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THE WAR GOES ON!--Lebanon Is Only the Beginning!       DO 1266       21/8/82

       1. ISRAEL DIDN'T HESITATE TO BOMB & STRAFE & CANNONBALL THE PALESTINIAN REFUGEE CAMPS! They just blasted'm right & left, & hundreds & hundreds, in fact according to the Red Cross, tens of thousands of people were killed & injured! I noticed Israel denying the figure, of course, & said not more than about 300 people have been killed.
       2. DOCTORS SAY THE WORST OF IT IS THE PHOSPHORUS BOMBS. Horrible, horrible, horrible! The stuff sticks to your body & it keeps on burning & smoking! They said they brought people in wounded with phosphorus shells with smoke pouring out of their mouths & noses! Think of it! One old man of 60 had the shrapnel of the shell buried in his chest & they brought him in & smoke was pouring out of his mouth & his nose! The stuff was still burning!--Like Hell itself!
       3. IT'S THE WORST WOUNDS OF THE WAR! They said they know how to deal with bullet wounds, shell fragment wounds & all the rest, but this phosphorus bomb is something that they have almost no experience with. The doctors were trying to read the books or something that came from Vietnam, or U.S. books, trying to figure out how to deal with it, because it sticks to the skin & it keeps on burning for hours! Think of it!
       4. THAT'S LIKE THAT NAPALM THEY SCREAMED SO MUCH AGAINST DURING VIETNAM with all kinds of Jewish youth leading the anti-War movement. I haven't heard of any Jewish youth protesting the phosphorus bombs, have you? One little 17-year-old girl was nearly covered with the stuff!
       5. THEY SAID IT'S BEEN THE WORST THING THE DOCTORS HAVE COME ACROSS IN THE WAR! They said in the first part of the war it was mostly bullet wounds & shell fragments, but in the last week of the war the Israelis used a lot of phosphorus bombs.
       6. THE ISRAELIS USE AS THEIR EXCUSE, "WELL, IT SMOKES A LOT & WE USE IT TO MARK TARGETS." If they know so well how to hit the target with the phosphorus bomb, why can't they do it without the phosphorus bombs? That's what's been causing so many fires & destruction there. And they said most of them were used against the refugee camps, think of it! Horrors, just horrors! Boy, I'll tell you, I don't know how Hell is going to be hot enough for the [EDITED: "Israelis"]!
       7. AND I SUPPOSE YOU KNOW THAT EVEN IF THE PLO GETS OUT SAFELY THAT THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE WAR! They estimate there are only six to twelve thousand PLO in Beirut, but there are a lot more than that still in Lebanon up around Tripoli in the North & over in Bekaa Valley near Syria. As well as the tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians which the Israelis would love to wipe out, & probably will if they get a chance, one way or the other, starve'm out or whatever, like they did those little children, starvin'm to death!
       8. AND I CAN TELL BY THE NEWSPAPER THEY'RE PREPARING THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] FOR THE SAD NEWS THAT THIS WILL NOT END THE WAR! The [EDITED: "Israelis"] are now going to go after the Syrians & the PLO both in the North & in the East. It doesn't seem like the Syrians have too much of a mind to fight, so maybe they'll back out, but the trouble with the Palestinians is, they've got no place to go!
       9. THERE ARE FOUR-&-A-HALF MILLION PALESTINIANS IN THE WORLD, VIRTUALLY ALL REFUGEES, because they've all been robbed of their homes & businesses, their citizenship in Israel & everything else!--Whereas at the last count there were only 3-1/2 million Israelis! But the Israelis figure they've got more right to the country than the Palestinians.--Why?--It's Palestine!
       10. THE ISRAELIS HAVE DONE TO THE PALESTINIANS EXACTLY WHAT THEY COMPLAINED ABOUT HITLER DOING TO THEM! He was trying to get rid of the Jews. What are the [EDITED: "Israelis"] trying to do with the Palestinians? (James: Get rid of'm.) Exactly! Well, it's done one good thing, it has revealed & exposed the true character of the [EDITED: "Israelis"] to the World.
       12. BUT THAT'S WHAT THEY [EDITED: "EXPLAINED"] THAT THEY WERE: AFFLICTED & POOR & PERSECUTED & buffeted from one country to the other!--Homeless & driven out of countries, driven from their homes, driven from their businesses & put in concentration camps by Hitler!--When that's exactly what they've done to the Palestinians!--With less provocation!
       13. AT LEAST THEY HAD SOME RIGHT TO BE IN GERMANY & THOSE PLACES, a lot of them were born there & were citizens, but the occupation of Palestine by the Jews was purely aggressive invasion by total outsiders. There were not more than 10,000 Jews in all Palestine--& that's a pretty high estimate--at the time of the Balfour Declaration. (1917) Now there are at least 3-1/2 million there!
       14. I WOULD CALL THAT SOMEWHAT OF AN INVASION IF PALESTINE WERE MY COUNTRY, WOULDN'T YOU?--Especially if you ran me out! The only kind of jobs the Palestinians can get in Israel are strictly menial manual labour. I mean, they told us that to our faces when we were there: They weren't allowed to go to the major schools or universities.
       15. THERE WAS ONLY ONE PALESTINIAN ARAB IN THE ENTIRE HAIFA UNIVERSITY OF THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS! And [DELETED] probably only in order to tell the World that Haifa University was integrated! "We have Arabs!--That is, one Arab!"--Token integration they used to call it in the United States.
       16. WELL, I'M REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN THE ARABS, ESPECIALLY THE REST OF THE ARABS. At least the Palestinians were fighting for their lives in a do-or-die fight & wouldn't be leaving Beirut if they hadn't been virtually pressured & forced to, not only by the Israelis but the United States & almost the World!
       17. NOT THAT THE WORLD WAS REALLY THAT MUCH INTERESTED IN THE PLO, but mostly because the World wanted to save Beirut! It was a former French capital & playground of the World, a banking center & business center. It was quite a place!
       18. THEY WERE USED TO REVOLUTION, WAR, ASSASSINATION & ALL KINDS OF STRIFE EVEN THEN. It was almost like an international capital just rife with intrigue & conspiracy & drugs, the meeting place of the Mideast!
       19. IT WAS THE SWITZERLAND OF THE MIDEAST, THE ONE PLACE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SAFE IN ALL THE MIDEAST!--Until the Israelis deliberately fomented that civil war & did everything they could to encourage it to just tear Lebanon to pieces until it was so weak the Israeli army could just practically walk in almost without opposition!--And in fact, with no opposition from the Lebanese army, only from the PLO & the Syrians--& weak protests from the U.N.!
       20. DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE SYRIANS when they first marched in as a peacekeeping force into Lebanon & said that they were fighting the PLO & shooting the Palestinians & the rebels, etc., & pretending to take the side of the international force & of even Israel & the Christians, supposedly against the Muslims?
