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SINGAPORE SAILOR!--He's RELEASED!       Singapore--24/3/82       DO 1262

       1. (TO MARIA:) YOU CAN POSSESS ME WITH YOUR SPIRIT! (Maria: How can I do that?) Just enter in! (M: And what will that do?) So you'll have better control. (M: Why don't you possess me with your spirit?) Oh, I do!--That's the trouble: Sometimes you leave the controls.--Then I get out of control. (What happens then?) You need to enter in. (How do I enter in?) By your will. By the spirit. You have to rebuke the Enemy & enter in & you need to take control. Don't you know? Usually I control you when I'm strong, but when I'm weak you have to enter in & control me by your spirit.
       2. YOU MUST NOT LET OTHERS TAKE CONTROL WHEN I'M WEAK. When you have my penie you have full control. You need to take control. There are some naughty ones who take advantage of my disabilities. I rebuke you Devil Bird, in Jesus' name!--Get away from our property! (Who are the naughty ones who take advantage?) The ones the Devil sends. (But who are they?) Who knows? Whoever's handy. Mostly the demon of drink. (And how can we prevent it?) By taking control in Jesus' name & rebuking him in Jesus' name & getting my attention, like this maybe. (Maria has ahold of his penis.) That's my attention-getter. When you've got that, it makes me concentrate & my mind doesn't wander around in dry places. I come back.
       3. (WHAT ARE DRY PLACES?) WHERE I SHOULDN'T BE. (Where would that be?) Out there. Away from you. That's why it's so dangerous for you to be gone from me. That's what happened. You were gone & they got in. You weren't here to protect me. You're my guardian angel. You have to stay close to my side & keep control. (Can nobody else do it?) Oh, Honey, they don't know how! They don't understand. They can do that, but they can't keep control. All they can do is draw attention to sex, but you have to do it for a reason, Honey. 'Cause you have power, Sweetheart, don't you understand? ('Cause I have power?) Yes, over me.
       4. THE LORD HAS GIVEN YOU POWER OVER ME TO KEEP ME UNDER CONTROL. Just grab my throttle & you're in the driver's seat, & then you take it away from them. Don't you understand? Otherwise I wander around in dry places when you're not here to control me, away from you, away from where I should be. (What are the dry places?) They are dry & unprofitable & unproductive. They just waste time. You have to be here, Honey Baby, to control me. The robot controls the scientist because she keeps his attention focused on her in the right direction, or I'll go wandering off in dry places in the spirit.
       5. THERE ARE NAUGHTY SPIRITS THAT COME & DISTRACT ME. They come & distract me, you know that, Honey. Keep control, Honey. Don't slacken your grip! You have to keep my attention, Sweetheart. Sometimes you even have to suck it to get my attention. (What other naughty spirits are there?) O my God, there are all kinds of them always hanging around to attack me! The Devil's got oodles of them! (Like what?) I don't know that he was so naughty, but
       6. THIS OLD BRITISH SAILOR CAME TO TELL ME HIS STORY & WHY HE DIED HERE, & HE WANTED ME TO RELEASE HIM. So I heard his story & why he died in this drunken brawl at a Chinese New Year's party, & it really wasn't his fault. It's a long long story. I've been watching his story for a long long time. Well, anyway, I prayed for him & released him. He was buried out in this cemetery after he got killed. They thought he was stealing a horse but he wasn't, & he wanted me to plead his cause, so it's all settled now, thank the Lord!
       7. (DO YOU THINK IT WASTES YOUR TIME?) WELL, I DON'T KNOW. When I've got nothing else to do & you don't take control, well, I'm available. I'm thirsty, I need another drink. You sure know how to get my attention, Honey! It's amazing how you can hold your notebook & write & hang on all at the same time!
       8. THIS POOR BRITISH SAILOR, HE WAS A SAD CASE, COMING TO ME COMPLAINING ABOUT ALL HIS TROUBLES, how they were unfair to him. One little girl wasn't his fault. She asked for it. It was the custom during the feast to turn the young virgins loose on the men & introduce the girls to sex. So he gave it to her & somebody complained. I think the mother didn't like him. She sicced the men on him & they killed him. He wasn't really stealing a horse. He was just trying to get away. Well, I guess that really was stealing. That used to be a crime punishable by death, you know, worse than fucking a virgin!
