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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.


1. THE LORD'S LETTING THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] EXPOSE HOW CANTANKEROUS & OBNOXIOUS THEY ARE in trying to annihilate all of Beirut of nearly a million population just to get at 6,000 PLO!
2. THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN! They'll starve them all--mothers, babies, children, everyone--just to get their way. How sad, sickening, disgusting, Begin was on TV saying, "We're not going to let them kill any more of our women & children." Well, so they've killed maybe 1000 to 1 of every woman or child who's been accidentally killed by the so-called terrorists.
3. I NOTICE THEY ALWAYS CALL THEM "TERRORISTS," THEY NEVER USE THE PALESTINIAN LIBERATION ARMY. It's an army, it's their national army, but no, they call them terrorists because the World hates terrorists & that word "terrorists", a bad word! "Armies" are too legitimate!
4. THEY ARE WAGING PSYCHOLOGICAL PROPAGANDA WARFARE JUST LIKE HITLER WAGED EXACTLY. [DELETED] So now they're starving those people to death so they can annihilate the PLO.
5. THEY'RE EXPOSING THEMSELVES & SHOWING WHAT HORRIBLE MONSTERS THEY ARE, INCLUDING THE AMERICANS WHO BACK THEM. The Americans just sit there & let them massacre tens of thousands of civilians--old men, women, babies, children, mothers, innocent civilians--just because of their despicable, spiteful wrath & wanting to get their way!
6.I'M BECOMING CONVINCED THAT THE PLO ARE NOT EVEN THEIR GREATEST INCENTIVE & MOTIVE, but the PLO themselves are an excuse. They've used the PLO as an excuse to invade Lebanon & massacre & wound thousands of Arabs!
7. YOU CAN JUST COUNT ON IT THAT EVERYTHING THAT BEGIN SAYS IS A LIE! Everything he says & every policy he makes is an outright lie! He said they were not going to invade Lebanon, & they did! They were not going to attack Beirut, & they did. They had a cease-fire, they weren't going to shoot, they're shooting like mad tonight! Everything he says is an outright lie & you can just expect the truth to be the exact opposite from what he says. They're just outright liars, that's all!

8. [DELETED] We've got more Jews around us [EDITED: "in the Family"], I never saw the likes! It seems like whenever we have real pushers & guys who've really got talent & are really getting some place, they always turn out to be Jews!
9. [DELETED] The parents are mad at us because [DELETED] their kids [EDITED: "became disciples of Jesus"]! Well, they blame it on us, but it was the Lord. We had something to offer & they didn't, & the kids were fed up with what they had.

10. LAST NIGHT I SAID, "WELL, LORD, IF YOU CAN'T COMPLETELY STOP [EDITED: "THE ISRAELIS"] WITHOUT PRECIPITATING WORLD WAR 3, AT LEAST DO SOMETHING TO SAVE THOSE PEOPLE!" But anyhow, God is exposing their perfidy & the lying [DELETED] to the whole World by what's going on in Israel right now, & their cruelty & their heartlessness. They're not hardhearted, they are heartless, no hearts! They care nothing for those poor people! They care nothing about slaughtering them right & left!
11. THEY'RE NOT SATISFIED WITH DRIVING THEM OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY & stealing their homes & their businesses & their land, but they've got to follow them 50 miles into Lebanon & slaughter them there too! How long ago did I write that Letter on what they're really after? They want to exterminate the Palestinians so there will be no Palestinian question, because there won't be any Palestinians! That's exactly what they're trying to do & they don't care if they kill tens of thousands of Lebanese in the process! (See ML #704, "Extermination.")
12. NO WONDER EVEN THE CHRISTIAN LEBANESE ARMIES THEY'VE BEEN SUPPORTING DON'T WANT TO COOPERATE WITH THEM NOW after they've seen how the Israelis just slaughter their own people without discrimination & without any conscience whatsoever!

13. I'LL TELL YOU, THERE'S NOTHING WORSE THAN A GODLESS JEW, & THERE'S NOTHING BETTER THAN A GODLY ONE! They are either the worst or the best, & all you have to do to find that out is just read the Bible!--Ha! If you want to know what the Jews are like, just read the Bible, they've been that way for thousands of years.
