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THE IMPERIAL PRINCESS!       DO 1261       3/5/82
--The Royal Goddess of China!

       1. (LOVEMAKING & THEN TONGUES:) (MARIA: CAN YOU THINK OF WHAT THAT WAS?) Yes! TYJ! Amen, TYL! Amen, TYJ! He went on & on about it: "They'll be Chinese, give me Chinese children, I want Chinese children! Come! Come meet with me & give me Chinese children! Give me strength, give me children, work in me!" He kept saying, "Work with me, you gotta work harder, come, come! Give me children!" PYJ! TYL! "Come! Come! Work! Work! Harder! Harder!" He kept eggin' her on to work harder!
       2. ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU WERE CHINESE, HONEY! I had to open my eyes again to make sure you were still there!--A beautiful Chinese goddess! Hallelujah! TYL! Wow! She was really after it, Honey! (Maria: TYL!) She really inspired you, Honey, did you feel it? (Maria: Yes!) Mmmmm! "Come! Come! Give me children! Give me Chinese children! Come! Work! Meet with me!"
       3. ISN'T THAT STRANGE?--"MEET WITH ME!" I wonder if that's their expression for sex or fucking? (Maria: I don't know.) "Meet with me! Meet me!" You were sure meetin', Honey! You were meetin' my meat! Hmmm! That was quite a meetin'! Hmmm! We had a hallelujah time! It was a holy roller, rock'n'roll! I'm gonna rock & roll till I fill your soul!
       4. IT WAS LIKE SHE WAS SAYING, "I AM, I AM! I'M TRYING HARD, I'M DOING MY BEST! I'm working hard.--You come to me!"--& I did! She really worked hard there at the last, Honey! Could you feel her? Did you feel any inspiration? She was a beautiful Chinese goddess with long earrings & a beautiful Chinese hairdo. I didn't know they ever wore those big fancy combs, I thought just the Spanish & the Japanese wore those, but she was really working hard, working my hard!--XXXX!--& it worked!
       5. I WASN'T EXPECTING THAT AT ALL, I WASN'T EVEN ASKING FOR IT! I never dreamed we were going to get a Goddess today, but I guess it was her turn! Abrahim sort of growls & goes, brrum, brrum! He trills, he trilled like a motor! Sort of sounds like somebody revvin' a motor. You were sure revvin' my motor! Mmm! Did it rev your motor? (Maria: Yes!) PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! (Maria: Amen! Sure did!) Well, it sure revved her motor anyway, she really exploded, & that's when I exploded!
       6. WASN'T THAT AMAZING? THOSE ARE THE MOST AMAZING KINDS OF EXPERIENCES!--YOU TURNED INTO A BEAUTIFUL CHINESE GODDESS! She was all made-up like an Imperial Princess out of the Royal Court with all these beautiful head decorations & make-up. Do the Chinese wear make-up? I know the Japanese do. It's funny, I can remember seeing lots of Japanese girls, Geisha girls, & all made up in movies, but you hardly ever see anything about the ancient Chinese in the American movies. Maybe just Chinese movies, huh? I'll have to go to that Cultural Show & see what they look like. Chinese girls are made up for dancing, you know?
       7. SHE HAD ON A BEAUTIFUL HEADDRESS, NOT TOO BIG, SMALL, MORE LIKE A CROWN, a little crown like a tiara, a comb, & beautiful black silky shiny hair, gorgeous! And it was kind of braided in loops around over each ear almost like a bun, with these long earrings dangling down that were floppin' around, & if they'd been bells they would have been goin' ring-a-ding-ding! She was really goin' after it!
       8. ISN'T THAT FUNNY? IF I SHUT MY EYES I CAN SEE HER FACE YET! She had her eyes shut & sort of squinted them, you know how you do when you're really working hard? Your mouth sort of mmm like that. Lips sort of pursed tight over to one side like that. Sort of squintin' her eyes & her face & her mouth, you know, mmm, like she was really tryin' hard, workin' hard! She really wanted it! And I wanted to give it to her too! (Maria: Hallelujah!)