       21. I ASKED THE LORD HOW COME, & do you remember what the Lord told me? I think I wrote it in a Letter, didn't I? What did the Lord show me? (James: That they were doing that so that the Israelis would let them stay there.) Exactly! (See "Strategy in Lebanon!" No.523.)
       22. ONCE THEY GET 35 OR 40,000 TROOPS IN THERE IT'S A LITTLE DIFFICULT TO GET'M OUT! Then they showed their true colours of their love for their Arab brothers. They turned on the Israelis then & took over & helped to defend the Palestinians--for awhile, that is, until they found it cost too much.
       23. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH ALL THOSE ARAB COUNTRIES, THEY DON'T WANT TO HELP OUT THE PALESTINIANS BECAUSE IT COSTS TOO MUCH! And what's in it for them? What would they get out of it? Any territory?--No! Any money?--The PLO is poor compared to any other government! Any particular political advantage?--Nothing! That's why they're not helping them, because there's no advantage whatsoever to the rich Arabs!
       24. OF COURSE, THE U.S. ALREADY KNOWS WHAT ISRAEL'S UP TO, I'M SURE! They probably orchestrated the whole thing, just like the USSR probably orchestrated the Falklands War. The U.S. is orchestrating the whole thing in order to take over the Mideast through Israel. It's learned a few things from Russia!
       25. THAT'S THE WAY RUSSIA DOES THINGS: SHE USES PUPPET STATES & CLIENT STATES & STATES IN HER SPHERE OF INFLUENCE TO DO THE DIRTYWORK FOR HER!--Which I think is pretty smart! The Russians have taken over country after country without firing a shot, just by inspiring the people of the country to do it themselves. The common people of most countries are pretty fed up with their rulers & ready to overthrow'm & most of'm figure: "Anything would be better than this!"--So they did!
       26. WELL, THE U.S. KNOWS ALMOST NOTHING ABOUT PROPAGANDA. It knows little about ideology, much less idealism, & therefore the only way the U.S. can figure that they're going to be able to take over the Mideast is by power, by force, by weapons & armies. Israel, they figure, is their best hope to do it. Israel can do the dirtywork for them & be cussed out by the whole World right now just like they have been for taking over Lebanon.
       27. DO YOU THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT ISRAEL IS EVER GOING TO LET LEBANON GO? Remember what I told you, you can count on the [EDITED: "Israelis"] that whatever they promise, it's a lie!--Just like the Devil! How many times has that Israeli UN delegate said on television--& God knows how many times he's said it in the UN when he wasn't on television--"Israel does not covet one square inch of Lebanon! Not one square inch!" No, of course not, it covets the whole thing!--Ha!
       29. I MEAN, THE U.S. & THE WORLD & THE POOR PLO & THE POOR ARABS & ALL THE REST MIGHT AS WELL FORGET IT & GIVE UP WHEN IT COMES TO BARGAINING WITH THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"]! When it comes to negotiations with the [EDITED: "Israelis"], the [EDITED: "Israelis"] can out-smart'm, out-talk'm, out-negotiate'm, out-bargain'm, out-finagle'm all the way through, the works! I mean, you might as well forget it! [DELETED]
       30. IF YOU DO ANY KIND OF BARGAINING AT THE BARGAINING TABLE WITH THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"], THEY ARE GOING TO WIN. Right or wrong, they never lose an argument, & they never lose a deal either if they can help it. And Israel is now in a position, with U.S.-backing, to not even be afraid of losing deals.
       31. THE ONLY THING THAT WILL EVER STOP THE ISRAELIS FROM PROCEEDING TO CONTINUE TO TAKE OVER THE MIDEAST COUNTRY BY COUNTRY--now you just mark my word & see--is when Russia finally wakes up to the fact that the U.S through their Israeli stooge is taking over the Mideast & its oil!
       32. RUSSIA DOESN'T MIND IF ISRAEL HAS THE DESERTS & THE BARREN MOUNTAINS & the little countries around it, mostly a bunch of desert & nothing worth anything, but wait till they start getting to where it looks like the U.S. is really going to control the oil fields! And by that time I think Russia will be strong enough & realise that war's gotta come sooner or later, so this might as well be it--& press the button!
       33. THAT'S THE ONLY THING THAT'S GOING TO STOP THE MARCH OF THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] IN THE MIDEAST! You wanna bet? You wanna bet that they never get out of Lebanon? They promised up & down they'll get out of Lebanon as soon as the Syrians, PLO, Palestinians & every other force & army is gone, including Americans, Frenchmen, Italians, the works!--But when they're all gone, why should the Jews get out at all? That's a joke!
       34. THEY HAVE SAID THEY WILL NOT WITHDRAW AT ALL UNTIL ALL OTHER FOREIGN FORCES ARE OUT! That's about the safest promise they ever made, because in the first place, the Palestinians that are left there are probably going to fight to the death. They saw & are seeing what happened to the poor Palestinians in Beirut--they're all exiled & going to be shipped out & scattered!
       35. AND LET ME TELL YOU, IF SOME OF THOSE PALESTINIANS DON'T MANAGE TO SNEAK BACK IN VIA THE PORT OF TRIPOLI WHICH THE SYRIANS & PALESTINIANS CONTROL, I'LL BE SURPRISED! And I expect that as soon as Beirut is evacuated, watch & see if the Jews then do not start a two-prong drive, to Tripoli & Bekaa, to make sure that none of those Palestinians get back into Northern Lebanon--which is the most logical thing for them to do!
       36. THE WORLD IS LETTING THE PALESTINIANS GO OUT & BE SCATTERED HERE, THERE & YON, but none of those countries are going to want them, they're always a problem. I mean, why should they have foreign armies in their countries which have guns & whatnot? And they don't have any support to speak of, they've got to take care of them, so why should they want them? That's why they didn't want them in the first place. But the U.S. & the World finally persuaded them to take'm just to solve the Beirut problem, which is just the beginning of the problem!
       37. THE ISRAELIS SAY THEY'LL NOT INVADE BEIRUT, but they have promised several times to go in & make sure there are no more PLO in there, & if that's not invading it I don't know what is! But once they have secured it one way or the other & they've got all Southern Lebanon, Beirut the capital, Tyre & Sidon & all the major cities except Tripoli--which is still under the control of the Syrians & the Palestinians--where is the natural place for them to go next?--Tripoli & Western Lebanon!
       38. THEY SAID THEY WILL NOT REST UNTIL EVERY MEMBER OF THE PLO IS OUT OF LEBANON, & THAT'S A PROMISE THAT THEY'LL CONTINUE THE WAR! So that's where they'll drive next. I believe they'll drive for Tripoli first to prevent any re-entry of Palestinians going by way of detour through Cyprus or some of those other countries right back into Northern Lebanon.