14. LIKE MY GRANDMOTHER USED TO SAY: "A MAN OF FORCE IS A MAN OF FAULTS!" They either do great things, or if they do make a mistake, they make one wallopaloosa of a mistake! Whatever they do, they do in a great way! And you know me pretty well, most of you, I don't ever do anything halfway, right or wrong I go all the way!--Like the Jews!
15. HE WAS NAMED JACOB THE DECEIVER & IT TOOK A MIRACLE OF GOD TO CHANGE HIM INTO ISRAEL--which is a type of the birth of the spirit, being born again--when he wrestled with the angel. Israel means "a prince with God & man," which was symbolic & a type of how the only way to ever change Jacob from being a deceiver is by a miracle of God, to completely change his heart & spirit & life & change him completely into a new man, a different man.
16. AND OF COURSE ONLY THE LORD CAN DO THAT & ONLY SALVATION COULD DO IT, only Christ can do it & that's the only thing that's ever changed the Jews. [DELETED]
17. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS READ THE BIBLE TO SEE: See what every prophet of God had to say about them, see what Jesus had to say about them, see what the Apostles had to say about them. [DELETED]
18. I THINK EVEN DEAR APOSTLE PAUL WAS STILL A LITTLE BIT BIASED & PREJUDICED & HE JUST COULDN'T QUITE GIVE UP HIS JEWS! Obviously he couldn't because he went & shaved his head & circumcised Timotheus & went back to the Temple & went through all those empty motions that he had been condemning & criticising in all his writings & saying were just empty blab & going through the motions!
19. YET HE WENT BACK TO THE TEMPLE, IMAGINE, & WENT THROUGH ALL THE MOTIONS AGAIN so that he could prove to the Jews that he was still really a Jew & to try to win them to the Messiah. Well, you saw where it got him, he nearly got killed!--If the Romans hadn't rescued him! [EDITED: "Acts 21:26-32"] And it finally cost him his head because he never got out of that mess!
20. ONE POLITICIAN AFTER ANOTHER BEFORE WHOM HE APPEARED, TO BE JUDGED, WAS TOO AFRAID OF THE JEWS TO LET HIM GO, yet knowing that he was innocent & it was merely a religious matter. But they didn't kill him, they kept him around for several years until finally Nero, the insane idiot, decided that he was making too much progress in his own house--gotten all of his own staff & whole household converted--& finally ordered him beheaded. I think Nero was undoubtedly demon-possessed, probably possessed of the Devil himself!
21. BUT THAT DIDN'T STOP US, TTL! That was us folks, that was our Family back then! That didn't stop us, they couldn't stop us, they'll never stop us!--No matter how many they try to stop or behead or imprison or whatever! So TTL!

23. [EDITED: "THE ISRAELIS ARE"] EVEN THUMBING THEIR NOSE AT THE UNITED STATES IN USING ALL THOSE WEAPONS--planes, tanks, guns, cluster bombs! Everything that the U.S. has forbidden them to use except in self-defense, they have used in a blatant outright open aggressive invasion of a poor little innocent neutral helpless country like Lebanon!
24. THE LEBANESE CAN'T HELP THAT THE PALESTINIANS ARE THERE, THEY CAN'T GET RID OF THEM! It's an army that's more powerful than their own army, so what can they do about it? And besides, they don't like the [EDITED: "Israelis"] that much, knowing the [EDITED: "Israelis"] as they do. So after all, blood's thicker than water & they're Arab brothers, all of them, whatever.
25. SO THEREFORE THEY'RE STICKING TOGETHER ON SOME THINGS--although they can't seem to hang together on most things--& there's only about one thing that they're agreed on & that is hating & opposing [EDITED: "the Israelis"]!