       9. ESPECIALLY ABRAHIM WANTED ME TO GIVE IT TO HER, SOCK IT TO HER! He was eggin' me on! Eggin' her on. I guess you'd say he was sayin' the equivalent of, "Sock it to her!" We've got a song about that, don't we?--"Sock it to her! Sock it to her! Sock it to her!" (Maria: Yes!)
       10. WE'VE GOT ANOTHER SONG ABOUT ROCK'N' ROLL, DON'T WE? It's a song, or is it part of one of the poems? Rock & roll! (Maria: Give enough to fill their souls.) Give them enough to fill their souls, rock'n'roll, & you'll be a holy hole! Is that in "Holy Holes", something about rock'n' roll? (Maria: I don't think so.)
       11. MMMM, SHE'S BEAUTIFUL! TYJ! PYL! HALLELUJAH! SHE WAS REALLY WORKIN'! I don't think I've ever seen such an expression. She was really tryin' hard! Now what did that mean? Some of them just calmly look deep into my eyes & just practically hypnotise me & make me go. (Maria: Maybe it takes a lot more for her.) It seemed like she was just really workin' hard, her face sort of screwed up, you know, with hard effort. (Maria: Yes.) And she was really goin' at it!
       12. AND ABRAHIM KEPT SAYIN': "SOCK IT TO HER, SOCK IT TO HER!" And, "Sock it to him, sock it to him!" or words to that effect. It's all in his language of course, I guess you heard it. You ought to get a recording of that sometime, Honey! (Maria: Sorry, I wasn't quick enough.) You really ought to get a recording, I don't think the kids have ever heard that. (Maria: Yes, I know.) That would be a priceless gem, one of those explosions! (Maria: I know. You have some recordings but nothing that we published. That would be good!) Really somethin'!
       13. HE WAS EGGIN' HER ON & EGGIN' ME ON, BUT ISN'T THAT FUNNY? IT WAS LIKE HE WAS TALKING MOSTLY TO HER. It seems like we're the ones that have to put forth & should be putting forth the most effort, but it was almost like she was being held responsible. She had to put forth more effort to receive it. Isn't that strange? (Maria: Yes!)
       14. MOST OF WHAT HE WAS SAYING WAS TO HER: "YOU'VE GOT TO WORK HARDER, YOU'VE GOTTA GO FASTER, YOU'VE GOTTA REALLY SOCK IT TO HIM!" Yes, that was the general gist of what he was saying. He was more eggin' her on, & boy, she really went at it! Of course, I guess it was you too. You must have felt some inspiration or something. (Maria: Yes! Of course I did!) Didn't you feel a charge? (Maria: Yes!) Didn't she give you strength or something? (Maria: Amen!) Like he gives me strength. (Maria: Yes.)
       15. SHE WAS REALLY WORKIN' HARD, SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL! That dark black glossy hair, so beautiful! I don't know if I'd ever seen a hairdo like that, if I'd recognise it, those big sort of like buns or loops down over each ear. I can imagine, sort of, what it was probably like on her head, because there was a comb there in this tiara just above her forehead.
       16. SO SHE MUST HAVE BEEN A ROYAL PRINCESS, THAT'S WHAT SHE LOOKED LIKE! A royal princess. What did I say? (Maria: Imperial.) Imperial Princess! They had Emperors, didn't they? Imperial Princess, that's what Abrahim called her. Hmm! Amen, PTL! TYL! Oh Honey, you're tired! I'm so sorry. Forgive me for keeping you so long. I'm so so sorry, Honey, you worked so hard. That was terrific! Whoo! You really worked for a really long time! (Maria: Oh, really?)
       17. WELL, HONEY, IF IT RESULTS IN THE SALVATION OF SOULS IT'S WORTH IT ALL, HUH? (Maria: Amen!) If it results in the salvation of China! (Maria: Yes!) Well, we've had an Indian Princess & other Princesses, it's about time we had a Chinese Princess, right? I guess the Lord knows, it was His time. (Maria: Amen! TYJ!) PTL! TYL! Hallelujah! Beautiful body! You're so cute & petite, so feminine & agile! Small & feminine, so beautiful, Honey!
