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GOOD NEWS FLASHES!--No.1       8/82       DO 1251


       1. WELL PRAISE THE LORD! HERE IT IS AUGUST, 1982 & WE'RE ABOUT TO GIVE YOU THE LATEST LNFs FOR THE LATEST SRM "SPECIAL RUSH MAILING"! PTL! Rush mailing are not entirely new but something we expect to do more regularly from now on in addition to the other publications & in addition to the monthly Mag which is now the monthly BOTM, "Book of the Month." Since it's gotten to be a book, we might as well get credit for it by calling it a book! Nearly 1100 pages this month!
       2. WE ARE SENDING YOU ALL THESE OTHER PUBLICATIONS AS WELL, on Childcare, Komix, Study Helps, BIPS, Dito & Techi Stories, Flannelgraphs & whatnot, & now we've got something new coming up, D.V., that we plan to do this way regularly each month or as we have need to do so, a "Special Rush Mailing"--SRM!: A letter-size airmail envelope looking like an ordinary business letter, nothing very big or bulky, we hope, & you're reading it right now! How do you like it?
       3. ONE THING ABOUT IT YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE IS THAT IT'S FAST! We're going to put the very latest news, the "Latest News Flashes," the LNFs, & the latest Current Events Comments together with the latest most urgent Letters, if any, plus if possible the latest Want Ads in these "Special Rush Mailings" in order to get these facts to you as quickly as possible without delay so that you can get them while they're still news, still fresh, still needed & still profitable, still useful & still helpful.
       4. SO THIS MONTH'S BOTM WILL BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST WE EVER PUBLISHED to clear up our backlog, & you are either already receiving it or about to receive it from Spain--one of our last publications to be still published in Europe before we complete our great Exodus of nearly all World Service Units from that dangerous nuclear North! Thank God for the dear rearguard Units who are willing to risk their lives to stay there long enough to get these final big publications off to you while we're looking for a new PDQ "pretty darn quick," a new Printing & Distributing Quarters in both the East & the West.
       5. WE'RE LOOKING FOR TWO NEW LOCATIONS: One to serve you Westerners in the Western Hemisphere (North & South America & the Caribbean & Central America), & one to serve the Eastern Hemisphere including Europe, Africa, Mideast, Asia & the Pacific & Islands of the Sea. This way we will divide the job into smaller areas & the responsibility & be closer to you so you'll get your publications more quickly. It may or may not save funds but,
       6. IT WILL MAKE OUR CORRESPONDENCE WITH YOU MUCH SPEEDIER & YOUR NEWS REPORTS MUCH FASTER & help us to get out both the BOTMs & the SRMs more timely with more recent news & not just ancient history! So please pray for us that the Lord will help us to find these two new locations in the South in both West & the East & help us to move our Publishing Centres to those two new locations. We have several in mind & we're testing some, one which they're testing right now with this particular mailing that you have in your hand, this new SRM.
       7. WE NEED TO TEST OUR LOCATIONS as far as security is concerned, our primary requisite, & our next top priority is speed. The speed with which we can get the publications to you while they're still appropriate & news & important & helpful & needed, & we also have to find places where the PDQ can stay a reasonable length of time regarding visas, etc., without too much trouble & problems with immigrations & too frequent costly visas, trips, etc.
       8. LAST BUT NOT NECESSARILY LEAST, WE HAVE TO WATCH OUR COST to keep them within the limit of your gifts to World Services & our worldwide work--which incidentally have NOW fallen off 32 since the first of the year! We know that many of you are moving, in fact our population has shifted dramatically from just few months ago of still two-thirds of us in the North to now two-thirds of us in the South! So at least one-half of us Northerners have moved to the South. TTL!
       9. SO THANK GOD, AT LEAST TWO-THIRDS OF THE FAMILY IS IN SAFER TERRITORY OUT OF THE DANGEROUS NUCLEAR NORTH & ITS COMING DEVASTATION! So two-thirds of the Family is pretty much on safe ground now & preparing to survive the coming nuclear holocaust & to continue our ministry throughout the World 'till Jesus comes! We're also in the much needier South where the people are far more hungry for the Gospel & more deserving of it, having had much less of our message than the hardened frozen North where we've already had our bountiful harvest, as some of you can testify & are evidence of, & where we have ministered primarily for the past 12 or 13 years in North America & Europe.
       10. BUT NOW WE ARE PUTTING THE EMPHASIS & THE MANPOWER & THE MATERIALS & THE MONEY IN THE SOUTH WHERE IT'S MOST NEEDED & much more needed than in the rich North, & which has not been saturated with the Gospel as we have been saturating the steadily hardening North, many of whom have already heard & rejected our message & hardened their hearts against us & against the Message & against the Lord & are even actively fighting us as outright enemies!
       11. THIS OF COURSE IS THE REGULAR STANDARD PROCESS OF GOD'S MINISTRY which has been in practice since time immemorial ever since the Lord first began to have the truth preached on this Earth! It follows that same pattern as we have described to you before of first of all finding very receptive fertile ground, good ground, where it springs up & bears a very fruitful bountiful harvest, which at the same time brings great publicity to our group & our Family & our ministry, & great popularity as well for a little while.
       12. THEN THIS TREMENDOUS PUBLICITY & POPULARITY & TERRIFIC RESULTS & BOUNTIFUL HARVEST MAKES THE DEVIL SO MAD THAT THE LORD ALLOWS HIM TO RISE UP IN OPPOSITION & PERSECUTION even to the point of driving us out of that area into other needier more fruitful areas where we have not yet fully ministered. So it's God's way of pushing us along & shoving us on, to keep getting out the message in other areas where we have no ministered so plentifully & which we have not yet fully sown with the message nor reaped the bountiful harvest, such as is even yet to come in both the Southwest & the Southeast, where we are now gaining tremendous ground & having a powerful effect not only from the personal presence of the Family & the enormous volume of literature distribution but also the personal witness in many ways & mass witness in the various media of the newspapers, magazines, radio & televison!
       13. WE HAVE NOW DEVELOPED OUR OWN FAMILY RADIO SHOWS IN TEN LANGUAGES! Beginning with MWMI in English & MCV in Spanish, it is now in Brazilian & Portuguese, Italian, French, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi, Chinese, & Japanese!--A total of ten languages in which we have produced ten regular radio musical shows!--And they're just now preparing one in the Philippine native language of Tagalog! So the more you continue to contribute your musical numbers of good quality recorded on good tape to add to our Shows, the better--to give it greater variety & the international flavour of our wonderful, beautiful Family around the World with its great love for all the World & every creature!
       14. SOME OF YOU ARE EVEN PRODUCING DAILY MIGHTS PALATABLE FOR THE NEWSPAPERS, RADIO & TV IN SOME AREAS! Some have put Daily Mights on as brief three-minute devotionals on radio stations in many places throughout the World, & we understand that in some places you're even getting Daily Mights on television with beautiful colorful, scenic slide pictures for background with music, etc., which certainly is a wonderful idea & something that can fill a void throughout the World on many radio & television stations.
       15. WHEN I WAS TRAVELLING FOR GOSPEL RADIO & TV, MANY STATIONS ASKED ME IF WE HAD A SHORT DEVOTIONAL PROGRAMME OF ONE OR TWO MINUTES TO FIVE MINUTES--some even said they could use ten minutes!: Scripture readings, hymns, music, devotional talks, prayer--anything they could put on either as an early morning opener or as a late night closer. So there is a great need & even now a demand for such, so that some places have been able to use some of our most humble productions for their broadcast use & publication, the Daily Mights! We're going to get out some special radio tapes & TV videos particularly usable for short devotionals with musical background such as the DMs, particularly designed for broadcasting. Some DMs are especially good for the General Public, & therefore are more appropriate for general broadcast use on both radio & television, while others are more for the Family.
       16. SO MWM'S WORKING ON SOME SPECIAL TAPES & VIDEOS PRIMARILY FOR BROADCAST USE ON BOTH RADIO & TELEVISION, SO THAT'S SOMETHING THAT'S ALSO COMING SOON. D.V.--THAT IS, IF YOU KEEP UP YOUR GIVING AS YOU SHOULD & YOUR TITHING! Do not fail the Lord or rob God of His share of your income that should be devoted to His work & the preaching of the Gospel in all the World to every creature--& this's certainly one way of reaching every creature, by the newspapers, magazines, radio & television, & we're really hitting the papers & broadcasting now in a way we have never done before, not only with our own Shows but with these little short Daily Might devotionals, & they're really going over! HAL! TYJ!--& TY! GBY!
       17. THEY'RE IN SUCH DEMAND, THEY'RE IN GREATER DEMAND THAN WE CAN SUPPLY THEM RIGHT NOW! We can't even turn them out fast enough, so we're hoping to have more of these ready for you as quickly as possible to send out to all of you to try to book on your local radio & TV stations. If they can't use the full quarter-hour or half-hour Show, tell'm you've got a nice little two or three-minute devotional series they can use on their radio or TV station! I believe they're really going to eat'm up!
       18. SOME OF YOU HAVE EVEN DONE THIS ALREADY ON YOUR OWN! Some of you have made short devotionals for television just by using Daily Might readings with musical background & colour slides! You presented these to some of your local TV stations & they've made a real hit, & the only mistake you made was not having more of them ready when you went out to sell them to the stations, because they were instantly accepted!
       19. SOME OF YOU ONLY HAD TWO OR THREE PILOT COPIES READY! You were not really prepared to book them regularly, & the stations had to use the same ones over & over again because you weren't fast enough to really produce them as rapidly as they were being used! As I have always said with nearly all of you programme & show producers, from my own experience in the past with radio & television,
       20. YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST EIGHT TO TWELVE "IN THE CAN" BEFORE YOU GO OUT TO SELL THEM TO THE STATIONS! Because you're apt to get immediate bookings, they want them right now, need'm yesterday! They really like'm & they wanna use'm immediately, but you're not really prepared if you only take one or two or three! You went to find out if they would like that sort of thing, & you found out almost to your dismay that they were thrilled to get'm, but you didn't have enough of'm!
       21. SO I SUGGEST YOU FOLKS WHO ARE PREPARING SHOWS OR DEVOTIONALS FOR RADIO OR TELEVISION THAT YOU DON'T DISAPPOINT THOSE STATIONS & lose your golden opportunities by just producing a sample, & going down to the station to show them that sample, when you might as well know they're going to snap it up because they always like our stuff & our beautiful music & our beautiful thoughts & devotionals & our beautiful shows,--& maybe we could even squeeze in some of our beautiful girls into those little short TV devotionals!--Ha!
       22. BUT PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE AT LEAST ENOUGH ON HAND, SIX, EIGHT, OR MAYBE A DOZEN IF POSSIBLE, so that if the station books them immediately, which they probably will, you'll have time to run back home & start producing more before they use them all up! So that's what we found out in my previous work in this field in which I had about 15 years experience with radio & TV, that the problem was not booking them. They were good shows & the stations snapped them up, but we just didn't have enough of them & we couldn't produce them fast enough! They wanted not only to book them every week, some of them wanted to book them every day! We've had demands from our local radio & TV stations all over the World in many places for daily shows & daily devotionals, & that really eat up your production! So if they're going to book it daily, you better be ready to give'm at least a week's worth, so you can run back home & produce another one everyday for the next week while they're still showing the first ones, so you'll be able to rush down there & give them the next week's set of Shows or devotionals or Daily Might capsules in time for next week! They love to use them for early morning sign-ons or late night sign-offs.
       23. SO THE DM DEVOTIONALS ARE MAKING A REAL HIT ON BOTH RADIO & TELEVISION! So here's a whole new field for you, Family! If we're too slow & we can't get'm to you fast enough, you've already got the materials, you've got the beautiful Daily Might recordings by Simon with gorgeous musical backgrounds & interludes! I hope you got some of the good tapes & not some of the bad ones that were produced in too big a rush just before we left France!