29. I DON'T THINK THERE'S AN ARAB OR GENTILE OR HARDLY ANYBODY IN THE WORLD SMART ENOUGH & whom the Jews would go for & follow & accept as their messiah--which they're going to do. [DELETED]
33. IMAGINE, THEY'RE THE ONLY PEOPLE ON EARTH THAT HAVE MANAGED TO PERSUADE VIRTUALLY ALL THE WESTERN GOVERNMENTS TO PASS LAWS AGAINST EVEN CRITICISING THEM! Even the Catholics haven't succeeded in doing that, or the Gentiles. About the only ones that are also protected in the same laws are [DELETED] the [DELETED] Black[EDITED: "s"]. [DELETED]
35. [DELETED]God Himself hasn't been able to control them. "You mean God can't control the Jews?"--Not as long as there's free will & choice. He's got to stop free will & choice to [EDITED: "do that"].
36. HE CAN CONTROL THEM, OF COURSE, HE'S GOT THE POWER, but as my mother used to preach a sermon called "Why Doesn't God Stop Hitler?", do you know what the answer was? If God had to step in & intervene & stop Hitler, He would have to stop every sinner in the World from doing his sin & wickedness. He would have to intervene in the power of choice & the will of man & free will & man's determining his own fate.
37. HE WOULD'VE HAD TO STOP ADAM & EVE IN THE GARDEN!--Not just forbidden them to eat from the Tree or warned them not to eat it, but He would've had to stop them from eating it. He would've had to prevent them from eating completely. But in order for them to have free will & choice & for the experiment to succeed--if you want to call it that--or the whole plan of God to succeed, He had to let them go ahead & have their own way.
38. JUST LIKE HE'S LET MAN GO AHEAD & HAVE HIS OWN WAY EVER SINCE & DO AS HE PLEASES, in a lesson not just to the World but to the entire Universe of Saints & Angels & God knows what other creations throughout the infinity of Space!--To let the Earth be an example to the whole Universe of what rebellion against God is like & what a mess man or any creatures of God can make of themselves if they do not follow God's laws & if they disobey God & do as they please. So to make that experiment work & that example work He's got to let them do as they please.
39. BUT ONCE IN AWHILE HE WILL STEP IN WHEN THEY HAVE JUST ABOUT GONE TOO FAR, their cup of iniquity is full & God's had enough. He can't control them, He can't make them want to do right, He cannot legislate righteousness so He just slaughters them, kills them!
40. THAT'S THE ONLY WAY HE CAN STOP [EDITED: "SOMEONE"] IS KILL HIM, & then he probably goes to work for the Devil on the other side! [DELETED] I feel a little like what Voltaire said about one of his dinner conversations when he was criticising the church & criticising the System, etc.
41. VOLTAIRE WAS MADE OUT TO BE AN ATHEIST & INFIDEL, & I wouldn't be surprised if there are some Christians & Fundamentalists & Conservatives who consider me an atheist & an infidel! Infidel means unfaithful--unfaithful to the traditional church; atheist, against God. I'm sure that most Christians of the church ilk think I'm against God & against Christ & against the church. Well, I'm very much against dead churchianity--the way some run their churches--but not Jesus or God!
42. SO THEY THOUGHT VOLTAIRE WAS AN ATHEIST, AN INFIDEL, but if you actually read his writings he talks quite a bit about God! He was not really an unbeliever in God, not like some later guys who were actually total atheists who claimed not to believe in God. Of course, as the Lord Himself said, "Only a fool"--in other words an idiot, insane--"has said in his heart there is no God." (Ps.14:1) They know in their hearts there's a God, unless they're idiots!
43. JUST LIKE RALPH UNDERWOOD KNEW, THE LEADER OF THE AAAA's OF AMERICA (The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism). He was a big shot in his day, but he finally got converted & said: "I knew there was a God all the time but I hated Him so I was working against Him!"
44. WELL, VOLTAIRE'S HATRED WAS MOSTLY FOR THE CHURCH SYSTEM because he could see its sins & its wickedness in its heyday in France & how it was bringing France to its ruin! Look what happened to France: It eventually brought about the people's rebellion against the church & its heartlessness & its cruelty & its tortures & its inquisitions & all the rest. It finally brought about its fall in France & the fall of the government & the monarchy. The French Revolution came along & they almost wiped out the church for awhile.