       18. I THINK THE ORIENTALS ARE ALMOST THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS IN THE WORLD! But how can you say one girl is more beautiful than another when they're all so beautiful! Whether they're Chinese or Thai or Malay or Indonesian or Japanese! (Maria: That's right, or Indian.) Or Indian. Yes, oh boy, those gorgeous Indian girls! Those saris! I was sorry to have to leave'm! Ha! (Maria: Well, you've got some right here!) Hmm, they're a beautiful mixture here, sort of Eurasian.
       19. BUT I MUST SAY, I THINK MAYBE I MUST HAVE GOTTEN THE ASIAN BUG OR SOMETHING, I'M ABOUT CONVINCED THAT THE ORIENTAL GIRLS ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE WESTERNERS! (Maria: Oh yes, of course.) All are sexy & appealing, even Western girls, you're all beautiful! You're beautiful! (Maria: I don't know though, I wonder if it's all in our heads, because the people here like the white girls better, & the brown people here try to be white like Westerners, getting some kind of pearl lotion.) Isn't that ridiculous! (Maria: And the white people try to be brown--suntan!)
       20. YES, I THINK IT'S ALL IN THEIR HEADS! I think it's all in their heads because the Whites have been the superior culture. After all, they've been the rulers & conquerors of the Earth, & the conquered people always try to imitate their conquerors because they have the impression that they're greater, better, or they wouldn't have conquered them. So they try to become like them.
       21. WHEREAS I THINK THESE ORIENTAL GIRLS ARE SO MUCH SWEETER! I think that's one reason for it, they're so much sweeter. I mean, you look at'm & they look full right into your eyes, just unashamed, unabashed, open, frank & wide-eyed like they really want you to look at'm. And they right away look sweet & smile, flash a beautiful smile, always smiling, beautiful!--So demure, shy & charming!
       22. WHEREAS THE WESTERN GIRLS ARE SO SOUR! I'm not talking about our girls, now! Girls, please accept my apologies, I'm talking about Worldly Western girls. Just look through one of those girlie magazines, they all have such sour expressions. Nearly all of them look sour & bitter & fed-up or sophisticated or haughty or proud or resentful or just like they're sick of life, soured. Sort of challenging, almost like: "I dare you!" Or, "Don't you dare touch me!".
       23. BUT THESE ORIENTAL GIRLS, THEY LOOK AT YOU--EVEN AN OLD MAN LIKE ME--& SAY WITH THEIR EYES: "I'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU TOUCH ME!"--And when you do they like it! I mean, dear little Oriental Maria holds up her cheek for my little fatherly kiss if I let her, both in the taxi & when we get out. When I was kissin' her good-night at first she tried to kiss me smack on the mouth, little rascal! (Maria: You should've let her!)
       24. SHE WAS WANTIN' A NICE BIG HOT SEXY KISS, but I didn't think that was very fatherly. (Maria: Honey, who said you were supposed to be fatherly? Ha, ha!) I guess sometimes I'm supposed to be husbandly or loverly, hmm? I'm their bridegroom, in a way, & they're my brides! (Maria: Amen.) That's what the Lord spoke of you, as being the Bride.
       25. WELL, I'VE GOT A NEW BRIDE, HONEY, SHE'S ORIENTAL!--Beautiful Chinese daughter of the Imperial House, Imperial Princess! Isn't that amazing? It was sort of like she wasn't used to hard work, working that hard! Ha! She wasn't used to having to go after it so hard. (Maria: Wow!) But Abrahim was eggin' her on telling her: "Go after it! Sock it to him!" Sort of like: "Work for it, work for it!" Using the word "work"! It was hard work & she finally made me come. Amazing!
