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COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!--The Power of Positive Praise!       DFO 1259       26/7/82

       1. OH HONEY, YOU MIGHT HAVE KNOWN I MUST'VE BEEN DOING SOMETHING FOR THAT WHOLE HOUR FROM 4:22 to 5:22. (Maria: You woke up at 4:22 & you stayed in bed till 5:00?) 5:22. In fact, almost 5:30. (Maria: And you've been discouraged a lot lately?) Well, I've been discouraged sometimes. I think it's the attacks of the Enemy, depression. (Maria: I know it is.)
       2. LIKE IN THE AFTER-DEATH EXPERIENCES, I JUST SAW MY LIFE WITHOUT HAVING TO DIE OR DO IT! The Lord made me review my whole life this morning to see how He'd blessed me & taken care of me & how much good He'd had me do & all the good things & all we've accomplished.
       3. HONEY, I PRACTICALLY STARTED OUT WHEN I WAS A BABY & MY WHOLE LIFE REVIEWED BEFORE ME & all the outstanding things the Lord did specially for me spiritually, experiences & prophecies & fulfillment's & accomplishments & how marvellous it has been, how the Lord's taken care of us & how He's blessed us & made us such a blessing.
       4. IT'S JUST LIKE HE MADE ME REVIEW MY WHOLE LIFE JUST TO COUNT MY BLESSINGS, & I'd say that's what it really was, counting my blessings. He made me count my blessings, & boy oh boy, how could I help but be thankful & thank Him & praise the Lord! I really realised that things weren't as bad as they seem.
       5. THE DEVIL DOESN'T ATTACK ME OR ACCUSE ME FOR WHAT I'VE ACCOMPLISHED, THAT'S TOO OBVIOUS. He accuses me for what I haven't done, for what I might've done or what He tries to tell me I could've done & I didn't do & all that I should do. He pokes at all my lacks & shortcomings & weaknesses & not really any great sins or anything--because the Lord's kept me--but all my little failures.
       6. HE CAN'T REALLY FIND ANY BIG ONES, BUT HE ATTACKS ME ON ALL THE LITTLE THINGS, the little failures & the little lacks & little shortcomings & little delays & possible little mistakes--or he makes me think they're mistakes--"We didn't do this, we didn't do that! You could've done that!"
       7. HE SURE IS THE ACCUSER OF THE SAINTS, HE JUST PICKS & PICKS! It's not like a great big attack, you know, where he's really trying to kill me off, that type of attack--although sometimes he does that--but in this kind he's just like a nag, a little henpecker. He just pecks at this & pecks at that & picks at this & picks at that:
       8. "WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THAT?--OR WHY DID YOU DO THAT THEN? OK, you haven't done this, & look at all this that you could've done. Look at all this that you ought to be doing! Why are you lying there in bed trying to sleep when you ought to be up working? You ought to be doing this, that & the other!" Well, I only got about three or four hours sleep, so I certainly haven't had too much sleep. Oh Honey, I'm sorry. You're tired. (Maria: No, no.) You'll have to get off. XXXXXXX! (Post-sex!)
       9. WELL, THAT'S IT, IT'S JUST THE LITTLE THINGS. He just picks at any little thing he can find & tries to find fault. Just like the Scribes & the Pharisees did with Jesus, the Devil certainly must've inspired them! They just followed Jesus around picking at little things.
       10. HERE WERE ALL THE GREAT THINGS HE WAS DOING, all the magnificent marvels & miracles & monumental signs & wonders that He was doing, & what did they do? Did they thank God for what He was doing & all the great accomplishments?
       11. HE HEALED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE & FED THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE & TAUGHT SUCH WONDERFUL LESSONS & sermons & gave such beautiful parables & stories, & all the good He was doing to people, the tens of thousands of people following, did they compliment Him for that? Did they praise Him for that? Did they applaud Him for all of His good?
       12. WHEN HE HEALED THE LAME MAN & WHEN HE RAISED THE DEAD, WHAT DID THEY DO?--They tried to find some flaw! (Maria: That He did it on the wrong day or something.) Yes, & that if He raised the dead He must have done it by the power of the Devil; & that if He healed the sick He was doing it on the wrong day; & if His disciples picked corn on the Sabbath, it was against the law to work on the Sabbath!