45. [DELETED] When was Cardinal Richelieu? Somewhere in there. (Became Cardinal in 1622.) I know he helped to save the French Monarchy once upon a time, & of course it had to be saved quite a few times!
46. ANYHOW, IN THE DAYS WHEN VOLTAIRE WAS CRITICISING THE SYSTEM & THE CHURCH THEY CONSIDERED HIM AN ATHEIST & AN INFIDEL, just because he criticised the System & the Church--like me! So while he talked he asked to have the kitchen doors shut & all servants out & all the doors of the dining room closed & he said:
47. "GENTLEMEN, IF THE SERVANTS WOULD HEAR WHAT I'M SAYING, OUR LIVES WOULD NOT BE SAFE!" One way or the other: If they had ratted on him to the System, or if they had believed what he was saying & lost their faith in the System, they would have risen up in rebellion & revolution, which they finally did.
48. IN OTHER WORDS, HE WAS DESTROYING FAITH IN THEIR TRADITIONAL SYSTEM & CHURCH & GOVERNMENT IN HIS CRITICISMS, & therefore he said, "Gentlemen, our lives would not be safe sitting here at this table if the servants hear what we have to say, so shut the doors!"
49. SO I'M SAYING THE SAME THING TO YOU: If some people could hear what we're saying, our lives wouldn't be safe!--And of course, some people have already heard, so our lives already aren't safe! Only in the Lord are we safe! PTL!
50. IT'S JUST AS DANGEROUS TO BE A GENUINE CHRISTIAN TODAY AS IT EVER HAS BEEN, & it's just as dangerous to be a Prophet of God as it ever has been, & it's only a miracle of God that we've survived as long as we have. But as the World gets more Satanic & more [EDITED: "AC"]-led & dominated it's going to get more dangerous all the time--more anti-Christ!
51. AND THAT'S OF COURSE THE TACK THE [EDITED: "ENEMIES OF TRUE RELIGION"] HAVE ALWAYS FOLLOWED with both their prophets & with Jesus & with the Apostles & with the Christians. They always brought their accusations before the government & accused them of sedition & anti-government activity & all kinds of things.
52. EVEN IN THE RELIGIOUS ACCUSATIONS BEFORE PILATE & BEFORE ROME, HE COULDN'T HAVE CARED LESS! They didn't hold water! He said, "I don't care anything about that, that's something you settle amongst yourselves." They couldn't get permission to crucify Jesus until they had tried to convince Pilate that He was a seditionist, a terrorist, a revolutionary, & even then they couldn't convince him of that.
53. THE FINAL CLINCHER THAT REALLY PERSUADED HIM was a warning from them that if he didn't let them have Jesus to crucify they were going to use their power & their influence to rat on him & against him to the Roman Emperor, to the top man, & they would see that he didn't last as Governor of Judea.
54. THERE ARE VERY FEW POLITICIANS WHO CAN STAND THAT KIND OF PRESSURE, & that's the kind of pressure they're bearing down with on Reagan & Mitterrand. They did on Giscard D'Estaing & he lost the election, & they use it on every other World leader. They've got pressure!--Power!
55. THEY DON'T EXACTLY HAVE THE NUMBERS--although they're sure getting those nowadays too it seems--but they know how to manipulate the media, the government, the votes, the press, the newspapers, the movies, the banks! So any politician who has to face the [EDITED: "PRO-Israel"] lobby practically shakes in his boots because he knows that they're going to have their way & he'd better do what they say or he's out!
56. AND DESPITE THE FACT THAT BOTH NIXON & REAGAN WERE PRETTY NOTORIOUSLY ANTI-[EDITED: "ISRAEL"] & more pro-Arab to begin with, I notice Reagan has mollified his stance quite a bit, until this invasion. Apparently Haig was their friend & he was the one promoting the invasion & all the rest.
57. BUT REAGAN SAW TO WHAT LENGTHS THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] WERE GOING TO GO & the slaughterhouse kind of religion they have! Begin--supposed to be a pious man with his skullcap reading the Bible & convincing the Christians that he is God's chosen & God's anointed--when Reagan finally saw how willing he was to slaughter the innocent, I think Reagan & some of his people must've finally got the point & decided that this was a little too much!