       24. YOU CAN USE SOME DMs AS IS FOR RADIO if you'll sort them out & make sure that they get the right ones for General Public & don't just play everything & anything, because some of them are not appropriate for the General Public, for when we first got out those Daily Mights we actually didn't have the General Public in mind, we really just had you the Family in mind. So it was a pleasant & thrilling surprise for us to find out that radio & television are now eagerly desiring them for their use as brief devotionals!
       25. NOT ONLY RADIO STATIONS BUT TV STATIONS TOO WILL WANT TO USE IT, if at the same time you'll furnish them with some beautiful colour scenic slides for visual background. You don't have to have religious slides, you don't have to have pictures of Jesus or anything that even has to do with the subject. One group we know of is simply using slides of beautiful pictorial scenic backgrounds of God's wonderful creation, & what better background could you have than that for devotions to the Lord?--And that kind of colour slides you can buy almost anywhere, even at the corner drugstore, particularly of local scenery, & this of course the television station always likes, to show off their local scenery on slides!
       26. SO TRY TO USE SLIDES THAT ARE APPROPRIATE, LIKE THE BEAUTIES OF GOD'S CREATION & not man's creation, unless that happens to be a part of the subject. Take them enough of those slides that they'll be able to change them every few seconds so that people don't get tired of looking at them. I'd say about five or ten seconds per slide is sufficient, so that you'll need at least a dozen to 2 dozen slides for a two or three minute devotional, as most of the Daily Might devotionals are timed at approximately two to three minutes, although some may run a little higher. Also be sure to end with a slide with the local address for write-ins & follow-up! Draw the net!
       27. BUT YOU MUST HAVE ENOUGH SLIDES TO GIVE IT VARIETY & MOVEMENT for the full length of your Daily Might reading with its lovely musical interludes & background. Fitting the audio tape to scenic colour slides makes a very acceptable TV presentation, as some of you have already found, & we hope that in the future MWMI & MCV too will be able to produce some ready-made video tapes with such devotionals on them which we will be able to loan to the stations.
       28. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO GIVE AWAY TO TV STATIONS VIDEO TAPES OF OUR MUSIC SHOWS & DAILY MIGHT DEVOTIONALS the way we have given away our audio shows & tapes to radio stations. It's far too costly to go around giving away hundreds of video tapes! We'd go broke & bankrupt if we tried that!
       29. BUT WHAT WE ARE GOING TO TRY TO DO IS TO MAKE THESE BEAUTIFUL VIDEOS AVAILABLE FOR LOANING TO LOCAL TV STATIONS, to be taken to the stations & booked by a local Family member, delivered to the station in time for the programming, monitored by that particular Family to make sure it actually was played at the time agreed, & then picked up afterwards from the station to be passed on to some other stations, & there again loaned out for their use.
       30. BUT THEY WILL HAVE TO BE CAREFULLY SHEPHERDED!: Received by you, well taken care of, booked on the local station, delivered to the local station, monitored to make sure they have used it & then safely retrieved again after the showing so that the same tape can be used again elsewhere. Otherwise some stations have a habit of sort of "collecting" things like that, & we can't quite afford to support their "collection."
       31. ALSO SOME THINGS LIKE THAT HAVE A HABIT OF DISAPPEARING IN THE MAILS, SO THESE VIDEOS ARE GOING TO ALMOST ALL HAVE TO BE PERSONALLY COURIERED FROM STATION TO STATION & city to city, Family to Family, such as many of our videos are already being passed around, & then when pretty well used up in one country, couriered to the next to be circulated there, etc. So those are some of our great plans for a great future, D.V., some of which are already rolling & already being a blessing throughout the World!
       32. GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR PART IN THIS in taking good care of these tapes & going down to your local stations to book them & making sure that they were actually broadcast, & then in the case of video tapes, picking them up afterwards to be passed on & used again somewhere else.
       33. WE DON'T CARE IF THEY COPY OUR VIDEOS, THEY'RE WELCOME TO! That's rather unusual! Most producers of radio & televisions shows have strong objections to any copying, but the radio stations get to keep our tapes, & the TV stations are going to want to copy our beautiful shows & keep them in stock for repeated use! They like stock copies for future use to plug holes in their scheduling & to have things handy for sudden use when something opens up or somebody doesn't show up or whatever! So I'm sure they'll be happy to learn that we don't mind if they copy the videos, as long as they don't wear ours out. They can make their own copy & keep their own copy for future use if they want to.
       34. OUR IDEA IS NOT TO MAKE MONEY, IT'S NOT TO SELL, IT'S NOT TO RESTRICT OUR SPREADING OF THE GOSPEL IN OUR BEAUTIFUL MUSICAL SHOWS & DEVOTIONALS, it's our job to spread the Gospel & multiply it all we can. So we expect that there will be a great many companies that'll pub'm! "Great was the company of them that published it," the Lord promised us long ago in that beautiful 68th Psalm!--That great will be the company of them that will publish these things! (Ps.68:11.) A lot of great companies are already publishing'm, GBM! Of course the Lord was really talking about the great number of people that were going to publish these Glad Tidings & they certainly have! You certainly have! GBY!
       35. YOU'VE DONE A BEAUTIFUL JOB OF REACHING BILLIONS OF SOULS WITH THE MESSAGE through personal witness, literature &the media, winning millions of souls to the Lord! You've already published half-a-billion pieces of literature & you've won four-&-a-half million souls to the Lord!--Just our own little Family, our little 10,000 from our not much over 2,000 Homes! GBY! I don't know of any group on Earth, any Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Evangelistic missionary-minded Christian group in the whole World that is doing so much for the Lord in spreading the Gospel in comparison to our small number!
       36. I BELIEVE WE'RE THE MOST ACTIVE, DILIGENT, FAITHFUL , FRUITFUL, PROLIFIC & FAR-REACHING CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY GROUP IN THE WORLD TODAY! We have more publications to our credit than many of the larger denominations, a far greater outreach & witness than many big denominations! We've definitely won more souls to the Lord than most Christians denominations! So praise the Lord & thank Him for all these things, because it's only Jesus that does it all through you & me! TTL! Well, that's the good news! Not all of it, for we've got lots more, but we don't have space to put it all in this SRM.
       37. BUT THE BAD NEWS IS THAT YOUR GIVING HAS FALLEN OFF 32 since the first of the year, about a third now, which is quite a phenomenal drop in your giving, the largest drop we have ever had since the RNR five years ago in the beginning of 1978! That was when we dismissed about 300 leaders throughout the World & started all over again in order to get rid of the Chain & discover fresh new-bottle leadership that were not contaminated, corrupted & perverted by the old Chain leadership! TG!
       38. HOWEVER, WE ARE REJOICING OVER HOW MANY OF THE OLD CHAIN LEADERSHIP WE HAVE RECLAIMED, you who have been rehabilitated & re-educated & straightened out & gotten started all over again on the right foot & in the right direction with the right leadership & the right motivation & with good results! TTL! The old Chain did have a knack for picking pretty good leaders, but for some of the wrong motivations, covetousness & avariciousness, & some of them were pretty tyrannical!
       39. BUT NOW THAT WE HAVE PERSONALLY TAKEN A HAND SINCE THE RNR & GIVEN YOU STRONGER LEADERSHIP THROUGH THE LETTERS DIRECTLY, I think you've begun to get the point of what the Lord wants, & that is most of all love for the lost & reaching the World with the Gospel!--Not just trying to earn a living & trying to see how much money you can raise or trying to pep up your income! Some of the old Chain leaders seemed to have that as their criterion, not how many souls you reached & how many souls you won, how many hearts you comforted or bodies you healed or how far you spread the Gospel, but how much money you brought in!--Sad, very sad & a very sad commentary on their leadership!
       40. I THINK WE'VE PRETTY WELL CURED THE FAMILY OF MOST OF THAT & I think we got rid of a lot of those leaders who didn't want to follow our direction, particularly the chief ones who were leading the rest astray, the chief bellwethers or old goats who were leading you astray, & mostly some of the old-bottle backsliders who went back. But many of them now have returned under our leadership, thank the Lord, including you! GBY! So praise the Lord! Hallelujah!
       41. WE'VE GOT LOTS OF GOOD NEWS!--EXCEPT THAT YOUR GIVING HAS FALLEN OFF DRASTICALLY! You must try to be faithful & diligent to give the Lord His share! If your income is lower than it used to be, maybe you'll have to give Him a little more than the mere 10 Tithe! After all, it's all His really, so you should try to keep up your giving as best you can to the level that you used to give even before you moved South! If your income is now lower, that may be your fault because you haven't worked enough on your Home Support & your mailing ministry & your prayer letters & you haven't prayed hard enough!
       42. SOME HAVE BEEN ASKING IF THEY WERE WRONG IN RAISING THEIR SUPPORT ON THE FIELD, SINCE WE TALK SO MUCH ABOUT HOME SUPPORT--some of the old veterans who've been out there for years & managed to survive without or with very little Home Support. So we said, "Well, who are we to question you who are old faithful veterans on the field who have survived by faith all these years by raising your support right on the field? Don't quit, don't change horses in the middle of the stream, don't change your bets when you've got a winner!
       43. KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON! IF GOD'S GIVEN YOU THE FAITH & THE KNACK & THE ABILITY & THE TALENT & COURAGE TO RAISE YOUR SUPPORT OUT THERE IN THE FIELD, PRAISE THE LORD! However, most people are not field-veterans like you who know how & have the knack & have years of experience in the field & know the language, which is a tremendous help! But most of these new missionaries going to the field are going to need a lot of help! The language is new & strange to you, the culture is new & strange, the climate is certainly different & a lot of changes have been made, or will be made when you go.
       44. SO YOU NEW ONES BETTER GET ALL THE HELP YOU CAN BEFORE YOU GO! Get all the financial help & pledges & home support that you possibly can & keep it up diligently from the field once you arrive, through your prayer letters to your mailing list regularly, at least monthly, to solicit Home Support so you can stay there in your new chosen field of the South. So please don't neglect you Home Support, your prayer-letter mailing-ministry! But if you have managed to learn how to survive on some of those fields, earning your support in the field , that's up to you.
       45. "ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH BE IT UNTO YOU!" (Mt.9:29.) A lot of questions I'm asked I really don't know the answers, so I have to say as my answer: Matthew 9:29--"According to your faith be it unto you!" "With God nothing shall be impossible" & "all things are possible to him that believeth!" (Lk.1:37 & Mk.9:23.) So you've got some promises to go by if you want to try it, but you better believe it & you better have the faith for it & really know that God is going to take care of you, & not get out there & discover that you were lazy, negligent & slothful & you failed to do your part of the job, & therefore God couldn't do His part, because He requires your cooperation in almost everything. You have to do something in order to fulfill your part of the bargain & to be worthy of His promises.
       46. SALVATION IS FREE, BUT MOST OF THE REST OF GOD'S BLESSINGS & REWARDS & SUPPORT & PROVISION & PROTECTION ARE DEPENDENT UPON YOUR OBEDIENCE & YOUR WORTHINESS, your doing a good job faithfully so that He can say, "Well done thou good & faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of Thy Lord," the joy of better support & more financial help & greater protection & more bountiful provisions right here & now! You don't have to wait till you get to Heaven to get them, you need'm now, amen? Praise the Lord!
       47. SO GO TO WORK ON IT, & I hope you went to work on it before you left home so that your friends & relatives & contacts & converts & fish & kings & queens back home are till faithfully supporting you on the field because you keep in constant touch with them & constantly diligently remember to thank them for their gifts, special thank-you letters as well as your monthly prayer letter.
       48. THANK-YOU LETTERS MUST BE SENT OUT IMEDIATELY ON RECEIPT OF THEIR GIFTS WITH SOME PERSONAL WORD, a personal note or something on it to show that it had your personal attention & you are personally thankful! Don't just sent out form-letter thank-you letters alone. Try to send out a little personal word, personal note even if it is a form-letter. We used to send out many form-letters thank-you letters but we always added a little personal note at the bottom, if nothing more than a little hand-written word of thanks & my signature just to show that that letter had actually been seen by me personally & held in my personal hand & had my personal attention & that they personally knew that I had personally been grateful & so indicated by at least one word of thanks at the bottom of the letter in pen written by my own hand as well as my signature! You must give personal attention with personal notes of thank-you & gratitude to your givers & donors & supporters!