       13. LIKE THOSE JEWS NEXT DOOR TO US THAT DIDN'T WANT TO TURN ON THEIR OWN LIGHTS & had us come over & flip the light switch & light the stove! Isn't that ridiculous? Then they cooked & served a whole supper! But their Jewish traditional laws said they couldn't light a light or they couldn't light a fire, so they'd send for one of our little kids, Paul or somebody, to come over & flip the light switch & strike a match & light the fire. Then they could go ahead & do all the hard work of cooking dinner. Isn't that ridiculous?
       14. I MEAN, THE DEVIL JUST PICKS AT ALL THE LITTLE THINGS & LITTLE FLAWS & shortcomings & he apparently can't really attack me on any big fears or any big issues or big goings astray or big misgivings or even huge fears of any kind.
       15. HE JUST NAGS & NAGS & PICKS & PICKS & JUST WORRIES ME ABOUT THE LITTLE THINGS: "What about this, what about that? Why don't you do this, why don't you do that? Why didn't you do that?" & "Why did you do this?" And "Why don't you get up & get to work?--Look at all the things you could be doing when you're lying here in bed doin' nothing!"
       16. WELL, ACTUALLY I'M LYING HERE IN BED PRAYING & TALKING TO THE LORD, but he literally tries to butt in & interfere & interrupt my prayer time & communing with the Lord & asking the Lord for direction & guidance & praying for the Family & praying for the work & praying for different Units.
       17. HE'LL JUST HOVER AROUND THE FRINGES. He doesn't really try to make any major attacks, but he just nags & accuses, you know, like he did Job & different ones. Thank God the Lord hasn't let him attack me like he did Job, although I've gone through a few experiences pretty close to that.
       18. BUT ANYWAY, PTL! TYJ! IT WAS QUITE A THRILLING EXPERIENCE TO HAVE THE LORD TAKE ME ON A PICTURE TOUR, PICTURE TRIP, MY LIFE IN PICTURES!--All the way, almost my whole life, & show how marvellously He has provided & protected & used & kept me & done miracles & what marvellous work that the Lord's helped us to accomplish. I mean, He just slapped the ol' Devil in the face with the Truth & the realities & the actual pictures of what we've done!
       19. SEE, EVERYTHING THE DEVIL WAS ACCUSING ME OF WERE LITTLE THINGS, indefinite things, obscure things & things that weren't too clear & some little doubt perhaps, where I wasn't too sure, you know, & just any little place he could find a chink in the armour, some little hole, some little Achilles' heel or weak spot. Little tiny things, just pick, pick, pick, pick, pick! (Maria: Like a lot of people do with their mates!)
       20. IT JUST SHOWS YOU HOW THE DEVIL IS IN THAT BUSINESS, THE WAY MATES PICK ON EACH OTHER ON THESE LITTLE THINGS. But actually in the big things, everything's fine, & they've got lots to be thankful for & they've got a wonderful mate who's just perfect in almost every other respect except on little tiny infinitesimal insignificant ridiculous little tiny faults & little tiny fears & little tiny idiosyncrasies & bad habits & little tiny things.
       21. THE DEVIL JUST EXAGGERATES THEM & BLOWS THEM UP OUT OF ALL PROPORTION & picks on them & keeps magnifying them in your eyes, all your mate's little tiny faults & little tiny things that he or she overlooks or fails to do. They're all tiny things, hardly ever anything big.
       22. SOMETIMES YOU CAN EVEN GET MAD AT YOUR MATE FOR SOMETHING THEY'RE NOT EVEN GUILTY OF! Sometimes I've almost gotten mad at you here like that. I wake up hard in the morning & you're lying there sleeping & the Devil says, "Now look at her, look at her! She just lies there sleeping, she doesn't care that you're all hard & want some sex. She doesn't care anything about you, she's not concerned about your needs. She's just lying there sound asleep utterly ignoring your necessities!" And here, you poor thing, you're sound asleep! How could you know the difference?
       23. OF COURSE, THE LORD USUALLY THEN WAKES YOU UP TO SHOW ME IT'S ALL A LIE, that after all, it's certainly not your fault because you're asleep & you're absolutely unaware of what's going on. The amazing thing about it is how you usually wake up!
       24. BUT THAT'S THE DEVIL, THE ACCUSER OF THE SAINTS!: He picks on all the little things, all the little faults, all kinds of little tiny things! (Maria: This is a real needed lesson for husbands & wives!) All kinds of little tiny things.