       39. THAT WOULD BE THE SMARTEST THING THOSE COUNTRIES COULD DO: As soon as the PLO go there & the smoke blows over, ship'm right back in via Tripoli & get rid of'm! Because Syria would like to hold Northern & Eastern Lebanon as protection against the Jews, & naturally she'd be very happy to have the PLO help. That's why she's been letting them stay, because the PLO & the Palestinians help Syria to fight off the Israelis. Because the Syrians know & have said as much: "Today Lebanon, tomorrow Syria!"
       40. I MEAN, IT'S RIDICULOUS! THERE'S BEEN HARDLY A WAR IN HISTORY WHERE IF THERE WAS NOTHING TO MAKE THEM GET OUT, THAT ANY CONQUEROR VOLUNTARILY GOT OUT!--Unless the country just got to be too much of a problem or trouble & a drag & a liability instead of an asset. Every country that Israel conquers around there she considers an asset, because that's that many fewer Arabs to fight, & that extends her borders further.
       41. BEGIN ALWAYS USES THE TERM "ERETZ ISRAEL," which literally means the "Greater Land of Israel," the Land of David & Solomon. And do you know what its borders were? North & East to the Euphrates--that's the middle of Iraq, by the way, & includes all of Syria, half of Iraq, part of Turkey--& South to the River of Egypt, the Nile!--The best half of Egypt.
       42. YOU NOTICE THAT EGYPT IS NOW BEGINNING TO HAVE SECOND THOUGHTS ABOUT HAVING MADE PEACE WITH ISRAEL. And the Arab countries are rightly holding Egypt responsible for this Lebanese invasion because it was the Camp David agreement of Egypt making peace with Israel which made it possible!
       43. ISRAEL DIDN'T WANT TO HAVE TO FIGHT ON TWO FRONTS, so with the major force of the Egyptians neutralised--Egypt, a country of nearly 40 million people & with the largest standing army in the whole Mideast outside of Iraq, about a half-a-million--Lebanon was a pushover! Besides, they were so divided that some of the best forces in Lebanon, the so-called Christian forces, were already under the pay of the Israelis.
       44. THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] ARE SMART, THEY'LL BUY'M OFF! They bought off Haddad & now they've bought off Gemayel, the major head of the Christian forces of Lebanon, so that he's been cooperating with the invading forces. And he's the only Lebanese candidate for President, so-called Christian, shooting everybody everyday. What kind of Christians is that, huh?
       45. AND THE ISRAELIS ARE SMART, OF COURSE, & THEY'RE BACKING GEMAYEL. They've got Haddad & most of the Christians now backing the Israelis, & that was about half of the Lebanese, Catholics & Orthodox. This is one reason they were such a pushover & were able to come in like they did, because the Christians didn't oppose'm; in fact, they cooperated with'm! They wanted to get rid of the PLO, especially since the PLO happen to be predominantly Muslim. The Palestinians are almost 50/50 Christians & Muslim, but the PLO are predominantly Muslim.
       46. AND MOST OF THE LEFTIST VERY VIRULENT ANTI-ISRAELI FORCES STILL LEFT EVEN IN LEBANON ARE MUSLIMS, LEFTISTS, WHO ARE NOT PLO. They are Lebanese Muslims who hate the Israelis & are up in arms against the forces of Israel coming in. But they're small potatoes! There are not enough of them to fight Israel with all the power & the armaments of the U.S. behind her. It would just be a slaughter!--Plus fighting the "Christians"!
       47. THE ONLY SIGNIFICANT OPPOSITION THEY MAY GET IS IF THE SYRIANS REALLY DECIDE TO FIGHT--which is a little doubtful because they always lose!--Ha! They've never won yet, even with the PLO help. Probably that's the only reason they held out as long as they have, because the PLO & the Palestinians were fighting with them. They were fighting for their homes & their borders & their land & their people, & people always fight harder for that than they do for just conquest.
       48. PEOPLE WILL FIGHT MUCH HARDER IN SELF-DEFENCE, in defence of their families & their homes & their country when there's an actual invader & aggressor than they do just as a conquering army. Especially when it's an army like Israel, so well-armed & backed by the U.S. against a fragmented Lebanon that is half-Christian, half-Muslim & with the Christians already bought-off by the Israelis. The only really significant opposition is from the PLO, the radical Muslim Leftist Lebanese & the Syrians, of course, behind them.
       49. SO YOU WATCH & SEE IF ISRAEL DOES NOT NOW DRIVE TOWARD TRIPOLI TO MAKE SURE THE PLO DOESN'T GET BACK INTO LEBANON! I don't think they're really worried too much about the Syrians on the East because they've held them in check for a long time at the Golan Heights & a few other places, but I think they're more worried about the PLO sneaking back into Northern Lebanon through Tripoli.
       50. MAYBE IT'S JUST AN EDUCATED GUESS, BUT THE LEBANESE & THE SYRIANS BOTH ARE FEARING THAT SAME THING! In fact, it's practically a foregone conclusion with the Lebanese that Israel is not about to begin to stop! The fact that I believe the PLO is going to try to sneak back in through Tripoli, that was my own idea!--Ha! I think maybe I got that from the Lord!
       51. YOU WATCH & SEE IF ISRAEL DOESN'T TRY TO GET THE WORLD FORCES, U.S. FORCES & NAVY TO BLOCKADE TRIPOLI TO MAKE SURE THAT THE PLO DOESN'T GET BACK IN! What do you bet?--While Israel proceeds to clean up Lebanon & force out all the Palestinians & all the Syrians & all the Lebanese Muslims & Leftists & have nothing left but their nice little milk-&-water, backboneless, traitorous Lebanese Christians--whom they already dominate, have already paid off, have already bought out, & Israel is already backing their stooge puppet president Gemayel.
       52. IN FACT, IF YOU WONDER WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN LEBANON IS SO SUDDENLY CONCERNED WITH AN IMMEDIATE ELECTION right in the middle of the war, you know who's pushing it?--The Israelis!--Because right now there's only one candidate, theirs!--Gemayel!--Head of the Phalangists, of all things!
       53. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE PHALANGISTS WERE IN BOTH ITALY & IN SPAIN DURING WORLD WAR 2 & before for years & years? (James: Fascists?) Yes, the Fascisti were the Phalangists. In other words, they are the Lebanese Fascists whom Israel is backing. The Phalangists! In fact, they still call them Falangists in Spain.
       54. SO AS SOON AS ISRAEL IS SURE THAT ALL OPPOSITION IN BEIRUT IS ENDED & nothing in the way of any significant force to oppose her domination of Lebanon is left in the capital of Beirut, as Saul once told David: "What more could he have but the kingdom?" They've got all the major cities except for Tripoli. They've got Tyre & Sidon, two of the major ports, Beirut the capital & all the Southern half of the country! There's hardly anything left that the Israelis don't have!
       55. WATCH & SEE IF THEY NOT ONLY MOP UP BEIRUT to make sure there's nobody left there that's going to object to their domination of Lebanon, but they will now drive Northward on their way to Tripoli. They are already occupying heights of the mountains of Hermon--Mt. Hermon--where their gunposts now have cannons that can fire the 16 miles into Damascus!