       49. YOU'VE GOT TO DO IT, BELOVED! YOU OWE THEM THOSE THANK-YOUs! God's Word says, "Owe no man anything save to love him." So pay off and pay up so you won't owe them those thank-yous anymore because you've already sent them & said them! So get busy with it! Not only get out your monthly prayer letter with all the glowing news of what you're accomplishing in the field with pictures, etc., but also immediate personal thank-you to every donor!
       50. IF NECESSARY USE A LITTLE HECTOGRAPH DUPLICATOR & peel it off copy by copy of a handwritten thank-you! That's very personalised! Or if you've got a little speed-o-print mimeograph like I used to have, sit down at your little typewriter & bang away a little personal message onto the stencil, wrap it on the drum & crank away until you've got enough copies to cover your mailing list & always try to put a little personal note or a word at the bottom, at least your signature if nothing else, in pen, to show that you actually saw that particular copy & though of them personally! Now that's not too much to ask! That's the minimum!--Or provision Xeroxing form a business office!
       51. ALSO IN YOUR PROVISIONING, DON'T FORGET TO THANK THEM! You can build up quite a good foundation of support if you will remember to be grateful & thankful & remember people! Maybe even remember their birthdays, certainly at least remember them at Christmas &/or Easter with a card, & never forget to remember them for every single gift that they send! Sit down immediately & write them a little not, a personal thanks if possible.
       52. OR HAVE A LITTLE FORM-LETTER OR CARD OR SLIP OF PAPER handy that you already have printed or mimeographed that you can just jot a little personal note on the bottom or at least a word of thanks & your signature if nothing else & slip it in an envelope that very day that you received their gift, so they'll know that you got it safely & know that you're grateful, thankful, appreciate it, needed it, & if possible tell them what it was used for.
       53. PEOPLE REALLY LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT THE SPECIFICS OF WHAT YOU ACTUALLY NEEDED IT FOR & USED IT FOR!--AND SEND IT OFF RIGHT AWAY! So that by the time the next prayer letter rolls around or the next 15th or First of the Month when they get paid or they get their own income they won't forget you!--And the best way to do that is be sure you enclose a self-address envelope so they can put that envelope in with the rest of their bills that they stack in the corner of their desk like I did waiting for my monthly check, my salary. Then when I had my check & the money in the bank & I could sit down & write my checks to pay my bills, there were the missionaries' little envelopes too & I would slip them a little check in each of their self-addressed envelopes & send'm out with the rest of my bills--top priority!--Paying my debts to God!
       54. BUT IF I HAD ONLY PRAYER LETTERS FROM THEM & NO THOUGHTFUL LITTLE SELF-ADDRESS ENVELOPE, I COULD EASILY MISLAY IT OR FORGET IT! It didn't even have to be stamped because you can't buy stamps of their country anyhow, but a place for the stamp & addressed to me or you. That way they're reminded of you & that's one of the best ways you have of making sure that they don't forget. Those self-addressed envelopes are your little offering baskets! Otherwise your prayer letter's pretty big & bulky & it can get mislaid or laid somewhere else & forgotten or your name & address mislaid & forgotten.
       55. SO YOU'D BETTER KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR SUPPORTERS MONTHLY OR BI-MONTHLY--TWICE A MONTH if possible, with your monthly prayer-letter & your monthly little thanksgiving note, so that they'll be sure to know that you are grateful & you did receive their gift & it was useful & appreciated, & that will inspire them to give again. If you will do that faithfully & diligently & well, the Lord can say to you, "Well done thou good & faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of they Lord"--the joy of better support & more funds with which to have more fun on the mission field & accomplish more work for the Lord!--Amen? PTL! Amen!
       56. I'M CHIDING YOU AGAIN ABOUT YOUR FALL IN GIVING, for if you want to continue to receive the blessing of the Lord you must obey the Lord & give Him His due & share with Him the blessings that He's given you & give as much as you possibly can.--Not even just one-tenth, that's the minimum, your tithe! But also your gifts & offerings above that, as much as you can possibly send to help make our great work possible.
       57. WE CONTRIBUTED THIS PAST MONTH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO MISSIONS & MISSIONARIES & missionary efforts & projects around the World & do every month, & that means you have got to give! In fact it looks like we're going to have to cut their checks about 15 to 20 this month because of your decrease in giving, because your giving has dropped off that much, even below our actual expenses for all these missionaries & missionary efforts around the World!
       58. THE DEVIL WOULD JUST LOVE TO STOP OUR RECENT ATTACKS ON HIS TERRITORY & OUR LATEST BIG PUSHES on radio & television shows & Daily Mights in the newspaper & new publications for you, new tapes, new Shows, new Books, new fields & even this new SRM--by letting you excuse yourself for not giving as much as usual! He would love to put a stop to all the extra help we're giving to missionaries now, more than we ever did before!
       59. WE'RE TRYING TO OPEN UP THESE NEW & OLD FIELDS IN THE EAST & THE SOUTH & EVEN IN THE WEST in big pushes more than ever before in helping them with their literature & their programmes for radio & television, Reception Homes for new missionaries & special extra aid funds for new projects in their particular fields & new outreaches & new programmes & new ways of reaching the lost with travelling minstrels, etc.--all the people who need help & support, & particularly on the poorer Southern & Eastern fields, & who have little or now way or really raising it in the field, & some of whom apparently have so few friends & relatives & helpers back home that they don't have much Home Support.
       60. WE'RE DOING OUR BEST TO TRY TO HELP THEM & GIVE THEM ALL THE ASSISTANCE WE POSSIBLE CAN TO GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE WHILE WE STILL HAVE TIME before we have to "Get Off" for the Lord to "get it on"! So, praise God! Please help!! We need your help & we need it NOW! Please don't fail the Lord & us & the lost through your neglect & your slothfulness & your forgetfulness to give as you should give, not only to tithe, but to give extra gifts & offerings as the Scripture exhorts (Gen.28:22; 2Sam.24:24; 1Chr.21:24; Mal.3:8-10; Pr.3:27; Lu.10:7), so that we don't have to harp on this subject & keep begging you for money, which is something we have seldom done in our Family.
       61. BUT WHEN THE TIME COMES I HAVE TO BEG YOU TO SUPPORT GOD'S WORK, I'M NOT ASHAMED OR AFRAID TO DO IT! In fact, I almost have to do it angrily because it's usually as a result of your failure when you neglected to take care of God's Work as you should & even as you could! So please, beloved, don't fail the Lord or the lost in failing to pay your tithes fully & give extra gifts & offering beyond that to make up for these losses!
       62. OTHERWISE WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO CUT DOWN IN OUR WORK, our publications & all the rest of our help to missionaries & their mission fields, if you continue to cut down in your tithing & giving! Sorry! But that's just the way it is! We do not believe in living beyond our income & we cannot spend more money than we receive. We cannot give more than you give. We don't believe in borrowing or going in the hole or deficit spending as worldly Governments do. We believe in "owing no man anything save to love him" (Ro.13:8), & if you don't love us enough to give it, then we can't show them enough love by giving it to them or to you of the things that we produce & give & can help with!
       63. SO PLEASE, BELOVED, GET BUSY & SEND AN EXTRA GIFT THIS MONTH, A SPECIAL EXTRA OFFERING, particularly since your giving this past month was about 15 percent lower than before & about that much below our actual expenses! Your giving was that low! Therefore, I suggest you just add to what you usually give or gave last month another 15 percent at least to make up for the loss, above your tithe! If you only gave so much last month, then add 15 percent more to it.--And I don't mean 15 percent more of your total income, but I mean 15-per-cent more than you gave last month.
       64. IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU GAVE HUNDRED DOLLARS LAST MONTH, THEN GIVE $115 THIS MONTH, if you gave $50 last month, then give $57.50 this month. So that it will make up for this tremendous 32 loss which has been accruing over the past few months! Then we can continue to publish the many great publications which we have been sending to you & try to complete the publications that we already have in the pipeline & that are already in the production so we can at least pay for what we've already produced & ordered & are actually printing & sending to you!
       65. I THINK THAT'S THE LEAST YOU CAN DO! We'll do the most we can do to furnish you with the feed, if you'll do the most that you can do to furnish us with the funds! You've got to furnish the funds before we can furnish the feed! So, PTL! Enough said? Hope so! God bless you! We love you! So please do your best to tithe & give more this coming TRF than you did last month. Amen?
       66. (PRAYER) LORD BLESS & HELP THEM & keep them & make them a blessing & prosper them & protect them so that they can give better than ever before!--And we believe You can & You will if these will be faithful & obedient & diligent & sacrificial, & will work at it as they should & raise support as they should & raise their incomes as they should, Lord, & tithe & give as they should. In Jesus' name, amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen! We'll be looking for it, expecting it & you can be looking for all the wonderful new things that are coming out & coming your way soon, D.V.--In Jesus' name, Amen!
       67. MWM IS GETTING OUT SOME BEAUTIFUL NEW DRAMATICS USABLE ON RADIO FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC! We're recommending to them that they make them in a very useful format readily adaptable to radio, similar to their regular quarter-hour & half-hour shows--to fill them up with enough music & dramatics to make a regular quarter-hour or half-hour show of beautiful music & dramatics. They have produced some gorgeous ones, thrilling ones that have really moved us & brought the tears &excited us, thrilled us, inspired us, & we've even gotten messages form the Lord on them! Wonderful! Beautiful!
       68. THESE DRAMAS HAVE BEEN INSPIRED & THEY REALLY HAVE DONE A BEAUTIFUL JOB, & WE HOPE TO GET THESE TO YOU SOON IF YOU'LL GET THAT GIFT TO US SOON ENOUGH TO PAY FOR THEM! And incidentally, we're going to try to encourage you folks who have been writing such beautiful dramatic scripts for radio use to help MWMI produce these dramatic shows, & we are going to again offer you a little gift of appreciation & thanks for your help & for your drama scripts by sending you as much as we can as a thank-you gift for you diligent efforts in endeavouring to put the Gospel & these beautiful stories into radio dramas, if they are usable & applicable & adaptable to radio use.
       69. SO PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE THAT KIND OF TALENT FOR WRITING PLAYS & DRAMATICS, SEND'M IN! Remember that this is for radio, & they can't see what's going on, so you'll have to make it pretty evident through the dialogue & sound effects so they can visualise it. It's marvellous what you can do with radio dramatics, how you can visualise these things as you listen! That's all there was when I was a boy. They had dramatics on radio, they even had dramatics on records those days, because that's something you could use & enjoy right in the home.
       70. NIGHTLY THE LITTLE FAMILIES WOULD GATHER AROUND THEIR RADIOS TO LISTEN TO THEIR FAVOURITE RADIO PROGRAMMES, shows, musical shows, plays & dramas & thrill to it! It's amazing how you can imagine & visualise the scenes without the aid of visual aids!--Without television, without movies, but just in your mind's movie & mind's eye, with the help of a little sound & dialogue & the dramatics on radio or tape.
       71. THESE DRAMAS OF COURSE WILL ALSO BE VERY USEFUL TO YOU FAMILY WITH YOUR CHILDREN & FRIENDS & neighbours & relatives & fish & kings & queens & supporters & providers, etc., as well. I'm sure they will appreciate them.--And you can copy them all you want to!--Give'm as special gifts to special people, or even ask donations for them if you want to for your own support!--And by all means, try to book them on your local radio stations or use them in your local public institutions, some of whom have closed circuit radio, etc.
       72. SO END IN THOSE DRAMA SCRIPTS! But first of all please write in & ask for assignments or write in your suggestions for scripts, so that we don't have too many duplications of the same story or of the same show or the same dream or Letter or whatever it may be. Try to write in to Simon at: MWM, Box 223, Colombo, Sri Lanka, & ask for you drama assignment.--Or give them suggestions of what you'd like to write & see if they need it, & make sure somebody else hasn't already written it! We don't want too much duplication like we had regarding the Komix at first before we gave out specific scheduled assignments.
