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WHOLE CHINESE CEMETERY SET FREE!       DO 1264       25/3/82
--Thousands of Chinese Souls Freed in One Night!
--A Miraculous Experience!

You need to recoup your strength to give your David seven kisses!
       1. I REALLY WON A VICTORY OVER THE DEVIL! Oh my God, we really won a victory over the Devil!--You know that? We liberated all those poor pitiful Chinese souls from their poor pitiful graves! Hallelujah! You understand? Oh Honey Baby, I told you! (Maria: Yes, I understand.) TYJ! (Laughs: Ha! Ha! Ha!) Hallelujah! (Trills & tongues!) Hallelujah! You know what?--I liberated all those souls in the Devil's bondage out of that God-damned cemetery, you know that? (Trills & tongues!) I won! I won! (Laughs & tongues!) (Claps hands violently & trills!)
       2. I WON! I WON! I WON! I LIBERATED ALL THOSE SOULS IN THE GOD-DAMNED CHINESE CEMETERY THAT THEY HAD IN BONDAGE! (Tongues & clapping!) Jesucristo! Jesucristo, Jesucristo! Hallelujah! Jesucristo! (--Like Spanish pronunciation.) Do you understand? We have won a great victory over this great big cemetery! You know, we released thousands of souls...(Tongues!) You know, we won a big victory over the Devil! We released thousands of souls from the cemetery! (Tongues & weeping!)
       3. THANK GOD! I LIKE TO FIGHT THE DEVIL! (Trills & Tongues!) TYJ! (Tongues) Ah, I'm tired! Big fight, ha! I had a big fight, you know? I had a big fight & I love it! (Tongues!) I had a big fight with the Devil & I won! (Tongues!) Every soul, every soul in the cemetery is liberated in the name of Jesus Christ! Every soul is freed from the Devil in the name of Jesus Christ! Every soul is freed from Satan in the power of Jesus Christ!
       4. FIGHT IN THE NAME OF JESUS! (Tongues!) Every soul! Every soul! Every soul in the name of Jesus is freed from the cemetery, from the power of the Dragon & the God-damned temple & the God-damned religion of the Devil, in Jesus' name! Amen! Hallelujah! TYJ! Hallelujah! (Tongues!) Don't you understand the power of your Father? (Maria: Amen!) In the Spirit? Huh? Huh? (Maria: Yes!) (Tongues!) I have power over all the demons of Hell & Satan & all the machinations of the Evil One! (Tongues! Laughs!) En el nombre de Jesucristo! (Tongues & laughing!) Do you know what I'm talking about?
       5. I HAD A BIG VICTORY OVER THE DEVIL! I LIBERATED THOUSANDS OF SOULS FROM THIS CEMETERY! You know that? (Maria: TYJ!) In the name of Jesus Christ I liberated'm! (Tongues!) I have more power than that God-damned Dragon of that temple! God damn him in the name of Jesus! (Tongues!) Won't you open the door? I'm hot! It's a big fight! Oh my! My oh my, oh my! (Tongues & laughing!) There's never been such a big victory in this place, never before! I defeated all those God-damned evil spirits that kept them from coming up! (Tongues!) En el nombre de Jesucristo!
       6. RAISE THEM JESUS, RAISE THEM BY THY MERCY! RAISE THEM BY THY LOVE! Liberate Thy spirits, liberate these spirits from the bondage of the Devil! I have power over the Devil! You know? En el nombre de Jesucristo! (Tongues!) You understand? There's power over the Devil & all of his God-damned demons! You understand? (Maria: Amen!) You know these demons that tried to hold them in Hell? En el nombre de Jesucristo! (Tongues!)--
       7. I RELEASED THEM IN JESUS' NAME! They didn't know, Lord, they didn't know. They would have, if they could have seen You, Jesus. Oh my God! Oh Jesus! Hallelujah! I like a fight! (Tongues, Abrahim speaking, strong accent) Do you understand? (Maria: Amen!) Do you understand I had a battle with the Devil? And I won! I won! I freed thousands of souls from the Devil in the cemetery! (Maria: Hallelujah! TYJ!) (Tongues, laughing!) Oh the God-damned Devil, he can't win over us, Honey Baby! You know something, you know, you know?
       8. I FREED TENS-OF-THOUSANDS OF SOULS IN THE CEMETERY FROM THE GRIP OF SATAN & THE DRAGON & THE GOD-DAMNED DEVILISH TEMPLE!--IN THE NAME OF JESUS! (Tongues!) Hallelujah! Listen to them praise the Lord! (Laughs!) Hallelujah! We won a great, great, great, great victory! We delivered tens-of-thousands of souls from the bondage of the Devil in this horrible deathly cemetery! Do you know that? Do you know that? Do you know that? (Maria: Hallelujah!) (Tongues!)