       26. YOU KNOW, WE'D BEEN FUCKIN' QUITE A LOT BEFORE SHE CAME & I WASN'T EVEN SURE I WAS GONNA GO! I'd sort of just relaxed & given up trying. I thought I'd just enjoy it, then all of a sudden she came! I guess I just sort of got in the Spirit when I relaxed, huh? (Maria: Yes, I think so. It's better when you relax.) I just sort of relaxed & was sort of letting you do it, & all of a sudden you turned into that Chinese girl! Isn't that amazing? I mean, I was never expecting that at all! I wasn't askin' for it, nothing! I hadn't even thought about it.
       27. I DON'T THINK I'VE HAD A CHINESE GODDESS! I had an Oriental Pearl Goddess, but she was more like Southeast Asia, you know?--The Southeast Asians or the Indo-Chinese, that sort of mixture of Indian & Chinese. (Maria: Yes.) Even a little Western mixed in quite a bit. It makes a beautiful combination. I always did think Indo-Chinese girls were French-Indo-Chinese. I think a lot of the Thai girls have some British in them too. XXX!
       28. HONEY, YOU WORKED HARD BABY, WANT ME TO DO YOU? (Maria: No, I'm satisfied.) Are you sure? (Maria: Uh huh!) She was beautiful! And from that crown I saw these little dangly strings of pearls, loops of pearls over her forehead. Did you ever see anything like that? I've got to look up some pictures of the Chinese Empresses or Princesses! I bet those Chinese dancers are decorated something like that.
       29. BUT SHE DIDN'T HAVE A STITCH OF CLOTHES ON, SHE WAS STARK NAKED! Just her cute little body was workin' away, just like you. I don't mean she had one of those big fancy headdresses like those Geisha girls have, nothin' like that. It was sort of soft & moderate. It just sort of looped around her ears & I had the impression it was maybe sort of knotted behind her head or on top of her head with that comb & that little tiara & those loops of pearls.
       30. I THINK THE THING THAT I REMEMBER THE MOST WERE THOSE LONG DANGLING EARRINGS because I watched them jump up & down, up & down! They kept jumpin' up & down! I mean, they were really bangin' around because she sort of got wild. But it made me go! (Maria: Amen!) Isn't that amazing? You can have a spiritual experience at the same time you're having a physical experience & it's like it becomes one & the same. (Maria: TYL!) PYL! TYL!
       31. IT'S JUST LIKE THE SPIRITUAL ORGASM & THE PHYSICAL ORGASM ARE ONE & THE SAME! You're united in that one tremendous orgasm! And boy, I'll tell ya, Abrahim was really workin' for it! Apparently his job is to try to inspire us in the Spirit. PTL! TYL! When he started talkin', you started really workin' too! And then it turned out it was her!--The Imperial Princess!
       32. IT WAS SO CUTE HOW SHE HAD HER FACE SORT OF SCREWED UP, eyes squinted & brows knitted & mouth pursed like she was going "ugh," like that, workin' so hard, you know? You know how people do sometimes when they're workin' so hard? They'll sort of screw their face up. I remember my Daddy used to kid me when I was tryin' to do somethin' real hard--you know how you sort of screw your mouth & tongue around?--He said, "Maybe you ought to hold your tongue right!" Ha, ha! Did you ever have your daddy or mama say that to you because you were making such facial grimaces & so many tense expressions on your face? (Maria: I imagine so!)
       33. I REMEMBER ONE OL' DUFFER, HE WAS ALWAYS SAYING THAT!--Ol' Brother Brown. We used to work together on the church & I'd get real strained about trying to get something in place & he'd say, "Maybe you're not holding your mouth right!" Ha, ha! (Maria: Cute!) She had her face all kind of screwed up, but you could tell she was pretty anyway! Hallelujah! TYL! TYJ! PYL!
       34. ANYWAY, IT MUST BE A GOOD SIGN!--THE CHINESE GODDESS IS AFTER ME! (Maria: Amen!) She wants it & she's workin' hard to get it! She was really hungerin' for it, really wants it! And I was eggin' her on! I don't know if it was me or Abrahim, I get confused! I can't tell which is which when I get in the Spirit like that!
