I've already done except to keep repeating the same truths, the same Word, the same Gospel, the same message of Thy Love, the same instructions, Lord, on how to live & how to love & how to work & how to witness & how to win souls, how to survive, how to avoid the war, how to continue to survive & work for You in the aftermath of the war & how to follow leadership & how to communicate.
       133. LORD, MY HEART IS SO TIRED & IT OFTEN PAINS ME NOW, LORD, & I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I'M GONNA LAST. Once upon a time it seemed You indicated I would live to be 70, but another time, Lord, You said if I would work harder & accomplish twice as much in half the time, then maybe I'd only live half that long! (See "Birthday Warning," No.213.) Well, Lord, we're approaching that halfway mark of those last seven years & so we don't know just how much longer I will last, how much longer I'll be able to help the Family, how much longer I'll be able to teach them, how much longer I'll be able to instruct them & explain to them & show them what's happening & how much longer I'll be able to have dreams & visions & revelations & prophecies from Thee to continue to lead & to guide them, Lord.
       134. AND I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER THEY EVEN DESERVE, LORD, OUR HELP, except perhaps their leadership to prepare them to carry on after I'm gone. Lord, we've told the Family, it seems, enough, more than enough. We've warned them enough, we've instructed & taught them enough so that it seems there's hardly anything more we could possibly do. We've even taught'm how to drive, Lord, how to fix things, how to camp out & how to be mobile & every way to witness & every way to win souls & every way to raise their support & provisions & seven supporters. We taught'm everything we know, Lord--just about everything we know--& we can hardly think of anything else that we do know that they need to know that we haven't already taught'm!
       135. SO HOW MUCH LONGER YOU'RE GONNA BE WILLING TO LET ME STAY HERE & KEEP REPEATING & going over the same things over & over again as we have actually in this World Series of talks, we don't know, Lord. But we're sure that You're gonna let me stay as long as I'm needed, as long as I'm absolutely necessary to get Thy Family well enough organised & well enough led & well enough read so they'll be able to carry on without me, at least without my physical presence, although I'm certainly expecting to help'm from the Spirit World!
       136. BUT LORD, I THINK I'VE DONE ABOUT ENOUGH, OR ALMOST ENOUGH, HERE & NOW TO HAVE JUST ABOUT MADE THEM READY FOR THE JOB, & we ask Thee to just have Thy way & keep me going, strengthen me & strengthen my heart, Lord, as long as You want me to continue, & guide me & give me wisdom & whatever else You want me to tell them & to lead them & instruct them in any further details, we ask in Jesus' name! And we know You will, Lord! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! I'm tired! Bet you are too, huh? Hallelujah!
       137. WELL, I'VE POURED OUT ABOUT ALL I'VE GOT IN THIS BOTTLE TODAY & THAT'S ABOUT AS FAR AS I CAN GO! I'm tired & my heart's getting tired & my eyes are tired & maybe your eyes are tired, or maybe your ears are tired, maybe your body is tired. "The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak" & I guess it's time to quit! I've done about all I can do & said about all I can say & all I can hope & pray for now is that you will obey! You'll do it & you'll go, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! Hallelujah!
       138. I LOVE YOU & I KNOW YOU LOVE ME & I KNOW YOU LOVE THE LORD, BUT HE SAID, "IF YOU LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS! Feed My Sheep! Preach the Gospel in all the World to every creature!" Win souls! Obey the Lord! Follow Jesus! In Jesus' name, amen! X! Bye-bye! ILY! God bless & keep you & continue to make you a blessing to millions! In Jesus' name, amen! X! GBY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family