       9. THATTA GIRL! KEEP MY ATTENTION & YOU CAN FIND OUT WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW! When I'm in the spirit, that's my link with you, can't you see? When you have that, I'm still linked with you & your flesh & you can still get through to me. We're still connected, you're connected. You plug me in & we're connected. But I need a little juice for our connection to make the current flow. Can't you find me a little juice, Honey? Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah! Please find me some spirit-juice. If you want to fuck somebody, why don't you fuck me? But first you've got to juice me. Go find it. I think it's in the bathroom. Maybe it's in the storeroom. No? Then it must be in the kitchen. Just take this little bottle & fill it up.
       10. THAT'S WHAT THAT BIRD SOUNDS LIKE!--JUST LIKE A CORK POPPING OUT OF A BOTTLE!--HE'S A DEMON OF DRINK! He almost got in while you were gone. You were gone too long getting me that wine. He came over & I almost by mistake blessed him & he came in. I almost blessed him. I meant to curse him & I got twisted. See, if you don't keep ahold of me I get mixed up, Honey. You wouldn't want him in here, would you? He sounds just like a bottle popping its cork!--That's what he sounds like! That's exactly what he sounds like! (Did you curse him?) Of course I cursed him & he flew away! Maybe he's a demon of drink. Sounds just like a bottle. Glup, glup, glup, glup! I was trying to think of what he sounds like, & that's what it is!
       11. YOU WERE GONE TOO LONG, HONEY, & YOU ALMOST LOST CONTROL! What took so long, Honey, couldn't you find it? Why don't they leave it where you can find it? I can hardly swallow. I love you, Honey. I think the Lord gave you an awful hard job, Honey, having to keep control of me, hang onto me.
       12. DON'T YOU KNOW I'M YOUR OLD PAPA LION? You had to lead him around on a leash, don't you remember? You have to hold onto the rope, so he won't just wander off! Don't you understand that? You're his control. There are controls, don't you know? If one isn't in control, somebody else is in control. (Who is?) It's a good thing Abrahim is here when you're gone, 'cause who else would take care of me? God curse that Devil Bird! He's the demon of drink, glub, glub, glub, glub! Sounds just like a bottle!
       13. YOU HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL, HONEY BABY! If you're going to go to sleep, you have to put me in somebody else's control before you go to sleep. You have to commit me to somebody. You have to pray that one of my guardian angels will take me over. You have to specifically commit me in prayer to somebody, don't you understand that? (Abrahim?) Well, whoever. (Is Abrahim a good one?) Of course!--He loves me & he'll take good care of me! (Who else are your guardian angels?) O Honey, there're so many! Just be satisfied with Abrahim, OK, Honey? You have to turn it over to him, & then he'll turn it over to somebody else. I'm sure he'll call for help if he needs it.
       14. BUT YOU MUST TURN ME OVER TO SOMEBODY! You can't just run off like that & leave me like you did the other night, or I'll get in all kinds of trouble! (Can I commit you to somebody else?) Yes, I didn't mind your committing me to Dora, that was good 'cause she loves me & she prayed for me & took care of me. But it would be better if you'd commit me to Abrahim or somebody that knows me better. Dora doesn't know how to make me behave. She's just a little child. When it comes to these things she doesn't understand, Honey. (Sometimes Abrahim doesn't make you behave either!) No? Well, at least he understands it.
       15. THANK YOU HONEY, THAT'S MY TETHER, MY ATTENTION-GETTER! You can always get my attention that way & call me back from the spirit world. You can pull me down to earth & get through to me. (Sometimes you're pretty far gone in the spirit world!) Well, keep trying, keep pulling, keep sucking, keep trying, you'll get through to me usually. That's my link with you. (Why is that, Honey?) Because that's the way the Lord made it:
       16. "AND THEY TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH" (MT.19:5,6)--AND THAT'S THE LINK RIGHT THERE!--You've got it right in your hand! Honey, that feels so good to be linked! I like it! You know you can always get through to me that way. Even if I'm angry, don't pay any attention to what I say. Just grab ahold of it, Honey, & work away. (But sometimes you're so angry at me you won't let me.) You can do it anyway. I won't resist very much. I'll just pretend to. I might be angry with you, but I'm not going to flatly refuse if you keep trying, don't you know? You tried that before, Honey, but if you don't insist, I feel like you don't love me, if you don't really try hard to get through to me. I mean, you've gotta do it, you've gotta do it no matter what I say.
