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HALFWAY TO HEAVEN!--It Won't Be Long Now!       DFO 1252       23/7/82

       1. THIS DREAM OCCURRED ON THE MORNING IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE "SIGNS FOLLOWING DREAM", just a morning or two ago, & it was really a strange dream! Even that first dream is more understandable & seems more logical & reasonable & believable, whereas this next one is really quite strange, very unusual, & at first I could not even understand what it meant. But afterward, after I had it & woke up & was praying about it, the interpretation began to come to me & I began to understand a little more, & more of what it could mean. In a sense, they're both about witnessing & our work for the Lord & our service to Him in these Last Days!
       2. IN THIS NEXT DREAM IT WAS EVENING TWILIGHT, JUST BEFORE DARK, a time of day that Maria & I almost love best when we usually take our long walks together after the hot sun's rays are somewhat down & in the cool of the evening, the same time that God used to like to walk with Adam in the Garden of Eden, in the cool of the day. (Ge.3:8) So apparently God liked the beautiful gloaming twilight also!
       3. I USED TO SING LOTS OF LOVE SONGS & ROMANTIC SONGS ABOUT "WHEN TWILIGHT COMES" & "In the gloaming O my darling" & some of these songs that Harry Lauder used to sing about
       "When the sun has gone to rest,
       That's the time I love best,
       Oh I love it roaming in the gloaming!"

       4. SO WE LIKE TO TAKE WALKS IN THE LATE AFTERNOON & EVENING & we were apparently coming home from somewhere in this small village, along this country road, & were entering into one of the streets of the village. It was not a paved city street with sidewalks, etc., but more of a country road type of street as we came into the outskirts of this little village that seemed to be built on rather high hills, & some of the houses were set up quite high above the road on the bluffs above.
       5. AND AS WE WALKED ALONG ON THE RIGHT-HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD, I SUDDENLY HEARD A VOICE CALLING ME FROM ABOVE SAYING: "PASTOR! PASTOR! PASTOR!"--& I was rather surprised because I didn't know that anyone knew me there or who I was. So I looked up to see who was calling me & it appeared that we were at the foot of a rather high embankment or bluff, I would say at least 20 feet high, about as high as a two or three-story house.
       6. ON THE TOP OF IT STOOD A LITTLE COTTAGE & before the cottage looking over the fence down upon us on the roadway below, there high above our heads stood this very tall woman, she looked like she was about ten feet tall! I looked in amazement & she motioned me to come up saying: "Come up, Pastor, I have something for you. I have some milk for you."
       7. WELL, IT WAS NOT UNUSUAL IN THE OLD DAYS WHEN I WAS PASTORING & we were in evangelistic work & on the road for people to give you food or clothing or milk or butter or fruits or vegetables or whatever they happened to have that sometimes was more convenient for them to give than money, something they had produced on their own farms or property. And apparently this very tall lady at the top of the bluff was not bluffing, she really was going to give me some milk! She said, "Come up, Pastor, I have some milk for you!"
       8. SO I BEGAN TO CLIMB THE EMBANKMENT, WHICH WAS QUITE STEEP & ALMOST A LITTLE DANGEROUS. It seemed that at the top there was an overhang, like a little porch built out from her house which extended out about three or four feet over the lip of the top of the embankment, so that in order to get up onto her property you had to go through this hole in the floor of this little balcony or porch.
       9. SO AS I GOT UP THERE & I SAW THAT THERE WAS THIS HOLE with a few things lying over it to cover it on top of it, I had to cling tight with one hand to the bank of the bluff while I moved with my right hand the objects which were covering the hole at the top so that I could try to crawl up through the hole to get into the lady's yard & receive her gift.
       10. I RECALL THERE WERE SEVERAL STRANGE PIECES OF WOOD & MATTING etc. that it seems were apparently thrown over the hole to cover it, either to prevent anyone from falling through or from climbing up through it. So I was having a little difficulty holding on with my left hand to the steep almost precipice while I moved these things out of the way so that I could crawl up through this hole, but I did.
       11. IT WAS A LITTLE DIFFICULT & AS I BEGAN TO GET MY ARMS UP THROUGH THE HOLE & then my head & shoulders, & was beginning to crawl up through the hole into her yard onto this little sort of porch or balcony, she looked down at me with a benign smile & handed me this strange container of milk, shaped a lot like a big fat Aladdin's Lamp!