       73. IF YOU WILL DO THIS & THEN DO YOUR DRAMA, THE KIND THAT WE WANT & NEED & CAN USE, YOU WILL GET A LITTLE GIFT FROM US THAT I'M SURE YOU WILL WANT & NEED & CAN USE! Some are earning fairly good support through doing this sort of thing with Komix & art, with their contributions along this line.--And some are earning their support with music contributions. You can help to earn support if you're a good writer & dramatist by sending in your drama scripts!
       74. SO WRITE IN TODAY & ASK SIMON WHAT HE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOU WRITE ABOUT, or send in your suggestion & ask him if you can write a drama about that. Try not to go to all the trouble of writing out the whole script first before you write, because it may have already been done. MCV & MWM were even producing duplicate shows, the same dramas, because they both liked the idea & each one, unbeknownst to the other, was producing the same dramatics! So don't let that happen to you!
       75. PLEASE WRITE IN & ASK FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT, MAKE YOUR SUGGESTION & WAIT UNTIL YOU RECEIVE AN ANSWER BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY FINISH YOUR SCRIPT & SUBMIT IT!--And if it is adaptable & usable, you will receive again, as we did in the past, a drama gift, just as our graphic artists receive Non-Resident Artists' Gifts for their contributions. PTL! Hallelujah! GBY! Thanks a lot!
       76. MANY OF YOU HAVE CONTRIBUTED SUCH SCRIPTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD & THEY ARE TERRIFIC! We have thoroughly enjoyed MWM & MCV's productions of these very scripts by you. So send them in, folks! Or send in for your assignments & roll'm!--So that we can get more of these dramatics on air for the public & on tape for the Family! Most of them are very usable for the general public on radio, but many of them are very good for the Family & for our children. So God bless you for a wonderful ministry of dramatics! PTL! ROLL'M! TODAY! TYJ!
       77. MAY WE REMIND YOU FOLKS WHO ARE STILL IN HOME FIELDS, perhaps even in the North who already have a really fruitful ministry, particularly with children, that you should consider the possibility of staying there as long as you can minister to those precious needy children of their Gospel-hardened parents to try to get through to them before the holocaust, & not run prematurely & neglect any special calling that God has really called you to there! There will probably be & are some rare exceptions to the Southward migration, & in the case of a very prolific & fruitful ministry with children that is really winning souls & really feeding His little lambs, I would hate to see you run off & abandon & desert them & neglect them & leave them behind to starve in the darkness! So think about that! Pray about it!
       78. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CALLED TO THE FOREIGN FIELD BEFORE YOU LEAVE A VERY FRUITFUL & PROFITABLE MINISTRY AT HOME, such as even some of you LIT-PICS of Europe! A few of you just took off & flew off the handle & landed in some very far-off places around the World where you could hardly minister in your particular language & talent or to the language area that you used to minister to!
       79. SO I WOULD SUGGUEST THAT SOME OF YOU TRY TO FIND ONE OF THE SAFER SPOTS IN EUROPE that's not as apt to be a direct target for the atom bombs & where you're more apt to survive, such as many of the neutral countries which we have already mentioned & the less vulnerable areas unlikely to be target areas, where you would most likely be able to survive, even survive the fallout afterward if you are properly prepared, to minister to those who survive as well.
       80. SO IF YOU ARE FRUITFULLY MINISTERING TO YOUR PARTICULAR FIELD RIGHT NOW THERE IN SOME OF THOSE EXCEPTIONAL AREAS OF THE NORTH, I WOULD SAY DON'T LEAVE IT! Stay there as long as it's fruitful & profitable where you're really harvesting & you're really needed & you've really got a great work going! If you're already building the wall & doing a great work, then don't come down! (Neh.6:3,4.) Of course, if you're just piddling around & not accomplishing much in a hard cold frozen Northern field where you can't see much fruit or blessing or much ministry of any kind, I suggest you better pray about a Southern field, wherever the Lord wants you to go, or particularly Eastern fields, the neediest of all! Amen? God bless you & help you to find the right field, & "let every man abide in the calling wherein he is called." (Ep.4:1.) TYJ!--Amen? GBAKYAMYAB!
       81. ONE LAST LITTLE SAD ITEM I AM COMPELLED TO MENTION BECAUSE OF SOME OF THE LIES CIRCULATING amongst our enemies & backsliders & even amongst some of our friends & families is regarding Mother Eve, our ex-wife, whom I did not put away, but who put herself away by leaving us & forsaking us & going off with others elsewhere in her own ministry & doing her own thing, going her own way with her own teams to places that I forbad her to go or begged her not to go, such as the U.S.
       82. I BEGGED HER NOT TO GO TO THE U.S., BUT SHE WENT ANYHOW TAKING OUR CAMPER, WHICH I FORBAD HER TO TAKE, BUT WHICH SHE TOOK ANY WAY! Having gone there, I pled with her to leave the U.S. & go South, but this she has refused to do, & from what we hear is instead hobnobbing with all the old backsliders back there & even enemies, their parents, etc., & poor-mouthing her way around the U.S. begging off of friends & family for support.
       83. WE HAVE BEEN FAITHFULLY SENDING HER GENEROUS SUPPORT CHECKS EVERY MONTH plentifully sufficient for all her needs, food, clothing & shelter & more, with just one little request: That she report to us each month her activities & where to send her check! We have not even demanded of her a TRF! However, we did tell her that if she wanted the Magazine or the BOTM she would have to send in a TRF just like everyone else! But even if she didn't do that, if she would at least write in & tell us where she is & what she's doing, we'd be happy to continue her checks of support.
       84. BUT WE CAN HARDLY SEND HER ANY SUPPORT WHEN SHE DOESN'T EVEN LET US KNOW WHERE SHE IS & WE RECEIVE NO WORK FROM HER WHATSOEVER! We have even offered to double her checks if she will leave the United States & go Southward anywhere, even Mexico, but so far she has flatly ignored these requests & flounced her way about the U.S. according to her own whims, setting a very poor example to the rest of the Family & the backsliders as usual. (Daniel/Menorah had crash, Aaron killed, cars burnt!)
       85. SHE'S SHOWING WHAT A REBELLIOUS OLD WIFE SHE IS, JUST LIKE THE OLD CHURCH THAT GOD SAID SHE IS (see Nos. A & 117), still fond of the old ways & the old places, the old haunts & the old ghosts as well as ghostly ministries of days far-gone! She has failed to follow God in His new moves & new directions or drink His new wine, she doesn't even seem to be interested in it. She's not even concerned enough to get our publications! Of course I understand she begs them off of other people & that way gets them free & borrows them just to read the news to see what we are doing, but often not even that concerned about the rest of you!
       86. SO WATCH OUT FOR MOTHER EVE! We don't know what she'd up to. We haven't heard from her for months! She hasn't even sent for her checks, when all we've asked is that she write & tell us where she is & what's she doing & we will send her her regular support, or even double it if she will leave the North! But so far we have heard nothing for the past several months. Nevertheless we are saving her checks for her if she will write & show that she still cares & that she still is a part of our Family & tell us something about what she is doing, etc. (Just heard 8/82!)
       87. SO DON'T LET ANYBODY KID YOU ABOUT OUR DIVORCING DEAR MOTHER EVE OR PUTTING HER AWAY OR FAILING TO SUPPORT HER. We have supported her faithfully & regularly all these years, every single month with plentiful support, not only for her but she has often squandered it on a great many others & wasteful projects & even trips we forbade her to take & places we forbade her to go! So, that's the facts, ma'am or sir!
       88. SO DON'T YOU BELIEVE WHATEVER LIES YOU MAY HEAR THAT WE'VE FAILED TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF OUR FIRST WIFE, MOTHER EVE! I say ex-wife because she has made herself "ex" by her exit & lack of cooperation & deliberate disobediences & wilful waywardness! So may God have mercy on her soul & ministry! We have begged her to write for the Family, testimonies & advice on travelling & living by faith & ministering to Home fields with children, etc. We have begged her to do this for years, but she has written very little, as you can see, & submitted very little for publication, sad to say, when she could have been a great blessing, a great inspiration to you & a great help in motherly counsel & advice & testimonies of faith.
       89. SHE COULD HAVE, BUT SHE WOULD NOT! I feel sometimes like the Lord said of Jerusalem, "Oft would I have gathered you to my bosom as a hen gathereth her chicks, but ye would not!" (Mt.23:37.) Like the gardener whose boss wrote him a recommendation for all the things he could do, but then wrote on the other side, "But he won't!" That's sad, very sad!
       90. ONE OF THESE DAYS SOME OF YOU ARE GOING TO GET TO HEAVEN & HAVE TO FACE THE LORD, & YOUR SAD LAMENT IN YOUR SHAME & CONTEMPT THROUGHOUT ETERNITY IS GOING TO BE, "IF I ONLY HAD, IF I ONLY HAD!"--As the poor fellow wrote on his prison wall, "If I only had!" What are you sorry for that you failed to do? Did you fail to send enough for the Lord's Work last month? Well, some of you sure failed! So may God forgive you & help you to do better this month so you won't have to make that eternal lament, "If I only had!" when the opportunity is gone forever, that day is past & gone & it is in History, forever unchangeable, dead & gone forever!
       91. ARE YOU GOING TO BE SORRY? ARE YOU GOING TO CARRY THAT REMORSE & REGRET WITH YOU FOR ETERNITY?--Sorry for your sins of omission as well as commission, your failure to obey His commission & your just plain failure to obey!--Your omissions! He says there in Daniel 12 as plain as anything that some shall be raised (resurrected) to everlasting shame & contempt! You'll be raised from the dead in the Resurrection if you're truly saved, you'll go to be with Jesus in our Eternal Heavenly Home forever in His Kingdom, enjoy the New World & the New Heaven on Earth & Heavenly City!
       92. BUT YOU'LL BE WALKING AROUND ASHAMED TO FACE US OTHER HEAVENLY CITIZENS because of your past failures, your failure to do your job while you were here on Earth, your wilful deliberate disobediences & rebeliousness & your lacks & your shortcomings & slothfulness, negligence, thoughtlessness & your many sins of omission, for which you will tread the Halls of Heaven eternally in shame & contempt because you didn't do what you could!
       93. REMEMBER THE LITTLE QUOTE THAT JESUS SAID ABOUT THE DEAR WOMAN WHO ANOINTED HIM BEFORE HIS DEATH?--He rebuked those who tried to rebuke her for doing it, & He said, "She hath done what she could!" (Mk.14:8.) Do you remember what my own Grandmother asked to have put on her tombstone?--That was the verse!: "She hath done what she could!"--And she did a tremendous job for the Lord! She won thousands of Chinese to Jesus, Cantonese, right there in her home field of the city of St. Louis, Missouri, with a Sunday School class every Sunday of 2,000 Chinese who couldn't even speak English!
       94. MY MOTHER'S MOTHER HERSELF LEARNED CANTONESE TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE CHINESE, constantly witnessing every day, going down ministering to them in their pitiful hovels & opium dens & gambling dens trying to rescue their poor miserable souls from the degradation of their enslaved lives in that pitiful pioneer day! She did a tremendous job! Just one little sweet quiet tiny little soul with a sweet smile that looked an awful lot like the Mona Lisa!
       95. I HAVE AN OLD PICTURE OF HER THAT LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE THAT SWEET MONA LISA, sweet, humble, quiet, always smiling, always a sweet word, cheerful word, encouraging word for the downhearted, the broken-hearted, the lonely, the broken, the lost, & with her quiet little ways & her constant witness her constant visitation & her teaching, even in their own language winning literally thousands of souls to the Lord, Chinese souls, of whom there are many of their descendants still living today!
       96. SO, THE LORD CERTIANLY SAID TO HER, "WELL DONE THOU GOOD & FAITHFUL SERVANT" (Mt.25:21), as she entered the Home of the Blessed! She removed her rings from her fingers as she was dying, as though she wanted nothing of this World anymore, & placed them in my Grandfather's hand & said, "Earth recedes & Heaven opens!--This is my Coronation Day!" HAL! She looked up with her arms flung wide as though she saw the very Gates of Heaven open & the face of Jesus as she passed out of this life into that glorious Home above! She was unashamed & would never have the contempt of others because she did what she could!
       97. MAYBE YOU CAN'T DO VERY MUCH, BUT AT LEAST YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU CAN! At least do what you can!--And she asked them to put that on her tombstone: "She hath done what she could!" Have you done what you could? May God help you to do so, in Jesus' name!--Amen, God bless & keep you & continue to make you a blessing, in Jesus' name!--Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! We love you! Keep on keeping on! Keep your eyes on Jesus, & "be thou faithful unto death & thou shalt receive a crown of life!" (Rev.2:10.) Hallelujah! Amen! TYJ! Praise the Lord!--Amen? GBY! ILY!--Forever yours! DO IT NOW!