       25. EVEN WITH CHILDREN, YOU KNOW, SOME PEOPLE GET ANNOYED BY LITTLE THINGS THEY DO & yell at them or act too hastily & fuss at'm or something when it's just a small thing or it was unintentional--they just did it in dumbness or ignorance or carelessness--& I presume probably the Devil even magnifies the parents' faults in the eyes of their children. He certainly does when they get to be older & teenagers, he's always pointing out the faults.
       26. I CAN REMEMBER WHEN I WAS YOUNG HE WAS ALWAYS POINTING OUT MY PARENTS' FAULTS & SHORTCOMINGS: "Well, now they shouldn't have done this" or "they shouldn't have done that" & "look there, they didn't even catch you that time" & "look there, they didn't punish you" & "look, they're not perfect" & "look at all the mistakes they make!"
       27. WELL, THANK THE LORD, HE'S THE ANTIDOTE! He always rebukes the Devil & resists him & points out the good things, even to show us that nobody's perfect, not even our parents; they're human too & it should make us have love & mercy all the more & forgive them because we know we're not perfect. (Maria: It would be good if there was a rule that you had to say a nice thing for every time you nagged or you even thought of some bad thing about your mate!)
       28. WELL, THAT'S THE SECRET, IS TO LET THE LIGHT IN! Rebuke the Devil & think about their good qualities & think about their good points & their good habits & their good deeds & think positively, the power of positive thinking, & remind yourself constantly of the good.
       29. IT'S JUST LIKE SOME OF THAT EVIL MUSIC OF THE WORLD THAT USED TO PLAGUE ME WHEN I WAS YOUNG--some of those very evil songs, not some of this beautiful music that I have chosen--but some really horrible, fiendish, evil music that used to attack me because I heard it on the radio, & the Devil used to try to flood my mind with it & make it run through my head.
       30. AND OF COURSE THE ONLY CURE WOULD BE FOR ME TO DO WHAT?--I'D START SINGING!--I'd either listen to some good music or I'd usually just come right out loud & sing if I was where I could. I usually was at work or play or something & I'd just sing a hymn, "Jesus Saviour Pilot Me" or "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Sweetest Name I Know"!
       31. JUST FIGHT THE DEVIL POSITIVELY, ATTACK, ATTACK! I'd start singing a good song, a good hymn, a song to Jesus, a prayer, & there's no room for both! You let the light in & the darkness flees! You just have to be positive, you have to make a conscious effort to rebuke the Devil & think positive good thoughts instead. Try to think good about your mate or child or whoever it is, your parent or friend or co-worker.
       32. WHOEVER IT IS, RESIST THOSE BAD THOUGHTS & THINK POSITIVELY! Either quote Scriptures or sing hymns or good Gospel songs. Pray! Think it out loud, because you can't very well quote Scripture & talk positively or sing out loud & have those other thoughts go through your head at the same time!
       33. SO YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING POSITIVE, YOU'VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING ACTIVE! You have to act & attack, & that chases the Devil away every time, the darkness away every time, chases away the doubts! Quote Scripture! It chases away the doubts & the fears. Think positively about your mate, it chases away those little nagging suggestions from the Devil about their faults & everything.
       34. YOU HAVE TO SING OUT GOOD & LOUD TO RESIST THE WORLDLY FIENDISH EVIL MUSIC that the Devil tries to make run through your mind. You've got to really attack it & attack it positively & really go on the attack! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! So okay, Honey, you attacked me & I attacked you & we're done & now you'd better get off! Ha! PTL! Amen? Wins the victory every time though. But you have to make a conscious effort!
       35. YOU HAVE TO MAKE EVEN A PHYSICAL EFFORT TO QUOTE SCRIPTURES OUT LOUD, like my mother did that time when Max Schmelling was fighting. He was a famous German fighter & who was the other guy, the American?--Gene Tuney! It was a World championship boxing match & some of the family were listening to it. But she was sick & fighting the Devil & she was even a little upset because they were doing that instead of praying for her.
       36. SO SHE JUST SAT UP IN BED & EVERY TIME SHE'D HEAR A SOCK & BANG SHE WAS DOING WITH HER FIST LIKE THIS ACTUALLY IN MOTION! She clenched her fists & said, "I resist you, Satan, in Jesus' name! Rebuke the Devil & he'll flee from you!"--like she was actually shadow boxing or fighting! And some of the brethren saw her doing that & thought she'd lost her mind, sitting in there all alone in the bed going bang, bang, bang quoting Scriptures & everything!--Ha! HAL! She was fighting!