       12. IT WAS REALLY QUITE ODD & MY IMPRESSION WAS THAT IT WAS LIKE A VERY LARGE CLAM SHELL or an extremely large Abalone shell, those giant clam shells that they have in the Pacific out by California where I graduated from high school at Monterey Union High School, Monterey, California along the famous Monterey coast where the Monterey cypresses grow & the famous Pebble Beach is located, & which was also the famous locale of Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck, who also wrote Cannery Row, a novel about the canneries in Monterey where they used to have great salmon & tuna canneries--which by the time I got there many of them had closed & only a few were still in operation. The canneries had moved elsewhere, I don't know where.
       13. BUT THERE AT MONTEREY THEY HAD A FAMOUS SEAFOOD DISH CALLED ABALONE & IT WAS REALLY VERY DELICIOUS! It was somewhat like filet of sole, a large flat round piece of seafood about half-an-inch thick with a delicious flavour if cooked right. Although now I know better, that that type of seafood is not permitted by the health laws in the Bible. It's unclean food because the only seafood which is clean according to the Bible are fish which have scales & fins.
       14. BUT IN THOSE DAYS I WASN'T QUITE SO FAMILIAR WITH THOSE BIBLICAL HEALTH LAWS & WE ENJOYED EATING ABALONE, & I'm sure you could too, & still could, & I would if I had to! Because God's Word says to "Eat what's set before you giving thanks, having no fears for conscience sake if it be sanctified through the word of thanksgiving & prayer." (1Co.10:27; 1Tim.4:4,5)
       15. SO IF AS A GUEST ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, OR FOR SOME REASON YOU ARE COMPELLED TO EAT UNCLEAN MEATS OF SOME KIND--whether it be unclean seafood, which there seems to be an awful lot of in sea coasts & port cities, of course, or some form of pork of which there seems to be an awful lot of in the poorer countries--you can do it if you have to. Just pray desperately over it & ask God to cleanse it.
       16. LIKE THE LORD SAID TO PETER WHEN HE LET DOWN THE SHEET FULL OF ALL KINDS OF UNCLEAN ANIMALS & told Peter to "Rise, kill & eat." Peter said, "Not so, Lord, I've never eaten of anything unclean." And the Lord said to Peter, "Peter, what I have cleansed call thou not unclean." (Acts 10:9-16)
       17. OF COURSE, IN THAT PARTICULAR CASE GOD WAS ACTUALLY SPEAKING ABOUT THE GENTILES, because Peter was going to be called almost immediately to go the house of Cornelius, a Roman Gentile apparently, who was quite influential & had a large family of those who believed in God & with sincere faith in what was then the Jewish faith. But God was calling Peter to go to that house to preach Christ to the Gentiles for the first time that he had done so.
       18. HE HAD BEEN QUITE SELF-RIGHTEOUS ABOUT KEEPING THE LAWS OF MOSES & not having anything to do with the unclean "dogs" as the Jews called the Gentiles, "Goys," & the Lord had to give him a special revelation to show him that now Christ was for the whole World, for both Jew & Gentile, Roman, Greek, whoever. There was no longer any male or female, Jew nor Gentile, bond or free in Christ Jesus but we are all one in the Lord! (Ga.3:28)
       19. SO JUST ABOUT THAT TIME WHEN HE FINISHED THE DREAM & GOD SHOWED HIM THAT REVELATION, there was the servant of Cornelius knocking at the door there at that house in Joppa. Peter apparently had been sleeping on the roof as was often common in those hot countries where it was cooler outside on the roof than it was inside--as maybe some of you have found out in the Tropics.
       20. SO THEY CALLED PETER DOWN TO SAY "THERE'S A MAN HERE THAT WANTS YOU TO COME TO HIS MASTER'S HOUSE, Cornelius, a very influential man who wants you to come & tell them about Jesus"--apparently he'd heard about him. So Peter went, as you recall, & they received not only the Lord but the Holy Spirit, & Peter was thereby convinced that from now on how could he deny the Gentiles the Gospel when God was willing to even give them the Holy Ghost just as he & the other disciples had received? (Acts 10:44-48)
       21. SO THAT WAS GOD'S REVELATION TO PETER TO GO & FROM THEN ON PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE GENTILES & lay hands on them for the receiving of the Holy Ghost so that He would no longer call them unclean. This is why the Lord had said, "Peter, what I have cleansed call thou not unclean."