       56. THEY VIRTUALLY HAVE THE SYRIAN ARMY SURROUNDED IN THE BEKAA VALLEY between Beirut & in the mountains of Hermon, Mt. Hermon. All they have to do is go a little further North, cut off the main highway between Tripoli & Syria, & they've got Syria divided from the Syrians in Tripoli & Bekaa Valley.
       57. IF THEY HAVE A PINCERS MOVEMENT LIKE THAT & THEY'VE SURROUNDED THE MAIN FORCES IN BEKAA VALLEY & they're on their way to capture the port of Tripoli, the Syrians & the PLO will be finished in Lebanon & there will be nobody else left to rule Lebanon except Israel. You wanna bet? You wanna put'm up? I'll bet you two-to-one! I don't think I'll lose!
       58. I'VE NEVER KNOWN THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] TO GIVE UP ANYTHING YET THAT THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO & WEREN'T FORCED TO, & right now nobody is stopping them in Lebanon, nobody! Not even the Lebanese or the Lebanese government or the Lebanese army. In fact, Israel's trying to shove in their own president there as quick as they can who's already Israeli-paid & cooperating with the invasion forces. (Gemayel "elected" Puppet President 25/8!) They've had Haddad for ages down in the South ever since the '78 invasion, the Free Lebanon Christian Army so-called!
       59. AND BOY, HOW THE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES OF THE U.S. PLAY THAT UP: "Oh, the Israelis are backing the Christians in Lebanon! They're going to see that all those foreigners are driven out & all those terrorists are driven out & those dirty Muslims are driven out, & the Christians are going to take over Lebanon!" Yes, I believe it!--Under the Israelis!
       60. THE ISRAELIS HAVE LEARNED A FEW THINGS FROM THE RUSSIANS! I wouldn't be surprised that it was the leading Jews of Russia who taught Russia how to rule through puppets!: Back the forces in a country who'll put up your candidate for President & who'll be your little stooge & puppet on a string to rule the country for you! You don't have to do it directly.
       61. AND WHEN THAT DAY COMES, IF IT EVER COMES, THEN I WILL STILL NOT BELIEVE THAT THE ISRAELIS WILL GET OUT OF LEBANON! You want to bet? Not until they have a Lebanese army, so-called Christian army, completely Israeli-armed & organised & no doubt trained--just like Russia does in her satellite countries, & just like the U.S. does in her satellite countries!
       62. ONCE THE ISRAELIS ARE FINALLY SURE THAT THE LEBANESE ARE STRONG ENOUGH & their army strong enough, well-armed enough by the Israelis & the Americans & well-trained enough to hold their own against the Syrians, then possibly the Israelis might pretend to back out of Lebanon.--But not until, & I doubt even then. They'll probably keep their own token peacekeeping force in Lebanon like the Syrians did.
       63. SO THE WAR IS NOT OVER! It's really funny, even one of the commentators acted & talked like he thought the war was over: "This is the end, the Israelis now have promised to get out!"--They haven't done anything of the kind! That's just one battle finished, the Battle for Beirut, & they won it. I'll bet you the next battle will be the battle for Tripoli!--Unless they think the Syrian forces in Bekaa Valley are such a threat that they can't take Tripoli without defeating them first.
       64. BUT I THINK THEY'RE GOING TO BE IN A MUCH GREATER HURRY TO GET TO TRIPOLI, because that way they can cut off any Palestinian return to strengthen the opposition forces. I don't think they're quite as worried, really, about the Syrians in Bekaa Valley, except that there are more of'm there, but they are worried about the PLO getting back into Northern Lebanon through Tripoli.
       65. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT LEBANESE TRIPOLI, NOT THE TRIPOLI DOWN IN LIBYA. If I had a map here I could show you what I'm talking about, but I can see the map right now even if you can't!--Ha!--Because I have a terrific memory for maps! I bet I could sit down & draw you a map of the Mideast right now & get most of the countries & borders just about right.
       66. BUT LEBANON IS SO SMALL YOU CAN HARDLY EVEN SEE IT! About all there is to Lebanon is the seacoast with Sidon, Tyre, Beirut & Tripoli, & the mountains of Hermon on this side over here (motions eastward).
       67. HERE'S THE SEACOAST WITH THE MAIN FOUR CITIES--Israel's already got three of'm & has occupied not only the Southern half but a good deal of the Western half--& here is the Bekaa Valley which is the only thing between them now & the mountains of Hermon. They've already occupied the major gun positions up on the mountains of Hermon which overlook Damascus so there's really not much left to do!
       68. THE U.S. HAS PRETENDED TO CHIDE ISRAEL ONCE IN AWHILE & they even staged that performance we saw on television of Shultz standing there looking at Reagan talking to Begin on the phone: "You've just gotta stop it!" They said that was pretty well staged to satisfy his people in the United States, etc.
       69. BECAUSE THE U.S. IS BACKING THE ISRAELIS 100% & probably orchestrating the whole thing & the tactics & the drives & everything, supplying the munitions for it, while all the time the U.S. government is pretending to say: "Naughty, naughty, Israel! You mustn't do that! Tsk, tsk, tsk!"
       70. FOR A MINUTE I ALMOST THOUGHT REAGAN HAD SOME GUTS! But now I'm convinced it was just staged to please his constituency & to please all the people in the U.S. & the whole rest of the World who've been howling about the horrible atrocious horrendous invasion by the Israelis!
       71. THE WHOLE WORLD IS HORRIFIED!--Even the [DELETED] news media. [DELETED]

       75. [DELETED] ONCE RUSSIA HAS CONQUERED THE UNITED STATES, if it can't make it behave itself any other way, one way or the other it will get it by making a pact with the Jews. That's what that holy covenant of Daniel is all about! It says "holy" covenant, but it's not very holy! It's about as unholy as you can get! But it is literally a religious pact or an international agreement [DELETED], to get together & have a one-World government of the Antichrist.


       77. [DELETED] How can there really be much of a rift between China & Russia when they're both Communist?--Communist in their ideology, idealism, propaganda, form of government, socialism, the works! Right now China's just using the U.S. for jockeying position & balance of power to get a good deal from the Russians, but when the time comes that the U.S. is out of the way, then they'll work together! [DELETED]


       79. AND THIS IS WHAT I'VE SAID FROM THE VERY BEGINNING: THEY WILL EVENTUALLY HELP THE ANTICHRIST TO POWER! Because he makes a deal with them that if they will help him get to power they will be promised Mt. Moriah for the Temple, Jerusalem, Israel & no doubt Greater Israel, "Eretz Israel," from sea to sea & river to river!--That's what I believe.