       17. YOU'VE GOT TO TAKE CONTROL. THAT'S YOUR CONTROL. THAT'S YOURS. IT BELONGS TO YOU. GOD PUT THAT IN YOUR HAND. That's why He called you a handmaiden. That's why when they want to get married they ask for your hand, because your hands are important. That's the control. You just get ahold of that & you're in control, completely in control, & I'll just go wherever you lead me.
       18. AHA! NOW I KNOW WHY IT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO GET THE WINE! (I didn't see anybody.) No, you didn't see anybody.--You just mixed the wine with the apple juice. (But you needed the apple juice, it's very important.) Don't you know you can't fool me? (I wasn't trying to.) I know things. (I wasn't trying to fool you, I was just trying to give you some good nutrition.) But it doesn't put me to sleep. (Well, if you stop talking you'll go to sleep.) You don't want me to talk? (No, I like you to talk, but I don't like you to keep drinking.) Let's go to sleep--I'm tired of this.
       19. I WENT THROUGH A BIG LONG ORDEAL ALL NIGHT WITH THAT BRITISH SAILOR WITH ALL HIS LONG TALE OF WOE! Oh my! You've no idea how much trouble he had, poor fellow! How come the Lord gives me power to release them? If you pray for them, the Lord will release them. If you bind anything on Earth or loose anything on Earth, it'll be bound or loosed in Heaven! It really works, if they can just get through to you! The British soldier & those in Flanders fields, the Treasure ship--I think maybe there were others, huh?--The Christmas Eve Massacre!
       20. THEY HAVE TO COME TO ME & TELL ME THEIR STORY & PRESENT THEIR CASE & THEY ASK FOR ME TO PRAY FOR THEM & RELEASE THEM, & so I do, & that way I get rid of them. Well, I shouldn't put it that way. It's true though, because they pester me, asking for a lot of mercy & favors & things. You must have to be near their place or something, huh? Isn't that funny? They must be restricted to a certain area, & when I come into their area, then they can get at me, & then they come to me. The Lord must allow it, to have mercy on them.
       21. I DON'T THINK THERE WAS ANYBODY IN SRI LANKA, apparently nobody that deserved mercy, huh? There always seems to be somebody that has a case to argue for mercy or forgiveness. And the Lord lets them come to me in my sleep to tell their story & ask for mercy. So I prayed for him & released him, & I'm sure the Lord let him go. What a hell of a place to be in, a Chinese cemetery, poor fellow, after all these years! I mean, it must have been a hundred years according to their costumes & their ribald revelry! It must have been at least a hundred years ago.
       22. THEY WERE HAVING THIS BIG PARTY, THIS CHINESE NEW YEAR'S PARTY. (In the barracks or in the town?) No, no, in the town, out in the street, big feast! (Just the soldiers?) No, no, not soldiers! The sailors, the townspeople & the British colonists. They were all having this big drunken revelry. The custom was to let the debutantes loose so the men could initiate them to sex, but this one mother didn't like him, 'cause it was supposed to be willingly & with consent & she claimed he forced her. So he was just running away trying to get a horse but they caught him & killed him, poor fellow!
       23. WHY WOULD HE HAVE TO BE BOUND HERE TO THIS HORRIBLE CHINESE CEMETERY FOR A HUNDRED YEARS? It must be a hundred years old! I don't know, where else could he go? They just want to be released so they can go. There must be some place they go, huh? (Do you think he wanted to go back to England?) Oh no, no, no! I don't think it has anything to do with this Earth! I think it's a Heavenly release from this Earth. I think it's a release from their problems here & their sins & punishments.