58. EVEN IF THEY WERE IN FAVOUR OF IT, THEY COULDN'T EXACTLY PERSUADE THE WHOLE WORLD TO SWALLOW THIS INVASION & that it was justified, so he kicked out Haig & put in Schultz, who's known as a friend of the Arabs & not such a friend of the [EDITED: "Israelis"]. So the votes have been going a little different ever since.
59. AT LAST THEY'RE ASKING THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"]: "BEGIN, WON'T YOU KINDLY STOP NOW? Don't push, don't shove! No, no, don't do that now! Naughty, naughty, you mustn't shell Beirut! Tsk, tsk, tsk!" I mean, it makes America look like absolute fools & idiots that they have absolutely no control over the [EDITED: "Israelis"]!
60. AS ARAFAT SAID & MOST OF THE ARABS & A LOT OF PEOPLE BELIEVE: The Americans are 100% behind them & backing them & it's the U.S.' idea to have them invade Lebanon & do what they're doing in order to have a powerful power base in the Mideast in opposition to the Arabs & for eventual control of the oil. It's that simple.
61. AND AS I STARTED TO SAY, THE AMERICANS ARE OBVIOUSLY BACKING THIS [EDITED: "ISRAELI"] INVASION OF LEBANON--no matter how they hypocritically, deceitfully & falsely try to pretend like they don't like it, saying: "Naughty, naughty, you mustn't! You've gone too far already & now you mustn't go any further, mustn't attack Beirut!"
62. BEGIN SOLEMNLY PROMISES, "I WILL NOT ATTACK BEIRUT."--BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!--Which are how much his promises are worth! You can count on it that everything he promises not to do he will do, & everything he promises to do he will not do! He's a liar. [DELETED] As I wrote in "Satan King of Empires" (No.961), you can just count on it that the worst political leader in the World in every age at all times is full of the Devil, probably possessed of Satan himself.
63. THE U.S. IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE GREAT WORLD SUPERPOWER IN OPPOSITION TO RUSSIA, RIGHT? Who is telling the U.S. right now what to do & where to get off & what they're going to do, & dictating U.S. foreign policy & the works? Who's running the U.S.?--Reagan? Who's telling Reagan what to do?--Begin!
64. HE ALREADY CUSSED SOME WORLD LEADERS OUT NOT SO LONG AGO while we were still in France, he just told them off! He doesn't give a damn! [DELETED] What other man in the World has got such gall & doesn't give a damn what the whole World thinks?--Not even what his mentor & supporter & financier & armourer thinks--the USA!
66. BECAUSE WHO ELSE IN THE WORLD COULD CAUSE SO MUCH TROUBLE & dictate the policies of the United States & its foreign policy & just go right ahead & lead the U.S. around by the nose to do as he pleases & be about to precipitate the World into another World War?--Who but Begin!
67. WHAT OTHER WORLD LEADER IS THE GREATEST DANGER TO WORLD PEACE, World security, World order & the greatest threat to plunge the World into another World War but Menachem Begin? Even the very fact that his mother named him after one of the most diabolical Satanic kings of Israel is significant. You wonder how come the guy ever would've taken a name like that--Menachem!
70. BUT THEY'RE JUST USING THE PLO AS THEIR EXCUSE TO TAKE OVER LEBANON. No, they don't covet one square inch of Lebanese territory, they covet the whole God-damned Mideast, that's what they covet!--Because that's what will help to plunge the World into the chaos & destruction of WW 3!
71. THE DEVIL IS THE DESTROYER & WHAT HE'S TRYING TO DO IS TO DESTROY GOD'S CREATION, & the fastest way to do it is to plunge the World into another World War, the worst most horrendous war the World has ever known!--The Atomic War that'll wipe out at least a third of the World, according to God's Word. But, TTL, it's not going to be the Third World; a third, but not that third! The West is the worst third, the one that plunges the World into war all the time--the USA & some of them.