       22. SO IT'S POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO EAT UNCLEAN MEATS IF YOU HAVE TO AS A COURTESY, AS A GUEST, or if there's nothing else on the menu or you can afford nothing else. Sad to say, certain kinds of unclean seafood are often the cheapest, although sometimes they're also the most expensive & considered delicacies. But we usually manage to find something that's cheap that's not unclean, such as chicken or some kind of clean fish if the meats are too expensive.
       23. BUT ANYHOW, GETTING BACK TO ABALONES WHICH WE USED TO ENJOY, the abalone shell was quite large, as large as a dinner plate, & this container of milk that this very strange extremely tall woman handed me with this beautiful benign smile looked so much like a large clam shell with upper & lower halves closed together, & yet a handle on top. I've never seen such a container so I don't know if they have such in some countries, but perhaps you have & maybe there are such containers for liquids or milk, but it was a lot like a squat fat Aladdin's Lamp!
       24. BUT I WAS ONLY ABOUT HALFWAY THROUGH THE HOLE, just about up to my waist as she handed it to me, apparently to show me I didn't need to come any further. And then as I looked into her eyes as she handed me the milk I suddenly knew that this extremely tall woman was an angel! There's just something about the spiritual angelic communication that you just know, & I knew that she was an angel & this was something very supernatural!
       25. SO I TOOK THE MILK & IN AWE & WONDER I THANKED HER PROFUSELY & VIRTUALLY SLID BACK DOWN THE EMBANKMENT TO THE ROAD & MARIA BELOW who was standing there gazing upward wondering what in the World was going on! I carried the milk almost as though I had something magic in my hand & I was in literal almost speechless awe of what had happened! I said to Maria, "This is just what we needed to go with our bread & cheese!"
       26. EVIDENTLY WE HAD A LITTLE LUNCH OF BREAD & CHEESE ALONG as we've often carried on trips or hikes, because bread & cheese is something easy to carry & doesn't spoil easily & is fairly dry & doesn't mess up your purse or wallet or your handbag or your knapsack. It is a very good staple being a good all-around meal, the bread containing starches & vitamins & minerals that you need, & the cheese being very good protein & oils & fats, virtually a well-rounded diet. Only usually & very often we would get a bottle of wine to go with it. A good cheese sandwich with a bottle of wine makes a delicious lunch & a very healthful whole meal!--Or with milk, of course.
       27. SO HERE WE WERE WALKING ALONG HAPPILY & ALMOST MYSTIFIED BY THIS MARVELLOUS EXPERIENCE WE HAD JUST HAD THROUGH THE HOLE TO HEAVEN! I think that might be a good title for this dream: "The Hole to Heaven!"--because in a sense that was literally what it was, or symbolic of such, because I had a bit of difficulty climbing up there & I had to move a few odds-&-ends of debris & covers & obstacles that were in my way to pull myself up through the hole.
       28. OBVIOUSLY I WASN'T GOING ALL THE WAY UP TO STAY THERE, but the Angel had just let me come halfway & then handed me the milk & smiled so that I would know that it was a very miraculous supernatural thing that had occurred.
       29. ANYHOW, WE WALKED ON TOGETHER TO OUR ROOM--which seemed to be a lone room, a rented room amongst strangers--to enjoy our simple frugal meal of bread & cheese & what seemed like a pitcher of milk. It was shaped much like a round white ceramic pitcher, something similar to the shape of a tea kettle with a handle that was kind of from the top around halfway, & perhaps you've seen pitchers like that. Maybe they have milk pitchers like that. I know I've seen water pitchers similar to that, of crockery or china in restaurants sometimes, but it had a lid that shut so you didn't spill the milk.
       30. WHETHER THAT HAS ANY SIGNIFICANCE OR NOT I DON'T KNOW, EXCEPT THAT THE CONTAINER WAS VERY WHITE & VERY CLEAN & apparently this treasure that the Lord was giving me of His sincere milk of the Word from the Heavenlies was something that I had to keep very clean & pure & in a safe container & be able to carry with me to feed the hungry. It could hardly be a literal dream so it must be symbolic.