       37. SHE ACTUALLY WENT INTO PHYSICAL ACTION TO DISTRACT HER ATTENTION FROM ALL THESE LIES OF THE DEVIL & all these doubts & fears & she quoted Scriptures out loud. Oftentimes I've sung out loud, that's one reason I sang at the top of my voice running through that forest that time when I was lost. I mean, it really encouraged me & I figured it would scare away not only the Devil but the bears too! "Chase away the bears", let me tell you! (From Mario Lanza's "Guardian Angels", MOF Series!)
       38. WHEN I HEAR MARIO LANZA SING THAT SONG ABOUT "GUARDIAN ANGELS AROUND MY BED CHASE AWAY THE BEARS," I can appreciate that! Because I'll tell you, I've been out there where the bears were man-eatin' bears all around there & I had to sing, really sing! I remember that bear that stood up & put a paw on each of my shoulders & looked me right in the eye! Ha! You've got to attack! You've got to be positive, you've got to do something!--Don't just lie there!--Do something!
       39. WELL, THE THING I DID WITH THE BEAR WAS I THREW A TANGELO! Is that what they call them? No, they weren't tangelos. They were close between an apricot & a plum, I've forgotten what they called them in California. I didn't throw it at him but I threw it aside so he'd go after it!
       40. DON'T JUST SIT THERE, DO SOMETHING! PTL? Don't just stand there, do something. Take some positive action physically or with your mouth or your mind or whatever! Sometimes I was in a place where I couldn't sing out loud amongst people or a class in school when these evil tunes of the World would start running through my head, so I'd start singing hymns etc. inside my mind & my head.
       41. HONEY, YOUR LEG'S ABOUT TO BREAK OFF, GET OFF! You're about to squash me besides! So how about getting off, will you? That's enough, Honey, we've had more than enough! So praise God, this morning we took positive action! When I woke up all big & hard & wondering what to do, you woke up & took positive action & we got it together! (Maria: I didn't just lie there, I did something!) PTL! And I was relieved. Hallelujah! TYL! Amen.
       42. OTHERWISE THE DEVIL TRIES TO MAKE ME HOLD IT AGAINST YOU ALL DAY SOMETIMES! If you want to know why I get up a little miffed sometimes & grumpy it's because I had it & he tells me you didn't want it & you were pretending to be asleep & that's why you didn't roll over & blah, blah!
       43. OUR PRIDE ABOUT SEX IS SOMETHING TERRIBLE! Sometimes you don't want to admit how bad you need it. You don't really want to have to ask for it & beg for it, you know? Well, I never have to beg you for sex! All I have to do is give you the gentlest hint & you're at it! But you don't even want to admit that sometimes, you know?--At least me, I guess I'm that way.--What hypocrisy!--What pride!
       44. WE'RE SO MENTALLY CONDITIONED BY THE CHURCHES & EVERYTHING THAT SEX IS A WEAKNESS!: If nothing else, if it's not a sin or something bad or evil, well, it's a weakness of character that you have to have so much sex! That's what my first wife ingrained in me, that it was a desire of the flesh, it was a carnal appetite, it wasn't spiritual & therefore I shouldn't be that way.--I was fleshly & unspiritual!
       45. SO SHE MADE ME SELF-CONSCIOUS & EMBARRASSED & TO HAVE A GUILT COMPLEX EVEN ABOUT WANTING SEX, you know? That that wasn't spiritual! So I would just try to grin & bear it usually. Usually I'd growl & bear it, get up mad & angry as a bear & be mad all day because she'd denied me!
       46. WELL, HONEY, YOU'VE NEVER DENIED ME, BUT THE DEVIL TRIES TO MAKE ME THINK YOU HAVE because you didn't wake up & grab it! (Maria: Oh, that's why I wish I didn't have to sleep!) Isn't that terrible? I mean, absolutely terrible! It's a false accusation, it's a lie! He's accusing you of things you're not even guilty of, because you're sound asleep! You couldn't even help it, you didn't even know it!
       47. BUT THEN I WAIT TOO LONG & IT'S GONE & I get up grumpy because I didn't get it & the Devil tries to make me blame it on you because you slept through it, & of course I didn't want to wake you up. (Maria: You should wake me up!) Oh Honey, you know I don't like to wake you up out of a sound sleep!