       98. ANY LIMs, LIT-PICs, ROs OR ANY OTHERS OF YOU WHO HAVE NOTICES WHICH YOU NEED TO SEND OUT TO ALL THE FAMILY or a large portion of the Family, should write up your Notices as LNFs & send'm in immediately so they can be sent out to all in the SRMs. Please do not just merely write in suggestions saying that you think we ought to do so & so, or perhaps we should make an announcement stating such & such.
       99. BUT RATHER ACTUALLY WRITE THE LNF yourself in foto-ready form the way you feel it should be said & send it in so we can publish it immediately in the SRM for all the World to hear! Please use the SRM format or proportions so your copy can be used as is or shot to size! We haven't time or personnel to re-type it!--Make sure your spelling is OK too!--Foto-ready copy will get priority in all Special Rush Mailings, Late News Flashes, Family News, Want Ads, World News, Reports, Stories suggestions, articles, letter & all other contributions sent to us for publication.
       100. THE TIME HAS COME WHEN WE CAN NO LONGER SPEND OUR VALUABLE TIME RE-WRITING YOUR STUFF FOR YOU!--Sorry, but we're in a hurry! Time is short! The End is near!--& we cannot take priceless time & scarce talented personnel for re-writing your contributions! Sorry--write'm yourself!--If you want'm published! Otherwise, we may never get around to it until the Millennium!--& that'll probably be far too late! Come on, Family!--Don't be so lazy! Do it yourself!
       101. WE TRIED TO GET YOU TO DO THIS FAR BACK AS LONDON IN '73, but only a few cared enough to take the trouble to respond with laid-out foto-ready copy!--So we gave up & went to Tenerife & let poor Ho & his NNN staff stew in your juices!--& it was a mess!--It was a wonder he cold do anything with it! But the Z's, Keren-Happuch, Adar & others finally came to your rescue & babied you along for years!
       102. BUT NOW THEY'VE ALL GONE TO THE FIELD OR HAVE OTHER MORE IMPORTANT JOBS. So the time has finally come we can no longer baby you along & do it for you! DO IT YOURSELF IF YOU WANT IT PUBLISHED! NOW! Tomorrow may be too late!--Amen?--Thanks! GBY!--Love, D.
       (See article on "Tips for Writing & Layouts of FN Articles" in BOTM 2 if you still don't know how!--It's simple!)
       103. SO GROW UP GANG! DO YOUR OWN! We're busy publishing'm! The least you can do is write'm pub-ready!--Amen? You're big folks now, no longer little teenagers we have to nurse along! Even our little children are doing this for KIDZ!--Why can't you! Well, from not on you'll have to if you want it published!--OK? Fair enough? I think so--if we're ever gonna make it!--Soon you'll have it all to do locally in your own backyard!--So you might as well learn how now!--Amen? PTL! GBAKY to & through that Day! HAL! Thanks.