       9. IT'S A G-R-R-REAT LIBERATION!--A g-r-r-reat liberation, g-r-reat liberation, great victory for souls for Jesus! Hallelujah! (Dad hits his fist into his hand:) We hit the Devil, we conquered the Devil, we killed the Devil, we delivered all those souls for Jesus! Isn't that wonderful? TYJ! My God! Hallelujah! TYJ! I really like that, you know? That was a good fight! But I'm tired now. Hallelujah! Did you see what happened?
       10. DID YOU SEE ALL THOSE GRAVES OPEN & ALL THOSE SOULS LIBERATED FOR JESUS?--FOR HIS LOVE? What a beautiful, beautiful sight! You know what I think? I think the Chinese are going to love me because I liberated so many of their souls for Jesus! In Jesus' name, amen. Listen to the birds! They're celebrating the victory, they're singing! (Tongues) They're celebrating the victory of David your Father over Evil! Oh, there's no power that can conquer me! There's no power that is greater than me & Jesus! Listen to the birds, they sing! Hallelujah! They sing the victory, isn't that beautiful? (Hits hand in fist:) I won! I won over the Devil!
       11. I LIBERATED ALL THOSE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF SOULS IN THAT GOD-DAMNED DEVILRY! Yes! They were imprisoned there by the Serpent, by the Dragon. You saw it on the temple, but I liberated! Jesus liberated them with my help. Hallelujah! TYJ! You know? Hallelujah? Hallelujah? You like it? (Maria: I love it!) All those souls are liberated for Jesus! TYJ! Hallelujah! (Tongues)
       12. (TURNS & LOOKS AT THE SOULS RELEASED WHO ARE THANKING HIM:) YOU MUSTN'T THANK ME, YOU MUST THANK JESUS!--JESUS IS THE ONE WHO LIBERATED YOU! Thank Jesus! Go up now, you can go up now. I liberated you in Jesus' name. In Jesus' name I freed you from the Devil & the Dragon! (Tongues & laughs!) Oh I like to fight! I like to fight, I like to win 'cause I can't lose! You know? I like to fight the Devil because I can't lose--in Jesus' name! (Tongues) Hallelujah! (Tongues) Thank Jesus, thank Jesus, thank Jesus, thank Jesus! Don't thank me, thank Jesus! Thank Jesus, thank Jesus!
       13. AMEN! HALLELUJAH! I'M JUST A FIGHTER FOR JESUS! Don't misunderstand, I'm just a fighter for Jesus. (Hits hand in fist:) I love to fight the Devil because I can't lose! (Laughs) I love to fight the Devil because I can't lose! It's really not very--in some ways it's not very fair because I always win, I always have to win because I hate the Devil & he hates me & I have to win! Amen! TYJ! Amen. That was a good battle, Honey Baby! I love you! Huh? (Maria: Amen!) Do you like it? (Maria: Yes!) (Tongues & 5 kisses) TYJ! Amen! (Yawns) We have to go to sleep sometime. You know, you can't fight all the time. You can if you want, but I mean, you know? (Maria: Yes!--It's time now?)
       14. LISTEN!--THE BIRDS!--SINGING THE VICTORY! DO YOU HEAR THE BIRDS? They're rejoicing in David's name, in the name of Jesus Christ! You know? Do you hear them? (Maria: Amen!) Let's go to sleep now. Isn't that beautiful? Isn't that wonderful? We won a gorgeous victory over the Devil! Did you hear it? Huh? (Maria: Yes!) (Tongues--shadow boxes:) I hit him this way & I hit him that way & I boxed his ears & I hit him in the snoot & I socked it away to him! Ha! Hallelujah!
       15. I LOVE TO FIGHT THE DEVIL BECAUSE I ALWAYS WIN! Isn't that wonderful? I love to fight him! (Tongues) I'm tired of fighting the Devil, I'm tired of winning. I'm gonna have to go to sleep.--Okay? (Maria: Amen.) Do you understand? (Maria: Yes.) You understand I can be tired of winning? (Maria laughs:--Amen!) Goodnight, Sweet Baby!--That was a good fight! Oh I loved it! I really really socked it to him, amen? In Jesus' name!
       16. WE REALLY REALLY WON! Huh? (Maria: Amen!) TYJ! In Jesus' name! I love you! I'm tired. God damn the Devil!--And I won! I won! I won, don't you know I won? In Jesus' name! Amen! Sweetheart, I want you to come to bed & help me enjoy the victory. (Tongues & laughs) He can't win! He can't win, because I always win with Jesus! (Laughs & tongues) Oh I'm tired of winning.
       17. I DEFEATED THE DEVIL IN JESUS' NAME! (Hears chickens:) They cackle & crow for me because they like me because I win in Jesus' name, amen? Don't you understand, Honey Baby? I have to win! It's no fun if I don't win! I win every time over the God-damned Devil, in Jesus' name! Amen, amen, amen! (Hallelujah! TYJ!)