       35. IT'S ALMOST LIKE I'M ABRAHIM OR HE'S ME, & I WAS SAYIN': "GIVE ME CHILDREN! GIVE ME CHINESE CHILDREN!"--Or Abrahim was. Well, he was inspiring me to say it anyhow: "Give me children, give me Chinese children!" It was almost like he was challenging her: "You're Chinese, then give me Chinese children!" Like, "You're supposed to be Chinese, you look Chinese, give me Chinese children!" Sort of like, "Come on, you're Chinese, now give me Chinese children!"
       36. IT'S ALMOST LIKE SOMETIMES YOU SENSE WHAT HE MEANS MORE THAN YOU ACTUALLY GET THE ACTUAL WORDS, because it's Abrahim's own language. You just sort of get the meaning. It's almost like she belonged to me & like she was my Chinese wife: "You owe it to me! Now give me Chinese children! I want Chinese children!" Hallelujah! TYL! She was beautiful!
       37. THESE ORIENTAL GIRLS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! They're so sweet & pretty & charming & smiley & seem like they're lots happier than the Western girls, at least the girls of the World. I guess it's because they haven't really been spoiled yet & ruined with too much of everything. They're not soured on life yet, they still have hopes of love & happiness.
       38. WHEREAS THE WESTERN WOMEN SEEM ALMOST LIKE THEY'VE GIVEN UP HOPE! They're soured on life. What's the word I'm searching for? They've become embittered. (Maria: Disillusioned?) Disillusioned! They really have got sort of a fed-up attitude: "We've had it all, we've done it all, we've got it all, what else is there?" (Maria: Yes.) Nothing else. And it doesn't satisfy. So they're sceptical, cynical.
       39. WHEREAS THESE PRECIOUS LITTLE ORIENTAL GIRLS, MOST OF THEM, AT LEAST, LOOK LIKE THEY STILL HAVE SOME HOPE! Some of the older women look a little sad & dejected & worn-out & sort of a little down & sad. But even that older woman who collects the dishes at the restaurant, every time we come now she brightens up & smiles so sweet. I remember when we first saw her she was so tired & so sad. Now every time we come in & look at her she almost even looks younger! (Maria: Yes, she really really does!) She looks happier & sweeter. (Maria: Yes.)
       40. IT'S WONDERFUL WHAT A LITTLE SMILE WILL DO, WHAT A LITTLE LOVE WILL DO, EVEN WITHOUT A WORD! (Maria: Yes.) Isn't that amazing? I mean, it's the Spirit! (Maria: Yes.) It's definitely the Spirit. I mean, we haven't said all that much to all those girls, & yet they smile & just fawn all over us when we walk in there. Everybody cheers up & smiles & is happy!--And why?--It isn't because our tips are all that big, because they have to share them.
       41. I GUESS THEY JUST FEEL THE SPIRIT! (MARIA: THE LOVE!) THEY FEEL THE LOVE! They see & feel it when they see you holding my hand & looking sweetly & smiling, it makes them want to do the same! (Maria: Hold your hand?) Uh huh! You were holding more than my hand that time! (Maria laughs!) Isn't that amazing? TYL! PYJ!
       42. THANK YOU LORD FOR THAT INSPIRATION! TYL! TYJ! Thank You, Lord, for that leading & guidance, that we need to put more into it & work harder, but she needs to too. To really reach each other we've got to really work hard! TYL! PYL! TYL!
       43. WELL, IF WE GET ON THE RADIO THERE THAT'LL BE KIND OF LIKE AN ERECTION! She'll just have to respond to it, you know? And it's going to be like we've got it, there it is, look at it, now do you want it or don't ya? (Maria: Amen! Hallelujah!) And she was sure busy workin' at it! (Maria: TYL!) TYJ! PTL!
       44. DAUGHTER OF THE IMPERIAL HOUSE, IMPERIAL PRINCESS OF THE COURT! The Lord must look at those countries in His way, you know? In the grand & glorious way that they used to be with Great Kings & Emperors & Mandarins & Japanese Mikados. (Maria: He likes the old, the traditional, you know?) Well, that's when they were really in their glory & their grandeur! Their really greatest, grandest beauty & power.