Dear Family,
       I, want to thank you for all your beautiful greetings & loving remembrances that helped make my birthday this year a truly memorable occasion. In the next BOTM I hope to be able to share with you Dad's wonderful tribute to me at my birthday dinner. My prayer for this new year is to be more in tune with & more sensitive to & more one with Jesus, my Savior, David my King, & you, my people, & that Jesus will give me the needed wisdom & strength to continue in the wonderful work that He has given me, of helping to pass on the Words of life to feed & nourish the hungry flocks, that you, in turn, may feed the starving World. I pray for wisdom to administer wisely & well, that my love may abound yet more & more in knowledge & in all judgment, that I may approve things that are excellent, & be sincere & without offence till the day of Christ, being filled with the fruits of righteousness. (Phil.1:9,10.) That I may fulfill the command of "teaching them to observe all things whatsoever (He) has commanded," & that he will in turn be able to fulfill that beautiful promise: Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the World. Amen. In love & loyalty & gratitude to Jesus, Who has made it all possible, David, through whose obedience we have been rescued & have found such a place of service in His Kingdom, & you, our precious people, whose dedication & love knows no equal. Yours forever, Maria

!--By James Penn

       105. WE WANT TO ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO START PRAYING & MAKING PRACTICAL PREPARATIONS FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS OUTREACH. It may seem a little early, but in years gone by many of us have left such planning until the last minute only to find that printers & businesses were too busy to print or help, the mail is backed up, etc., with the result being that we missed some of the opportunities to be a witness & blessing to others during this Christian holiday, not to mention missing some of the material blessings that the Lord wanted to give us via our loved ones & friends.
       106. So don't you suffer needlessly because of poor planning, but start preparing your Christmas shows, dramas & outreach now! It's also a good time to work on the translation & printing of your Christmas lit & cards, & anything else that you might need. And don't forget to copy & use the beautiful MWM, MCV & other Christmas music tapes that most of you should have. If you don't have copies, borrow & copy them, as they are tremendous witnessing tools as well as being a great inspiration for your family! It's a good time to start your Christmas provisioning for overseas missionaries, too! Be the first to ask! Don't delay!--Plan today! And you'll be glad you did!


       107. We understand that a Family couple in India just went to Delhi to get their children passports & the Canadian Embassy there told them that from September 1st of this year, India is going to require everyone coming to India to have a visa, Commonwealthers will no longer have indefinite stay but will be treated as other nationalities. However, Commonwealthers coming before September 1 will have indefinite stay & not have to have a visa. They didn't know the type of visa but thought three months renewable to six & not longer, was what it would be.

--By Keda

       108. We wanted to mention to all that China is the most sensitive field of the East. Therefore it's not sufficient qualification to just be star-struck over the 900 million people to be reached there, but you also need a great deal of wisdom & prayer in order to go as a missionary to that great country. As the Letters say, there are many great dark spirits there & we must have brethren who are really tried & proven, preferably in Third World fields, before entering there as prospective missionaries. The fact that there will be very little fellowship plus the fact that mistakes have a very far-reaching effect since foreigners are so few & all are guests of the Government, makes China a special pioneer field in need of wise courageous pioneers! All of this makes it a place that is really thrilling, fruitful & exciting but it's only for those that the Lord is specifically leading there & those who have very special qualifications.
       109. Also if you are thinking of applying for some teaching or other job, you must be capable of doing well what you're being hired for. If you still feel the Lord may be leading you, go through the "Seven Ways," start learning Mandarin & send in your detailed Clearance Request to Ho & Ruthie c/o your RO to be considered by the Clearance Council there.
       110. WLY & hope to see you in any of these precious needy Eastern countries as soon as possible. WPFY! Love, Keda & Yasko


       111. GBY! WLY & pray that the School Days Volumes have been a real blessing to both you & your children. TTL for our faithful teachers Sara & Dora, as well as the Family Care staff & all those who helped make it possible, especially Dad & Maria! PTL!
       112. AS WITH ANY PUBLICATION, THOUGH, SOMETIMES ERRORS SLIP BY & MAKE IT INTO PRINT, & we'd like to apologise for one that we've found on page 304 of School Days 2. In the Time Line under the period of 2,000 A.D. it implies that the Saints rule & reign with Jesus in the Heavenly City at the beginning of the Millennium. The Heavenly City does not come down until after the Millennium of course, & this quote should have been at the end of the Time Line. Sorry! Actually, the events listed in the 100-year boxes between 2,000 A.D. & 3,000 A.D. don't necessarily occur in each of those specific hundred-year periods, but apply to the entire Millennium, & afterwards there's a New Heaven & a New Earth & the Heavenly City "comes down from God out of Heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." (Rev.21:2.) PTL! GBAKY a blessing to many until that time comes, & after! WLY!