* * * * * * *

       (Later while describing this experience to the Family in another city) 8/82
       18. THAT WAS A THRILLING SIGHT! I'LL TELL YOU, THAT WAS A THRILLING SIGHT! I bet I'll never see a sight like that till the Resurrection! That whole house that I was in was just like the walls weren't even there & I could see the whole graveyard! You could just see all these spirits looking like white ghosts rising right out of the graves. They all wear robes, isn't that something? They don't just rise up naked like some of our artists pictured at first. I told'm, "Listen, stop that!--People aren't running around Heaven naked!"--Just almost, in these see-through gowns!
       19. WHENEVER YOU READ ANYTHING IN THE BIBLE ABOUT SPIRITS OR THE LORD APPEARING IN HEAVEN, THEY ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING ON that looks iridescent, sort of shiny & almost like it has light in it, sort of thin & sparkly & nice & see-through! They glow, like they're made out of light, actually made out of light, sort of sparkly & flowing. I wouldn't say these gowns on these particular spirits in this graveyard were all that sparkly, but they were white.
       20. THEY WERE ALL RISING IN WHITE NIGHTGOWNS, & you could see not only through their nightgowns but through them, just like ghosts! A lot like the general conception of ghosts. Well, they've gotten that idea from so many people telling ghost stories about seeing ghosts I guess. But these were not just a few nor even a hundred or even a few hundred, not even several thousand, but by tens of thousands they were rising out of that graveyard! You know what it reminded me of a little bit? You know those Katusha rockets, those big rocket banks the Russians invented with a whole bunch of tubes & the rockets go shish, shish, shish, shish, shish! Only they weren't going that fast, but that's the way they were rising, a constant stream, just constant.
       21. THEY MUST'VE BURIED AN AWFUL LOT OF PEOPLE IN THAT PLACE TO HAVE THAT MANY SOULS! I just couldn't believe it! I never dreamed there were so many people buried there. There were tens of thousands of these spirits, they were just pouring out in one constant stream! The sky was full of them, just absolutely full of them, just pouring in one constant stream out of the graves, out of the whole graveyard! The sky was lit up with all the spirits! Boy, you should've seen it!
       22. WHEW! BRRRRRRRRRR! TYL! HALLELUJAH! EVEN GETS ABRAHIM EXCITED! TYL! I better simmer down or I'm just going to take off! The robes these spirits wore were not as beautiful as the ones I've seen on the Heavenly inhabitants, maybe because they weren't first-rate citizens or top-flight citizens or something. But they were all white. They were just streaming, streaming out of that graveyard like those Katusha rockets. Not that fast, but I mean fast! They were going up as fast as I could watch them, the sky full of them one right after the other, just a constant stream of them! The whole sky lit up just like our house wasn't even there. Ha!
       28. WE LIVED RIGHT BEHIND THIS HUGE GRAVEYARD & NEXT TO THAT WAS THE BIGGEST TEMPLE IN THE EAST. There's a special day, Yu Lan Ji, which is called the day of the liberation of the spirits! According to their tradition & custom, they're only liberated for one day.--Only allowed to come out of hell for one day.--And it was right at this season when this happened! The Lord liberated them permanently, hallelujah! What a victory over the Devil! The Lord must have a lot of compassion for them! It doesn't always happen, but it just shows you what can happen if the Lord gives you the faith for it.
       24. TWO NIGHTS BEFORE, I GOT "SINGAPORE SAILOR" & it was that one which gave me the faith for the other one! I went to bed thinking, "Well now, if I can liberate one soul out of that graveyard, why can't I in the name of Jesus liberate them all?" So I thought, "Well I might as well try." Hallelujah! And it worked! So that was really some sight! That's one of the most thrilling sights I think I ever had in any dream of any kind!--But was an actual vision!