       48. I DON'T LIKE TO WAKE ANY WOMAN UP OUT OF A SOUND SLEEP & ASK THEM FOR SEX, although I have had to do it a few times & jump on'm while they were still asleep! (Maria: Oh, I love that!) Well, GBY! (Maria: It's a nice way to wake up!) Amen. That's what you always say, but the Devil always tempts me to wonder: "Well, she's trying to look on the bright side, she's trying to be nice." (Maria: No, I really like it!) "She's trying to make me feel welcome even if it is a chore & a bore & she wished she could've kept on sleeping."
       49. WELL, PRAISE GOD! THE LORD JUST TOOK ME THROUGH MY WHOLE LIFE, pictures almost from the cradle to--I can't say the grave because I haven't got there yet--but all this time, & all the positive things & the good things He's done & how wonderfully He's cared for us & used us. All the pretty pictures & all the good things & the good times, & the Devil had to stick his tail between his legs & run because he couldn't deny it! HAL! TYJ!
       50. HE CAN'T RESIST THE SCRIPTURE, THAT'S ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL THINGS YOU CAN USE! He can't deny it. If you quote him Scripture there's nothing he can say in return. Well, with Jesus he tried to turn around & quote Jesus Scriptures, but they were totally inapplicable & inappropriate & twisted & Jesus shot'm full of holes with His Scriptures!
       51. YOU HAVE TO TAKE POSITIVE ACTION! I mean literally, if not actual physical action, & quote out loud or sing out loud & do some act physically, or you have to do it your mind. Lying here in bed half asleep, certainly I wouldn't want to start screaming out & wake you up or start quoting Scriptures out loud or start singing--although I have upon occasion--because you have to be a little considerate of your work-mates, so I just quote Scriptures in my mind.
       52. OR IN THIS CASE, THIS TIME THE LORD JUST GAVE ME A COMPLETE REVIEW OF MY LIFE, that was beautiful, & showed me how many things I should be thankful for! I think maybe I ought to call this revelation "Count Your Blessings" because that's what the Lord made me do!
       53. HE JUST LITERALLY MADE ME COUNT MY BLESSINGS by taking me through a pictorial review of my whole life & showed me all the things I should be thankful for instead of letting the Devil nag me with these little doubts & fears & complaints & murmurs! He is really the one who is doing the murmuring but he was trying to put it in my head to murmur: "I hadn't done this, I had to accomplish that, there was this I could've done." Blah blah, blah blah!
       54. WELL, THERE'S ALWAYS SOMETHING MAYBE YOU COULD'VE DONE OR SOMETHING YOU WISH YOU HAD DONE OR HADN'T DONE. There are always little things & neglects or negligences or oversights or little mistakes of some kind, so many little things where we err that the Devil can pick on, our little tiny faults & little tiny errors & little tiny bad habits or little tiny mistakes & little tiny lacks & shortcomings etc. Oh my, everybody's probably got thousands of them, you know?
       55. SO THERE'S PLENTY FOR THE DEVIL TO PICK ON IF HE WANTS TO, & HE SURE WANTS TO! He really tries. But you just have to overcome them with positive actions! Quote Scriptures that deny the lie! Thank God! Start praising the Lord & thanking Him for all your blessings & all the things that are contradictory to what the Devil's telling you.
       56. START SINGING POSITIVE HYMNS & MUSIC AGAINST THE FLOOD OF WORLDLY DEVILISH FIENDISH MUSIC that tries to flood your mind from the past. See, all that's been recorded up there & the Devil tries to revive it & bring it back & play it back to you. I mean, it's ridiculous how he tries to bring the old man to life again! He tries to raise up the old life & the old man & the old thoughts & the old music & songs & all kinds of things.
       57. I SURE HOPE I HAVEN'T REVIVED ANY SONGS FOR THESE PEOPLE THAT WOULD IN ANY WAY BOTHER THEM in the songs on my series. I tried to bring up the good things. (Maria: If they bother them, they can just put on an MWM tape.) Yes, & if I brought out any of those kinds of music that I didn't like just to show them the kind of music I didn't like & criticise it, it was to compare the good with the evil to show the difference. Of course, if they can't take it, if they're too weak & can't stand it, then they'd better not play my tapes. They'd better just play MWM or MCV music. (Maria: That's possible with some people.)
       58. OR YOU CAN GET BUSY, YOU CAN GO ABOUT YOUR WORK THAT YOU HAVE TO DO. Get busy with your body, your hands, your eyes, your ears, whatever you've got to do--& you can sing! The first & best thing to do is quote Scriptures. One of the best things is to praise the Lord & thank Him for all His goodness. Sing songs, that's praise too!