       80. UNTIL THE ANTICHRIST FINALLY GETS INTO FULL POWER & DOESN'T NEED'M ANYMORE. That's where & when he puts up his Image & he declares himself to be god & he breaks the holy covenant, so-called, with the Jews & the Christians--you can see the Christians are taggin' right along with'm--& they finally see that he's not their Messiah after all.
       81. AND WHAT DO YOU BET THE JEWS ARE THE ONES HE'S GOING TO HAVE THE MOST TROUBLE WITH--BESIDES US! He has a lot of troubles! You just read the rest of the 11th Chapter of Daniel & see all the problems he has, & also in Revelation & other places in the Bible. He has to put down all kinds of rebellions & there's all kinds of trouble, the Kings of the East & Kings of the South & everything else that are rebelling against him that he has to send armies to conquer.
       82. BUT IN THE MEANTIME, THE JEWS ARE THE BEST FRIENDS THE RUSSIANS COULD EVER HAVE. And what do you want to bet that they will make that pact eventually? What else can the Jews do when their greatest friend, the U.S.A., is gone?--They'll be forced to make a pact. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]he smartest thing they could do then is make a pact with the Russians & say:
       83. "[DELETED]WE'VE GOT EVERYTHING YOU NEED! You promise us what we want, that we can have free reign in Israel & rebuild our Temple & have security there for the Jews & for Israel & Worldwide Jewry, & we'll play ball with you!" What do you wanna bet? Wanna bet? Well, if you bet on that, I bet you'll win!
       84. SO DON'T GET ANY FUNNY IDEAS THAT THE WAR IN LEBANON IS OVER, IT'S JUST BEGUN! In fact, this may be building slowly up to the big one! And that one will no doubt start when Russia sees that these U.S.-backed [EDITED: "Israelis"] are getting a little too close to her borders, threatening Russia on the one hand--which is just on the border up there beyond Syria, Turkey & Iran, just a couple hundred miles away on the North--& the oil fields are just on the right hand a little to the South.
       85. I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED THAT WHEN RUSSIA FINALLY SEES IT'S GONE ON LONG ENOUGH & the U.S.-backed [EDITED: "Israelis"] are getting a little too close for comfort, that that will possibly be it, one way or the other. Especially if Russia decides to make the pre-emptive strike & knock the U.S. out first before it knocks Russia out. The [EDITED: "Israelis"] are smart, [DELETED] so what's the smartest thing they can do once their U.S. friends are gone?--Turn to Russia! After all, she's already won!
       86. WITH INTERNATIONAL COMMUNISM ON THE LEFT HAND, & INTERNATIONAL [DELETED] CAPITALISM ON THE RIGHT HAND WORKING TOGETHER, YOU'VE GOT AN UNBEATABLE COMBINATION!--Unbeatable by anybody & everybody but us! Ha, ha! Hallelujah! But we'll have to [DELETED] go up to be with the Lord first before we can come back with enough power to win the Battle of Armageddon!
       87. SO THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT FROM HERE: THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN! Maybe that would be a good title for this! The war for the Mideast has just begun! I wrote one a long time ago "The Real War Goes On" (No.277), well, the final big atomic war, I believe, is just getting started, & that's where it's starting.
       88. ISRAEL'S GOING TO CONTINUE TO FIRST OF ALL TAKE OVER LEBANON, next, she may not attack Syria first, but if she does, well, of course that takes care of Jordan; it's a small weak country compared to Syria. If she knocks Syria out, Jordan will fall. She might decide to invade Jordan in order to sort of surround Syria & wouldn't hesitate to do that as soon as she's able, now that she doesn't have to fight Egypt on the South.
       89. BUT THE NEXT STEP WILL BE THE REST OF LEBANON, & THEN SYRIA ONE WAY OR THE OTHER: Either directly into Syria or through Jordan. But when she's already only 16 miles from Damascus, why worry about Jordan? Once Syria has been conquered, Jordan will have to fall.
       90. THEN SHE'LL BE UP AGAINST ONE OF HER BIGGEST OPPONENTS WHO HAS THE NEXT LARGEST ARMY IN THE MIDEAST, & THAT'S IRAQ. And although Iraq & Iran are fighting a war right now, either one or the other is going to take over one or the other!--Or they're going to reach a stalemate & decide to cooperate together against their bigger common enemy, Israel--backed by the U.S. who is trying to get back in to take over the Mideast & Iran again.
       91. SO THE NEXT BIGGEST THING ISRAEL WILL HAVE TO FACE IS IRAQ, & probably Iran if they make a peace & turn to fight Israel together. Or Iran taking over Iraq & making it one to fight Israel. By that time, of course, Egypt will have waked up & seen that it's too late, she made a mistake, because she will be the next on the list!
       92. SO AS SOON AS ISRAEL HAS TAKEN OVER ALL THAT, EGYPT WILL EITHER BE COMPLETELY NULLIFIED & STAY PUT, or if it tries to attack Israel, with all that backing & all those countries already, Israel could easily conquer Egypt. So that would be virtually the end of the Arab World with its major powers gone, in which case they will have to say "uncle" to Uncle Israel & Uncle Sam, which is what it amounts to.
       93. NOW THAT, I'M SURE, IS THE ISRAELI PLAN & THE U.S. PLAN, BUT THE BIG QUESTION MARK IS, HOW FAR WILL RUSSIA LET THEM GO before Russia says, "That's enough, we've had it! Thus far, no farther. It's now time to strike & stop this whole thing because they're becoming a threat to us & the oil & therefore the World!"
       94. NOW THERE'S MY PERSONAL OPINION & IDEA OF WHAT I THINK IS HAPPENING, & you can take it for what it's worth, but I believe that's it! The fall of Beirut & the evacuation of the PLO is not the end of the Lebanese war, it is just in a way the beginning. Well, maybe it's the first two-thirds, as Israel still has some mopping-up to do to take the rest of it.
       95. ISRAEL DOESN'T COVET ONE SQUARE INCH OF LEBANON, NOT ONE SQUARE INCH!--SHE COVETS ALL OF IT!--And Syria!--And Jordan!--And Egypt!--And Iraq!--And if she has to, Iran & the whole Persian Gulf area & the oil & Arabia & the World!--That's what Israel is after! And with U.S. backing, if Russia didn't stop them, they could do it!--And they're well on their way!
       96. THE ONLY THING THAT CAN STOP THEM IS RUSSIA, & ACCORDING TO WHAT I READ IN THE BIBLE, THAT'S WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN: Russia is going to say, "That's enough!" And whether the invasion of Israel by Russia from the North--which is described so many times in the Bible that it's a foregone conclusion--whether that occurs before the final wipe-out of the U.S. by the atom bombs or after ... well, that might be a moot question.
       97. BUT I WOULD SAY THAT RUSSIA IS GOING TO TAKE SOME KIND OF POSITION SOON, a firmer stand against Israel, & that's the only thing that will ever make the Arabs take a firmer stand, because they can't do a thing without Russian backing.
