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"CONAKRY RIP-OFF" FULFILLED!       DFO 1255       9/1/82

       1. PTL! WE HAD A VERY INTERESTING EXPERIENCE THIS MORNING, QUITE A REVELATION! I just added it to the "Conakry" Komic. Do you remember "The Conakry Rip-off?" (No.392) What was it? Let's see how well you remember. Anybody want to volunteer? First of all, what's Conakry? (James: The capital of Guinea.) Very smart boys here, let's see what our researchers know! Capital of which Guinea? Well, it was what Guinea?
       2. NO FAIR, IT'S NOT AN OPEN-TEXTBOOK TEST! I used to give'm though. I used to tell them, well now, even if you know where it is in the textbook, fine! I even used to give Bible tests that way. After all, if you're going to use your Bible in witnessing, the main idea is to know where to find it & be able to read it or have them read it.
       3. IT USED TO BE FRENCH GUINEA. They got their independence years ago from France & they were the first all-Communist country in Africa. There's lots of them since then. A lot of them don't admit it, because if they admit they're Communist, then they won't get any millions of dollars from the U.S. & the West!
       4. BUT BY NOT ADMITTING THEY'RE COMMUNIST & ONLY INDEPENDENT--perhaps slightly Marxist but not really Communist--they get millions from both sides! They've got both hands out, East & West, & they get it too! Like that funny movie "Romanoff & Juliette" about little countries that are playing both ends against the middle, that get a hand-out from the U.S. & Russia both.
       5. WELL ANYHOW, REMEMBER THE DREAM? Let's give you a little test on your MO Letters & see what you remember! I bet you after you read the Komix you can remember'm! One picture is worth a thousand words & this has got maps & pictures, it's a good Komic. I was just proofing it upstairs this morning, two of the last eight for Volumes 6 & 7.
       6. IT'S A LITTLE COUNTRY ON THE HUMP OF WEST AFRICA, REMEMBER? I'll turn the map around so you can see it: Here's Morocco up here, Sahara, Canary Islands, Mauritania & Senegal, which has just now gobbled up Gambia. Gambia was a British colony but they just united, voluntarily, of course! Senegal was formerly French too, where Dakar is, which is a big airport, one of the places the planes stop when they get across the ocean. So here's Senegal, Gambia's in the middle, next door is Portuguese Guinea--Guinea Bissau now--& then French Guinea, just called Guinea now. There are several Guineas & they often confuse them with all the Guyanas of South America.
       7. NOW DO YOU REMEMBER THE DREAM? What did I do in the dream? (John: Ripped the map.) See, that's why I thank God the Komix are coming out, because all the old Letters that you've forgotten or don't remember are there. I ripped the map. Where did I get ahold of it?--Actually right about at Dakar.
       8. THE POINT OF THE PIECE I WAS RIPPING OFF WAS ABOUT AT DAKAR & INCLUDED CONAKRY, & it ripped right on down the West African coast, all those little countries--there's a whole string of them--down the West African coast, clear around underneath that shoulder of West Africa. Goodness gracious, there must be 15 of them altogether, beginning with Mauritania on down around like that.
       9. I WAS RIPPING OFF THIS LITTLE STRIP & I RIPPED IT ALL THE WAY DOWN TO LIBERIA, REMEMBER? At that time, 1976, Liberia was still really an American colony, supposedly free. And by the time the rip--this little piece like a little wiggle worm--got down as far as Liberia, all of a sudden the dream changed to what? (James: Bus loads of us!) All kinds of cars & trucks & campers & trailers, & then suddenly a big flood of lit that buried our enemies!
       10. WHAT WAS THE MAIN IDEA OF THE CONAKRY RIP-OFF? Who was doing the rip-off? Well, in the dream I was tearing it off. Maybe I was telling the Russians what to do! Ha! Who was doing the rip-off? (Family: The Communists.) They've been ripping off all these little countries & now have virtually every one of them, or they're where they couldn't do anything anyhow. They just ripped off one more, Ghana. All those little guys that do that sort of thing, they're all under direction & inspired.
