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"GOD LOVES CHINA!"       France DFO 1260       5/1/81

       1. VIRTUALLY ALL THESE PRESENT LEADERS OF CHINA NOW ARE THE ONES WHO WERE PERSECUTED, SUFFERED & DID HARD LABOUR, so if anybody can sympathise with the poor, they can. Maybe that's why they're taking such a personal interest now, such a close contact with the poor people & the villagers & all, because they really understand them better now. So in a way, that so-called re-education did do some good because it evidently really humbled a lot of them & gave them sympathy for the poor & the hard-labourers & the farmers & so on. Now they're back in power, at least they can look back & sympathise with the poor people.
       2. THE LORD HAS A WONDERFUL WAY OF KIND OF EVENING THINGS UP IN THE LONG RUN. He has a wonderful way of all things working together for good. The Cultural Revolution was horrible, was infamous, monstrous, but at the same time it educated China's present leaders to be humble, & having suffered & worked hard, to now sympathise with those who are poor & suffer & work hard. So that's why I think it has such a sympathetic government now, far better than anything they ever had almost ever!
       3. I THINK THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST GOVERNMENT CHINA EVER HAD NOW, the most human, the most understanding. They're still a little afraid of the outside World, for which you can't blame them, I am too!--Of it corrupting or contaminating or polluting their society. But they're trying, they're really trying. And all the leaders of the Red Guard, the leaders of the Cultural Revolution & Mao & his wife & also now his son have been compelled to step down.
       4. IT'S AMAZING HOW MANY YEARS YOU WORK TO INDOCTRINATE THE PEOPLE & HOW QUICKLY IT CAN BE WASHED AWAY BY THE TRUTH! All those years of lies & lying propaganda are just completely swept away, just now within a couple years of the truth & honesty & getting back to real values & nature of the people, ministering to the people's real needs. TTL! They're such a sweet people, precious people! I especially like those country people, of course, better than the city people. Cities always pervert.
       5. I WAS JUST THINKING HOW EVERYBODY WHO WAS IN POWER HAVE NOW BEEN DRIVEN OUT OF POWER. Chou En-lai died, Mao died & they put his son on the throne, but very cleverly that Deng apparently went to work vilifying the Gang of Four because he knew everybody hated them, you know, because they had persecuted the people so, & just treated the people so badly. He sure started on the right tune, huh? He started vilifying the Gang of Four & blaming it for all their troubles, & nearly everybody hated them apparently & so it wasn't hard to do, gradually, gradually.
       6. SOMEHOW EVEN MAO'S SON HUA WHO TOOK OVER AFTER HIS DEATH IS NOW BEING DETHRONED, & there's talk now that he might be put to trial. It's amazing what they've accomplished, what Deng has accomplished to completely reverse the trend in China's direction & the whole culture, society, everything! Almost completely reversed it all! TYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! "All things work together for good!" TTL! God still loves China!

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