       45. JUST LIKE GOD'S COURT, REALLY! GOD IS HIGH & LIFTED UP & HOLDS A VERY GREAT COURT ON A GRAND & GLORIOUS THRONE! There's a lot of grandeur about God's Court! After all, He's the greatest of all Kings, Jesus is Kings of Kings & His Throne is terrific! (Maria: He likes the Kings & Courts.) Of course, because He's a King! That's the way things were supposed to be: Kings appointed & anointed by the Lord to lead the people. Dictatorships are far more efficient & effective & even more fair--the good ones, benign ones, God-inspired ones--whereas man's selections & choices are so ridiculous! (Maria: Yes, that's for sure.) To show you they always make the wrong choices, look at the democratic disasters like the U.S. & Britain!
       46. SO THAT MUST BE THE LORD'S IDEAL, REALLY, OF A RULER: A MAN WHO CAN BE HUMBLE, humble himself & go down & infiltrate amongst the people like Jesus did, you know? Be one of the common men & feel & know their lives & sufferings & problems & sympathise, yet have the great power & authority & grandeur of a King & His Court as a Ruler over all! PTL! TYL!
       47. ARE YOU GETTING HUNGRY, HONEY?--Ha!--I'm gettin' hungry! Amen, TYL! Let's finish with this subject before we go to something more mundane like eating, or shopping! Hallelujah! PYL!
       48. THANK YOU LORD FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE, THAT BEAUTIFUL GIRL OF CHINA! Maybe that's also to differentiate from all these different little Chinese groups. They have the Republic of China & those Chinese democracies & all that. You talk about the Real China, the Big China, the China that had Emperors & Great Kings & Courts, the Real Dynasty, the grand Mandarins, Mighty Mandarins & Rulers, Emperors. She is the Daughter of a King!
       49. ABRAHIM CALLED HER A PRINCESS, IMPERIAL PRINCESS OF THE ROYAL HOUSE! In other words, no little bitty split-off or splinter or off-shoot or Colony or anything but China!--The Great China! The real China!--The China God intended & meant for it to be! A great country with a Royal House, mighty Emperor, Imperial Palaces & Princesses! XXX! ILY! I can almost see her again when I look at you, Honey, your eyes! PTL! TYL! Hallelujah!
       50. AMEN, LORD, HELP US TO BE FAITHFUL & TO WORK HARD TO GET THROUGH TO HER & REACH HER, BUT HELP HER TO WORK HARD TO REACH US TO GIVE US CHILDREN! Thank You for the Chinese Princesses we already have, Thy children that You've already given us. Bless them, Lord, keep them. Keep those who work so hard on the translations & the Letters, Lord, & the typing & the printing in Chinese. Bless them, Lord! And those that are working on the Chinese MWM, so beautiful, Lord! Bless them, Lord! Help them & make them a blessing!
       51. HELP THEM TO REALLY ERECT MY PENIS & PLOUGH THE WORD, LORD, TO PLANT IT FIRMLY IN HER HEART THAT SHE'LL CONCEIVE & BRING FORTH CHILDREN FOR THY GLORY!--Chinese children, Lord, for me & You! Lots of'm, Lord! Not just a handful or a few, but hundreds of'm, thousands of'm! Could even be millions, Lord, with Thy help, Thy wisdom, Thy guidance, Thy inspiration, Thy provision, Thy strength, Thy power & Thy Spirit!
       52. YOU CAN QUICKEN US, LORD, JUST LIKE YOU DID ME IN THAT EXPERIENCE. Help us to go & sock it to her!--And help her to sock it to us, Lord, to really want it & want our children, Thy children, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord for this beautiful experience with Thy Chinese Goddess, Chinese Princess! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! In Jesus' name.