       11. WELL, AT THAT TIME, IT WAS FOUR YEARS BEFORE THEY RIPPED OFF LIBERIA. Does anybody know the date when they ripped off Liberia? When was it that young sergeant took over the country? Of course, he claims he's not a Communist, he's only a Marxist, you know, Socialist, that way he can get money from both sides. What year was Liberia ripped off? (James: About January 1980?) It was about April, 1980. Very good guess, Honey, very close! More or less the beginning of 1980.
       12. IN '79 IN FRANCE I WAS WRITING THE WHOLE CAMPING SERIES. So when do you suppose the Family really got rolling? I wound up the last chapter of the Camping Series, Chapter 24, in February of 1980. So what year do you suppose the Family really got rolling & really started getting mobile? (Family: '80.) And when did this young sergeant rip off Liberia? (Family: 1980!) And at the New Year's Keynote Speech we made the other day, in which two years did I tell you we produced more lit than in all previous years put together?--'80 & '81!
       13. I NEVER COULD GET THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE RIP-OFF & WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THE RIP GOT AS FAR AS LIBERIA. All of a sudden, boom!--The whole scene changed & it was the whole Family hitting the road out in campers & buses & trailers & everything, & then this huge big flood of lit just buried our enemies like that! I never could figure out, what in the World happened? Are we going to go mobile & distribute in Africa? What is this going on?
       14. I'VE ALWAYS BEEN FOR MOBILITY, ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT CAMPING OUT! I've been bugging the Family ever since our first road trip when we did camp out back in '69. And the Lord, by the way, has been bugging us to go South since when? (Family: '72.) What was the Letter? (Family: "802 South!") (No. 187) Do you see any significance?
       15. I'VE ALWAYS WONDERED, "WHAT'S THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE 802?" & somebody pointed it out the other day! God has been begging us to go South for the past ten years, but He practically had to force us to go, & we're not making our major migration South until the year '82! Maybe that zero in the middle means the bull's eye or something! I don't know whether that has any significance or not, but it hit me, struck me. Somebody pointed out, "How about that?--802! We're finally really going South in '82! The Lord knew we were going to go South in '82!--And maybe the zero stands for how many years we didn't go!
       16. THE CONAKRY RIP-OFF GOT AS FAR AS LIBERIA IN 1980 WHEN OUR BIG MOBILE & LIT PUSH BEGAN! How about that? The connection was not geographical! I couldn't see any connection between our families going mobile & a big flood of lit! It was not geographical, it was chronological! At the same time the rip-off got to Liberia, we started going mobile & flooding the World with lit!--More than we have ever distributed or published before! Isn't that amazing?
       17. AND IN THE DREAM I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THAT BIG BOOK STOOD FOR sitting on the map on the other side about where Egypt & Sudan & Somalia, Ethiopia & all those countries are located. This big heavy book looked like a dictionary, I said, or an encyclopedia, or maybe an old Family or Church Bible or something, one of those big old-fashioned books.
       18. I DIDN'T DESCRIBE IT MUCH IN THE LETTER, I noticed, but one of those real big old-fashioned books with like a big leather cover was sitting on the other side of the map firmly implanted there, like it was holding the map down over there. What part of Africa is that?--N.E. Africa! What book dominates that part of Africa?--The Koran! I don't understand why I never saw that before!
       19. WHAT BOOK, IN OTHER WORDS, HAS PREVENTED THAT PART OF AFRICA FROM GOING COMMUNIST?--THE KORAN!--ISLAM! Apparently that's going to be almost like its last anchor. The Communists have been by-passing & encircling all the time, ripping off all the easy stuff all the way around. Now they dominate everything virtually from Libya, Algeria--they don't have Morocco, but they're surrounding it--Sahara, & right on down around West Africa, all those little countries! They've been knocking them off one by one like ten pins! Right on down to Angola! And next they're bugging for South Africa with SWAPO.
       20. AND THEY'RE EVEN GOING DOWN THE EAST SIDE: They've already got Tanzania & all those little countries in S.E. Africa. And they've got the countries across Central Africa, they dominate them. They don't claim to be Communist, but of course they're all pro-Communist & dominated by Communism. They virtually encircle Africa except for the tough Islamic Northeast & the extreme Christian South Africa. They've just about got Africa in the bag now. But isn't that amazing?
