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THE DEVIL BIRDS!--Black Raving Ravens of Death!--by Father David       Sri Lanka, 8 March 1982       DO1246

       1. (THIS IS FROM THE OTHER NIGHT WHEN DAVID COULDN'T GO TO SLEEP & THE BIRDS WERE KEEPING HIM AWAKE from about 4-6:30 a.m. He called this one of the "habitations of demons & every foul bird," which is a Scripture. (Rev.18:2) "And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, & is become the habitation of devils, & the hold of every foul spirit, & the cage of every unclean & hateful bird!" He said that kind of birds are symbolic of demons.) Birds aren't supposed to wake you up in the middle of the night, & those that do must not be of the Lord! They don't even have a pleasant song.

       2. THESE BIRDS & PARTICULARLY THE CROWS, ARE A CURSE ON THIS NATION BECAUSE OF THEIR REJECTION OF JESUS! They're obviously demon-possessed the way they annoy me!--Birds that come in the middle of the night & make such horrible noises! You know God didn't make them that way. The devil must have made them like that, or he controls them.

       3. THIS IS "THE HABITATION OF EVERY FOUL BIRD, THE HABITATION OF DEVILS"! My God, I'm so affected by sounds! Why didn't they tell us about these horrible birds before we moved here? One little bird tries to sing in the middle of the night & he gets drowned out by those devils, just like the Lord & His Spirit have been drowned out by the devils in this country.

       4. THIS COUNTRY IS REALLY GOING TO GET IT FOR REJECTING JESUS. He's delivered this country over to the Devil & every foul spirit for their rejection of Jesus. You could at least hush them up while we're here, Lord, in Jesus' name! I rebuke you in Jesus' name, demon bird! They're just like the devil, the voice of Satan! They've heard about You but they rejected You, so You gave them over to the devil & every foul bird. The Catholics weren't strong enough. They need a Prophet! The Voice of Thy Spirit is one little tiny sweet call in the night.--And all demons drown it out!

       5. IT'S PITIFUL! These sweet pretty girls & these poor boys, Lord. They had their chance & their parents rejected it. Lord, don't You have any mercy on their children? But You visit the sins of the fathers on the children to the third & fourth generation. (Ex.20:5.) My god! That seems to be awful cruel! After the fourth generation are You going to deliver them, Jesus? My God, have mercy!

       6. JESUS HAVE MERCY ON THEY SERVANT, HELP HIM TO SLEEP! They are foul demon spirits every one, because they annoy & they persecute & attack me with their demonic sounds! Couldn't they hear those demons? Why didn't they tell us about them? They never said a word about the noise & the train station P.A. & the Sodomites next door! I have to get away from these birds! They really torment me! The pounding at the other place would be nothing like these foul birds!

       7. THE CONSTRUCTION NOISE WOULD NOT BOTHER ME, BUT THESE BIRDS ARE DESTRUCTIVE, THEY'RE DESTROYING ME! Deliver me, Lord, from these birds that scream at me & persecute me & peck at me & haunt me! Deliver these young people from these foul spirits! God damn these birds, these crows! God damn these devil dancers! My God have mercy on these poor children!

       8. MY GOD DELIVER US FROM THESE GOD-DAMN DEVILS, THESE FOUL SPIRITS, THIS HABITATION OF DEVILS! If I stayed here much longer I'd kill their (crow) ancestors & slaughter their (bird) parents who left them in such Goddamned darkness! They are still trying to control by their evil spirits. Rebuke their parents & the adversary & the hierarchy of Satan! God damn the Shintos & the Hindus & the Muslims & the Buddhists & all these foul spirits!

       9. GOD HELP THE CHRISTIANS, GIVE THEM GUTS! Give them Prophets to prophesy against them! Give them real fighters to defy them & rebuke them! Help the Christians to fight! Rebuke the devil! Resist Satan in Jesus' name! Give them guts to fight! Oh Jesus, give these weak pusillanimous Christians some guts to fight the devil! My God, what weak Christians they have! Raise up Prophets, raise up fighters to condemn the Goddamned fiendish system of the devil! God damn the system! God damn the whole antichrist religious system, in Jesus' name!

       10. LORD HAVE MERCY ON OUR FAMILY! Help them to resist the devil & he'll flee from them! Help them to resist & fight! My God, raise up Prophets against them, raise up fighters like me to fight, to resist the devil & he'll flee from us! God damn those foul birds! God damn the crows, in Jesus' name! TYJ! In Jesus' name, amen.

       11. THE BATTLE'S OVER--COMES THE DAWN & THE SUN & THE LIGHT! TYJ for the light to dispel the spirits & the devils & the demons & the foul birds. God damn them in Jesus' name! I love you, Sweet Baby, thank you for standing with me against the forces of the evil that attack me in the night, the terror by night. We won, Honey Baby! He didn't kill me! He tried to! You know that?

       12. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE DEVIL TRIES TO KILL ME EVERY NIGHT? Every single night the devil tries to kill me with hoofs & horns & fangs & tail & lies, but he can't, 'cause Jesus keeps me! He can't do it! He tries, but he can't do it, Honey Baby! The battle's over & it's won. Don't worry, Honey. It's won. The night is gone! He cannot resist the sun! The sun is Jesus & He chases away all the shades of darkness. The sun has come & chases away all the shades of darkness.

       13. WE WON THE BATTLE AGAINST ALL THE DARK SHADES & THE GODDAMNED DEMON DEVIL BIRDS! I cursed them, & that foul spirit didn't come back anymore. All of them are devils except that one weak tiny little sweet (bird) voice, but you only hear him at night. Lord, I was a faithful soldier. I fought well. I rebuked the enemy & resisted the devil. Now please let me sleep. Show the devil he can't win! (And David fell asleep, TTL!) (Remember, you're fighting the demons of Hell on the mission field! Pray! Rebuke & resist the Enemy, & he'll flee from you! (James 4:7.) HALLELUJAH! TYJ! GBAKYACTMYAB! WLAPFY!--IJNA!--Amen.--Get away, devils!)

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