       98. THE U.S. & ISRAEL ARE RIGHT NOW FORCING THE WHOLE ARAB WORLD RIGHT INTO RUSSIAN ARMS, & THE ARABS ARE ALREADY ADMITTING IT! They're telling the U.S. right now in the newspapers: "You're forcing us over onto the side of the USSR, because that seems to be the only place where we can get any justice or any retribution or any help against our common enemies, Israel & the U.S." I agree with that PLO fellow that said: "Habbib?--A mediator?--He's the enemy!"--Ha! Habbib, the U.S. negotiator. He said, "He represents the enemy, the U.S.!" That's the fact! Jesus help us, Lord, in Jesus' name give us wisdom.
       99. ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, ISRAEL & THAT WHOLE AREA WILL BE TAKEN OVER BY RUSSIA, & as the Bible says, "Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles" for 3-1/2 years. (Lk.21:24; Rev.11:2) It's obvious that that is the period of the Tribulation, after the revelation of the Antichrist & the Image of the Beast as the Covenant is broken, when Russia has to march in by force because of the rebellion of the Jews.
       100. AT FIRST THEY MAKE PEACE WITH RUSSIA FOR THE FIRST 3-1/2 YEARS AS PART OF THE COVENANT. But then he breaks the Covenant & they rebel, just like they did against the Roman Empire, & Russia has to march in & take it over. Well, that could only happen when the U.S. is destroyed, I don't see any other way, because I don't think the Antichrist can really take over the World until after the Atomic War & the U.S. is destroyed.
       101. AT THAT POINT THE JEWS QUICK WHEEL-DEAL, MAKE A DEAL WITH THE ANTICHRIST TO PRESERVE THEMSELVES, & THEY'LL COOPERATE. The Jews will have just lost their best friend, the U.S.A., & Europe, so what else can they do? "OK, we say shalom!" And Russia will say, "OK, alechem shalom!"--Ha! "We'll make peace, we'll make a deal! You've already got half the World, we have the other half, now let's take over the whole World together!"--Until the Antichrist has got it in the palm of his hand!
       102. MID-SEVEN YEARS, BEGINNING OF THE TRIBULATION, HE BREAKS THE COVENANT, declares himself to be god, sets up his Image, & the Jews then realise that he's not their Messiah after all, & they rebel! So he marches into Israel, & that's almost the end of the story.
       103. THAT'S NOT THE HAPPY ENDING, BUT THAT'LL BE THE HAPPY ENDING FOR THE ARABS FOR A LITTLE WHILE as described in Daniel 11 & also in Ezekiel 38 & 39 where it names the Arab countries who cooperate with Russia & the Antichrist, & those who don't & suffer for it. And it looks like Egypt's going to be one of those that may, with U.S. backing, etc., try to rebel, along with the Jews, because he invades Egypt too & takes over the treasures of Egypt. (Dan.11:43)
       104. [DELETED] The Family needs to know pretty quick that this is not the end of the war in Lebanon! That's the way I see it from here & I believe that's the way the Bible sees it.
       105. AND OF COURSE THE HAPPIEST ENDING OF ALL, is after man & his greatest government has failed under the Antichrist & ends in chaos, I mean, it really ends in chaos even before Jesus comes! The Antichrist finds all kinds of kings of the East & South & everything rebelling & he can't keep his grip on the World. After all, once he's decided to cross the Jews, brother, he has nothing but trouble for the next 3-1/2 years!
       106. AND THE JEWS ARE ALL PREPARED FOR IT! They can read it right in the Bible too, you know! They fought off the Roman Empire for almost 300 years, think of it! You're going to read a little piece in the BOTM that dear James discovered on the history of the fall of Jerusalem under the Romans after the time of Christ. And talk about horrors, the Jews suffered horrors, but they fought to the bitter end tooth-&-toenail!
       107. WHEN THEY WERE TOTALLY OUTNUMBERED & SURROUNDED THEY FLATLY REFUSED TO SURRENDER & the Romans had to batter their way through three sets of gigantic walls! In fact, they had to completely come in & burn down the temple & almost kill every one of the Jews before they'd quit! That's how stubborn they are! And that's what the Antichrist is going to find out too in the 3-1/2 years of the Great Tribulation. That's what this is all about. He's trying to suppress, I would say, mostly the Jews.
       108. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER THE MUSLIMS HAVE ENOUGH GUMPTION, they certainly haven't manifested it in their fighting for the PLO or the Arabs. I doubt if they've got enough gumption to put up that much of a fight, at least not judging from the way they have befriended the PLO & defended them in Lebanon.
       109. I DOUBT IF THE CHRISTIANS ARE GOING TO HAVE THE GUTS EITHER[DELETED]! I wouldn't be surprised that there are going to be oodles of Christians deceived by the Antichrist & be stupid enough to back him too!
       110. IF WE [EDITED: "INTERACT WITH"] HIM AT ALL, WE'LL CERTAINLY AT LEAST KNOW WHO HE IS & IT WILL BE ONLY [DELETED] for awhile, until he sets up his Image & requires the Mark of the Beast. That will be the end of our little tête-à-tête, if any, with his forces, & of course then we along with all the rest of the religions of the World will be persecuted.
       111. BUT I BELIEVE GOD IS GOING TO MIGHTILY USE US AS THE GREATEST ENDTIME WITNESSES OF ALL! Who else?! I mean, if we hadn'tabin'r, whodabin'r? But I believe the Jews are probably going to put up some of the toughest stubbornest resistance because they're more numerous & have the greatest power, and will probably give him the biggest trouble. I mean, we'll be peanuts compared to them! But we're going to be awful salty little peanuts & the World's going to hear about us in that day! I believe it!
       112. AND OF COURSE THE HAPPY ENDING IS THAT WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS & all has finished & the Lord has finished with our testimony here & He has harvested all the grain He can possibly harvest, He will take it into His garner upstairs. Isn't that where they used to keep it, upstairs in the barn? That helps keep it away from the animals & the pigs & the rats & whatnot! We're going to be gathered upstairs into the garner, upstairs in the hayloft!
       113. THE LORD'S GOING TO GATHER HIS GRAIN TOGETHER UP INTO HIS GARNER, PRAISE GOD! It says so! It tells us He's going to reap His harvest in the 14th chapter of Revelation--in a lot of other places too. And then once He has reaped His harvest He's going to cast the grapes of wrath into the winepress of His indignation--including all the Antichrist forces & [EDITED: "his allies"]!
       114. AND THERE IS GOING TO BE SUCH A DESTRUCTION & SUCH A BATTLE & SUCH A SLAUGHTER that the Valley of the Esdraelon--which is a tributary of the Jordan river which reaches from near Haifa down to the South of Israel almost 200 miles long--is going to flow with blood to the horses' bridles! (Rev.14:20) You say, how could that be possible? Well, when they start dropping atom bombs & God knows what other kind of weapons they're going to have by that time, you can slaughter an awful lot of people!