       31. IT SEEMED TO ME THAT THE FACT THAT IT WAS THE LAST HOURS OF THE DAY, THE GLOAMING OR THE TWILIGHT, WAS SYMBOLIC OF THE HOUR IN WHICH GOD HAS GIVEN US THIS SINCERE MILK OF THE WORD. In the last hours of daylight in the last hours of this World in the Endtime just before the darkness of the darkest night it has ever experienced in the coming Tribulation, God has given us this precious milk literally from the Heavenlies!
       32. NEVERTHELESS, I HAD TO MAKE SOME EFFORT TO CLIMB UP THERE TO GET IT, halfway through the hole, & clear away the debris in order that I might reach up & receive it by the hand of faith. It was God's gift but I had to make an effort to get it & receive it in a struggle to push the hindrances of the Hinderer out of the way, the obstacles of the Devil aside & to climb halfway through the hole, halfway to Heaven to get it. That might be a good title too!
       33. I WAS ONLY HALFWAY TO HEAVEN IN MANY OF MY SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES, otherwise I wouldn't be here now to tell the story if I'd taken my body along! My spirit went but my body has remained here, & that means I've only been halfway to Heaven in these spiritual Spirit Trips. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this now!
       34. SO THAT MIGHT BE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF BEING HALFWAY THROUGH THE HOLE INTO THE HEAVENLIES receiving the Word from the Angel, & then climbing or sliding back down again to enjoy it with my Maria, & of course, in a sense, passing it on to all of you, the whole Family.
       35. SO THAT SEEMS TO BE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE DREAM, THAT THIS GIFT IS A MIRACULOUS SUPERNATURAL GIFT VERY PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF GOD & HIS HOLY ANGELS, handed to us literally by an Angel of God from the Heavenlies! But I had to make an effort of faith on my own part, just as we have to receive the gifts of God by the effort of faith. Even salvation, we must reach forth the hand of faith to receive it; & His blessings we must obey to receive them; we must run the race to receive the crown of life; we must keep His will & His Word in order to merit His healing.
       36. IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THIS MARVELLOUS GIFT OF HIS WORD I had to struggle through that hole & push aside the obstacles & the hindrances & the debris in order to reach out with the hand of faith & receive the milk of His Word from that angelic being who made no effort to help me clear aside the debris; that was something I had to do on my own part. You have to do something yourself, you have to take the step of faith, you have to reach out the hand of faith, you have to obey God if you want to receive His blessings.
       37. SO THAT'S WHAT I DID, & THANK GOD I DID OR YOU WOULDN'T HAVE RECEIVED THE SINCERE MILK OF THE WORD that you have been receiving all these years as I have gone time & again halfway to Heaven to get it for you & bring it back from the Heavenlies, to be your Milkman of the Word, to deliver you the sincere milk of the Word faithfully as you need it day after day that you might be nourished & fed & strengthened & grow in the Lord to mature & serve Him yourself.
       38. THANK GOD THAT HE CALLED ME FROM ABOVE, A PASTOR! That's what He called me when He called me to minister to the youth. He asked me if I was willing to be the Shepherd of these sheep who had no shepherd--& that's what pastor means, a shepherd--& the Angel called me from above: "Pastor, pastor!"
       39. THAT WAS ENCOURAGING EVEN THAT THE ANGEL CALLED ME A PASTOR, showing I was a faithful shepherd, & I faithfully climbed the mountain, got halfway through the hole to Heaven, received the milk of the Word & brought it safely back down to the Road of Life & walked again with my Maria, both enjoying it ourselves & passing it on to you others who are hungry. We have been halfway to Heaven, Beloved, to get you the Milk of God's Word & to be able to pass it on to you so that you might receive it & grow in the Lord & mature into the servants of the most high God!
       40. MAY GOD HELP YOU TO GET HALFWAY TO HEAVEN & RECEIVE HIS WORD YOURSELVES! Now that you're growing maturing Christians you don't have to always just receive it from me, you can get it directly from the Lord Himself by His spirits & angels, & grow to be a strong pastor or shepherd yourself to feed His sheep with the sincere milk & even the strong meat of the Word that He's now giving us & giving you & will give you in the future in the dark days ahead, in these last hours of the World's history when they will need it so much. May God bless & keep you drinking this Word from Heaven!

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