72. SO I GET A LITTLE STIRRED UP ABOUT IT ONCE IN AWHILE & A LITTLE MAD AT THE DEVIL, & sometimes I get a little mad at God for not doing something about it! But He's had to let it go on for 6,000 years already, & just because one little tiny Prophet gets a little bit upset about it He's not going to leave His plan unfinished until it's done. But it shall be very shortly, TTL! It's not going to be long.
73. THE WORLD CAN'T LAST BUT A FEW MORE YEARS AT THE RATE MENACHEM BEGIN & THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] ARE GOING, & eventually the Antichrist will arise. In fact, I'm convinced that God's going to literally have to raise up the Antichrist to save the World from total destruction, & the World's going to be convinced of that too. He's actually going to be posing as the Messiah & as the Saviour of the World & the solver of all of its problems & the ender of all its wars & the solution to its economic problems, the whole works--the Superman the World is waiting for!
74. I THINK POSSIBLY THE LORD IN HIS MERCY IS GOING TO ALLOW THE ANTICHRIST TO ARISE TO BECOME WHAT THE WORLD WILL CONSIDER THE BEST GOVERNMENT IT EVER HAD. At the end of the World, what else could God allow & the Devil inspire but what man considers his best government ever, the best government man has ever had? The most perfect, miraculous, supernatural Superman as the leader, with the most efficient, strongest, most powerful government to enforce World peace & solve all its economic problems.
75. HE'S GOING TO BE CONSIDERED BY THE JEWS THE MESSIAH, the Bible tells us so, & by the World as its saviour, the Superman! The World is waiting, as Toynbee said, for a Superman to lead it, solve its problems & inspire it.
76. AND JUST LIKE GOD [DELETED] is going to let man do his best just to show man & the World & the Universe that man's best is the very worst of all. [DELETED] Without God, man's best government is going to be the worst the World ever had! Do you understand what I'm driving at?
78. GOD'S GOT TO LET THE WHOLE THING GO TO ITS BITTER END & CRASH, just to show what a mess His creations can make out of themselves & His creation if they insist on doing it without Him & disobeying & defying Him & rebelling against Him & going their own way & doing as they please.
79. THIS WORLD IS NOW A LESSON & AN ILLUSTRATION TO THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, including millions of saints & angels & God knows how many other creations throughout the Universe & other universes--who knows?--of what a mess a creation of God can be if they are allowed to have their own way! And yet at the same time, out of that mess He'll show how wonderful a creation of His can be who are not compelled to worship Him, who are not forced to obey Him, who are not coerced to do His will but choose to do so voluntarily--us, His chosen people who've chosen Him!
80. [DELETED] We're the World's only hope of salvation: We can't save the whole World but at least we're saving some. PG! The World's going to go on pell-mell to its destruction but at least we're saving some out of it. TTL! Amen? So the bitter End is probably going to be an example to all of God's creation of the very worst that man or His creation can possibly do.
81. BUT THE CONTRADICTION & THE MARVEL OF IT ALL IS THAT OUT OF THIS MESS HE'S GOING TO SAVE A PEOPLE WHO CHOSE TO WORSHIP HIM & chose voluntarily to love Him & decided of their own free will & choice it was best to love & serve the Lord! He's going to save them.--Us!--And that majesty of choice & this royal Family... (Tongues:) "Listen to the Words that I have spoken unto thy Father David! Heed that which I have said unto thee through his mouth!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!
82. THIS ROYAL FAMILY THAT GOD HATH CHOSEN FROM OUT OF THIS HORRIBLE CHAOS that man has created is going to rule not just the Earth alone but the Universe! "Know ye not that ye shall judge angels?" (1Cor.6:3) Man was originally made a little lower than the angels (Ps.8:5), but in the final destiny of man, saved man, God's children, His Church, His Bride, the Christians, you are going to be the top rulers of not only this World but the Universe! You are going to be telling angels what to do & they are going to be your servants as they are already, today, now! They're your guardian angels, your servants!
83. THAT WAS ONE OF THE LAST MESSAGES THAT MY MOTHER EVER GAVE TO US, did you know that?--That she got from the Lord. She said, "The Lord told me today, 'Thank Me for My angels. Why don't you thank Me for My angels who guard you continually?'"