       59. THE POWER OF POSITIVE PRAISE IS TERRIFIC! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! Thank God for all He has done & just chase the Devil away, all his shades of night, by letting the light in, God's positive Light of Scripture, the Word, prayer, praise, songs, anything you can do to occupy your mind completely with that Scripture, that prayer, that praise, that song, that positive thinking, whatever it is, or that work.
       60. GET BUSY AT WORK OR GET BUSY WITH SOMEBODY ELSE & TALK TO THEM ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS OR SOMETHING. It's kind of a work therapy, it's a prayer & praise therapy, it's a Scriptural therapy, it's a hymn therapy that chases away the shades of night & lets the light in! Let the light come in first because that's what chases away the night!
       61. IT'S JUST REALLY COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS & filling your mind & your heart & even your voice audibly, the sound around you, with positive sound--prayer, praise, quoting Scripture, songs--because you can't think about two things at once.
       62. THAT'S WHY IT SAYS, "THOU SHALT KEEP HIM IN PERFECT PEACE WHOSE MIND IS STAYED ON THEE"! (Isa.26:3) If you're thinking about the Lord & you put Him in the center focal point of your concentration & your consciousness, then this pushes the Devil & all his doubts & lies & fears into the outer fringes & out of the center of your concentration so that you can't think about both at the same time. Savvy?
       63. MANY IS THE TIME I HAVE VISUALISED JESUS, raised up or called into my mind a mental picture of Christ & looked at Him & thought about Him in my mind's eye & talked to Him in the Spirit. That's why speaking in tongues is such a wonderful experience!
       64. SPEAK IN TONGUES & YOU KNOW THE LORD HAS CONTROL! He just takes over & speaks through you & uses your tongue & your mouth & your mind! Your mouth can't be filled with evil when it's filled with good. You get rid of the evil by filling your mind, your heart, your mouth & your actions with good & it chases all the rest away.
       65. SO IT CERTAINLY WAS A BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE! I was really cheered & encouraged & the Lord reviewed my whole life for me & all that He had done & accomplished & all the good & how wonderfully through all these many experiences He's never failed to provide or protect & to bless our work, & all those little doubts & fears & accusations of the Devil were just either lies or petty little things that really are not important even if some of them were true, you know?
       66. SO "COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!"--I don't know whether we've got a Letter by that name or not, but that'd be a good name! God bless you, Honey, I've got to get up before you wear a hole in me! I'm probably wearing a hole in you, getting you raw. TYL! PTL! Count your blessings! PTL! Sing, pray, praise, get busy!
       67. IDLENESS IS THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP! If your mouth is idle, he'll use it. If your mind is idle, he'll use it. If your imagination is idle, he'll use it. If your hands are idle, he'll use them. So if your tongue is idle, he'll use it, or try to. Get'm busy for the Lord: Sing, pray, praise the Lord, quote Scripture, or at least think about it if you can't do it out loud wherever you are, or get busy with the work you have to do.
       68. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE! Attack the Enemy & his territory by doing something good, & that way chase the bad away! "Chase away the bears", praise the Lord, by going into action! Go on the attack & think positively, talk positively, sing positively, quote positively, pray positively, act positively!
       69. THE POWER OF POSITIVE PRAYER & PRAISE & QUOTING & SINGING & ACTION JUST REALLY PUTS THE DEVIL ON THE RUN! He sure doesn't like the Scripture & he hates praise & he hates thanksgiving & he hates songs of prayer & praise, & he especially hates our positive active work for the Lord. If he can just get you idle you'll have time to just think all his thoughts & doubts & fears & everything.
       70. THE BEST THING TO DO IS GET UP, LIKE I DID THIS MORNING AT 5:30 & GET BUSY, GO TO WORK! Why lie here worrying about all the work I've got to do & worry about it for hours & stay awake & can't sleep because I'm thinking about things I need to do? The best thing to do is just get up & do them! Amen? Instead of worrying about it, do it!
       71. YOU'RE JUST WASTING TIME LYING THERE WORRYING ABOUT IT & wakeful about it when you could be up doing it! So I just got up & went to work, & then when later I got tired & sleepy I just went back & took a nap! So here we are & look how the Lord rewarded me!--XXXXXXX!--With a nice little love session with you! So PTL! TYJ! Amen! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

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