       115. HE SAID, "THEY SHALL NOT BE GATHERED NOR BURIED, BUT THEY SHALL BE AS DUNG UPON THE GROUND." (Jer.8:2) And He says that in Israel alone it's going to take'm seven months to bury the dead after it's all over, & seven years to clear up all the rubbish & the instruments of war & clean up the place. (Ez.39:9,12) That's going to be quite a war, quite a destruction!
       116. THAT'S PART OF THE WRATH OF GOD, BY THE WAY. A lot of preachers preach that's the Battle of Armageddon, but it sounds more like the first part of the Wrath of God. Maybe I'm wrong, I could be! I have been once in awhile but not very often.
       117. PREDICTING THE FUTURE, YOU'RE SOMETIMES TAKING CHANCES if it's not specific in the Bible & if you can't pinpoint the chronology of it. Some people question me sometimes on my chronology, about our timeline & all that, so I've said, "Well now don't forget, that was my interpretation of it according to my personal opinion."
       118. I HAVE NEVER EVER SAID DEFINITELY THAT I KNOW JESUS IS COMING IN 1993 or that the Antichrist is going to arise in 1986 & the Tribulation in 1989! You say, "I thought that's what you said, Dad! It's in the timechart, what do you mean?" Well, I didn't make that chart, somebody else did! But I let it go.
       119. I SAID, "WELL, THAT'S MY THEORY, THAT'S MY INTERPRETATION of what the Lord has shown me & what I read in the Bible, but I'm not going to swear to it!" I'm not going to dress in a white robe & get out here on the housetop & pinpoint the night Jesus is coming! I'm not going to quit doing what I'm doing right now until I'm forced to. I'm not going to turn tail & run just because 1986 is supposed to be the year of the Antichrist.
       120. BY THE WAY, GUESS WHO ELSE IS COMING BACK IN 1986?--HALLEY'S COMET! What an occasion for the return of Halley's Comet! What greater event could it signify than the rise of the Antichrist to take over the World in 1986!
       121. WHO KNOWS, WE MAY NOT EVEN NEED PASSPORTS AFTER THAT! Hallelujah? I mean, if the World government is rising about that time, if you're a citizen of the World Government, like the Roman citizens of old, there'll be no borders & no passports & no border checks, it'll all be one World Government!
       122. YOU SAY, "AH DAD, YOU DON'T REALLY BELIEVE THAT, DO YOU?" WHY NOT?--THAT'S THE WAY IT WAS UNDER ROME! Rome was a type of the Antichrist government. Roman citizens had free passage from country to country, no problem. That's why it was so easy to preach the Gospel in those days.
       123. SO THE COMING WORLD GOVERNMENT DOES HAVE A FEW ADVANTAGES which we may be able to take advantage of for a little while, who knows? Maybe! We don't know yet. But we know we'll still be in operation, that's for sure, right on through the whole thing, all seven years right to the End! Otherwise there wouldn't be anybody left to be raptured if there weren't still some Christians around!--And who'd be the Endtime Witnesses?
       124. SO ANYHOW, THAT'LL BE THE HAPPY ENDING WHEN THE LORD COMES & DESTROYS BOTH WORLDS--Communists & Capitalists--& pours out His Wrath & indignation on the whole World, at least about 2/3 of it. Maybe He's not going to let the poor Third World suffer very much, huh? You read those passages about the plagues that come down in Revelation. This has been kind of a little Prophecy review with a little more detail on this end of what's happening right now.
       125. I THINK THE FAMILY MAYBE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE LEBANESE WAR! This is just the end of one battle of a series of battles, the Battle of Beirut! In fact, even the Battle of Beirut may not be over yet, because I don't doubt a bit that the Israelis will anything but back out--that's wishful thinking--& the dear governments of the World who really believe that, are walking around with their eyes shut & are blind leaders of the blind, hoping it will go away!
       126. AFTER THE PLO GET OUT & THE PEACEKEEPING FORCES OF THE AMERICANS & THE FRENCH & THE ITALIANS ARE ALL GONE, Israel having taken over Lebanon & its government & its army--if not themselves, they will make it possible for the Lebanese army to walk in & mop up what's left of their opposition, Muslims & Leftists who still hate Israel & are still fighting & still own big heavy armaments & tanks & whatnot.
       127. AND IF I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE PLO, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO LEAVE THOSE TANKS IN THE HANDS OF THE LEBANESE ARMY who are in collusion now with the Israelis! They're no doubt turning them over to their dear Muslim brothers of the Fedayeen & several other radical Leftist groups of Muslims who are pledged to fight the Israelis, so there may be still another battle for Beirut. Beirut may still be invaded, who knows? Those people are not getting out, just the PLO.
       128. AND ABOUT 150,000 PALESTINIANS ARE NOT GETTING OUT EITHER, & some of those young fellows who maybe were not PLO fighters before may be mad enough to be PLO fighters after their big brothers have left! So the Battle for Beirut may have only begun, who knows? Or it may not be over, to say the least.
       129. AND THE BATTLE FOR LEBANON IS FAR FROM OVER! Wait & see! The Israelis are just beginning! I think this tremendous success is heady stuff & has gone to their heads & they are drunk with it now & ready to march on to Tripoli! March on to Damascus! March on to Amman! March on to Baghdad! March on to Cairo! They don't have to march on to Washington, they've already got it!
       130. THEY DON'T HAVE TO MARCH ON TO LONDON IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN TO ENGLAND! [DELETED] No wonder they called it Britain, it's full of the B'rithish! You know what that means? It's Jewish for Brotherhood. Did you ever hear of the B'nai B'rith? That means the Jewish Brotherhood, it's their layman's organisation.
       131. SO MAYBE THE BRITISH ISRAELITES WERE SOMEWHAT RIGHT, that maybe not the ten tribes, but an awful of a lot of Jews went there[DELETED]! And the Stone of Scone upon which the English kings are crowned, the Jews still contend that that's the same stone upon which King David & Solomon were crowned.
       132. THERE'S A DISTINCT DEFINITE OLD JEWISH LEGEND that the seven daughters of that final last king who was made king under Jeremiah took ship at Alexandria & fled to Tarshish, or Britain. And from what I can see of Britain they eventually took it over! And the Welsh don't deny that Welsh is predominately Jewish, or Hebrew, & that they are descendants of the Jews. [DELETED]
       134. IT'S LIKE THAT OLD CARTOON JOKE ABOUT RUSSIA BACK IN THE DAYS OF KHRUSHCHEV when arguments were still being had about whose sphere of influence the different countries should be in. They were passing out pieces of cake, representing pieces of the World, & Khrushchev said: "No, no, no, no! I don't want a piece, I just want a little bit of everybody else's!" That's about the way the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are today, they don't only want their piece, Israel, they want a piece of all the action all over!--And they've just about got it already with the U.S & Europe behind'm.