84. WE COULDN'T BE SITTING HERE TONIGHT IN SAFETY IF THIS CAMP OF THE SAINTS WAS NOT SURROUNDED BY THE ANGELS OF GOD, & the Devil knows it. He doesn't dare attack us unless the Lord would let him for some reason. But we are hedged in, as the Devil himself said about Job.
85. HE SAID, "HOW CAN I TOUCH HIM? YOU'VE GOT HIM FENCED IN! You've got him hedged in where I can't even reach him, I can't even touch him." God has a hedge of angels built around us, a fence of angels, a wall of angels, & the Enemy cannot touch us. Even every time you walk down the street or you go to the market, don't forget to thank God for His angels. But you've got to give them a little cooperation.
86. THE LORD ONCE TOLD US, "DON'T RUN AROUND OUTSIDE OF THE TOWER OF MY PROTECTION, outside in disobedience & in rebellion & out of My will." Then His Own laws prevent Him from protecting you if you're disobedient, rebellious, defiant & going ahead in your own wisdom, your own knowledge & leaning to your own understanding, running around out there shopping or whatever you're doing, instead of asking God every moment for His will: "Lead me, Lord. Show me, Lord, what to do. Help me, Lord!"
87. GOD KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING! He's giving the damned [EDITED: "Israelis"] enough rope that they're going to hang themselves, & to do that He has to let them do their dastardly deeds & their dirty tricks & expose their horrors to the whole World. He knows best & knows what He's doing, what He has to do.
88. IT DOESN'T MEAN WE CAN'T PRAY FOR THE POOR PEOPLE THAT GOD WILL SOMEHOW SPARE THEM, if they deserve it or even if they don't. In His mercy & love I'm sure He's working out His purpose, if nothing but to show the horrors of the [EDITED: "Israelis"] & expose them for what they are.
89. EVEN THE AMERICAN JEWS WHO SUPPORT THEM ARE BEGINNING TO GET PRETTY FED UP WITH THEM & SICK OF THEM, & even their home folks right there in Israel! What was it? Something like 70,000 or so came out in a big demonstration against the war & against things there in Israel!
90. THIS IS WHY ISRAEL'S ECONOMY IS IN SUCH A MESS & why the inflation there is something crazy, like 100% a year, & why their economy is just chaotic! It's because they have put every penny of everything into arms & weapons & bullets to do what they're doing right now, & that's exactly what I was going to tell you, that this is only the beginning.
91. THE REASON THE U.S. IS BACKING BEGIN & TOLERATING IT IS BECAUSE THE U.S. WANTS THEM TO TAKE OVER THE MIDEAST. Not just destroy the PLO, that's just an excuse. The U.S. wants them to conquer Lebanon, & not only Lebanon, Syria would be next! They'll think up a good excuse for taking over Syria if they can get away with it--if they get away with this they will.
92. THAT'S WHY BRITAIN HAD TO STOP THE ARGENTINES--if they'd gotten away with that, that would've just been the beginning! Britain has oodles of other colonies & islands all around Argentina & down there & a lot of other places in the World.
93. THAT'S WHY THE U.N. CAME OUT REAL FAST & REAL QUICK AGAINST IT, because they knew if one country was allowed to get away with it, then they'd all try it. There are lots of other countries that want to grab off adjacent pieces of real estate!
94. SO IF THE WORLD LETS ISRAEL GET AWAY WITH THIS, THIS WILL ONLY BE THE BEGINNING! They'll not only grab off Lebanon, but the whole area! They don't covet one square inch of Lebanon, they covet all of it, & Syria too & Jordan too & Egypt too & the whole Mideast!
95. IN FACT, [DELETED] THEY WANT THE U.S. TO HELP THEM CONQUER IT!--And the U.S. is doing a pretty good job of it & is very happy to let them conquer the Mideast, because then they'll have the power to control the oil & the Arabs who own it.
96. SO THAT'S JUST THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES, & THAT'S THE WAY THE EARTH IS GOING TO CRUMBLE, because the U.S. is backing the Antichrist already! The U.S. is [DELETED] backing the most anti-Christ forces in the World. [DELETED] So, GHU!