       25. THE ONLY THING I CAN THINK OF THAT WAS ANYTHING LIKE IT WAS THE DEATH OF ABRAHIM & HIS TRIBE OF ABOUT 200 PEOPLE, & I saw those spirits rising from the bodies. That little picture by whoever it was that drew for that Letter was nothing in comparison with what it was really like. But that was a rough idea of what it looked like. But it was about 200 people, all of them, men, women & children, & all rising out of their bodies! Beautiful! That's the closest vision I ever had of the same thing.
       26. BUT IT COULDN'T HOLD A CANDLE TO THAT SIGHT THAT NIGHT IN THAT CHINESE GRAVEYARD! I mean there were literally clouds of them, clouds! The Bible says Jesus will come in clouds. It says that the spirits, you know, the departed are going to come with Him. Maybe it's like clouds of spirits, you know? Maybe that's what it is. I don't know if I saw them all, but I saw plenty of them! They were smiling & looking happy.
       27. IT SAYS IN HEBREWS 12 WE'RE SURROUNDED BY A GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES. And in 1 Thessalonians 4 it says that the Lord Himself will bring them with Him when He comes. Which means all the departed saints are going to come back with the Lord when He comes. It's part of the victory, & we're all going to rise to meet Him in the air. All of us!
       28. SO YOU CAN IMAGINE THAT'S GOING TO BE QUITE A CLOUD OF PEOPLE, QUITE A CLOUD OF SPIRITS! So when the departed dead come back to get their resurrection bodies, here comes this cloud of ghosts, so to speak, & all these bodies rising from the ground to be in Heaven! That's quite a scene, huh? That was quite a resurrection I saw that night, I'll tell you!
       29. NOW DON'T MISUNDERSTAND ME, IT WASN'T THE RESURRECTION THOUGH! It wasn't their bodies, it was just their spirits. At least that's what it looked like. It looked like ghosts, not ugly ghosts or scary ghosts, though. In fact, I'd say most of them looked kind of surprised like they were sort of stunned & wondered what was happening, just amazed! You know the Chinese, they're usually a little stoical & poker-faced but I'll tell you, they were looking really thrilled this time!
       30. AND WHY THE LORD LET SOME OF THEM FINALLY LOOK AT ME & SMILE, I DON'T KNOW. Maybe that was my payoff to cheer me up to show that they were thankful. Well those clothes they wear in Heaven, girls, are the only thing I've seen any prettier than what you wear here everyday, & those angels I've seen up there weren't a bit prettier than you, so PTL! You're all gorgeous! We have angels right here! HAL!
       31. KEEP ON SHINING! YOU'RE GONNA SHINE FOREVER LIKE THE STARS!--Wanna be a star?--Shine for Jesus forever! HAL! PTL! GBY!
       "Lord keep me shining for Thee,
       Lord keep me shining for Thee!
       --In a World lost in night
       Keep me pure, keep me bright!

       Lord keep me shining for Thee,
       Lord keep me shining for Thee!
       Until I behold Thy face!"

Sing it, Angels! You're an angelic chorus right now!--Like MWM & MCV! They're all God's Angelic Chorus!
       32. --"SING, CHOIRS OF ANGELS! SING IN ADORATION!"--Sing it! HAL! TYJ! Thank You for the millions who'll be singing for You because we worked & prayed for their release!--And now tens of thousands more Chinese for Your glory! HAL! TYJ!--Freed in Jesus name!--You can do it too! Do it NOW! Tomorrow will be too late!
       33. PRAY FOR THE SOULS OF CHINA! WORK FOR THE SOULS OF CHINA! HELP OUR CHINESE MWM RADIO PROGRAMME FOR CHINA!--A billion Chinese can't all be wrong! OIL FOR THE SOULS OF CHINA!--JESUS!--Will you light their lamps today? Please HELP!--Thanks! GBY! WLY!

       Jesus loves little Chinese boy with his bow & arrow toy Jesus loves the big Chinese!
       Jesus loves both you & me!--
       Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
       Yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so!
       Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so!
       Little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong!"

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family