       21. I NEVER COULD GET THE CONNECTION WHY THAT DREAM SUDDENLY CHANGED from the rip getting as far as Liberia to the Family going mobile & this big outpouring of lit! That was the year! When the rip reached Liberia, that was the year, 1980, that we went mobile & began to pour out Mags & lit more than we have ever done before! Now that ought to encourage your faith!
       22. I DIDN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND ALL OF THE DREAM MYSELF! I made some pretty good guesses & my interpretation was correct as far as it went, but it never dawned on me what the book was, & it never dawned on me why it stopped at Liberia & suddenly changed to mobile Family & a flood of literature! Perfectly fulfilled now! Perfectly fulfilled! In fact, the rip has continued in more countries ripped off, all those little countries along the so-called Gold Coast & Ivory Coast etc., all going Communist.
       23. NOW THAT OUGHT TO ENCOURAGE YOUR FAITH THAT THE LORD REALLY DOES FULFIL HIS PROPHECIES, HIS DREAMS, HIS VISIONS! PTL? Isn't that wonderful? That really inspired me! I was sitting on the toilet when I got it! Ha! I nearly flipped off the toilet! I was screaming at Maria in the other room about it! And then I had to go quick & look it up to be sure. I said, "I have a feeling that the rip-off reached Liberia when I wrote the Mobile Series & when we started going mobile & flooding the World with lit!"
       24. OH, ANOTHER THING, THE MORNING BEFORE, I HAD BEEN INSPIRED TO FINISH MY DIARY! I've been transferring all the old mass of dailies & monthlies to yearly summaries, & I had just the morning before been led & felt inspired to finish that part of my diary, '79, so I could pinpoint right when we did the Mobile Series & started going mobile etc. So I dug my diary out & there it was! Isn't that wonderful?
       25. THE LORD IS FAITHFUL, HE NEVER FAILS! Even if we don't understand what He's talking about or I don't understand what I'm seeing at the time, eventually we will! It's like that with a lot of things we've gotten in the revelations, dreams, prophecies etc.
       26. JUST LIKE IN THE BIBLE: THE GUYS WHO WERE GETTING THEM THEN, DANIEL & A LOT OF'M, DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE SEEING! They didn't know what it was all about! And the Lord said, "Just forget it! Close up the book, it's not for you. It's for later, they'll know. I'll open it later & the people then will know what's going on, they'll understand it. It's not for you, your time, give or take another couple thousand years!" In fact, 2500 years, think of that! So a lot of the things we haven't understood in a lot of these dreams & visions, or just exactly what it was all about, when it happens, then you're gonna remember! So, how about that! I thought that would encourage you!
       27. I TOLD PETER ABOUT THAT THIS MORNING JUST AS WE WERE ABOUT TO MAKE SOME BIG DECISIONS & SO ON. It encourages us to see how the Lord has already fulfilled His past promises & prophecies, it gives you faith to go ahead & operate on what He's telling us to do now. PTL! Which is to get most of our Units out of Europe by the end of this month or not much past the middle of next month--including us!
       28. WELL, THAT'LL ENCOURAGE YOUR FAITH! We get revelations we don't even know what they mean till years later, till they're fulfilled! The fulfilment actually occurred two years ago: It was given in '76 & it was being fulfilled ever since. The rip continued right on down to '80 at Liberia, & '81 & '82 with the mobile Family & the lit. It's a progressive fulfilment all the time. I was just ripping it off like that!
       29. SO ACTUALLY WE HAVEN'T REALLY SEEN THE COMPLETE FULFILMENT OF THAT PICTURE UNTIL NOW, SIX YEARS LATER! We didn't really understand the whole thing till six years later! So if you think some of those dreams are a little screwy & crazy & funny & obscure & you don't understand what they're about, just wait! Just wait! It's kind of like Portugal, if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes! Only with prophecy sometimes you have to wait quite a few years! PTL! TYL! I really got a kick out of that this morning!
       30. ISN'T THE LORD WONDERFUL? No credit to me, I'm nothing but the newsboy, the messenger boy! I just deliver the papers! TYL! Well, that ought to encourage you! Maybe that's your inspiration today, PTL? Hallelujah! GBY all! ILY! Keep going for God! KGFG! Keep busy!

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