--by James Penn

       113. OVER THE YEARS A NUMBER OF FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE BEEN SUBJECTED TO ATTEMPTED DEPROGRAMMINGS, & recently our enemies have stooped so low as to try to kidnap some of our children. In the past, Dad has quoted 1Peter 5:8, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour," & further admonished us, "Don't you be his next meal!"
       114. Although Dad has written a lot on the subject of security, very few testimonies from you of advice, warnings & lessons learnt have been published for the benefit of the Family, & so we would very much like to hear from those of you who have had to "contend for the faith" in this manner. COULD YOU WRITE A CONCISE, FACTUAL, TO-THE-POINT TESTIMONY OF WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? What circumstances & mistakes occurred to allow it to happen? How did you conduct yourself while it was going on? How did the Lord lead you? How did you eventually get you or your loved ones away? What precautions do you follow now? All in all, what lessons did you learn, & what advice would you like to share with the rest of the Family, that might benefit them? Each member of the Family runs the risk of being attacked in this manner, so maybe the lessons you learned will help someone else in the future. "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." (2Cor.2:11)
       115. PLEASE TRY TO SEND YOUR TESTIMONY FINAL-TYPED, using a print-page format of 13.5 cm x 19.5 cm or similar proportions. Be careful not to include any names, locations, etc., in it that might be a security breach for you! If you could send it to your Reporting Office with "10.36 Testimony" on the inside envelope, they will forward it on.
       116. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP IN THIS! WLY & will be praying for you!


       117. To all recipients of WS Gifts: From now on please send your Reports (Finance, Activity, & FN Story) to your RO only. Do not send additional copies to the Madrid address or to the FN as previously instructed. You need now only send one original for each report, including the original of your FN Story, to your RO, & they will forward them on for you. GBY! WLY! We hope this will save in time, funds, & bulky mail.


       118. Recently we have been receiving many returned mailings due to the fact that missionaries moving out of the Home Fields of the West, especially Europe, have not been giving the required two month's notice. Please be notified that anyone missing a mailing due to their own fault such as not giving the required two month's notification will not be re-sent their missed mailings. Each mailing costs an enormous sum (more than the total cost of printing!) & when you don't pick it up the Tithe Funds used to post it to you are completely wasted! Also, it risks the security of our WS Sprint Shop who has to then pick up large numbers of returned mail--& pay to pick it up! So it is costing us twice when you don't give us proper notification of your address change.
       119. Also, many Homes moving South & East have missed mailings due to changing their address to "Poste Restante" of their tentative destination & then changing their plans or delaying their trip so that they were not able to collect their mail before it was returned to sender. Please don't waste the Lord's funds & risk the security of your WS Sprint Shops! If you are not certain of your plans & your new mailing address, arrange to have your mail forwarded from your present address (see "Road Mail," No.872.)


       120. WS has available very few copies of Komix & childcare books & other books printed recently. At Maria's suggestion, these back publications are being made available to new TRFers whose native tongue is English, & to those TRFers (again with English as their native language.) who, through no fault of their own did not receive mailings as they were lost in the post. As we all know, these pubs are priceless, & since only a very limited number of each are available, Maria is very concerned that they get to those who need & deserve them the most, & who are lacking a copy through no fault of their own.
       121. So if you fall into either of the two categories mentioned above, here's what you can do to get copies of the pubs that you are missing:
         a) Write a short note to WS 'stating your case' as to why you are eligible & why you don't have the pubs already. (Note: This offer does not apply to those who missed mailings due to their failure to tithe & therefore did not receive mailings. That's your fault, not ours!) If your mailing was lost, explain the circumstances.
         b) In your letter, note clearly each pub required, & enclose sufficient funds to cover your order.
         c) Have your LAS (or DAS, etc.) sign your letter, showing that he agrees to your eligibility & send it as soon as possible to the appropriate address indicated below.
       122. Note: WS will start filling the orders on a first-come first-serve basis on OCT. 1, so get your orders to them well before that. All orders will be sent to you via surface mail, so you should get yours in time for Christmas, D.V. Ha! As well, WS cannot guarantee that your request will be available, nor that your donation will be returned if such is the case, but they will do their best to supply those who genuinely need & merit the lit. So be honest before the Lord & the Family, & don't send in a request unless you are sure that you qualify under the conditions outlined above. Following is a list of the publications available, the approximate amount available & the suggested donation. GBY!

       PUBLICATION AVAILABLE                         APPROX. NO.         DONATION

       1982 Colour Calendar (use pictures for wall posters)[DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED]less than 150       US       $3.00
       Techi's Life Story . . . . . . . . . . [DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED].. " " "       "       5.00
       ML Study Helps . . [DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED]. . . . . . . . . . . " " "       "       5.00
       Daily Mights . . . . . . . [DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED]. . .. . . . .. " " "       "       4.00
       Flannelgraph No.2 . . . . . . . . . [DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED].. " " "       "       5.00
       TK Story of Love . . . . . . . . . . . [DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED]. " " 500       "       7.00
       Hem of His Garment/Streams/Healing in His Wings [DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED][DELETED]..       " " "       "       3.00
       Endtime Revelation Poster . . . [DELETED][DELETED][DELETED]. . . . " "       "       "       3.00
       MWM Songbook No.1 [DELETED][DELETED][DELETED] . . . . . . . . . . " "       1000 "       4.00

       For the above publications send your letter & cheque to MARIA CAMPOS, APDO 46131, MADRID, Espana. Please send Bank Money Orders or International Postal Money Orders:--no personal cheques. Please make all cheques payable to: Philip Sacarello.


       ML VOL.7 . . . . . . . . . . . .less than 250                 US $ 10.00
       ML VOL.8 . . . . . . . . . . . .less than 350                 US $ 10.00

       For these publications please send your letter & donation to: GLP; Box 30854; CWB Post Office; HONG KONG. Please send Bank Money Orders or International Postal Money Orders:--no personal cheques. Please make all cheques payable to: Frances PRIMUS.


       We would like to request that all Homes in Latin America, Asia-Africa, & the Pacific fills in the Volstat form & send it to your RO with your TRF at the end of this month! We would like to compile an up-to-date Voluntary Stats analysis to benefit the Family which is still moving out of the Nuclear North to the Safer South & East, & would like to have as complete reports as possible on conditions in these safer fields. Thanks!

--By Joseph Reader

Dear Family,
       124. GBY! WLY SO MUCH & thank the Lord for your faithful sacrificial service for Him & for others! We're really winning greater victories in almost every field! PTL!
       125. WE HAVE BEEN A LITTLE CONCERNED, THOUGH, ABOUT THE DROP IN THE NUMBER OF HOMES REPORTING ON THEIR VIDEOS. It seems that many Homes are not being faithful with the Video Report as the number of Homes reporting videos has been dropping every month, & last month we received reports from less than 50% of the Homes & Units whom we know have videos! Brethren, these things ought not so to be! We're trying our best to get the videos to you & circulate them as widely as possible, but we can't keep them circulating for the benefit of all if we don't know where they are or even where they've been!
       126. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO NOTIFY THE NASs & NVLs NOT TO CIRCULATE VIDEOS TO HOMES THAT HAVEN'T SENT IN THEIR MONTHLY VIDEO REPORT! Sorry! The Monthly Video Report will now be your "library card" & your IVL, NVL or LVL will have to ask to see a copy of your last one before they check any more videos out to you. Sorry, but these videos are priceless & as Dad has said, "Outside of living personnel the video tapes are the most important thing you've got! They might be the only fellowship you have some day. So take good care of them. You're handling lives when you're handling those videos!" We're sharing the videos with you the best we can & we hope to put even more on the circuit soon, we only ask that you report on them regularly each month as faithful stewards! GBY who have been reporting on the videos! Thanks!
       127. WS UNITS SHOULD BE REPORTING REGULARLY ON THEIR VIDEO STOCKS, TOO. Some with the largest stocks of videos have been reporting on them the least & we cannot allow this to continue. Dad has even threatened to withhold the monthly gift of any WS Unit that doesn't send in their video report with their TRF, so please get those reports in! We need to hear from you regularly to keep the videos circulating into all the World! Neglect not to communicate! Thanks!
       128. AS IT SAYS IN "REWARDS": "GOD WILL ALWAYS BLESS HARD WORK, DILIGENCE, FAITHFULNESS, GOOD INVESTMENT & HE'LL REWARD IT WITH MORE & MORE! The faithful in few things or in little will be faithful also in much & many things. But if you're unfaithful in a few things, you'll even lose what you've got, & God's not going to give you any more!" (1028:14.) Please be faithful to send in your Monthly Video Report! We need you & need to hear from you! GBY! Thanks! KGFG! WLY! Love, Joseph
       (--AMEN! Get those Video Reports (VRs) in every month w/Ur TRF!--Tx!)