       24. HE MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING NAUGHTY, been bad somehow, you know, or the Lord wouldn't have punished him & made him stay here this long time. Maybe he did force the girl. Maybe he was stealing the horse. I guess he was. But it was really their fault in a way. They were the ones that were having the big drunken brawl & feast & whatnot & excess.--All the people. What did they expect him to do when he got drunk but to attack the young maidens who wanted to be attacked? I guess he wasn't the one the mother had chosen. I guess he wasn't the one she wanted to attack her dear darling daughter, so she was angry. She had them chase him & he was trying to get the horse & they killed him.
       25. THEY KILLED HIM WITH STICKS! THEY BEAT HIM TO DEATH! WHATTA WAY TO GO! The whole mob set on him! (We found out later this is a Chinese type of punishment for crime!--To be beaten with sticks!) Ai, yai! Mobs! They are of the Devil!--The mob spirit! It's demon possession! I mean, they're just as guilty, you know? Poor fellow! He must have had somebody to talk to all these years. There must have been a few British around that died here. I'd sure hate to be surrounded by all these Chinese & nobody to talk to! (Or maybe some of the Chinese understood English?) Well, probably.
       26. BUT WHY DO THEY HAVE TO WAIT FOR SOMEBODY TO COME & RELEASE THEM? I don't understand the method. It's like the prayers of the saints: They have to wait until a saint comes with his grace & mercy, like Mary or somebody, you know? They're always praying for Mary to help them, & to the other saints. Somebody that has grace & mercy to spare. Apparently there aren't too many of us around! Oh me, look at me, & then they have to wait for a poor saint like me, a sinning saint, the drunken prophet!
       27. (BUT HONEY YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DRUNK, THAT'S THE POINT! You're not supposed to let the demon of drink control you!) No, he shouldn't control, just get me up to a certain point. OK, that's enough, you've made your point. I'm in your control, I'm back in your hands, but you'd better not go to sleep without turning me over to somebody. (Abrahim?) Yes, just pick your party. (He's the only one I know. Maybe he should introduce me to some others.) No, he's good enough. He's the right one. I guess he's the best I deserve because he understands my problems. Isn't that funny? He's sort of like one step up, the next grade, & he's earned sort of his reward by taking care of me.
       28. HE MAKES A FEW SLIPS ONCE IN AWHILE WHEN YOU DON'T PRAY & you don't really take it seriously. (Why does he make the slips?) Because you have to pray, just like I have to pray for them to release them. (Doesn't he know what to do?) Oh, you know Abrahim, he has his temptations like me, such as women & wine, & he's apt to decide to go off on a little bender with me if you don't hang on. I mean, you tempt him, Honey, when you don't pray & keep control.
       29. (HOW DO I TURN YOU OVER TO HIM?) PRAY! Commit me to his care when you go to sleep. (Are you ready to go to sleep?) Yes, I'm ready. I'm tired of moving pictures & whole long stories of tales of woe about a poor old British soldier a hundred years ago! I think it must be a hundred & fifty years ago, 'cause they sure wore old-fashioned clothes! (Amen, in Jesus' name, Abrahim, you take care of my David.) You can just say Jesus & He'll appoint whoever...
       30. I PRAYED & I REBUKED THE DEVIL BIRD & HE JUST TOOK OFF! He came right over here in that tree & started his demonic gurgling, glub, glub, glub, & the Devil tried to twist my tongue & get me to bless him & when I did he got real loud, & I saw I was making a mistake & I stopped & cursed him & he took off right away! He probably comes from that Chinese temple. I bet that's where he lives.
       31. THOSE GOD-DAMNED DEMONS! YOU KNOW, THEY'RE STILL REBELLIOUS? After all this, they still haven't learned! Isn't that something? They're still in rebellion against God! I mean, some of them are as much in rebellion against God & working against Him as Abrahim is trying to work for Him! See, that's the difference between the good spirits & the bad spirits. He's trying to be good & reform & do good now, but they're still trying to cause trouble & deviltry!--Still in rebellion against God, isn't that terrible? Isn't that awful?