97. BUT GOD KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING: HE'S LETTING MAN GO TO THE END OF HIS ROPE, giving him enough rope to hang himself, just to show man he can't solve his own problems & he is his own worst enemy. The whole idea is to show man he can't get along without God & he can't save himself.
98. I MEAN, THAT'S THE BASIC FOUNDATION PRINCIPLE OF EVERY FALSE RELIGION--SELF-SALVATION, SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS: "You can save yourself, you don't need God! Who needs God? Save yourself!"--And that's going to be the motto of the Antichrist System. [DELETED]
99. WHEN AFTER ONE OF THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS'"] RECENT WARS some commentator said to one of the outstanding leaders of the Jews: "It looks like God was on your side," he said, "What do you mean? We won the war!" In other words, "God didn't do it, we did it! We saved ourselves!" The epitome of [EDITED: "their"] religion is self-salvation & always has been, Israel leaning on its own arm of flesh instead of trusting God.
100. SO THAT'S WHAT HE'S GOT TO LET ALL MANKIND & THE WHOLE WORLD DO, IS GO TO THE VERY LIMIT IN TRYING TO SAVE THEMSELVES--which is self-righteousness & which is anti-Christ, which is denying that man is evil & trying to prove that man is good & that he can save himself--& that's the worst religion of all! But it's the religion of the whole World! It's the religion of the Devil, it's the religion of [DELETED] the Antichrist System, the whole works!--Self-salvation: "We don't need God, who needs God? We can do it ourselves!"
101. GOD SAID SEVERAL TIMES HE DID THINGS MIRACULOUSLY & SUPERNATURALLY FOR ISRAEL SO THAT ISRAEL COULD NOT SAY THAT HER OWN ARM HATH SAVED HER! He did something supernatural & miraculous so that they wouldn't be able to brag about it, pat themselves on the back & say, "Look, we did it! I did it!"--Just like they did in the last few wars!
102. WELL, LET'S SEE WHAT KIND OF A MESS THEY'RE GOING TO GET THEMSELVES INTO NOW THAT THEY CAN'T GET OUT OF & they can't brag about that they got themselves out of. They're patting themselves on the back right now saying:
103. "NO MATTER WHAT WE DO, WE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT! We can do it ourselves! Who needs the World? Who needs the United States? Who needs the U.N.? All we need is ourselves! Who needs God? We're doing it!" The guy said on television, "God didn't win the war, we did!" It's just like slapping God in the face! I mean, they couldn't have done it if God hadn't allowed it at least.
104. AND NO DOUBT THE DEAR MUSLIMS & ARABS ARE SUFFERING FOR A LOT OF THEIR SINS TOO, present & past & whatnot, including the PLO who live by the sword. (Gen.27:40; Mt.26:52) I feel sorry for the bystanders & civilians who get caught in the crossfire, but God knows about them too.
105. MARIA WAS JUST ASKING ME: "WHAT DID THOSE PEOPLE DO THAT WAS SO BAD THAT GOD IS LETTING THEM SUFFER LIKE THAT?" Well, I don't know, except I know that Lebanon's been a hellhole of iniquity for many years. The place is full of dope & drugs & drug gangs & the government has practically lived on that sort of thing for years & condoned it, as well as all kinds of other iniquity. Neither Beirut nor Lebanon are innocent, everybody's a little bit guilty. Everybody's got some sins to suffer for, & apparently they're suffering for some of their sins.
106. I BELIEVE IN THE JUSTICE OF GOD AS WELL AS HIS LOVE & MERCY, & I don't think He lets anybody suffer more than they're able to bear or deserve. What do you think? Sometimes we think we're overburdened & over-laden & "that's more than I can bear, Lord!"--but He's always brought us out of it. PTL? Amen? It wasn't more than we could bear, we made it!--And we'll make it again, TTL! GBAKYAMYAB!--In Jesus' name, amen!--And He'll bring the whole World out of this mess soon! TYJ!--Amen? Thank God we can trust Him to solve the whole situation very soon! TYJ! God bless us all! In Jesus' name, amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family