       129.        NEW FAMILY VIDEOS PRODUCED (April/May '82)
       North America       1
       Latin America       12
       Europe         5
       Asia/Africa/Pacific 17
       World Total       35

Have you shot a video this month? The ones shown were mostly done by WS Units & VSs. We'd love to see you all! (--Have you made a videos lately?--Share'm w/ the Family! CU soon!)

       Total       Area                 (West) Fam.       (East) Fam.       System
       16       North America                 5         5       6
       964       Latin America                 93         269       602
       192       Europe                         7         46       139
       1149       Asia/Africa/Pacific         89         418       642
       2321       World Total                 194         738       1389

       134.A LAST MINUTE NOTICE!--To Contributors of Publishable Material Such as FNs, & Any Other Kind of Articles Intended for Use in Our New Good News 2-Column Format--URGENT!



       135. About the Members list on the TRFs: I think it would help us lots if a reminder could be put in a LNF about Homes being sure to include any changes--transfers, new disciples, Knew Disciples, etc., & to please be sure that the figures they put down as to number of couples, singles, children, totals, etc., are indeed accurate--as it affects their mailings & quite frankly sometimes we have to either guess what they mean, or do a fair bit of research to find out how many mags they should get.(--Amen!)
       136. If the Family age figure is to be accurate, perhaps every 6 months or so, the Homes could fill in an updated members list, giving the current ages in the Family & then the offices could then amend from those figures for each month after that until the next full list is received. We have some Homes who haven't sent us a new members list for almost 2 years. Now if they put down, say, "5 years" but then the next month they actually turned 6 years--this could affect the accuracy of the totals we give you, but if it's updated every 6 months or whatever, it wouldn't get so far off, D.V. (--Amen!--HOMES!: Please do update your Personnel Lists! Send a new "Members" List every 6 months!--Thanks! GBY! ILY!--D.) Send your next updated Members List with your September 1st TRF Report.


       137. FROM YOUR REPORTS IT IS BECOMING APPARENT THAT MORE & MORE FAMILY MEMBERS ARE USING SLIDES &/OR FILMSTRIPS AS AN IMPORTANT PART OF THEIR OUTREACH MINISTRY. Dad & Maria are really inspired by this, as they know from experience how simple, easy-to-operate, mobile & versatile they are: a good witnessing tool that anyone can afford. they are also very interested in helping to coordinate & expand this ministry, & already have a lot of ideas, but before they can accurately gauge where & what the need exactly is, THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!
       138. COULD EACH FAMILY MEMBER WHO IS CURRENTLY USING SLIDES &/OR FILMSTRIPS PLEASE WRITE A SHORT TESTIMONY, covering if possible the following points & questions:
         1) How did you personally first get interested & involved in this ministry?
         2) Do you use slides or filmstrips? Which do you prefer & why? What name, make & model of projector do you use? (specify slide or filmstrip). How much did it cost? Is it good? Would you recommend it to others? Where did you buy it?
         3) What kind of shows do you do? System shows? If so, at what address are they available? How much? Or did you make your own show? If so, how did you go about it? What kind of narration or sound do you use? What kind of script do you use?
       139. Dad & Maria would also be very interested in seeing samples of the shows that you use. Can you afford to send them a complete copy of your show? Or if not, a good portion of it, or even a few sample slides? They are particularly interested in shows on the following topics:
         a) ML stories
         b) Bible stories, or Bible-related Christian stories.
         c) Beautiful scenery shots that can be used as background or backdrops for televised Daily Mights, children performing in public, or even Family discos! (As we have done in the past!)
       140. How do you book your shows? What kind of audiences seem to be the most receptive? Do you "make it pay"?
       141. Can you send us a detailed description of all the shows that you use?
       142. Do you have any ideas, suggestions, tips, lessons on this subject that you would like to share with Dad & Maria & the rest of the Family?
       143. Would you be interested in having your shows duped for use by the rest of the Family &/or would you like to receive copies of shows made by other people?
       144. One of the reasons that your report on this is so important is because Dad & Maria want to know if it would be worthwhile for WS to get together, duplicate & mail out good shows to the Family. To do this, they also need to know what shows already exist, in what form, & who has the best shows on any particular subject, so that time & effort are not wasted by several people all creating shows on the same subject.
       145. But all this depends on you, whether they hear from you & whether they can see samples of the shows that you are using! Even a short note from anyone using slides or filmstrips would be a great help in knowing how many people are using them, but of course, the more detailed the better. But whatever, please let us know if you are using them!
       146. Send your testimony & samples to M&M via your RO with "ATTN: M&M: Slide/Filmstrip Testimony" on the inside envelope. Thanks! We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!
       147. P.S. Special thanks to those of you who have already sent articles & samples in including Zac & Lamb, Gary & Mary, Sunny, & Zac & Crystal Lantern. GBY!
       148. P.P.S. Dad has mentioned that he likes filmstrips & the corresponding projectors for a number of reasons. Filmstrips are very light, compact & can be produced in half frames. They can also be easily duplicated & sent out in rolls, & can then be converted to slides if necessary. So those of you who are using filmstrips, we'd particularly like to hear how you do it! GBY! WLYVM & are thrilled about the future prospects of this ministry!

!--By James Penn

       149. GBY! ONE OF THE MANY PUBLICATION PROJECTS IN THE PIPELINE IS A FAMILY "HOME ECONOMICS" BOOK. Maria feels that such a book containing practical information relating to all areas of daily home life would be of enormous benefit to the Family. As Dad has so often said, "It takes a lot of living to make a house a home."
       150. WE WOULD LIKE TO ASK FAMILY MEMBERS TO BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR ARTICLES, RECIPES, ETC., IN NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, BOOKS, ETC., that would be beneficial to the rest of the Family in this regard. Specifically, some of the topics that we would like to see covered in detail are: Healthful & tested recipes of all kinds; any tips on cooking, cooking for large numbers; kitchen care & cleanliness; tips on shopping; what to look for in buying meats, fruits & vegetables, etc.; how to keep a home tidy, attractive & clean; how to do various home repairs & improvements such as painting, wallpapering; how to sew things such as curtains, clothes; how to care for clothes; how to do laundry; useful tips on how to entertain friends at home; how to handle servants; food safety, etc. In short, we would welcome anything that you feel might belong in such a book.
       151. So if you find articles that you think are good, please send them in! We all have a lot to learn in this area! If possible, please try to send in the original, but if not, try to send a good quality photocopy, so that it won't have to be retyped. And if any of YOU have any personal tips to contribute, please do!
       152 Please send all material on this subject to your RO with "Home EC Book" on the inside envelope, & they'll forward it on. Thanks so much!
       153. P.S. We would be especially grateful to receive material pertaining to the tropics & any other major pioneer fields. GBY!

--By Joseph Reader

       GBY! We wanted to suggest that when you get your micro recorder-player that you look for one with a strap so that you can take it with you while you're on the go, in the city or even around the house, "cooking taters, washing clothes or blowing baby's nose!" Bathe yourself in the Word or some heavenly music while busy with your household duties & it'll make a big difference in your day! We've tried it & like it & you might too! PTL! WLY! And a reminder to those buying micro recorders: Be sure that whatever model you buy, can play at two speeds: 1.2 cm/second & 2.4 cm/second. If not, you might not be able to play some of the Family tapes WS plans on sending out, D.V.

Dearest Family,
       --GBY! WLY! THIS IS TO INFORM YOU OF THE GRADUATION OF 18 YEAR OLD SHULY BOLIVAR, daughter of Jeremiah & Rebecca Bolivar, who went to be with the Lord on June 25 in San Jose, Costa Rica. She had suffered from Lupus for years, a very debilitating disease, as well as suffering from the drugs used to treat it, which she hated. When the chance for more natural methods of treatment arrived she eagerly took it, but her poor body was already so weakened that she only got worse, until she was delivered & departed to be with the Lord. In the final days of her illness as she lay upon her bed her mother heard her mumble, "I want to go Home"! And so she did, leaving behind a wonderful witness among her friends & relatives. PTL! Dad had earlier written upon one of her published letters, "She's an angel," & how wonderfully that has now been fulfilled! She truly has been healed & released from her pain & into even greater service & usefulness for the Lord! PTL!--Your BOTM Editors (Amen! TYJ! GBY! & He has!--D)

       LMN! (Last-Minute Notice!--Ha!)--Well, PTL! Here's our latest format!--A bi-weekly Newsletter! HAL! At last! A dream come true! Like it? We believe you'll love it!--Especially getting it twice a Month! Red hot news fresh off the griddle!--Instead of months old in the Mag or BOTM!--Amen?--D.V.! It may be a bit-weakly at first--likely only 1 or 2 times a month 'till we get the hang of it, so please be patient, OK? But it isn't that a vast improvement over only once a month?--With really up-to-date news!--& quick Want Ads!--Immediate Notices! Fresh Letters! Wow! Isn't that great!?--And only in small letter-size mailings! Faster & more secure!--& NOW! HAL! AMEN?


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