       32. IMAGINE SUCH FOUL EVIL SPIRITS AS THAT, THEY'RE FIGHTING AGAINST THE LORD & HIS PROPHET! That damn committee at that temple sent him over here. (Committee of spirits, huh?) Uh huh. In Jesus' name, help us to sleep, Lord! Commit me to the Lord, Honey. Pray! Be specific! (Lord, I commit him to Thy care, & You have whoever You want to take care of him)
       33. YOU HAVE TO SLEEP SOMETIME, HONEY, SO YOU HAVE TO COMMIT ME TO THE ANGELS. (Maria prays.) You can talk to them direct in Jesus' name. (I pray that Thy seven angels, Lord, would be 'round about him & take care of him.--I don't know their names, do you?) Isn't that funny, I was just thinking about that, thinking about that very thing!--Adam & Noah & Abraham & Moses!--That's four, huh? And David & Daniel!--That's six, huh?--And Abrahim!--Seven! There they are, OK? Are you satisfied? (Are they the ones from the Bible?) Of course!
       34. (BUT I THOUGHT THOSE GUARDIANS AROUND YOU WERE ANGELS, NOT MEN!) Men are angels when they're in the spirit world, Honey. (And they are all the ones from the Bible?) Of course! (But what about Abrahim?) Well, what's the difference?--He's in God's Bible! He's just lived since the Bible was written, that's all. (Is that our Abrahim?) Of course, Honey, who else? (Who's the head of the seven angels? What one is in charge?) Michael the Archangel. (Which of the seven is the leader?) None of them is the leader. Michael the Archangel is the leader! You know that, Honey, you heard that before. (That's a pretty impressive array of characters!)
       35. I'VE A VERY IMPORTANT JOB, HONEY, IN THIS LAST DAY, don't you understand? Look what an important job you have! You don't even appreciate it! You go off & just leave your David to run around loose, run around & wander off, 'cause you're not taking care of him & controlling him! You just dropped my tether & ran off! I mean, you can't even let my tether go, ever, even when I'm asleep, or when you're asleep. You've got to keep it in your hand. (I have to keep it in my hand all the time?) Well, you know that's what you always want to do. (But sometimes I turn over when I'm sleeping.)
       36. WELL, I MEAN IT'S IN THE SPIRIT, it's not just my penie. My penie is very important & symbolic, it's there & you have to take ahold of it, it's the link, but you still have to hold on to it even in the spirit. That's our link. Even when you're sleeping you musn't really let go, or when I'm sleeping. You know what happens? Somebody else comes in & grabs it & runs off with it, & then you have a lot of trouble because you weren't faithful with your responsibility. You let someone else grab it & run off with me or somebody that doesn't know how to take care of me.
       37. (IS IT MOST IMPORTANT WHEN YOU'RE ASLEEP AT NIGHT?) OH THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF ALL, HONEY! You have to do it in the spirit! (Even when you're asleep, that's more important than in the daytime?) That's the most important of all, 'cause that's when they sneak in & try to grab the rope! That's why you have to really commit me to the Lord in the spirit, Honey, before you go to sleep, OK? You've just gotta do it, Honey!--It's your job! The Lord gave it to you, you know?
       38. I CAN'T HARDLY SWALLOW ANY MORE 'CAUSE MY THROAT'S BEEN SO SORE! I could hardly swallow that rice, it almost got stuck, but I just prayed desperately because I figured I needed the nourishment, & it finally went down. (The Lord will heal it.) No, He doesn't seem to be. It seems to be getting worse. It's closing up. (No, it's not, Honey!) Closing up shop! My stomach worked hard for 63 years. Now it's getting tired & laying down on the job. It doesn't wanna work any more. It doesn't want any more food. I guess I can live on soup for awhile anyway. I know someone that lived on liquids for years, so I guess I can live on liquids for awhile.
       39. I LOVE YOU, SWEET BABY! LORD BLESS TECHI & HELP HER TO SLEEP & KEEP THY GUARDIAN ANGELS 'ROUND ABOUT HER, & Dora & John & all of our family here, & Peter & Pearl & Joseph. Help them to realise they have to pray against principalities & powers & evil spirits in spiritual places. They had better remember they really need to pray, especially before they go to sleep!