       53. LORD, WE KNOW EVERY TIME WE'VE HAD THIS EXPERIENCE IT'S ALWAYS JUST BEFORE WE'RE GOING TO MAKE A MAJOR PUSH INTO THAT COUNTRY, LIKE WE WERE PUSHED INTO HER! Help'm to push in, Lord, press in, & really go in unto her, reach her, Lord, with Thy seed, Thy Gospel of Love & Good News! To thrill her heart, thrill her body, excite her with the orgasms of Thy Spirit & cause her to conceive & bear fruit from the seed of Thy Spirit, Lord, Thy Word, & give us children!
       54. GIVE ME CHINESE CHILDREN!--GIVE YOU CHINESE CHILDREN, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME! Lots of them, Lord! Multitudes of them! You promised a long time ago, Lord, & it's already partly come to pass but there should be many many more, multitudes of'm, Lord. You can do it! If we work hard & she works hard, Lord. We can make it & make'm with Thy help, Lord, in Jesus' name. TYL! (See "Chinese Spirits!" No.273, paragraph 20!)
       55. THANK YOU FOR THIS ENCOURAGEMENT, THIS VISION! Without a vision Thy people perish, Lord. (Pr.29:18) You give the vision & by that we have the faith to know it's Thy will, so we're willing to work hard & try & have the courage to see it through because we know it's Thy will & that You're going to help us to do it & give us Chinese children, in Jesus' name, TYL!
       56. THANK YOU LORD FOR THE IMPERIAL PRINCESS OF CHINA, THE GODDESS OF CHINA! TYJ! The Spirit of China! Thank You Lord that she really wants to yield, needs us, wants us, & will work hard to get us & bear our children.--Humbles herself, Lord. TYJ! PTL! Beautiful! Thank You Jesus for her! Bless her & make her a blessing, Lord, with many children in Jesus' name. Amen. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen. Show us how to reach her, Lord! PYJ! TYL! XXXXXXX!
       57. I LOVE YOU, HONEY! THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME TO GET THROUGH TO HER! I didn't know I was going to do it, but the Lord did it, she did it, Abrahim did it! I wasn't even expecting it, but I have been expecting Chinese children!--And I have wanted China & have been trying to put all & everything we can into it right now, amen? (Maria: Amen! TYL!)
       58. PRAISE THE LORD, FOLKS! LET'S GO TO CHINA! LET'S REACH CHINA SOMEHOW!--Radio, lit, wit, visits, FFing, whatever we can do to get through the Bamboo Curtain! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Through the Great Bronze Gates of the Imperial Palace into the Chamber of the Queen! PTL! Hallelujah! The Lord knows how to get into those holy gardens & right into her bed! Hallelujah! TYJ! The Lord gave us pictures! Isn't that amazing? PTL! TYL!
       59. MAYBE CLIMBING THROUGH THE WINDOW REPRESENTS COMING IN BY RADIO, HUH? (Maria: It could.) What's the window into China?--Radio, right? Windows open to the air! Radio can go through the window.--The open-air window to China! They can send in love notes too by messengers, lit by mail, right? Wow! You can send mail into China, write letters, send lit, follow up people who write into the Radio Program. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       60. I GUESS THEY ALLOW THEM TO WRITE TO THE OUTSIDE, HUH?--TO THE SHOW? Has anybody given us any report yet on radio there, isn't that something? Is anybody workin' on it, huh? Trying to find radio time? (Maria: Oh yes, the letter was sent to them, I'm sure they'll work on it!) PTL, amen. There must be some radio station that reaches into China for their own people. Surely somebody will take advantage of that marvellous opportunity to reach into China! They sell or trade with China, so why wouldn't they want to advertise?--They can advertise the Gospel! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL!
       61. WELL, I'M GLAD WE GOT THAT & JUST IN TIME, IT'S FIVE O'CLOCK! It's time to go. I've already gone, but it's time to go eat. PTL! TYJ! Lord, have Thy way in Jesus' name, amen. I guess we should call this "The Imperial Princess!"--That's what Abrahim called her!--"The Royal Goddess of China!" PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen!--Love her NOW!--Tomorrow may be too late! GBY! Thanks! ILY! Let's make love!

       (See also 208:14; 272:63-86; 273; 316A:33-36; 391:23-24,27; 645:42; 694:117 and 1038.)

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