       135. SO THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GONNA BE, & THANK GOD FOR THE HAPPY ENDING WHEN THE LORD'LL FINALLY TAKE OVER THINGS & SETTLE THE WHOLE HASH! PTL? Well, I'm sure you've had enough by this time, but you're gonna get some more of Israel & the [EDITED: "Israelis"] before this war is over. So don't have any happy thoughts that Israel now is going to evacuate Lebanon, that is really wishful thinking & that'll be the day!
       136. THE DAY WHEN ISRAEL ACTUALLY EVACUATES LEBANON--unless she has installed her own Lebanese army & Lebanese puppet government & all the rest--I'd almost be willing to eat this Letter! Eat my Words, so to speak! I would be surprised if Israel evacuates unless she is very sure that she has completely dominated & neutralised Lebanon.
       137. SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO TAKE OVER EGYPT, SHE JUST NEUTRALISED IT with U.S. help & U.S. money! They bought out Sadat, is what they did, gave him the money he wanted & the airbases & Sinai & all of that. But the day is coming when he's going to be sorry--he's sorry now, of course--but Egypt will be sorry.
       138. MUBARAK IS ALREADY WAKING UP TO WHAT A MESS THEY'RE IN & THAT THEY MADE A MISTAKE. They made friends with Israel & lost all their Arab friends, & they're beginning to see that Israel's no friend either & beginning to worry about what's going to happen to Egypt after Lebanon is gone & next Syria, & next Jordan. Wait & see! PTL! GBY!
       139. WELL, THAT'S NOT A VERY HAPPY STORY BUT I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT AS WELL KNOW THE AWFUL TRUTH THAT THE WAR IS NOT OVER just because the poor PLO is having to leave Beirut. There are still plenty of people in Beirut who hate the Israelis, & even if they totally conquer Beirut, there are still plenty of people in Lebanon they have to fight.--And a lot of other countries they want to dominate too. So that's it, PTL! Is that enough? It's more than enough. I didn't mean to talk so long but I sorta got inspired!
       140. YOU SAY, "WHY ARE YOU TELLING US ALL THIS, DAD? Well, the Lord's not going to do anything but what He reveals it to His prophets, & so you're His prophets & you ought to know what's happening! (Amos 3:7) And the Lord's allowing it to expose Israel & expose the U.S. [DELETED] PTL!
       141. I'M SORRY IT TAKES ME SO LONG TO TELL ANYTHING, but I have to go from A, B, C to Z & explain the whole works! I just kind of got fed up with hearing all these peace prophets--false prophet predictions that the war is over. It's anything but over, it's just beginning, really!
       142. SO WE NEED TO KEEP BUSY & KEEP PRAYING & KEEP WORKING & get it all off as fast as we can so we can get off too! And then the Lord can get it on & on with the show until the End!--So we can come back & take over & run this place the way it ought to be run!
       143. AMEN, PTL! I'M IN THE LORD'S HANDS & SO ARE YOU, SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! That's kind of a pessimistic picture I've painted for you tonight, but that's why the final scene shines so bright against all that black background! And that's what we have to look forward to, the light at the end of the tunnel! TTL! Of course, as some Arab said about the Israelis: "It looks like the Israeli tunnel's getting longer all the time & the light is further & further away!" (Prays:)
       144. PTL! HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS FOR THY GOODNESS & HOW YOU'VE PROTECTED US & KEPT US ALL THIS TIME, Lord, in spite of our powerful & multitudinous enemies. Thank You, Lord, that You've hidden us in the hollow of Thy hand & blinded their eyes to us, Lord, so that they don't even know where we are & have been unable to find us. TYL! Help us to be cautious & cooperative in our security & with You, Lord, so that You can continue to protect us & keep us & we can speak the truth until our job is done. TYL! Hallelujah! PYJ!
       145. WE'RE JUST A HUMBLE LITTLE BUNCH OF THY CHILDREN, Thy disciples, Lord, but thanks to You & Thy Word, Lord, we know more about what's going to happen in the World than the whole rest of the World put together! Our Family knows what's going to happen. It may be a little difficult to have to view it, but it's better than not knowing, Lord.
       146. EVEN THOUGH THE FUTURE LOOKS PRETTY BLACK, LORD, IT'S BETTER TO BE CERTAIN ABOUT IT & TO KNOW ABOUT THE HAPPY ENDING, the light at the end of the tunnel, than it is to be blind & deaf & dumb like the rest of the World & not know what's happening, what's going to happen, fear of the unknown, the uncertainty, "men's hearts failing them for fear"! (Lk.21:26)
       147. THANK YOU, LORD, WE CAN REST AT PEACE IN THEE & with our minds stayed on Thee have perfect peace because we trust in Thee & we know what's going to happen. (Isa.26:3) Your Word is true, it's going to be fulfilled & You're going to take over one of these days soon.
       148. YOU'RE GOING TO LEAD US TO TAKE OVER AS WELL, TO RUN THIS WORLD THE WAY YOU WANT IT RUN, LORD, & there will be a thousand years of peace & plenty & happiness for Thy Children!--Even vindication over our enemies who Thy Word says will bow down before us & even be dust underneath our feet! (Mal.4:3 & Rev.3:9) TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!
       149. AMEN, TYL! THE CHILDREN HAVE BEEN SO PATIENT, bless them & strengthen them & continue to give them grace & to love You & Thy Word with all their hearts, Lord, so they will not be ignorant of Satan's devices, & mostly they'll know about Yours, Lord, & be able to trust You & rest in You & look forward to a happy future in You, Lord, in spite of the World of tomorrow.
       150. GIVE US A GOOD NIGHT'S REST, LORD, SAFEKEEPING & STRENGTH FOR TOMORROW! Keep us in Thy will. Have Thy way about all our publications, Thy will be done. You know what's best, Lord. TYJ for bringing up this China vision. You know where to put the emphasis when it's needed, Thy will be done. Amen. TYJ! PTL!
       151. STRENGTHEN EVERYONE HERE, LORD, IN ALL OF OUR TASKS. Protect us, & thank You for how You have protected us from accident & disease & enemies & so many things, Lord, & provided every need! TYJ! Even luxuries! You're so good to us, Lord, beyond all we could ask or think. Beyond even what we can hold, Lord, especially Thy Word, Thy Truth, Thy knowledge, Thy wisdom, & most of all Thy faith & Thy Love, Lord, Thy Salvation, in Jesus' name. Hallelujah! TYL!
       152. LORD, WE'RE SAVED NOW BY FAITH but we look forward also to complete eventual eternal physical salvation as well, completely realised when You come, when all these things will be settled by You the right way. Hallelujah! TYL! Amen! PYJ! Hallelujah! TYL!--Are you ready? Follow the Lamb NOW! (Rev.7:9-17 & 14:1-5) Amen? PTL! GBAKY till Jesus comes!--In Jesus' name, amen! --PRAY for the Peace of JESUS!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family