       40. THIS POOR OLD FELLOW, I'M SO GLAD I WAS ABLE TO RELEASE HIM. I wonder why they have to wait for somebody with grace & mercy & truth to hear their story? (Long pause) I think it's time to let that crew go. ("The Treasure Ship"--No.614.) I don't think they should stay down there watching that ship any longer, it's just too long! It's been five years since then, since my dream, & I don't think the Lord should expect them to stay down there any longer, I really don't. (Even if someone doesn't find the ship?) Yes, I told the people, I told the whole World about it, & if they don't want it & they don't believe it & they don't go down looking for it, then I don't think the crew should have to stay there any longer watching it!
       41. THEY WERE TRYING TO WAIT FOR SOME GOOD PEOPLE OF FAITH THAT BELIEVED GOD'S PROPHET to come & reward them, but they didn't come, so they might as well let the Devil have it! Loose them & let them go, Lord, in Jesus' name! It's a long long time. Of course there's no time where they are, but it's a big job & I think they've done it. In the spirit world there's no time, but I think they ought to go. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! God bless you all! Amen! You did your job. Praise the Lord!
       42. I WONDER WHAT MONTH IT WAS I HAD THAT DREAM?--It's been five years at least! (February 1976!) God bless'm, they really deserve to be released. Thank You Jesus! In Jesus Name! Forgive me Lord for forgetting about them, but somebody has to be interested, you know? And someone has to hear their story & pray for them, like all the soldiers in Flanders Fields. Amen, Lord, they don't have to stay down there any more. Release them & let them go, Lord, in Jesus Name!
       43. PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND THEIR PROBLEMS! (The spirits?) The Lord sends their message to the people through the mouth of His Prophet to convict the people for their sins, & when they've delivered the message they've done their job, & I think they should be released. Amen, thank You Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen. They go on up. They go up to something more heavenly, so they don't have to be connected to this World anymore & their old job & their old problems & what they had to stay here for.
       44. LOOK HOW MANY OF THOSE PEOPLE I'VE HAD TO TAKE CARE OF! How many is that now, can you name them?--“Treasure Ship”, “Christmas Eve Massacre”, “Flanders Fields”, “Singapore Sailor” (That'd be a good name for this one! But Honey, it doesn't seem like I have any control when I can't get you to do what you're supposed to do. Instead of drinking & drinking & staying awake, you're supposed to go to sleep!). Don't you want to hear the end of it? (But I thought we had the end of it.) Don't you want the summary of all these cases, all these many many cases that the Lord has brought to me?
       45. "KNOW YE NOT THAT YE SHALL JUDGE ANGELS?"--the Lord said that! (1Cor.6:3) So if we're going to judge angels we're certainly going to judge the spirits of men! And He brings these cases to me & I have to make a settlement & have mercy & tell the Lord to forgive them & release them. I don't know what some of them did to deserve it!... (He drifts off to sleep at last!)
       46. ARE YOU EXERCISING YOUR POWER TO RELEASE SPIRITS?--The power of Jesus' name! Think how much good you can do in Jesus' name! He says "Call upon Me & I will answer thee & show thee great & mighty things which thou knowest not of!" (Jer.33:3) "All power is given unto Me in Heaven & in Earth!" (Mt.28:18)
       47. "EVEN THE SPIRITS ARE SUBJECT UNTO US!" (Lk.10:17,20)--Amen! "Get thee behind Me Satan!" (Lk.4:8) "Resist the Enemy & he shall flee from thee!" (Ja.4:7) "One man can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight!" (Deut.32:30) "If two of you shall agree on Earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven." (Mt.18:19)
       48. "WHATSOEVER THOU SHALT BIND ON EARTH SHALL BE BOUND IN HEAVEN: & whatsoever thou shalt loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven." (Mt.16:19) "Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; & whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained." (Jn.20:23) You have the power in Jesus' name!--USE IT!
       49. --HEAVEN WILL REVEAL WHAT GOOD WE HAVE DONE--OR COULD HAVE DONE--THROUGH PRAYER! HAL! PTL! TYJ! GBAKYAMYAB! "Loose them & let them go!" (Jn.11:44) HAL!--DO IT TODAY!--Tomorrow may be too late! GBY!

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